Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Talked to Abby yesterday about Joe's wedding outfit. Actually, she asked what I am wearing so she could tell Joe what he is wearing. LOL! Anyway, we fell into hysterical laughter like we always do and we had to hang up because we couldn't talk any more. Joe and Abby are like TWINS! They are both hysterical and very "excited" about stuff. They both make me laugh until my stomach hurts. And they are both NUTS. So, Abby decided that she was right and Joe is wrong and she must go shopping with him or he will buy the wrong outfit. She totally cracks me up.

Playtime. Ugh. email is all screwed up this morning. It is working, it is not working, it can't make up it's damn mind! UGH! So I am now going out to Mapquest to track some mileage. I love maps!

Should Have Stayed Home

Weather Report: rainy and cold

Commute Report:
So I walk to the Back Bay station to catch the commuter rail as I always do on a work day.
I wait and when they announce the inbound train to South Station arriving on Track 2, I go down to the platform and situate myself in the usual spot. The train pulls in, people get off, we get on, and the train just sits there. I overheard the conductors all conferring about something so I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! A few minutes of waiting, another inbound train on track 3 pulls in. We wait some more. We watch the other inbound train pull out. Announcement time! A medical emergency and we will be waiting for 5-10 minutes. MASS EXODUS! Everyone gets off (you see there are more ways to South Station than just by this one commuter rail train). We hear that a train is pulling in again on Track 3. At least we think that's what the announcer said. So a small group of people go to Track 3 and wait. Myself included. This means going up the stairs and walking over to the other side and going down the stairs. We wait. As we wait, we watch the train we just left PULL OUT OF THE STATION! That was NO 5 minutes! Thankyouverymuch! ARG! So we wait. And a few minutes later, the train pulls in. On the OTHER TRACK that we just left! So it's back down the platform, up the stairs, over to the other side, down the stairs and upstream through a teem mass of dull-witted morning commuters. I decide to walk on the yellow line right next to the train. It was as good as any other "lane." All was well and progressing until this old man with a cane of sorts comes up to me, gives me the full-eyed glare and then walks through me as if I wasn't there. He does this shoulder shrug thing that is supposed to give me his "last word" so I shrugged him back! HAH! So THERE!

The commute in took 35 minutes - 20 minutes longer than usual.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

And no, Let me repeat.
I have never ever seen the Blues Brothers movie.
And I don't ever care to.
And no, let me say it one more time.
I don't really care about them at all.
Ya know?


Amazing what life dishes up.

Our good friend Amanda Panda was in a terrible car accident yesterday.
During work. Her first day on the job. She could have been killed if she hadn't been the Great Gumby.
Jaws of life and she walks away.
Actually, she was more pried out, ambulanced, drugged, radiated, and then limped out.
But no broken anything. Amazing.
Reminds me of my horse accident but not nearly as serious as hers.
But still, no broken anything - except maybe a mental psyche thing here and there.
Her first order of business will be to get her body out of flight syndrome - all tense, muscles in spasm, squeezing nerves and causing very real pains. And she will have to get over the mental thing which goes to the phantom pains and the subconsious fear of things jumping out at her. She will need physical therapy to break the cycle of tension and pain. I wish Kelly the Miracle Man were here. He could help her. He's the only one that I know who can. Abby gave me a name of someone. I will have to call him and interview him to see if he knows what he is doing before I refer Amanda. Hmmm... I might have to just try him out first. Some people talk a good game, then you go for a session and you wonder why you bothered...

So today I met Sid Rubenstein.
Who? you ask?
Why, he is a creator.
What does he create, you ask?
Why... the Perfect Orthotic. So far.
Got a new pair. I tried them on. And they were so comfy!
I told him, I didn't want to feel my orthotics like I do now.
I want to run free and not feel my legs.
So, I tried running in them.
They felt great.
And I would have run free if my legs didn't feel so crappy from t his weekend's run.
The good news is that I didn't feel my feet - that much...
We'll see what happens after running in them for a week.

So, I left work early today. About 2pm to go to my Sid Rubenstein appointment.
And I hadn't felt that good in so long!

Monday, March 29, 2004

Digital Pictures

The problem with digital pictures is that you can't take it with you unless you take your computer with you.
So I looked around for a digitial photo album I could take with me. So I have a choice of the cheap version ($300-400) 5x7 or 8x7 with not so good displays and a little complicated setup. Then I found one that was perfect except for the cost ($1999) and the size (17"). What is it with technology??? You can never get exactly what you want or it costs a damn arm and a leg!!! ARG!!!

Damn email is out! NOW, what do I do??? UGH! Maybe my Blackberry is working. If the email server is down, the Blackberry is usually down, too. What is going on??? ARG!!!

I hate Mondays.

Full of Wind

So, last week, we had great weatherman hoax #1 when they said that on Friday, it would be hot and sunny. It rained a bit in the morning, it got neither hot nor sunny.

Sunday, was the great weatherman hoax #2 when they said that we would have major wind but inland it would be calm. In fact, I would be that the wind that was supposed to stay on the coast considered the whole of Massachusetts it's coast.

I ran from Natick Center to the house yesterday for my 16 mile long run which turned out to 16.65 miles to be more exact. There was wind the entire way. I am not talking about a little cooling breeze, or even slight breeze with a gust here and there. I am talking 20-35 mph winds the whole way! And not only that... HEADWIND! ARG! And here I am going downhill to Boston and I can't even make good time! I am running as hard as I can and my times are 30 seconds slower than average. And on any other day, with the effort I was putting forth, I was probably running 30 seconds FASTER than I typically do. It as such a lousy run that at mile 20, which was when Joe caught up with me (he went to Framingham to get in his 20-miler), which was my mile 10 and his mile 14, I questioned whether I was prepared to run Boston, or even whether I even WANTED to run Boston. I even wondered why do I run marathons? I even wondered WHY DO I EVEN RUN!!!???!?!?!

Anyway, I finally made it home. Legs are kinda achy and sore but not too bad. Next week I have a stupid 20-miler and there had not be any damn wind!!!

Today, I am hoping for a couple of miles just to shake the legs out a bit.

Saturday, March 27, 2004


I never knew that you could move the hole!
The hole on the green on a golf course.
Did you know the little green men go around at night and move all the holes around while we're all sleeping???
I never knew that! Sheesh!

Running Note. 10 miles backwards on the marathon course. Uphill all the way until Heartbreak, then four miles of downhill. Joe met me right after the Mile 19 Mark with water, shorts, singlet and I changed right then and there! There must have been a hundred runners out today! All running in the opposite direction. I felt like a minnow swimming upstream! Then I made it Woodland T and JOe picked me up and brought me home. It's wonderful having a thoughtfull Hunny around.

Hot day. Around 60 degrees. It's supposed to be cold, wet and windy tomorrow. I have 16 miles scheduled. Figures.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Holy Heatwave! Great Scott! My Weatherbug tells me that it is 65 degrees out. SIXTY-FIVE DEGREES! That's downright equatorial!

Seaweed Soup

Otherwise known as the Perfect Soup.
I made some last night.
Had some for lunch today.
And I make GOOD Seaweed Soup!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Perfect Herb

Otherwise known as Coriander.
I could eat it in everything.
Today I had it in Bi-bim-bop - Korean peasant bowl food - a melange of cold veggies which is then wilted by hot rice, mixed together with a topping of hot pepper paste - a special mix for this particular dish. Of course I never put the egg on top unless I order it from a restaurant where the egg is served hot, as only sunny side up can be served.

Ran 5.05 miles today.

Having the Cornell Kid come for a visit tonight. He is staying over as he has a BC Law thing tomorrow. I guess he is going to go there. Nice Korean kid. Very respectful. LOL! I think I will make Kalbi (Korean short ribs) for him. Tomorrow I think we should just go out to eat. We haven't gone out to eat much lately.

Another long day filled with meetings.

I wonder when the house destruction will start?
I am so over the anticipation thing.
It's been so long in planning that I can't see it ever starting.
Joe is in touch with the contractor so date I hope?

I actually woke up hungry again today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Phew! I am in. Boy, can I test a program! I have a page full of bugs so far. Parker is gonna LOVE me. NOT!

FAILURES!!! So here I sit. At work. With my bowl of instant noodle soup and my computer. I stay late to do the website for the conference and what happens? There is a problem with my sign on! ARG!!!

Nothing ever goes right.
Nothing is ever simple.
I have a call into Parker who is the webmaster.
He had better untangle this soon.

It's happening again. I feel as if I have already worked a solid week (that's 7 whole days, as opposed to the standard 5-day work week) in the past two days. Actually, what day is it, anyway?? Oh, It's Wednesday. Is it over yet???

Is it HERE?

Nice day out.
It will hit a high of around 44-46*.

I think my winter bloat is leaving.
Lost two pounds.
But then I don't usually weigh myself.
I could have lost it two weeks ago and I never knew.

The wedding is not that far away.
Joe and I are now talking about the logistics of picking up race packets.
GAH! I have to go there early on Saturday right when the expo opens so that I can get small jacket.
They are sold out online and this year's is black.
They have a blurb on the web page saying xs and smalls will be available at the expo.
I don't have a black one.
I need it.
Not to mention this could be the last Boston Marathon I run; therefore, my last jacket.
Watch. Next year they will have nice thick substantial jacket like one I am trying to replace from 2001.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hmmm... I wonder how my friend Amanda's job interview went?

Running Note. Ran 5.05 miles after work. Hmm... "After work" is a bit of a misrepresentation since I am now back at work. Presumably, it is to do something other than work - eg work on the conference. But so far, I have just done work. Oh. I am also eating dinner. Spicy spagetti sauce that Joe made. Yum. :o)

Non-Running Note. So tired. Gotta do the conference stuff.

My friend Cher got a ticket for speeding. At the entrance of her neighborhood. Yup. She lives in a place that has a front entrance and a back entrance. She got a ticket at the back entrance not too long ago. Now she has one for the front entrance. Good thing she doesn't have a side entrance. And how does one exactly speed into an entrance? I bet she careeeeeened into it driving her Subaru and all-wheeling it. LOL! Her insurance doesn't go up unless she gets a total of four in some time frame. Hell, if she were in Massachuetts, she'd be in driving course, her insurance premium would have doubled, and she would have had to give up a car. I bet they are watching her now. Watched by the local cops to see if you careening into your neighborhood. It's not remotely interesting like if you were watched by the FBI or CIA or something like that. She totally cracks me up. :o)

Marking off the List

What a day.
So much stuff.
And I have only marked off two things on my task list.
A morning full of meetings does a number on marking things off the task list.

It is sunny out.
Deceptively sunny.
My weatherbug tells me it's 39*.
Very deceptive, indeed.

Found an anti-Kerry Blog. Talk about giving voice to everything I am thinking!

Did I say it looked nice and sunny out?

Is it Spring yet??

You can't tell from the heat index today. It is cold outside.

Of course yesterday was a minor disaster at work.
So of course, I didn't go and run.

I am going to run after work today.
5 miles.
Then I am working late on DRS WC stuff.
I KNEW it was going to be work work work! ARG!
WHY did I get talked into this??

Made a really good dinner last night.
Sauteed sundried tomatoes in buncha garlic.
Add jumbo shrimp.
Add a half cup of chicken broth.
Add a little white wine.
Stirfry for 5 minutes, cover, stir, cover stir.
Add half cup of chicken broth with a little cornstarch.
Add a buncha chopped cilantro (yum!!)
Then stir in cook spagetti - finish off with a little more white wine.

We had it with baby spinach salad - baby spinach, pine nuts, spray on a little olive oil using the Misto, sprinkle on a little balsamic vinegar and toss.

Pistachio ice cream and mint tea for dessert.

What a good way to end the day.

Monday, March 22, 2004

It's So Easy!

To give good service as it is to give bad service!
Took the group out to a lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.
It is the first and last time we will ever go there.
I had a 50$ gift certificate. Turns out we ordered $108 of food.
Which was about 68$ too much given the poor service!

Carolina lost.
D-word won.
Therefore, there is nothing more of March Madness that I want to watch - other than Syracuse of course.

Ran 9 miles on Saturday and 6 miles yesterday.
I am scheduled for another 3 miles today after work with a little weight work thrown in afterwards.
THE WIND! Did I mention that I HATE THE WIND??? ARG!!!

I have sent the first check to the caterer and the final guest count.
This Friday we are going to get the marriage license.
Of course Joe has already informed us (on Friday), that there is 28 days to go.
Hmm... he got shit for COUNTING! LOL!

Saturday, we went and picked up our wedding bands.
Happy happy happy!!! They are just beautiful. And no, they do not match. Please. :o|

Okay. Lots of work to be done, more later!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Miscellaneous Ramblings

But then, aren't they all??

Okay. So Carolina beat Air Force. Phew! For a moment I thought they were gonna lose. What a buncha bozos! They win but they work much harder than they should. My sister watched the whole thing. She said she was so pissed off that her eye was twitching! HAHAHAHA!!! I love my sister. She's a real hoot. My caustic friends would love her. She has a real sense of being nice and sweet but then she throws out a zinger.

Syracuse won. Thank goodness!

Joe won a technology award last night. That was easy. He's the only one who uses it at his workplace. In fact, there are probably 6 people in the whole place who even know what it is and only 2 of them aren't afraid of it. Whatever.

Meeting time. Gotta go...

Thursday, March 18, 2004

It is done. Joe's wedding gift is ordered and I am very excited about it. Happy happy happy!!!

Quick update

Well, didn't go to the Celtics game last night. Which isn't a bad thing.

My stomach is feeling bad so I blew off my run today.
I think I am coming down with something - hope not - but that's what I am afraid is happening.
Interestingly enough, I was quite fine having lunch and breakfast today, in spite of the queasiness.

Wedding Note. The present idea is well on it's way to being implemented. I am happy happy happy!
On to the liquor, if I can get a chance to breath today. The Present Project took a lot of time today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wedding Note. Ugh. I am working on Joe's wedding gift. This has been the hardest thing I think I've ever done. It must be just right. Special and all about him. But I have come up with one only to leave it for another day - it's best for after the house is done. Now I have another idea that I think is much better but there are too many choices. That is the problem with this country. Too many damn things to mull over and decide! ARG!!!

Going to the Celtics game tonight. Don't know the time or where to meet. It would be nice to hear from a specific significant other to find out when and where. Hint Hint Hint... in case you are reading this. ;o)

New Running Note. 3.45 miles on the dreadmill at the gym. It felt really good.

Still Busy

I managed to get a run in last night - it was snowing like a banshee when I left.
4.05 miles on the dreadmill. Whatever.

Joe had a thought. Well. He has many thoughts but anyway...
He thinks that I should run shorter distances in the winter (not planning for a marathon, say... in APRIL) and train for half marathons. This is because I find it incredibly hard to get my mileage in during the cold winter months. I can spend the winter training for the half marathon and running shorter races. I can use this time to life weights, do hills and get strong. And do more races and speed workouts to get faster. Then when I go into the spring and summer, build up and run two fall marathons - time them right and I can run one 6-8 weeks before the other one as a training run. I think that is a stupendous idea and he's right. It's hard for me to average more than 35 mile weeks in the winter time. If push comes to shove, and I want to do an early summer or late spring marathon, I can start the building up in, say, March for example. I might also like running more. Of course since I am running Boston this year, it rules this year out. But I can take a nice long rest after Boston with short recovery runs and then start anew for the fall.

This also means that I can continue to get in my half marathons across 50 states as well as go for my 50 State Plus DC goal.

Wedding Note. Mel is coming to the wedding. Happy happy! Kel is not. :o( Cher, Debbie, Ken and Ellen, Harriet and Daniel are all coming. Happy Happy!!

Running Note. It is my sincere hope to be able to make it to the gym today at noon. We have a Celtics game tonight so I may not be able to make it after work. We'll see what happens.

Weather Note. It is cold and wet outside. 'Nuff said.

Miscellaneous items. Amanda got a puppy? Did she? I don't know. You tell me.
Oh and there is another blog linked to from another blog - the girl died. I have no idea what happened. I am reading her blog from the beginning to figure it all out. So sad. Struck down in the prime of life and newly married. So much living left to do and now no time given in which to live.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I am now leaving the office. I have to go run.

Did I mention that I was BUSY???


Did I mention that I am back????

I am back!

I am back home. Been home since Monday.

I am busy.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Law & Order Note. We won the auction. Turns out that the executive producer was a lawyer and knows a lawyer here in Boston. We need to arrange all of the activities through this person. I have let Cher know that she and Milt are going with us. She is worse than I am about L&O. It's only right that we drag her with us. :o) I am wondering if there is a good race out there when we go... not sure when we will go yet. Must coordinate that. Later.

DID I MENTION THAT I AM GOING ON VACATION TOMORROW??? Of course, I have to do all this work on the airplane. Sigh...

Ornery people. With regards to Debbie's blog about people who rush onto the elevator cutting her off, I was getting off the train today. People were coming up before they let me out. So this one woman takes one step up, seeing that I am getting off the train and says "sorry," then continues to push her way through the narrow opening. I said, "obviously you are not too sorry..." I was ready to punch her! GAH! People are stupid. I hate stupid people!!!


I might go in for an interview at Wellington.
Not sure.
Salary, Perks, Title, all those important things must be examined.

I've been throwing my friend Debbie's name around at work as an IBI specialist.
We will see what happens. These things take time.

Comic Moments

I need more of them.
I was so damn busy at work that I could not blog.
And now I am getting emails from my staff - back and forth, back and forth!
Why are we all working.
Do we not have lives?
Do these people not sleep?
I am going to fire their asses for working so late! GAH!

Meeting with India tonight.
Yes. That is PEE-EMMM!!! As in NIGHT TIME! When I should be in bed and asleep for at least 45 minutes!
We are going to argue about stuff, get nothing resolved, I will come out looking like the Heavy, the Bitch.
Then I wil fall into bed totally disturbed and then wake up at 4am.
Yes. That is AYYY-EMMM!!! As in THE MORNING! ARG!!!

I sent an email to my boss today talking about a guy we are hiring.
His name is Adam.
We have a finance guy named Adam.
I sent an email to the finance guy.
Then I sent an email to my boss about Adam the guy we are hiring.
Except in the subject line, I put the the last name of the finance guy.
Then I had to send another one saying, I meant the other guy!
So my boss writes and tells me to take a deep breath and I need R&R and have a good time.
What kind of answer is that to the good news that we have just hired a terrific candidate!!!

So I go to a meeting this afternoon - thank god I was there.
The boss and another big boss called out my name and my group a few times.
They even looked for me in the audience.
And to think I was going to SKIP this meeting to leave early to pack for vacation!

I need a damn vacation!!!

Good news. I got a locker at the gym. Wahoo. Small things make me happy these days. So sad.

Wedding Note. We picked out rings today after work! We closed Shreves down!!! LOL! I love my wedding band! And Joseph got a nice one, too. Platinum. I think he had sticker shock but he will have it for the rest of his life and it's so beautiful!!!

It's nice to be in love.

Of course, all of that notwithstanding, I still need a damn vacation!!!

Monday, March 08, 2004

There is not rest for the weary... Just out of a 3 hour meeting. MY G-D! Now I am catching up some work from the afternoon. I had to kick two people out of my office right after the meeting - one of whom was in the same meeting with me! ARG! If I just spent three hours with you, then, NO! I do not want to spend another hour with you going over next steps. Have I made myself clear???

2PM is a good time for a meeting. Another one. Sigh... Been going strong all day. I will NOT stay late today. I will NOT stay late today. I will NOT stay late today....

So, Cher want's Gina to update her damn pictures - she's been sitting around waiting and Gina is now off on another vacation. I told Cher she will meet both Amanda and Gina at the wedding and she can tell her herself. Seems that she already emailed Amanda. LOL!

What a day! If I add one more thing to the today and tomorrow, my calendar will explode.

Thank goodness it's a rest day!
Right. Ironic. Some Rest Day!

Egads! Is it Monday already??

GACK! It's snowing our this morning. After a week of warmth and sunshine, it feels our of place. Of course, we are 7.5 inches off the average March snowfall.

Had a tough run yesterday. Stu's 30K. It was 18.6 miles of hillwork. Someone mentioned there wasn't as much wind as predicted - I never felt it. Someone mentioned the beautiful scenery (we ran around a reservoir) - I never even saw it. All I remember is the gravity-pulling uphills and the knee grinding downhills. At mile 16, Joe met me with the car. I told him I felt like I was at mile 24 of the marathon. I just wanted to get it over with. He agreed. It was my slowest run ever in a race. ARG! But considering it was 18.6 miles of Heartbreak Hills in Newton over and over again - considering these hills were two and three times as long - well, I'll call it hillwork and call it a day. Half way through, I was thinking of giving up running. I thought that 100m sprints would be FUN! (GASP!) I thought I would do 10 HUMVEES (Hills up Mt Vernon Street - hillwork for those who read this and don't know) every week instead of this race, I thought of giving up marathoning and sticking to short races and the Half Marathon. I talked to G-d. ARG!!! I will never do this race again. Never ever ever...

Now it's Monday. Lousy night sleep from leg pain because of the run. Thank goodness we are going on vacation this Wednesday.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Running Note. Today I did hills. Up Mt. Vernon Street in Beacon Hill. Death did not overtake me as I am still here. Back at work.

Is it the weekend yet???

The Bottom Line

Okay. So I like Edwards because:
1) He is from NC. Okay. FRom SC originally but that's close enough. He's in NC right now.
2) He is cute.
3) Looks way younger than 50 and it's about time we have young-cute-looking presidential candidate
4) He doesn't talk incessantly about Vietnam and who served and who didn't. Just cause you served doesn't make you a presidential candidate - that would make, hmmm... ACK! BILL THATER a presidential candidate... GACK!
5) And...drum roll... He didn't go to DOOK! Not only that, he went to UNC!

Hell, he looks like the kinda guy you would have over for wings and beer one night over a football game.
I bet he has a cute wife and cute kids.
And he has a cute little accent.

yup yup yup... scary how people make decisions on who to vote for.
And I did my civic duty on Tuesday.
John Edwards all the way...

Of course, I usually vote republican only because there are no good libertarian candidates.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Will wonders never cease? So for the first time in YEARS AND YEARS ... I am getting a tax refund. 400 and change from the state, 400 and change from the feds. It will go to pay for the pig roast. I am beside myself with happiness. Tom the Taxman says next year I will get back a lot more.

It turns out that in my prior life, we filed married but separate. So of course, I never got the benefit of the mortgage, however small it may have been because some people are too cheap to have a big mortgage but not too cheap to pay taxes - which he didn't care about because filing separately he kept all of his business advantages for himself instead of sharing when I was the one who literally PAID for everything except for the DAMN MORTGAGE!!! Needless to say, I had to pay THOUSANDS every single year and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why! BUT I AM NOT BITTER!!! CAN"T YOU TELL??? Imagine being asked to breakfast on Sundays just because someone doesn't have cash to pay for a &^%$ $2.99 breakfast??? And you thought they asked you to breakfast because they wanted your company? I would think that he was inviting me because he wanted to eat with me. But then we would eat and he would look at me expectantly and wait for ME TO PAY because it's not the Mortgage which is what HE paid, it was food, which is what I paid - according to some agreement for some reason evolved that way... when you are in the black hole of life, sometimes it's too hard to get out.... unless you make a mad dash break for it (which I did). Rat Bastard. I hope his tax bill is HUGE this year. At least he's had to pay for his own breakfasts - oh wait... he has a girlfriend and SHE probably pays. Either that or HE has to pay for BOTH of them! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup. Girlfriend. He's had one from like the next month after I moved out. True love. Anyway, I digress...

Next year, my refund is going to be OUR refund and it will be much bigger because of the mortgage interest and I am a happy girl.

And I want to say for the record that I LOVE MY HUNNY BUNNY!!! He is the cutest and the bestest thing in the world!!! I am a lucky girl. :o)

I hate my computer sometimes.
Outlook blips in and out - the words disappear.
Now my Excell was automatically going all the way to the right and bottom of the document.
NOTHING is every easy! ARG!!!

My run is delayed!!! TOO MUCH WORK!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My schedule. A meeting at 9, a meeting at 9:30, half hour free at 10, a meeting at 10:30, a meeting at 11:00. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happiness is: A new pair of running shoes. Three pairs, to be exact. I ordered three pairs of Mizuno Mavericks from Road Runner Sports, the kind with the orange roadrunner, and they sent an email saying they are on their way! YEAH! I have a pair under my desk - along with a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines. But these were on sale - just moved to clearance and you have to move fast or the size 7's get bought out - and I had my VIP membership for another 10% off. I can't wait!!! I love new running shoes. They are so clean and pretty!!!! And they smell so nice.

So, I see this commercial last night of this woman who comes into her house, takes her shoes off, and puts them in a box in a closet. The closet has lots of shoes and shoe boxes in it and a pen. She puts her shoes in one of the boxes and then takes a pen that is tied to one of the shelves and marks it with another 1. She has worn this shoe 9 times now. The tag line is The price of shoes / the numbers of times shoes are worn = the REAL price of shoes. I thought this was GREAT! I used to do this with running shoes until I started sending them all to my sister. I would save the wrapping and the box. Then when I was finished with a pair, I would put them back into the wrapping, into the box, and mark the box with the date retired, the number of miles on the shoes, any big races I wore them in, etc. I had about 15 pairs until The Other made me get rid of them all. Well... it was for a good cause - someone I knew had her house burn down and she had no shoes so I gave her my shoes. It made the parting a bit easier but no less painful. Since then I send them to my sister who walks to and from work (she drops weight at the drop of a hat by doing this... damn her!). But every once in a while, I wax nostalgic and I get this unmistakable ache, this deep compulsion, to start saving my shoes again.

Ahhh... the decisions in life one must face daily.

Back to work.

Weather Watch

So, it's raining this morning. It's not a downpour, just a slight drizzle, the kind you can barely make out unless you stare at something in the distance and focus your eyes on the empty space in front of, say, a dark building wall. Then you realise, yup, it's raining even though I can't really see it.

The resolve of yesterday to tackle the Great Outdoors in any kind of weather is wavering at best. Rain Rain Rain. ARG! Okay. Hopefully there isn't as much wind. How do I know this? It's coming-from-the-sky-Rain as opposed to sideways-falling-Rain which means the wind is blowing.

I must do something about my dinners.
I eat well most of the day and then I get home and I become mindless.
Last night I had this Korean noodle thing called Cha-jang-myun, some wine, three crackers with horseradish cheese spread. Did I have any veggies? Hmmm.... Egads! No veggies. Oh. Wait. Kimchee. I had Kimchee. A half cup doesn't really qualify for the Veggie category. I must do something about what I eat for dinners.

Well, it's time.
I must get some work done.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

WHY O WHY? I never learn. Never ever ever. But then it might be a good thing. So I head up to the gym and give the dreadmill a whirl. I was scheduled for 6.6. I completed 4.75 and called it quits. I was up to 4.0 when I started to think about poking my eyes out. Then I couldn't breathe. So I stopped. I think running 3 miles in heavy wind is better than 4 miles on the dreadmill. At least this small lesson reiterates that it's better to run outdoors no matter the condition. Most of the time. So tomorrow, I hit the Great Outdoors - and it's supposed to... RAIN!

Having a couple of crab cakes and salad for lunch from the deli - it's tucked in the back end of the lobby around the corner in the building that my gym is in. Next time I'll try the Mexican place that is tucked into the other back of the lobby just up the hallway from the deli.

Wind Report. It's 50* and average winds of 9 mph - up from the previous 4 mph an hour ago. The kicker - wind gusts of up to 34 mph. Off to hit the treadmill.

Finished the presentation and have sent it on to the Boss for a Look See.
He usually likes to get one last word in. :o)

On to the Performance Management System.
We have to enter all of our objectives into an Online web-based system.
And the objectives all cascade down from the top and each level adds their own that tie to that top objective.
So by the time it gets to me, it's traveled through 3 levels. I probably won't recognize half of it...

Ever Have One of THOSE Days?

When you Just Don't Feel Like It?
"It" can be anything.

I got up this morning and didn't feel like running today.
I have 6.6 miles on the books.
My left hip is bothering me and I don't know if it's because I ran in my Superfeet insoles instead of orthotics.
I might be just a tad paranoid.
It could be that my body just needs a fews days to adjust.
But it feels like my RIGHT hip felt when it had bursitis - this was BEFORE I ever got orthotics.
Sigh... It sucks to be involved in sport where nothing is every simple.

My morning is empty.
So I might was well do my presentation to the Boss's Boss for Monday.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

What is it about Cher's blog! When you need to get a good dose of hysterical funny fall on the ground reading, she hasn't updated in like DAYS! ARG!

Debbie on the other hand always comes through in flying colors. You can always count on her to post new things in her blog regularly.

It's 6pm on March 2nd, and it is 63 degrees according to my WeatherBug.


Do you understand what I am trying to say???

It's also dark out and I have decided that I am a big time procrastinator.
That is why I am still at work and will be for another hour.


I am feeling like a pizza tonight.
How about you?

Dinner Note. So last night I stayed at work a little late. I had forgotten to leave, actually. I started working on the DRS WC website and planning late in the day and before I knew it, it was almost 7pm. So Joe calls me at work. We chat, I tell him I am coming home on the 7:10 train which will get me there around 7:20-7:25 give or take. And I get there and lo and behold, there was dinner. :o) Shrimp sauteed in garlic wine sauce with sundried tomatoes, tossed in spaghetti. It was wonderful. Joe is wonderful. I am a very rich girl.

Wedding Note

So, it has been decided. We are not going with bartenders. They were nickel and diming me to death and the logistics of more coordination with people was making me crazy. Not to mention, they mere physical presence at the event was going to be more than I had anticipated paying. So we are going to just have it be like a regular pig pickin' and have serve-yourself coolers. Yeah!

Met Rogan the Caterer at the Lodge this morning. He was happy with the kitchen and stuff. The place is kinda boring - just a lodge but it was bigger and cleaner than I had thought it would be. So I am happy. Oh, we are going to have Pecan Pie for dessert. No coffee. If people want coffee, they can walk up to the coffee shop two doors up! LOL!

Our friend JB will bring two coolers. We have a couple of coolers we can bring.

I have our concierge at work looking into Tent rentals in case of rainy weather. Otherwise it will be an open yard outside and then the inside lodge.

Life is good.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Catching Up

I feel as if I am way behind.

Weekend Note. Harriet and Daniel came up on Friday night. We went to dinner with them and Ted from AZ who flies his own plane. Anyway, we went to Giacomo's on Columbus Ave. They have the best food. Cash only - you gotta wonder about that...

Saturday Daniel and I went to Framingham to run 20 miles into Boston. Harriet and Joe provided "course support." I ended up doing 16 - my last really long run was in January when I ran the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Phoenix. So needless to say it was a bit ambitious. I stopped at 16 and called it a day. I will do 20 next Saturday.

We went to the Adidas Indoor games on both Saturday and Sunday. It was a lot of fun. I love track and field events.

Law & Order Note. So the big news of the weekend is that on Saturday night, Joe and I went to the TomorrowNite Gala for St. Jude's Hospital at the Wang Center. They had a silent auction. We bid on a Law&Order thing where you go out to LA and visit the set, get a tour, and have lunch with Bruckheimer. Not sure if I want to go to LA but L&O is my absolutely favorite show(s) on TV and so, there you have it. A dream of a life time. (One of the dreams of a lifetime, as I have quite of few on the list.) They haven't contacted us yet but I am sure we will hear all about it soon as it cost us a pretty penny. I am going to drag my friend Cher out there with me. I mean, if she won something similar to The Rockford Files set, I am sure she'd drag me out there, too! Oh, I think we won a couple of other things too. Not sure about that. Yikes!

Running Note. Ran 6.6 miles today along the Charles, which is still melting.