Thursday, February 26, 2004


O.M.G. Debbie was right. Little Yellow Different is hysterical...
I can't stop laughing.
I might have to print out this entire blog as well...

BTW, only women can be hysterical. Just like only women can have hysterectomies.
It comes from the word hymen, which men to do not have.
But men can have vasectomies... which means they can be vasterical.
I wonder if men have vasmen.

It's late.
I am tired but I missed the 6:30 train home.
Of course, I can always take the Orange line and that would get me home by 7pm.
But if I wait for the 6:50 train, I can get there by 7pm as well.
So here I sit.

I must remember to order the pizza for dinner....

More of the Same


Meetings meetings meetings...

Ran 5 miles along the Chuck today which is still melting.
I felt it was harder than it should have been.
It was a cool crisp day and not as much wind as yesterday.

I brought lunch to work today.
Which is infinitely better than being at the mercy of the cafeteria.
But then again, I had a strange craving for pizza!

I think for dinner, I will have....

Another Day Another Blogger

So, courtesy of MJ Garcia, I found another website I like: Little Yellow Different. It now has a permanent place on my Blog List.

Two more RSVP's came in last night. The guest list is up to a whopping 5 people. I know more are coming. I wish they would hurry up and send their cards in! Yes, I am not the most patient person. :o) I have a spreadsheet I am keeping track of things with - who is coming, how many, diet considerations, sizes for shirts, etc etc etc. Some people are even making suggestions about the event and how to make it better. Nothing like a little audience participation! LOL!

Oops. Late for a meeting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

You are what you eat

I feel like a pizza.
And I had a stupid salad instead.

6.6 miles along the Chuck, which is still melting.


Good. The courts have ruled that the current legislative body has gone out of its way to make sure that the minorities are under-represented (my summary). And to make sure that incumbents kept their seats. So they have to redraw the district lines more fairly in a certain number of days or the court will do it for them. Now maybe Finneran will be voted out of office.

Wedding Note. Rsvp's are coming in. We are thinking about name tags in the form of little mini bibs numbers. Numbers will be assigned by order of entry, as opposed to pace. Of course, it's ironic that the first person to send their rsvp is the oldest person - Joe's Granny.

It's a nice day for a run today.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Drink Drink Drink Drink

We are still working on drink logistics for the wedding.
It is almost solved!

Giving Up

Lent is coming. Joe is wondering what to give up.
How about ice cream? :o)

I would like to give up some poundage.
Say about 10-15 pounds? GAH! That's how much I gained since the big D.
Talk about being fat and happy.


Went to the Bruins game last night.
Against the Florida Panthers.
They don't have snow down there.
We lost, of course.

Today I am taking the day off from running.
I am so tired! Four days of good running, not enough sleep, too much not-good-for-you eating, and there you have it. Exhaustion.

I'll go up and lift weights after work instead.

People are writing and saying they have received their invitations to the wedding.
Now they just have to mail it back to me.
It has a lot of race jargon and stuff on it.
I wonder if the non-running guests understand any of it.
We hadn't thought about it.
Andy Katz (of the New England Deads and the BAA and uber fast runner) said we should have put a place for the Champion Chip number. The scary part is to think that if we had, now many people would have probably filled it in! LOL!

It's going to be a beautiful week.
Of course I am resting today.
Tomorrow it's going to be windy again.
Of course, tomorrow I am going to run 6.6 miles.

Monday, February 23, 2004


They want your time, they want your ear, and mostly they want your money.

So, today, I went for a nice 4.4 mile along the Chuck which is melting.
Headwind out, tailwind back. Not a bad deal - at least this time, there was tailwind instead of being gyp'd and having the wind switch directions just irritate you.

Tonight is a Bruins Game.
They are playing the Carolina Panthers.
They've been playing really well - wouldn't you know? Just when I give up the season tickets, they start winning.

Watch them lose tonight.

Sucking Wind

Sunday I ran a race.
10 mile race.
I was disappointed with my performance but given that I ran 6.6 on Friday, 8.01 on Saturday, both of which were hard efforts, Joe told me I shouldn't be too down about it.
He is good for giving me a high level perspective. I didn't even think about the Friday run. The only think I kept fixating on was that after mile 6, I totally bonked. My legs wouldn't go any more. It was a incredibly strange feeling.

Food Note. Sunday night, we went to a 12-course Chinese New Year dinner. We sat all the way through the end to the final desert of little cookies, which Joe just loved. I won a $50 gift certificate in the raffle to a local Chinese Restaurant. I will take my staff there for lunch one of these days. I especially liked the deep friend whole chicken, the steak with chinese broccoli, the lobster!!!, and the chinese noodles. I had the jelly fish this time and it was surprisingly tasty!


So Saturday I went out with a skirt in mind.
Other than the fact it is not orange :o( it is perfect.
Well, except for the fact that is it 2 sizes too small and it goes to the floor.
While organza sheath over a white silk underskirt.
I am going to get it shortened from the top down which will take care of the two sizes to small as well as it going to the floor.
Now I have to go and find a sweater to go with it. It will be April after all and the weather will be iffy at best. If it's too cold I will get a scarf. A big one.

Finally went and ran on Saturday at a pretty good clip.
A nice jaunt around the Chuck which is melting...
with strains of We are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody interwining through my head. Tunes by Queen always seem so run-able to me.

People are starting to get their invitations to the wedding.
Happy happy!

Saturday, February 21, 2004

All Done

What a feeling that is. To be all done with something.
The last of the invitations are out as of today.
Actually, we finished addressing them and then put them in the mailbox at the end of the block last night.
Can't wait to see the RSVP's start coming in.
They will go out with the noon pickup so they are still sitting in the mailbox at the end of the block.

I am contemplating a run. 8 miles give or take.
Got the route all mapped out.
Then it's off to go looking for a wedding skirt.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Run Jane Run

So I went and ran today and my mood is much better for it.
6.6 miles. And I didn't cut any corners or tangents this time.
Don't know what got into me. That will surely end tomorrow.

Cabo San Lucas. So, in March, we are going to Cabo.
Other than the flights from Hell, it should be a fun time.
I am wondering how I will get all my running in.
I am hoping I can run at all.
I am praying it won't be too hot but I can't imagine that one coming true...
It is nearer to the equator after all, and in the damn desert.
The Sonoron Desert.
I've been wanting to cross over into Mexico from the Baja and travel all around Mexico before heading back home.
Maybe the next trip.


They are on their way to being mailed! Yahoo.
We addressed a bunch last night and the second batch is in the mail.

I went for the premarital blood test this morning.
I should get it the medical certificate in about a week.
Then we have to wait for Joe to get his and we can go and apply for the marriage certificate.
What a pain this is... so much damn bureaucracy!

I joined a new gym that is only a 5 minute walk from the office.
The other place was a round trip of 25-30 minutes.
Just the thought of going up there and taking all that extra time made me dread running indoors during the work day!
It wasn't worth the stress.
So I am now looking forward to going to the new place, Fitcorp. It's not open on Sundays but there is one near the house that is. So I am all set. Happy happy!

More invitations tonight.
Korean BBQ for dinner.
Life is definitely worth living right now...

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Orange Skirt and stuff

I must find my skirt for the wedding.
I just drew a picture and sent it to Joanne.
She was like, do you think you will really find it?
I was like, um, nope.

I'll give it a go this weekend and see what happens.

Cher's Blog

is boring boring boring...

Cher, ya listening???

Stamps Redux

So I went to the post office.
They have $.60 stamps with LOVE on them.
Joe thinks this is the going rate for mailing wedding invites.
Go figure...

I handed a couple of people in the office theirs - didn't want to add another $.37 stamp to them when I could just hand it to them.

Yes, I know.
Cheap cheap cheap...

Club of Six

Dinner is on for Saturday! Yahoo.
We are having medallions of beef or something like that.
Amanda's place.
More Scotch.
More Wine.
Good food.
Good friends.
It's gonna be a lovely evening.

Frozen Four

The Final Four of Hockey will be in Boston in April.
And we don't have tickets. *SOB!*

On another note... what the heck do I get Joseph for his wedding gift???
What to get what to get what to get....

I am taking suggestions for all comers.
Any ideas? Anyone??


ARG!!! Just found out our invitations cost $.60 to mail!!!
Am I the only one with FAT WEDDING INVITATIONS???
Or do other people just not care and use a regular $.37 stamp?


Now, I have to go to the post office today.
One of my LEAST favorite activities.

Tax Time

So, we went to the Tom the Taxman this morning.
I had better get some money back but that's probaly a pipe dream.
I had better not have to pay any more than I did last year.
Or someone is liable to get killed.

So, of course since I wanted to run yesterday, I didn't get to run yesterday.

Today I don't feel like it so of course that means I will have plenty of opportunities to run.

We met with the Rogan the Caterer yesterday.
He cut off his hair so he no longer looks like a surf boy - ski bum.
27 years old and such a damn cute kid.

The menu is set. Pig (sucking, four of them), ribs, collards, cornbread, fried okra, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and something behind the counter for the Jews, who must go up and whisper this him that they are Jewish. LOL! Very clandestine, donchaknow...

We now have the Concierge working on the bar tender. Told her I must have kegs of beer, not bottles or cans unless they are way cheaper...But at the rate we are spending for this wedding, what's a thousand here and there, right? RIGHT? ARG!!!

Next is the tent. I have to let the Concierge know we will need on - just won't know the size until Mar2nd.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Beer and Wine, Wine and Beer

Okay. The Concierge at work is very very busy working on the bartending services for our wedding.
I knew that when we got Rogan, who is a chef and not a caterer, we were setting ourselves up for more headaches but since I have Jessica at Concierge, it's not as bad as it could be. She is a godsend!! Anyway, caterers can serve alcohol without food! ARG! We have to go to a bartending service. Whatever. Jessica is taking care of things. I think we are 60% there. She has to call and secure the date! I hope it all works out.

Or everyone is going to get water out of the tap.

Oh No!

Bill Maher has a blog and it's pretty good! Another one to link to!

Lunch Note. So I was supposed to have a lunch meeting with a couple of people it got canceled like 2 minutes before the appointed time. I juggled my whole day's schedule for this! I even had to postpone my run!!! ARG! So now, here I sit with a side of fries and a buffalo chicken salad. At least lunch is good today.

Question is when will I be able to run???


Invitations are IN! ARG!!!!!!!!!!
They came in yesterday.
I could have picked them up last night!
I didn't answer my phone at work!

BUT, all is not lost.
They are open until 7pm tonight!
I can get them before my appointment with Rogan.
I still think depending on my day, I might go home and work from there...
Not sure...
Still thinking....

I wonder if the Club of Six is meeting this weekend???
Amanda?? Anything??


I just added a bunch to the side bar.
I think this is a good start to the list.
Happy happy!


I am wondering if my brother, the brilliant doctor, knows how to use the bookmark function on his web browser. He keeps asking me for the URL. Like three times now. I asked why he didn't bookmark and he hasn't replied yet. Yes. He's a little slow on the responses. If he wants to know I can tell him how. (ARE YOU LISTENING, JOHN??)

This weekend we went to the Arlington Inn in Vermont for three days of R&R. We sampled local fare, brought back a big thing of maple syrup (thankfully. We are almost out.) and lots o' cheese. We had dinner in the Inn for Valentines Day and it was so good that we went back the following night to have dinner there again.

I tried my hand at cross-country skiing and I loved it. We went to Hildene to give it a go. Joe fell down a lot, LOL! And then I landed on my knee. No worse for wear, thank goodness. We agreed that we must go again. We even stopped and took a look at x-c skiis for me. Of course, if my good friend Cher were to send me hers that she doesn't use, I wouldn't have to buy my own. Ahem...

I now have to back and bookmark all of the x-c skiing websites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Yahoo!

Wedding Note. We are meeting with Rogan the Caterer tonight. We need to prepare the menu for the reception. Can't wait. I have some ideas but Joe suggests that I let Rogan talk first since he is a chef and he might have better ideas than I do. Hmm... it's quite a concept. I must ponder on that for a bit.

The invitations should be here today! Yahoo! But the question is, how and when do I go and get them? I am planning on working late today, go home in time to meet Rogan. Now I am thinking that I might take my laptop home and work from home late instead - that way I can spen quality time with the doggie, too. I can also pick up the invitations. :o)) I defintely will be sending out a few to my close friends as soon as I can. :o)

Employee Note. Yasha is back!!! She works for me. She burnt her face and eyes in an egg explosion last week. First degree burns. She looks good! I can't even notice the burn marks - they are just BARELY discernable but I have to concentrate and really look. I am so glad she's back safe and sound. Anyway, she said she had to come in because she was so bored at home and wanted to be back at work as soon as possible. It's nice to know that the staff likes it here and want to come into work to be with each other. Happy happy!

I wonder if I have a meeting this morning. I think so. I must go check...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Back to a Mess!

Jeeze. I get home from Vermont only to find out that my good friends Cher and Debbie are in the middle of a contractor nightmare/mess! Sheesh! You leave for a weekend and all hell breaks loose. They need Joe's father and Judy the Contractor. Between the two of them they can fix anything in a day. I'm convinced. If you throw in Joe, they can build you a damn house in a half day. No lie!

Running Note. The best way to get used to running outside in the frigid temperatures around Boston is to go to Vermont for the weekends and run in sub-zero weather. I waited until about 3:30 to go run my 6 miles and it was around 28*. It was downright balmy! I had a good run. It felt really good to be back on the road again. Literally outside. Instead of the stupid dreadmill at the gym. Where it is humid with the sweat of those around you. GAH! Nastiness...

More later.... I must wrap things up so that I can leave soon. We are gong to an open house thing in the neighborhood. The good and the bad of living in a neighborhood where everyone wants to know you. ARG!!!

Friday, February 13, 2004

Working from Home

The best part of working from home is you are able to have good wine with leftover pizza for lunch in your pj's.

Small things are surprisingly satisfying.

Thursday, February 12, 2004


I had too much lunch.
Sushi combo from the cafeteria.
Every once in a while they bring in some outside vendor that does good things.
Sushi is one of my favorite.
6 shrimp tempura over rice and a spicy tuna roll.
Too much food.
Should have known.

What a day.
Too busy to look up even.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

On a more somber note. So, I was thinking the other day that there was a time in my life when I thought of death and way afraid of it. Then I searched the world for the Truth, as I like to call it. And after infusing my Self with religious information and belief systems (it sorta became a hobby which I still entertain to this day), I became unafraid. I married and would look at my then-husband and was still unafraid and thought if I go tomorrow, so what? But now things are different, I realized the other day. I look Joe and I am afraid once more. I look at him and I am afraid to die because I would miss him terribly. I know I'll be dead and all and won't know anything but in THIS time, in THIS moment, I am afraid because of all the love and fun and laughter that I will not have after I am dead and gone. I guess all good things must end but I don't want this to. And now I know the price of love and happiness. It's more than what you give of yourself... it's also about losing it all one way or the other... and you know that you always do, even if it is by death alone.

I dreamt the other night that he was immortal. I found out about it and didn't think much about it beyond that. Then one day he gave me a badge which made me immortal too.

Hmm... I think I must ponder on this a while.

Egads! Jane not-so-Swift as SENATOR??? ARG! How do we get rid of this woman!!!
I would have made a better governor than she.

If it's Wednesday, then it must be...Buffalo Chicken Day!
You can get it in a full wrap, half wrap or a salad.
I got the salad.
Extra spicy sauce and blue cheese over to the side.
The first thing in the Cafeteria I've liked in a long time, other than the bowl of oatmeal and four pieces of bacon I have for breakfast almost every morning. YUM!

I wonder if we can stop on the way to Vermont on Friday and pick up some Krispy Kreme donuts.


Reach the Beach
Reach the Beach
Reach the Beach....

I. Must. Train. This. Year.

I cannot let Lame Lar' beat me this year! ARG!
That so pissed me off last year! Whatever.

Running Note. Ran 6.05 miles at the gym yesterday followed by a full body weight workout. It feels good to be throwing the weights around again. I remember I really loved lifting many years ago when I was really into it and was looking the best I had ever looked in my whole life...

I hope to do another 6 miles at lunch.

Friend Note. So, Joanne is now in NYC. Working. I wonder if Luke is spending the week down there with her. Well, I know she will be busy looking for housing so I'll give her a call next week. Hopefully things might be less busy for her by then. She's always busy, anyway, and with NYC, she's never going to be home...

And Cher has a new blog entry. Yeah. I wonder how long it will take her to do another one. Over-under? I'd say 4 days.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

So the question is:
If you knew there were raises in July, would you want that raise in March or in July.
The unknown variable is, if you get one now, it cannot be revisited in July.
And what is the percentage. Can you get more now than in July or are you better off waiting for July?
But then there are more people taking a piece of the pie and if you are new you are going against old timers in your group.

I must ponder this a bit.

I am thinking pignolis. Little Italian pine nut cookies to die for from the North End. ARG!!!

Sort of like Krispy Kreme donuts. When I get them in my head, I can't stop thinking about them.
And NOW I am also thinking about Krispy Kreme donuts. Hot glazed. ARG!!!!

Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme.

And another thing.
The girl scout cookies are in.
And I can't go get them because I am waiting for a phone call.
Which I just got finished with.
Now I have to go and talk to my boss who is not around until 4pm.
I must get in and talk to him before tomorrow.

I might have a little time to pick up the cookies...
I wonder what I got? :o)

Two Heads are Better than One?

So the baby they operated on to get rid of the second head is dead.
As I understand it, the second head was on top of the first head, and was facing up.
Anyway, they buried her today.
I do not find this shocking.

Sad, but definitely not shocking and certainly not unexpected.

I brought my lunch in that I forgot from yesterday.
Thank goodness I had a decent meal today.

Running Note. So last night I didn't feel like running. So what happened? I get home. Joe is there. ready to drag me out running. So we dragged the poor doggie. Of course it was only two miles but I was glad of it. And the easy run turned out faster than I would have liked because Joe like to push the pace. Yes, he does.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Cher's blog is boring again. Sigh...

Wedding Note. I sent a note to the would-be caterer. Of course it would have turned into a nasty gram for non-contact if I didn't collect myself. I am ready to call the whole thing quits and go with the standby caterer. I hate being in pins and needles. I am a TJ (as in INTJ). I am not at rest until decisions are made, my mind is made up, and things have a conclusion!

Meeting Hell of Another Kind. So the Admin comes by just now and tells me that my boss has decided to stay for the day in Smithfield and work from there. The problem is that we have a meeting with the BIG Boss (my boss's boss's boss) at 3pm today. So he already told his boss that he would CALL IN. OVER THE PHONE! How can you meet with the big boss over the phone! And leave me in a lurch like this! ARG! So on this side, it will be little lowly ole me, my boss's boss and my boss's boss's boss. My boss is going to on the other end of a phone call!

There is something wrong with this picture....
He's usually so damn paranoid about stuff like this.
I am thinking that I don't like his move to Smithfield too much...
And it's not even supposed to happen until July 31st!


So, I packed my lunch for today last night and put everything in the fridge.
This morning, I left the house without it.
I can never think about lunch at Breakfast!
ARG! And I even packed a nice Korean Sweet Potato, already boiled!

Monday Monday - again again...

I went and got my name on my license changed by to my maiden name. Thank goodness. i feel like a whole ton weight has lifted off of my shoulders. The problem isn't that the name belongs to my ex because it was basicallyt hyphenated. The problem was that it was indicative of my worst traits: giving in to someone's will when I knew better; going ahead with something that I wasn't entirely 100% sure about; doing something that even my poor Dead Daddy didn't seem too enthusiastic about; and a buncha other stuff that makes me examine myself to closely... Anyway, it is back to the simple little name that I was born with and grew up with.

So, now that everything (except for my ssn) is changed, I am having these discussions with Joe about taking his name when we are married. Although I spend so much angst changing my name back, this time I WANT to take his name. And he thinks I should just keep mine. Besides the whole point of changing my name back before the wedding is so that I go into this one wholly as my person, my individual self, the who that I really am, the person that Joseph met, without guise or disguise or any other kind of encumbrance in the world. And what if we were to have kids?? Anyway... if I do change my name, I have discovered you do not have to change it every single place until you damn well want to. :o)

Ooops, almost time for a meeting.
I must prepare...

Saturday, February 07, 2004


It's very slippery outside. Joe went to the gym to run. 20 miles. That's not the bad part, the 20 miles. He is running it on a treadmill. YES! A TREADMILL! One of those human gerbil contraptions! I feel for him.

Wedding Note. The invitation proofs were faxed to me this morning. Talk about fast service. Well, they looked bee-uuuu-tiful! We read it a couple of times and things look good so we gave the thumbs up. The invitation place thinks that Crane will start printing them up today so I am hoping they get here next week before the long weekend!

We must talk to Rogan about the pig roast and the menu and such. I am getting a bit agitated. He said he would do this but then we haven't talked to the guy either. Just emails and voice mails. Luckily I have a back up caterer I am looking at.

Went to the The Algonquin Club for dinner last night.
Seafood Buffet.
Lagavullin 16 year.
French white bordeaux.

Celtics game after.
Lovely evening.

I am not running today.
I am at the top of the peak of this stupid communicable disease I have.
Tomorrow I have a race. I might go out and do it easy to shake things out.
It's only 5 miles so it shouldn't make my cold any worse.
I think.
I hope.

I might have to check with my friend Harriet. (She's a doctor if you don't know her.)

Okay. Off to take a shower.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Wedding Note. Ordered invitations last night. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the local stationary place had the kind of design I wanted. Yeah! They should be here in either next Friday or early the following week. I need to send them out by the 18th. they have to be back to me by March 15th. That should give people enough time to decide. Most people who are invited know they are being invited anyway.

Talk to Ted Glenn - he is trying to juggle flights - he flies his own plane everywhere - and is trying to coordinate airway time. Whatever that means... I like Ted A LOT! He is such a great guy. A Libertarian. :o)

Fat Fluffy Flakes

Snow Snow Snow..
Looking like a winter wonderland around here.
The flakes are so big that it's looks like a curtain of white when I look out the window.

Tonight is Seafood Buffet night at the Algonquin Club with Amanda Panda and Gina Bina... and Joseph of course. :o)) Then off to the Celtics game. Thirteen Rows up center court! Section ONE! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder who the Celtics are playing tonight...

Of course UNC lost to DUKE! GAH! That's a four-letter word. I hope my sister didn't throw the TV out. She takes it so personally when UNC loses to Duke. Of course, no one can mention the word around me or I might not talk to them for two weeks. Usually three but then who counts?

I slept well, last night. I have a 12-mile run in the morning... not sure about that because of the cold. It's day three and it's at its peak right now. We will go with the flow.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

So. Tired.

Okay. So I think it's been a long day.
Do you think that after I printed out the new blogger's blog that I would have brought it home?? Of course not. What are you thinking??


So, FLux for dinner. I had a porkchop, green stuff, and some roasted sweet potatoes. Very nuveau (GAH! Brain cramp! That's not spelled right.) Anywhooo, Joe had braised short ribs with garlic mashed.

I should have had the short ribs.

So, the new blogger has emailed me. ACK! She seems nice. I hope she can show me how to see stats and stuff. It's probably way complicated. I am a lowly DBA manager... I have no idea how to do anything real, you see.

False Alarm

Nope. It stopped printing. Thank goodness. READING! fundamental. LOLOL!

Anyway, glad it is done because I have a meeting with the boss in 15 minutes to review a presentation for Monday.

So, I made a comment to the blogger about her comment about me.
I am spooked out.
I guess that is what not knowing can do to people - get them spooked.
There is something philosophical in there but I can't think about it right now.
I can't think through this sinal infectious cold-like thing I have right now.

Make that two reams


I have to go get another pack.
I'll be back soon.


That New Blogger I am writing about? GAK!
She knows I am printing out her whole entire blog!!!
HOW does she know this?
Of course, the blog is about as internet-ese as I get since the only technology I work on is actually on servers as opposed to the client side).
Tracking software?

Yes. I shook the toner and put it back.
It is printing happily away...

I might have to shake the toner once more though.
I. Must. Finish. Printing. Today!

Still Printing

And I am now running out of toner! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might have to kill the printing to change the toner.
Or something.
What to do what to do what to do...

The Blog Vortex

Reading blogs online is hazadous for the body and for your job (nothing happened but I am feeling a tad guilty).

So I am compelled to print out Joyce Garcia's blog and it's taking a whole ream of paper. That's like 500 sheets. They come in those feshly wrapped bundles in cardboard boxes! I ran out of paper so I had to open up a new ream.

Someone shoot me.

What a Day!

I am so tired.
It's not even 3:30 yet.

Cold Food

Country Fried Steak is okay.
French fries are not.

A Dog

I am sick sick sick.
Sick as a DOG! ARG!

I have discovered a new blog. I started reading her current and then liked her so much that I stopped and went all the way back to her archives and have gone through two years already. Great lunch time reading.

Anyway, I am taking two days off from running trying to get over this damn cold. It is rather mild as colds go but then I just got over my stupid fever blister. GAH! I hate germs!

Anyway, it's been an extremely busy week. Between the wedding plans, the World Conference plans, making airline reservations for my sister, and work work work... it's been rather surreal. I still have to do the bills, and get ready for taxes. I do nothing when I get home, I am so tired, and I like to just sit and veg out. Given that the time I get home and finish dinner to the time I go to bed is only a difference of about 2 hours, it doesn't leave a lot of time for marking things off the To Do list.

Country Fried steak. One bad thing about it is that the fried breading covers all fattiness viewing. So you must cut the pieces off carefully and examine all sides to ensure that there are no fatty hangers on. If so, you must cut them away little buy little until the lean meat is left. It makes eating an otherwise unhealthy delicacy a royal pain in the arse.

Oh and fries. One must always make the unhealthy unhealthier by accompanying it with french fries. Or is that freedom fries. Are we all over that yet??

Wedding Note. Tonight I go to the invitation place to order invitations. ACK! It's REAL! But then, I already knew that. :o) It would be much easier if we didn't have to legalize what Joe and I already agree to: that we were married a long time ago and just had to find each other. Yes, very romantic.

OH! MY! GOD! Can I tell you?? My dearly departed Dead Daddy came to visit the other day! NO LIE! And I am not crazy. Please. So we were sitting there watching TV and the primary returns. Joe picks up the remote while Dean is talking and changes the channel saying something about how irrelevant Dean is. I turned around and saw my Dead Daddy! When I was little, we'd be sitting there watching TV and if something irrirated or disgusted my father, he'd make a noise, make a scrunchy grimace face, change the channel saying "shut up, you stupid." Sometimes I would be interested and would protest but he would then look at me and say, "he's stupid and I am not listening to him." And that, my friends was that. Of course I grew up in a documentary and news watching household. The only thing we really couldn't watch was snakes. Daddy hated snakes. Didn't even like to see pictures of them. He liked to fish. Don't know how he manged that since worms, in my opinion, are kinda like munchkin snakes. Kinda. I said, KINDA! Sheesh. Anyway, come to find out Joe doesn't like snakes, either. Just like Daddy. Too bad Daddy is dead. He would really like Joe. He wouldn't try and talk me out of this wedding by offering to buy me a $110,000 car instead of giving me a wedding.


Okay. Back to my lunch. I wonder about cold country fried steak...

Monday, February 02, 2004


Email is out.
We got hit with a worm.
GAH! Damn pests! I hate them.
Anyway... no email - they are shutting things down so nothing spreads.

Dinner Note. I feel like pizza. Gonna watch SU and UCONN. Pizza and Beer. Perfect.

Running Note. It's a good day to get an early start to the evening and go work out at a decent hour. Week two of the new fitness resolve - upper body weights following a 3-mile easy run. Then pizza and beer. Oh. Did I mention that for dinner? Happiness! :o)

Before I forget

We went to the adidas Indoor Games at Reggie Lewis on Saturday.
What a great night that was. Haile Gabreselassie won the 3000 meter - no world record but it was enough watching him run. Unreal. There were a lot of Ethiopians on the track and in the stands. They really are a beautiful people.

Green Tea

I found it.
Green Tea Ice Cream at a local market - Ming's.

So, yesterday, I ran a 15K race and had a 6 minute PR! Totally awesome considering I am still recovering from a marathon.

Sports News: The Patriots win the Superbowl. Again. How cool is that? we went to Joe's sister's to make Yakimandoo (Korean dumplings) and watch the game. we left at half time and made it in time to catch the second half of third quarter and ice cream during the last quarter. We missed the whole Janet Jackson Debaucle, of which people are making just too much noise. Who cares if she bared a breast. So damn puritanical... if you don't pay attention to it, then they won't keep seeking attention! People just don't get it.