Saturday, July 31, 2004


So, Joseph bought another new pillow today.


And I am getting my new stove with the Red DIGITAL Knob.
Duel Fuel Wolf. Poirier came today and carted the gas/convection combo away.
I think the new one will be coming this week.
I am infinitely happy.
Of course, I do not know how much more we had to pay.
Might be better off never knowing. Ahem.

Running Note. Ran 13.65 miles this morning. And I still have a de-hydration headache even though I've already drank more than a gallon of water today! And the day's not over! Got up and couldn't believe it was 8am. EIGHT AYYY EMMM! And the weather had said it would be HOT HOT HOT! GAH! So, I headed out at around 9, with temps around 80*. EIGHTY DEGREES!!! SUCK! What can I say about this run other than that I finished in one piece and in good spirits. Not a great time - my slowest in my life, I think. I had to walk a fair bit but I knew I had to do this slowly. I wanted to do the distance and I didn't want a repeat of the last hot long run which was 12miles, where I bonked at 4 miles, and limped to 10 miles and called it a day. So, heat and humidity, not to mention the hills. Oh, and headwind. I was never so grateful for headwind before. Kept me cool on the way out. I was boiling on the way back.

Wonderful Joseph met me half way at mile 20 on the marathon course where I was going to turn around, with water and fresh change of clothes. I changed my jogbra and singlet and hat! I can't imagine how much worse it would have been without fresh clothes!! I was soaked from sweat as it was. Tomorrow, he has 20 miles (GAK!) and I will be able to support HIM for a change! He is always supporting ME so this is my chance to make sure he makes his 20 miles more easily - NOT that 20 miles is ever that easy, dontchaknow...

Tomorrow, I have 6 miles.
I'll let you know how it goes.
It's supposed to be another scorcher.

Friday, July 30, 2004

TGIF, everyone!!!

Root Canal Update.  That was probably the most enjoyable experience I've ever had at the dentist. This doctor is unsurpassed. NOTHING HURT! Not even the first shot of anesthesia.  She explained everything as she went, told what she was going to do, why she was doing it, what it would feel like, etc. She even told me why had I had to relax all my muscles. It was unbelievable!  The best part is that I can eat and drink hot and cold food and drinks without having my mouth hurt! I deeply enjoyed a cup of hot coffee this morning - I was beginning to forget what it tasted like from concentrating on the pain so much!  I also enjoyed a cup of cold water without a straw! Happy happy!  I go back next Friday for her to finish up. Another hour. Yuk.

Running Note.  Last night I ran a 4.2 miles race. My legs were so tired and stiff that I didn't even warm up.  I started out very slowly - the first mile was like 10:43! That is REALLY SLOW!  Then I slowly started picking things up and ran negative splits.  Toward the end, I kicked it in. There were a lot of people I saw that I knew I could pass and I definitely did not want finishing ahead of me! At one point, Joseph was doing his cooldown and I kept up with him - I don't typically do that because he is so much faster than I am. He was really surprised when he turned around to see how far back I was and there I was, right behind him. That was at the point where I was trying to kick it in with .3 miles to go. He says, "good job" or something like that. I said, "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!" 

Today is a rest day. Tomorrow I have 14 miles in the heat and humidity. *sob!*

House Note.  I can't even talk about it.  UGH!  Joseph says the problem with the stove is fixed. I am going to get my duel fuel 6-burner stove with the digital thermometer and one-degree incremental temperature control.  We are also spending a lot more money on this stove than I ever thought I would ever spend on  stove in my entire life.  But then it's a lot less than retail price since it was Poirier's mistake.  Basically the guy sold me on this model and then got us a different model because he didn't know any better. Turns out it's a new product for Poirier and the guy didn't know the product so well.  Surprisingly, Poirier is one of the BEST places around for appliances!  Anyway, Joseph says they are splitting the difference. Not sure if that is it exactly because he's not telling me how much it finally came to. But he did say not to expect anything on my birthday. LOL! No worries.  I'd rather have the stove, ya know? I mean, I LOVE THIS STOVE!  As for my birthday, it's in the middle of the damn week. What is there to do in the middle of the week when you aren't taking the day off and you have ton of meetings so you can't even leave early! For crying out loud....

Poirier will only take the stove back if there is not a single mark. Of course, this will be interesting because I saw more construction material on top of this stove last night than I'd ever thought you could get on a stove! 

And Wolf will only take it back if they inspect it and they consider it to be as good as new. Unreal.

Then there is the matter with the cabinets. I can't explain it here. It would take too long.
And this blog is long enough.

All I have to say is that I am the luckiest person in the world. I have a Hunny Bunny who takes care of all stressful things for me so that I don't have to worry about things. If not for him, I'd have laid down and killed myself over this house a long time ago!!!!  And he gives me hugs and tells me not to worry and that everything will be taken care of and that everything will work out!  Life is definitely good - even with the Damn Construction From Hell that will never end.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

If it is Thursday, then it must be ROOT CANAL DAY!!! GAH!!!!

So.  I go to the dentist the other day. Did I happen to mention that? Hmmm????
Well, I go for a simple cleaning.  Should be 30 minutes.  THIRTY DAMN MINUTES!
I mention a pain in my back molar area.
How long? Oh... since April. And ya know? It's never felt quite right since I got the filling re-filled...oh... say, about 2 years ago. 
Uh oh.
First we get regular xrays.
Then I meet with the endodontist.
Then I get root xrays, which HURT like HELL!!! Because they DIG INTO YOUR GUMS!!! Pffft! I am told I need a root canal or an extraction.  An EXTRACTION??? I'm gonna look like one of those hillbillies without teeth! WAH!!!
Not really. It's in the very back.
But when I smile?
Don't smile so big.
The endodontist draws me a picture of my tooth, which was quite good, btw.  It looked like a real tooth and not some second grade interpretation of a tooth that really looks like a leaf.  Or something.
Anyway, I have a crack somewhere.
Can't really tell where, though.
If the crack is above the gumline, then a root canal will solve it.
If the crack is in the root below the gum line, the WHOLE TOOTH MUST COME OUT! GAK!!!
So, uh, we don't really know WHERE the crack is.  Ahem.

So uh, which one do you want to do to? The root canal or the extraction?
Well, with the extraction, are you going to put something there?
uh, no.
So, I will walk around with a hole in the back of my mouth where my molar should be?
uh, yup.
And will my teeth GAP AND MOVE Because of this? Hmmm???
uh, not really.
Hmmm... NOT REALLY?  What the hell does that mean, NOT REALLY???
So, in other words, do I want to cut off my arm to excise the bruise, which might be cancer but we don't know yet, or do you want to excise the bruise first and then wait to see if it was cancer, at which point we can cut off the arm?
Hmmm.... let me think about this.
Walk around with a hole in my mouth even if I didn't need it?
Or... get a root canal with cap and not have a hole in my mouth and possibly never need to get the roots out?
Hmmm... think think think.

Then 3 hours later, I am in the office.  THREE DAMN HOURS!!!!  Do you THINK I am NOT A BUSY PERSON???

So, today, this afternoon, at 1:15, I will be in the dentist's chair getting a damn root canal!
At least that explains my damn headaches I've been having on that side for the last week. It hurts to breathe through my mouth, can't eat or drink on that side. And when I do think I have to drink out of a damn straw because the damn tooth is so damn sen-si-tive!!!! 

Running Note. Did not run yesterday and I felt good about that. So there. :o]  I will run tonight at the Marsh Post Race if my damn ROOT CANAL doesn't KILL ME FIRST!  DAMMIT!

House Note. All I know is that in the ordering process, we ordered the wrong stove. My beautiful stove with the red knobs is here but it's the wrong version. It's not convection and it doesn't have the cute digital temperature gauge that clicks up by one degree at a time, and it does not have the time panel. WAHHHH!!!!  Joseph said he would take care of it.  He always takes care of everything and makes everything all right again.  He is a wonderful Hunny Bunny and keeps stress away from me.  :o))

More decisions about the back splash and wood on the island, blah blah blah. I can't even talk about it because I am so sick of the whole stupid project!!!

And I am sick and tired of eating out. I have gained 6 pounds from all the eating out! GAH!!!

Okay. I have to work and try to have a better day. Sheesh.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

ARG! I don't get it. This is like the THIRD time I've tried posting between yesterday and today and I keep hitting these dufus keys and everything sort of just disappears!!! GAH!!!!

So, third time's a charm, they say, right? RIGHT??? 

Running Note.  Ran 2 miles easy yesterday. Actually, I did a run/walk thing. My legs were SO TIRED that I didn't think I could make it. Wouldn't you know, they started to loosen up at almost mile 2.  Unbelievable.  This morning I didn't run, but I did bring my gear to work. It's drizzly and the doggie wouldn't even go out! And I wanted to get into work - I have so much to do and even if I don't do any more work by coming in early, I at least FEEL BETTER about it all.  Yes. It's totally delusional.

House Note.  Not a lot to the visible eye since I last reported.  I guess Jay the HVAC Guy got sick and didn't come in.  He is supposed to get in there sometime this week to hook up the AC and gas heat, etc.  We're down to the wire, I think. I am having to keep answering these little questions.  The latest one is how do I want my crown molding to look?  Did I want it to be stained to match the cabinets all around the room? Or do I want it to be white everywhere else but at the cabinets, where it will be stained to match the cabinets. Of course all the guys think the stained corwn moldings would be fabulous....  I have seen magazine pictures of the stained crown moldings and I recall they look nice.  I guess that is what I will do. I am not totally vested in any of it at this point - except if my cabinets get dingles on them - so I don't really care. I just want everything to be done done done!!!  As for the dingles, I haven't even used the kitchen yet and the cabinets are already marked up! GAH!!!  Scottie the Contractor told Joe to tell me that he didn't want to hear about cabinet dingles until AFTER or CLOSE TO THE END!  Whatevah...

The fluted trim is going up with the rosettes.  They look okay, I think. Not sure if I like them at this point. I am sure that after everything is said and done, I will like them. I wanted wider trim than they put up.  Sigh....  I recall the last time I had these moldings they were wider and they looked really nice.  These are thinner. I am not sure I am happy about it.  I should say something I guess.  Maybe the room is so small they won't take anything wider. I have to think about that for a minute.

At the end of the day, things will look really nice and no one is going to nit pick over the width of the fluted trim.

I hope.

So, I worked later than usual last night. I got home and Joseph had dinner cooking.  Actually, grillin'. :o) He had steak and grilled veggies and a new bottle of wine for me.  It was so good to get home and relax. I've been breaking out in hives for the past few days - more like the past week - from stress and too much adrenaline in my body.  I can't even explain why because I am not even aware it's creeping up on me until I look down and there is a patch of hives on my arm or leg.  I don't think anything is very different except maybe the house not being done is actually getting to me a little bit.  Not sure. I have to think about this.

We have a new tenant for sure. She picked up a copy of the signed lease and she's starting to measure for stuff. What a hoot. She talks fast and very excitedly! She is 33, blond, petite, cute, and wicked smart.  She has a dog (Alaskan Malamute) named Mo who seems to be a sweetie.  She is single and I am thinking that maybe she would be a good match for our friend Parker. Who is more interested in smarts than cuteness or whether they run.  Joe did point out that Parker isn't running much these days, either. LOL. She is someone I'd invite to parties and hang out with.  She is moving in on August 15th. Yeah!

Uh oh. WAIT! We have to do some painting and we are OUT that weekend! GAH!  This means I have to do the work after work the week before she moves in .  WAHHH!!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This is gonna be fast because I have a meeting with my boss in about 7 minutes.

Running Note.  I did NOT feel like running this morning. But I made it out and ran 2 miles.  Actually, I ran and walked it. OMG! I thought my legs were going to fall off they were so tired. Not sure why this is - probably still the effects from the weekend runs.  Tomorrow I am going to do a real 4.0 mile easy run - as opposed to the abbreviated 3.7 mile run.  I'll see how my legs feel when I get out there.

I am so damn busy at work I can't even BREATHE!!!!  ARG!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Running Note.   So, I realized this morning that I've been figuring my easy run distances wrong. Instead of 3.9 miles, I realized suddenly that I've been running 3.7 miles.  It was like a tsunami crashing onto a fully populated shoreline, taking down all objects in it's way. I couldn't believe it! No wonder my easy runs have been getting faster.  Along with that bit of bad news is the realization that I'm not totally physically crapping out. Based on my so called "fast" easy runs which were mis-calculated, my races were only 15 seconds or so faster than my easy runs - which made no sense to me. Based on my new realizations and subsequent recalculations, my races have been run at 1:00 to :45 faster than my easy runs, which is more like it! Not sure whether I should be happy or mad about this. Today, I am happy because I am NOT crazy when it comes to my races like I thought I was. Tomorrow I will be depressed that I have not gotten any faster in reality.

Anyway, 3.7 miles easy this morning. My legs were SO TIRED from the weekend but it still felt good to get out. I wore my DRS singlet and Phil Graceffa, local dead, saw me. So we ran .9 miles together. I really was glad for the conversation, it made the run go by faster and I welcomed the diversion from focusing on how tired my legs were.

Tomorrow, I have another 3.7 miles. I can't believe I miscalculated the distance. What a bonehead I am...

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Running Note.  11.65 miles from the house to Mile 21 of the Marathon course and then back home again.  Nice run - for once I welcomed the headwind on the way back - kept me nice and cool.  Tomorrow I have 3.9 miles scheduled in the morning.

House Note.  Jay the HVAC Guy came and took away the old furnace and pipes and the old 600-lb freezer sitting in the basement.  Dewey the Carpenter came and finished up the outside of the big window, put together the final side railing on the porch.

I stood downstairs this morning and imagined everything all finished.  It is going to be so nice. I told Joseph that I was living downstairs and am never coming up. :o))  The Doggie is enjoying the doggie door in the outer storm down. In and out In and Out... O.M.G.  At least we don't have to keep getting up like we used to.  The other day, Joseph said that the Doggie went out side and brought in her ball.  GAK!  I am soooo NOT going to be allowing THAT to happen.  GAH!


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Seattle-weather is back! Yeah!  I woke up to pouring rain. I rain in mist. Mid 60's. Perfect weather. It's going to be like this all week.  Happier Happier. :o)

Running Note. 8.1 miles easy along the Charles. I went out too fast but I hung in toward the end and had a very decent time. My legs are tired, not surprisingly, especially considering that I missed my runs for the last two days bcause of work!! - not to mention I didn't do speed work this week. Tomorrow I have 12 miles but the weather is supposed to be much better than last week! Thank goodness!  I will go out to the same course I crapped out on last week and see how I do given better temperatures.

House Note. We picked out the granite this morning.  Hawaiian Green.  It went very well with the cabinets and I had it in my mind that I wanted something green. It has some light flecks in it but also smudges of deep brown.  I think the lighter flecks will be highlighted by the stainless steel appliances and the brown will be picked up by the cabinets.  And I love green - so nature-like!

I am so tired...I am so happy for an uneventful weekend...When the house is done we should have more of these - just run, worry about what you are going to eat, sit around, watch TV and then fall into bed.  Can't wait for more weekends like that!

Oh, and I can't believe Cher got another ticket! GAK! If she lived in Massachusetts, her insurance would be sky high and she'd have lost her license! 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

It's gonna be a scorcher.
And I can't run until this afternoon when it's going to be the hottest part of the day.
I would run this morning if not for the &^%$# stupid 7am meeting I have and which I am in right now!!! (It's a conference call, okay??)
Then, 30 minutes to get ready for work.
Then, a meeting at 8:30 with India.
AND!!! I did NOT sleep well last night!!!!
I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that I only had a few hours of good sleep and the rest of it was spent in restlessness.
But then, I woke up early. And actually got OUT of bed early.
Which could mean that I was in light sleep to begin with or...
I slept deeper for those few hours than I think I did.
Of course the only way to really tell is to wait until later this afternoon and see if I am dragging my body around in a cranky nasty mood!

House Note. They put in the last step last night. And all the spindles. And some detail work. The rosettes for the window trim is in. The back window has been all filled in and roughed out. They already extended the island (yeah) to accommodate for the missing 6" due to the stove, and things are looking good!  Although if it wasn't pointed out, one many not notice anything.  I am still skeptical about the Friday ETA of the cabinets going in.

Sundry Ramblings. So in this state, the date of your car registration expiration is determined by your license plate.  If it ends in 1, it expires in January. If it ends in 2, it expires in February, etc.  Unless you have a vanity plate.  All vanity plates are renewed in November.  Now, I have a vanity plate that ends in 2.  If you didn't know better you would think that my registration expires in February.  But then if you know the legal format of a non-vanity plate, you would know that my plate is a Vanity Plate!  So, for the past two days, I've gotten a ticket for expired registration!  Yesterday, I wrote the DMV a note telling them the situation along with a copy of my registration. I got home and sure enough, there is another ticket! 

I have decided enough is enough. I am writing a note to the STW (Stupid Ticket Writer) telling her/him what she/he should already know since it is their job!!! Whatever happened to job training????  Joseph said that if they weren't stupid, they wouldn't have this job; they'd be doing something more enlightening than writing out tickets!  He has a point, but still... How can you be out there doing this job if you don't know the difference between a regular plate and a vanity plate?

I mean, this has never happened before. And I've had this plate for the past four years!!!

Afternoon update:
It is almost 5pm and 86*.  ARG!!!!!!!

Spend two hours in a meeting with my boss.
He talked for the whole two hours.
Actually, it was only one hour but it felt like two hours. 

After Work Update:
So, here I sit, like a VEAL tethered to the COUCH waiting for the real estate guy to show up.  He as supposed to be here at 6pm and here it is 6:15 pm which makes him 15 minues late! GAH!!! And I still have to run! *SOB!*  Anyway, we rented our upstairs apartment for August 15th. The current tenants who we LOVE are moving out because they are buying their own place!  We met this woman at The Butcher Shop, aka Charcuterie, a few weeks back and she is renting it! YEAH! Heard from Tom, the Real Estate Guy, that she loves us. His words, NOT mine.  Anyway... we need to trade paperwork - and I need to give him a check for doing some work under the table for us.

Late Breaking House Note. They are definitely working on the cabinets downstairs. But there is no way that his is going to finish putting them all in by tomorrow! GAK!  I have to tell him that I want him to finish off the wall behind the thin narrow area - hard to explain. That will definitely take him longer. :oP

Even Later Note. So Tom the Realty Guy came and went.  GAH! He stayed here for like 45 mintes.  FORTY-FIVE WHOLE MINUTES! ARG!!! It is after 7pm. So do you THINK that I am going to be able to run my 6 miles???? NOOOOOO!!!!!! ARG!!!!! But, we have all the paperwork and a check and all that good stuff. AND we have a signed lease and she is a very good and responsible bill-paying person. Yeah!  And he liked her a lot and he said that she kept saying how much she liked us!  And even though he was wary that she complained about her landlord, when he found out who the landlord was, he agreed that she had a bad situation.  The landlord is basically your high end slumlord. Make the exterior look nice and charge a lot of rent, but then the infrastructure is dicey - like same electrical lines, etc., and then don't ever answer phone calls or complaints!  So, she is going to be moving in the middle of August. Yeah! :o) Happiness!!!!

Anyway, I had a nice chat with Tom the Realty Guy. We chatted about pets and his partner and his family and all sorts of neat stuff. :o)

Sundry Ramblings Addendum.  I checked the car windshield when I got home tonight. No ticket. I checked the back license plate where I had taped the note this morning. No note. I guess they got the message.  I also mailed the second ticket I had with yet another copy of the registration.  I hope I never have this problem again. Sheesh.

Okay. Joe is playing golf and I am hungry. I guess I won't wait. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Running Note. 70* at the start. 3.9 miles easy. My short distance easy pace is getting faster and I am happy about that.  Tomorrow I have 3x1 mile for a total of 6 miles.  I'll do it after work. 

House Note. One more step is in, one more step to go. Of course this morning before I left work, the last step had been put in.  The dilemma with the 36" stove is now fixed. They will just extend out the island a little more by 6 " to accommodate. Happy happy!  They are hoping to put the cabinets in my the end of the week. We are kind of skeptical about that one.

I am NOT a happy person.
Expect me to be quite cranky.
You will know when it's over by the abrupt change in personality.
Sometimes it's a MONTH.
Somtimes it's THREE Months!
More like THREE months, but I always have hope.

I have forgotten to eat lunch as a result of the damn budget. &^%$#!!!!!
I went and heated it.
Then I took a bite every 5 minutes.
I took FOUR measly lousy bites and it got cold so I threw it away!!!

I must go have a peach now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Running Note.  Rest day.  Thank god.
Lots of happenings last night.  First, went to see Seppo. I should have gone to see him a long time ago.  Joseph gives me these awesome massages almost every week. And when he doesn't, I really miss it and my body knows and rebells.  But every once in a while I need a good fascial "scraping" - as I like to call it - where you get in real deep between the fibers and in the insertion points, etc, and that's just what Seppo did.  Seppo and Kelly the Miracle Man are totally different but they have the same spiritual/mind/body philosophy.  Kelly is more of a Physical Therapist who uses alternative methods to do trigger point release - very slow work - as well as good deep tissue massage.  Seppo is more fascial release using his own method which is a combination of a lot of eastern stuff. Both believe in basically the same things - polarity, spirals, etc.  And you can tell in their work. Of course Seppo is have the price of Kelly.  Seppo worked on my psoas and we did a lot of surface work. I am going back on Friday to build on what he did yesterday.  The pain in the quadratus lamborum is gone. Thank goodness.  Now we just have to deal with the TFL/upper quad-itb/gluteus medius thing that came out as a result of all the "uncovering".    As you peel back layers of tense tissue, you find more underneath. That's what I mean.
House Note. They worked a bit more on the stairs yesterday and they pulled out the kitchen cabinets and arranged them.  I guess Scottie was freaking out because we ordered a 36" stove and he thought he had told us to order a 30" stove (which he DIDN'T), and now one of the cabinets won't fit. I told Joseph, he can do whatever he wants but it had better look good and professional and not like a hack job where it looks like he had to cut the cabinet, etc.  I don't care if he has to order another piece and we have to wait another couple of weeks but we are not spending all this money so that one corner of the kitchen looks like crap, or that it was a hack job!!!  Now, I am getting myself all up in a TITHER!!!! GAH!!!!
Sundry Ramblings.  The Nephew is going to go to BC Law.  Joseph said that God wants him around us so that he can have good food. LOL!  I am glad he will be in this area. It will be nice having him hang around.
We took the doggie for a walk last night. Nothing unusual there.  So we around the corner back unto our street and I see this little doggie that looks like a miniature pincher (but probably isn't) with a missing front left leg.  It was so cute!  So as we walk away, Joseph looks and says "that was so funny." And I said, "What?" He said, "Did you notice that the guy only had one arm?"  HUH?  I turned around and sure enough, the owner guy had a missing right arm at the elbow.  And then he is with a woman with a missing left arm at the elbow.  Unbelievable.  The Missing-Arm Family. And I don't say that in a mean way at all. It's nice to know there is a community for everyone! 

Monday, July 19, 2004

Seattle weather is back!  Yahoo!!!  Of course I didn't run this morning - it was drizzly. If the doggie won't go out, I'm certainly not going to go out. Of course that means I have to go to the gym later because I can't run after wrk (my appointment with Seppo).
Talked to Andrea and Kelly the Miracle Man might be coming back in September. I told her that I was coming in EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT THEY ARE HERE!!! I need to get fixed from the past year of not seeing him and to get set up for another whole year.  Even Joseph wants to make sure he has an appointment or two with him. Happy happy!  My trips to Toronto and CA for work had better not interfere with this.
So, at work, I have this Blackberry - it's an old one, have had it for about 4 years.  It's Cingular service.  Anyway, last week, they plopped a brand new one on my desk - a Nextel one.  Now I have TWO sitting on my desk. The Nextel is charging.  Tomorrow, Scott the Technical Guru who works for me will set it all up for me. Thank goodness I have a S, TG to do this. He's going around setting up everyone's in the group - about half the group got one.  Anyway, you would think that we have technical people in the group. I told Scott, No Way!  DBAs are NOT technical people!!!  They work on Databases. Stick a piece of hardware in front of them and they don't know what to do with it.  
Running Note. 2 miles easy today.  Thank goodness I got out.  I saw Maria and her trainer, Helen.  They are trying to talk me into tri's.  GAH!  Water!!! ACK! Pffft!!! Ptwy!!!  Terrible nasty thought.  Besides I'd have to get serious about biking again.  Then they talked about doing a tri relay.  ACK! That means I would have to train to run much faster.  Not sure I like that idea either.  Sheesh!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Okay. I think I gave myself a bruise when I tried to get the knot out of my back. Joseph tried to give me a massage last night and he touched the area and I about crawled out of my skin.  That's happened before. One would think that one would learn.
All those beautiful gray days have spoiled me.  I knew it was trouble when I saw that it was 71* at 6:39 this morning.  And given that, you would think that I would have gotten out there earlier for my run.  But I had to eat, drink coffee, wake up slowly, etc etc etc - the usual slow-move routine.  It's happened before and I've regretted it.  One would think that one would learn, now, wouldn't one??
Last night, we went to Redbones for dinner. The Nephew popped in for dinner.  We went to JPLicks for dessert afterwards. Brought home leftovers... WHY do they give you so much damn food??  We had leftovers for lunch and we still have leftover from the leftovers.  ARG!  The Nephew is coming over for dinner tonight, going to stay the night - more convenient for him since he works in the city. 
Running Note.  Finally made it out to run this morning after all that putzing around.  (see above)  Plan was to park at Newton City Hall and then run up the Newton hills, down Chestnut Hill Ave, take a right onto Beacon Street, run all the way up to Rt. 16, take a right onto Rt 16, right onto Comm Ave, up the first Newton Hill, then back to the Library behind the Newton City Hall - which is where I park because you have privacy to pee between cars. :o) One must have their priorities.  Ahem.  So, the plan worked great until I hit the fourth mile, after I took the right onto Beacon Street.  I felt like I hit a brick wall. Managed to make it to Peet's at Newton Center to refill my water bottle, when I realized that I hadn't had my SUCCEED capsule and that I was 20 minutes late taking my GU packUGH!!! GAH!!!! ARG!!!!  Damn!  So I double-dosed before I left Peet's. Made it so far, then Joseph caught up with me - he was doing 15.  He didn't like how I looked, talk me into cutting the run short (twist me arm, why don't you?), and then went on to finish up.  I made it back to the car, was stripping down to change into fresh clothes and wringing the sweat out of my clothes when Joseph jogged up. 
So, now that I've had my worst run of the year out of the way, I might need to start running after work in the heat and humidity (arg!), so I can get used to the summer weather.
I need to move to Seattle or something. 

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Same Day, Different Time.  Went to yoga today.  I really enjoyed it. An hour of rolling around on the floor, followed by 30 minutes of standing and kneeling stuff.  This was a relaxing and stretching type of yoga and it turns out that I didn't bring enough clothes so I froze to death!  I walked home in 80* weather and I got hot everywhere except for my toes, which were still frozen and felt like they were going to pop off if I kept walking on them.  ARG!
I have a massage with Seppo on Monday, and I am thinking of taking a pilates class and a power yoga class in the middle of the week. Might as well take advantage of the gym membership, which is currently lying around rotting from so little use!
Gotta go....

Okay.  What's scarier than an asian girl driving a big suv down the road?
Answer.  A BMW735 FILLED with asian girls driving down the road.
What's scarier than that?
A parking lot at the Korean grocery stored FILLED with asian women (not just girls), driving erratically through the parking lot!
And I can say that because I am Asian!
Went to the store today to stock up on comfort food. Came out. Backed out of my parking spot - a prime one near the entrance. And one woman was waiting but pulled forward for some reason. Another older woman was coming in from the opposite direction and decided to pull into my spot that the other woman was going to pull into. At least, I think she was going to because she had pulled too far ahead to do it easily and it looked like she was going to back up, blah blah blah. 
So the two wave and gesticulate and bow their heads and smile, etc etc etc., until the older woman pulled into the spot.  And I am just sitting there giving them their personal space in case either one of them decide to do something really bizzare, crushing my car in the process.
And you know, of course, that after all that waving and smiling, the one who didn't get the spot is muttering and cussing the other woman under her breath.  How do I know this? Because I've been in a car with the step monster driving, when this exact same thing happened. That's how. And don't even think that under that smiling sweet looking graceful asian exterior, there isn't a firebrand of a cussing machine. :o)
Running Note. Didn't run.  Joseph worked on my back and psoas last night and a little bit this morning.  I also took another celebrex to superdose the anti-inflammatory this morning. And so far, the pain has been kept at bay.  Joe said maybe I should rest today.  I agreed.  I am going to take a 1pm yoga class instead. Might as well do something constructive.
House Note.  The stairs are still being worked on. I approved the spindles yesterday so they can continue. Frankly, I am not that picky. Alot  of things look nice, ya know?  As long as it's not downright ugly, I'm okay with most anything. They are supposed to come today and finish up some things but no sight nor hair of Woody or Dewy. 
We showed the apartment yesterday. We have a renter for August 15th if all goes well. We might be showing it today as well.  Not sure. Hope they show up.  If not, we have a renter so we are relieved about that. Unless of course something goes wrong - which there is always a possiblity (I am trying not tempt the fates of bad luck by assuming we have it all in the bag, ya know?)
Oh, yes, I must tell A&G that I found that wonderful sake at the Korean food store and they had a ton of it.  I bought four bottles myself.

Friday, July 16, 2004

I cannot stand meetings that do not stay on agenda! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am feeling very VP-like these days.  It's funny that I noticed it actually feels different with the new title, even though the role is the same and I've been in the role for over a year (and yes, I just got promoted!)
I don't know how to explain the feeling but I feel that whatever I say has more authority and that people listen to what I say as if I was more VP. I also feel more authoritative when I talk about things or am saying "no" to someone or going off on them because the agenda isn't being followed. Ahem.  I used to do all these things before I was a VP and people listened to me even then. BUT, it just FEELS different. Know what I mean, jelly bean???
meeting is over.  good god.
thank god it's FRIDAY!

ACK! The blog entry page for blogger has changed, yet again.  Everytime I get used to it, they change it again.  Such is life.  This one might be better, it has more options on the toolbar.  More options is good.  I am trying out the fonts and font sizes.
So, last night I volunteered at a race. Joseph came directly from golf to run it. He did really well.  I was so proud!
House Note. So the window is in!  Actually there are three windows and they are all held in place by some boards.  It all looks rather precarious to me.  The appliances have also arrived, and have been placed in the already-full-and-chaotic first floor with all of the cabinets.  They've put the fridge into place, it seems.  The oven is sitting next to the fridge for now. Joe checked and yup, it has the red knobs! HAPPY HAPPY!  The stairs are continuing to be worked on. The missing step has been framed with a temporary board.  The doors must be in, too, because Scottie the Contractor asked me about doorknobs. I told him I wanted brass levers.  I hope things move along more quickly.
[Not too sure about the font and size thing. Seems a bit clujee and not sure it's working.]
Running Note. Today is a rest day.

I have a bit of a pain in my right side toward the back, around the quadratus lamborum, nerve pain flashing up and down the back.  I think it's the psoas (large muscle in the front that swoops around to the mid-back) and I have no idea how to release it.  The only person I know in the world who can do this moved to New Orleans a few years ago and now I am wishing he would come back for a visit.  I need to call his girlfriend and find out when they are coming back. Either that or I have to go see Seppo, who is a great massage therapist but is out of the way.  His psoas releasing abilities fall short of Kelly's but he understands it, knows how to work with it, etc., even if he does have a different approach. 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Swan Update. Juliet has abandoned her nest. No babies. Damn. Now they think that Romeo is a girl. What kindaswanpeople are these who can't get the gender of their swans straight?? Even I could do a better job! GAH!

Last night we went to Delux for a second night in a row. New Menu!!! We had the Chili con Queso. I had the lobster&crab po boy and Joseph had the rock shrimp enchiladas. we must go back. Soon.

Running Note. I managed to get out last night for my 4x800 speedwork. I didn't go to the track and opted for the Charles instead, using my usual 5.9 mile loop. It was a really good workout and I am glad I managed to get my butt out there. One should never miss a good day to run. So, when it was raining yesterday morning I decided to postpone until after work, even though that route usually meets little success. Anyway, I was bound and determined that this time I wasn't going to miss my run. At first, I was going to the gym to do repeats on the treadmill bit Joe about had a cow. And then the thought of running on a machine indoors with a buncha hot sweaty bodies and the TV for company just about did me in. I'm glad I managed to get out there.

This morning, I got out there for my easy 3.9 mile recovery run. Good pace for an easy run. Always happens after a day of speedwork. My usual easy pace feels like I am standing still so my easy-feel pace ends up being faster than usual. I think I need to run races after a day of speedwork so that I can run the race faster without feeling like I am working too hard. I must think about that.

House Note. So, it's all about the Saga of the Stairs. Turns out that Woody and Dewy compromised and they stopped the stairs at the top and at the bottom. Instead they finished up 4 steps in the middle. Yup. In the MIDDLE! So, now you have two steps at the top done. 4 steps not done. Then 4 steps in the middle done. Then 4 steps not done. Then 2 steps at the bottom done. They totally crack me up! Of course, we won't mention trying not to kill yourself on the one step that was MISSING! GAH!

Sundry Ramblings. The British Open is played in Scotland. Go figure. In the mornings I watch the news on 4 different channels. I flip along when someone says something that pisses me off or if a commercial comes on, but usually I flip channels to get the weather - one can never have enough weather. But then, I used to watch the weather channel. [Someone told me it was on a loop. I didn't believe them.] Anyway... This morning, Joseph says, "I think Law & Order is on TNT!" So I, am like, "WHAT?" OH! So I turn. And what do I see? The DAMN BRITISH OPEN! He just LAUGHED! Ugh. He makes me crazy! He's play golf at TPC today.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Random Thought. I hope Juliet is doing okay in this rain. GAH!

Running Note. I am ever the optimist and I am hoping to run after work today. 6 miles total, with 4x800 intervals are planned. GAK. 8o|

House Note. So the Mason came and went yesterday. There is a big ole hole in our back wall. Brick dust and mortar crumbles everywhere. And I MEAN EVERYWHERE! It turns out that I left the fans on upstairs without thinking and Joseph came home to a fine film of miscroscopic dust covering everything. And I MEAN EVERYTHING! He, of course, being the fine husband that he is, cleaned up everything before I got home. And I MEAN EVERYTHING! Anyway, the hole was covered with plastic to ward off the rain that fell throughout the entire night. And there are BOXES EVERYWHERE! And I MEAN EVERYWHERE! GAH! It looks like a damn WAREHOUSE on the first floor. Evidently, the cabinets were delivered. AND they took down the downvent from where the hood is going in because of the off-centered-thing that I wrote about before. Now I have to make sure that I like the spindles they are planning to use for the stairs. I am not too worried because the ballister looks nice and I didn't see it before they put in it. I just gave Scottie the Contractor the order that I wanted it to be "pretty."

So, things should be moving along more rapidly at this point. I think the appliances are supposed to be coming in sometime this week. I hope they have enough room on the first floor to store it. A stove, fridge, and dishwasher are not exactly considered small appliances. Ahem.

So, we have the funniest contractors. Two of them are Woody and Dewey. I call them Huey-lewy-dewy for short. Anyway, they basically work together and do walls and plastering and carpentry stuff. One is short and Italian-ish looking and sounding and talks alot. But he could be Greek for all I know. Joseph says his name is Woody but he looks like a Dewy to me. The tall one is blond and blue eyed and kinda quiet. Joseph says his name is Dewy but I think he looks like a Woody. Anyway, they get into the house and they sing. At the top of their voices. They like easy listening. So if there is a male part and a female part, they will each take a part and SING. Then they sing together sometimes or each will do a solo. It's the funniest thing!

So, evidently Joseph came by the house earlier yesterday to mass chaos. The mason with his two helpers and Huey-dewy-lewy were there. I guess Woody was putting in the stairs from the top. And Dewy didn't like that. So Dewy tells Woody he doesn't like starting from the top and he's going to the bottom. Woody then says he started at the top already and you have to go DOWN. Dewy says, no, you start from the bottom, put in the step, then sit on that step, put in the next step - so you go from the bottom. Joseph said they just argued about this - back and forth back and forth - and it was the funniest thing. I am sorry that I missed it. Sigh...

Next time, I'll tell you about the electrician - Bob Little.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Swan Song. What does that mean, anyway? I went running this morning around the Public Gardens to do my easy 2 miler. Turns out I had seen news about Juliet, who laid her first batch of eggs. Juliet is the other half of Romeo, two swans that reign over the pond in the Public Gardens. I saw a tall fence when I entered, and people were taking it down. I was so bummed out thinking that the eggs didn't hatch and the park service was taking everything down. Then as I ran the path, around the fountain, I saw another smaller fence. And in the middle, there she was. Juliet on her nest, surrounded by her court - a bunchageese sunning themselves on the banks of the pond. Romeo was in the water, but not too far away. I know that the gestation period is over and the eggs should have hatched last week. I know that the swan people are saying not to get your hopes up. But I hope and I hope and I hope that the little babies hatch. What a wonderful thing for the city. A nest full of cygnets in the middle of a park, bringing together young and old, the optimist and the cynic, to watch the wonder of birth and renewal. Right here. In the middle of our city.

Running Note. See Swan Song above. It's in there....

House Note. Yesterday, they worked on the hood for the stove. It seems to be a bit off center so we will need to tell Scottie the Contractor about it, if Joseph hasn't done that already. This morning, the mason arrive. Thank goodness! Especially since we are supposed to get rain for the rest of the week! I hope they finish up today - and that they didn't stop for the little bit of rain that has already fallen! If the window can get put in, then the cabinets can get put in, which means that the appliances can get put in, which means that I will feel better about this project being done in my lifetime. ARG!!!!

But on a brighter note, I just put in a big order to Omaha Steaks for steaks, burgers, and beef hot dogs. Yum! They are going to be delivered on the 21st. Cookout, anyone? Happy happy!

Our tenants are moving out. They are buying their own place. So last night we go walking the doggie and Joseph puts in a call to the real estate people. We then decide to go to Charcuterie (The Butcher Shop) for dinner (YUM YUM YUM) and there is this woman there talking about her apartment, the landlord, the dog, etc etc etc. I don't typically eavesdrop but there were just too many key words to ignore. Turns out that she is going to come by and look at the apartment this week.

Then we get into work and Gina Bina writes us a note telling her that she might know someone who is interested in the apartment and what are we looking to get for it?? Of course, if Gina's friend like the place and is willing to pay the price we are looking for, we might just go with her. The other woman from Charcuterie teaches at MIT, after having taught at Kellogg, after doing her PhD at MIT (can we say BRILLIANT GENIUS?? and No... she is NOT nerdy looking - petite cute blond) and looking for a permanent position there. And she has a dog. It's name is Bobo. Alaskan Malamute. So CUTE! Anyway, it's good to knew we are already getting some options. I hope it all works out.

And let me just say for the record... WORK IS KILLING ME!!! WAH!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2004

It's been a few days since the last entry.
I thought I would just state the obvious.

Managed to make it through class last week - we even got out early on Friday.
So I promptly went home and logged in and worked for another couple of hours. Yes. I am very very exciting. I know that already! Sheesh!

We went to Joe's parents place in the Berkshires Friday and had a nice time.
Got home yesterday afternoon, and cleaned the house - what a mess from all that sanding!! So, we got it all clean, just in time for the next round of construction dust and debris this week.

Running Note. Because of class last week (which sucked) and due the hours of the class, etc, and the fact that I hate running after work (too hot, too humid, too late, too bad a mood, etc etc etc), I didn't run.

On Saturday, we ran the bike path near Joe's parents' house. 10 miles. It sucked. This flat, straight course highlighted more than ever for me that I hate long straight flat courses - I did great for the first four miles as far as pace goes when I was with Joe - I had someone to talk to (I can't believe I said that...) and keep me company. Then when he left me after 4 miles, I slowed way down and all I could think about was how hot, miserable, bored, not in the mood I was. Which meant my 10 mile run sucked even worse and I slowed down wayyyy down in pace. GAH!

On Sunday, I ran a nice hilly 4.2 mile loop that started out in front of the house. Just to give you an idea, Joe's parents live in the Berkshires. Which is at the foot of Mt. Greylock - the tallest peak in MA. This means you are either going up or down without a flat section to be had. Except in the valley, where the river is, where the flat boring bike path is. If you step out of the house, you are either look UP or DOWN the road. I started UP the road and just when I thought I was going to die, I took a right, which was also an uphill road. It turned out that I took the turn too early and it put be back onto the same road I just left! GAH! But 100 ft past that point, I took a right (onto the road I should have turned right on). Steep downhills on this one, then slight inclines. Another right onto a really long segment and more slow downhills. And a DAMN DOG!!! ACK!!! I had to walk about a 100 yards so the damn dog wouldn't think I was prey! I hate owners who do not leash their dogs. They should be shot. The owners, not the dogs. Anyway, I digress... Not too much up hill on this long section - which highlighted how steep the first part of the run was! The top of the run has spectacular views of the valley and Mt Greylock. This road puts you BELOW the house, so Itook another right and CLIMBED again. ARG!!! BUT! I LOVED IT! It was so awesome and it reminded me of the Reach the Beach Relay route! Even with all of the hills, I ran this at a much faster pace than I did the flat boring 10-mile route on Saturday! I even surprised myself! I might run well at Reach the Beach after all.

This morning I got out for an easy 3.9 mile run around the Charles. My legs were tired and I tried to slow way down. It was nice and cool - 63* and drier than it has been. We are supposed to be getting some rain this week.

House Note. We got home last night and CLEANED. I already said that. They had come in on Saturday and put down floor protectors on the nice new hardwoods. I hope they get the windows in. After they do the windows, they can get in the appliances and the cabinets! We still have to order the countertops. I can't wait for the house to be done!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

4:05 AM. And I am having an INSOMNIA ATTACK!!! ARG!!!!
Been up since 2:47 AM.
Finally took a melatonin around 3:00 AM.
Do you think the stupid thing worked?
So tossed and turned for another 50 minutes.
Now I am up.
And I am finally feeling sleepy.

So. How do you think I am going to feel today?

I am going to fall asleep in class.
I just know it. GAH!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Class ended at the human hour of 4pm.
Got back to the office at 4:15pm.
Had my first meeting of the day at 4:20pm.
Caught up on my emails, and have completely updated my Initiatives document, where I keep all of the things I need to do. And the damn thing just keeps growing!!

Anyway... I hope tomorrow is the better. We are starting 15 minutes later, cutting down on lunch by a half hour, all in the hopes of getting out at 4pm again. I hope they have wireless because I am going to bring my laptop with me tomorrow.

My stomach issues seem to be better today.
I wrote down what I ate the last two days and it's not a lot.
I guess I know why feel so crappy - not enough nutrition.
I guess that the lack of food is also indicated by the fact that I've lost 2 pounds in, like, ONE DAY!
Okay. Well...

House Note. I forgot to mention this earlier but the floors were put in yesterday. Today, they are starting the sanding and polying process. They are going to put down three coats of poly. We cannot walk on the floor until Saturday. Today is Wednesday. That means, 3 days of no walking on this floor. THREE Days! Not a bad thing, but you have to go through this floor to get to the basement where the refrigerator is that has all of the food in it. Did you get that?? So, last night, Joe got bags of ice, and this morning, he brought up the cat litter box, filled our friend John Barney's cooler with ice, and put some sundry important foodstuffs in the cooler - such as water, milk, coffee (oh! What the world would be without coffee!), etc., and stuck the whole thing in the bathroom. In case of leaks. Just when I thought that two-room-living couldn't get worse, I am sitting and eating in the same room as the CAT LITTER! ARG!!! Okay. Only until Saturday. But the thought is making me nauseated. Uh oh - here we go again...

And another thing. I haven't had a chance to call that doctor's secretary by 3pm. I mean, I was in CLASS! Sheesh.

I am in a class all day.
For the next THREE DAYS!
Not sure how much blogging I will do.

The wave of nausea has passed. I think.
We went to Delux for dinner last night and I couldn't finish my dinner.
We got home and I promptly fell into bed and asleep by 9:15pm.
Woke up around 1am and felt like I was never going to fall back asleep but I did because the next thing you know, it's 5:50 and the doggie is waking us up.

I feel a might better. Just a might.

Running Note. Rest day. Thank the sweet lord...

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Okay. I had meetings scheduled all afternoon but I managed to miraculously cancel all of them. And some were canceled for me. Happy Happy. :o)

I have been feeling a little nauseated of late. Not sure why. Perfume smells make me want to vomit. Not sure why. Now my hand lotion that I've been happily using set off a chain reaction of nausea that I can't explain. It got so that I couldn't put my hand up to my face. Although that is a good things - what with wrinkles and all - one must keep one's hands away from one's face, or one might get premature wrinkles. Something I learned from my deranged mom, God rest her soul. It's amazing what stays with you after all these years. And I know she is looking down on me watching and waiting, just waiting for me to put my hand up to my face, and then ZAP! a wave of nausea is sent my way. It's interesting I think of her looking down on me. She was buried. Not like my father, who was cremated and who I do not think is looking down on me. As I mentioned before, he is sitting in a little wooden box behind a locked glass cabinet door inside some chapel/mausaleum structure at some cemetary in North Carolina. "Help me! Get me Out!" I can just hear him banging on the door. I know. Morbid. So my step monster said that when she dies, she wants to be cremated, have their ashes mixed and spread around somewhere. Did she think that my Daddy might have wanted to keep his ash space for himself without having to share it with anyone? I mean, he was a introvert and all. And what if he doesn't want to be spread around in the same place SHE wants to be spread around. And WHO is going to be doing all that spreading?? Sheesh.

On another morbid thought, I thought I wanted to be cremated. But that was before I met Joseph. Now that I have him around, I want to be buried right next to him. In a coffin made for two - sort of like a double bed in the ground, arms entwined, hand in hand, just like when we fall asleep. Hmmm... is that too much information? Probably.

So, I called Mass General Hospital to make an appointment with a doctor and it turns out that I must make the appointment through his secretary and that she leaves work at 3pm on a daily basis. THREE PEE EMM??? How's that for hours? Better than Bankers! Can I call back tomorrow? Sure, I say. BUT I AM GOING TO BE IN A DAMN CLASS ALL DAY FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS SO THERE IS NO GUARANTEE! I think to myself. And then I hung up very politely. Grrr...

Well... I might call tomorrow. I might call next week. We will see if I remember at all.

I am still tired. I might leave work early. Like in one hour. At 5pm. As opposed to 5:40 pm or 6:05 pm or any time in between. Maybe I wll be adventurous and leave earlier than 5pm?

I wonder what we will do for dinner. I am still a bit on the nauseated side, you know.

So, back to work.
It feels like a Monday even if it is a Tuesday.
GAH! Two Mondays in one week, are two Mondays too many.

I have a blasted class Wednesday through Friday and I am crammed for time today.
I hate feeling like that.
I need to set up meetings and maybe attend one on Friday, which will be hard to do given that I am supposed to be in a class.
The pre-req is a BASIC project management. Whatever.
Given that I've been managing people and projects for many many years, one would think that I could do this in my sleep. And if I can't, then I have people I can delegate things to. I hate going to classes!

Running Note. I ran 5.9 miles along the Charles. It was supposed to have been easy but my legs were tired and sluggish and it's been one of my slowest easy runs in a long a while. But I managed to get through it. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day.

House Note. Lots of people at the house this morning. I hope this means that lots of things will get done today. The floor is supposed to get laid sometime this week. The cabinets are supposed to coming in next week. Scottie the Contractor told me he is STILL trying to figure out how to get the hood installed! ARG!!!

On another note, I must let Judy the Contractor know that we will need her painting services at the end of the August.

Sundry Ramblings. There was a time when I said that the biggest regret of my life was not becoming a doctor. I have changed my mind. I think that the biggest regret of my life is not having met Joseph sooner. More to come on that once I get things figured out.

Out tenants have given their notice that they are looking for a condo this year and will not be renewing their lease. Bummer. They were such good tenants, too. I hope we can find as good tenants this year. I hope we can find tenants, period. This type of stuff always gives me angina... having to worry about stuff like rent income, and whether we will find a tenant at all. I hate that. They are going to let us know if they plan on moving on Sept 1 or Oct 1. I hope they tell us soon so that we can start advertising and showing the apartment.

I am so tired, I can't write any more.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Big goings on last night.
And I don't mean fireworks.
Although there were those, as well.

Police cars up and down the street.
Cops on foot.
Lights in the back alley which is usually locked.
I watched as a couple of men shake the fence door, then the door opens, and in the walks two men holding up flashlights.
Well, imagine their surprise - we have a yard full of lumber, construction debris, scaffolding, tarps.
Oh, and a gas grilled covered in sawdust.
They did identify themselves as police.
They were obviously looking for someone.
I hope they found him.
(Why is it one always assumes it's a "him?")

All of this during the mighty fireworks we were watching on TV.
They were only 4 blocks away but the CROWDS! Egads!
We walked through the Esplanade earlier yesterday and it was packed with people.
And we know that wasn't the half of it. Shoulder to shoulder. By nightfall, it would be hip to hip.
Much better to watch it all on TV.
The fireworks lost a little glitter through the medium but it sure beat the people.

Oh. And Tracey Silva? She was the star of the show as far as I was concerned. She was a refreshing change from David Lee Roth (who looked so old), and that Jennifer Holliday gospel singer who seemed strained as she belted out a couple of songs. Didn't like her too much.

Running Note. Ran 3.9 miles along the Charles easy. Funny that my easy pace was much faster than my racing pace yesterday. GAH! I can't stand that! It started to rain, just as I stepped out the door. It was wonderfully cooling.

Tonight, we are going to Dinner at The Prairie Star. We are in the mood for burgers. Been watching the Food Network where they are cooking up burgers and hot dogs all day long.

Harriet left today. With her shiny new Specialized bike. I hated to tell her that she wasn't going to be able to ride it today as the whole of New England is covered in rain. But she left undaunted. I went to the store to pick up the bike with her on Friday. My old stomping ground. Haven't ridden in a few years. I know the second I get back on a bike, that's all she wrote! Harriet is going to bring me her Cyclops when she comes back in August. I can train over the winter. The bike store still had that Calfee carbon fiber I tried out a couple of years ago. It's a thing of beauty. The price hadn't gone down any, that's for sure. I think I might surprise Joseph with a bike. Then we can race together. Happy happy!

Okay. time to go eat. :o)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

So, Happy Independence Day, everyone.
I shall refrain from making political statements about freedom and how it's instinctual and how all those unstable countries full of people trying to take away other people's freedom's need to get a damn life and how any unstable-country-sympathizers in the U.S. can just get the hell out and go somewhere else.
Yup. Today is a day to relax so I won't mention any of that.
Even if it's INDEPENDENCE Day. Ahem.

I ended up running a race this morning.
I will say that that is going to be the very last time I let someone from out of state pick a race for me. Could it have been any HILLIER?? And farther away?? There are some very small, nice 5k's closer to home and we had to go to North Andover to run a 10K. And that is twice as far as, say, Watertown, Somerville, Natick... even Dedham. And that is TWICE as long as a 5k. GAH!

So, it started at 8:30 (which was a good thing because things got hot pretty fast!) and I started out easy for the first mile. Right away we hit a hill. A long one. Did I mention that I HATE HILLS?? And it was a LONG hill. Easy turned into HARD about halfway up! Then I did 5 minutes hard, 1 minute easy. I did great with the first three reps. Then I hit more hills and areas without shade. I could feel a hot flush all the way up to the top of my head and I actually had to walk for a mile in Mile 4 and 5 each! My HR was above 180, but I kept slogging along. At this point, I gave up the speedwork plan - I felt good because I did three of them already. Thank goodness.

Saw Robin & Jeff Cain after the race with Hunter and Spencer. Robin had a big ole bruise on her leg by doing The Muddy Buddy last weekend.

Harriet came in strong - she actually looked pretty good. Although around Mile 6 when we saw her, I yelled at her and told her she was never picking another damn race for me! LOL!

So, yesterday, I ran in the morning and then played 18 holes of golf with Joe, Amanda and Gina. We played at President's Golf Course in Quincy. After the game, some guy hit on Gina. Too funny! Anyway, an hour of running, then add about 4 1/2 hours of golfing and my feet were SO swollen. Thank goodness they deflated overnight.

So, golfing is fun. I tried the cart and the rolling golf bag carrier. I actually preferred the rolling golf bag carrier to the cart. I could keep my clubs closer to me. 74 on the front nine and 74 on the back nine. At least I was consistent. The back nine was harder than the front nine so I got better in the second half. LOL! And, I did get the ball up into the air most of the time. I felt good and it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to do it again. At this point, I pretty much three-putted every green and more than doubled parred a lot of the holes. BUT, I will say that I did bogey one hole, which I was very excited about. I can't hit the ball far (it doesn't matter which club I use) but if I get the technique right, I guess that will come with time. After I play a few more time, I think I will take a lesson or two.

We are even thinking of joining a country club. Not sure. Next time, I hope we get to play at Putterham.

House Note. They moved the refrigerator into the basement. What a mess! Things were a a bit dirty but that was after Joseph cleaned it out before I saw it! The porch is pretty much done. This week, they are supposed to lay the floor and maybe get the big picture window in. I can't wait for the house to get done! GAH!

Oh, and our tenants are moving out after their lease runs out - maybe a month earlier. I hope we don't have problems finding tenants. Just another thing to worry about!

And another thing. We did NOT win the $290 million lottery! GAH!!!!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

I have so much to blog about.
But I am just too tired to talk about it.
In a nutshell, ran, golfed, helped Harriet buy a bike, ate dinner, and sat on my fat butt watching the Legend of Bagger Vance and thinking I should be asleep.

Tomorrow is a race.
My feet are so swollen I doubt I'll be able to run.

More tomorrow.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Okay. I took the plastic off the golf club heads tonight. Before I took the doggie out for her walk. They don't look any different than when they were in the plastic.

We went to the Womens US Open in South Hadley today. We got there around noon since we had to run in the morning, yadda yadda.... We got to see Michelle Wie (who is very young, very pretty, and very tall), Grace Park (who is average height, and very pretty but obviously not as young as Michelle Wie - she looked down right old next to Michelle), and Anika Sorenstam (who was the typical blond Swede - nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion). I was glad to have seen them up close and personal. I did purchase a towel for my golf bag and a small drawstring purse and a neoprene water bottle holder, which along with the towel is hanging from the golf bag and looking rather nice.

I think tomorrow I might go to the Leeder Board and try on those Ecco golf shoes I saw.

Tee time is 11:03 on Saturday morning. All righteeee....

Running Note. Ran 5.9 miles around the Charles this morning. My legs are still so tired! I tried slowing down to make it easy and they still were tired. I sped up a little and they were still tired. So I saw, screw it...and just ran normal since slow felt the same as fast and wasn't any easier either way.

House Note. The Construction People had the chicken we said they could have. But they also chased it all down with the dead pale ale home brew that Dave Anderson made for the running conference this past weekend. RAT BASTARDS!!! They left 3 out of 7. I had one for dinner tonight. I put the other two in the crisper hidden from view so that Joseph can enjoy them. Sheesh. We said CHICKEN! Does BEER sound like CHICKEN!!! The porch steps are finished and it looks like it might be about 90% done. The side railing is done but in the house so that the scaffolding has room, which is being used to put the rear window in. Actually, they took the window out and everything is boarded up. Everything is in process. Nothing is really done. It's sort of like someone with attention deficit is going from project to project not really finishing everything. Also the lowest riser has been put into place for inside stairs.

I am so exhausted! I feel like I am never going to be untired again!!!

Tomorrow I must not forget the cherries. YUM!