Thursday, October 30, 2003


The apple crisp was perfect.
Not too sweet.
Crunch top.
Apples weren't soggy.
All gone.

No Run Note

Turns out I can't run today.
We had a production outage this morning.
There was a flurry of talking and meetings.
It's been quiet but you never know when it will erupt again.
And the other thing is that I forgot to pack my shorts!

So I am having pulled pork, sweet potatoes and squash - seems like a lot of starch - for lunch.
The apple crisp is wafting is aroma over to me... and I am thinking I need to jump to dessert pretty quickly.

Another Early Ending

So it's the end of the week of me. The work week.
Leaving work on the 2:15 or 2:25.
Gotta get a lot of work in between now and then.
Gotta concentrate.
Gotta hurry.
Gotta eat a lot of peaches... la la la la la...

Okay. Going to NY at 3pm.

I am also running OUTSIDE today. YAHOO! Hate that dumb ole treadmill. SO BORNING! I went to run last night on the treadmill and I wanted to poke my eyes out!

Also, there was some Chinese guy on the eliptical next to me on the CELL PHONE!
Speaking in CHINESE!!! ARG! I HATE THAT! Can't understand a damn word and it's such a not very pretty language to begin with. But besides all that, WHY is he working out with a CELL PHONE??? UGH!

A family gathering of sorts occur yesterday. Talked to my sister on email. Joe joined in. He is now permanently on her email list. They got along entirely too well. Very scary. Then we chatted with my brother on the phone last night. It was very nice talking with him.

Seems that the wedding might take place Marathon Weekend in April next year. That's when it is easiest to get my brother up here for the wedding and they must come... both he and my sister must come to the wedding or we can't have it.

We hope to get to see them before the wedding to. Which brings us to the availability of vacation days next year! ARG! I hate working for a living! Why can't I vacation for a living. Vacation time is so valued but you never get paid for it.

House note. I must get the house in order and finish unpacking! Last night I tried to pack for NY and I spent more time LOOKING for things than I did packing. I am getting forgetful disease or something. I picked something up, put it down and five minutes later, I couldn't find it! ARG! I spent another 30 minutes looking for it. Notice how things you are looking for become cammouflaged??? They blend with the background ON PURPOSE! I know it!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It's decided!!

I am sending stuff to my sister.
She is going to sell them through her work classifieds and keep the proceeds.
Sure beats the heck out of selling it all myself or throwing it out!

Happiness is a resourceful sister who is willing to do something with your discards! :o))

Lunch can be such a chore!

So, I go down to the cafeteria and it's buffalo chicken wrap day. The line are out the door! So I settle on a seafood salad wrap with a picke and fries. For some reason, it didn't hold the same allure for me as in the pas. I guess I am sick of seafood salad wraps! I would have gone out but the winds are up to 45 mph gusts and I wasn't in the mood to be buffeted about like a plastic bag. The plastic bag of course recalls the video sequence in American Beauty where the Toby McGuire character has video'd a plastic bag dancing in the wind.

All moved out!

We are all moved out of 85 Waltham Street as of last night. Of course, I am not counting the load of laundry that is currently there. We should be able to finish the last bit of laundry tonight.

Wedding Note: We are still bandying about venues and times. So far, we've come to Fiji and to the Boston Marathon weekend. I think we should just elope and forget about everything. It's getting too complicated. Eloping isn't bad. It's very reflective of the things we've been through - certainly non-traditional in every way.

Chicago, Chicago... Just made reservations for Chicago. Gonna join Joe for the weekend when he goes for a week's training. Nice. I hate Chicago but being there with him might make it better. Actually, I don't mind Chicago... just the traffic from the airport into the city.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

What is it about Sundays??

I spend the better part of Sunday afternoons dreading Mondays.
Once Monday rolls around, I forget the dread and dive into the week.
Tomorrow's Monday means that I will have a 3 1/2 day week - a short one.
Going to NYC for the NYCM (Marathon for those who don't know what the M stands for).

This means that I have to get everything done for the week with less a day and a half less in the week. Short weeks are double edged swords. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't promised my boss a couple of impossible deliverable which I've been procrastinating on since APRIL! GAK!

Moving news. Almost moved out of the old place. One more car load, broom swwet the place, and we are good to go. Of course we have to then straighten out the new place that is filled to the rafters with unruly-packed boxes. And then the storage unit that will take day to straighten out and organize. I will be moving, still, unto December!!! ARG!

House renovation note. Pipes are in, water works, electricity is wired. The tile person comes tomorrow to put down the floor for the utility room and the half bath. Thursday, we are stopping at Poirier to get the washer/dryer ordered on our way down to NYC. Still need to pick out the faucet, towel rack for the bath. And the base boards. Sigh...

Running note. NOTHING! Due for 4, did nada! Felt good, a might guilty but got over all real quick considering we didn't finish moving today.

Burgers for dinner.
All the fixings.
Had a little side of sushi.
A little wine,
a little blueberry beer...

Speaking of Blueberry Beer, found out that RTB is on the same weekend as Bar Harbor next year! ARG! The wedding plans are all amuck now! NOW WHAT???

Thinking of different things.
Joanne, of the couch from yesterday, suggested Napa Valley since Joe and I are both into wine.
Something to think about.

Time for ice cream.
Gotta prepare for Monday.
I need sustenance.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Moving Mayhem

I am sitting here listening to the noise of grinding screwdrivers and god knows what else.
The couch is not fitting through the door.
Joanne is giving me updates... telling me how to get the dirt and lint off. Yikes!
I put away the wine.
I put away the groceries.
And it's still not in!

They'll get it in.

I am optimistic they will get it in.
Maybe we can knock down the side wall...

IT"S IN!!!!!!
YES! yes yes yes yes yes yes....

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Two Days!!

Without a blog!!!

Ran yesterday.
Ran today.
That covers the missing days.

Just had lunch.
At my desk.
Tripled booked with meetings.
All Day.
All Week.
And I am 5 minutes late for another one.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Went for my lunch at noon. 4.2 miles along the river and back to the office. Not too bad, albeit a bit windy. I would say that 20 mph headwinds was pretty blustery. I am happy with my effort.

Time to start anew

Saw something yesterday on my way out on the subway out to Alewife to meet Amanda to go to Rhode Island to pick up some scotch. Interesting guy with cornrows. Looked like he's about 40. Hair was so short it ended at the nape of his neck. Isn't he a bit OLD for this? Not to mention the PDA with a woman who looked about his age. Maybe he matured early and looks older than he is.

I remember a guy when I was in Junior High. He swam for the swim team at the country club. He was 14 and looked like a 22 year old college grade. In Speedos. 'Nuff said.

Went on a major scotch buying trip yesterday. UGH. There goes the washer/dryer and the Viking stove. Or the upstairs bathroom. PRIORITIES! Got to get my priorities straight!

New running week starts today. I am going try and run outside today... seemed a bit windy and you all know how I feel about The Wind. But it's downright balmy and who knows when the next balmy day will be before the snows come down.

Monday, October 20, 2003


I am going to Rhode Island with my friend Amanda to get the Scotch! Happy happy happy!

My shoulder is killing me. Maybe I will break one open tonight to cure the pain. :o)

Maybe we can go to Delux for dinner again tonight. We'll see.

Weekend Report

This weekend I ran a total of 26.25 miles, fell down and cracked my chin - which is bruised and swollen not to mention red an angry looking and painful, bought a clothes cabinet-stained it-poly'd it-moved it over against the wall-hung clothes in it, moved more stuff from Joe's old place to the new house - the futon, clothes, more kitchen stuff and food stuff, etc. - not to mention the grill. I also went to get my orthotics adjusted. We went to the tile place and got tile for the new half bath and utility room. Joe is going to go and pick it up hopefully today. It will be put in this weekend. It was a very busy week.

I must remember to order more Omaha steaks and burgers now that the grill is over at the new house.

So, last week, I ran a total of 46.55 miles. Not to shabby.

Anyway, I fell and hurt my shoulder again in addition to the cut on my chin. Now I wish I had been lifting all along. It's not that bad except it's the same shoulder I messed up when I fell off the horse. The one that took a year to rehab? That one? Yup. It hurts worse than my chin.

Tonight I may be going to Rhode Island with my friend Amanda to get two bottles of very expensive scotch. If not, I will do some moving from the old place to the new place. I think Joe has to work late.

We finally went to Delux that Amanda is always talking about. We didn't see the old bottle of Bourbon she talks about so she really did finish it off! LOL! The food was great. Cash only. Cheap enough to go to at least twice a week. Their menu changes regularly so it wouldn't even get dull.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Getting Hungry

I just ate a bag of chips. Came back from a 4.2 mile run. A bit slower than yesterday's 5 miler but that's okay. It was a good day for a run.

My friend Amanda has these terrific short posts that say a thousand times more than than she writes. Why can't I be more succinct? I am very prolix.

I'll leave soon.
Laptop, towel, workout clothes, lunch from yesterday that I didn't eat, regular bag, hand bag... sheesh. I'm gonna look like a bag lady. Not to mention the three boxes I'm taking home.

Full day tomorrow.
8am breakfast with Abby and Joe. I think I'll pass, go for an early run. We'll see what the morning brings.

Cher's Blog is boring. So is MJ's. It never changes! ARG!

I cannot wait to leave work early!!!! Yahoo!


It's decided. We have only one yahkee mandu in the fridge.
So we are going to go to DELUX for dinner tonight! Amanda frequents the place and we have never been. Now we will know what she is talking about. And it's only a block up and one block over from our house. Happiness.


It's the elixer of life. I had my fasting blood test at 9am. No coffee, no food, nothing but water until after. It was a miserable start to the day.

My friend Debbie has a rant every day so now I have one. People get off the elevator really slowly! UGH! What is that all about??? I am in a hurry to get back upstairs to the office, the elevator door opens and there are four of the slowest people I've seen. One comes out, the others stay inside. Then one of them grabs the door real quick and nods to the others, Then one acts startled and jolts forward, taking his hand out of his pocket - I mean, didn't he KNOW that the elevator was approaching the first floor where he wanted to get out?? Then the fourth one follows slowly, and the guy who grabbed the door finally goes out. But they are hanging around the door to the elevator and start discussing taking the stairs or the elevator. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY, YOU MORONS!!!! ARG!!!

Another rant. I am walking around town this morning. I take a left and someone is coming out and we almost bump into each other but stop with a start and miss each other. No biggie. It happens all the time. This short fat blond chick gives me a "tsk." under her breath. So I turned around and gave her a TSK out loud and looked back at her. I hate stupid and rude people. What an idiot. Not to mention her pants were too tight. Even if they were black. And she had this scrolling embroidery work on the top, that matched her pants. UGH! Whatever.

But I finally made it to the office and had my Finagle a Bagel Everything Bagel with Lox Spread (YUM) that I had stuck in my bag after the doctor's appointment. I got the bagel, then I remembered that I had forgotten to drop off the Hemocult test so I had to go back a couple of blocks and drop that off, then I had to go to CVS to get prescriptions and a birthday card for my goddaughter whose birthday I missed 5 days back (ARG) and then to Walgreens to fine sample size hairspray for my work gym bag and my home travel bag, and a water spritz bottle (don't ask).

But I just finished the bagel. It wasn't too bad to wear. And the pumpkin spice coffee is delicious.

I have 4.2 miles easy planned for around 3pm today. Then I am going home for the weekend. HAPPINESS!

I was supposed to go to Rhode Island with my friend Amanda to get the two bottles of Ardberg Provence but she is tired and wants to sleep. !!! We might go tomorrow instead. She cracks me up!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

I think I ate too much breakfast. My stomach feels really bloated. I hate that feeling, like I had such a big meal that I can't move.

Cubs Lost

They blew it again!

Last night I managed to make it to the gym and get in my 5 miles. ACK! The wind was despicable! The funniest thing is that almost all of the treadmills were taken! People were getting on and not leaving because they were watching the baseball game! I must admit I had a hard time not screaming when the Yankees got in two runs. There were people cussing and cursing while running or walking when the Sox messed up. In the end, Yanks lost. Bummer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I am off to the gym to run.
Joe told me to run outside.
Then he writes to me on his way to the subway and tells me to run inside.
That hated wind is too much for even him.

I just ate lunch. On the way downstairs, I saw my boss in the elevator and I told him about that nasty wind out there. Anyway, it was Buffalo Wrap day! ARG! I forgot about that. That's like all they serve! Except for Salads, sandwiches and the deli. So I ended up with a slice of pepperoni pizza and a seafood salad wrap with fries. I'll have the other half of the sandwich later when I get hungry. Although with the addition of pizza, I probably won't get hungry like I usually do. Anyway, as I was standing in the checkout line, my boss gets behind me. I guess he didn't want to fight that nasty wind I told him about! LOL!

Time to get lunch. Question is, do I go out or chance the delectable delights in the cafeteria?
I am wondering about that 50 mph wind we are supposed to be having. I hate wind.
I hate sitting in an office without openable windows because you can't stick your hand out and see how windy it is.
I hate sitting behind the commuter rail station because I can't see trees to gauge the wind - all I see are trains and tracks.
I think I will go to the cafeteria. :o<

Will the Series ever END?

I am so exhausted. I cannot wait until the playoffs (actually, the whole SERIES) is OVER! Staying up watching baseball is killing me. My girlfriend called me up and CANCELED our outing tonight so she could watch the game. Which I am NOT complaining about since I wasn't going to be able to get my run in tonight due to that outing.

The Yankees are up. Cubs are screwing up. AGAIN! ARG! And the Sox are trash talking. Whatever.

We are still in the process of moving from Joe's apartment. We have until the end of the month. Thank goodness because we will need that much time to move. Work not only gets in the way of running but it does not help the moving aspect either.

We must get tile this weekend. Judy the Contractor is going to put it in on the 25th. ACK! We need to get enough so that Judy doesn't have to like she did the last time. LOL! She was not pleased. Too funny. She is way cool, though. If anyone needs a good contractor for light work, let me know.

Joe has taped and put on the first coat of goop on the tape in both the laundry room and the bathroom. We got lights for above the bathroom mirror at Restoration Hardware. We saw it and knew it would be perfect for the pedestal sink and toilet we got the week before. Happiness. I still need to find the faucet, though. That can wait a little while.

The kitchen is coming along. We have taken the remnants of the kitchen that was left after the wall was taken down and put stuff away. It's a working kitchen at least. We are cooking off of a coleman camp stove. Not a bad thing considering it's gas opposed to electric! LOL! It cooks really well!

I have been playing Phone Tag with my brother! I finally remembered to call last night and got the answering machine! ARG! I need to call him again tonight. Gotta tell him about the wedding. :o)

I have 5 miles scheduled for tonight. I'll see how I feel. I might have to go to the gym and run brainlessly on the treadmill since it's supposed to be windy - up to 50 mph gusts! ACK! Last time I ran in that kind of weather, I was sandblasted almost to death. I may do less. We'll see.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Sleep cures all

Almost. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. Like unstick the back of your eyelids from your eyeballs. Like make the pain behind the eyes go away. Like life the foggy feeling that sits like a veil on top of you.

After work yesterday I did speedwork. It was interesting doing speedwork tired and sleepy. Nothing like speedwork to wake you up.

Joe made dinner when I got home. It was ready on the table. So SWEET! And a nice glass of white wine to go with the tuna and the kimchee. :o)

We got our Dutch Henry wine club order. 2 bottles of 2000 reserver cabernet. We may have to buy some of their small batch stuff... we are talking about getting a case or two.

Today is a rest day. THANK GOODNESS FOR REST DAYS!!! Tonight we are going to have acorn squash and chicken for dinner with some stuffing. YUM! I wonder what kind of wine we will have with it.

We stayed at the new place last night. I can't wait until we are all moved in. I am unpacking parts of the kitchen. Still doing dishes, etc. before putting them away into what's left over of the cabinets. It's still messy on the first floor but it's our mess! Very happy about our mess. Tonight I hope to finish setting up the kitchen. I must write down the things I have to do this week and this weekend. Hopefully, I will be fully moved in by the weekend. Then we have to move Joe.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I am so tired. My eyes are aching. Not just that they are like SANDPAPER but the fact that they hurt from BEHIND due to lack of sleep. The World Series is gonna kill me before the Sox lose an the Yanks win! :o) HAH! Actually, the Cubs would be good, too.

I need to start getting to bed earlier... but baseball... It's either that or Law and Order or CSI! ARG!

I hope I can stay awake through my speedwork tonight. 2x(4x400) with a 60 second recovery and a 4:00 rest. I hope I can stay away through the 4:00 rest! I hope I can run that fast!

Joe asked if I wanted to go see Shania Twain tonight. I'd love to but the I need to SLEEP!

Ugh. I hate having to eat lunch when I am not hungry. But I have to eat or it will run into another meeting. I am such a bitch when I am hungry. Ask Joe. Due to my crazy week he has been beset with a massive amount of bitchiness from me because I haven't had the time to eat... and being someone who doesn't like to upset the applecart, I just go along and fail to mention that I need to eat - which leads to more bitchiness, which is worse than me saying that I have to eat. All of which could have been prevented by my just saying that I need to eat. But I hate having to run everyone's schedule around my feeding needs.

Now I am hungry.

Never too late to Blog

It's been a while. I think, along with my running, Blog is good Therapy. Even my friend Cher has decided to blog more regularly. I miss Amanda's and Debbie's blogs. I realized I had a lot of catching up to do. So I go out and read Amanda's and it looks good. She wrote about that fantastic dinner we had - the Club of Six Inaugural Gathering. The scotch was unbelievable, as was the cheese and the tenderloin. Oh, mustn't forget the pears or the stuffing! ACK! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

It's been busy trying to get the house in order. I've moved all of my clothes over to the new place. The next thing on the list is the running gear. I rented a 10x15 storage unit this weekend and the kitchen is clean... I've unpacked one box and it already feels more like home. We are going to try and live out of the new place starting next Monday - at the latest. The phone is moving then and we must follow the phone.

The goal for the next three weeks - find tile, faucet, lights, washer/dryer, put up the wall board - Joe has to do other stuff that I cannot even begin to imagine - mostly having to do with electricity and water lines and toilet pipes. Ewwww....

Work notes... Work is really starting to annoy me. Too many damn meetings, not enough damn time, too many people who do not follow up, too much damn babysitting, too much damn irrelevance! ARG! I wonder what Powerball is up to this week.