Thursday, June 26, 2003

That's it for me!

Today is essentially the last day this week I am schlepping into the office.
Gonna work from home tomorrow morning.

Last night I went to a meeting about groundwater and pilings and rotten wood.
Lots of Chicken Littles, Henny Penny's, and houses falling down.
Not much to say since I don't much about it.
I don't want to know
and I doubt I need to know.

If the pilings start going, the city of Boston is going...

Went to dinner at Cottonwood Cafe (see link on sidebar along with the other wonderful places) - ordered the spicy chicken diablo and a glass of Pinot noir. I had the wine with a sauce that came with the shrimp poppers (jalapeno pepper stuffed with cheese and a WHOLE shrimp, lightly breaded and deep fried on greens and a small tortilla bowl with a guacamole-cilantro sauce) and the wine tasted sweet. J said it was because of the sauce. I tried it with the chicken diablo and it wasn't sweet. Interesting. Beringer Pinot Noir. It wasn't bad.

Stomach feels better today.
A day full of meetings so I didn't have to move too much.
Still thinking about Krispy Kremes.
J sent me an article about the Medford store that set record sales on opening day.
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
Can't get it out of my head....

It's in the 90's again and another scorcher of a day.
Went out at lunch and the easterly breeze cooled things off a bit

Going to a Celtics Draft Party tonight.
I'll be rubbing elbows with the tall and powerful.
Dinner will be served.
Business casual.
I hope there's wine.
I hope there's a place to sit.
I hope it doesn't take all night!
Good thing I don't have to come into the office tomorrow morning.

I am on my third liter of water today.
Phew! It's hot hot hot out there.
There should be lots of news reports of road and heat rage soon.
Ahhh.... prime time TV.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Back to Life

Well... cramping has abated somewhat.

Back in the office and it's gonna hit 90 today.
didn't run.
won't run.
don't want to shake up the stomach.

Lunch note
Got a Chacarrero for lunch - it went down and stayed down.
Love these things... second on the list after krispy kreme hot glazed donuts.
Chilean sandwiches on homemade bread for the curious.
Chicken, beef, or combo, spicy sauce, advocado spread, tomatoes, steamed green beans, meunster cheese, freshly ground pepper, small or large, and roasted red peppers for a little extra change.
It's take out only.
People wait in line for 30 minutes or more in rain, snow, sleet, monsoon (which we've had plenty of these past two months).
It's an addiction.

Cramp note
Now the cramps are spaced about an hour apart.
5pm and almost time to leave....

Thinking about dinner.
What to have what to have
Meeting J at a local ground water meeting.
Make sure those pilings are properly submerged
so the house doesn't fall down.
Maybe we can discuss dinner during the meeting if things get a little dull.
Been on the South End forum - people are starting to rant and they are going enmasse.
Should be interesting.
Gonna take a while.
Might be good entertainment for a Wednesday night.
Gotta be back in time for Law & Order, though.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Sunny and Sick

It's a sunny day and I have a stomach virus

Krispy Kreme opens today
Lines will be long
Thinking of going
The hot donut light should be on all day
Too bad I'm sick sick sick...

Needless to say, the morning run was NOT

Lesson here: Even the best laid plans become wasted...

Well... coffee might make me feel better.
I am wondering if the fact that I haven't eaten is exacerbating my stomach pains.

It is now late - 9:33:52 to be exact by Timex standards

Finally figured out how to bold the text in this thing...
I am happy.

My friend Cher has her own blog.
There's a link - take look. She's really funny.
Everytime she says No Mas, more is coming.
Said the same thing about Marathons.
And about Mexican food.
Still running marathons.
Still eating Mexican food.

Stomach is still cramping.
Decided to eat in case they were hunger cramps.

Worked from home - barely.
Called into a meeting and played solitaire.
Read my email.
Interviewed a candidate.
Play some solitaire.
Walked the doggie.
General stuff you do when you're home sick on a beautiful day.

Pretty soon, all my friends will be blogging.
Heck, it's better than email!

Don't think I'll be able to run in the morning.

Thinking of buying my friend's sofa. It's Bombay Green. I think she paid something like $3000 for it. She's asking $800. Not sure about the green - but I do like it. I am more of a mossy green person. That way you can get side chairs the color of dirt and it all goes together. With Bombay Green, I might have to get into the whole red and yellow thing. Get the whole sari indian theme going. Hmmm... if you combine the two, it's orange. Orange is good.

On another note... I've been accused of stealing J's work - about people crossing streets. I merely borrowed. He gave speech to what I always thought.

Supposed to be a scorcher tomorrow.
Watch it rain...

Monday, June 23, 2003

A Gray Day

It's the second or third day of Summer.
Perfect day to curl up in front of a fire with a book and a quilt, perhaps a glass of wine.

My friend Amanda doesn't title her blogs.
I am thinking of doing the same - or of not doing the otherwise.
Being creative is hard enough but to come up with a catchy title?

I decided to forgo the leg workout at the gym to get brown wrapping paper.
Exciting, no? Hey! I ran into some laminating film so I picked those up too.
Nothing like living on the edge.
Lunch was a soffy eggplant parm with a strange-looking wilted salad from the Kingston Deli.
GAH! Will I never learn?

Boston Smoking Ban Note:
A joke.
The junkies are now standing outside on the sidewalks imposing their lungal expellants on unsuspecting passersby.
There ought to be a law for that.

You can tell a lot about a person just by watching them cross the street.
Most people are followers.
There are a few that dart out and dodge in and out without looking - Darwin takes care of them.
Then there are those of us who use measured, calculated risk.
Haven't been hit yet.

People with large bottoms should not wear tightfitting light colored pants with flap pockets where the flaps flap.

Oh, will there never be sun?
Have we seen the last days of sunshine - 10 months ago before the first snows?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Weather-imposed Rest

It's raining like mad.
The dog won't even go out to pee.
Nothing like stepping out of the grocery store into a torrential downpour.
Shouldn't be surprising given the 2 months of rain we've had.

A great day for dimsum in Chinatown.
Met Amanda and Joe at Chau Chow City for an hour of finger licking food.

Then off to buy a new pair of running shoes - not that I don't already have 3 pairs or so in reserve. Thought I'd try the Nike Bowerman series - the Air Moto. Very light. Might make me faster - every little bit of help counts. If I was any slower, I'd go backwards. The Air Moto. I kinda like the name, too. Sounds fast. They look fast. Did I say they were light?

Today's schedule called for about 4 miles easy.
A little tight from yesterday's 15 but nothing worse than that.
Since I am the keeper of the schedule, the schedule now says it's a monsoon-imposed rest day. I should run tomorrow morning but the schedule says it's a rest day. I'll see what it says in the morning. Next week is supposed to be hellacious hot. Not holding my breath.

Hmmm... I wonder what I'll have for dinner tonight.
I am thinking green.
Veggies have been strangely absent from my plate in recent days - or has it been weeks?

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Long and Slow

Had a great run this morning.
Temps were perfect.
15 miles up the Comm Ave Mall to Beacon Street all the way down to Ceter Street and then back again.
It was tempting to run by a yard sale another half mile up the road.
Good thing the schedule only called for 15 miles.

I ran the first half with abandon - a little too restrained to be wild.
Around mile 10, felt the old blister and bandaid slipped. Ouch.
Never got the rhythm quite right after I stopped to apply first aid.
Legs got tired around 14.
Looked up and there was J. Sitting on a bench watching and waiting.
And that smile.
He ran with me the last mile - he was jogging and I could barely keep up.

One keen observation, women with flat butts that tuck under have thick middles. I have a flat butt that tucks under.

It's wonderful when people think they are beautiful.
Tall, thin, long blond hair, all dressed in black, hips stuck out, strutting some stuff. Too bad about the big nose.

Downhills are usually negated by headwind.
Today was no exception.

On Storrow Drive there is a sign that says, Goose Xing.
Noticed that one on the way to dinner.

Speaking of dinner - PIG ROAST!
Long story short - younger brother chef at Mistrals of a friend hosts a pig roast for the friend (big sister). This year, it was a fund raiser for Project Bread.
Beaing from the south, I've been to my share of pig pickin's, pig roasts, bbq houses, but tonight, I had THE ONE! The Perfect Pig. The melt in your mouth kind of pig. Succulent spit roasted pig with a sweet hot chili vinegar sauce, cole slaw, and cornbread so light that you couldn't stop at two. All of this was washed down washed down with a good Harpoon Heffeweisen. A ittle lemon if you please. At the tender age of 27, this young man is gonna go places - kitchen places of reknown and into my home come Christmas to cater our first Christmas on Appleton.

Hmmm... Christmas on Appleton.
Not catchy enough.
Gotta work on this a little more.
I am not the most creative person - this is gonna take me until Christmas.

Oh, the raffle!
Yes, we won a gift certificate to East Coast Grill and another one to Mistrals.
I was positive I was going to get the autographed poster of Dumb and Dumberer, the movie.

We are gonna eat well this month!

Friday, June 20, 2003

Started Running In the Morning

I love Peeps. There was a discussion about Peeps on a running forum so I suddenly remembered I had to link my Blog to Peeps. They are best when stale.

I also love Krispy Kreme Donuts so I had to link to that as well. They are opening one in Medford on June 24th. I imagine there will be a very long line. I might be better off going to NYC instead of waiting in line.

Taking The Cat Who Should Be Dead to the vet today. It's the big day. It must be done. 18 years old, 2 pounds, throwing up daily, sometimes multiple times in a day... who's kidding who? Quality of life - it's a Right for all God's creatures, not just for mankind. She will have had good life by the end of the day. So sad but it must be done.

I ran 3.5 miles this morning. Last night I decided that no matter how crappy I feel in the mornings I must run at least 2-3 times a week in the mornings. It was slow and painful. I tried that trick of running with wild abandon, with my arms out to the side, and the run got harder so I stopped. A few homeless people gave me strange looks, too. The new orthotics are giving me a rough time - it could be the old blister that it was irritating and had that spot not been there, perhaps the orthotics wouldn't have bothered me. Now I have to switch shoes and orthotics and try running in various combinations to determine if it's the shoes, the orthotics or the orthotics/shoe combination. Got that? Never knew running was so complicated, did you?

I have to think about the lesson in this one. Not sure what it is yet.

I have more energy after running in the morning. Because the Run I Must Run Today is not hanging over my head, I am free to enjoy my day as I'd like to, instead of as I must. Other than work, which I must.

I had to go to the Post Office (aka PO).
I know why they call it that - PO.
Because you get PO'd when you go there.

I am updating my blog all day long as things get complete and as thoughts pop into my head.
It makes for a long day.

Afternoon update:
Well, it's done. The Cat Who Should Be Dead is now The Cat Who Should Be Dead And Finally Is. Now I will just call her by her true name: Jenny or Jenny Penny, or Jennifer, or Jennifer-Patennifer. I like things to rhyme or alliterate. They ask me twice if I wanted to be present. And in the end I was. It was nice knowing that she knew I was there holding her as they gave the lethal injection.

The stuff was pink.
Such a pretty color - isn't there a metaphor hidden in here somewhere?
Something like Death masquerading as Good? I wish I could remember.
Death masqerading as pink liquid candy.
It's the same stuff they use on death row inmates.
She went quickly, quietly, peacefully, front paws crossed in front of her, eyes wide open staring into... what, I wonder.

Dinner note....after all, a huge part of life is about eating, right?
The Red Fez - Nouveau Turkish food.
Turkish tapas.
Luke handed me brains - Gummy brains in a small bag - I think I'd would have rather had Swedish Fish or Gummy worms, even. Blech.
Had to wend my way through the menu.
Lots of lamb - allergic to lamb, but it always looks so good.
Couple glasses of sauvignon blanc from Seresin in Marlborough, NZ - crisp and light, slight taste of green apples.
Seared Scallops with lemon and garlic sauce on a bed of greens.
Falafel, cucmber yogurt, Spinach and cheese sanbusak, grilled asparagus in garlic sauce.
Finished with a beautifully presented chocolate mousse and cappuccino.

All was wonderful until the jerks next to us started smoking.
We were seated outdoors.
There is a smoking ban throughout the city.
No smoking in public establishments.
If there are tables and chairs outsides with patrons, isn't that still apart of the establishment?
Of course I complained as we were leaving and threatened to call in a violation.

Yes, that's me.
Smoke violation police.

Otherwise, a beautiful evening with good friends good food good cheer.

Looking forward to my long run tomorrow.
The weather had better cooperate.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Today I am Blogless

This is so unfair.
Work is getting in the way of running.
I guess I should be grateful - track was canceled for tonight.
And I suppose there is a life lesson in this, too, somewhere: Work will pervade every part of your life whether you want it to or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, whether you let it or not. So what my daddy told me about loving my work and working my love (or some derivation thereof) does hold true and he was a smart man.

Work can be all-consuming.
It sits on your back like a monkey, its fingers tethered into your hair, it's toenails digging into your neck and back.
And even when you think you are used to it, and you think you can leave early or sneak out for a run, you feel it sitting there on your shoulders and you know you must stay and work. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a matter of priorities.
It could be inertia... sitting in my chair makes me want to remain seated.
It could be forgetfulness - nah... running is always in the back of my mind...
I know I will feel better and less stressed out if I run.

I imagine myself at these times running through the Comm Ave Mall with wild abandon, with a lightness in my footsteps, a smile on my face, arms reaching out to grab a hold of life and running, then holding it to me.

But that's in my dreams. Once I start, I will wonder "what was I THINKING??"
But in the end, when I stop, it will feel better.
That's the whole point of running... to be able to stop!

I must start running in the mornings again. I am afraid it is the only way I can find the time. I always felt better afterwards and for the whole day even though I hated doing it. Maybe tomorrow. There is always tomorrow. Unless you don't make it through the night, I suppose.

I am feeling like sushi for dinner tonight.

My friend Amanda wants to go rescue French bulldogs this weekend.
I think I will run my 15 miles instead.

Dinner Note:

Ended up going for Sushi in Chinatown.
I had to report this on the correct day as opposed to writing about "What I had for dinner last night" on the next day.
A journal is about the day on which things occur, right?

I should have tried the sake.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

My second blog

I couldn't think of a better title.

The blog is running slowly today. I hit a wrong button by mistake.
I didn't know it was a wrong button until I hit it. Prior to hitting it, I thought it was the right button.
For that, I would have had points off on my test and I would have stood there arguing with the teacher that all subsequent right answers based on the wrong original answer should be counted as correct. But as in life, unless you retrace your steps to get back on the right path, continuing down the wrong path wouldn't have made life right so I guess the teachers did know something after all.

I ran again.
Had to rush through it all.
For some reason I knew I had a meeting at 1pm.
It was simmering in the recesses of the consciousness but then I went running along with wild abandon thinking I had all the time in the world to finish the distance I had set out for myself.

So I had to stop abruptly, sweating like a madwoman, cutting short the run.
3.9 miles.
I was late to the meeting anyway.
Good thing I was running it.

So, in the end, I cut my run short,
And I started the meeting late.
So two things went askew, which didn't make either situation right or good.
There has to be a lesson there somewhere.

It reminds me of a thought that I've had about compromises.
A compromise isn't the best solution. It's an amalgamation of two possibly best solutions (best in their own ways), thus not making it best at all in the end...just sub-best, which ends up making no one happy since everyone had to give up a piece of their best solution to accommdate the other.

Running in the middle of the day is distracting.
I get to work in a non-working mode and it takes another hour or two to get back into work again.
I really must start running in the morning again.
I was so much more relaxed when I did this.

Not sure if this is more creative than yesterday but it's a tad longer.

Things get better with age.
Hopefully the Blog will ripen well as the days pass and age besets it.

I am inordinately sleepy right now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

My First Blog

My friend Amanda has her own Blog.
I wanted a Blog so I went and got one.
How's that for ingenuity?

Strangely enough, now that I have my own Blog, I have nothing to blog about.

What to do what to do....

This is about running so I suppose I should say something about it.

I ran today.
At the gym.
5.52 miles.
I am a stickler for accuracy.
In 60 minutes exactly. Although the term "exactly" may be arguable.

After the gym, I promptly realized I lost my wallet, which I found shortly thereafter.
So I sweated twice today - once at the gym while running, and once after when I ran around town looking for my wallet.

I have to be more creative tomorrow.