Thursday, July 31, 2003

A Day Filled with Fruit

Ahhh...yes, it was a fruitful day.
Got up and ran my 7th day in a row.
Okay. It was only 1.25 miles.
It was supposed to be 1.5 miles but I stopped at the coffee shop on the way back which made it only 1.25 miles.
But I got out there.

Then I wired money to the bank's attorney for the closing tomorrow.
Joe and I finally found a notary to sign the power of attorney papers - the first four we looked for were on vacation. The same week. There should be a rule that says that notaries in any given town must coordinate their vacations so that business can continue. Sheesh. We had to go to St. Helena. This particular notary took forever and charged us $40! But what can you do?

Finding treasures can take a little effort. I asked a few people about Charbay while in St. Helena. No one had heard of it. Called their 800- number and found out a placed called the Wine Cellar had it retail, and it was just around the corner on Main Street. Went in, and lo and behold, there was the Uncut and Unfiltered Charbay Whiskey on a shelf. The label is handpainted and baked on.... I mean, it's the least they can do for a $315 bottle of whiskey. We got Amanda on the phone. Yes. If we were not her best friends before, we really rate right up there now! They also had a 20 year Hirsch. She got so excited that he talked to the guy who worked there and had an extended conversation with him. Amanda is a happy girl!!

ACK! Joe is my HERO Joe goes back into the wine vault while all the Amanda stuff is going on and brings back a bottle of wine! ACK! It's the one that my father gave me about 10 or 12 years ago to show me that wine (especially RED wine) could be good. It's an '82 French Wine. It's so french that I can't even remember the name. He remembered the label that I gave him about 9 months ago and told him, "I've been looking for this wine for almost forever." And here in Napa Valley we find a treasure of a wine from France. Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse De Lalande, Grand Cru Classe, Puillac. $425. EGADS! $425??? Uh.... hmm.... GAWD!!! Joe plops it onto the counter and says, "of course we have to get it." and then walks back into the vault. ACK! I am a happy girl. It's a bit pricey but what price can you put on the memories of the man who raised you, who taught you to drink scotch and drink it well, who used an expensive bottle of wine to teach his immature and irreverent daughter that not all wines are bad and who patiently taught you how to live life well. How much? It's priceless. And Joe plopping it on the counter there was no question that my search was over? That was doubly priceless. So, I must have done something right to have merited this... We will drink it before we leave Napa. It's perfect. It's out first vacation together (Joe and I) and it's in the middle of a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, grapevines and vineyards, good food and good wine, which my father would have loved. We will toast to each other and in my heart, I will toast to the memory of the man who made me who I am today, and to the man I am with now who will shape me into the future.

Lunch was at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen. I had a lovely Groth Sauvignon Blanc, 2002. We split the Backstreet Fry consisting of lightly fried okra, sweet peppers, onion slivers, and calamari cooked to perfection, with a side of spicy remoulade-ish dipping sauce. Then the Rare Ahi Tuna salad on a bed of shredded cabbage, peanuts, red peppers, young sweet pea pods, with a sesame wasabi dressing. This was all followed by the Lemon Velvet Cake in a Blueberry sauce and a cappuccino. I can't imagine being this full from salald.

Then to the California Old Faithful Geyser and the Fainting Goats. Saw the geyser spew forth twice. Saw the Fainting Goats that did not faint for me. Sad, but true. Then to the Petrified Forest. Those trees are BIG! And there are more of them in the hills that bury them. I guess after 3 million years or watever there is a lot of dirt covering them.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Graeser Winery for a taste. Yum. Another small batch winery. We adopted a grapevine. When that vine is harvested we will get a case of wine from the grapes of that vine. We took pictures on our way out. There was a dog on the porch. A big ole Great Dane that barked his welcome at us. Then when we left, he was barking again only he was too lazy to get up. He barked while lying down straight on his side. I didn't know that dogs could do this.

Dinner was light at Checkers in downtown (literally the one-light Lincoln Street) Calistoga. We had Anchor Steam Wheat Beer, a terrific half portion of Greek Salad that we shared (enough for two people and terrific dressing), and a 9" pepperoni and mushroom pizza. It was quite good! I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Back to the hotel to rest. I am so tired and I cannot for the life of me fathom why! Tomorrow morning, I am due for a facial and a massage. Ahhhh... I can't wait.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Amanda will be PROUD!

I have been on the hunt for the Charbay whiskey, for the Club of Six (long story) which is uncut and unfiltered and only available in California. So, I've been running to liquor stores on a whim here and there asking about an expensive whiskey but I can't remember the name. So on a whim, I do a google search and what do I FIND???? A web page for the Charbay Whiskey, uncut and unfiltered, and right down the street in St. Helena - just a stone's throw away from Calistoga! ACK ACK ACK!!!

Finally got my Krispy Kremes

I am in Calistoga California - day one of the wine tasting/buying trek is done.

Joe and I came out for a running conference for the Dead Runners Society and ran every day one some of the toughest terrain I've ever run on - hills be damned because these are the Hills from Hell (running in Hell aka Aerobics in Hell - a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon).

Ran every day since arriving, got suckered into a 200 relay leg of a medley at the track and then the Steve Patt Tried to Kill Me Run in the same day, then leg one of the San Francisco Marathon relay where I encountered the Hill from Hell that makes me want to run the 4 miles of Newton Hills any day over this one, and then the SF Giants playing the San Diego Padres at Pac Bell Stadium. At the conference, Kathy brought in boxes of KK donuts. Yahoo. Not hot but I had a couple every day and I felt so good! AHHHH!!! Nothing like a KK donut!!!

Yesterday we drove up to Calistoga and to the Mount View Hotel & Spa. We unpacked and looked around town. Then went for short run. Afterwards, we went to the Wappo Bar & Bistro where we had the best dinner! YIKES! Started out with a freshly made Gazpacho (Joe had Chickpea fritters), followed by Thai Coconut Curry with Prawns and vegetables served over Basmatic rice. Then for desert, a trio of sorbets with a cappuccino. Unbelievable!!

This morning, we had a mudbath prior to the Wine testing and buying expedition.

The hotel BRINGS TO YOUR ROOM a continental breakfast at the time of your choosing. Managed to get in 3 miles before breakfast. Had lunch at the Abbey Winery where they had a restaurant and brewery called the Silverado Brewing Company and Bistro. After all the wine we had up to this point, we didn't try and of their beer.

We managed to go to numerous wineries and bought about 40 bottles of wine - some we shipped, some we will ship, and some we will carry. Finally found a "champagne" I liked at Mumm. It's a new one they just came out with. Delicious. We got a couple of those too.

Then back to Calistoga and had a wonderful dinner at Bosko's Trattoria. I was craving pasta. Started out with a spinach salad with gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts, eggs whites (in small slivers) in a wonderful dressing. Then the Cappellano pasta (homemade) with a spicy garlic red sauce. All paired with the Hangtime Pinot Noir (YUM!). Passed up on dessert.

Still haven't closed on the house. But things might be okay by Thursday... who knows. Not holding my breath. Life is precious after all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Throw out the scale!

Okay. I should throw out the scale.
Got on this morning (I don't do this a lot), and I was up 7 pounds. Maybe I should do this more often. What is going on with this?? I think I might have to do something drastic. Like go on a diet of some kind.

What a confusing morning. I sent the Admin from Nirvana a buncha presentations to print out. And I kept sending updates upon updates. It wouldn't be so bad except they were for a total of four meetings, over today and tomorrow, and some of the presentations are being reused between meetings and I kept titling the email wrong - like saying I need this for Thursday when the meeting is today. This is what happens when you are confused about dates or you are a day ahead of yourself and you make requests based on your mis-perception! Now I know why I got no credit on those math problems that make you base your answers to questions 2-10 on the answer you got on question 1. Just because you calculated it right don't mean the answer the right if the first answer is wrong. Anyway, I spent an hour or two straightening all of this out. In the end, she is still making one set I don't need but I didn't have the heart to tell her to cancel it. Whatever. It's only a little ink.

My friend Debbie has a lot of problems with her commute. Mine is so easy. I walk 6-7 minutes to the train station. This morning it pulled in right away. Rode it one stop to South Station. Walked 5 minutes to my desk and sat down. Total commute time is around 20 minutes. I'm lucky. During rush hour, 4 different suburb commuter train lines come through, all ending up one stop away at South Station. So they come through Back Bay station about every 5-7 minutes. Piece of cake. She should move to Boston.

Debbie also doesn't understand about Krispy Kremes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

UGH! I cannot believe this!

I STILL haven't been able to get by the Krispy Kreme place in Medford for hot donuts.

Leaving work now...
Joe has made sauce!!!
Words can't express how I feel...

More of the same

Another day, another couple of bucks.
Can't say, another day another dollar since I make more than a dollar.

Last night, I went out and ran around the Charles.
6.3 miles.
I start out slowly by warming up the fingers on the computer - dragging my butt around the house.
Joe being Joe never said anything - he just looked up and smiled, knowing full well that I was procrastinating.
Finally got out and started running. Things felt good so I kept going. Doing mental math to figure out how long I should run and finally ended up running to the BU Bridge, adding on another 2.2 miles more than I had first thought I would. It was a nice easy run that turned into a tired easy run. It was a good way to end a 6-day running streak. Now I have two days off. Yowza! What do I do with myself? Work late. That's what.

I am basically procrastinating from having to write a stupid chapter in a stupid guide for work.

Still waiting for that call from whomever to come and deliver the closing check for the house.
Not holding my breath... I value life.

I am looking forward to California on Friday.

My friend Val is moving to Florida in August. I keep thinking about that.

A great Administrative Assistant is like Nirvana! And I have one. She's a gem. I hope she never leaves. Unless I leave. Then I am taking her with me. Stealing her outright. Wheeeee!!!

I am working late tonight. I have half a chinese take out on my desk for dinner.
At least I am feeling like I am accomplishing something.

No word on the house. I guess Dumb and Dumber are Dumberer and Dumbest. Sigh....

Monday, July 21, 2003

Another Tough Monday

Why are Mondays so tough?

Went to close on a house today.
The seller half of the deal didn't show.
We signed everything but it seams that we may have to waste another day re-signing, all due to a glich on the seller's side.
The seller is a moron and the seller's lawyer is an imbecile. 'Nuff said.

Last Friday night, Joe and I packed and headed out to his parents' place in the Berkshires.

Saturday, I ran on a bike path that starts a few miles from their house. There were no mile markers so I am gonna call it 9 miles. It was beautiful and shaded for most of the path. The mountains rose up around me and it was just a wonderful place to run. I did see a downed roller blader. I kept going because I couldn't help, which meant I would be in the way. Some people stopped to gape and gawk. One couple stopped and then turned to gaze on the mountains... rather to PRETEND to look at the mountains... they were right across from where the roller blader was lying.

Saturday afternoon, we all headed to Daniel's house in Hillsdale for a wonderful BBQ of steaks and roasted corn. We also had cole slaw and salad, topped off with blueberry pie and ice cream! I was very happy that I had run that morning so that I could eat without guit that night!

Sunday, We all got up and ran the Indian Ladder Trail 15K and 3.5 miler. We met Daniel and Harriet, both of whom would run the 15K with Joe. I ran the 3.5 miler. It was only my second trail race ever! I thought I would go slowly and do around 45:00 since it was a trail race. Instead, I ran 33:33. IT was good enough for 4th in age group. Not too bad for my second trail race ever. There was this woman I had just pulled ahead of in the last quarter mile. She tried to pass me in the last 100 yards. I couldn't even believe it. So I had to run faster and almost busted a gut. But I was successful so the effort was worth it. All I could think about was, my belly will stop hurting the minute I stop running and I can stop running sooner if I just run faster. I heard Harriet (who had run the 15k) in the background shouting for me. But I said, NO WAY is this person gonna pass me! I think Joe knew. He knew there was no way that woman was passing me. :o)

Afterwards, we stayed for the BBQ picnic - lots of chicken and roasted corn. But I wished I had had the kids meal - they got hot dogs and watermelon! :o)

We stopped off in Albany at the Harwicks to shower. Joe had not met them before so it was a good chance to introduce him to the Harwicks. Elizabeth was there so she got to meet him, too. John was out on his boat so we will have to save that meeting for another day.

John, the "nephew" came by and stayed the night on his way to Cornell. He had been there all year but wanted to spend his last available weekend (only available weekend) in Boston. Since we had to go to Western Mass, he stayed with BH until Sunday night, when he came to Boston and stayed with us. I was glad that he met Joe. Seemed they got along. Both of them are sports nuts. We showed John where we would be living and he made a comment about coming to Boston more which made me happy. We took him to The Dish, which is around the corner from where we live right now. I had a terrific homemade linguini with peas and cream sauce. John had the herb encrusted cod with Green Beans and mashed potatoes. Joe had ... hmm... what did Joe have? I can't remember! ACK! I am getting Alzheimers!!! ACK ACK ACK!!! We had a good white Italian wine and Mussels to start off with. The Dish is one of our most favorite restaurants in Boston.

I am sitting at my desk and my entire division is at an All Hands meeting. You know... All Hands on Deck. It was started about 8 years ago by a SVP who liked to sail. It think it's stupid but I can't think of a better name.

I was sitting on the green line the other day and this woman with really big boobs got on and stood right over me. I couldn't turn my head to the right or I would bury my face in her boobs! ACK! She finally moved over and it became someone else's problem.

My Blogs are very long. I have to do something about that, I am thinking.

Joe had PIZZA! I remember now. He had pizza. And the Dish has terrific pizza! I will get that next time. Yum!

Friday, July 18, 2003

What a Crank

Got up in a crappy cranky mood today. Not sure why. Could be PMS. Most assuredly is.

Got up and ran. Actually, I got up and didn't want to run. So I donned my clothes. Then I walked to the corner. Then I took a right and sort of slogged it to the Berkeley street corner. Then I took a left and walked to Appleton. Then walked by the new house. o)) Then I came back the same way in the other direction. I am calling it half a mile in a bout 20 minutes. At least I got out there. Joe went out to run - came home dripping wet about 30 minutes after me.

I grumped and mumped and complained and he was his cheery ole self. He told the dog I was grumpy. UGH.

The commute to work is good at least. Better than my friend Debbie's who has to ride the LIRR which sucks according to her and her blog.

We are closing on Monday and I still don't know who much to make the check out for. ARG! This is maddening. Can't wait to close. I am going to unhook the phone at my apartment today. I should have a while ago since I don't live there. What a waste of money.

We are going to Cheshire this weekend. Heading out for a busy weekend of eating and running. Going to Hillsdale tomorrow night for a cookout at Daniel's. Then to the Indian Ladder Trail Race on Sunday. It's supposed to have a good picnic afterwards. I will run the 3.5 mile and Joe will do the 15k. Then we will come back home. Then it will be time to go to work the next day. It's already over before I know it. Weekends are too damn short!

Having lunch. Clam Chowder and Fruit Salad.

I was thinking about weekends. I remember in my prior life that the only time I looked forward to the weekends was when I was traveling to races with my friend Harriet. I remember that if I stayed home, it was because I had to... it was another drab day filled with errands and laundry and grocery shopping and cooking for my ex-husband (who was the current husband at that time), and how I just dreaded it but did it anyway because I had to. Weekends held no allure for me. Then after I was through, I would get online and talk to my friends to do work. I used to do this at night. Come home and cook if I had to. Then I would run on the treadmill. Then I would get online and chat with my friends while I was working with the TV on and if it was Wednesday, I would watch Law & Order. If not, I would watch L&O repeats on TNT from 7pm until midnight. That was my life. Running, working, eating, getting online and watching L&O. And it was all done in my little room because my ex-husband didn't like my messing up the rest of the house/condo or whatever. He called it my "skulch." He hated it. He was very neat almost to the point of sterility. We didn't even eat together. We didn't eat the same foods. I would eat my food and I would cook him his food. He couldn't boil water and he was proud of that... I felt like a damn servant. I even slept in the other room because I couldn't stand his snoring... of course according to him he didn't snore because he was perfect.

Okay, that was my rant for the day...

Now I look forward to the evenings and the weekend. I love coming home to Joe and knowing that we will have dinner. It's taken me a while to realize that if I can't get home in time, the place isn't gonna fall down. Sometimes, I get home, and Joe's already cooking! And sometimes he even has fresh flowers on the table! GAWD! I might not be a perfect person and I may not be a nice person most of the time, but I figure that I must have done something good in a prior life to merit this. Maybe God decided that I had paid my penance with BH, because I am not sure what I did to deserve this kinda happiness. So now, I don't work in the evenings and weekends, and I don't chat with my friends. Needless to say, I am totally behind at work! LOL! Whatever.

I went to the bank today to take out more money than I have ever before. We are closing on Monday. ACK! It's very exciting but I am freaking out over the amount of money we are dealing with.

I am getting my hair cut today. I wish I looked good in long hair. I would leave it long and never get it cut. It's cheaper that way. But I look like a greasy hag with long hair. Unless it's curly. Then it's just high maintenance and I make myself crazy!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Another day like yesterday

I ran this morning. 4.1 miles. It's a miracle. 2 days in a row. I am shooting for 6 days in a row this time and a 2-day break afterwards. Last time, it was 5 days in a row with a 2-day break afterwards and it worked out really well. I am experimenting with the 6 days this time. Gotta make things interesting or I'd nod off into a coma.

Just found out that a guy I work with broke his clavicle. He is out through Monday. What a lousy way to get a day off.

My friends love Amanda's Blog. She is writing what we have thought before. Too funny!

I think I should mention this.
My friend Kenny got RIF'd last year.
We used to go to lunch every day.
EVERY day. Didn't miss a day. Until I met Joe, that is.
Anyway, I am finding lunches to be strangely lonely without him.
He would make me crazy - he was so SLOW about everything - but he was my best friend at work and I must say that I finally am missing him at lunch. Strange how it finally caught up to me. Going out for lunch is not fun or exciting any more.
Anyway, a nice grilled salmon, very rare on a bed of mixed greens. They slapped on some tomato slices they could have kept off. I snuck some mushrooms and sunflower seeds from the salad bar... all sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. This place has the best balsamic vinegar. It's fresh. Old balsamic vinegar gets all blobby and have stuff floating in it. Topped off with spring water and a piece of lemon cake with buttercream frosting. Yes. Save the best for last. It was perfect Atkins until I added the cake.

Got a call from the tenants of the upstairs apartment of the 2-family we are buying. (We close on Monday.) They are moving out on the 26th. The cleaning lady is coming in on the 28th. This opens up a whole host of options for us about moving or not moving or working or renting or whatever. Can't wait til we close so that we can get started on doing things!

I love caller id. I have it at work. I never pick up the phone unless it has a NUMBER. Even so, I don't pick it up unless it is a number I recognize. I get about 6 or 7 calls a day from vendors or recruiters - people always trying to sell me stuff. Don't they know that the economy is bad and no one is spending money? If I were them, I'd find a different line of work.

So, the Bruins schedule is out. I am not sure I will be getting any tickets this year. Thinking about not. There's the new house and all. More expenses. I think I'd rather travel and eat out once in a while.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Oh, Beautiful Mornin'....

That's a song, in case you were wondering.

Another beautiful day for a run. 5.7 miles on the Charles.
Lots of people were out.
Saw a biker down... the EMTs were there.
Off the bike, blood down the face and chin.
They were setting his arm. Big ole blood pools around the elbow right under the skin.
They were straightening it out and he was moaning.
People were on the Dartmouth Street footbridge having a show.
No helmet of course.

Ate a big breakfast without guilt.

Lunch was a Louisiana Shrimp thing with apples, black beans, tomatos and celery.
Paired with creamed corn.
Not bad.
Should have gotten the southern fried chicken.

It's rainy. Beautiful morning is gone.
I think I'll cancel a meeting I have in another building.
No sense in walking through showering water when you don't need to.

Okay... so my meeting got canceled... I am basically free for the afternoon until around 4 for another meeting. That's too bad because I wouldn't mind leaving early today.

We are closing on the house on Monday, it seems. I have never seen a closing span so many days tentatively in all my life. The seller is a knucklehead...

Monday, July 14, 2003

Monday, Monday...

It's another beautiful start to another beautiful week in sunny ole Boston...

Got back from Utica yesterday - I had an 8 or 9 minute PR for the course.
Boilermaker always chews me up and spits me out (see Boilermaker site) but the weather was good and I was in decent enough shape to take some advantage of it. It wasn't too bad considering it was my 5th day of running. I did almost lay down and die around mile 8.5. The usual Scottish bagpipe band was there right before mile 9. I love this band. The first year we ran it, they had only 10 or 12 people. Since then it has grown and yesterday, they had about 25 people out there in full kilted regalia. We stayed at the Getaways B&B in Mohawk. We will stay there again next year.

It was great seeing MaryD, Cher and Milt (yes, the Cher of the Blog), Ken and Gail, and Mary's friends, one of whom were kindred spirits with Joe - he is 62 and we think he won his age group!

Today is a rest day...
I might go to the gym and lift instead.
I have a crick in my rhomboids (shoulder blade area) and it is painful!

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Another Day Another Dollar

I am firmly planted in my chair at work.
Needless to say, we did not win Powerball last night.
Someone in Pennsylvania and Alabama (or was it Mississippi - one of those southern states) won it.
Can't imagine what that much money would look like.

I am busy reading my friend Amanda's friend Monty's Blog.
My friend Debbie has gotten in so deep that she is reading Monty's friend Mark's Blog.
Good lunch time read, she says.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I just read a highlighted blog on the main blogger page by a Rebecca Kim Anaya.
Mine seems a bit trite amateurish in comparison.
She has pictures!
She waits for her husband to get home at night after work so that he can deposit his paycheck every two weeks. Obviously she has nothing better to do. Hmph.

I am waiting with bated breath for the powerball numbers tonight.
I wonder if Amanda and Co. have come returned from Rhode Island.
Probably not... she was talking about going after another bourbon... it could take a while. Hmmm...

We grilled out burgers tonight. The weather cleared up just for us.

I hate mosquitos. Damn blood-sucking monsters.

The Tour is on.
What tour you ask?
The Tour.

I wonder if Amanda will call to let us know we won...

So, the trip to Utica is coming up this week. Cher and I have decided to forgo the large gathering of strangers for a more intimate group of friends we know we will like. It's going to be a beautiful weekend. Must remember my bathing suit.

The trip to California is also coming up and there are much discussions onlist about it among the participants. They are clogging the airways with banter... and Jimp insists on running with me. He just does this to irritate me. He is threatening to sing on his banjo while doing this. Ted thinks I should run with him for 1 minute and then stop and say "I'm done" and walk away! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't imagine the look in Jimp's face! I just might do this. Depends on how many people are around.

fun fun fun
are we having fun yet??

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I have streakin' on my mind...
went out for a 4.3 mile run which turned out to be a 4.1 mile run but I still ran sub 10's. It was a beautiful morning to run - it seemed everyone was out on the Charles.

I wonder why it is that people pass me but I don't pass people.
Sometimes it feels as if I am standing still.
As I get faster, everyone else is getting faster.
Who said it was fair???

Dinner last night was a melange of sundry items topped off by a Guiness.

Had my new orthotics made and the old ones adjusted.
I tried pair two today in shoe two and it felt find for 4.1 miles.

Is it Thursday yet?? Sometimes I feel like I am living outside of myself. I look up and think, where does the day go and then realize it's not the next day.

My friend Amanda had sushi for dinner last night - I did too.
She is going to drive to RI tonight and get powerball tickets.
If I win, I will buy everyone of my friends a new kitchen.

My friend Cher has crud in her sinuses that is drying up.
And I can't wait to hear Debbie's rant of the day.

Where does the day go???
Met with the architect this morning.
I got in late - had a Rachel (like a Ruben but with cole slaw, sliced London broil, and Thousand Island dressing).
And french fries.
I love french fries.

Maybe I should tell Amanda I want 20 tickets instead of ten.
Might have to change my order.

I have a pile of work to do.
Might as well dig in now that the day is 2/3 over.

I have decided not to drink so much seltzer water.
I have decided that it is making my stomach pop out.
It's not pretty.
Seriously considering liposuction.
Just have to figure out a way to fit it into my schedule.

It's after 5 and I am still at work... thinking of adding more NYC links to piss off Cher. HAH!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's gonna be a sizzler!

Another hot day.
One report said in the 90s, another one said the 80s but they agree that the humidity is gonna be unbearable.
I could have told you that the second I stepped out of the door this morning.

I am wearing my flowery pants to celebrate the heat.

Last night, we had a melange for dinner... a little seared albacore tuna, kimchee, leftover boneless pork ribs, sauteed watercress in garlic, my fully fatted mashed potatoes, a bit of rice, a little of this, a little of that... all topped off with a delicious riesling.

Didn't run this morning.
Not gonna run today.
Not sure why exactly.
Blame it on the hazy lazy days of summer.

I am consuming mass quantities of Poland Springs fruit essense seltzer water.
I am up to about 4 liters a day.
I wonder if anyone ever got sick from an overdose of quanine water....

There is a nice breeze off the ocean to cool down the temps in the city.
I'd say the 80's is a better guess.
There are supposed to be mold out there.
I didn't see any on my way to the bank.

I am in a streakin' kind of mind - have been since this morning.
Running - not the naked kind - for 43 days to go with the age thing.
Once I start I will be commited so I am still thinking about it.
I should have kept going with the 8 races in 7 days...
That MJ! She put this in my brain. Drat her!

Monday, July 07, 2003

Not a lick of creativity

I am thinking of giving up titles in my blog.
I cannot for the life of me come up with something zippy.

My legs are aching a bit from not running.
I could say it's from all that running I did last week but that would be a defeatest attitude... so I am saying that it's from not running. Which is a good thing because it's hotter than hades out there and I would melt into the tar if I attempted to run today... of course I could run on the treadmill but that would be too easy. I can't WHINE about the heat and humidity if I ran in a temperature-controlled environment.

Last night, we visited some good friends in Cambridge. We are buying their couch. And Jo being Jo, and meticulous, the couch looks as if it's new. And Jo being Jo and meticulous, it's custom-made and of the highest expensive caliber. So we are buying it at a fraction of what we would have to pay today if it were new. The green is good since I like green. The hue is good since it's very oriental and will go well with the odd assemblage of eclectic furnishings I have... from Spain, Korea, painted David Marsh pieces....and with the oriental carpet I have which will end up in the guest room but it will go well if I decide to put them in the same room at some time in the future.

We were going to get ice cream at dinner time.
We got to the ice cream place after a 2 mile walk!!! These people have a warped sense of distance. They walk. They don't run. You cannot rely on people who do not run to be able to give you an accurate estimate of distance. I was told it was .8 of a mile! It was more like 2 miles. It FELT like 5 miles! ARG!!!!
When we finally got there, Luke looked at Jo and asked if we could get ice cream after dinner.
She looked up and thought the ice cream would be the dinner! HELLO!!! Sigh... and that is why she is thin and I am not. Whatever.

Great burger and a murphy's stout right next door...
then burnt sugar flavored ice cream - which took me back to the days as a little girl in Korean - which Luke promptly told me I was not remembering rightly because it was too long ago... unbelievable!

So, we are buying the couch and Luke will help us move it.
Luke will also come by the house after we close and do a walk through so he can make recommendations as to how to wire the rooms for surround sound. YES!!! HAPPY DAY!

Much goings on the Dead List (a running club I belong to...) concerning the World Conference in a couple of weeks! They created another list and put me on it and now I am innundated with Dead mail! ARG! And they keep writing about me and to me so I have to keep responding! Sigh...

I wonder what Amanda is up to.
I have to go and read everyone's blog....
Working is hard.
I might drive to RI and play powerball.
Anyone wanna go?
It's up to over 200 million buckaroos!

Hmmm... I just read my friend Debbie's blog. I like her links better so I am changing mine all around now.... She is so damn organized! I can't stand organized people!

Closing Note: We are closing on the townhouse on the 16th! YAHOO! I have to bring my checkbook. BOO! HISS! Maybe Joe will remember his in case I forget mine. [I am wondering how I can insert a smiley here....]

It is after 5 pm and the work day is done. I managed to get a lot of work done - a couple of presentations, etc. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day. I'll have to remember to bring my seatbelt...

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I have blogging on my mind

Okay. Not very clever but it's been a while since I last blogged and it's been weighing on my mind.

Note: I have NOT been able to make it to the Krispy Kreme. Much to my chagrin.

So, it all started with a challenge on a running list that J and I are on. Someone, who I don't even think is on the list, issued a challenge to run 8 races in 7 days. Needless to say, the only person to take up the challenge is J. And since I go to the races with him, well, what could I do? I could stand there like a VEAL tethered to the finish line, waiting for him to come in, or I could run, too. And so, there it is.. how the saga started.

Friday the 27th, we drove to NYC to run in Central Park.
NO! I was not interested in running locally.
It's not that far. Really. Besides, a little change of pace is good for the soul.
Dinner was at the local Korean restaurant with H where J kept us from being our usual piggish selves and ordering too much food. No website for this place.

Saturday was a 5 miler in Central Park, the Gay and Lesbian Pride Run. I guess every major city has their own and the dates are all different. Boston was only a week or two before this. After the race, we went to the Time Cafe on the Upper West Side, where our friend DS used to live before moving to Kew Gardens.

The remainder of Saturday was spent walking all over the city, about 10 miles, in the heat and humidity, to prepare for the race on Sunday, which started earlier than the one on Saturday.

Dinner was at Rancho where we had margaritas and mexican food. I had a shrimp enchilada in Spicy Chipotle sauce that was not that spicy but was chock full shrimps.

Sunday was the Achilles Hope and Possibility Run 5-miler again in Central Park. We left that morning to come back to Boston by way of Katonah to visit J's family.

Monday night we ended up in Raynham to run a 5k race.
Tuesday night was a 3.3 miler in Abington.
Wednesday night was a 3.75 miler race at DWField Park in Brockton. We stopped and picked up our good friend John Barney enroute and then dropped him off afterwards. We hung around and John's wife Margaret fed us supper.
Thursday night was 2.6 Marsh Legion Post run around the Charles River. Finally, it was close to home. We stayed and had hot dogs, and beers, and rested.
Friday morning was July 4th. Let me tell you that I was in no mood to race! Or run! J found two races that could be run in the morning, one right after the other. The first one was Rizzo's, a 5k in Natick. After the race, we had some watermerlon, hopped into the car and headed to Dedham for the Dedham 5-mile Road Race. Now it would seem to me that most of the races on the 4th should be only 4 miles. And there were plenty of them out there. but J being J, found a 5-miler. Whatever.

Believe me when I say that I gave it all I had. It felt like the heat index had climbed to over a 100 and if J hadn't come back to get me in the lst mile, I might have stopped and walked the rest of the way in.

That was it. I was done. 8 races in 7 days. No mas!

Took yesterday off and ran again this morning - 9.7 miles nice and slow around the Charles River.

We are going to take a look at a friend's couch tonight.
Most of the weekend has been spent staying out of the heat and sleeping awat my exhaustion.

For a couple of nights my legs have been feeling twitchy. Not as if they want to run (no way) but sort of tired but needing to move.

I've been reading my friends' blogs. They are all whacked! I have strange friends, I swear.

I have a black cat named Henry.
I have never seen such an animal remain so inert for so long.

I feel like having some pickles.

More later... and hopefully more on time.

Tomorrow is Monday. Blech.