Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Pop up Stopper

So I just installed to free POPUP Stopper and wouldn't you know it?
How do they expect me to test it if there are no pop ups?


I am trying to get my friend Cher to go on Adkins with me for two weeks.
The loser buys the winner wings and beer.
A little competition never hurt anyone.

I think I fixed it

What a PIA!

I think I got most of my stuff back.
I wish this thing has a back up facility.
And if it did, WHO DO I CALL????


I lost half of my side bar because of some damn runtime error!!! *&^$%#^!!!!!
*&^%%$^ *&#&^^$%&* &^$*#(%*&&!!!!!

So, I have just spent this whole time trying to recreate it and it's not half of what it used to be! And HOW THE HELL DO I MAKE THAT UNDERLINE GO AWAY!!!!!

So Daggum Slow.
What a slow day. Needless to say, I have done nothing of any worth or value today. If today disappeared from the world, suffice it to say that nothing I did would be missed.

I am going to leave early. FAO is having a closing sale and I want to go up and get a buncha stuff for my cute little niece. I didn't send a Christmas present this year and I don't want her to feel bad. Actually, she probably doesn't care, but I would feel bad. LOL!

I am thinking of going on Adkins for two weeks after RNRAZ is done. THat way I can lose weight while I recover from the marathon. Then I start up training again for Boston in April. I think this will be my last Boston.

Cute Kid Note. Someone who works for me brought in her daughter Rachel. 3 years old and going on 16. What a cute precocious little kid. Scott was standing in the doorway of my office talking to me and Yasha (another person who works for me) comes up with this little Chinese girl. OMG. Scott doesn't break a stride. He looks down and in the middle of what he is saying, he inserts, "too cute." and then continues like it was a normal thing to say. BUT, OMG! What a cute little doll! She is absolutely adorable. And she is way too smart. I mean, really really smart. What a hoot.

So, speaking of Adkins, my friend Cher keeps trying. I don't know why she bothers. She lasts abouts a day and then wolfs down candy or beer or chips or something. Too funny. She and I should do this together to see who lasts the longest on it.

I am so bored....

I should get some work done.

A Time to Rest

So, I am taking the day off. My legs are tired from running my 6 miles yesterday. Tomorrow I am running from Framingham. 20.6 miles. My last long run before RNRAZ.

So, our email server - one of the four that we have and the one that I am on, of course - is blitzing out for some reason. Up and down, up and down. Right now it is down. I thought I would Blog the time away. I might put together my outstanding to do list, which is different than my 12 Things to Do in 2004 list which is more of a goal throughout the year list. A lot of the outstanding to do list is already in process. We must order doors!!! ARG!!! The bathroom will never get done. *sob*. Now I know why people hire people to do these things. It's their JOB! As opposed to people with other jobs trying to squeeze these other jobs into their already busy lives.

Can't wait for the final house plans. Then we can call Scottie.

Some things on my outstanding things to do list.
Order Doors for the laundry room and bathroom.
Straighten out the storage units. Both of them.
Deal with DRSWC - which is just ANOTHER THING (ugh) to add to my already busy life, which is one of the reasons why I didn't want to do this.
Make wedding arrangements - have not even started yet. And it's 4 months away! I hope there are places available!
Get my bike box. This depends on Brucie-baby. Whatever.

After all of that is done, then there is another whole new set of stuff to do - like get furniture. It never ends.

I am SO SLEEPY!!! :o(

I can't decide about my one Maid of Honor. I want Joanne. But then Harriet might get upset. But I've known Joanne much longer. But then Harriet and I have done more together in a shorter amount of time, like travel together, etc. What to do what to do what to do...

Quiet at work. Good.

Monday, December 29, 2003

A Short Long Week

So, why is it that on the shortest of weeks, the days are the longest? Anyone? Anyone??

Managed to run 10.75 miles yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a run - but it got chilly after an hour and a half. Thank goodness it ended shortly thereafter.

Christmas was good. Lots of Family Stuff with Joe's family. Lunch and the Aquarium IMAX movie. It lasted an hour. ONE HOUR! I thought they were supposed to be short. But it was about the Titanic and was pretty good. They did their best dive on September 11, 2001. The guy looks up from the submersible and says, September 11, 2001...blah blah blah. Joe and I looked at each and said, OMG! They didn't know! The next scene shows the crew coming back on board and being told about the terror attacks on the WTC towers in NYC. It was a goose-pimply moment. I won't ever forget this one!

Went shopping the day after Christmas. Didn't need much - just some wrapping paper for next year. I hate buying paper to wrap stuff in - they just get torn up. Just like I hate buying garbage bags because you end up throwing them out. I am making Joe crazy right now by insisting on using those little plastic bags on the grocery store or some of the larger ones from the department stores for trash can liners. We filled a big black bag with like 12 of them the other day. It beats using 4 of the white kitchen bags. Okay. So this is a pet peeve of mine. Can you tell? Hmm??

I ended up getting a couple of All Clad Saute pans. Nice. And a wok. Finally. A few other things. Of course the thing I got weren't on sale. Go figure.

Joe created his annual 12 thngs to do for next year list. I sat down and did one too. 7 of them are about running. And I could only think of 9 things. How uni-dimensional and unimaginative can a person be? Sigh...

I am hoping to get more states for my half marathon in every state goal. And a few more states for the marathon in every state goal.

I also wouldn't mind doing the half marathons for all 5 NY boroughs... but I didn't write this one down. Just a passing thought. We will see where everything works out.

I think this is the last year I run Boston. I would like to run Flying Pig and it's the first weekend in May - two weeks after Boston. Not likely I'll be able to run Flying Pig if I run Boston. Something's gotta go...

It is 9:13 am and I want to go home.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

It's Christmas...

Christmas Morning report here. Just had breakfast and now we are relaxing and hanging out until we leave to go to Judy's (Joe's sister). We opened presents last night.

Best Present Award goes to Joseph for the massage he got for me. It's not here yet but I have the picture and a massage book. The best part of all this is that I get unlimited massages from Joseph. Since he's been giving me massages, I haven't had to go to a paid massage therapist in a really long time - other than Kelly but he is more physical therapy than massage so he doesn't count in my opinion.

The tree is sporting many bows from the presents we opened. And lots of lottery tickets. Of course I have scratched the least amount of winning tickets - just $2 but since I started out with nothing, I am still ahead.

Went to the Cathedral Church for service last night. Joe's mother wanted to go Christmas Day and I was like, no way. Good thing, too, because it was 2 hours long. UGH! I knew it when I saw Holy Communion on the program. OF course I didn't take communion...for one reason or another.

Joe's mother liked the service ecause she got to sing. And she is very liberal and she liked the fact that the whole church and congregation was made up with blacks, whites, yellow, and we also had Gayle Harris, our black female bishop giving the sermon. She was really liking that. LOL! Joe said we made her day. Good. :o)

Running note: Ran 15 miles on the treadmill and I didn't even poke my eyes out. I was thinking of doing 3 miles today but I think I am going to take the day off.

Question. How come when you go to church, they always sing so high that you can't sing with them> But then you hear the same song on the radio or elsewhere and the pitch and octaves are reasonable? Hmmm? Why is that?

I am thinking of calling my brother and sister at my brother's house. I miss them. Christmas always reminds me of them. Something we used to do together and one of my happier memories. I don't have a lot of memories to begin with and the number of happy ones are even less. It was stressful growing up and each of us had our own burdens and crosses to bear given our family dynamics. I know we each suffered in our own ways that the other cannot possibly begin to imagine. But then we also defined our happiness during those times. When I compare notes with my siblings, it's like we lived in different families sometimes. But I always remember Christmas and our tree with the lights and ornaments and how one year the tree fell down about 3 times. LOL! Miraculously, we didn't have that many ornaments break. I remember that it was right in between the TV and wall. I remember opening up our presents and laughing. That's it. That's all I remember. But the most important thing is that I remember laughing... except for one year when Mother opened up her present from Daddy and didn't like it. No one laughed that year and we basically didn't have Christmas in the house after she opened up her present.

Well, whatever.
I think I should get dressed. Joe's mom look very nice in her dressy outfit and here I sit in sweats, blogging away. My private time. I value my private time.

Merry Christmas to all. May the world find peace in the New Year. If not the world, may we all find our small private haven wherever we are.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Christmas Tree Note: So we have this tree. Joseph got it for me when I was in India. It is about as tall as he is, roundish and very cute. Right now it is sporting a big red bow on top. We went to storage to get lights. Brought back a box. Wrong lights. But the bow was in there so Joe put it on and we think it looks just right as it is. :o) Now it is sporting lots of presents underneath. It is sort of right in the middle of our living area - between the couch, the door to the basement, and the little round breakfast table we are using as a dining table. Sort of right there at the foot of the stairs. It's the highlight of the room, actually!

Happy Happy.

Must get ready to go run...

The Power of ONE!!!

It takes only one person, one minute, one breath, one word...
to make someone's day.

Two words.
Pedro Munoz.
Messaging Services Help Desk person extraordinaire.
He fixed my Outlook issue.
It was a corrupt meeting.
He deleted, helped me recreate a few things, showed me a few tricks and all is paradise once again.

I am going to send him a thank you note, copy his manager and copy his senior vice president. I am thinking of giving him a $50 on the spot award. I think I will. Yup. I think so.

In an hour I will head out and attempt 15 miles on the treadmill today.

Joe's parents are here and the bathroom is coming along nicely.
I think they will finish it up today! I am so EXCITED!!!

Tonight we are going to the Cathedral Church for services.
It was either that or Christmas Day.
I do not like traveling outside on Christmas Day.
It will be all I can do to go out and run 3 miles tomorrow... not looking forward to that one bit. But a body has to do what a body has to do...

I am happy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Gotta Love Those Rest Days

So, I got to the gym yesterday for an easy three and ended up doing 4.4.
I think I will be able to run the marathon in January even though India tried to derail my training plans.

GAWD! I got caught by vendor! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish he would just SHUT UP!!!

Took Wayne and Jack out to lunch at the hot pot restaurant in Chinatown. We invited Brenda, too. It was like the old days with the old gang. Nice.

Monday, December 22, 2003

I have no life.
I just did my running schedule through Boston.
Then 12 weeks leading up to Columbus and into NYCM.
That about covers 8 out of 12 months.

No more Boston after this year. It's sucks training through the cold winter months.

Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

So, Friday.
My cramp turned into some kinda stomach virus thing and I was down for the count through Saturday morning.
I did recover well enough to attend the work dinner at Rialto's at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge. Too bad I couldn't eat too much or make too much merry.

Sunday, I managed to get in a 10 mile run on the treadmill at the gym.
I wanted to poke my eyes out.
Given the state of my health and general feeling of malaise, however, it was the wise thing to do. I am glad that the 10 miles after a 7.36 mile week didn't have adverse affects on my legs. So I am still not out for the count as far as RNR AZ is concerned. I am still planning on running the whole thing. Just not for a marathon PR. I will take it easy and as prelude to training for Boston. I get one weeks rest and then Boston is 12 weeks out and training starts anew with great fervor. I realized this weekend that I hadn't run a marathon in almost a year. This much change for the new year. Marathons get me out on the road and training like a madwoman. I am hoping to continue my 45 mpw average. And I am NOT going to India again. Talk about screwing up your running schedule. GAH!

I will merely delegate and send someone else.

Today is a slow day.
Hoping to get to the gym for an easy 3 mile recovery run this afternoon.

Joe's parents come in tomorrow evening. Yeah.
I love his parents. They are way cool people. :o)

Friday, December 19, 2003


To recap:
My email is not working.
Not too bad but my admin can't get into my email either and it's pissing her off.
She opened a ticket with the help dest and invoked the name of whomever.
The voicemail light on my phone is lit up.
I wonder if it's the help desk...

Annual Company Party last night.
Men in suits.
Except the guys in my department.
Some women were wearing thing that they had no business wearing.
And especially not to a company party.
SPF! Secretarial Pool Forever....

My old boss Barb the brunette bimbo came up like she was all interested.
But Scott - one of her favs from the old days - was sitting next to me and of course he's the one she wanted to talk to. No one at the table acknowledged her - bad considering we all worked for her at one point. I wonder if Scott got an earful on All About Barb? It's all very dull...

I woke up with a stomach ache this morning. GAH!
might have been the tuna sashimi from last night.
Took a pepcid, eating oatmeal and feeling a tad better.
The cramps are a little further apart.

Our cafeteria has the best oatmeal.
I don't know why I don't eat it more often instead of eggsl, bacon and tater tots. Hmmm...

I am leaving today at 11:45. Nothing like a short day!
We are going to see Caroline's Christmas concert - she is Joe's 7 year old niece.
Such a sweetie.
I remembered to bring my camera.

I got home last night and Joe had brought home a Christmas Tree!
It is so cute. It is as tall as we are and very round and fat. :o)
It is very cute. I love our tree!!!
Now we have to decorate it.
I think just a bow on top and lights is good.
Nothing more.
Anything else might just muddle up the cuteness of the tree.

I am getting my first present today.
I didn't see anything this morning.
Hmmm... I wonder when I will get it.
I love Joe's presents because he always manages to make getting them fun.
I am not as creative.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Party Party Party

Today is our annual company party.
Free food.
Free booze.


I might do a bit of shopping as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Okay. I couldn't stand this any more so I went out to our intranet and took a look at our latest and greatest standard notebook recommendations. The latest one, the T41/1.6 gig is already out and approved for internal general availability! YAHOO! It comes with the DVD PLAYERS!!!! ACK ACK ACK !!! So I filled out a PC request. Basically, I justified it by saying that I need a new one, can't work without one, so if you don't want to give me one, then I don't mind being paid for not working.

It will go to Michael Seay, my boss's boss. Thank goodness he is used to me. LOL!

Actually, I didn't say it in so many words but the message is there.

I don't think this should be a problem. But with Kurt (my boss) you never can tell.

Sleepless in Boston

Last night, Joe and I went to Dave Matthews.
The guy rocks! Wow. What a great concert.
And I was still amazed through my Monday's insomnia-induced haze.
And yes... I did fall asleep.
I figured out that I had been up for about 20 hours or more.
I definitely want to go to another Dave Matthews concert so that I can get involved and rock out next time.

Lots of low cut tight sweaters that ended in a V at the navel, revealing lots of heavy breasts that was squashed together to produce major cleavage. I don't get it. I mean, you are sitting in the DARK! Who is going to notice???

And lots of girls who over-drank an were puking. Ugh. I don't even get it. How much fun can that be??

My email is totally crapping out on me.
I am using the web access front end through the internet - not the most efficient but it's not hanging up my computer. I need to order a new laptop. Mine is about 5 or 6 years old and it doesn't have enough power to keep up with the power and speed of our server. So it's hanging. It like when 30 people want to get through a little door. They all rush to the door and no one gets through. The server is so powerful that it pushes through 30 people's worth of data and my computer can only handle one person's worth of data. I can do an order now but I want to wait until February because the new T40's are coming in. Right now, we have the T30's. For once I'd like to get the latest and greatest. I am wondering if I can hold on like this for two months! ARG!

Life in the fast lane.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Resounding Success

The Q&A, that is.
I had people coming up telling me I did a good job.
Then someone came up and told me they enjoyed it.
Then they clarified it.
Said they enjoyed MY PIECE of it. LOL!

Sat through a long presentation where I wanted to poke my eyes out.
I kept poking the guy next to me.
I thought he was going to fall asleep!

A Long Night

So I went to bed around 11:00. Fell promptly asleep.
Got up to use the facilities (ahem) around 1pm and I've been up ever since.
After 50 minutes, I came downstairs and folded the laundry.
Played some solitaire.
Made a cup of tea.
Signed into work and caught up on all my emails.
Now I am blogging.
Why can't I sleep???
Might some residual jet lag kinda thing.
I am a light sleeper anyway.

Or it could be some nervousness because I am sitting on a Q&A panel during our quarterly divisonal meeting tomorrow.
Of course I will be tired and not my best due to a lack of sleep.

All of this leads us down the path to over-tiredness, exhuastion and mental disarray.
Bodily functions will also go awry.
Which means of course that I will be breaking out into hives all over my body from head to toe in a couple of days if I don't manage to get some sleep!!!

Talk to my boss today about my disappointment with not getting promoted.
He said I am "in the queue." Turns out that anyone who is T68 or above didn't get promoted. Since I am three levels higher than that.. it all sort of falls into place, now doesn't it?

I haven't run since Thursday. :o(
Had some stomach issues in Bangalore right before I got home. Then spent the weekend dealing with the stomach issues. Yesterday, I had a meeting with someone at lunch and given that my computer was down all day and the technician was in my office working on it, I just couldn't leave. Today I have this meeting rom 10:00-2:30. Which means I won't get into the office until about 3pm. I am going to a Dave Matthews concert at 6pm. So, if I got for a run at 3:30, I essentially will do no work. So I can't run today either.

Of course all of this means that if I ran, I could probably sleep more.

I have heard of people with a disease who cannot sleep. It is supposedly a miserable death - your whole body shuts down. Slowly. It takes about 2-3 years of no sleep for the body to kill itself. NOT a good way to go.

Sleep is very important.

ARG! I have so much stuff to do at work!!!

I might make another cup of tea.
Maybe address some Christmas cards.
Hmm... have breakfast?
Go into the office early?
That way I can run after the meeting without guilt.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I Have I Have

Got my review. It was good. He likes my enthusiasm and bunchaother stuff.

Food has not been sitting "right" with me for the last day or so. I think the odd hours, the eating late, and the fact that my body is still on the other side of the world has messed up my digestion. I got up feeling full and bloated this morning. Of course it doesn't help that I finished dinner around 10:45pm last night (India Time). It was a working dinner.

The motto at this hotel translated from Hindi to American is: The Guest is God.
yup yup yup.

Tonight we have a meeting with IBM at 7.
Then a manager's reception of all the managers we've hired who have not come on board.
They were hired from the last recruiting effort and are finishing their last month at their current employer before coming to work for us.
That is at 8:30.
Another long night.

I got up this morning happily thinking it was Thursday and that tomorrow I am flying home.
It's Wednesday. :o[

I will miss the temperate climate.
It's been absolutely perfect weather here.
The sun does shine on The Leela.
Too bad we can't advantage of it and run out doors.
The pollution is so bad after 9am that some people wear masks, I understand.
The foot and car traffic is also impassable.

We hired more people yesterday.
We have had moderate success.

I might have to come back in January.

Monday, December 08, 2003

The Loneliest Time of the Night

They say that the loneliest time of the night is sometime between twilight and dawn. They are wrong. It's when you wake up in them middle of the night and you can't go back to sleep. You know everyone else is slumbering away and it's just you and the dark. So here I sit to fill my time.

This is not a good start to the day.
I have meetings all day, through lunch, through dinner, and then I have to go to the office for a meeting with my boss.

I am supposed to be getting my annual review today.
I don't know how I did.
Having done the reviews for my group, the Haves will get richer by far, and the Have-Nots will fall behind... Not sure where I stand with him.

I have a pain in my back and I am not sure what to do about it.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Jet Lag

I think I am leaving Jet lag behind today.
I slept well even though I didn't get to bed until 11pm.
I slept through until I woke up HACKING my lungs out at 4:13am because of my stupid sinus thing that I am slowly getting over.
Then I fell back asleep and woke up by the alarm at 5, fell back asleep and woke up 20 minutes later.

Didn't feel like running but went down anyway and ran 9.35k. Roughly 5.5 miles give or take.

The Discovery Channel is showing this really cool documentary on The Bid Dig.
They showed the tracks at South Station. Cool.
Turned out that to stabilize the earth and keep the trains running, they ran all these pipes into the ground, pumped in seawater and froze it. That drew the heat from the earth, freezing the earth. This kept the trains at South Station running without fear of collapse because a lot of the Dig was taking place right around that area at the Fort Point Channel.

Anyway, they talked about how they made the tunnels above ground, lowered it, then jacked it forward. They had to do some stuff to keep the earth above from bubbling up. OMG! I am so glad I am not an engineer.

Now they are talking about the huge leak that happened and how it set them back, etc. Everyone should be watching this before they talk bad about it. They did a lot of engineering "firsts" in this project.


I have falling asleep disease. At around 7:30 or 8pm, I just start to nod off no matter where I am or what I am doing. Then I jar myself awake. Around 10pm when I want to go to bed, I get a second wind.

Got myself an hour and 15 minute pedicure. $27 US. Unbelievable.

F is for Foot

It's Friday.
I have scheduled a 1 hour and 15 minute pedicure complete with foot massage and aromatherapy. Around 27$US. Amazing.

Did on interview this morning.
Gave him an offer.

Going back for a whole slew of afternoon interviews in about five minutes.

Heard terrible stories about a cell phone company that rented the phone to me for this trip.
I don't think I can use it.
The phone, not the company. Whatever.

Have to find an alternative.

Okay. So the whole afternoon of interviews turn into one interview. ARG!
BUT! We are extending an offer to that one person so all is not lost.
Now I just have to hire another 17 more.
This might take me a month.
Or two.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

So, Cher has given up on Adkins again. I don't even get why she tries.
I just found out that she has a remote control car in her office.
I wonder if it's a Boxter.
I might have to get one. A remote control one, not a real one.
Although a real one would be nice, too.
I think I'd rather have one of those robotic dogs or something.
They simulate the peeing thing.
I can have it walk up and pee on someone.

Debbie thinks she's been living under a rock.
She should get the weather bug.
Mine chirped the minute I logged on this morning.
Saw a severe weather warning come up.
Talked to Joe and found out that there is a Nor'easter coming.
Thank goodness I am in India where it is warm and temperate.

India Food Note: The bacon here is strange. Kind of a cross between regular bacon and canadian bacon. And fatty. The orange juice is almost reddish in color - it's freshly squeezed before they serve it. Filled with pulp. Yum. The coffee is like starbucks on steroids. It is a british thing? But the scrambled eggs this morning was quite good.

I cannot be late for the morning session today. Like I was yesterday.

The dining room warms the milk for your coffee and then puts it into a warmed silver (real) pitcher before they serve it.

Got Oiled

Had an Indian Ayervedic treatment last night. I got oiled.
I met with an Indian doctor first who went over a few things to figure out what I needed.
Then he ordered special oils.
I was treated by two women.
The table was made of wood with a trough around it.
They basically rub you all over with oil using firm pressure.
Including your scalp.

The second treatment was warmed oil dripped on your forehead.
One of the attendants rub it into your hair, etc.

Then they put you in the shower and rub you all over with some sort of herbal poultice.
Then you shower everything off under one of those really large shower disks so it feels like you are in a waterfall. I have to get one of those!

It was very relaxing and I did feel better afterwards.
The shoulder pain I was feeling is gone.

Did not do a lot for my lower back and legs from running.
I might have to schedule a sports massage or a thai massage.
I might schedule a facial too.

Tonight I will relax and take it easy, though.

Ran 5k this morning.
Very tired when I got up. Didn't sleep to well. I am waiting for breakfast. It's 7:15 am here right now.

Because I am on the Royal Club level breakfast is free.
They also have free drinks in the afternoon, etc.
I might have to take advantage of that tonight, if I do not go for a facial.

India is no longer the land of small portions.
I just ordered spaghetti and it's enough to feed 4 people who eat like me, two people who eat like Joe, and one person who is obese.

The Indian wine is quite nice.

I think some of the drugs I am taking (specifically the anti-malarial drug) is giving my drymouth. I am continually hacking because my mouth and throat keep drying out. I am drinking about 4-5 liters of water a day.

Next, a word about India.
Actually, about this hotel.
First of all, when you ever pass an employee, they stop, move to the side to get out of your way and greet you with ma'am or sir. As in Good morning Sir or Good evening Ma'am.
Second of all, when you are on the elevator with an employee, they do not press any buttons. They wait until there are no guests to go to their floor. Today I got on and had to go to the lowest floor. A guest and an employee were on the elevator. I got on. One button was pushed. We go down to that floor, the guest gets off but the employee does not. I noticed he reached out to push the business center floor which is above mine (which meant we would stop there first since I was going to the lowest floor). He recovered and pulled back. We go to my floor all the way to the bottom. I get off and he does not. He says good night Ma'am, holds the door way open for me, I get off and he stays on.

Thank goodness this is small hotel - not that many rooms.
They would be riding the elevators all night otherwise!

Interview note: So we interviewed 2 people in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Nothing. Zip. Nada. So disappointing.

I am so sleepy...
I have to go back to the interviews in a half hour.
I wish I could just lay down and take a nap.

So, this is a slow day for interviews. We only interviewed two DBA candidates and we rejected both. I thought it was going to be easier than that!!! I am partnered with a senior DBA Architect in Gurgaoan and he is scaring the Bejeezus out of the candidates! LOL! I am glad he's here because he is asking a lot of probing questions. The ones that I have are all organizational related and the technical ones are for a certain set of criteria which neither one of them had. ARG!

The interviews are supposed to get steadily more hectic as the week progresses. I hope so. Otherwise I have no hope of hiring 14 DBAs!!!!

So we finished around 10:15 and I've been in my room doing Bonus evals for the group. Just one more to go and I will be all done.

Lunch is in 15 minutes. I am so hungry!

I miss Joseph. :o[

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Living Ahead

So, I got up at 4:26 this morning. Living forward in time is one way for a night person to become a morning person.

Got to the fitness center right when it opened and ran 8.8k, which is about 5.4 miles give or take.

I made an appointment for an hour long Indian style massage - Ayervedic - there are so many of them! Followed by a hot oil scalp massage which is a bout 30-40 minutes followed by a 30 minute herbal bath. I am gonna sleep good tonight.

I won't be able to blog until later.
The meetings start at 8am and will continue until about 5:30 or 6. I think that is optimistic so I set the massage appointment for 8pm. I won't get out of there until 10 but this way I'll get a bite of dinner beforehand.

The Reach the Beach Relay site for 2004 is up. Yes. 2004. As in SEPTEMER 2004. I think I enjoyed what little bit of driving I did last year. I might have to think about that. More fun than running...

Amanda got laid off yesterday while I was flying through the air yesterday.
I feel so badly for her.
If IT is bad, I think Publishing is worse.

I wonder if Lauren still has hiring connections at Houghton Mifflin...

I am now at the office.
It is an open floor plan.
It will get very loud.
There is a skeleton crew here.
The pioneers, I call them.

I am connected.
This is the only day I am in the office.
Of course, I told Vivian I would meet her because I thought we were going shopping.
I didn't know that we were going to be in the office for 3 hours with only 1.5 hours of shopping.

I think I am definitely going to schedule a massage this week.
Maybe tonight.
Vivian is talking about going to dinner with a group of peple.
I am not sure that I want to do that.
I have to manage my sensory input better.
Everything is so different that the yellow warning light is starting to go off.

I had a vegetarian India lunch which was quite delicious.
I have concluded that my food consumption is not based on weather I eat meat or not.
I had a vegetarian lunch and I still couldn't eat everything I was served, even in the Land of Small Portions.

I Have Arrived

Finally, after flying from Boston to Frankfurt which took about 7 hours, a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt, then a 10 hour flight to Bangalore.

Got to the hotel after 2am this morning – Wednesday morning. It’s comforting to know that back home it’s about 9pm yesterday and Joe is going through his evening rituals.

Ugh, can I tell you what a pain this time travel is? It’s another day here and I have pills I take every day in the morning and in the evening. Prescription pills that are meal and time based. So, now that it’s morning, I cannot take my MORNING medicine because it’s still NIGHT TIME LAST NIGHT in real life for me. And this means that since it is LAST NIGHT still, I have to take my NIGHT TIME PILLS in the MORNING! I’ll let you know how I do…

Let’s see. The flight in business class was hard enough without imagining what it is like in steerage. Thank you, Fidelity! Found out that Lufthansa is a partner with USAir. Forget the Lufthansa FF number. I have to update this when I get back home.

The Leela Palaceis a hotel which is a converted palace and judging from what I saw outside my window this morning, I have a feeling that India is going to serve me images of great beauty and great sorrow; and even in this Garden City of India, I can already tell that there is a great berth separating the haves and the have nots.

The interesting thing is that everyone wants to do things for you. And if you let them, of course you must tip. I usually want to do everything myself but in this country of so little opportunity for those who are doing the serving, I need to change my habit and let them. They must eat, after all.

I did find the hotel fitness area and spa. Very nice. Good treadmills. I am having breakfast right now and will go down after I let it settle a little bit. It was 3:30 when I finally got some sleep and the alarm rang at 7am. I need to get into the time zone groove as soon as possible. This afternoon will be hard after almost 24 hours with no sleep. It’s actually 36 hours if you count traveling through time to get here. So, I’ll go and see what I have in me and play the distance by feel and fatigue. I should sleep well tonight and tomorrow I should be all caught up.

This afternoon I have some time scheduled. Might go out and find a driver and see a little sights with Vivian, another woman on this trip. Btw, there were 6 of us on the same plane and one of them came from Dallas but we ended up together! One of them was sitting next to me for almost half the trip from Frankfurt until I pulled out my laptop and he recognized the Fidelity acronyms and logos! He just quietly showed me his business card. Amazing.

Another thing. They all want your business card. I didn’t bring any. It figures.

Good news, my computer adapter seems to be working. For all I know it’s burning up the internal power cells but I’ll sit here in ignorance bliss until I smell something burning.

I am taking pictures with my digital and hope to post it here.

Odor Note: Okay. Let’s talk about incense. In the elevator. Okay. Maybe we had better not.

Running Note: 5.05 miles on the hotel treadmill. I have empirical data that shows that health clubs all over the world set their temperature too high. You would think a place as hot as Bangalore would be more sensitive for heat stroke.

Just got back from Breakfast. I love it. The land of the small and manageable portions.

I am considering a massage tonight before bed.

Monday, December 01, 2003

And the Adventure Continues

Gotta love traveling business class.
I am in the Lufthansa lounge.
Computer connections, free water and drinks (alcohol and otherwise), free food, and a clean bathroom.

Experimentation can go Awry

I used to pronounce "awry" as "AW-ree."
Suddenly it hit me one day a few months ago that it is supposed to be pronounced "uh-RYE."
I had said uh-rye in normal conversation before and never AW-ree, but I never put it together.

I am almost finished packing for India.
Going into the office to take the gang out to holiday lunch, give out a few awards, pick up a few more things, and then coming home to finish packing stuff and then leaving for the airport at 2:15.

I have no remote access dial up from India. I mean, there is a number in INDONESIA to call but NOTHING in INDIA! What is that all about??

I experimented with the Blog format last night. I had no idea what I was doing. I wish I knew HTML or whatever language/protocol is being used. I did UNDO a lot. I think it's okay for now. I'll have to make some changes when I get back.

I will try to keep a travel journal and then post it.