Saturday, November 29, 2003

Day Two of the Birthday Weekend

So, day two was successful. Joe got his massage with the Miracle Man. Then off to Springfield for the Basketball Hall of Fame which is something he's been wanting to do for a while. And then dinner at The Hofbrauhaus, which might be the only nice restaurant in the City of Springfield. No, really... We were quite pleased with dinner. We even had a flaming dessert - Bananas Foster. I had a really nice porter that went nicely with the Sauerbraten. It was quite tasty!

Tomorrow is Day Three. He gets all of his presents. It's been hell keeping him out of the other room. I mean, how many times do I have to yell, yes, YELL, STAY OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Unbelievable.

I am rather looking forward to tomorrow.

India Note: I thought I should start packing for India. So this morning, I put a buncha stuff on the bed. I just transferred it into the suitcase in the other room (the same room as above). I just have to get together the work clothes. The suitcase is curiously empty looking right now. After I fill it with electronics, it will weigh a ton.

Oh, another great thing. I am coming down with a cold. My throat feels like it has a scratchy wool sock in it. GAK!

Running Note: 6 miles around the river today in about 56 minute and change. Not bad considering the HEADWIND!

Friday, November 28, 2003

Quiet Day

At work. No one is in. Yeah!!!

I am gonna wrap Joe's gifts, send some stuff to my sister, return this running thing that I got in a size too big (long story and I don't want to think about it), go for a run, and maybe get one or two piece of work in. I also have to gather paperwork and stuff together for India. That's on Monday. MONDAY! In three days. THREE DAYS!!! GAH!

Checked the weather in India. It's in the upper 70's without a cloud or sign of rain. I guess I will be taking summer T-'s. The problem is that I will be spending most of the time indoors which means I should take a sweater. That strikes me as rather comical... take t's because of the weather but take a sweater in case it's too cold.

Hmmm... I hope the place is air conditioned. I guess I should take my digital camera so that I can take pictures. I didn't think of that. Maybe I can post some here. Hmmm... I'll have to figure out how to do that of course.

But then, I may not be able to sign on at all! GAK! The thought of it sends shivers through me. NO CONNECTIVITY! Might as well be LOCKED IN THE BASEMENT!!!!

Joe's Birthday Note: Gave him the first one today. Tickets to the Celtics v Milwaukee Basketball game at the Fleet Center tonight. He seemed very pleased. :o))

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

And Closer...

So, Joe is trying to guess about his birthdy weekend.

Every day I am giving him a weekend agenda.
Each day, I give him one day's worth of clues.

Like Monday, I gave him clues for Friday.
Yesterday, I gave him clues for Friday and Saturday.
Soon he will have the whole thing all laid out in front of him.

I hid the first one under his pillow.
The second one, I put in his sock drawer.
This morning, I hid another one.

This is fun.
Except when he tries to guess.
I must think of a way to prevent that.

It's Pre-Holiday Jeans Day, and I couldn't get myself to wear jeans to work. It's not me. Can't do it. So, now I look like it's any other day of the week. It's business casual here so it's not that bad.

Thanksgiving Day Note. Tomorrow we are going to Joe's parents' place. Coming back after dinner. We are taking both cars and leaving the Miata there so that his father can start the car every week to charge the battery, etc. I think it needs a new battery anyway.

So much to do today. I must get a run in somehow. Going to India is making things all screwy! ARG! I keep having to go to the store to pick things up for the trip, etc. But I think I am almost done.

Going to see Kelly the Miracle Man again today. A 3:30 appointment. I figured it would be a short day. After that I have a whole slew of errands. And I still haven't gotten my bikes and stuff out of the condo parking garage where BH put them. I was supposed to get them yesterday! ARG! So much for ambitious to do lists.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Objects are getting closer... So. The plans for the weekend are coming into place. Yahoo. The last little bit of confirmation just came in. Yippee! So now I can plan on going forward with the plan. Not just any plan. The Big Plan. Like as in the WHOLE WEEKEND PLAN! I love planning. I just wish I wasn't so tired when it's time to execute. Well, no never mind about that!

Didn't run.
Couldn't get out.

Met with the Boss this afternoon.
Turns out that I caught something sensitive in an email and he spent half my meeting time regrouping with the sender of the email and trying to fix possible HR problems as a result of that email. GAK!

I wish Cher would update her stupid blog.
I totally give up on MJ.
At least I can count on Debbie.

Caution: Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear....

India is getting closer.
RNRAZ is getting closer.

Joe's birthday is getting closer and I am still not 100% on everything! GAH!!!

I met with the boss's boss this morning.
He said the boss told him that since I took over, the boss thinks he should have had me take over much sooner.
The boss's boss told me that senior management is very happy with me.
I am not sure if any of this is good.
It could mean that I will have to go to India again.

Had my massage with Kelly the Miracle Man last night.
He released my psoas.
He has more to go and has large plans for Wednesday when I go back to see him.
More psoas, release the feet, work on the neck and shoulders.
Since he is the Miracle Man, I think that should take care of things for another year!
Joe sees him on Sunday.
I am hoping he can do something about Joe's ITB.

My Admin is all in a flurry getting myself prepared for the India trip.
I am so glad I don't have to do all that running around and phoning and such.
Thank goodness of Mary the Admin!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Business Class

Confirmed that I am on the best flight to and from India.
Business Class on Lufthansa both ways.
It's about $6000.
Just for the flight.
That is not including the ride and from the airport in an executive limo.
The Hotel when I am there.
The food (eaten at the hotel because I am not venturing out).
AND on top of all of the shots, I am also getting equipment like adapters and such.

I leave next Monday.
It seems distant.

Spend the weekend in Chicago with Joe who was there the week before for a management class. Didn't sound all that good from the way he described it. Two words about Chicago. Charlie Trotter's. Excellent. Sort of like L'Espalier in Boston. Only more expensive, if you can imagine that! GAK!

Met up with the famous EB and his wife, Ally, for dinner and Jazz at Andy's.

Got home yesterday at a decent hour. Felt good to be home.

Running Note: 4.4 miles around the Charles.

I am planning Joe's Birthday weekend. Almost everything is all set. Yahoo. I can't talk about it here, of course because he reads my blogs. But I can say that it will last from Friday after work through Sunday evening after dinner. I can't do anything fancy since I am going away so I hope the melange of stuff will be fair substitute.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Ran into John Barney on the Fieldler Bridge on the way BACK from my run today. He was heading out for his. Apparently he was supposed to meet Tim Smith but Tim didn't show so he went on. We parted ways, I turned the corner and lo and behold, there is Tim Smith! Told him he just missed John and I don't know whether he turned left or right off the bridge. I hope they found each other. It would be have a dull 3.2 mile run if not for this.

Speaking of runs, I wonder if my legs feel sluggish after a 20 mile run because of the 20 mile run or because I took 2 days off afterwards instead of just 1. Next time I'll take one day off and see if my legs feel any better. Or worse. I'll keep you posted.

Back in the Saddle Again

I am back from two days of Class. I thought it would be weak but it turned out okay. I was pleasantly surprised.

So, I was coming to work this morning and I thought, I leave at 7:20, get into the office at 7:40-7:45, and if I worked in RI, I'd be on the road by 7:30 and I wouldn't be in the office until 8:30, IF there isn't any traffic. Then I would have to leave at either 3:30-4pm or after 6pm to miss the traffic.

BUT, I did find out that they do have an onsite fitness facility, in house chair massage for a nominal fee, miles and miles of running trails right outside of the office building, and if you join the fitness center you automatically belong to the Fitcorps - of which there are several in the city.

Which reminds me, I have to take my Fitness Reimbursement Form to BSC so I can get my $250 rebate for belonging to some fitness activity. Work is just great!

The other thing is if I work out of Smithfield and decide not to relocate, they give me money. $6200 the first year and $3100 the second year - to help defray costs or get a car if you live in the city and have to buy one, etc.

I do have someone on staff who needs to get her license - she's failed twice. Not sure if she's passed yet. I think she started on this odyssey about 2 years ago. Yikes! I told the other managers and HR that I did NOT want her driving the roads! LOL!

House Note: I have been using my time without Joe wisely. The house is all cleaned and everything I can possibly unpack is unpacked. It's still a little cluttery but that's because there is really no place to really put anything. Can't wait until the house is done done done.

I did find out that I might be getting a bonus payout in March which on top of the December bonus will go a long way to finishing up the house. We still have the kitchen and living rooms area, the patio - need to redo the brick and level the yard, the back porch needs to be widened, the windows and back wall needs to be done, upstairs bathroom needs an overhaul. And not a lot for the two bedrooms although the front room might be able to benefit from some built-ins.

We should be able to finish with some concentrated effort in two years, the builk of it next year. Hopefully.

Joe was looking in the paper and shouted out that we are definitely going to convert to a single family. There is a house 4 doors up that is on sale for 1.4 million. That's ONE POINT FOUR MILLION DOLLARS!!! The single family market is soft so we have to see what it goes for today. It will be a lot of work.

Missed Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I fell asleep. GAH! My friends all watched it.

My friend Amanda still hasn't closed on her loft.
I feel badly for her.
She must feel dejected. It's been SO LONG!

Okay. Those status reports are not going to go away, now, are they???

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Two Days of Learning

I am in class today. I was in class yesterday.
So, they needed a volunteer this morning and we could nominate each other.
I was going to nominate Gary but he beat me to it and he nominated me. ARG!
So I nominated him back.
Then they voted and it was UNANIMOUS! ARG!!!
So, I had to get up there and describe two differet pictures.
One picture without any feedback and they had to draw it.
The second time with two way communication and they had to draw it.
It was totally stressful.
Of course it doesn't help that I can't get my left and right straight!
Anyway, the rest of the class seemed to be having a good time.,
Me? I think I gotta lay down....

So, this is Day Two without Joe.
It's not a lot of fun.
We talked last night.
We talked this morning.
Not the same.

House Note: I did clean up the guest room/sitting room, after work yesterday. Took the whole night! Tonight, I am going to put away the stuff in the bedroom and living room that came out of the sitting room. Can't wait to have the TV all set up in the sitting room. It was very comfy sitting there last night talking to Joe.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Running Note: 20.6 miles is in the bag. I decided that running marathons is stupid. No Mas Marathons. After RNRAZ, I am doing short distances. Half marathon is a good distance.

Joe leaves for Chicago tomorrow morning. Very sad.

A Mystery

Yesterday started out fine and then degraded all day long until it ended with me in bed with the muther of all headaches! NOt sure where it came from or why. Can't imagine what caused it although there are several candidates.

Dehydration? Haven't been drinking water as much in the last few days. And the 7% humidity level certainly hasn't help. My skin is do dry!

It could have been the antihistimine tablet I took without any thought to whether I should. It dries everything out and considering the aforementioned 7% humidity level, it's not a surprise that the point of the ache was behind my right eye - sinus.

It could have been my shots and pills for India. They said I might be feeling tired or running a slight temperature. I know my body is busy producing anti-bugs to the bugs that were introduced in those shots.

To top it all off, I went and ran 10 miles in a faster than usual pace.

Last night, a few of us converged on Tim Smith's house to plan the DRS World Conference. The date is changing - probably June or July since October is the most expensive time of the month and the hotels are already booked up for next year!

House Note: The front entry is painted, the door was anded/stained/poly'd, and we have newly stained oak handrails and hardware. Judy did a great job. Once the stairs are done, it's gonna look beautiful! I can't believe the Benjamin Moore Montgomery White paint! It looks so warm and inviting. Awesome job!

We still have to find hardware for our new half bath.

Thursday, November 13, 2003


So, our division is moving out of Boston.
It's supposed to be a big secret.
So far, I've told two people on my staff.
One because he is my right arm (good thing since mine feels like it's gonna fall off after the shots yesterday) and the other over-reacts to everything.

Brenda walked by with lunch so I had her come into my office.
She over-reacted just like I thought.
Then she calmed down and over the course of an hour, we (she concluded) that it's not that bad - just a major annoyance and inconvenience which we can manage by working from home and other creative things.

Not scheduled until next year anyway.
I hope the new location has shower facilities.

I hope they don't change their minds about us deciding where we want to go.

Last night we went to a Guiness Believers event.
Free food and Guiness.
Found out that Guiness is lighter than other other beer in weight, and also has the least amount of calories - equal to that of skim milk.
I am so glad I love it so much.
The wings were weak but the beer was awesome.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Oh, another minor thing.
How come all the people using the trains at 3pm all SMOKE???
It was a cancer fest at the Charles/MGH platform!

Travel news

So, I just got back from Mass General Hospital.
I had to get 5 shots.
That's FIVE.
I would have had to get 6 if they allowed it.
So they decided to give me the Typhoid vaccine in pill form.
Live Typhoid.
Must be refrigerated.
I can't eat for an HOUR after.
I can't drink anything HOT after.
I can't drink alcohol for the duration which is 4 days every other day and then a few days after.
All of that will kill the little bugs, you see, thus rendering them helpless and therefore dead dead dead.
I would have had to get 2 more, making it 8 shots total if they didn't have the presence of mind to develop one shot to cover Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.
My doctor will be happy. SHe's been trying to get me to get boosters for a while and I had no time, you see.
So, because of this trip to India, I've had to get them all in one day!!! ARG!
Not to mention that I am going to a Guiness event where there will be copious amounts of alcohol.
I guess I will start the Typhoid treatment tomorrow.
They also prescribed CIPRO.
Yes, that Anit- Anthrax drug.
They want me to take it to INdia just in case.
Just in case?
Just in case of WHAT???

So, my arms may feel like falling off in a few hours or a day.
I may develop a mild fever for a few days in a few days.
Nothing is really exact.
But it's all there and might all be. Or not.

So for those who think my going to INdia is wonderful fun,
and those who are living vicariously through me,
I hope you are living vicariously through my shots, too!


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

So, I've been busy planning Joe's birthday weekend.
At first it was a bit daunting but now I am finding that I am having fun.
Got the whole weekend generally planned now.

Snazzy Title

So this morning, I had a whole blog written and then I tried to post it and it took to to the login screen which meant I had lost my whole blog I had written. And it had snazzy title but it's been a few hours and I can't remember what it was so I just put down Snazzy Title for the Title of Today's Blog.

Amanda might be our neighbor in a few weeks. Seems even though her condo isn't fit to move into, her S.O. has found a place in up the street from us. Of course this means nothing because you never see someone as much as you think you will if they only moved in up the street. Of course this does not diminish the excitement that Joe and I feel about having Amanda right up the street. WE could walk on up and KNOCK on the door, for crying out loud.

Do people do that any more?
Just walk up and knock on people's doors?
People you know of course.
Or do they just schedule it all into their calendar beforehand?

Running Note: Ran 5 miles today at a significantly slower pace than usual. About 30-40 seconds slower per mile. I think I am tired. Tomorrow is packed so I don't know when I will be able to go out for a run. It's also my day to walk the doggie in the morning.

House Note: Judy the Contractor is at the house painting the foyer. She'll be there all week. She spackled yesterday.

I called the credit card company to let them know that they never sent me a credit card. This is my work credit card. So they said very nicely I had to call the Fidelity Credit Card administrator. So I call and get this guy Scott. Who says to fax him some info and it would b fedexed to me. So I do all that. A day goes by. So I send an email to Scott and he said everything was expedited. So I call the credit card company. The woman says, "so when does the card expire?" I say, May '04. She says, "it's not May 04 yet."

OMG!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? So I go to run. I come back and there is the Fedex package with the credit card in it! Now I have TWO of these things!

As I said before, I am tired.
Either that or I am a dolt.
Of course, I couldn't cancel anything.
I mean, I had them all running around like chickens.
Or whatever the stupid saying is.

Monday, November 10, 2003

A Whole Lot of Nothing

That's all I've done today.

I did get a run in, however. So all is not wasted.
4.4 miles along the Charles.

Cher even has a new Blog and Debbie gets Shout Out at by the weirdest seeming people.

Very busy weekend.
Attempted to run a marathon and after the first loop droped out.
This was mostly because I kep falling and rolling my ankle because of the rocks and the twigs and the branches. The leaves that had all fallen in the last two days didn't help since they covered everything. The temps had dropped dramatically. I decided I was doing more walking than running, which defeated the whole purpose since I was supposed to be running and I had no problem dropping out.

I found out that you can't get a plug to fit into Indian plugs and expect it to work without a converter between it and your appliance. Now I know why my hairdryer caught on fire when I was in Spain. The converter is needed to convert 220 volts to 110 volts. Who knew?

Friday, November 07, 2003

A new blog

So my friend Cher has a new blog. I was sitting here laughing out loud and some guy comes by and tells me I have a great laugh. What does that mean??

Anyway, you should read her blog. I don't know how she gets herself into these messes!

I have a pain in my quadratus, upper gluteus medius, hip area. ARG! Not sure why since I haven't been running this week. Maybe that's why. I can't stand this!

Handy Dandy

The Word of the Day is Handy Dandy (or is that two words?) and no sycophant as my friend Cher says it is.

The American Express Gift Check I received for an award came in Handy Dandy this morning. I ran out of cash, didn't have time to go to the ATM, and I used the gift check to get water this morning in the lobby store. I got $44 back for my troubles, too. Handy Dandy.

Last night after work, Joe painted the utility room after dinner. He is very Handy Dandy. The Benjamin Moore Adam's Gold paint looks really good in there and I think it's going to look really nice in the half bath as well.

Handy Dandy. Getting the idea?

Joe is training my friend Linda Kim (Korean from Toronto).
Cher is thinking of training again and Joe might be training her to run a sub-2:00 at AZ. ARG! Now I am thinking of switching so that I can train and run with her. I signed up for the full marathon already! She should have conferred with me first and I would have tried to convince her to run the marathon!

The washer/dryer is being delivered between 10-2 today. Yeah! We have so much laundry it's overflowing the basket. OVERFLOWING! Really. Seriously. I might start throwing things on the floor. Amazing how much dirty clothes we generate.

Haven't run in a week and I am running a marathon tomorrow. On a trail. And it's not worrying me one bit. Strange days...

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Another month

So, seeing as how it's another month, I wonder if my friend Cher will blog again. Once a month is average for her.

Had my first group meeting about the India trip.
I hear one of the anti-malaria pills can cause liver problems in a lot of people.
I have to ask NOT to have that particular pill but another one that seems to prevent digestive problems.

House Note: Primed the utility room last night. Two of the walls took almost 3 coats of paint. Joe got up this morning and put on another coat of paint. Tonight we will paint the ceiling and the walls the color - Adams Gold from Benjamin Moore. I love BM paints. There is little splatter, they cover well, and they go on nice.

Judy is coming back this weekend to make the holes in the tile for the hot and cold water pipes for the pedestal sink. She was bumming. LOL! But I left her notes that she swears I didn't! :o) She's a riot and gets along well with Joe. I still have to get the faucets and baseboards for the half bath. Then I will paint the walls - Adams Gold by Benjamin Moore.

I am rethinking the paint colors for the rest of the house now. Maybe Montgomery White by Benjamin Moore instead of China White by Benjamin Moore. :o)) It's a warmer color.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


I just wrote this buncha stuff and now it is gone gone gone!
Blogger kicked me off and had me re-sign in and now my blog for the day is nowhere to be found!

Went to NYC for the marathon over the weekend.
I didn't run.
Met up with my friends Debbie, Cher and Milt, Ken and Ellen, Harriet, Daniel.
Saw Scott and Lisa again. Not that they aren't friends but they haven't made the status of my "friends" because I don't really see them or talk to them enough. But I wouldn't mind seeing them or talking to them more.

I ran 15 in Katonah and managed to screw up my left arch due to the camber on the roads. But at least I got in 15.
I haven't run since but need to start back slowly since I have the Stone Cat Trail Marathon this Saturday. Don't get too excited. It's just a training run.

Just found out today that I am going to India for the first two weeks in December to hire people for the start up office in Bangalore.
Talk about a scheduling nightmare... Flights are a pain.
But I am staying at the Leela Palace which is a spa and resort with lots of western travelers and a fitness area with treadmills so I can do my runs while I am there.
I'll be working from 8-8 though. UGH.

That's it for the big news.