Thursday, September 30, 2004

11:05am EST/8:05am PST. I am so tired of this time zone. Last night, I went to dinner with Oracle and people from work. 7:30 dinner meant I was eating at 10:30. Which meant that I didn't get home until 11:00 which means that I didn't fall into bed until 2:30am. UGH! Then I was so tired this morning after getting up at 6am or 9am that I didn't bother to work out at all. Can't wait to get home into the right time zone.

Another long day of meetings ahead.
At least they feed us! They have a Chef onsite. Their Oracle Chef. Figures. Anyway... the lunch was really very good and they put out entirely too many sweets to my liking.
And all I know is that I got a lot of work to do arising out of yesterday's session.
It's an opportunity for people across the company who are here to corner me and try to get me to work on Major Initiatives.
Major Initiatives usually means a lot of politics, changing how people work and think, lots of paperwork and powerpoint presentations, as well as more resources to assign which I don't have.
And this morning, I have been asked to attend a breakfast meeting before the long days of regular meetings to talk about Consolidation. Another Major Initiative type of thing.
And on Friday, when I thought I would be able to take things easy, I have been recruited to attend a Security session, which is already a Major Initiative, and now the Security guy from work wants me to join him in a Bigger Major Initiative that kinda encompasses what we are doing today but not really.
Got all that??

So, now I must be off to get ready for that 8:30am breakfast meeting.
7:01 EST/4:01 PST. Escape is so sweet! Back at the hotel. The last session was about stuff I couldn't possibly relate to. So much work to catch up on! I am thinking of not going to dinner with the group tonight. I would like to watch the presidential debates - they come on at 9pm EST and I know that it will interfere with dinner here.

So for lunch they had lamb. Of course that means I will have to have dinner later or be hungry all night.

So tired.... I could just fall asleep...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

9:50am EST/6:51am PST. So I got up at 4am (or 7am depending on the coast you're on). After the initial pain of waking up and moving around, I found it to be a pleasant experience to be stirring when everyone else is presumably in slumber land.

Running Note. I got dressed after I loosened up, and went out and ran! The hotel gave me a map of a 2-mile loop and a 4-mile loop. Now, it seemed relatively easy on paper. But at 4:50am, by only lamp light, with not a creature stirring - not even a mouse, it's harder to follow than I thought. I was doing great until I hit the turn to Twin Dolphin Drive. About 2/10 of a mile up, I thought, "WAIT! I am supposed to be on Twin Dolphin PARKWAY!" So I backtracked and ended up at the DAMN HIGHWAY! GAH!!! So I had to re-backtrack back to Twin Dolphin DRIVE! So running up the road, turns out that I was disoriented, expecting to see the hotel on my left and it was to my right... Not sure how that happened - I just got turned all around! So my 4.0 mile run turned into around 4.7 miles. I also think that 4.0 mile route was under-estimated and I might go out later today and drive the route just for grins.

The sesame bones didn't hurt until I hit mile 3, but then I was so disoriented in looking for the hotel that I forgot about them. My ITB started hurting around mile 2, which tells me that I MUST GET INTO THE GYM AND LIFT WEIGHTS!!! ARG!!! So, tomorrow, that is exactly what I am going to do... run the 2-mile loop an then hit the weights.

I have a day full of meetings today and dinner isn't until 6pm, which means my body will think it's eating at 9pm. That is going to SUCK! Especially tomorrow morning when I try to get up according to EST again. I hate traveling sometimes.... It'd be much easier if I was just fat and lazy and didn't care about exercising at all.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

9:37pm. So much to blog about today. Like going from feast to famine.

First of all, today I traveled to California. I traveled the WHOLE DAY to gain back half a day to extend the day by so many hours, just enough to make me TIRED! HFFF!!!
I am in Redwood City at the Sofitel San Franscisco Bay.
It's about 10 miles south of San Francisco.
I haven't seen much of anything other than a bunchaverybigtower-likestructures made of glass that had ORACLE at the top of one of them.
So, do you THINK it's the Oracle Campus, or WHAT??
It's sunny and bright outside.
And there is water outside the hotel that appears to be man made.

I arrived around 12:15 pm, 15 minutes early.
The flight was good.
I worked the whole way and got one major item off my desk! YAHOO!

I checked in, checked out the room, got a map of the running route (they have a nice four-mile route which I will run in the morning), checked out the fitness center (treadmills, bikes, etc., with weights - all pretty decent and very clean with water cooler to refill my water bottle, and apples and bananas which I will have for breakast before my run), and the had dinner in the lobby bar at 6:30 EST. That is 3:30 Pacific time. THREE:THIRTY.

I did more work today than I can shake a stick at.
I also hooked up a very good friend of mine with one of my DBAs who is troubleshooting their web application they are supposed to be going live with. She called me from Waltham, MA. She never calls me when I am home. She calls me when I am across the damn country!
Anyway, they have a system going live tomorrow.
They didn't do any capacity or stress testing.
NONE! And they wonder WHY it craps out at 50,000 reads?
They have one DBA. ONE.
And he is not an Oracle person.
But the system is built on an Oracle back end.

Okay. In fairness to my friend, she's not a DBA person - she's just the VP of Marketing or somesuch. And she is one of my best friends. So I gave her one of my best DBAs. I told her that she needs to pay him $300 per hour. I feel like a pimp! HAHAHAHA!!! Not really but you know...Anyway...back to the airport...

So, I landed at the airport, got the car, and dealt with a bunchaworknonsense.
Then I called Joseph who promptly told me that there was an EARTHQUAKE in the area - around a 6.0 on the Richter Scale. HUH? Thank god I was in the AIR at the time! Sheesh.

The good news from home is that the car is being fix and having everything overhauled - there had been the smell of burning rubber for a while in the Subaru and Steve the Mechanic is fixing things for me. YEAH! We fooled around about who to take this to etc., until I made up my mind and decided to take the car to the same guy in Quincy who had always helped me out in the past. He's a good guy and I trust him.

And Joseph talked to Scotty the Contractor and hopefully SOMETHING will get done between now and the time I return home.

I must say it's very nice to have a Hunny Bunny around to take care of things for you.
Things that would most assuredly make you go crazy if you had to take care of things yourself. Ahem.

And speaking of Hunny Bunny's, I miss mine.
I thought I would look forward to this trip. I always had in the past, before Hunny Bunny came into my life. I traveled a lot for work - almost every other week for many years. I loved getting away from home and staying at hotels, doing my own thing, running with my own schedule, dining at my favorite little haunts. Now it's different. I had a vague feeling of what it had once been like, but I dragged my feet getting the trip all set up. I really wasn't looking forward to being away for 4 days and three nights.

I miss Joseph. Life is short and I don't want to shorten my time with him any more than I have to. I have never been so aware of mortality and the fact that "all good things must come to and end" than ever before. I live with it every day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night. I watch and listen to him sleeping and sometime I am so sad that it can't be forever. Not in this world, anyway. He is so precious to me and he makes life very precious. He makes me weep with the love he makes me feel.

And I am wasting three nights and four days away from him in Damn Redwood City so that I can rub elbows with people from work talking about technical stuff that I won't even want to take to my grave - and certainly won't last through the next upgrade! GAH!!!

Well... Good night, Hunny Bunny.
I love you.

Monday, September 27, 2004

9:30AM. Monday morning's are so difficult.
The whole day is a slow-motion "trying to get out of bed when you don't want to" scene.
Everyone understands what that means.
We've all done it, usually as children, when mom or dad is yelling at you to get out of bed and come have breakfast (or whatever).
You move one leg over the side of the bed and think, in 5 minutes I'll get out of bed.
Sometimes I lie there and think, I am really moving even if I don't seem to be - I am just moving very very slowly is all.
So most Monday's seem that way to me.
I spend the entire morning getting prepared, so-called "catching up" (on what?? I mean, I cleared my desk on Friday so I can start fresh on Monday!), and by the time I am ready to rock and roll, it's time to go home. What is THAT all about???

The items on my desk are huge projects.
Franklin Covey would have a field day with me.
I tend to get rid of all the little things - and there are a hundred of them - instead of tending to the big important things.
The problem is that the little things are usually interruptions from senior management and due to adminstrivia which is required for the good of my departmet.
Given that, the big strategic "projects" get put on the shelf until I am in the state I find myself this morning.
No administrivia to attend to!
This means I am going to have to dive headfirst into one of my big projects.
And that would mean a whole half or full day of attention.
Having a low attention span, the thought of this is absolutely daunting.
What to do what to do what do...

Maybe I'll eat my second apple of the day.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
But two apples a day can help keep the work at bay.
Hmm.... I kinda like the sounds of that.

But, I'll save it for later.
Not too terribly hungry right now.
I might go and get more coffee instead.
That sounds good.
9:40AM. I am trying out this new format with the times I post.
It makes me crazy when I go and read a blog and their posts are chunked up with new titles and headlines and all sorts of confusing stuff.
And it's not in chronological order. Which also makes me crazy!

So, this way, I can keep track of stuff all day and hopefully post once a day at the end of the day when things like this should posted in the first place.

I got the coffee. I even stood there and watched it being made. How's that for procrastination. Of course, now I am thinking that tea might have been a better choice. Why is office coffee SO BAD?? There seems to be universal market on bad coffee by Corporate America Coffee Suppliers. So instead of sending this stuff overseas (like they do with bad chicken parts - long story - and Gerber's baby food), the Corporate America Coffee Suppliers send them to Corporate America. And that is why Overseas Coffee always seem to taste so good and why Corporate America coffee is is uniformly bad.
5:07pm. So, I sat in on a session this afternoon. I arranged for a vendor to come in an compare and contrast their database to Oracle's database. As well as other lofty topics. IBM was presenting on DB2. UDB if you are not a purist. I sat there with my group - a very technical bunch - and listened to the back and forth discussions.

For the first time in a long time, a 3-hour session held my interest.
For the first time in a long time, I felt as if I was learning something.
It makes me wish for the old days when what I did seemingly had more meaning and impact than my current job seemingly has today. I use the word "seemingly" because some people tell me that what I do is valuable - representing the interests of a group of technical people to senior management, who might not quite understand the interests of such a group.

Anyway, it was heartening to know that even though I might not be able to put fingers to keyboard and actually do the work, I still understand the concepts - even with the technology changes since I've done this work hands on.

So, I came back to my desk and fielded a few phone calls, one of which is from an SVP in a business unit that we support, talking to me about the budget, etc. (because everyone is cutting back), and I sat here wondering what the hell it is that I am doing and how important it might be to push paper money around. At the end of the day, the work will get done, regardless of who is willing to pay for what. The problem is that WHO will ACTUALLY DO the work is often determined by how much of a bill we can send to the business. This means that if we cut back as a result of their often unrestrained cutting, we don't have the ability to support them when they come knocking on our doors again. Which they will. They know it. I know it. And some things just never change. Regardless of who is in power today versus yesterday. After all, an egg is and egg is an egg, even though the bottom line might be a FAT OLE GOOSEGG.

Now, I sit here a bit dejected, knowing I have to fly to California tomorrow for what I consider to be a Major PR Boondoggle (going to visit Oracle Corp with half of the "DBA Powers That Be Across The Firm") and wondering if I could be doing something more constructive somewhere else.

I have got to stop going to worthwhile workshops. It's just too damn depressing, indicative that ignorance truly is bliss.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Okay. I did it. This one warranted a big fat title! :o)
The unveiling of My Flab Gab!
Just a place to obsess about the flab around my damn middle and the race to fit into my winter clothes! WAH!!!!

Well, it's been a whirlwind of a day.
Start out early with Doggie. We walked and played for an HOUR!
Joseph went to meet someone to run - at 7am - so ended up with Doggie Duty.
Not a bad morning.

I love getting up early on weekends.
I hate it when I am doing it - all the old "too" excuses - too early, too tired, too sleepy, too not feeling like it... yadda yadda yadda.
But when I DO finally get out of bed, I am always glad because I end up doing a day's worth of errands before noon.

A week ago, Joseph cooked inaugural pasta in our new almost-finished kitchen.
It's a special dish. Not only because he makes a terrific sauce but it's like the meal of choice for almost all runners. It was so apropos.

Tonight I will cook inaugural yakimandu for Joseph.
It is also a special dish. Handmade dumplings, pan fried and then steamed in chicken broth.
It's a special dish because Joseph can eat, like, 100 of them. Well... maybe not a hundred.
But definitely close to 50. I've seen him do this. It's truly puzzling to watch. I mean, WHERE does it all GO???

I did not run today. I was busy running around from store to store to take advantage of all the sales and coupons. That sounds SO SUBURBAN! But I love coupons. I have a spreadsheet that tracks purchases and coupon/sale savings! It's like a game to me. I also love the fact that we have a second fridge so I can take advantage and stock up. :o)

Anyway, my sesame bones are sore from yesterday's run and all the running around I did this morning. I should not have skipped the celebrex this morning.

I am going to try and set up my other blog about fighting the flab...
I'll let you know how it goes...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Okay. I am taking it as a sign from G-D that I need to keep all notes and blog items in this One Blog, instead of putting my diet and exercise flab reducing notes in a different blog. Therefore, you will be subjected to all the minutiae of it all... GAWD! And I was hoping to save everyone from having to read it. But I will note it firmly and identify when the entry appears so you can NOT read it if you don't want to.


So, today...
Let's see.
My weight is at 0.
Not that I weigh 0 pounds.
But that is my weight today - the New Beginning.
My goal is to get to -13 pounds. That means I must lose 13 pounds.
That is how much I have gained in the past two years! ARG!!!
The goal is also not to get into the + numbers.
That would mean that my weight has gone up.
Which is in the opposite direction from what is desireable.

This is really not as much fun as putting it into ANOTHER Blog.

House Note. Been using the kitchen. Got some stuff from storage. But nothing additional has happened. I knew it was going to take forever! GAH!!!

Just so we are all aware.
I have deleted the Flab Gab.
For now.
I played around with the formatting and it all got weirded out on me.
So after spending TWO DAMN HOURS trying to figure out what the hell I did and how to undo what I did, I gave up.
Yes, I QUIT!
Any problem with that???

I might start on it again tomorrow.
But for now, I am tired and cranky and don't feel like dealing with it..
Got that???


It's a beautiful, warm fall day in Boston.
And true to form, a busy one indeed.
But today held a special surprise.

No... not the doorknobs that Hunny Bunny put on the doors upstairs.
Shiny new lever handles to update the sad, tarnished, old, round knobs.
Although it took him a lot less time to do this than I would have ever imagined!
I mean, I thought it would take him a whole day.
And I think it took him something like 15 minutes?

What I am talking about is that we went apple picking.
I've never been apple picking.
Took a wonderful ride in the convertible and drove down to the apple picking farm.
I thought it would take hours.
From the time we paid, got the bags, to the time the bags were full...
oh... about 10 minutes.
I thought it would take HOURS!
My timing estimates have been off lately but that is really bad.
I was imagining ladders and step stools, and people in denim with flannel shirts...
Actually, I didn't know what to imagine, but all of that sounds good on e-paper.
We ate a few - a Macoun and a couple of MacIntoshes.
And like Joseph says, "I will NEVER eat another supermarket apple ever again."

Then the requisite stop to get cider and apple cider donuts. YUM!

We will make apple crisp, baked apples, maybe eat a few fresh and crisp from the fridge.

It was a very good and busy day today!

Running Note. 3.7 miles along the Charles today. It was warm but not bad. Had a good pace. The sesame bones twinged on and off - but not for the whole run which is a huge improvement. I ran better than I thought I would considering I took something like THREE WEEKS OFF! Almost. I actually ran like two days in those three weeks. Whatever.

Tomorrow, I am planning to go to the gym and trying out the elliptical.
Maybe I'll throw some weights around just for grins.

Friday, September 24, 2004

I have created my "trying to keep myself honest and praying for a miracle in my downsizing efforts" log. Sigh....

We will see what we will see....

It will be another busy week next week.
I have a full day of work on Monday.
Then on Tuesday I head out to California to spend time at Oracle for the rest of the week.
It is the annual CVC - no idea what that stands for - where all the Big Honchos and Head Techies from the Firm gather at Oracle Corporation in Redwood City, California, for discussions, pontifications, prognostications, and rubbing of elbows. Why? Because we can't discuss, pontificate, prognosticate and rub elbows here! Instead, we have to travel across the damn country to do this!!! Needless to say, I am thrilled to be going.

I get back about 11pm on Friday night.
On Saturday, we pack up and go to Maine.
On Sunday, Joseph will run the Maine Marathon.
And then we will drive back.
At least that is the plan for today.
And since he doesn't plan these things lightly, more than likely, it will happen.
I hope we can shop at the LLBean outlet along the way.
I never know where they are, but we always seem to manage to find ourselves one along our travels.
Just goes to show, if there is a will... you will find the way...
Or something like that.

I am skipping class today.
Talk about minutiae.
I did one exercise this morning and my head started to hurt.
So I promptly left.
I sat in a meeting afterwards and it felt like coming home. Sheesh!
Now THAT is something I know how to do - sit in a meeting!
Boy, am I a MANAGER or WHAT??? GAH!!!!

I am thinking of creating a food and workout blog so I can obsess somewhere else about the increasing nature of my flab. I wonder. Does Flab have Buddha nature? Hmmm...

So, this guy at work comes over to my house after work yesterday to deal with my remote access problems. Yes. He made a house call! Talk about customer service! And he fixed the problem! I think he might have solved the mysterious outlook issue I had but I haven't tried that out today. I'll try it later before I leave work.

I am gonna give this guy an award. We have these awards and recognition thing at work where you can give someone an amex gift check ($50) or a You've Earned it ($150 or $300). There are others but then you need management signoff and it takes a lot of hands to make things happen. I am thinking a $300 award might be good... The help I received was basically priceless!

I now have this sinus-head-cold-or-bad-allergy thing going on right now. Tired and sore throat, etc. Last time this happened was in the spring. I thought it was a sinus infection and it turned out to be bad allergies. Ugh. This type of thing makes me crazy! I'll let it play out over the weekend and see what happens.

Amanda came over for dinner last night - steak, scotch, garlicky spinach, salt potatoes, red wine, marconi almonds, nicoise olives, and hummus. Joseph cooked. I sat and ate and conversed with Amanda. Then Amanda decided to stay over. It was a regular pajama party! We are thinking of renaming the front room, "Amanda's room." :o)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

In the "Will I Never Learn?" category.
Never put a rice cake in the refrigerator.
It must be eaten right away.
Otherwise, the aforementioned rice cake comes out like chilled rice - not quite, but nearly so.
Still tastes the same but really isn't.

And I am not talking about the grocery store crunchy puffed rice cake variety.
I am talking about the kind of rice cake that is sold in Asian bakeries -
made from rice flour with a little sweet and tangy fermented flavor,
usually made in a large flat pan and cut into some polygonal shape -
like a brownie but more haphazardly - and remains soft.
Unless you put it into the refrigerator.
It's still soft but not nearly as soft had you not put it into the refrigerator at all.

Amanda is coming over for dinner tonight.
Steaks on the barbie, a little scotch, and lots of giggles.
Yipee! Can't wait!

Did not run again today.
I'll run tomorrow.
Foot feels fine today.

Lamentation of the day. At the risk of sounding like a broken, skipping CD, I cannot believe how much weight I've gained. I can't believe how hard it is to take off. I can't believe that I am going to have to make this a priority in my life when I've got so many more interesting and urgent priorities to deal with. I am finding myself thinking that I must make it to the gym to work out. And I don't mean to run for running's sake but to really work out with the hellbent intent of losing poundage. ARG! I am thinking running, then elliptical, and weights. What a pain in the ass!

And as for the food thing, let's not even go there.
I do not diet.
I tried intermittently and I can't get my head around it.
I fail every single time.
And they don't work for me.
Other people lose 20 pounds in a week.
I am lucky to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks.
I don't get the point of dieting because I eat well.
I don't believe in self-deprivation because we might die at any moment and I don't want to be known as The One Who Self-Deprived as I lay at my wake or funeral.
I must obsess about this a bit more.

Maybe fruit?
Fruit for dinner?
That might be a clue...

Except for tonight.
Amanda is coming over and I will eat steak!
Well... as Scarlet would say...
"tomorrow is another day..."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Our upstairs tenant went to China and ate monkey brains.
MONKEY BRAINS. She is now on Cipro.
'Nuff said. Ahem.

What is it about the Chinese?
They eat everything.
If it was plant or animal in it's lifetime, it's considered edible.
They have the no-waste thing going on down to a science.

Of course this is after going to lunch in Chinatown for Dim Sum (or Yum Chow in Australian) and eating weird dumplingish-like thing. Sometimes it's better not to know.

House Note. Nothing new. Can I tell you? I love my stove!!!

Running Note. Nothing. Nothing tomorrow either. Sesame bones were feeling better today. Tomorrow I have an early morning meeting and then class. Maybe Friday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Just so we are CLEAR!
Substantial weight is 10-12 pounds.
Just in case anyone thought I had porked out into major ton-age.

A couple slices of pizza for dinner tonight.
Washed it all down with a nice snifter of Michel Couvreur Malt Scotch.
Baklava waiting for dessert.
With a bottle of Polar Water.
I am so addicted to Polar Water.

Sometimes I get so hungry that I am not hungry. Does that make sense? I am not a snacker. I do not have a sweet tooth. And when I eat a snack or a sweet, I usually stop at one. Or two. But not more than that. Which makes staving off hunger to be difficult. Half the time I can't even decide what I want to eat so time passes, and hunger continues to deepen.

I am in that state now.
To keep from having to deal with it, I keep drinking Polar Seltzer water - Black Cherry this time. If you don't know what it is, it's seltzer water with a fruit flavor or essence but no sweetness.
It would be easy to deal with the situation if my hunger pangs hadn't turned into cramping but that is what is happening and I am not too happy about it.
It is too late to eat something because I have nothing to eat.
I had four jelly beans and they didn't do the trick.
They should have but they didn't. Much to my chagrin.
And the only other stuff is from the vending machine and nothing in there interests me.

I should have had more food for lunch - about 3 unces of chicken meat and a cup of soup. All brought from home. I could have brought more but I was too lazy to really plan and pack accordingly.

So, it's time for true confessions.
Maybe the ritual will cleanse me.
So here it is...

I have this problem with food.
I can't stand to eat it.
If I am stressed out, I can't eat.
If I am happy, I will eat but usually work is stressing me out.
I would like to make an editorial comment that since meeting Joseph, I've gained substantial weight which just goes to show you how HAPPY I am!!!
I have been told that I have no relationship with food.
This is worse than having a bad relationship with food.
Imagine that.
I find eating to be an inconvenience.
It impinges upon my freedom because if I don't eat, I end up in some toxic hypoglycemic state.
It takes up precious time when I can be doing something else.
And no matter how good something tastes while I am eating it, I find it strangely unsatisfying overall.
The texture of food is important to me.
Nothing too slimy.
Nothing that sticks to the inside of my mouth.
Nothing that has a flavor that resonates in my mouth long after I am done swallowing it.

So, the question is, why aren't I thinner than I am?
One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

Hunger pangs are gone.
Cramping is finished.
Almost time to go home - long drive ahead of me.

Things are looking up.

Running Note. Running Note. I have a Running Note. 2 miles in the Public Gardens. Faster than I have in a long time. The sesame bones didn't hurt while I ran - which is a first in a long time. They are a bit tender now but not as tender as they have been before. I will ice later. I will try running every other day until the sesame bones don't hurt any more.

More blogging to come...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Reach the Beach photos can be found here.
In case one is interested.

Happiness is...
A wonderful crisp pre-fall day,
errands with my honey,
and a real dinner cooked on our wonderful Stove with the Red Knobs. :o)
Yes. We. Have. Gas. Yahoo!

Happiness is...
Hunny Bunny's secret Italian "gravy", homemade, with meat, garlic, mushrooms, and secret spices that make it more than a "Hunny Bunny Special", over pasta, served with wine from our wedding, some of which we got when we went to Napa the summer before our wedding. How appropriate that our first real meal on our brand new wonderful stove is pasta, the pre-race dinner choice of runners everywhere, for the sport that brought us together. We can relive our precious moments every single day through the smallest events. But then, isn't it the small things that get us to sweat, and the small things that make or break us, and the small things that identify our characters, and the seemingly smallest of things that really define our happiness?

Happiness is...
Hunny Bunny in a "Kiss the Cook" apron, stirring the pot on the Stove with the Red Knobs, while I sit and blog and eat antipasto - Nicoise olives and big fat black olives (my two favorite), fresh mozzarella cheese, and roasted red peppers, all chased down by a nice big class of Michel Couvreur scotch.

Happiness is...
Doggie. Sitting next to you, being so good, and so full of hope at the morsels of cheese to be shared. She always has hope. She looks up and smiles sweetly and looks at you with all the mental powers she has to let you know... "Give Me Cheese. Cheeeeese. Cheeeeeeeeeze....." To be rewarded for such goodness... with morsels of cheese.

Life is good, love is still abloom, and the honeymoon continues here in Boston.

Tomorrow, I am contemplating a 2-mile run to try out the sesame bones - hopefully, the two week rest did them good.

Oh, and we have inquired and learned that the wine place in the North End can get us ten 27-year-old Michele Couvreur for much less than the internet price I saw. In fact, about $60 less a bottle. I am ordering two to start with. I told Joseph that I would rather have Scotch than a pair for shorts for the same price. He found that interesting... not sure why....

On another note, I found Parker's Blog. Actually, Joseph found it and told me about it. I will be busy reading for the next few days... he started it in February. SO MUCH reading to catch up on! GAK!

And... Cher is BACK from the Grand Canyon. Good. It's about time. Her blog is in desperate need of updates. :o) She said she would never do Grand Canyon again. well... Maybe that means she will be doing Reach the Beach with us next year!

We reached the damn beach.
Now we are home.
More later.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I have found that I value my Blogging Time, as I like to call it.
It helps me relax and put down on "paper" my thoughts.
When I was younger, I tried to keep a journal.
It was so tedious and my attention span was such that two days of it was enough.
Then came the typewriter age.
Putting paper in and typing it all out was also tedious.There was no way to change thing, delete and add, etc., without taking the paper out and starting all over again. I guess you could cross things out, but a 5 page daily entry with 3 pages worth of cross-outs just wasn't what I had in mind. So the typewriter went the way of the pen and paper.
Then came the computer age. I tried Wordperfect, then Word, then just gave up. There was no cataloging, no organization, no easy way to search, etc etc etc...
Finally, there came the "blogging age."
It gave me everything I wanted in a journal.

So I started blogging as a way to keep track of my thoughts, thinking I'd write elegant passages worthy of inclusion in any erudite's library - but *GASP!* - I write like I talk. *sigh...* I mean... I loved to write in high school. I mean... I actually WON writing contests (two, but who the hell is counting?) One was an essay and one was a story - very involved, girl in an orphange, potatoes, horses, wind blown hillsides, and the rich family next door - actually, across the meadow, through the woods, over a brook, way down a carriage lane, in a big forbidding house... Whatever. Even the BOYS liked it. Amazing for 9th grade. But then I was in what you call the Gifted and Talented program and the boys there were different than the boys in the regular program - more brainiac and all... anyway...

So, here I am, putting thoughts down on paper. And I am finding more than ever that the internet is everyone's oyster and nothing that can be found, can hide...

I am discovering that I have a readership. However small that might be, it's STILL a READERSHIP! Yes. Mostly friends. Mostly family. WHATEVER!! And a small band of people who have tripped over me in ways they are still probably trying to figure out! (You can come in but you can never leave.... LOL!) But, regardless... I think that's pretty darn cool!

So, I tried to live deliberately yesterday. I am sure I didn't get as much done at work but I do remember more moments from the day, and I wasn't dog tired when I got home. Neither did I feel as if I was going to drop dead of a heart attack!

House Note. The painting of the hall is done. It looks so wonderfully warm! Benjamin Moore Guest House (sort of a deep caramel). Today the bathroom upstairs is being painted. It looks like more of the cabinets are going in - yeah!!! And I am NOT even going into the fiasco with these particular cabinets - all I can say was that I feared I was going to get a brain hemorrage over them! But, fear not, said Joseph and sure enough, it's starting to come out well. The inspector never made it so we still have no stove. BLAST!

Work Note. [Editorial Note: this will be a one-time fpcused entry other than the usual asides and editorial in-text interjections as usual]. So, they have a lot of leadership stuff at work. And my boss's management team went through a 360 assessment. This is where you take your boss's feedback, peer feedback, and direct report feedback and compare and contrast. Turns out that I am harder on myself than my boss is. LOL. My peers, who are very critical, pretty much agreed with me in half the cases - mind you, this is still pretty good since I did rate myself highly LOLOLOL!!! - and higher than I did in other cases. Most of my directs also agreed with me.... except for one person. Who graded me lowest on a few area (dealing with mentoring, coaching, training, etc.) I think I know who it is - even though we aren't supposed to know - it's pretty easy to figure out from the list. So afterwards we are supposed to sit down with HR and go over the results. I couldn't figure out why this one person rated me so low until HR mentioned that maybe this person thinks they should be promoted. Talk about an AHAH!moment! YES! I knew then who it was and what I must do for this person - relatively easy stuff - I mean, after I sit with her and walk her through a plan for promotion, the rest is up to her. And being pretty senior, you just don't get promoted for a good job, especially when your salary is really high. So, this is an easy problem to solve. All in all, I was rather pleased with the results.

So, here's to trying to live another day "deliberately." :o))

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

So, I belong to this list of runners. The Dead Runners Society. And there is someone there "stirs" me. Hard to explain. The best way I can explain it is that I went to Korea once and visited all the temples I could in a two week period. (And at the end, I did not care if I ever saw a temple ever again!) At one of the large temples, it was evening and we heard the gonging of the big bell and the call to prayer. Right before this, we ran into a monk. He looked like one of the head monks, as opposed to a "cadet monk" - not sure what you call them. Anyway, he spoke to us and there was something about him. You just wanted to reach out and touch even the hem of his robe - he seemed to glow with an aura and you knew, you could just feel, that you were in the presence of "holiness".

So, there is this one guy on the running list, let's call him Paul, whom I've never met. He is a professor at a truly "Liberal Arts College" in NY. I've come to know him through his emails and writings of philosophy, thoughts, ideals and his travels. There is something about him that comes through his writings, that strike me that he is similar to that monk in some way. He posted today about "mindfulness" and especially as it relates to runners. And it struck a chord with me.

I didn't realize until much later that I grew up under the influence of Confucianism because of my father. I knew that he was different and demanded that his kids live life differently. He was stern and strict and raised us in a cacoon of sorts. As I grew older, I could step outside of myself and see that he taught me about harmony and balance in living and being, and life is really about allowing opposites to happen in life. We had chats when I came home after being out of college for a number of years. He looked up at me with surprise one day when we were talking about "chi", the soul within the soul, and asked where I learned it. I said that I just knew and it felt like it was Truth. But in reality, I am sure that his influence and his demand that I "THINK" had much to do with the way I perceived and understood the world. Even today.

One of the biggest lessions he taught me was that no matter what one achieves, there is an equal giving that must occur.

I wrote that in order to get, one must give.
In order to give, one must need.
In order to need, one must have.
In order to have, one must get.
All things in life come full circle, where I suppose you could say that "what goes around comes around" is one aspect of this belief.

I relayed the story of the time as a little girl, going for a walk in the park with my father. I think it was around Salem Pond when we had gone fishing. I came upon a stone and I kicked it hard. It went across the path, under some brush, and little animal scurried out. My father was appalled and I could tell it bothered him that I did this. He asked me why I did that.

My response was"I don't know. I felt like it."
As a 10-year old, I deemed that a perfectly acceptable and plausible explanation.
My father stopped, paused and looked at the sky. He then looked down at me and told me something to the affect of,
One never knows what one's affect on the world is.
Each action has a consequence.
If the animal had died, what would have happened?
And through forces unknown to us, that rock could affect something on the other side of the world.
He said I needed to be more "deliberate" in how I lived. It took me a long time to understand what he meant.

He taught me that humility was the beginning of any journey - of knowledge and wisdom, of acceptance and gain, of pride in defeat, of understanding in doubt, and all the opposites that work together to bring about a balanced whole.

He is no longer in this world but his words are carried with me in the everydayness routine of my life.

So, I am reminded me that in the midst of the current chaos of home renovations, job pressures that never seem to abate, and these short days where I go from work to dinner to sleep only to repeat myself over and over again, there is an opposing force that allows me peace and rest if I am more deliberate and mindful of each moment I pass.

I have missed the deliberateness in my life lately.

Running Note. Still resting the "sesame" bones. I'll take the rest of the week off and see how they feel after a short run next week. They've been feeling better since yesterday.

House Note. The house was worked on yesterday. Joe is monitoring the situation. Scotty the Contractor was present (thank goodness), the plumber was there to do lots of work, resulting in a working icemaker and dishwasher. The Disposal is hooked up. And the hole in the Laundry Room ceiling has been filled and in the process of being fixed. The door pulleys are going in (although one is still crooked and the holes from changing things around are still there. Hmph.)

So, speaking of the house, it brings to mind all of the parties we will have after everything is complete:
- party for the contractors so they can view their handywork being used
- Thanksgiving dinner for the family (happy happy!)
- party for the local Deads
- Christmas Party in the event we do not end up in LA - which reminds me that I must email Marc Guggenheim and find out what works for him
- Club of Six dinner - where we shall break out the new scotch :o)
Can't think of anything else. I think I've just about covered it all....

On yet another running note, I took this guy who is new to running and new to our Reach the Beach relay team, shopping for new things and to make sure he doesn't look like a dweeb or that he's going to go shoot hoops up the street on some neighborhood street league. Bought myself a few more water bottle things. I LOVE water bottle things!!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

There is nothing like an emergency call from your boss to turn a slow-rising Monday morning into an adrenaline rush. There is this cartoon I saw once that shows the progression of a message from the low-level techie to the boss to the manager to the director to the vp to a svp to the evp to the cio. Needless to say by the time it reaches the stratosphere, the message is unrecognizable. And thus, the adrenaline rush... I must now spend my already full day listening to the rush of adrenaline pumping through my body like a tornadic wind... Sigh.... and reacting and setting things right.

So, I started this post early this morning. Now it's almost 7pm and time to go home. Last minute meeting and I am late to a vendor dinner - and they are paying! ARG!!! Too late. Sent my apologies and will go home to be with my Hunny Bunny instead, which is by far a more interesting thing to do than to sit through a dinner with boring vendors - no matter who is paying!

Not sure what's happened to the house while I've been out. We will find out when we get home...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

This morning, I made my cinnamon buns in my brand spanking new oven! Of course after I made them, I discovered I was supposed to have turned the Bake on 500* for 2 hours, then turned the Broiler on for 1 hour BEFORE I used it to cook anything in it. :o\ This supposedly burns off all the oils used during production. Damn. Shoulda read the instructions BEFORE diving in. Will I NEVER LEARN? Joseph said the buns didn't taste like industrial oil so I guess it's okay. I will have to do the burn-off process sometime before the day ends. Undoubtedly, we will use the oven again since the gas isn't hooked up to the stove part yet. Waiting for Dave the Plumber to come back with the Stupid Inspector. I am thinking casseroles this week.

Judy the Painter is doing a fabulous job. The kitchen is done (Benjamin Moore in Raspberry Truffle), the living/dining room part is done (Hepplewhite Ivory sponged with Wilmington Tan - a nice golden color). Monday she will finish up the sponging and get started on the stairs.

As for the OTHER detail work, UGH! Don't even get me started! Woody the Detail Guy doesn't seem so detailed to me. Scottie the Contractor better get his ass over here to supervise or I am going to end up having him redo EVERYTHING! GAH!!! Supposedly Bob the Electrician is back from two weeks vacation. Two weeks. TWO. Thank goodness he is back. Hopefully the lights are in and he can go ahead and put them up. It's going to be beautiful!!!

Running Note. Supported Joseph on his 15 miler today. Had a good time - just me and Doggie. I've been wearing my Tevas and the rubber footbed seems to help my sesamoid area from hurting. I didn't run today. Again. :o[ Hopefully, if I rest it, it will get better faster. We'll see.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's difficult to have faith and trust in G-d when you are the impatient type and hates surprises. Ya know????

Had a very busy day.
Did not run but walked about 10 miles all over the stupid place.
I am icing my foot.
Did I mention I have sesamoiditis? Inflamation of the area around the sesamoid bones under the ball of my big toe. These are about the size of sesame seeds, it turns out.

Today, we bought a case of scotch. Yup. A case. That means 12 bottles. Of the same scotch.
Small batch, small distillery, numbered bottles, unfiltered, smooth.
Joe got a bottle from people at work, and we decided to get more.
A cult favorite with high-end single-malt scotch drinkers, it turns out.
AND they are running out and there isn't much of it left! ACK!
And a Laphroig 15.
And a bottle of Chablis, a bottle of Chianti, and a bottle of Barolo.
And if you have to ask what any of those are...
well... let's just say, we'll take out the cheap stuff for ya instead...HAH!

Packed for Reach the Beach!!!! Yes. I know. It's not until next Friday. Details. Just details. I think that we will be running through Ivan. Fun fun fun!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Gawd. UP TO MY EYEBALLS, that's where I am right now!
Being a VP is really not all it's cracked up to be.
Before, when they suck the life out of you, they looked at you apologetically.
NOW, when they suck the life out of you, it's like you owe it to them. GAH!!!
Anyway... just got out of my meeting with the CIO.
The EVP of our sub-company was there, too.
Gee, wish I had known that... but since he was the one who took my promotion to the CIO a few months ago, I was okay with the surprise guest.
The meeting went very well...
At least I think so.
My boss kicked it off by saying that this meeting was in response to the CIO's phone call with me a month ago.
This was the time he kept telling me that he was going to have a heart attack because of this stuff (that we presented) and can I PLEASE come up with a solution. I told him we were trying but after a few back and forths like that, I ended up shouting into the phone at him that he was all I ever thought about, that he was on the top of my list, the bottom of my list, and every priority line item in between and that I go to my staff every day and ask "DID WE MAKE SO-AND-SO HAPPY TODAY????"

Anyway, when he was reminded of this phone call, he peeked over at me and smiled.
Of course, I had to smile back.
And of course, I walked out of there with at least three more tasks which involve me dealing with other VP's and above and trying to get them to agree on something which other people haven't been able to solve in all the years I've been here, which I will remind everyone has been almost 13 years... ahem.

The other bit of news is that I am now getting an entire product line to support - IBI Business Intelligence reports. Talk about political! And the transition will be a nightmare. My boss basically said, if I didn't take this one, he didn't know what he was going to. Blah blah blah... I am such a sucker for a sob story. Anyway, I have to build a whole new group - both onshore and offshore. The project is HUGE and comes with NO STAFF!!!! HELLOOOO!!! This means more recruiting and processes and standards and a whole mess of new activities I've never had to do. In fact, I've watched OTHER people doing it and thought, "THANK GOD that I don't have to do that!" Well... I spoke too soon. Does it ever end???

House Note. The red paint is on - first coat. LOOKS GREAT!!! The stairs to the upstairs unit is being worked on. They are going to look awesome.

Running Note. I am still resting my right foot. My appointment with the podiatrist is tomorrow after work. Thank goodness. Just as well I can't run. The aftermath of Hurricane Frances is blowing through so we had torrential downpours this morning. Of course, Joseph ran in it. And loved it. So predictable!

And Hurricane Ivan, which is way bigger than Frances is coming right up. I bet it will be pouring next week during Reach the Beach next week. Glad that I am driving this year. I will be sitting in the van and largely be able to stay out of the damn rain. For a change! Happy happy!!

So I am on this South Beach diet thing. I got happy and therefore, fat. I have gained 14 pounds since being with Joseph in the last couple or three years. FOURTEEN. POUNDS. HELLLOOOO!!! Anyway, I can do this diet. I am on day two. Friday we have a dinner to go to but I will try to stick with the diet where I can, then get right back on it. Of course, I will have the Reach the Beach Relay before the two weeks are out, but again... I am not going to kill myself over it. I'll do what I can and if I have to extend out the two weeks for another week, I will.

Of course, this fits right into my stress-eating-style. I do not eat when I am stressed out. I am happily hungry when I am stressed out. It's almost like an anorexia control kindathing. Before I was with Joseph, I would get so stressed out during the holidays that I would lose, like, 10-14 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas. That is a lot of weight. I'd look like a cancer patient - according to my friend Harriet who is a doctor. Anyway, I would then spend the next three to four months trying put it back on SLOWLY so that I didn't get FAT in the process. Unreal.

The 14 pounds I have gained while being with Joseph just goes to show how HAPPY and UNSTRESSED-OUT I've been. Of course he still tells me I am beautiful and that I am supposed to be such and such. He can rationalize almost anything and make it all sound sane!

Anyway, I got home yesterday and he had gotten me the sweetest card in the world. Made me just sob, standing there. Feeling like a damn idiot. Anyway, I just want to say that I have the BESTEST HUNNY BUNNY IN THE WORLD and that I AM BLESSED!!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Post running note. 3.7 miles at a good medium tempo pace. Not too shabby for only the second run since August 26th. I have discovered that the ball of my right foot starts to hurt when I pick up speed. I then discovered it continues to hurt and gradually worsens as I continue to pick up speed. Hmmm... I wonder what the meaning of it all is... something to think about.

Tomorrow is a work day. Blast. Short weeks always seem so damn long. Grrrr.....

Note to Richard. Actually, there are no trains to the remote offices outside of Boston. I DO ride the train into my Boston office. One stop from the South End. Takes me about 15-20 minutes door door - home to office. Most of the staff went from riding the train for an hour into Boston to driving for an hour or more to the remote offices. Having driven it myself a few times, I can definitively say that that kindacommute sucks.

House Note. Did I happen to mention that I LOVE having a kitchen again? And a fridge that's on the same floor? Okay. I know. It's not a fully functional kitchen but that's just details.

The other day we went and got furniture. Small, condo sized city furniture. Which means European. We ended up getting all the stuff I mentioned before except for the Pop chair. We got the Nomade Express in a sand color suedish material. And two Neo chairs in Plum leather. We decided to wait and get the Pop chair later after we see how much space we have. Anyway... not that waiting matters. They only had ONE Neo in stock. The other one is three months out. THREE. MONTHS. Let's see... that takes us to... hmmm... DECEMBER! The Nomade is coming in during Week 40. The first week of October. That means it's a month away until we get it. So next week, we hope to take delivery of ONE CHAIR. :o

Found out the stuff comes all the way from FRANCE. As in the country. Over the bounding sea. Aka The Atlantic Ocean. Anway, our Nomade Express is in transit now. The other NEO hasn't even left the factory yet. In fact, it's not even hit the cutting room floor. (Is that a movie term? Whatever...)

Running Note. This morning we got up early and went to Cape Ann up near Gloucester/Rockport-way to catch our friends run the Cape Ann 25K race. We drove the course trying to find the start/finish and we took a guess for a left turn at a stop sign. We looked up and what do we see? The lead runner, escorted by the cop and a couple of race official vans. We fell in right behind him and put our hazards on. And that is how we found our way to the finish area of the race.

I'll tell ya. The scenery is just beautiful but the course is a Muthah... I'll NEVER be running this one, that's for sure! So glad I drove the course before someone talked me into running it, like someone talked me into running STU's 30K, the RACE FROM HELL that was ALL UP HILL from the damn START to the FINISH in FREEZING COLD WEATHER with BANKED ROADS like the DAMN INDY 500!!! GAH!!!

Anyway... today the weather was beautiful and the drive there and back was even better - perfect convertible weather. We watched Andy, Mike and Connie run in and we also saw some runners from Parkway running Club. Afterwards, we went with Mike and Connie to Woodmans in Essex for fried clams and lobstah... yum! We talked about how difficult the course was. :o) SOOOO glad I didn't run this one. LOL!

In about an hour I'll go for my 3-4 mile run, nice and easy. Beautiful day. Would be a shame to let it pass without getting a run in. :o)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Wireless update. The last two problems (Outlook & remote access from home) are still not fixed. Let's just leave it at that. I'll let you know when it's fixed so I don't have to repeat this ad nauseum for the next millenia.

Life at work is getting more settled after the staff move and since it's been almost a month, it's not a surprise. So let's talk about the move. I said before that the sub divison (Development) of my sub-company got relocated last month. They relocated the office far enough away that they relocated people with really good relocation packages. But the relocation wasn't so far away that those who are more resilient to driving commutes and who like where they currently live more than they care about the extra driving/commute, didn't feel that they had to move and could drive instead. In fact, if you didn't move, you get a transportation subsidy. Some people had to learn to drive and others bought second cars or new cars with this subsidy. Anyway... the managers had a choice of two location to pick from. A few managers moved their people to a single location - one that suited their commutes. Three people in my group were moved to Merrimack NH. The others were moved to Smithfield RI. Of course, I stayed in Boston. Under my SVP (my boss), only three people got to stay in Boston - me and two of my peers. All other staff and managers got moved.

Because DBA's can work anywhere, I basically moved people to the location they were closest to. Then if they didn't want to drive too much, I am letting them work from home. As much as they want. I'd rather do that than lose really good people. After all the RIF's we went through, the work-intense, senior, cream of the crop people are left and with the current atmosphere of no hiring (even though the work increased), one cannot afford to lose anyone. Senior management wanted us to move to a specific location for a business reason and not for people's preference. Yeah. Right. My business reason? Turnover. Ohhhh, that's not a business unit driven reason? Okay. How about if half the damn staff QUITS because they have to damn DRIVE for FREAKIN' TWO HOURS or they have to MOVE when they JUST MOVED! Hmmm??? I bet the business units would scream loud enough for it to be a business reason! Right. Thought so. Glad we had this little chat...

So far so good. I think people are happy right now. Even though DRIVING for an HOUR AND A HALF (or close to) is different from RIDING THE TRAIN for an HOUR (or more).

I must say that commuting for that long is for the birds. Talk about a damn waste of time. The traffic around here is insane to begin with but give it a little blip like an accident or a car parked next to the the highway and it slows down insanely! I am not sure I could do that every day. I would have to think about alternative work at that point.

Speaking of staff, they are so funny. They come back to Boston a lot for meetings and maybe once in a while they would rather take the train than drive. Mobile workforce and all - I told them to take advantage of it. Anyway, they come to Boston and find an empty cube right outside my office. Too funny. Even the ones who sat two rows away and made a big show of walking AROUND my office (in case I gave them more work every time they walked by) now return to Boston and sit right outside my office! Too funny. I see them more now than I did before they moved! LOLOLOL!!!

Running Note. Today I supported Joseph on his 20-miler. He ran two loops of the "Comm Ave to Chestnut Hill Ave to Beacon Street to Chestnut Ave to Comm Ave" loop. We met Adam and Joe ran the first 5 miles with him - about 3 minutes slower than his usual pace! I could never do that. First of all... if I went 3:00 per mile slower, I'd be walking! It was hard work supporting him. Driving. Sitting. Getting out of the car. Driving. Sitting. Getting out of the car. Etc.

I managed to eek out an easy 3.1 miler yesterday. I was thinking of doing another 3 today but I didn't want to go and overtrain myself. Right. :o Anyway... I'll get back on the horse this week. Or is that getting back on the wagon? Hmmm...

House Note. We are starting to use the kitchen more. The last of the granite came in the other day. It looks beautiful! We are using the sink and the refrigerator. Which reminds me that we need to arrange the rest of the shelves and take off the plastic in there before it gets too full. We are still waiting for the rest of the cabinets to be put in. And the plumber has to come back and hook up the gas to the stove and the icemaker to the water. The dishwasher needs to be hooked up and leveled, as well. Then the rail pulls have to get put on. Of course of Woody the Dumbo Detail Guy can't hide the DAMN HOLES he made by mistake in three drawers, like it was perfect and never had holes put in them, we have to order three new drawer fronts and wait for THAT to come in!!! GAH!!! I don't EVEN want to think about it. And the lights have to come in be put in. Judy the Painter is painting happily away... the trim and doors look great right now. It's a lot of little piddly detail stuff right now - all the stuff that makes me crazy and impatient...

Thursday, September 02, 2004

So. Let's talk about that Mobile Office that came swooping in.
I get to work yesterday and find out that if I dock my laptop into the wired lan, my Outlook functions well. Then when I undock it, the wired switches automatically to the wireless and I am all set.

However, if I bring up my computer in wireless state, Outlook is offline and I must once again click send/receive to get emails!!! GAH!!!!

The help desk guy who came by took it up to the help desk group people and they almost said that the software might just work that way. But he told them that I had said that was not an acceptable answer. Come to find out that other people are having the same issues. HAH! I am VINDICATED!

So it is in the queue with the OTHER request I have - the one from Tuesday because my wireless at HOME will not let me remote access into work.

Yes. I can break just about anything.

It's been a crazy day at work. My boss who is religious about meetings with his staff canceled all my meetings with him. Come to find out that he did the same for someone else I work with - only he didn't show up to customer meetings the HE had set up. He NEVER does that. Something is up up up at work. Something is going on with the budget. I might need to back up all my personal files on my laptop daily in case they take it away and close down my office and I won't have time to get my personal files off that day before they make me leave because we are not supposed to be using our work-supplied laptop for anything other than work but I do anyway because I have no life and work all the time. Phew.

And I am going to Smithfield tomorrow instead of Merrimack so that I can meet with my boss about the things we were supposed to meet about today and couldn't. Got that? He has been moved to Smithfield - that's his home office and where he will be. We have to review the presentations for the CIO and that is hard to do over the phone. So, we are ever flexibly mobile - at least learning how to be with less stress and gnashing of teeth.

Joe says that Woody the Detail Guy was at the house working away today. So was Judy the Painter. The Granite People are coming in tomorrow and the latest work is that Cabinets will be finished by the end of the week or Monday. MONDAY. MONDAY is a HOLIDAY. Labor day. We will see about that.

THANK GOD it's a long weekend coming up!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

So. I managed to haul my fat ass self to the gym to throw some weights around today. Gotta do something. My weight is up by another 2 pounds! ARG!!! I cannot wait to have the kitchen done. Tomorrow is a rest day. I know. I've had a buncharestdays in the past two weeks. But it's in the schedule. Sheesh...

House Note. Lots more priming going on on the first floor. I am amazed at how good it looks just with the primer! Of course the ceiling holes are still there. Tomorrow, the house is supposed to be crazy busy with lots o' people doing lots o' things. I'll believe when I come home to see that lots o' things have been done. Which would lead me to believe that in order to do all of that, lots o' people were actually there.

The windows in our bedroom are supposed to go into tomorrow so we have to move everything off the wall. Lots o' dust. ARG!!!!

Anyway, we are getting close and I can't get there fast enough!