Friday, January 30, 2004

There is NO question!


GAH! How is it that I am SO BUSY!!! I feel like I've work two weeks this week!
Too much to do.
Too much going on.
Not enough time.
Not enough people.

Or less work.

Good news is that I have found my DBA Project Lead in India! YAHOO!
He is working in Oregon and going home to India on Monday after 6 years in the USA.
Awesome awesome awesome!!!


Happiness Is...

...more reading material...

And a full belly. Decent lunch in the cafe - brisket and stuff.

Come to find out, Geena Beena (aka Gina) has a ....
BLOG! Happy Happy!

She is the latest new friend. Way cute, spunky (although she might not like being called that), perky, smiley, happy, and we love that she is with Amanda Panda (aka Amanda).

Note on names: I have rhyming names for those I care about. Gina Bina is also my niece. Then there is Debbie Webbie :o)) as in Webbie Wullivan. HAHAHAHAHA. Inside joke. Then there is Cher Bear, MJ - what can one do with MJ?? Hmmm... MJ PayDay? Doesn't sound right. So it's just MJ for MJ. And there is Mel Belle, Mia Bia (my sister), Johnny Bonny (my brother), Helen Melon (my s-i-l... don't tell her that one.. kinda of an insult if you translate it to Korean - which is what she is).

Then there is Harriet. Like MJ, what can one do with Harriet??

Wedding Note: Met the JP last night. What a hoot. We went over the ceremony, which came out quite nicely. This is getting exciting!!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

A Full Life is a Rich Life

Okay. So I had a busy day at work.

I think my boss likes me.
I am getting this feeling more and more.
He is giving me little hints about how people are saying I have potential.
Usually, I could care less but seeing as how this is coming from Senior Management (aka the Movers and Shakers, aka The Powers that Be, aka the Eschelon, aka The Club) I guess I am please.

I was going to leave work at 4 and go run.
But the meeting with the boss went to 4:30.
And then Jack came to see me at 4:35 and he just left.

I am calling it a rest day.

Had lunch with my friend Maria - trying to hire her back.
Anyway, we went to News.
Kinda pricey but the lobster ravioli was quite tasty.
They didn't have the Pinot Noir I wanted to I went with a Cabernet.
Not sure if that was a good thing but it wasn't too bad.
Next time, I think we should go next door to the diner instead.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Portion Control

I am eating a seafood salad wrap and french fries.
What is it that compells these sandwich makers to make them so big.
And what about the pound of fries that comes with the gargantuan sandwich?

I can only eat half.

Onto the gigantic slice of blueberry pie.

Running Note. Didn't run last night.
Maybe I shoulda.
But then again, I got home and Joe gave me a nice leg rub.
Then a shoulder rub.
Ahhh... bliss...

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


three glasses of wine
one avocado

that is after I had the tofu, kimchee, seaweed, rice, romaine...


Why oh why do I bother to bring home work?
I should know better.
Especially after three glasses of wine...

And another thing.
There is no quality television on Tuesday nights.

Meeting Hell

I just got out of my meeting.
It started at 8:00 with breakfast.
I was late.
I got there around 8:10.
It is now 6:45.

I am going home to nurse a glass of wine.

Or a few.

Monday, January 26, 2004


Wedding Gift!!! GAWD! I totally didn't remember that I needed to get one. I have an idea of what I want to get him but I haven't done anything about it. I am so lazy. He just mentioned something about mine. I hate that. He knows how I hate not knowing things. Hffff!! Piece of work.

I must make a note to myself to get on this asap!!!


As in Instant Messaging.

So I download the whole stupid thing and I gather names of my best of friends and I take the time to enter all that crap and I come home ready to talk and who is on line? NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!


Workout Note. I went to the gym. Ran 3 miles. Got set up on Express Lane - sort of an 8 machine quick do it in 22 minutes or less using machines workout. Yup. I have a feeling that after a couple of weeks boredom will set in and I will be moving onto the real weights. The guy who set me up wants to be my personal trainer. What's up with that? I talk to a lot of trainers who want to train me. What's up with that?

I got home and Joseph was cooking dinner. Steak, spinach salad, rice and some Korean side dishes. A couple glasses of wine and now he is having ice cream for dessert. Hmmm... could be something for me too.

Wedding Note. So, we are not sure about the whole Rogan and the pig roast thing so I had the Concierge research pig roast companies and she found a good one for me! Yahoo! So we are definitely having a good old fashioned southern style pig pickin'! With beer. Kegs of it. Hmmm... I wonder if Guinness is on the list of possibilties...

Saturday night we went to see Vince and his jazz trio play all the way up in Methuen. They are GOOD!

Tomorrow, I plan on running around 4 miles. Maybe more... depends on how I feel.

On a boring blog note, Cher must update her damn blog. It is getting dull dull dull. Ugh. ARE YOU READING THIS, CHER?? :o)

It has been freezing around here. They had a clip of snow in North Carolina this morning it just made me LAUGH! Snow is totally debilitating and the sky might as well be falling down because of the way people react. But then again, they don't plow either. And they wonder why their cars spin out and they have accidents.

I am worried about the cold a bit. I hate the cold. I hate the wind less but the cold is surreal these days. I have signed up for a race because of the stupid sweatshirt and the stupid stew they serve afterwards. There had better be some left. I have a feeling this is going to go the same way of other races I've run in the January through March time frame in bitter cold (Penguin Pace, Melrose, etc.) We will never have a repeat. The stew had better be good.

People at work are freaking out about the redeployments and the move to Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Except for my group. I have one guy who has already contacted HR about signing on the dotted line and has already sold his house. Talk about eager. And I thought I liked change. Sheesh. Watching him is totally stressing me out. I might have to give him some time off with pay just to get him away from me with his unbridled enthusiasm. It's gonna kill me.

Tomorrow is an all day meeting. GAH!

Hunny Bunny Note. I have the bestest Hunny Bunny in the world. Happy Happy Happy!!! And I still am the only one who knows where we are going for Valentine's day.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Recovery Week 2. So, this is week two of recovery. I have run twice. Tomorrow will be three times. Next week I start back to some semblance of normalcy.

Valentine's Day Note. Actually, it's a three-day weekend and we will be using all three days for our Valentine's Day Adventure. All reservations have been made. Fun fun fun. I am the only one who knows where we are going.

House Note. So it seems that the architectural plans are good and done. We went over the latest version last night over pizza and wine. We now have to go visit kitchen stores and figure out what we want in the way of cabinets, counters and appliances.

Smoke glass is good. Any opinions? Anyone??

Other Stuff Note. So, have a full day today. Going to Joan and Conrad's for a meeting of the DRSWC planning group. We will work on the agenda, the approach and who will do what.

Then it is off to Dedham for a buffet dinner in memory of Walter, who died at the young age of 40. He was a key member in our running club. Maybe Pam and her new beau Bob will be there. He seems to be something of a mystery man. Then it is off to Shardi's in Methuen to watch Vince his jazz trio play. He is playing at the wedding if you recall. You might not, but then we can't recall everything...


So the latest news on the various blogs has to do with books.
So I decided to review my list of books.
I especially like going over The One Book List. This is updated every once in a while and it has opinions and reviews of the people who read them. I like to highlight the ones I have read and keep my own commentary to myself.
I also like Project Gutenberg where you can download books for free.
So I decided to take another look around for lists of books and found a good one that encompasses 54 countries. It's called The 100 best Books of all Time.
Then there is the The 100 best Books of the Century, which includes both fiction and non-fiction.

Wow. That's a whole lotta books to read.
I best get crackin'!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Big Goings On

So yesterday was the Big Day.
Two announcements.
55 people were told they are going to other places in the company to work.
Everyone else was told they are moving out of Boston and into Smithfield or Merrimack.

Of course, I told my whole group before I was supposed to.
Which made them all very happy.

It looks like I am one of four people staying in Boston.
That's good since I live 1.5 miles from work.

My friend Joanne is moving to NYC!
We will have a place to stay in the City when we go there.
I have already reserved our space for the NYCM this November.
Happy Happy!

I will miss her.
She is like my best friend.
Really. She doesn't run or anything but no one is perfect! LOL!
But she is the best!
My maid of honor.
She is excited to meet my friends finally.
The ones I am always telling her about.

GAD! I hope they don't scare her!

Monday, January 19, 2004

I am looking at the Pikes Peak Half and Marathon website.
Egads! I must have rocks for brains.

I am just LOOKING!

11 Days!

OMG! Has it really been that long?
Read on Debbie's blog that some people should update their blogs.
Of course it's about me.
Forget that J and C haven't updated theirs either.
But then, it's always about me...

Let's see,
Went to Arizona to run.
The Rock and Roll Marathon. 26.2 miles from Phoenix through Scottsdale to Tempe.
Music along the course courtesy of local rock bands
and a post race concert courtesy of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Don't remember much about the course other than a lot of long inclines, a 2-mile hill at 17, then more inclines and very little declines. I would check my definition of "flat and fast" if I were the race organizers.

After mile 20, figured out I was not gonna make my target.
So I took it easy.
Why kill myself?
Turned it into a long slow training run.
Had to book it the last two miles to make it under 5 hours.
5 HOURS! GAH!!! What a dolt I am.

Lousy time, okay race, great marathon because I added another to my quest for 50 states.

Next marathon is Boston.
I need to start training - 12 weeks to go.
I need to stop this post-marathon recovering thing and get back to running!

Wedding Note: Invitations are set to go. Found a printer who can get the invitations to me in a week after I order them. I just have to get the right address for the reception and finalize the catering info (hate to put pig roast on the reception info and serve chicken). Then I can send it off to the invitation person and wait.

Dead Conference Note: Okay. Dead as in Dead Runners. Not Dead people.
Not that runners aren't people.
Some runners ARE dead.
But not these dead runners.

The conference is in June and I am confused about the dates.
I asked and no one answered.
So I just sent out the dates and am waiting for someone to call me on them.

Gotta get this organized and update the website.

Did I mention, I have no idea how to do a website?

Should be interesting.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Time for...

Cher to change her blog. Never mind her stinkin' Christmas tree... I am getting kinda tired of reading the same thing over and over again.

We are off to AZ in about 20 minutes.
Yahoo. It is 70 there. As in SEVENTY. DEGREES!!!
It is much better than the stinkin' 21 degrees here.
And it's supposed to get colder.
HOW much colder can it get??

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Amanda Note

Amanda is blogging again. Thank goodness!

And Cher's blog is on repeat. Everytime I open it, it's the same dang thing! What is with her!!! I know she's not working... she is just sitting there emailing people. Why can't she update her blog? :o)

She also got her PEZ. GIANT PEZ THING! HAH!

I am leaving now.

Going to the Gym

And life must go on.
I didn't want to go to the gym because it was so late... but Joe said to go because I will be much better for it. He said he can fend for himself. Well... I KNOW that. But I feel GUILTY! ARG! I'd rather be home with him.

Wedding Note. Vince is gonna play at the wedding. Jazz. Whatever he and his group wants. Can't wait. That is one thing settled. Yahoo!

Like I Never Left

It is blatantly obvious that life remains the same.
It is 6pm and I am still at work.
My last meeting was at 5:15pm.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Will This NEVER END?

So, it is now 2:30pm, and I have done no work.
So far, I have talked to one customer in RI.
Answered a question from my boss.
Answered a buncha emails from my admin who is changing my calendar all around.
Walked by a group of senior consultants who works for me and yelled LINUX LINUX at them. :o)
What else?

So, I am thinking of having one of the many energy bars I got at CVS yesterday. They are all ADkins (which I like because they are not too sweet) or a version of the Gold Rush bars that taste like snickers. But I got Mint Chocolate and a buncha other neat flavors that are new. I just have to decide which one I want to try.

I also put the wedding tasks in an Excel Workbook with statuses and stuff.
I also put the wedding list and the invitations stuff on another worksheet.
I am feeling better about this planning.

I am now moving onto my work stuff and trying to put that into a worksheet.
Just organizing right now.


CAKE! I have to think about a cake!
GAWD! We have to talk to Rogan soon....
I must write this down.

Back to Normal

Joe's blog is looking much better except for his sidebar which he needs to fix.
Apparently, the strange metamorphosis of his blog page had to do with his changing his stylesheet. Note to Self: Never change the look of this blog.

Back at work. Sigh... 'Nuff said.

I added another goal to the Things to do in 2004 List. I can't remember what it is though. Kinda gives you an idea of how things are going to go in the new year with these goals.

It is very cold today. It is going to get colder as the week progresses. Thank goodness we are going to Phoenix on Thursday! GAH! I hope the plane doesn't freeze before it takes off. Not that I want it to freeze after it takes off! GAH!!!! I take it back! I am gonna JINX myself! ARG!!!

Yesterday, I ran 6 miles. The legs felt good. It feels good to be in full taper mode. I am not one of those people who goes crazy from not running when I am in taper mode. I am one of those people who tends to savor the last two weeks before the big race because I don't have to run as much. And this becomes downright worshipful in winter when it is unbearably cold outside. Usually, Joe would push me to go outside in any weather but this week he wants me to run indoors at the gym to simulate warmth in Arizona for this coming Sunday. I have resolved to do only warm weather marathons in winter. It gives me an excuse to run indoors now. Just what I needed, another excuse! HAH! Anyway, today is a rest day. I am running 4 miles tomorrow.

Friday we got the massage table. Joe gave me two massages over the weekend. I gave him one. Let me tell you! Giving someone a massage is hard work! It took over an hour and a half and I was rushing toward the end because Joe had to make pasta sauce for dinner! I got a really good upperbody workout. I say it again, this massage table is the best present! We went out and got an eggcrate mattress cover for the table, a twin sheet set, and a nice fleece throw that fits right over the table! It is soft and now the able is really cushy thanks to the foam egg crate padding we got.

Saturday, we drove to Hopkinton to scope out wedding sites, reception sites, and we drove around a bit to look at neighborhoods. We decided that if not for Boston, Hopkinton is a good place to live and we could do that in the future - especially if Joe has to work in Framingham and if I end up having to drive to Smithfield RI for work. It's like a small yuppy town of down to earth people, not to mention that the Marathon starts there, there are great roads for biking, the town is small but cosmopolitan enough due to its yuppy inhabitants, and it's only 30 miles to Boston! Anyway, we have the wedding and reception sites scoped out. We just need to call.

Talked to a photographer this weekend. We were not going to get one, truth be told, until we saw a book that this photographer did for Judi (Joe's sister). Black and white, little table top book, just wonderful and creative. That is what we want, with some black and whites for the wall. The wife only does children. The guy is a commerical advertising photographer and he has done two formal weddings and two informal weddings. When I told him what we were about he said that he and Heidi (the wife) got married standing outside on a tree stump in Tahoe in 3 feet of snow. So he totally gets what we are about! He is going to put together some ideas and numbers and get back to me this week. Yeah! If he can do this memorable black and white, art-housy thing for us, that would be ideal and the numbers can basically fall where they may - all within reason, of course, but we agree it is just what we want.

Joe mentioned something about inviting his vast array of relatives - alarm bells rang loudly in my head until he said something about not all of them showing up. My biggest fear as a result of this is that we are gonna spend the days before the wedding running around like lunatics catering to family and relatives to make their stay comfortable and in the end I will end up only remembering the aggravation and pain and the stress of making sure everyone was happy instead of the concentrating on just the wedding and the fun we had. I do not want that to happen and I would rather run away than go through with something like that. Again. I don't remember my first wedding. Except for my family - my mother being there and all which turned out well in the end, and all the stress I had. That's it. I can't even look at the pictures because of it. That is not what I want this time around.

Not only that it is Marathon Weekend. I am running it. Joe is running it. We need to stay off our feet and stay relaxed and not waste our energy running around like lunatics. Also the Deads will be in town and I will want to host the Bagel Brunch like we did last year. That is about all the stress that I want!

Okay. I am starting to freak out already.

Friday, January 02, 2004

End is in Site

I am leaving before 2pm.
I am still so sleepy. And I had a cup of coffee this morning.

I did the distasteful task of packing up the packages and taking them to the post office for mailing. Everything was sent priority. They should get to everyone in two days. So they say. We'll see.

2004 Wishes. I would like 2004 to be a really auspicious year. How do I make that happen? I am getting married. Yeah! To a wonderful guy. One like I never thought existed. Well... I knew they might exist, just didn't know where. And most certainly, getting close enough to see the whites of his eyes much less pass within the physical presence of someone like that was never in the realm of my imagination. I guess I never really knew what a wonderful guy was until I actually met one. So that will start the year off well ... if we ever get the arrangements made. We know what we want to do, people are making arrangements to be here but do you think we have found a hall or a minister or whatever to even start the ceremony?? GAH! So the nervousness is setting in.

Other than getting married, I would like my running year to be really good. Like really on track. I want to run a 50k. I also want to do a 24 hour run. I know there is one in Somerville or something in late summer or early fall. I figure, I can do a 12 hour this year, a 24 hour in 2005, Comrades in 2006, and the 72 hour Across the Years in Arizona in 2008. 2008 will be my 49th year. What a terrific way to pass through to the next phase of life? Something about the constant repetition of moving one foot in front of the other attracts me. It's like when I was small and I would rock back and forth, back and forth, for a long time. The rhythmic nature would bring me some small measure of comfort. I just wish the pain would stay away.

So, how does one train for a 24 hour run? Where does one even start?

I would like to get the house done as well. I am not holding my breath. I know that Joe says it will get done and I knew in my mind, it will. But never having lived in a place that was ever "finished," it's a distant dream.

Counting my blessings. I made some good new friends this year - Amanda and Abby. They are so different but I've come to love both of them. Good people and good friends. You can always tell the ones whose thoughts run deep. They have their public side and their inner side. I also feel some of my existing relationships have gotten stronger - MJ, Debbie, Cher. Then there are some that still are - Harriet, Val. Not sure where these will turn up. Val moved away and I think Harriet is affected by my relationship wtih Joe and my inability, rather, my lack of desire, to travel at a moments notice. She has taken up traveling more with MaryD and Daniel. I also think she is intimidated by Joe. Not sure why that is, other than the fact that he runs 3 times faster than she does... but what a dumb reason to be intimidated. I don't talk to Val much... she keeps her distance for whatever reason - trying to get her future into focus, I think, among a few other things. I hope she finds the right road. Sometimes, the road finds us.

I am feeling contemplative today. I wonder if this is just sleepiness and a waking dream state.

Amanda packed up her office on the 31st.
I wonder what she is doing today?

We must schedule a time to go to Rhode Island to get more scotch and Rum. They have this BEST rum that you can drink neat! Totally awesome rum. I will have to break it out for the caustics. Not to mention that vodka made out of grapes. Hate regular vodka - and they were all regular until I drank this one!

Dull Day

I am at work.
No one is here.
I am so tired.
Tired Tired Tired...

I have discovered the purpose of work - other than to make money.
It is so that we can get up at a decent hour.
If not for work, I would still be in bed.
I would be in bed til noon.
So tired...

Something is awry with Joe's blog.

I am thinking of leaving early today.
Around noon.
I can go and run at the gym on the way home first.
I just have this meeting at three that I have to palm off on someone.
Who the hell schedules a meeting on Friday after New Year's Day and Saturday??
I think I might make Wayne go for me instead.
As Scott would say, it's nice to be queen. :o)

Speaking of Scott, he made this CD for me - Santana. VERY good.
He just came over and handed me another one - the one they made before the one I am listening to now. Certainly not the Santana of old. I might take it home and share it with Joe.

I am sending a present to my niece Gina. It's a sand design thing with colored sand and bottles. I hope my brother likes it! HAH! :o) He is such a neat freak. LOLOL!!!

I am sending my sister all sorts of shoes and such as well.

And something for my friend Cher! Happy Happy!