Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I know something that I can't blog about. ARG!!!

I am in between meetings.
Found another good blog courtesy of MJ Garcia. Thanks, MJ! I'll be reading this one regularly as well.

So I go to a meeting on time for a change. It's one that I never go to. I dread going to it because it rates high on my Waste of Time Meter. Anyway, I get there and wait and no one shows up. So thinking that people are just conferencing in, I call in and the announcement says it doesn't start until 2pm. ARG! Now you see why I don't go to meetings. It's a waste of time to try and waste my time!

I brought Korean food to work for lunch and now I am stuffed. Blech. Yesterday after my massage, I stopped in at Kaya and got take out. I had forgotten it was there at all and I used to go there regularly when I worked at 222 Berkeley! So I stopped and got way too much food and brought in leftovers. Of course there was way too much leftovers and now I feel like a fat shit, all bloated. But that could also be due to the cup of miso soup I drank and the bottle of sparking spring water I am finishing up right now.

Speaking of water, I am a bit behind on this. I am only up to a liter. 1.5 liters to go. Yikes. I might be taking a bottle of water to the hair dresser. Yes, I have an appointment for a cut and Christopher did not cancel this time. I would have killed him if he had.

Amanda Note. I suddenly realized this morning that I have no idea what it is that Amanda sells for a living. I am sure she told me but I don't think I really understood it because I can't remember it. I do that. If I have no association to it, I never can remember it unless it's something very weird. Then I remember that. And that is why I am the queen of nonsensical trivia.

Can't wait for the weekend. All my friends are coming in at the same time!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

Something New is Old Again


So, it's supposed to be a good day for a wedding on Saturday.
But, it could be a hot one for running on Monday.

I am surprisingly untense about all of this.
Surprisingly unstressed.

Joe is making sure that all things run smoothly and knowing he is on the job has almost everything to do with my lack of stress.

He will not tell me what he got me for a present, though.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Something New and Different

Pizza for breakfast.
At work.
Never done that before.

It's raining out.
It might clear up by noon when I head out the door for my 4 mile run.
I an hoping I don't have to wear my rain/wind pants.
But it was windy this morning and will more than likely continue since the Wind has it in for me.
Given that, I might wear my wind pants, rain or no.

It is time to start drinking more water.
I will increase my usual 2.5 liters to 3 liters today and tomorrow.
Thursday & Friday, I will increase that to 3.5 liters.
Saturday & Sunday, I will top things off with 4 liters.
Lots of salty foods - top off the electrolytes.
Of course I will need all of this and more come Monday when one of the forecast predictions show 70-76* for the race and I am sure there will be an easterly breeze to boot - just to piss me off.
The strangest thing is that since I've been tapering I've lost weight.
I had lost another .4 pounds this morning and I have not been dieting or running all that much.
Of course, I've watched what I eat and made sure I don't snack (other than a piece of hard candy here and there - I do love my hard candy!)
So I am only .6 pounds from what I weighed last April.
Of course that is still about 6-8 pounds over my ideal and most efficient.
And of course last year, I ran 1-2 minutes slower than my last Boston PR.
And of course, it was hot last year but not as hot as it is so far predicted for this year.
So given all of that, yes, it looks like I will have a slower harder run this year.
Some things are so damn predictable!

Funny how this is the only marathon I ever feel ready to run - not that I feel all that ready right now but I feel much more ready than I did for Phoenix in January. I don't get it.

Slow day at work, thank goodness. A couple of meetings this afternoon.
Then a massage after work.
I should start packing stuff for the wedding - change of clothes, rings, all that sort of stuff.

OH! I should also mention that Joe got me on the BAA bus on Marathon Day.
They leave two blocks up from the house.
At 9am.
Instead of the gawdawful 7:30am ungodly time.
And since it's only a 5 minute walk, I not only get to sleep late, but I can have a decent breakfast!
Now, the question is, how do I tell Daniel I won't be riding with him on the L-Street bus??
Which reminds me. I must call and let them know to keep the check but I won't be riding with them.

Blog Note. I don't get it. Cher starts a new blog and the question is: Which lasted longer? Her blog or her Atkins diet? Time will tell.

Monday, April 12, 2004


Okay. So this past weekend, we saw Amanda Panda's awesome new set of wheel! Lexus. SUV. Need I say more? Other than the fact that she looked GOOD in it. But then, of course, I think I would look good in it too. I drove it around the block twice. Almost didn't come back if it weren't for the fact that I am getting married in 5 days.


So, I gave Joseph his wedding present.
It's a Barrett DeBusk original - one of a kind commissioned wall sculture art work and it's perfect for him.
He really liked it alot! It has a doggie complete with a curling over tail, and a bright shining sun in the sky and a boy with glasses with baseball glove and NY on it's chest. Perfect! When the house is done (in my lifetime I hope), it will have a place of honor in the living room. Barrett even signed the Certificate of Authenticity! Next time we are in New Orleans, I told the Gallery Manager that we would pop in. Basically they work directly with Barrett and Mark (the Gallery manager) said that Barrett was VERY excited about being commissioned to do this piece.

So, the wedding is set.
Friends are coming in on Thursday, mostly on Friday. Cher and Milt are coming in early and we are hoping to catch a Sox game Thursday night.

I ordered my bouquet on Saturday - at Ilex - just around the corner from our house. I am totally psyched. The owner is the "creator" and he is going the bouquet for me and had some great ideas!

Joe picked up the alcohol.
We have a place for the group dinner on Friday night for those who are interested.
The caterer is off of his main job all week (he's a chef at Mistral's), and is excited about the wedding.

All I need is a sunny day on Saturday and a tailwind on Monday.
One can only hope.

Running Note. 4 miles on Saturday, 10 miles into the Damn Wind on Sunday, 2 miles easy today. Tomorrow I have 4 miles - it had better not be as windy as today. GAH! I hate the Damn Wind!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Another Day Another Blog?

Damn! Cher's got a workout blog.
I might have to create my own.

Today is surprisingly restful.
If you count working at the MIT track for the BAA from 10:30-2pm restful.
Then rushing over to Marie to get my wedding skirt from 2-3.
Then coming home to ruin my 4 miles easy.
Hmmm... I might have to rethink the meaning of restful.

There is this vendor at work, Phil, who works for embarcadero. He works elite recovery every year. He got my friend Kenny a job this year and offered to set me up if I decided not to run. Anyway... he is now sending me 10-day weather reports. Kinda like Harriet last year when she started irritating people with her NYCM weather forecasts. I could be friends with Phil if I can get past the fact that he's a damn vendor.

I saw this infomercial this morning called slim in 6. I was tempted. 3 payments of 19.95 for over a $350 in value blah blah blah. Anyway, it looks sensible, daily workouts and meal guides (as opposed to plans - although I am sure they have some of that, too). Then Sense walked through the door. His name is Joe. :o|

I have to go. I think the dishwasher is not working again. ARG! I cannot wait for this house to get fixed!!!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Wedding Note. The Present is here! Happy happy!

It's downright HOT out. 51* and counting. GAK!

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. It's a REST DAY!!! AND it's 47* out and it's only 9am! YAHOO!

Another Holiday

It's Good Friday - markets are closed so it's a company holiday.
And here I sit at work. No matter. I will take it next Friday when it's time to get ready for the wedding. :o)

So, I am wondering if you there is a special lenten thing you do on Good Fridays. Cher can't seem to remember her special something.

Talked to MaryD last night. She talked to Joe. We might be going to Mackinac Island this October. GAH! It's cold and wet and muddy and a trail and I already have a half marathon in Michigan! Not to mention it's the week before NYCM. Should never have let her talk to Joe. I'd like to see him figure this out in my training plan! HAH!

Mary said she might roll on down to Ohio when Joe and I are there. Of course I told her that Violet and Millard were planning on a visit. LOL! It would be great to see her!!! She can't come to the wedding because she's going on some boat ride with her brother. Hmmm.

I love today.
No pressure.
No phone calls.
No boss.
No demands.
Happy Happy Happy!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Running Note. 6 miles. What a tough run. I don't get it. I had a day of rest and a massage yesterday. I feel like crap. I must eat something sweet... time to riffle through my drawers and bags for the just right morsel.

So, in the middle of hunger and procrastination and feeling pretty good about my lousy run...Cher blogs about Bruce Edwards and ALS. What a bummer. Talk about a downer.

I am so happy that Cher is updating her blog. :o)
She is a good friend.
Joe and I were talking about this.
If we lived near each other we'd be at their place drinking beer and watching baseball.
They have a bigger TV than we'd do and nice big chairs.
Or we'd be running together.
Then if Linda Kim lived near us, she doesn't cook so she'd be over at our place all the time.
And then if we were on our way over to Cher and Milt's we'd drag her along with us and educate her.
Next time she comes to town, I will have to cook a Korean meal for her.
Imagine. A Korean woman who can't cook. Something to think about.

But she looked great! As tall and thin as ever. And now she is running way faster than ever, too.
We might have to drag her with us to L.A. when we go to the Law & Order event.
That's one more person - upping the group to five. Hmmm... I hope we can squeeze in one more.

Life Altering Experiences

Let's just say, for those that read Amanda's blog, Amanda bought a car.
A Plasma Screen TV.
Nothing like staring death in the eye in slow motion to make you realize you can't take it with you.
Of course, we are all happy and excited that Amanda had a personal miracle and not only survived but didn't break anything. Bad luck happens in threes, and I think this was her third one. Thank goodness. I don't think I could take another one!

Oh, and for those who do not read Amanda's blog, I suggest you start.

Ironies. I realized this morning that I am looking forward to tomorrow's holiday (office is closed because the Market is closed for Good Friday) so that I can come to work and be undisturbed so that I can finally get some work done. As it is, tonight is a late night. Staying late until about 9pm. Or thereabouts.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

New Beginnings

My friend Cher deleted her blog and started a new blog. I never heard of anyone deleting their blog. It's like erasing your life and starting over. I didn't think anyone could do that. Food for thought.

The Perfect Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese and chives topped off with scrambled egg. Yum. Carbos, fat, and protein all in one. And it tastes good, too.

Yesterday Joe and I met up with Linda Kim from Toronto for dinner and dessert in the North End. She is traveling around for work and decided to pop in from NYC. Anyway, she looked just great! She grew her hair out long and we all wished she lived next door, seeing as how my last local friend has now moved out of state to NYC! And her phone is broken so we can't even talk! The only other friend I have in this state is Lauren who lives in Acton but she is very busy with her horsie stuff and showing and things like that. Sigh...

Running Note. This is my first week of taper. Joe did up a 2-week taper schedule for me because I realized that I have never trained to the extent I have recently before and therefore, I have never had to really taper. Today is a rest day. Monday was a rest day. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles. 1 mile easy, 2 miles hard, 1 mile easy. Tomorrow, I have 6 miles (2 miles easy, 2 miles hard, 2 miles easy). Not looking forward to that one.

I am thinking of going for ART treatments. There is a place locally that does this. It is supposed to break up scar tissue and I am wondering with all the problems I've had with ITB, if ART will help.

Okay. Time to turn to work.

Monday, April 05, 2004

It is 8:30pm... and I am still working.
I am such a sucker...

Work Note. I am absolutely, utterly, completely overwhelmed at work. I have never been so busy and so useless at the same time. The paperwork and administrative bull is totally consuming me. I am not the only one, it's the same with other people in the group at my level. I have just spent the whole day redoing the Performance Objectives for myself and for each of my direct reports. This is a new HR implementation and the first time is always the hardest, I know. But now I have to cascade this administrative nightmare to my staff. God help them.

20 Miles

From Hopkinton to Centre Street in Newton.
20 miles of running on Sunday.
Not much of a wind.
Joe dropped me off in Hopkinton.
Then he drove to Natick Center.
He was going to do his 20 miles by running up to Hopkinton and running back to the car at the Mile 10 mark.
We met up with each other at around mile 6 and I wouldn't see him again until he drove up in the car at around Mile 17 in Newton.
All I can remember is that my new orthotics gave me almost-blisters. I had to stop and put some compeed on both feet right behind the ball of the feet where the arch starts. It was uncomfortable but it worked.

It was nice having the car at mid-point so that I could change shirts and jackets and refill my water bottle.

The other thing that I remember is the Donut Man.
There is a Dunkin Donuts around mile 6.5 in Framingham and there was a Donut standing out front waving to the cars.
I ran by it/him/her and sat down about 20 feet past to put on a compeed pad.
A little bit later, I hear a BIG CRASH! and I look up to see a car careening across the outside lane and into the fence that separates the road from the railroad tracks! The whole back window of the car in front had blown out and the car had been moved about 3 feet forward! A guy gets out and he has a LIMP? Obviously not as the result of the crash but how ironic I thought, especially since the guy who plowed into him in a much bigger car was still in his car and wasn't getting out! I think what happened was that the car that got crashed into was taking a left into the Dunkin Donuts. The car that plowed into him was not paying attention. It could have been anything, maybe he was on the cell phone, maybe looking over at me and wondering what I was doing sitting on the side of a busy road, maybe rubber necking at the Donut Man. But he took out the right back side so it was obvious he looked up at the last minute and tried to swerve and was quite unsuccessful.

Anyway, I am amazed and am sitting there with my mouth agape at having seen this, all in slow motion, and then I realized that if I had decided to sit just 20 feet sooner, I would be dead dead dead!

So, lesson learned. If you gotta sit in the middle of the run, don't do it on the road - go over to an more protected area and pray like heck.

I heard all these sirens, so I did what any good eye-witness and citizen of the Commonwealth would do... I left.
On the way, I saw four police cars and two ambulances.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, thank goodness.

We did go up to the Marathon Sports and in the name of the Boston Marathon as major national event, we immediately fueled the economy by exchanging 223 of our very hard-earned dollars for merchandise. Sigh...

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Happiness is...

The Perfect Anti-D-Word website

Krispy Kreme Hot Glazed Donuts! In bed. With a hot cup of coffee. Got up this morning just like any other morning. Sat in bed for while watching TV trying to wake up just like any other morning. Joe comes in with the paper after walking the doggie, just like any other morning. But, NOT LIKE ANY OTHER MORNING, he had gone to Medford to get Hot Glazed Krispy Kreme Donuts. The Perfect Food above all over possibly perfect foods!

Friday, April 02, 2004

My Quinoa Salad has too many damn onions. Blech. I don't mind onions but I am starting to feel like I am eating a little quinoa with my onions as opposed to the other way around.

Hope Springs Eternal

A new days always brings clarity.
My flurry of notes to my boss last night brought a myriad of responses from him.
It's always nice to know you have your boss's full support - even if you have to wade through all the advice you already know. But in the end, having an action-oriented boss is nice, too. Given that my load is slightly lighter and accountabilities are squarely in the laps of those who owns them, instead of mine. Ahem.

I am bound and determined to leave no later than 6pm tonight at the latest.
I must get my run in, which I totally missed last night.

Quinoa Salad for lunch with fried calamari sauteed in herb butter and pepperonici slices - Rhode Island Style.
The name is a bit hoakey to me and it's certainly a calorie laden spectacle. The salad is surprisingly good.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I just ate 10 Korean Dumplings.
I feel like a fat cow! UGH! No time like the present to go running. But I have to wait until about 7pm.
I have just too much damn work to do...

I sent my boss an SOS note.
I know he is going to say I need to prioritize but everything is a damn priority and it's all because he is making it so. :o[

I am so full.

I hate my job.

Triple Parked

I feel like I am the inside car of a triple parking situation and I can't get out.
I have people double parked outside of my office and I am on a phone conference call. For the past hour and a half.
I am becoming the master of multi-tasking like never before.
But I am NOT the master of my universe.

I feel like laying down and never getting up.