Friday, August 29, 2003

R is for Rehabilitation

And my body is feeling the signs of needing it.
I got up late. Again. Didn't even hear the alarm.
I am totally exhausted.

TGFI! I can't say that enough. I've never been so grateful for a Friday before in my life. At least not in recent memory.

Okay. I had Chinese for lunch. I never want to see another damn Kung Pao ever again! UGH! I did go to the CVS and get a buncha nips. Peanut Butter Parfait, Coffee, Butter Rum. And those little 6-pack boxes of raisins. I have no idea what I was thinking.

Is it time to go home yet??

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Sushi is the perfect food. Next to advocado, of course. It's totally sublime.

OMG! I think I ate too much Sushi. Blech.
I don't care if I never see another sushi as long as I live.

I am STILL unmotivated! I think I will write things on the board. People keep trying to have meeting with me. I already have too many damn meetings! Can't they get it through their heads?

Lunch is SUSHI! I am so looking forward to this. Happy happy!

UGH! I am so totally tired! I can't even wake up and I've had a cup of coffee. I had breakfast before coming to work. I came to work and had 3 strips of bacon and a cup of watermelon. [I love watermelon.] And a bottle of spring water. And I am still tired! UGH! And I am now going into a 2-hour meeting in about 15 minutes. I am so unmotivated right now.


Well, last night Joe finished up the last of the hardwood stairs. He is truly amazing. 32 year old banker who can put in stairs. I helped with the cutting. Okay. So I didn't cut. I merely held the boards while Joe cut. That saw he uses is a mean-looking mutha.

The tiles in the bathroom look great! I managed to paint the walls so that when Judy the Contractor comes back to put the bathroom fixtures back in, the walls will be ready. Friday, I plan on painting the trim in there. It's looks bad right now - lots of scrape marks and such. Then I need to clean it up - the tub is a dirt bomb.

Tonight we are taking the night off. Going to run the Marsh Post Thursday Night run on the Charles River. I was so glad I didn't have to run this morning (even though it meant I'd have to tonight) because I was totally exhausted from a couple of late nights at the new place.

Why is it that while I am running, I think of all these neat things to blog about? I sit down and there is nothing in my brain. Zip. Nil.

Friends Kelly and Randy are moving today. It's been a saga for them as well, buying and selling their homes, packing and moving. It seems that most of my friends are moving around the same time. MJ moved a month or two back. Val moved to Florida this month. Deb hasn't moved but she did a year or so ago so that counts. The only person who has not moved is Cher. The lazy rat. But then, if I lived on a golf course, I wouldn't move either. But then, she lives in Columbus. Maybe I'd move. Mel hasn't moved but she is redoing her place. Which kinda counts for something.

Last night I made meatloaf and my world famous fully fatted mashed potatoes and carrots with maple syrup. We opened a bottle of Seghesio Home Ranch Red Zin. It was very earthy tasting - smoky and all that. Delicious.

Tonight we will have hotdogs and hamburgers and beer after the race.

Work is still stressful but it's better after my Big Presentation. Yesterday I got a hug from the President of the division. That totally cracked me up. It was a meeting to recognize people for a big project and I was filling in for someone who worked for me. I got up to accept the award and said I will filling in for Scott. So he shook my hand and leaned down and gave me a slight hug, everyone was laughing, and I said I would pass that on to Scott when he gets back into the office. Boy, won't Scott be surprised when he gets hugged by the president of the company! LOL!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

R is for Recovery

Okay. So I've been monitoring my running and my bitching-moaning-complaining-general irritibility factor. And they are inversely proportional. Joe tells me to go for a run. When I need to go for a run, that's when running is the last thing I want to do. Isn't that how it always is? You know you need to do something and you can't or won't because it's what will cure you but doing it means you have got to get out of your current bite-me zone in order to do what is right and good for you. Got that? Hopefully you did because I don't want to go over it again.

Went for a 4.1 mile run yesterday morning - stretched beforehand and felt like shit.
Went for a 6.3 mile run this morning - didn't stretch beforehand and felt great.
Tomorrow, I'll go for another run without stretching and see if I still feel great.
If I do, then the experiment work.
If I don't, then the experiment didn't work and I have to go back and review all the variables.

The house is coming along.
Joe is putting in stairs. One of the steps had to get glued (Liquid Nails is great stuff) and he couldn't clamp it together so he had me sit on it. Hmmm... gotta think about this a bit more.
I did some cleaning up.
Judy the contractor is putting in the tile floors in two of the bathrooms and they are coming along nicely.
Now we just have to get the place rented! ARG!
I will spend the weekend cleaning and doing the last of the painting.
Joe will be finishing up the floors and putting in the lights and such.
The place will look really nice when it's all done.
Of course we still have to wait for the last of the kitchen cabinets and the washer/dryer to come in.
Sigh.. it's a never ending saga.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Letting Whining Dogs Lie

Today is the biggest day of my career and I get woken up at 4 am by a dog that is whining.
It's a high pitched tiny little whine that comes in staccato increments with a pause.
Then it starts all over again.
It's like a slow scratch on a blackboard that gets louder and louder.
4am and I am up and awake and exhausted.
I can't get back to sleep because the pause isn't long enough, and then it starts again.
The culmination of the fighting, screaming, politicking I've done at work to get where I am and it comes down to this...
my whole work life is about to be defined by a whining dog.
She doesn't whine every morning.
And some days she whines later than other days.
But I know the whining days outnumber the non-whining days by at least 4 to 1. At least. If not more. Probably more but my brain has been pierced so many times by the Whine and the resulting lack of sleep has killed more brain cells than all the beer and scotch I've had in my life.
I must do something with the whining. But I have no idea what.

We had a dog growing up once a very long time ago.
It had to stay outside, because it was a dog.
And it certainly didn't whine.
If it did, you didn't know because it was outside.
Sounds good to me.

Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine.
Cats don't whine.
They don't even look at you, which is fine as long as they don't whine.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, had better cross me today.

The good news is that I just cancelled a meeting scheduled from 4-5 today.
This means with any luck and manipulation, I will get out of here early.
I will go over the house straightaway and start painting.

The Big Meeting is at 10am.
I am not looking forward to this.
As I've said before, how many times can you talk about the same stupid thing before your mind goes to waste?

At 11am, I might be going home instead of at 4pm.
You never know what the day will bring.
I might be painting for a living.
The idea of the hot dog stand is looming large before me.

Well, thing looks different after lunch.
The meeting went well. It was well received and I was told by the boss's boss that I did well.
That's good coming from that level.
Now I am afraid that I will have to make good and deliver.
And it appears that the last parting comment from the boss's boss that this other person and I could lead one of the efforts for the entire enterprise leaves a dry taste in my mouth. MORE WORK!
Turns out the Boss's Boss and the Boss's Boss's Boss like cars. Fishing and Cars. Go figure. I have something in common with the Big Dogs. That is too funny to think about.

Delegated a meeting to one of my managers and left the office to meet Joe for Lunch.
Such a nice surprise and such a sweetie. He took my running gear to the new house so I could run after work.
I am looking forward to it.

I think I need to delegate even more!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I have no topic for the day.
Just thought I would take the 10 minutes before my next meeting to blob on aimlessly about nothing much.
My friend MJ is finally updating her blog.
It's been interesting reading her stuff.
She's bored. It's not good to be bored. People who are too bored for too long become serial killers.
I am convinced that if all those serial criminals had better things to do, they would.
My friend Cher is also back to blogging.
Thank goodness. Maybe her speakerphone friend will get a surprise embarrassing message on her voice mail one day and entertain the whole row of offices. Hmmm....
Debbie is back and if you read her blog, it hits you full force what you miss when she is away and can't blog.
Her friend Chris sounds like a hoot. I much meet her one day.

I am feeling better about my presentations today.
Amazing what a day makes.
Plus, I have had a bit more free time today than I thought I would.
Not that, I couldn't have filled that free time with work but I feel so much better when I have a chance to procrastinate every day. Go figure.

Had my final review with The Boss. More details, more examples, more rewording, blah blah blah...
My left eye fell out a little while ago and I caught it right before it hit the floor.
I swear, if I keep looking at this stuff, my eyes are gonna fall out of my head!
And now we have the final product and it is what it is and nothing is gonna change what is...
So tomorrow I might not have a job after the Presentation or at the very least be pushed back a few levels, which is fine if it means I still have a job and can actually schedule in procrastination time every day.

The day is waning and the sun is shining - the tiny bit of outdoors I can see from my office, that is.
Should be a good afternoon to get paint.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Going with no title this morning... gonna live on the edge for a change.

Yesterday, Joe brought home all the wine. GAWD! I've never seen so much wine!
We are still waiting for wine from Minor and Plumpjack.
I am not sharing the Plumpjack. That's my favorite I think.

Ran this morning... up and down and all about the neighborhood - didn't venture too far as I only did a little over a mile or so. I just didn't feel like getting out there so I did the next best thing.

I've spent the entire day in meetings and working on the same presentation from yesterday.
I am on draft number 6, I think.
I must be getting close.

Oops. Off to another meeting.
Anyone want to trade their life with me for a day?

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I hate meetings worse.
My day has been filled with meetings with a minute in between to go to the bathroom.
That's it.
One minute.

Of course I did finish my presentation and am now on my third draft.
Drawing pretty pictures on the computer is much more difficult than it is using pen and paper.

Is it time to home yet???

R is for Reality

So reality set in yesterday.
I was running around trying to fit schedules around boxes, the dog, errands, forms, permits, packing packing packing when it suddenly hit me that I have all month to do this stuff. Except for the packing which will take me a good few hours to do what I have left.

4.1 miles this morning along the Charles River again.
Cool and less humid.
If you can't tell the difference between 80% humidity and 70% humidity, try running in both and you'll know that 70% is pretty darn preferable.

The wideboard pine floors look mighty nice.
They did the first coat in our bedroom level yesterday.
Second coat today most likely.
They started putting the floor in the rental living area.
They should finish that up today and if they are lucky, they will get down a layer of poly.
I can't wait to see what red oak looks like after the first coat.

My friend Debbie is back.
Thank goodness.
I really missed her blogs.

I thought today was Thursday.
I was bummed out when Joe told me it was Wednesday.
But then I thought about it and gaining a day is not that bad.
I realized the work I have to do and another day would be helpful.

Joe drove in today to get the 8 boxes of wine that got delivered to his office yesterday.
We still have about 2 to 3 more cases to go.
I wonder what the new wine cellar will look like!
Can I tell you how excited I am about this?
Last night I had a glass of the Zin we opened on Tuesday.
It was quite tasty and went well with Kimchee-fried rice, sole almondine and cabbage kimchee.
Yes indeed. Gotta love a wine that goes well with Korean food!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

R is for Rain...and Running

3.5 miles in the rain.
It felt very good.
When I hit a spot without rain (like under a tree) you could slice the humidity with a knife so I was grateful for the rain. And I hate the feel of water touching me. Go figure.

Last night we went to Home Depot and then to the Grocery store.
Fell into bed around 11:00 tired and exhausted from a day without rest!

We got our first shipment of wine.
Dutch Henry.
A couple bottles each of Zinfandel, Chardonnay, and Cabernet.
We opened a bottle of Zin and it was as good as I remembered!
Actually I had forgetten how good it was.

Joe went into the office today and took receipt of 8 boxes of wine! LOL!
Then later, he got another box. It was the empty wooden wine box that we wanted shipped.
We are still waiting for a few more cases and a few more wineries. All told, we are talking almost 11 cases of wine!
Joe had better get busy on the wine cellar!

I hope our friend Amanda visits this weekend.
I am gonna be painting the new house, I think, but it will be nice to have someone to chat with while I am baking in the heat and covering myself with paint. I might bring some music over. Hmmm.... what to do what to do what to do.... I will bring my stereo over from my old apartment. Might as well... gotta move it eventually.

I have a lot to do this afternoon after work.
Cassidy and I are gonna have a full day after work!
We will walk around downtown and all around town...

I hope the Trash People took the rugs that Joe put out last night.
It would be a bummer if they didn't. He'd have to take them back into the house and since it rained today, they are probably rather odiferous. Of course, one can hope that the homeless people took them. Of course they would need a big cart. Which they probably don't have any that are empty enough to take a large piece of carpet. Which means they are probably still out front smelling up the sidewalk. If the Trash People didn't take them. Of course. I hope the Trash People took them. And so we come full circle...

I am procrastinating on a presentation to the president of our company.
And the budget.

I hate administrative crap.

Monday, August 11, 2003

R is for Recovery

S is for Stress.

What a weekend! I went for a 4.1 mile run this morning. I wasn't sure if I was going to fo 2 or 3 but ended up with 4.1 and it felt really good. Everything looks brighter and cleaner after a run.

It was an eventful weekend.

Let's see. Where to start.

Friday night, I decided to just take it easy. Two days of no running and with the packing and decision-making, I was so tired! When I don't wake up easily at 6am, I know that my psyche is not looking forward to meeting the day - whether it is laden with mental stress or physical stress, there is stress with a capital S and my mind and body is not looking forward to facing it. So it sleeps in.

We went to dinner at Addis Red Sea around the corner and ate with our fingers! It's an Ehtiopian restaurant that is so delicious! You eat at tables that look like large baskets on pedestals and they serve your food on a community platter with a soft bread as a liner. You use your fingers and more bread to pick up the food and eat it. I also had a surprisingly good Ethiopian white wine!

Saturday was a full day. I was supposed to run about 6 miles but it was cut short to 3.2 miles when the Tile Person called to say she was at the new house! ACK! I ran over (call it a fartlek) and met her. Sounds like she will be able to do it. Yahoo.

Then at 11, I went off to pack at my old apartment while Joe met our friend Luke at the new house. They busted down a wall, took up more carpeting, an generally did a good day's labor in about 4 hours! I brought lunch over from the Appleton Street Bakery. All of the sandwiches are named after apples. I had a gala (Reuben sandwich with gala apple slices) and Joe had a MacIntosh (a turkey sandwich with MacIntosh apple slices). It was very very good. Luke had to leave so Joe and I sat on our roof deck and enjoyed the sun while eating lunch.

Then Amanda came yoohooing up. She of the bourbon and the new loft across the bridge in South Boston. We gave her the grand tour, did some lightweight work and then went over to Joe's to sit and chat. We sampled the new Charbay we brought from California for her and it was.... awe-inspiring! We all made a toast, took a sip, and just sat back and looked at each other! Manna from Heaven, what else can I say?

Then Amanda was kind enough to drive us to David Square and Redbones where we met up with some friends to say our goodbyes, and fare thee wells to our friend Val, the Pal. She is going off to Florida this weekend to pursue nursely studies. We will miss her a lot. Afterwards, we went to JP Licks where I tried cucumber ice cream. It wasn't too bad if you like cucumbers. Yes, it tasted like cucumbers. Just a little icy-sweet on top. Hard to describe. If you really want to know what it tastes like, go to Davis Square and the JP Licks and try it for yourself.

Then it was back on the Red Line, back home for a good nights sleep as Sunday was bringing a full day as well.

Sunday was another full day. Had a nice easy long run up Beacon Street to Reservoir and back. It was 9.65 miles - just shy of my scheduled 10 miles. I ran it a lot more slowly than I thought I was - Joe said it was due to the humidity. I say it's due to the 6 pounds of extra fat on my body since Bermuda - and 3 pounds before then!

Headed to the house where Joe had been busy clearing the way for the Hardwood floor people today. I went back to the apartment and brought back peanut butter sandwiches which we ate in the front entry - it was kinda neat. Our second meal in our new house. Very exciting and tingle-inducing. Then I was off to my place to pack. I packed everything! The only things left are the dishes and glasses, the electronics and books. Then I am all done - I can get that done in the next few nights - I needed more small boxes since this stuff can be so heavy.

Joe had not left the new house. He had almost finished pulling up all the carpet in the rental unit and was down to the last few steps going up to the roof deck. I could hear him banging away from outside as I walked up. He had not gotten in his run in. :o(

Dinner was delicious burgers grilled outside and tater tot crowns, with a little beer. Very satisfying.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Wafting in Perfume

Why do some people wear so much perfume?
I ran by a woman coming toward me this morning who was wafting in it.
She left a damn trail.
I ran the path she walked.
I know because I smelled her long after I passed her.
What's she trying to hide?

4.1 miles this morning and feeling good.
We met with the hardwood floor guy yesterday after work.
Wide-board pine floors.
Love it Love it Love it!
It's gonna be just beautiful!

I packed a little last night but my friend Steph called and we chatted for an hour!
We always talk a while.
Hadn't talked to her since last September really.
We had a little chat about her life.
She needs a new one.
Joe worked at the new house.

I wonder if Amanda will be seeing us this weekend to get her uber expensive whiskeys?
I should send her an email.
Talked to Amanda. She is coming over around 2pm on Saturday to take a look at the new place.

I might have to go to Staples and get some boxes while I am picking up a gift certificate for my friend V who is moving away to Florida. I might be repeating myself but she's flying the coop from Boston. Don't blame her. I think this will be really good for her. Most people need to move away from where they grew up to go to college. Then they need to move away from where they went to college to get a job. And in the process, they grow into humans. Hopefully good ones. V has already turned into a good human so she's lucky. But most people are just shits. I just emailed someone out in CA that I basically hate people. LOL! I wonder what she's gonna say to that! HAH!

I am meeting the rental agent after work to show the apartment.
Hopefully it can be rented for a goodly amount of money.
We'll see what we can do about that.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Life in the Tropics

Boston is like a tropical rain forest.
It's so damn humid that the wet is dripping off of buildings, signposts, traffic light.
Boston has few trees so they have to drip off of something else.

Ran 3 miles this morning up and down the streets of the South End.
The different route made it very interesting.
I have figured out that I need a little variety in my running routes to make me get out there and run.

Got a card from my staff and an offer of lunch but I already had one planned with my friend JohnC from upstairs. It was nice catching up as we hadn't gotten together in over a year. Went to Epiphany which replaced the old Oskar's. The decor and layout is pretty much the same but the food was decent.

I am in the process of changing my address for mail.
What a pain. I hope I don't move again for a long time!

Debbie emailed from aboard her boat out in the middle of the ocean somewhere.
I can almost forgive her for going on a cruise and leaving us without her blog updates.

Tonight I pack start packing.
I will try to pack it all in one or two days.
I wonder if I can. I am not known for my estimation abilities.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Sitting in a garden! In my office. Joe sent me the biggest, reddest bouquet of roses I've ever seen! And a card that made my cry. He is very special.

My friend MJ sent me a wonderful sunny bouquet of flowers that are coral - almost orange! I can't believe it. Talk about bringing sunshine indoors.

There are so many flowers that I can barely see around them. The Sunshine Bouquet is sitting on one side of the office and the roses are sitting on the other side of my desk... Makes me feel like cleaning up my office. But that would be a daunting task and catching up from vacation is no fun either.

This is my most special birthday.
Never celebrated before - at least not on the same day and not like this.
And I was always away for work on my birthday. And for Valentine's Day, too.
This is almost overwhelming.
All this attention... not too comfortable with attention, which is different than talking too much in the middle of a crowd like I always do.

Now I wish this presentation I have to do tomorrow would just go away so I could goof off for the rest of the day.

Happy New Year

It's a new year for me... my 44th.... I suppose I only look a day older than yesterday, thankfully.

Back to Boston,
Back to work
Back in full swing.

Got the keys to the new abode the other day and we went for a couple of visit.
The work ahead seems totally daunting and if not for Joe, I might just set myself down in the middle of floor and never move, totally overwhelmed.
I can't imagine the work ahead.
I can't imagine what it will look like when finished.
I just cannot imagine!

I am back and Debbie is gone on a cruise with K and E.
She keeps up her blog... along with Amanda... now what will I do?!
At least Amanda is around.

I must make a call to the Fitch Trading Company... they were supposed to ship the wine to us but they found more bottles of wine than they originally counted - I know what happened - it's those half bottles that we packed into one slot... I have to call today and confirm the bottle count so they can ship.

I had spaghetti for breakfast this morning.
Is that weird or what?

Ran into a old friend on the web, Leah, the Artist. We used to run along the Charles River together.
I knew her a while ago when she first graduated from art school. I got her an easel for her birthday that year.
Anyway, we lost track until she sent a card for one of her showings and there was a website!
Hoping to go and see her work, which I think is wonderful - totally stirs me like no other.
We've emailed a couple of times. It's exciting!