Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just so we're clear....
The plastic is STILL on the heads of the golf clubs.

For the record, Cher needs to move to Boston as opposed to me moving to Columbus. Sheesh. And I can't believe she ate a whole pound of cherries and decided to do speedwork after. WHAT was she thinking? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ahhh... lessons learned. Cherries are my most favoritest in the world. Which reminds me... ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have about 4 pounds of cherries in the fridge and I forgot to bring them to work. AGAIN!!! GAHHHHH!!!! One time I ate almost four pounds of cherries in a single sitting. Needless to say, I only indulge in one pound at a time now. At least I had the wherewithal to NOT attempt speedwork afterwards. I wasn't really running at the time but that's a small point. Ahem.

Last night, we went to Delux for dinner. I had the salmon on garlicky spinack on mashed potatoes with arugala and a bit of balsamic on top. Of course a premeal appetizer of the fruit salsa and their panfried tortilla "chips", accompanied by the usual Ketel One dirty martini with three olives. I did try the Chardonnay with dinner, and it went very well with the salmon. Brought home the banana creme pie for dessert. I stuck it in the fridge but who knew it came with ice cream? And it was more like banana cream shortcake as opposed to a pie. But it was delicious and the perfect size for two people to share. YUM.

On a eating note... I must lose some poundage. It's the same damn 10 pounds! ARG!!!
I must think more seriously about this as opposed to passing thoughts like "I must do something about these 10 pounds."

Running Note. Ran 3.95 miles easy along the Charles again. The usual usual - running easy on the edge of semi hard. I loosened up more during the 3rd mile than I did yesterday. Good sign. It's starting to get HOT at 7:30 so starting tomorrow my morning ritual starts 30 minutes earlier so that I can get out by 7am. We'll see how the temps go during the month of July before I try to get out by 6:30. Ugh. Can't even imagine running at 6:30. But sometimes, desperate temperatures call for desperate measures...

Sundry Ramblings. We played poker tonight at Amanda and Gina's. To our happy surprise, Hope and Lisa were there, as well as Abby! Fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, mashed potatoes 'n gravy, and hush puppies, followed by pecan pie for dessert. All washed down with a couple of Coronas. (Did I mention I have to rethink the whole losing the last 10 pounds thing??) The best part is that that I left with more than double what I took over there in terms of cash. And the other best part is that this is the first time I've ever played poker. If it's anything like my golf foray at the golf range, I had better stop now. The second time might leave me with the big zero, the big fat goose egg.

Tomorrow we go to the Ladies US Open. It's opening day. I hope I get to see Michelle Wie and Anika Soristam (or however the heck you spell her name - what kinda name is that, anyway?).

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today I got home from work and there it was. The delivery man came and left without a box of golf clubs and golf bag. I didn't exactly TEAR into the box since I knew what it was - the picture of a driver on the side of the box is plainly obvious. I haven't taken the plastic off of the clubs, yet. I kinda want to wait for Joseph to come home so he can help. Taking the plastic off is so... final. I put my one left handed gloves, my box of half dozen or so tees, and my two golf balls into one of the pockets. I am suddenly realizing that in addition to lessons and shoes, I might need some golf club covers, too. But alas, I am hearing rumors of a golfing adventure this weekend. :o|

And there they sit. Right in front of me, underneath the mantel with the TV on it, in the front bedroom/sitting room/kitchen area. Yup. They're golf clubs. I must ponder the implications of their arrival and what it all means to my life. I am strangely unfazed by the prospects of it all.

Running Note. Ran 3.95 miles around the Charles in what was supposed to have been easy. The Heart Rate was good but my legs were so tired! They really feel the weekend full of walking I did. So try as I might to prevent it, my easy run became an easy-run-leaning-over-into-the-edge-of-semi-hard run very quickly.

House Note. Not sure what they did. If you wait a second, I'll go check. Hang On...
Hmmm. Not sure about the INSIDE of the house but they have started the new decking outside. Of course, I didn't even know that the old deck had been torn down until Joe pointed it out to me last night. I am wondering about the very long and tall pole in the middle of the outside edge of the deck. This desk is supposed to just replace what was originally there. In a year or so, we will redo it so that it extends out further just like the plan shows. Extensible decking. I like that. I am still worried about that pole, though.

Sundry Ramblings. So yesterday morning, Joe tried taking the Miata. I had left the interior light on. We had to jump start the car. This morning, Joe tried to take the Subaru. I had left the rear door ajar. So guess what happened? Ahem. Yup. He took the Miata.

On another note, the latest weatherbug upgrade gives you the temperature in tenths of a degree. I am quite happy about that. :o) One can never be too exact when it comes to the temperature. And the wind-o-meter has an arrow that moves around with the flow of air. I like that too. Haven't figured out why, yet, or if it is important at all. Not being a real fan of the wind, it will give me a good idea of the type of vortex that is swirling around me when I go for my runs.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Phew! Almost over. What a busy weekend. The Great Gathering of Dead Runners took place and today is the last day. Things have been going well. The Hotel was a huge win - some people even made reservations for next April's Boston Marathon! Each meal was different and had something in it for everyone. The weather was perfect and when it rained, it managed to miss the main events - except for the walk to the T, on the way back home from Big City.

Friday was supposed to be a vacation day but I worked most of the day!
Today was supposed to be a vacation day but I worked half the day! ARG!!!
Now I have to write up meeting notes before heading out to lunch and enjoying my so called half a vacation day!!!

Running Note. Ran the 7 mile Charles River Run on Sunday. Did a 1 mile warm up. My right ITB has been bothering me for the past three days. There was nerve pain going up my back. As a result my psoas was tightening up. I knew it didn't bode well. The net of it is that my left leg was turning over and wanted to turn over more quickly, but the right leg felt like it was running through hip deep water or mud and couldn't go any faster. I even had to stop and stretch in the last two miles! Even still, I was happy with my time considering. Got home and Joseph massaged and stretched the ITB out before we left for the clambake. Then after the clambake, he did it once more. It feels better this morning. I might need more stretching and massage before all is back to normal. Today is a rest day, thank goodness!

House Note. Scotty the Contractor called and it seems that the stove hood is on order and will take 3-4 weeks for delivery. Which means he can't really close up the wall, which means he can't put in that particular cabinet, which means I can't really paint until it's done, which means around the end of August. :o( But at least he talking about the HOOD as opposed to the wiring, which means that we have made progress. Thank goodness for that, too.

Sundry Ramblings. I haven't had a chance to talk to my girlfriend Joanne in NYC. The Nephew is coming to stay the night tonight and tomorrow night. :o) Evidently, Hwinliml is having his boring, dull, cousins stay at the condo and will need the space. Joe is going to be late with golf tonight so I guess when John gets home, we will go to dinner somewhere. I won't have to eat alone. Yeah!!

And later in the day... Here I sit. I skipped the tour of Fenway. I came home and cleaned the front room/bedroom/sitting room area and vaccumed the carpet in the entry and our bedroom. I am recovering from the weekend by getting some in-construction dusty cleaning in - as best as I can. I had to change the vaccum bag and a big buncha fine dust came out and two hours later, I feel really nauseated. Probably nothing, probably my fixating on it. But it still doesn't make me feel any better knowing that.

I think I will take the hand cart to the grocery store for more quiet time. :o)

Friday, June 25, 2004

The Big Weekend has arrived with the Great Gathering of Dead Runners to ensue. After all the planning and work, it's the culmination of mainly a Group of Five who have spent the past 6 months of their lives planning a conference together. It's funny that despite all of the warnings from other regional groups to "be careful or you will never be friends again" or "don't be surprised if you are abandoned and there are fights" and "everyone who plans a conference stops being active afterwards", this group of people who only knew each other peripherally have gotten to know each other better, and have grown to learn and like the idiosyncracies that make up the characters and personalities. I think all those who gave us rash warnings based on personal bad experiences, waiting for us to join their ranks of disillusionment, will be disappointed. This is a good group of people who have become better friends and hopefully richer for the experience.

It's been a tough week. Work pressures, final wrap ups on the conference plans, have taken their toll on me. I am not a detail person. I used to be. As I rose through the ranks of the corporate world, my focus had to change from anal-retentive technician to a broad vision, high level manager. And it is reflected in my personal life. I used to plan my days to the second. Quite literally, I would sit down before bed and write out my life for the next day - when to get up, when to go to sleep, when to eat, when to run errands, etc. Nowadays, if you ask me what I am going to do tomorrow, I generally have a huge long list of things I would like to get done but don't have a prayer of accomplishing. And if you were try and pin me down to times of the day, I can do it for a few things but I generally end up getting irritated with the questioner. And so it is that these days are filled with going from one item to the next on the task list. But last night the pressure had built because I had not progressed down the list too much and Joseph told me that I had tried to cram too much into the day.

Thank God for Joseph. Last night, I could not find my blackberry. I searched and searched the house and concluded I had lost it on the train home! OMG! WHAT TO DO! I was almost weeping at the thought of going without my connection fix until I ordered a new one. Then Joseph said that the days tend to run together and it's often we thought we did something today and it was actually yesterday. That gave me the thought that maybe I had left it at work. So at 10:00pm, I went to work and found it sitting on my desk. Joseph drove me. Wouldn't think of me going alone. 10pm. There was a day when I would have had to drive in alone from the suburbs.

Lately I had been lamenting about my car. My poor Miata. It is showing the wear and tear of living in the city. I am having a difficult time keeping it clean and giving it the waxing it needs. But more importantly I am having a hard time keeping it away from the bumper dings as it is parked on the street mostly. I have been obsessing over this for a week or so and I was going to go and get it washed last night (yes, also on the list among the other 10 or so things that would have taken me 4-5 days to complete). Joe met me at the train station. He had had the car totally detailed, inside and out. All washed, polished, shampooed and vaccuumed. Now all I have to do is put the car bra on it. I never should have taken it off. There was a day not too long ago that I would have taken the car to the car wash bay and worked on it alone for 3 hours.

This morning, I am working from home. Putzing around the house before the day gets started, Joseph brings me my coffee in bed. There was a day when I would have been asked where the coffee is and when am I going to make it (because it seemed that other people didn't know how to turn the kitchen faucet on to fill the pot). After a bit I go to the front room/sitting room and notice a big bag. I peek inside and it's the car bra. Joe has brought it up from the basement. There was a day when I would have to root around and figure out where I had put things and spent about an hour moving things around and pulling and shoving and cussing and getting bruised and bumped in the process.

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He anticipates my needs by actually listening to my random mumblings. I talk to myself and he wants to know what the conversation is about. He watches the world for me and points out beautiful or funny things that I will miss otherwise. He listens for jokes and explains them to me patiently so that I might laugh too. He surprises me daily with random acts of thoughtfulness. It can be the random bouquet, bringing in ALL the grocery bags, getting water from the store because I don't have time to, or bringing up a black garbage bag from the basement with my car bra in it. He makes me cry with wonder - maybe did do something right sometime in my life to deserve this?

I love you, Hunny Bunny. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I cannot imagine what it is like to know that in the next 60 seconds, my head will be severed from my body for all eternity. I cannot imagine what it would be like being that person's father, mother, wife, child. But mostly, I can't imagine knowing that in the next 60 seconds, I will no longer be alive. I cannot imagine knowing that my impending death is that close.

I don't understand a religion that says if you do not believe what I believe, I will talk to you and try to convince you to convert. And then if you still do not believe what I believe, I must kill you. And that, in a nutshell, is what Muslims believe. If you have ever read the Qu'ran (or however you spell it - I've seen it many ways), it is a violent text. It talks about killing those that do not believe as you believe... although there are portions in it that says one may be able to spare Christians and still go to Paradise because the Christians also believe in one god, even though it is not the same god as theirs.

I have a feeling in my gut that says that the Muslims will take over the world. And then they will fight among themselves and humanity will implode.

I went to a political fundraising dinner last night and the keynote speaker was the Governer Huckabee from Arkansas. It was a nice meal and the Lt. Governor Kerry Healey came up and greeted Joseph, etc., and everything was calm and benign. So Governor Huckabee gets up and talks about civil service and a bunchaotherthings. He then relayed a story of taking his then-11-y.o. daughter to Israel to the holocaust museum there. After a long story, he told how his daughter signed the guest book at the end of the tour. She signed her name and address, and age, and all the requisite information. Then in the comments section, after a long pause, she wrote, "Why didn't somebody do something?"

That stuck with me. I thought the same thing when I went to Andalucia in Spain a few years back. The Moors ruled that area (in fact it was a separate country) for about 713 years. Give or take a few. They and their culture were decimated by the Christians (Catholics). But their legacy lives on in the beauty of their architecture and oral history that even the Catholics and the new ruling class couldn't erase - even as they built churches inside and over the mosques. As I walked through the ruins and the buildings, I thought to myself, "Why didn't somebody do something? Anything?" And then I was afraid for America. And I thought to myself that I hope somebody can do something before the same thing happens to us.

Running Note. I ran 6 miles easy along the Charles this morning. I thought of the Moors and the Muslims and the beheadings. My lungs and heart rate was good and easy. My legs were a little tired but okay.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I have been SO DAMN BUSY!!! ARG! We have this runners conference coming up. This weekend. The Dead Runners Society World Conference XII in Boston. It changes venue every year - anyway... it's in Boston this year and I am on the planning committee. OMG! It's like planning a wedding - everything happens in the last damn week! I am totally EXHAUSTED! GAH!!!

I did manage to squeeze in a couple of work-related activities, though. Thank goodness!

Running Note. I ran 4 miles easy this morning. My legs felt good but I couldn't get my breathing right. I don't know what's going on but that's been a problem lately. I did my easy run pretty fast pace-wise. Whatever. I have 6 miles tomorrow morning so we will wait and see if I suck wind because my easy run today wasn't really as easy as I think it was.

House Note. The plumbing inspector came, walked down stairs, signed the permit, and left. That took like 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES! And we waited a whole WEEK! ARG! At least progress can continue - everything was sort of halted and waiting for the plumbing inspection. I hope they got a lot of stuff done today.

I hope my apples got delivered and I hope the postal person left them just like I requested instead of requiring my signature. The post office is only three blocks away but my god... it's a long three blocks when you are carrying a box of 100 apples! Don't even ask about the apples. They are from NY State and they are for the aforementioned runners conference. There.

Golf Note. I am now the proud owner of two golf balls and a dozen or so tees. Also one divot repairer and 2 ball markers. Now all I need are lessons and golf shoes. My brother wrote me and told not to give up! That does not bode well...

Sundry Ramblings. Yesterday was my Mother's birthday. I do not know how old she is (of course she is dead and buried but she still has a birthday, donchaknow). I never knew how old she was. My brother told me her age once with incredulous disbelief in that I wouldn't know my own mother's age, but how would I know? We barely talked! Anyway, I thought of her all day yesterday. Nothing in particular, I just recalled her face and how pretty she was when she smiled. I am told that I look just like her - which on the face of it is okay since I always thought that she was pretty - even when she was at her ugliest. I didn't look like her when I was younger but I think I've grown into looking like her as I've aged. I thought she didn't like me while I was growing up because I wasn't pretty like her. I thought if I had been just a little prettier like the other little girls she compared me to, she might like be more. In later years, I decided that wasn't it as much as she regretted I wasn't a son. Anyway, I thought she regretted having me because I was one of those kids that was really cute and pretty until age 6. Then something happened and a fairy wand hit me in the head and the Heavy Homely Dust turned me into Homely Girl. And I've been fighting to get out of Homely Girl ever since. But I think underneath Homely Girl was my Mother's influence. Thankfully, I think that influenced helped me slowly dig out from under the influence of Heavy Homely Dust. I don't remember too many good things or good times with my Mother (not that I ended up spending all that much time with her in the first place) but there is one good thing I associate with my Mother. Cake. Soft white cake with fluffy white coconut icing. I am not sure why. Funny that after all the turmoil of life with Mother, she reminds me of one of my most favorite things.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mother. I hope you had lots of soft white cake with fluffy coconut icing. And a big smile on your face.

Monday, June 21, 2004

So, I have been informed that my blogs are long. Sheesh. I have a lot of things to say! So there!!! BLEH!

I got up this morning and everything hurt. Not sure why. Must be age....
So, I didn't run. Which is fine since yesterday was my first really long run since Boston and on a pretty hilly course.

I did manage to drag myself to the gym, however. It felt really good and it still only takes about 30 minutes complete with ab work and stretching.

Well, my brother emailed me. I love my brother. He totally cracks me up. Actually, my whole family just cracks me up. LOL! I must call him and talk to him about golfing but I'll wait for another day when I don't have 20 things on my to do list! He and HK are doing great golfing, it seems. They took third in a couples golfing tournament. Wow.

I am feeling like a pizza tonight... I have to think about this.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Golf Note. I tried by hand at the driving range again yesterday.
I didn't do as well as last week. I tried the new glove (which I've been told is a "glove" without the "s" on the end because it is only one glove. As opposed to one gloves and a pair of gloves. Which I still don't get). The glove added a different dynamic to the whole grip thing which made me grip too tightly which made me try to hit too hard which made my forearm hurt which tells me that I didn't swing as well because my deltoids feel so good that if they were in any less pain (which is none as it is), they would be in slovenly putty heaven. My drives were so bad that at one point, I managed to make the ball go over to the next tee box, where The Nephew (who is visiting for the weekend), was standing. The ball bounced off his left lower arm around the back and went flying. He had a nice round red spot. Today, I was sure he has a very nice round black and blue spot. But amazingly, you couldn't even tell he had a golf ball bounce off his arm. The miraculous healing of youth.

I also tried my hand at putting around on the practice green and I did considerably better. Not that I made any hole in ones or anything, but my arm did feel a might better and I didn't feel as much stress.

After a discouraging day at the range, I went on ebay and bid on a mallet putter and a 14-piece starter set of clubs complete with bag. I didn't get the putter. Someone outbid me in the last second! ARG! But I did get the clubs. Hmmm... Didn't think about what would happen if I actually won the clubs. Well, turns out that Joe went ahead and paid for them.

The details on the clubs makes it sound like it will make me a better player. Which is good because I can't play right now. The stand bag comes with a rain hood. Not that I will be playing in the rain but it should be good as a dust cover as it sits around the house.

Now all I need are balls and tees, and a lesson or two.
I might have to get out on a real live course for real and actually try playing. For real.

Running Note. So, after a nice easy 4-mile run yesterday, Joe and I decided to try the great unknown and headed out to the Wompatuck State Park in Hingham. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there - which included getting turned around and stopping to ask for directions. It was a bit unnerving because I have never really run a road through a park without race mile markers, with just a paper map in my hand. I have a fear of getting lost and wandering around the forest for days on end, ending out my days in make-shift lean-to's that I construct with my bare hands and eating fruits and berries until some park ranger or hikers come along in a few years and trip over me. In my lean-to. But I didn't really need worry. There were a lot of bikers on the park road and the paved bike path. Strangely, there were no other runners. I discovered that the most unnerving thing was not that I would get lost, but that there were trails and trailheads that were not on the paper trail map. WHY would anyone make a map that was not accurate! And if you create more trails, WHY would you NOT update the trail map! Isn't the whole point of the trail map to help you traverse the trails of the park that the trail map refers to? And THAT is the whole damn problem that I have with running on trails through the damn woods in some strange unknown forest without food or water or shelter of any kind! BUT, now that I have run the loop twice, which I think was around 5.5 miles and which Joe thinks was 5.75 miles, I think that I would go there again for my long runs. You run by the parking lot so I could refuel my water belt, etc. And the parking lot is next to the visitor center which is open and has a real bathroom. Not that I ever need one once I start running long. I never have to go once I start running. (knock knock knock on wood). My body saves all bodily fluids and water intake to sweat it out, which is why I always look like I ran through a shower no matter how far I run. Anyway, I will call my two loops a total of 11 miles and call it a day. Joe tends to be more optimistic than I am on the distance thing.

House Note. On the way back from running, we stopped and got a double stainless steel sink for our new kitchen. That is, our new kitchen to be because it's not a new kitchen yet. We had driven the Miata to the state park, so there was a bit of question in my mind about how we would get the sink home. The Miata is not a big car and our running gear was in the trunk. And the sink comes in a big ole box that wouldn't fit in the trunk even if it were empty. But Joe bungee'd the box to the anti-vibration bar in the boot and held on to the handhold on the box until we got it home. No mishaps, thankfully!

Sundry Ramblings. Today is Father's Day. I can't remember how we used to celebrate Father's Day in the past and it's bothering me a bit. I think Daddy would go golfing. And I know that I would get him a card and call him on the phone to chat. But he didn't like chatting on the phone - which is where I got that same trait - and couldn't wait to hang up. Of course, if I didn't call him, he had no problem telling me over the phone how disappointed he was. And O.M.G. He would go on and on about that! That only happened once, mind you. Anyway, there really isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of my Father. He was very quiet - an introvert - and had no tolerance for stupidity of any kind or any form and extremely shy.

I found out how shy he was years later when I had graduated college and was visiting him. He was living alone - having been divorced many years earlier and all the kids having flown the coop - and he related to me a story. Now, my father was comfortable with silence and welcomed it. Anyway, he told me that he would eat alone at work - the hospital had a cafeteria - and people would always invite him to eat. He would usually avoid it but on those occasions when he couldn't find a reason not to, he would join them and be reminded why he needed to work harder next time to avoid eating with them. They would talk and talk and he found it all very irritating (the introverted side comes out) and then horror upon horrors, they would talk to HIM and he would have to answer! The shy part of him would come out. He said he never knew how to respond and when to talk. He said he admired how his kids could go on about nothing and talk to all manner of strangers and become seemingly instant friends with them. I remember telling him that I didn't really care for the company or conversation of strangers but it was easier than the aggravation of avoiding people - seeing as how the world is full of them, avoiding them was more work than I cared for. I remember that was probably the first time I ever saw my father as "human." He had frailties and I was shocked. I knew he had faults - because most of them irriated me to no end but it was who he was and I didn't mind. But weakness was something that I never thought my father possessed.

In the years when he was sick, I would send him abalone from Chinatown. Since they were almost fished to extinction, they were very expensive and the Chinatown always had a good value on them. He was so excited when he received the first batch. My step monster cooked them for him. He would eat them dipped in hot pepper vinegar paste. It is also one of my favorite foods and goes very well with a nice smoky single malt scotch.

Now that he is gone, I don't talk to him even though I have tried that in the past. But I feel stupid and funny talking to the air so I don't do it much. Not unless I am distraught and upset but that is exceedingly rare. I don't talk to him but I do think about him. Often. Every day. Mostly I just sort of wonder. I wonder where he is. I wonder what he's up to these days. I wonder if he is whole again after the pain of cancer wasted him away. I wonder if he misses his body - now that it's been cremated. I wonder if he knows that the step monster has it in a vault somewhere locked away - which I find to be quite ironic. I wonder if he knows about Joe - Joe thinks he does - because they have a lot in common and I think my father would have smiled, lit his pipe, and nodded his head in quiet approval. I can see him standing there. I wonder if he sees me or if he knows what I am up to. In my heart, I don't think he remembers me. I am not sad about it, strangely enough. But if I close my eyes and think hard and feel hard and send my heart out to the cosmos searching for him, I can't find him. It's different with my Mother, and I think she sees and remembers but for some reason I don't think my father does. I can't picture where he is or what he is doing. But I can see my mother. Which I find to be odd because I was closer to my Father than to anyone in the world. I am not sure if he is happy (even though I think my mother is). But I can feel that he is content, even if I can't see him or feel him. And I am glad he found contentment.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I miss you still.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Sundry Ramblings. OMG! Had to leave work early. Got an email from Joseph. Then I gave him a phone call. Workers upstairs. The roof. The cats. Lost. Missing. Can't find. ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MISSING???? OMG!!!! I never packed up so quickly in my life! Got home. Joe couldn't find the cats. I walked up to the roof - there is a skylight door in the top unit that leads to the roofdeck. It sits on our roof. Well, given the nature of brownstones, the roofs all are connected because the buildings are all connected. And all the buildings have roof decks. Most of them do, anyway. I had to walk the length of the roof(s) calling for the kitty cats. GAH!!! Did I say that I DO NOT LIKE HEIGHTS? Our roof is FOUR STORIES UP. IN THE AIR!!! That is what they call a HEIGHT!!! ARG!!!! And some of the roof decks are like only TWO FEET from the edge. Beyond the edge, it is STRAIGHT DOWN! To the GROUND!!! GAH!!! No cats. Called and called, bent and peeked and crawled on all fours. NO CATS! Are they DEADS???

...think think think...

Something didn't feel right. It was just too empty. I was too alone up there. I didn't think the cats were up on the roof. I got back to our unit. Joe pops his head up out of the skylight door. Uh... the cats are buried deep under a bed. One just came out. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY KITTY CATS!!! GAH!!!!!!!!

Nothing like ending the week with a DAMN HEART ATTACK!!!

Running Note. I blew off the run this morning. Just two miles but I was not feeling up to it. We ran a race last night. The humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was a 4.2 mile race. Mile 1 was decent. Mile 2 was 45 seconds slower. Mile 3 was a minute slower than Mile 2. Mile 4 would have been slower than Mile three had it not been for the stupid girl who saw that I was almost going to pass her and started speeding up. My 200-meter legs took over, I got down low to the ground, and kicked it in. There was now way in hell she was gonna beat me. Overall, more like a tempo run speed, but my heart rate said that it was definitely a sprint work out. Legs were good. Too bad the heart wasn't into it.

House Note. They did a bunchawork on the rentla unit, just like Joe said. The workers are neat and doing a good job. When all is said and done, we are going to have the whole construction crew over to a party so that they can see the fruits of their labors being used and appreciated!

Golf Note. We got free tickets to opening day of the U.S.Open in Hadley MA, on July 1. Yahoo. Someone from the running club bought tickets for the week and can't use Tue-Thur. Tue and Wed are practice rounds. Thur is Day 1. They also said that they would offer up the fall Deutche Bank Championship tickets at TPC to us first! And I think Joe may be able to get something through his work as well.

I think we will be going to the driving range and putting green this weekend. I must get a putter. So I will rent some. I might rent 2 or 3 at the same time and use them all together and see which one I like. I think I will be going with a mallet style putter - it puts the weight low and in the back so that ball gets pushed off more efficiently. I am already learning a lot of new things about putters and clubs.

And another thing. I am going to blow off going to the gym today.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Life is filled with surprises, if one looks around.
Which I don't. At least, not too well. And not quickly enough.
But I will say that I do eventually "get it".
Given enough time.
Sometimes, I do run out of time.

I got home yesterday and Joe was at the baseball game (he had Monster Seats!) and I did my usual piddling around. I finally went into the sitting room/front bedroom and noticed the VCR had been moved.
To the mantle.
All of the things on the mantle had been moved.
I couldn't really tell where.
Through my fog of confusion, I noticed a large structure on the mantle.
OMG! What IS that!!!

A 42" flat screen plasma HDTV.
Thank you very much.

I knew it was coming - we had gotten it from a silent auction (after upgrading, yadda yadda yadda) but I didn't know when it would arrive. When I asked last week, Joe vaguely mention that he was working on it. Joe had come home yesterday morning to take receipt of it - he told me he was coming home to meet Scottie the Contractor - which wasn't a lie since Scottie was at the house yesterday morning. Joe just failed to leave out the real reason why he was coming home at 10am.

He had saved this little bit of news to surprise me.
That is one of the greatest things about Joe.
He plans little surprises for me using little things - like I knew the TV was coming but not when it was coming. So he surprised me with the delivery.

Living with someone like that is like living from one surprise to another.
And it's a truly marvelous thing.

Tomorrow, the cable people are coming to hook up the HDTV cable box, and the old digial cable box will go in the bedroom. Which is a good thing because we only get like five channels in the bedroom even if you have cable. I can't explain it because nothing the cable company ever does is explanable.

We are also going to get a full year of free platinum cable as a result of the auction. I wonder if Joe will surprise me with that one as well. I wonder if the Cable company will surprise both of us and have it include the baseball package.

House Note. The electrical was inspected yesterday. Lots of work got done on the upstairs unit's heating and air conditioning. I cannot wait for the wires to be put back into the ceiling instead of hanging down like streamers. I talked to Joe after he got back from golf and was working from home. Apparently there were six workers there working on all manner of things. SIX! ACK! The place isn't big enough for six people to be moving around at one time! Maybe they are making everything bigger. Maybe they are all midgets. Ooops. Little People. I think that's the PC term for midgets.

Running Note. We are running the Reggae Ramble tonight - it should be a really good time! The race rules are hysterical! Yup! Should be a really good time!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I bought our tickets to Hell this morning.
Hell, Michigan.
There is a race there called The Run Through Hell and we are going.
Staying with friends, driving up.
There will be a rather large contingent of runner friends there this year - from Ohio, Michigan, New England, New York (hopefully, Debbie if you are reading this), etc.
There will be other people, but I will just ignore them, like I always do.
I have the ignoring skill down really well.

Running Note. Ran 4 miles easy around the Charles just like yesterday. It wasn't as humid as yesterday. My knee is a bit cranky from the squats on Monday so I will forgo today's weight workout and go on Friday, just to give it a rest.

Today is my sister's birthday. Of course I am late on the card thing. She lives in North Carolina and is a total riot. She writes the best movie reviews but she hasn't written one in a while. No, she doesn't do this as a profession. She is a movie buff. She goes to movies and sometimes for the whole weekend. She will live at the theatre. No, really. She subsists on soda and popcorn over a weekend at some cinema watching every movie they have - and sometimes we are talking about 7 or 8 of them all in one weekend. I don't believe she has done this in a while because I haven't received any movie reviews from her. I share her reviews with friends and they love. They ask when she will send out more but it's been so long, they've quit asking. She writes these reviews and does plot and character assessments, critiques the sound and set and all the special effects if there are any. She has an extensive vocabulary and she uses it! ALL of it! ARG! Hence my unabridged dictionary that I refer to regularly on my desk. Anyway... she has a funny sense of humor, hard to pin down - not dry (not wet - if there is such a thing). She has a good twist on words. She's not a writer. She's an ah-teest (aka artist) and she works in a psyche ward with dumb doctors, stupid administrators, and wacko patients. She should write a damn book! You should read her emails too (I can them Eposts From the Edge). They are hysterically funny (technically, you can only be hysterical if you are female because the word derives from "hymen" which only women have. I wonder what the male equivalent is.)

Anyway, she has informed me that she has been sung to four times today. EGADS! Sung to??? I think I'd go home and close the blinds. And on this special day of days, I can say that I miss my sister a little more than usual...

Golf Note. I have been advised with my new executive status and recent promotion, I should invest in a Ping Putter. Ping Ping... A little Ping here, a little ping there... here a Ping there are Ping... It rhymes with Bing - as in Cherry (not Crosby). I wonder if they come in ORANGE. Hmmm....

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Celebration Note. We don't want to close out the day without a note of celebration. We went to Hammersley's for dinner to celebrate my promotion. Hammersley's has special meaning for us. It was the place of our first real date, when we discovered to our surprise that we were in love and had much in common. So, we went back today, to share my important event - before we shared it with anyone else. So fitting.

I did entertain the notion that I might need a new Louis Vuitton bag as a self-reward. Of course, Joe thought a putter was a good idea as well. Hmmm... I wonder if Louis Vuitton makes putters??

I came home from work to find orange-tinted (I think they are coral colored, actually) roses on the bed with a lovely note of congratulatons. We used Abby's pitcher vase and the roses look outstanding against the blue of the vase, set against the Williamsburg Blue, which looks green on our walls for some reason. Blue, green... it all resembles nature so who am I to split hairs about the waves of the color spectrum.

It was a good day. And it's better with friends to share it with. And it's best with someone special. Sharing and everything takes on special meaning with Joseph in my life. Everything.

And with that, good night to all...

So, managing all of my running shoes is getting to be hazardous. What a chore! I am retiring a pair of shoes because it just hit 250 miles. I am going to take that pair to the gym so it will be my lifting-weight-gym-shoes. The gym shoes are going to be at the office. The current office pair is going home with me to be my other alternate home shoes. I have another pair at home with about 150 miles on them. Phew! I had to make a chart to get this right!

Running note. 4 miles easy around the Charles. Nice day if you want hot and humid at 7:30 in the morning. I felt like I was melting. Legs were a little tired from the weight workout yesterday but none the worse for wear. Tomorrow I have another 4 miles easy planned.

Today is Amanda's Daddy's birthday. My Daddy's birthday is May 6th. But that date came into question when he married the evil step monster. She decided that May 6th was not his birthday. Koreans still use the lunar calendar. They basically traced it back to the lunar year in which he was born, found the date on the Gregorian Calendar, and called it a day. So the evil step monster decided to do this on her own and lo and behold, wah lah! A perfectly good day for a birth has been thrown out with the trash. So, I am thinking that now MY birthday is in question. And I like my birthdate! I like being a Leo! But then this is the same woman that decided to change evil half brother's name from Jaehong to Shidan when he was like, 6 years old. Shidan?? Sounds like Shit On. I told my dad what problem he would have in school growing up and for a change he put his foot down (I almost fell over on that one), and said she couldn't change it to Shit On. Anyway, she still worried over that stupid name for another year or two. Turns out they called him Edward, anyway, so what the hell difference did it make? ARG!!!

Well, Happy belated birthday, Daddy.
Happy Birthday, Amanda's Daddy!

House note. - wires wires wires - flowing down from the ceiling like party streamers. Only, who's having the party here? Not I. Oh... the contractors!! I should have realized!!! There was also a large metal box in the sitting room/front bedroom where are managing to eke out an existence during this house project. And it's not a small box. Turns out it is the heating/AC unit for the upstairs apartment. Can't wait for it to go into it's rightful place. Upstairs. I wonder what will be done tonight? Maybe I will clean a little, too. Poor Joe's allergies are practically killing him!

Sundry Miscellany. So last night we had dinner at Delux with Abby. She delivered a beautiful vase which Joe took for a pitcher, to which Abby and I immediately corrected him and said it was a vase, to which Joe responded that iced tea would look good in the vase. He is so impossible... Anyway, Delux was excellent. It's my favorite place right now and I try to maneuver occasions to go there.

I also got promoted to VP today. New title, new salary, a salary adjustment, a merit increase, new bonus pool, more shares, lots o' good stuff! I think I will take my department out for lunch. Oh, and more importantly, I get to order new business cards. The old ones are around somewhere... never really used them except to take notes on when I happened to spy on lying around here on my desk or bookshelf. I might have to make myself obnoxious with the new yet-to-be-ordered business cards to show off the new title. It's the small things in life that make it more complete, dontchasee...

Monday, June 14, 2004

Ah, yes.
I am now the proud owner of one left hand glove.
Soft and supple, just like second skin.
And a book on public places to golf in Massachusetts.

Too bad I still need the balls and clubs to actually play.

I did go perusing through the racks and did come upon some nifty ecco shoes.
I like the white with the light beige trim.
Oh, and the Callaway x-16 clubs were rather nice as well.

Just follow the trail of pain.
All on the right side.
My deltoids.
The outside of my neck.
My lower mid-back.
My upper trapezius.
Knowing the technical names can make pain location more precise.
I got up this morning and thought I was going to have to literally roll out of bed.
Right onto the floor.
All from a little stint at the driving range.

Yes, we are talking about golf.
That great game where people spent upwards of 4 hours on a beautiful day, chasing a little white ball around what could be a beautiful idyllic park if not for the shaved greens and close-cropped fareways with nary a tree or rose bush in the way.
Where you try to hit that ball into a little tiny hole in the ground with a pole sticking out of it.
And you do all this using a long stick with a weird little thingie on the end.
Ahh... the great game of golf.

We went to the driving range with Amanda and Gina.
A few balls turned into a half a bucket, which turned into an even bigger bucket.
Most of the balls went into the air.
I did have a few grounders.
I have discovered that if you try too hard or think too much about what you are doing, you will miss the ball entirely.

I did learn a few things from this experience.
Hitting the ball isn't as hard as I thought it would be.
I must add deltoid exercises and waist twisties to my lifting routine at the gym.
Which means another 5 damn minutes added to the time I spend in front of the weight rack! ARG!
At least the trail of pain is telling me what weak muscles I have.

On the bright side, I must get a left glove.
An iron.
A driver.
And probably a putter, too.
And perhaps a little bag to carry it all in.

I wonder if Louis Vuitton makes a golf bag. Hmmm...
I know Chanel does. And little fashionable golf shoes.
I wonder if Chanel makes golf shoes.
Hmm... with little double-c spikies.
Now, this is getting more interesting.

And no. I didn't not get the rest of the house clean yesterday as I had planned.
I played golf! Sheesh!
And I cooked dinner for Amanda and Gina.
Scotch, sake, wine and Korean food.
Good stuff.

Running Note. 7.75 miles in a heat o' the mornin' yesterday. Should have done 8.05 but given the effort and the pace, 7.75 was just fine.

I might give cleaning another whirl one evening this week. We'll see.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Happy Pride, everyone! Met our friend MJ and her son Timmy at the corner to watch the Gay Pride Parade. What a hoot and too much fun. We saw and met a lot of our neighbors. Finally met MJ's cute cousin Dan who lives with Lou behind us on Chandler Street. I liked this parade much more than the one we went to Halloween Eve in NYC a few years ago. The two men and women who were instrumental in getting gay marriage passed were also in the parade. It was neat seeing them in person after having watched their images on television.

House Note. Went to Poirier and picked out the appliances. We ended up with the Subzero refrigerator with the single drawer freeze on the bottom, a Wolf 6-burner stove with the red knobbies and a Wolf range hood, and the Miele dishwasher with the silverware rack on top. Happy happy! We went to Expo and picked out a sink but decided we needed to check the plans for the width first. We did get the faucet, though. A nice Delta faucet with the spray on the nozzle as opposed to a separate spray handle.

Running Note. Ran 6.5 miles along the Charles this morning. Headwind coming back was a bit much but I am not complaining. It was nice to get out and breathe fresh air!

Dust Note. We cleaned the house. Parts of it. Joe is so wonderful. He knows the dust is killing me so he cleaned and missed his run today. I feel so bad that he missed his run. But our bedroom is much cleaner. We still have the sitting room/bedroom and bathroom to do but the bedroom is clean!

Last night, we went to dinner with Amanda Panda and Gina Bina. Hope and Lisa also came with us. They were going to watch the Gay Men's Chorus sing at the Majestic Theatre after dinner. We went to Fajitas and 'Ritas. I thought Rita was a person, as in Rita Moreno only without the Moreno part. Anyway, it suddenly dawned on me last night that Rita was really short for Margarita - as in the drink, not the person. How did I realize this? When I saw the "'" in front of the "R" in "Rita" as in "'Rita". Go figure. It's like that time I told you about earlier when I realized that awry was pronounced "a-rye'" as opposed to "AW-ree." You never know when lightning will strike. Go figure.

We had a great time at dinner. They have good fajitas but their 'ritas are better!

I love Hope. She is so funny. Found out she's a therapist. Egads! I shouldn't have told her about my confetti dots but it was too late because after I told my confetti dot story she offered her services for free! LOL!

I will say that I am perfectly utterly normal and dull. I've spent a long time getting to who I am and finding me inside of me. So I am very happy that I have found myself for the last 16 years. But two years ago, I dusted off the old me and found a newer layer of me underneath. Yup. I know. It's all a bit confusing and what the heck am I talking about? Suffice it to say that I know my shortcomings, although I discover more every day, and I am perfectly comfie that I have these terrible faults. But then, I have some good traits too. I think. I am a pretty good cook! And this, of course only leads us back to the kitchen, which is not done yet, and the house that is full of dust because the kitchen is being put back together - not to mention the living room and dining room - or better yet, the entire first floor.

I have a dastardly cough.
It seems like a cold but I don't think it is.
It sounds like a smoker trying to cough up the cancerous gunk in their lungs.
It feels better when I am out of the house than in the house.
I believe it's the dust from construction.
I am not allergic to a lot, but I am allergic to dust.
It didn't start until we got back from Columbus and it has gotten progressively worse.
The dust is in the air.
It's worse with the fan on - which stirs up the dust even more.
I am living in toxic environment.
Joe says he can smell the dust in the air.
All the furniture is covered with a fine covering so transparent you have to look closely.
I am breathing it in and it's settling in my sinuses and lungs.
Not sure if I can live like this for another two months.
I might have to move out because I can't live with this perpetual black lung disease cough I have now - especially since it gets worse every day.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Okay. I am trying this again! Grrrr....

Internal Work IM. So yesterday, I am talking to my boss via email. He says, why don't we just use IM? I say, I don't have it. He says, why don't I install it? I say, what's wrong with email? He says, it might be easier with IM. I say, I think email works just fine. He say, .... nothing. Dang! So I go out and fill out the access request to get an account set up. He got the request to approve this morning, which he did. So now he knows that I took his silence to mean that I should get an account. We have the software auttomatically loaded, just need a password and out account activated by the support guys.

So I get the approval notice this morning and still can't sign in. So I call the help desk. After many minutes of waiting I am told that it's just been approved so it needs a couple of hours to cycle through the system and that I should try it this afternoon. Damn! Of course, I have the patience of a gnat so I jumped the gun. Again. I will try again this afternoon, ready and poised to call the help desk if I can't get in again.

My whole staff has IM, it seems (except for two other people who are more anti-social than I am). They will all rue the day that my boss suggested I get this set up. LOL!

More Technology Woes. So Wonderful Hunny got the wireless set up in the house the other day. He said our neighbors encrypted their wireless internet access. Rats! Anyway, he tried doing it last week but something didn't work. When I asked him how he managed to fix it, he said that he was able to do it without someone's wonderful helpful advice during the attempt. Hmph. Anyway... my laptop recognized it and then didn't. So called the help desk and they explained everything and walked me through it all. I tried again and it worked.

Then a problem happened. My neighbor's signal kept making my wireless switch back and forth from theirs to ours! Because they are encrypted, this meant that my wireless internet connections wouldn't work when it swiched to their's until I switch back to ours! I have to call the help desk again to fix this and get the neighbor's off my connections list.

I also tried to sign into work last night using our VPN connection software. It came back and told me that the remote host was not responding. Now I know the remote host is there because that is what I connect to at work. And it's important to be able to do this because it will allow me to work from home on my laptop just as if I am sitting at my desk! I will have to call the help desk on this as well.

Looks like I am going to be spending a lot of time on the phone with the help desk this weekend! ARG!

House Note. Last night I went home and noticed that work that got done - a lot of the housing for the recessed lights were in. Bob Little the Electrician came this morning right before I left for work so I know that more electrical work will be done today. Good thing. Now I know what to look for this afternoon when I get home.

Running Note. Last night we ran the Thursday Night Marsh Post Race out on by the Somerville Striders. ran a 1 mile warm up with Doggie before the race. Anyway, the 2.6 miles was a part of a tri that they put on - it's low key and fun fun fun! I started out in the back because I didn't want to go too fast. I wanted a nice relaxing run. Allergies have settled into the back of my throat and I am lightheaded and my heart rate is up. It could also mean that I haven't been getting enough rest since I've been going to bed an hour later than usual in this past week. Anyway... I ran for a bit with a woman who was coming back after her pregnancy but I couldn't stay with her because she was going to slow. I left her after a while and passed a bunchapeople easily. I could have caught more but I didn't want to work that hard. And there were a bunchastuff floating around in the air (e.g., cottonwood fluff) and I didn't want to breathe it all in. Joe and Doggie met me with a half mile to go. I knew I was running easy because I could talk to them.

Speaking of cottonwoods... I had never seen so much fluff in my life! They were all piled up on the edges of the sidewalks and in some areas there were piles of them - beautiful translucent piles of fluff that will cause majore allergic reactions. GACK!

After, we had burgers, beers, and salt&vingear chips for dinner. Nice ending to a Thursday night.

This morning, I decided not to run my 2 miles. I am going to the gym at noon and I need to get used to going to the gym, without running first. Next week, I will try my hand at running in the morning AND going to the gym at noon. The body dislikes abrupt change as does the mind. So I am practicing the art of slow change. Which is better than no change.

So work sent out a note the other day stating that today is a holiday due to Reagan's death and that we could do what we wanted. In fact, it's a state holiday today as a result. And the markets are closed. Given that we could choose not to come to work, everyong has come to work - business as usual - either in the office or working from home. This place has a bunchaworkaholics.... Go figure.

I am leaving early today - haircut appointment.
I may spend the afternoon tossing stuff out for our impending move in August.
I am moving to another floor or another office.
My staff is moving to Rhode Island or to New Hampshire.
I have a couple of boxes.
I might pack a little.
Maybe not.
I am thinking about it.

ARG!!!! I just lost a whole damn post that I wrote which was LONG!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

It is a rainy muggy day in Boston.
Thank goodness it's not winter or we'd have three feet of snow out there.

The DNC is the last week of July.
I am trying to justify being able to work from home that week.
However, given that I live one train stop away, in the city, at most a 2 mile walk, and I go nowhere near the Fleet Center, this could be harder to justify than I first thought. Of course, how "near" is really relative since the Meatheads in Power (MiP's) think that Canton to the South up through Andover (or wherever) up north, is too close to the Fleet center so they are shutting down the expressway.

House Note. Joe had to point out the front half of the island in the kitchen that they put up the other day. Actually it is a wall skeleton right now without an island. It is a part of the section that is a "bar" above the granite counter where the stove is going to be.

Turns out Joe went ahead to scope out the appliances. In his discussions, etc., it seems that the quietest dishwasher is either Meile or a Bosch. the Meile has the silverware tray as a third rack at the top, which is how I wash most of our silverware today - it gets cleaner that way. So we will go with a Meile. It is important that the dishwasher is quiet, because it is in the same open room as the dining and living areas. So we are going to end up getting the Meile.

Next Joe looked at the stoves. Turns out that the downdrafts won't work if you (a) cook a lot, which we tend to do (b) use tall pots (which we tend to do) because the down draft is low in the back and it needs to be wherever the steam of fume level is. If you cook a lot we need a hood. Given that we need a hood, we will go with a six-burner stove - either a Wolf or a Viking. I get to pick that out this weekend. Happy Happy.

Then we come to the refrigerators. Basically, you have Subzero. Then you drop way low. For example, professional quality stoves at the highest level, you have Viking and Wolf and one other one that Viking used to go to for making the Viking stoves until Viking decided to make their own. Then you drop half a step to Thermador, Dakar, Meile, and one other one (can't remember the name right now). Then you drop another half step to Jenn-Air, etc. In refrigerators, you have Subzero (maybe Viking but those are usually restaurant grade). then you drop like 16 steps to things like the highest end Amanas (which is not considered professional grade, it's home grade). So given that we are going to Viking/Wolf and a Meile, it doesn't make sense to get a cheap refrigerator. It add to the resale value, the looks, helps complete the "gourmet" in a chef's kitchen etc. So we will end up with the 30-inch Subzero.

I talked to Joanne the other day. She said that unless you have a subzero, you will never understand. Food doesn't spoil, produce stays crisp, etc. Since moving to NYC where she is in a rental until her new place is completed this fall, she is without her Subzero and she says she really misses it.

I am very excited about my gourmet kitchen. Finally!!!

I think Scottie will order the cabinets this week.

I hope things are done more today when I get home.
I hope I notice things before Joe has to point them out to me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Ronald Wilson Reagan. May he rest in peace.
He and Nancy were soulmates.
I remember that Nancy Reagan had a lot of critics.
Everything from who she associated with, how she ran Reagan's life, right down to her little red dress.
But regardless of what people said and thought, I would look at her and Reagan and know they had found true soulmates in each other. How many of us can say that we married our soulmates? I suspect not many.
I see Nancy Reagan on television now and I am surprised at how she has aged. I can see lines of exhaustion, the sadness from the finality of a love physically gone, and perhaps a little resigned relief? Or maybe it's my imagination. I feel so badly for her. Death is never easy, no matter how expected it is. In the preparation and waiting, preparation and waiting becomes habit - and it becomes life. With death, that habit and life is abruptly torn away. Onto the next phase. And how does one prepare? You can't, because it is always a surprise and abrupt.

It was a hot day today. Almost hit the records but not quite. I ran at 7:30 this morning and the heat had already hit 75 degrees. Ran 4.0 miles easy - but the weight workout I did yesterday really made my legs more tired than I had thought they would. For the first time in a year I went to the gym yesterday. My arms hurt, my chest aches, my butt muscles have suddenly appeared, and I know now that I have become one sack of useless putty in the last year. I am resolved.

Work has been a bear. Meeting after meeting. I stay late just to catch up. I have no idea what my deliverables are because I can't find time to get organize and figure out what I have to do! Well...

All things seem trivial in the face of death.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Great Bat Guts! I can't believe one of my favorite bloggers cursed Smarty Jones! GAH! If she hadn't stooped to Unimaginate American status, I could be pissed off!

House Note. I have no idea what got done today. And Joe is out late at some dinner so he's not here to point out the obvious to me. Dang. I know the electrician was here. All I see is a buncha wires moved around and a dull, unimaginative housing for recessed lighting on the bed. I kinda wanted a pretty one with an eyelid thingie. Hmph. But I don't see any blood stains which means that the doggie did not take a bite out of him. I don't think he was very comfy with the doggie because he pulled a big box onto the top step - presumably to keep the Doggie out. If he only knew!

We are allowed to get a 32" refrigerator at the very largest. Thank goodness Subzero makes a 30".

We can have a stove up to 36 inches. Not sure about Viking on this one. Wolf makes a 6-burner 32" that is a possibility. And they have downdrafts! But I am not sure if the downdraft will work with the 6-burner stove. This is going to be a lot more work than originally thought. Damn. Or I might just get stuck with just a four-burner stove. And a single oven. ARG!

And we need to take a look at lights.

This house thing is becoming really intrusive!

Talk to John the College Grad today. He is working up at State Street for the DNC. Would could maybe do lunch or something sometime. that would be way cool. And he could come to the house and have dinner, etc. Can't wait for the damn house to get done.

I am back. And nothing has changed at work. Figures.

Running Note. 4.05 miles this morning. Legs were tired even though I ran easy. Not too bad for the hurtin' though. I felt good after.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Cicadas. Again. We got home tonight and turned on the TV to catch the end of The Memorial Tournament. O.M.G. The Cicadas! They were so loud on TV! They came through loud and clear. I remember seeing the microphone on the green when I was there and wondering how the Cicadas sounded on TV. I didn't think you could hear them too well. I was wrong wrong wrong!!! The commentators even talked about them, how loud they were, and how glad they were that they only came out every 17 years! In fact, the headers and trailers on TV had a cicada theme! LOL!

I also heard that someone caught 30 of them, fried them up, ate them, and then had a shellfish reaction to them. UGH! Some people have no discrimination when it comes to food. Blech!

There is No Place Like Home!
Yes, we are home safe and sound. We had such a good week in Ohio! We can't wait to do it again!! We just got back from dinner at P.F. Changs. I've been to the one in Salt Lake City before but Joe had never been. It was very good.

We left Syracuse after breakfast and stopped in on Joe's parents' to pick up the Doggie. She was very happy to see us and I have to say that I kinda missed her too. Actually, I missed her a lot. Didn't think I would, but I did. Who knew?

We had lunch there - it was Joe's sister Judi's birthday so we stopped in time for birthday lunch and Giant Birthday Cookie with Judi and the kids.

House Note. It seems that a lot of electrical work got done. Or so Joe tells me. He had to point out a few things to me, which is typical on any typical day even without constructure. I am glad he is so observant. He points out a lot of things to me along the way, no matter where we are. I realize that all my prior life without him, I've missed a lot of things.

Running Note. None. We traveled. It's 49 degrees and raining here. Tomorrow starts the new June running schedule! GAH!

Golf Note. So I am really wanting to try my hand at golf. I must see when Amanda wants to go.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

So, we ran a little race this morning. The Powell 5k in Powell. Shelton, Harriet's brother, met us at the finish line and kept us company for a while. Joe won second overall and 1st in his age group. We met up with Theresa Van Dyne and Lisa Whipps. We got 1-2-3 in age group which was really neat. I got second after Theresa. I have great little silver medal for my efforts!

We had lunch at a little Mexican place up the road from Cher's - it was really very good! Los Vaqueros. We will go again next year! We drove by Bogie Inn and drove slowly by the parking lot to see John Daly's RV that he drives around to the tournaments - it turns out that he doesn't fly.

I am really getting into the golf thing.

So, we left mid-day after lunch. We had a long drive ahead of us, we didn't want to be rushed, etc. Jon Link was coming home - Cher and Milt had gone to Toledo to get him - and we were going to miss him which bummed us out. But we will meet up one day.

Cher was in a pissah mood - said I yelled at her - which I didn't! It was a long way up the stairs and her door was closed. Of Course I had to yell - she wouldn't have heard me otherwise! GAH! :o)

We are in Syracuse right now. Had dinner at a nice little place called Santangelos which was really very good. Nice little find. Next time we are in the area, we will be back.

Tomorrow, we head out to get the doggie from Joe's parent's house and then home to see what damage the contractors did to the house. I hope the floors are in!

Friday, June 04, 2004

My favorite hole is Hole 17. There is quite literally arena seating around the green. From two thirds around the left side on, you can see the approach from the fairway. After an hour or two of walking around following Ben Curtis - local Dublin hometown favorite - we parked our butts on the hillside of Hole 17 and I even slept for an hour. The story is that it used to be only a little hilly but one year Jack Nicklaus was playing and the people in the house overlooking the green would not shut up, so Jack had the hill built. You can't see the house from the green and I bet the home owners were surprised to wake up one morning to find dirt movers right outside their back yard property line! As for Jack, it pays to own the golf course.

All this golf is inspiring me. Maybe I can buy a set of clubs like Amanda did and that will get me to try my hand at golfing. Joe suggested the driving range with Amanda first. That sounds like a more reasonable idea than mine. Of course that means no stylish golf bag with the latest trend in golfwear or the latest technologically advanced equipment. I will have to make a date with Amanda for golfing at the range...

As we walked back to the house at the end of the day, I saw a sight I had never seen before. It was a revelatory as finding out that they move the holes every day! Who knew? A convoy of greens keepers, mowers landscapers, drove by us on the path! They stopped at Hole 12 - 12 people on the green alone, four mowers to create new criss-cross patterns, green rollers, hand mowers to move the edges of the grass right down to the water - quite literally! - and people to set the sand in the traps, they were hand-fixing the divots and the spike marks! There were more but I didn't know what they did. It was like rats decending on roadkill after sunset. They came out of nowhere! I had no idea this took place. In the morning, they will send out the driers to dry the fairways and the greens! Seeing this was like realizing the baseball field keepers at the 7th inning are not called "Zamboni men" but groundskeepers. Definitely worth the price of admission.

We have a standing reservation at Chalet Link for next year. We are flying in a little later and flying out a little later.

Unless we have moved next door to them or something by then...

Vacation has been so relaxing! I love it in Dublin! I could live like this - a little running in the morning, golfing in the afternoon (watching, as I don't play), a good dinner and fall into bed exhausted at night. Wake up and do it all over again.

We got a good view of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and John Daly - among others. We pretty much situated ourselves at Hole 17, after walking from 14 to 17 to 18 and then back. Got sunburnt but this morning, the mean red seems to have quieted down to a reddish bronze.

Last night, Cher had a bunchapeople over - all the people I've heard about but never met. We had the best time - Joe and I cooked dinner for everyone: steak tips, spinach salad with pine nuts and sundried tomatoes in balsamic, salt boiled potatoes, a couple three bottles of red wine, funny stories, good conversation. It was awesome! Craig brought his two Goldens over. I fell in love with Jackson! Mary and Brent brought over Brady - a yellow lab who I kept confusing with Corona (Cher's dog). Scott brought over an autographed SU hat for Joe! Cher and Milt got it for him for a gift. Joe was so psyched.

We ran yesterday morning - Cher and I. What a great run. We did 1 mile warm up, 2 min hard/1 min easy 3 times, then 1 mile cooldown. We did about 3.2 miles total. It was good. Cher is the perfect running partner. I need a clone in Boston!

Been working a few hours a day too. Boy, the machinery at work just keeps chugging along even if you are not there. I found out I got signed up for a few things by my boss! GAH!!!! I hate not being there for our staff meetings!!! If you aren't there, you get assigned stuff!!! ARG!!!! &^%$$##!!!!!! Okay. I feel much better now.

House Note. Scottie faxed over the final plans. Signed off on them. Yahoo! I wonder if the floors got put in yet.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I have decided that I can't think of creative titles so I am going to try and blog without them. This is day one. How's it look?

Vacation is great. Arrived on Monday to Cher and Milt's.
Been running (track on Tue, 4 miles yesterday, 3 miles with 1 mile intervals in the middle this morning) with Cher and it's been great. I think if we lived near each other we would get really fast really fast. :o)

Seriously. Cher is like me. She is about my speed. She can run a little faster, she can run a little slower, she is just competitive enough, and doesn't talk. She knows when to talk and when not to. It's perfect. Tomorrow we have 2 miles easy recovery run.

Been going to the Memorial. Stocked up on hats and a windshirt from the Muirfield Village Golf Club. One can never have enough stuff with logos on them! We saw Tiger Woods, John Daly, Charles Howell III, Jack Nicklaus... One woman asked John Daly for a kiss and there were lots of screeching and swooning from that woman's girlfriends when he complied. The last two days were pro-am and practice rounds. Today is the first day of the tournament itself. We will be going after we have hot dogs with jalapeno cheese in the middle of them. Hope we get to have tator tots with them. :o)

Amanda got golf clubs. All this golfing is making me wish I had golf clubs. Of course, it might take a while for me to start wishing I could play. But then I have been pondering the thought that I might want to take a half day lesson sometime in the not too distant future.

We met up with Violet and MIllard at Steve's Dakota Grill last night. Terrific seeing them! They drove in from Ann Arbor Michigan and we met them halfway up in Findlay. Home of Marathon Oil - according to Cher. Anyway, late dinner, late night, it was terrific!

Joe is looking at homes for sale in the area. Don't be too shocked. He does that everywhere we go. Even in Iceland!

Tonight we are having steak tips, spinach salad, mini potatoes - boiled with herbs and cheese and salt. Maybe Cher will take us to Graeter's for ice cream. :o)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Cicada Note. They are LOUD! Jeez. We were driving down the road to Cher's house yesterday and we noticed a ringing kinda noise. Did you ever have a money tree? The tree has dried leaves on it that are translucent white - they almost look like shells with really thin shells. Know what I mean? The sound the Cicada's make are like the sound of the money tree if you shake it. They either all sing out or they are quiet. They are quiet at night, thank goodness. The damn birds need to take a lesson from the Cicadas.

Joe and Milt came back from golfing and they are off to the Pro-Am while I sit at my computer tying up some loose ends and doing stuff for the DRS WC in June. ARG!!! It's also very beautiful out - even though the Weatherbug says it is very windy. Dang and Blast! I should be there too.

One thing of note. There is no food in the house that is easily and readily available to be consumed. After track and wings and beer afterwards tonight, I am taking Cher out to the grocery store so that I can stock up on food for while we are here. On the other hand, I could use the week as a way to lose some weight. But then again, with my luck I probably wouldn't lose any weight, just grow weak and not be able to run. HAH! Now the plot grows thick. If I am sick and weak from lack of food, then I will not be able to run the race on Saturday very well... it's all becoming clear now. LOL!

Bacon, eggs, more cream cheese (I ate almost the whole thing for breakfast and lunch today), something for lunches... must think about dinner things as well... Tonight is wings& beer and grocery store, tomorrow is dinner with the Elders, we have Thursday, Friday and Saturday left...

I love going to the grocery story!


Damn birds.
Right outside the window.
Woke me up at 5:33 am.
How do I know?
I looked at my watch!

We are in Dublin OH at Cher and Milt's.
They have a big comfy house on a golf course and it's lush and green outside.
We are here to watch the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield - a good excuse to crash on your friends and spend time with them! LOL!
Not to mention the special honor being woken up by Scoonie the Beagle who comes by every now again while I sit here just to get a dose of lovin' and pettin' from me. Then she walks away satisfied for another 30-45 minutes. :o) She is so cute. Haven't seen hide nor hair of Corona the Lab. She has the sweetest little face. Took lots of pictures so if I ever get a burst of energy, I might post them here.

Joe and Milt are playing golf today.
8am tee time. GAH! I can't imagine.

Joe announced to us at dinner last night that we will be having track tonight.

Running Note. Yesterday I ran 6 miles from the Skaneateles through the Hamlet of Mottsville, NY before we headed out for Ohio. It was a beautiful day, crisp and cool, perfect running weather. The course was hilly - net downhill going out which meant the hills were steeper on the way back, not to mention the headwind. GAH! I ran through a couple of parade routes, it seemed upon reflection afterwards. I wondered why everyone was out on the sidewalks, sitting around in their lawn chairs at 9am! They wre staring at me and I was staring right back. The parades much have been about 5 people long - each main road I ran down was only about 100 years long! It was a wonderful easy run.

House Note.
How the heck do I know what's going on with house? I am on vacation! Sheesh!