Tuesday, November 30, 2004

8:46am. So far a good day. No rain so far. And definitely NO SNOW!!!

It is my Hunny Bunny's birthday. I am so happy that he was born. :o))

9:10pm. Scratch what I said before about it being a good day (except the part about my Hunny Bunny). What a FIASCO of a day!!!

First, I went to the doctor this morning for a read on the MRI I took a week ago.
I get there 30 minutes EARLY! Then I sit in the damn waiting room for 30 more minutes.
Then I sit in an examination room for another 10 minutes!
Then the final diagnosis isn't much of a diagnosis!
There is good news and bad news.
The good news is:
- it's not a neuroma.
- it's not a stress fracture.
- it's not calcification due to an unattended stress fracture.
- it's not tendonitis
The bad news is:
- it's not a stress fracture.
- it's kinda vague *what* it is.
There is minimal arthritis (probably due to overuse).
there are impact lesions.
there are stress lesions.
there is edema (the least of my worries)
there is a bit of bursa something-or-other.
there is a bit of inflammation in the sesamoid area.
And to cap it all off, is a bit of inflamation in the fifth metatarsal area also.
In other words, LOTS O' SCAR TISSUE.
He recommended not running for 6 weeks.
Since I've been off my feet for a week and a half already (in case it was a stress fracture), I only have - gee... - 4 1/2 weeks to go. Wow. :o[ How the hell lucky am I???
He recommended massage - deep tissue - and thought that ART would be very beneficial.
So I will make that appointment today.
If that doesn't work, it would mean a cortisone shot. Blech. :oP
If that doesn't work, surgery to build the area back up - which would really totally truly suck.
Aint gonna happen! GAH!!!

I am going back in 6 weeks for a follow up.
In the meantime, I guess I will pull out the bike and Cylops which the Harriet lent to me.
No time like the present to start a major cross training program. :o[

So, after work, seeing as how it is my Hunny Bunny's birthday, I wanted to leave work EARLY. So left at 4:20 and take the 4:30 train home. Now, there are TWO 4:30 trains. One of them goes to my station. The other one doesn't GUESS which one I got onto? Just GUESS! There are only two choices so this should be easy!

Yup. I get on the WRONG DAMN TRAIN!!! GAH!!!
This means, I end of in some neighborhood in DORCHESTER in the thick of night, with little or no lights on an outdoor platform, wondering if I was going to DIE IN THE DAMN STREETS!!!
I get to the first stop which is Uphams Corner.
Desolate and NOT the best neighborhood in the world. But since the train car did not pull up to the platform, i thought it was going to and so I waited. Like a DAMN VEAL sitting in a BOX! ARG!!! And the train pulls OUT OF THE STATION!
Then I get to the NEXT station which is MORTON STREET!!! ACK ACK ACK!!
Strange hinterlands.
Some nice person tells me to cross over the bridge and wait for the next train which is coming in about 5 minutes. So I do that. I see the train. It doesn't slow down. It passes me at about 100 MPH!
So there I stand, wondering when the next train is.
So I call Jack, who works for me.
He is at work and he pulls up the train schedule.
He says, "Uh, where are you?"
He says, "uh, hmmm.... not a great area... hmmm... don't leave the station."
I say, "it's only a middle of nowhere platform, not a station. There are only two flood lights. It's kinda dark."
He says, "Hmmm.... the last train is at 4:43."
I say, "It's 4:55!"
He says, "hmmm...."
I say, "Wait! There is another train!"
And so we wait. This train ALSO goes barreling by me at 100 MPH! WITHOUT A HOW DO YOU DO!!!! ARG!!!
I say, "it's gone."
He says, "Yeah. The next one isn't until 5:43. You have an hour."
I say, "I will die here."
He says, "Go up and take a cab back to Boston."
I say, "okay."
He says, "stay in well lit areas. Don't talk to strangers...don't stop for anything... go to a busy area... blah blah blah."
I say, "ok ok ok ...."
So I walk up and it turns out this is a major street going through the middle of th Hinterlands of Dorcester.
There is a gas station and a Walgreens.
I walk into the Walgreens and the manager brings one of the locals working there over who explains that I can take the 21 (a bus) to Ashmont Station (the end of the ONE of the two red lines subways) and take that into Boston South Station. Well... That is what I did.
I get to South Station, and I board the 5:50 train - the same one I would have taken had I left at my usual normal time of departure for work.
So my 15 minute commute turns into more than an hour and a half!!!

Joseph met me at the train station with Dingle Doggie and we walked home together.

Well... it was all so DAMN ABSURD that I couldn't even be mad. :o[

Monday, November 29, 2004

Well, Monday is here and it's not too bad. I've been sort of dreading it but now that it's here, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it's nice to be back to the everyday workaday routine.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Well, it's almost over.
Four days off and I can't believe tomorrow is Monday. ARG!!!!! - back to the workaday real world. Four days is a long time away from work. The last two mornings, I've woken up with thoughts of impending deliverables in my mind - which tells me I've been DREAMING about work!

This is probably the first time in memory that I have actually taken and enjoyed four days off at home. At first I was going to say "in recent memory" but upon further examination, I can't ever remembering taking this much time off to stay at home and actually enjoying it! The operative words are "at home." Typically, I would take a long weekend to travel somewhere - either to NYC to visit Harriet or go on a trip to a race somewhere, usually with Harriet.

Thanksgiving was a tremendous success. Even Cher called us on the way to Indiana to spend time with Milt's family. :o) The day after Thanksgiving, Joseph's entire family came over again. His parents brought over his birthday present, and then we all went to lunch at Fire 'n Ice. It's a fun place for kids because they can pick out just what they want to eat. We've always had great success taking both adults and kids to this place!

Saturday, we went to the BC v Syracuse football game to see Syracuse win. I can't stand BC. Such a bunchapretenders! And they are leaving the Big East for the ACC. Bye. Bye. Have a nice day. They won't know what hit them! I shall be following BC sports with great interest next year. :o)) Anyway, this game was one of Joseph's birthday presents. The weather we just perfect and we had a great time. Sitting in the student section means you pretty much stand the whole time!

In between major events, we made trips to storage, and cooked, and went shopping, and generally kept busy.

Joseph is so wonderful and so funny. He continually cracks me up. Today we went to Linens and Things to return a shoe rack and buy a floor rocker - no legs, it's curved and it rocks - sort of like a lounger chair only without legs. They call it a video chair. We had seens it last week but decided to go back and get it while watching a movie the other night while sitting on the floor. We got to the store and on the way out, it was raining pretty hard. So, Joseph is laughing, and I am laughing, and we both run to the car and throw the chair in the trunk and IT DOESN'T FIT!!! ACK! So we open the back door and Joseph throws it in the back, and then we get into the car, laughing and almost totally wet!

This might not seem to be a memorable moment for the average person. But I remember a time in a prior life, when rain meant NOT GOING OUT. At all. And especially NOT shopping. And NOT to a store like Linens and Things. And if we DID go and got caught in the rain, there would be NO LAUGHING, but much "Pain in the Ass" looks thrown over at me, and no talking. Not to mention LOTS OF "FEELING BAD" afterwards because I made Hwinliml go out in the impending rain with me and got caught in it. Better yet, I would have gone ALONE because Hwinliml would NEVER have gone OUT with me, much less to Linens and Things, and MUCH less to SHOPPING. Hfffff.

So, THEN Joseph gets the chair into the house, brings it downstairs and plops it right in front of the TV. While I am busy doing what I do - which is sort of piddle around and generally keep busy - he had managed to set up his laptop on top of a little side table, which he had dragged over and set up RIGHT NEXT TO the chair, and had plopped himself right into it. Rocking back and forth, back and forth, legs and feet in the air, remote control in his hands, watching his football game, monitoring his fantasy football league scores... happy happy happy as he can be. Of course, I had to sneak in a digital picture. Just for grins. :oD

Now, he is in the kitchen making dinner - meatballs and sauce.
Little meatballs. I don't like big meatballs. So much clumps of meat in a big meatball.
All you taste is meat. So when I had a choice and picked meatsauce as opposed to meatballs he has me why. I told him. So now he is making LITTLE Meatballs so I won't have to have so much clumps of meat in one ball. :oD

My Hunny Bunny makes everyday fun. Every single second is a reason to laugh. And to Live and Love Life.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Well, it's here. The single day of the year dedicated to giving thanks.
It's sad to think that there is only ONE day dedicated to this.
And that we need a special day to be reminded to give thanks.
But I think that there are many of us who give thanks every single day.
In the mayhem and chaos of life, we find minutes and seconds for reflection and thanks giving.

The turkey is browning in the oven.
The onions are ready to be cooked.
The green beans are in the refrigerator waiting to be baked.
The sweet potatoes are ready to be roasted.
And I, Lola Patola, and Dingle Doggie are here together, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and waiting for the browning to finish.
A nice quiet time before everyone arrives and the things get noisy again.

This is a day of Firsts.
Our First Thanksgiving in our New Home for the Family.
The First time Debbie has come for dinner.
The First time that everyone will see the kitchen done (although the word "done" is up to interpretation since we have a myriad of little things to take care of).

I came home yesterday and Joseph had picked up a table and had it all set up.
He had picked up bunches of flowers and filled all the vases; this is no simple task as I have A LOT of vases to fill.
And then we set the table with the china.
And it's not exactly like I had envisioned it but it's pretty darn close.
Today the Waterford goes on and it's will be even closer.
But then some of the flashing images I had visions of little TV tables set with china and crystal, so "pretty darn close" is better than I imagined!

I give thanks today for the abundance of life.
For family and friends, friends who are family, and family who are some of my best friends in the world.
For the Dingle Doggie who insists on shaking her fur in the kitchen! GAH!!! I always wanted a Doggie - and as they say, be careful what you wish for! LOL!
For the Henry Cat that loves newspaper, no matter where it is.
For all things seen and unseen that bring color to my existence because without them, I would live in shadow.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

One word.
As in Eggcrate Foam Padding.

Our bed is too soft.
After vaguely complaining about my back aching every morning and after two months of ART and continued back-aching - in fact, back-aching getting worse - it occurred to me that yes, our bed is too soft. And this after vaguely complaining that the bed might be too soft. The planets aligned and light dawn on marblehead once more to confirm:
ARG!!!!!!!!!! The DAMN BED is TOO DAMN SOFT!!!!"

So. after much gnashing of teeth and worrying the warts (not that we have any warts), we decided to put the eggcrate foam padding we use on the massage table on my side of the bed.
Just for grins.
Just to see if it made me feel better.

First morning I got up from it, I felt so. much. better. But it could have been the 4 advils I took before I went to bed. Yes. FOUR ADVILS. That is prescription strength: FOUR ADVILS = ONE PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH PILL.
Next morning (this morning) I got up and I still felt better. And I didn't take any painkillers last night. Just for grins. To see if it really worked or if it was the advil that made me feel less pain.
the only thing is that I am just a wee bit tight. A little stretching will probably cure that.

Now, I am thinking we might have to go out and buy a queen size eggcrate foam pad for the whole bed. No sense in my hogging all the curements and fun to myself and not share it with my Hunny Bunny. The funny thing is that Henry-cat will NOT sit on the eggcrate side. Not even when there is a bunchanewspapers on it. And she LOVES newspaper to sit on. I am wondering where she will sit every morning and every day if we were to cover the WHOLE bed with eggcrate foam padding. :oD

No running today. Hope to leave early to prepare for Turkey Day. Told my boss I hoped his 2-4pm meeting ended early so that I can go home to cook my Turkey. He said he would be sure to make the announcement at the beginning of the meeting. Hffff!!!! I didn't tell him WHY just so he could give me SHIT about it and have OTHER people give me SHIT about it! GAH!!!

Anyway, last night I made my drunken stuffing in preparation for tonight, when I stuff the turkey and put it into the oven - timed to start baking at the appropriate time in the wee hours of the morning so that it hits the browning stage when I get up tomorrow morning. I might even get a chance to use the built-in meat thermometer as well. I just hope that turkey is big enough to hold all the stuffing. I mean, after the first slice, what good is turkey other than to be the vessel in which you bake your stuffing?

Debbie and H are coming for dinner today.
GAWD. I hope H starts out on time. She said Noon she is getting out of work. Which tells me that she might not leave the hospital until 2pm. Which means she won't get here until late tonight. Which will probably piss Debbie off! :oD The stories of their getting from NYC to Boston should be interesting and make for amusing conversation! LOLOLOL!!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

What a waste of a day.
I am sluggish and tired.
I made it through a meeting this morning but I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open.
And the fact that I've been yawning for most of the day isn't helping the situation at all.

I did manage to get out and get some cards and wrapping paper for the Big BD next week.
I spent time sitting on the floor of my office wrapping presents because you know that Hunny Bunny cannot be trusted not to notice the minute-est of things. He is so damn curious! The house could be filled with brown boxes. And if you bring another one into the house, and BURY it in the middle of the pile of boxes, he will walk right over, pick it up, and say, "What's in here?" and open it up, without even a how do you do!!! ARG!!!

So, I sat on the floor of my office, rolling around on the floor, wrestling with the paper roll and wrapped presents. Of course, I get caught by Manheim - one of the managers in the group who sits in the office next to mine. He just LAUGHED when I told him the story - said it was just like his wife!

Another revelation. I found out that all the work on the root canal and crown I had done isn't covered by my dental insurance because I used an out of network doctor. Now, WHY would a dentist I've been going to for nigh on 20 years (yes, TWENTY YEARS) relocate to another office, and then recommend another dentist in the practice who does not take my insurance?? And yet another reason why the system will kill you if you are not ever vigilant!!! ARG!!!!

And, the Delorme Mapping software I ordered is different than the way I use it! ARG!!! Instead of giving .xx of a mile up to a mile, it gives me the distance in FEET. Now, WHY would I want to know HOW MANY DAMN FEET I am running or driving or whatever??? WHY wouldn't I want to know it in MILES???? Or some fraction of a mile in decimal point??? GAH!!!!! So I called the number on the package and they said they don't take questions like this over the phone but that I should email their tech line. Ugh. Whatever. I am sooooo annoyed.

I was going to go lift after work today but I am soooo tired I think I am going to go home and go to bed. Maybe I am fighting some sort of disease. Now wouldn't THAT just be ducky.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

We went and got us a Dyson today.
Not only is it small, it comes in spiffy yellow.
We had a Miele but it had all these hoses and attachments that hung about loose and uncoiled, etc., and was a general pain in the ass for the space we live in.
The Dyson is cheaper than the Miele but when you are talking $499 versus $699 (that was about 15 years ago and today it's around $999), you're in a whole different category.
The Miele has served me [us] well but after over 15 years, it's time for the latest and greatest.
I used it all over the house today.
My feet hurt and my back aches.
It picks up dog hair - off the floor and off the furniture - better than the Miele did.
And it's small.
And it fits in our utility cabinet.
Did I mention the spiffy yellow color?

The house is coming together.
We have unboxed the DVD's and the CD's.
Wonderful to be able to listen to Eva Cassidy again.
Not that I have anything against Dave Matthews. Ahem.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Monday.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

We are back from Cheshire.
Dropped off the Miata for the winter and had a good visit with Joseph's M&D.
On the way back, we stopped to buy a bag of potatoes.
10 pounds for $2.
Yes. That's TEN POUNDS.
I'd say that was a deal.

Made it back in time to watch the Ironman on TV.
Highlights from last month's race.
It's not just any triathlon.
But Kona. The Ironman.
Getting in is difficult.
You must qualify or win a place by lottery.
That means you had to have been training and doing OTHER triathlons just to get into Kona.
That's a 2.5 mile swim.
Followed by a 112 mile bike ride.
Capped off by a 26.2 mile run.
You have to do not just one or two of these.
But MANY of these.
Just to PREPARE!

Watching the Ironman is a tear jerker.
It's not just the idea of accomplishing this incredible feat.
It's the vision of the human spirit.

If you run marathons, you get just a little taste.
To get to the finish line in a half walk, half shuffle, depleted and dehydrated, to be escorted to the medical tent to get a couple of saline bags over the course of more than two hours, to be bundled up with Bear Huggies in an effort to get your shivering, hypothermic body to stop shaking - and having gone through all this just for the privilege of wearing the medal that says you finished 26.2 miles, under the circumstances of the day that the Fates decided to toss you... is only a small taste of the feat of the Ironman.

I remember watching the Boston Marathon many years ago.
This was before I ran, before I exercised.
This was when I smoked and drank with wild abandon.
When I didn't even know the meaning of the word "moderation."
In fact, it had not even entered my vocabulary. Who knew it even existed in the English Language?

I went to a house party of a family friend of a guy I was dating.
I remember standing on the front lawn of the house at the top of Heartbreak Hill, with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, watching the runners hit the top of the hill, broken and spent, and thinking to myself, "WHY? WHY would you do this?" and thinking they were ALL crazy!
I remember standing there saying, "I would NEVER do this to myself."
>>>Fast forward...
I started running and said "I could NEVER run a marathon."
Running a short distance hurt like hell!
It was sweaty and painful!
And you had to do it ALOT to be any good at it! ARG!!!

A few years later, I got used to the fuss and pain, and I told someone, "I would love to run a marathon. It's a dream of mine before I die, to run the marathon."

So, five years, and 7 marathons later, I sit and watch the Ironman and think, "I could NEVER do the Ironman. But it's a dream - to be able to do one. It would be amazing to do Kona.":

Well... the 10 pounds of potatoes will last us a little while, I think.
At least, I don't have to buy any at the store tomorrow when I go to wrap up my turkey day shopping.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

So, I have to make an appointment with the orthopod for next week after the MRI (which is tomorrow). The next available appointment is the 30th. That is more than a week away. In the meantime, I can't run in case I have a stress fracture. GAH!!!!! I am not very happy right now.

And another thing. I hate it when I schedule a meeting with someone and they don't show up. What is THAT all about??? Grrrrr...... Anyway, I can maybe go down to the gym and throw some weights around to relieve this aggravation stress - but I probably should do any squats since they put too much pressure on my feet. This SUCKS.

Later that night...

So, the meeting with Mike went into overdrive and I never did make it down to the gym.

Came home.
Walked Doggie.

I have made a simple discovery.
Doggie Hair in a small space collects quickly.
Doggie Hair in a bigger space collects almost as quickly.
But it also means you have a bigger space to clean.

I discover that I can't really blog at the end of the day.
My most creative thinking comes mid-morning.
I think that's why my past efforts to keep a journal have always failed.
I would try journaling at night, right after I got into bed and right before I turned off the light.
Since I didn't work the graveyard shift, this meant journaling took place at night, not mid-morning. Small wonder that it never worked. Not beyond the first week. Seriously.

Next week is Thanksgiving.
I feel strangely unfettered. No pressure. No worries. Not even over the fact that I haven't finished the grocery shopping. Not even over the reality that we have 9 adults and 2 children coming to dinner and we have no dining room table and no chairs. I plan to bring out my good china and waterford crystal. I can see the picture so clearly in my mind - everything laid out and in its place, gleaming and glittering - a cornucopia, a celebration of the harvest and the beginning of "cabin season", when we close the shutters to the cold and light the fireplace, and snuggle together until spring arrives. Now, how that vision will become reality given the lack of table and chairs does not concern me. Things have always worked out since being with Joseph. I have learned to put my faith in miracles, and Miracles have happened. And they continue to happen every day. The happiness that fills our lives, the love I feel every second I am awake, are all daily miracles. And somehow, I know, something as mundane and ordinary as a table and chairs are miraculously going to happen. Because Joseph makes it so.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So. I go to the orthopod and he seems okay.
I give him my whole 3 year History of the Foot.
He roots around and then takes an xray.
Nothing is obvious on the xray and the bones look healthy.
There is nothing wrong with the sesamoids.
I might have tendonitis.
I might have a stress fracture.
So. I am going to get an MRI and rule out the stress fracture.
If it's a stress fracture, no running for 6-8 weeks.
Very Bad.
If it's not a stress fracture, and it's tendonitis, he didn't say what would happen, other than special orthotics to relieve pressure on the first metatarsal and surrounding tendons.
Doesn't sound that much better.

Don't these people know that I am TRYING to get away from depending on these damn orthotics? ARG!!!!!

Well, the MRI is on Friday morning.
So. We will see what we will see. Damn!

Running Note. Nothing. Stupid Dingle Foot! GAH!!!!

Weight Note. Rest day. Yee Hah!

House Note. Still waiting for the lights and the front windows to be approved by the Hysterical Society.

Maybe I am thinking of a special Thanksgiving Breakfast. Think think think...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

And the loudest of all is Silence....

So, I got home last night to a note from Joseph.
"The cable isn't working."
Hmmm... now, WHAT could that possibly mean?
I turn on the TV.
I flip the channels.
Nothing but snow.
Hmmm... realization dawns... this means no cable.
No. Cable.
No Broadband.

So, I eat dinner.
I pet Doggie.
I get a bunchacatalogs and read them while eating dinner.
I went through about 7 of them. :o[
I wonder when Joseph will be home.
The silence loomed above me like a great black pall.
Sort of funerial.
I was so not happy.

Then Joseph came home.
With a bang and ruckus and great jangling of keys, he came through the door in his usual way with a "HI, HUNNY BUNNY! HI CASSIDY PATASSIDY!"
And I couldn't have been more relieved.
I couldn't have been happier to see him.
I told him I didn't think I could live alone any more after living with him.
He fills the house with such happy sounds!!
I told him to start talking and he laughed.

The cable company came and fixed it this morning. THANK GOODNESS!!!

Running Note. Yesterday was a rest day. Today I am in Smithfield and I went running a different route. I think I ran 4 miles but I will have to double check this morning.

Gym Note. Yesterday was a full body workout. Today is a rest day.

Weight Note. Very good. Another .8 pounds down. NOT that I am counting or anything. I am feeling much much better.

House Note. Scotty came back and put up the doors and cabinet fronts and the trim. Looks so much better!!! The trim is a little lighter than I would have liked. I asked Joe to talk to Scotty and it turns out that Scotty called Joseph. Basically, the wood won't take any more stain or get any darker. But that's okay. I am so happy that it looks decent that I'll just take it as it is. Now, we just have the light and the front windows. The windows have been submitted to the Landmark Society. These historical people are PIAs. Ugh. They should all be shot.

After taking 3 weeks off of running to rest the sesame bones, I went for an easy 4 miles today and now my foot is KILLING ME!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Basically, it's the ball of my big toe on the underside. I also feel something like a knot in the ligament or muscle right behind it.
I don't think it's muscle. I think it's the ligament.
There is very little muscle in your foot. it's basically all ligaments.
And I have a fear it might be a stress fracture. GAWD, I HOPE NOT!!! *SOB!*
So I made an appointment with an orthopod.

I called the rehab place where I go and my usual physiatrist has left left left - with no forwarding info. :o(
SO, they recommended this OTHER guy who is an ORTHOPOD!
I was hesitant because orthos like to CUT!!! GAH!
But they said he was "different" and his patients LOVE HIM. So, what the hell does THAT mean???

I was still hesitant.
So, they told me that he had another office in Milton which is less than HALF the distance of the other place.
So, I called his Milton office.
And found out there is a slot tomorrow at a time I am available.
I have HUMVEES tomorrow but given the condition of my foot, I think it's wiser to take the appointment at that same time instead.
THEN I found out that THIS orthopod is a RUNNER!
And that he has RUN THE MARATHON several times.
And his secretary said HE WILL UNDERSTAND!
So, all the planets converged and aligned themselves and tomorrow I am hoping to get some damn resolution on this PAIN IN THE A$$$$$$ - or FOOT, to be more accurate.

On a brighter note, we went to Masa for their 5th anniversary celebrations.
Free tapas, free drinks - until 8pm.
Than five-course meal for $45 a person.

Four drinks and 5 courses later, I am home and barely able to type.

On another note, it looks like Harriet is bringing Debbie to our place for Thanksgiving.
Happy happy happy!
Life is what you make it.
And family is how you define it.
Family should never be alone - there is always room for one more.

Debbie is Family.
With a big Capital "F".

Monday, November 15, 2004

The day is half done and I will say that this is an unusual day.
I got a bunchastuff on my To Do List done today.
Too bad only a couple were for work. :o)
Although... I did manage a few impromptu work meetings and phone calls.

Running Note. Yesterday I ran 6 miles along the Charles - down to the BU Bridge and back. I used my Mojo's with orthotics in them. I have a sneaking suspicion that orthotics in Mojo's slow me down. I will have to try the run without the orthotics and just the heel lift to be certain. On the other hand, I think the orthotics in the Mizuno's make me faster. Not sure. I will have to experiment with that as well.

Gym Note. Tonight I go to the gym for a leg work out.

House Note. No sign of Scottie the Contractor last week. Presumably he is working on the detail work at home for the last bit of work that needs to be done. I can't wait until it's all put together for the final final final!!! ARG!!!

We got more stuff from storage this weekend and more last storage containers from Target. We are down to the last sundry stuff and it's a pain trying to move these things into the basement. Basically, they are:
  • Projects that need to be done
  • Things that ALREADY have bins but were thrown together in boxes at the last minute. Now I have to go and find the existing bins in the basement and put them in their rightful place.
  • Things that we need but do not have a place for right now, such as CD's, DVD's, office stuff
  • Things that we have to give away or sell - anyone want a microwave, a bed or two, a day bed, and a toaster oven??

ARG!!!! SO MUCH DAMN STUFF!!! I am going to have to think twice before we buy anything anymore. And at the VERY LEAST, LOOK IN THE BASEMENT to see if we ALREADY HAVE THE STUPID THING!!! ARG!!!!!

It is time for the holidays to roll around. Not a lot of stress yet. I am steeling myself for the worst. This is the first time that Thanksgiving will be at our house since Joseph and I came into being. He is helping out a lot and keeping the stress levels down. Since being with Joseph, I really do try not to worry about the small stuff, and when I forget that I am supposed to try and not worry about it, Joseph is there to remind me. Sometimes he throws a brick at me to shake me out of it. But I think the stress level will be much less. Which is kinda too bad in a way because total stress can make me lose up to about 19 pounds. :o) This time, I wouldn't be in such a damn hurry to gain it all back!!!!

Hmmm.... I wonder if my sister can come up for Christmas? She can even bring that nasty little dog of hers if she wants. Huh. THAT oughta take care of the no-stress situation! LOLOLOL!!!

It looks like we will not be making it to L.A. in December. It is way to busy at work and at home. We might try and do this next March and maybe run the L.A. Marathon while we are there. I need to contact Marc Guggenheim and let him know. ARG! He will think that we are totally out of control... which we are NOT. Ahem.

This is such a boring blog. It's so damn ordinary. Sigh...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

So, they did it. After much waxing and waning and bumbling about, they correctly predicted snowfall. I look out the kitchen window and the tree in the yard is covered with snow. The Doggie has been having such a good time going in and out of the Doggie Door. Of course, she is tracking in snow, instead of mud, now. Better than dirt!

We were supposed to go to Cheshire for the Annual Family Thanksgiving but the snow did that decision in. This year it's at the Williams Inn in Williamstown. And they only have a dusting. The problem is that we have go drive through the first snowfall of about 4-6 inches with first-snowfall-drivers and first-snowfall-unplowed-roads and first-snowfall-accidents to get there. And from here, there are impassable roads if you are a low-clearance, lightweight, blow-off-the-road-in-a-slight-breeze Miata. Actually, we were going to take the Miata off the road - drive it to Cheshire and park it there for the winter. I guess we will have to do this another weekend. Maybe next weekend. Next week it is supposed to warm up again. The slush will not have time to turn from brown to gray to black - thank goodness!

What a busy day! Shopping for food, for stools, for chairs, for lots o' things.
Then dinner. A nice home cooked meal. And pumpkin bread with tea for the evening wind-down. Dang! We could have had the port that Ken and Ellen brought us from Portugal. Dang!

Running Note. 2 miles easy around the Public Gardens with the Doggie. It was a nice little jaunt and "together time" for the two of us. I am sure it was the slowest two miles I've ever run!

Found a new blog. A view from Way Over There

Friday, November 12, 2004

There are predictions of the first snow of the year.
It's starting tonight and ending tomorrow morning.
The newspeople are all aflurry about the impending snow.
Forecasts vary wildly from slushy melt to 8 inches.
They will occupy themselves plenty with this all day long.
I am indifferent. I am, however, glad that having snow means there is little chance of the deep freeze so cold your bones become brittle. It won't snow if it's too cold. Even snow is smart.

So, I get a note from Jack (one of my technical leads) who tells me that it's snowing in
Smithfield. It's coming down in MEDIUM form. ACK! I sent a note to the staff telling them to go home NOW and finish up the day there. Just what I need. A bunchanewdrivers to get stuck in stupid snow.

And another thing.
The Dingle Doggie went out into the back yard to chase some damn squirrel.
She banged on the glass door, and then jumped up her paws on the glass, and all manner of contortions to get that the squirrel that was sitting idly on the other side of the door! And it looked like she wasn't going to stop insisting. So, I opened the door and she barreled herself right out through the Dingle Doggie Door with such a damn ruckus I haven't heard in ages! Then she ricocheted herself off the fence walls trying to get that stupid squirrel and then finally came into the house. Tracking in MUD EVERYWHERE!!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid Doggie.
Stupid Squirrel!!!!

Running Note. Gym Note. Not running. Not lifting. Today I am taking a rest. It is SNOWING OUT! GAH!!! And I can't get warm! I am thinking of taking a hot shower instead to warm up my bones! Sheesh.

I am thinking of going to see a nutritionist. Again. Maybe this time I will do what she recommends for more than two weeks. Hmmm... Must ponder on this a bit.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

So. I weighed myself this morning and I am heavier than ever.
I am now in my Serious Mode.
Which means No Alcohol.
And more moderation in what I eat.
That second isn't that hard for me.

Today I am in the Smithfield office.
Usually my days here are filled with meeting after meeting and today was no exception.
Lots o' Planning Meetings to prepare for Formal and Serious Planning Meetings with the senior staff.
Which means that there is no rest for the weary - which is what I am after a day filled with meetings! Ahem.

Anyway, I was meeting with one of my managers and I mentioned that I might be the loudest person in the group. He looked a bit dubious and said, "no.... I think there are others...."
I said, "Hmmm. Maybe of all the mana...."
He INTERRUPTS, "YES! That's true."
Hellooo... can you even let me get the words out of my mouth before you agree with me??
Of course, Jawahar, the other guy in the meeting (and also one of my technical leads) started laughing. LAUGHING! HFFFF!!!

Then after a bit, I go over to the group's cubicle area... and after a little while, Scott (Senior Technical Consultant who also works for me) comes over and says "this little area is usually quiet, but today..." Then continues on with... "I sit THREE ROWS AWAY and well..."

Then Bruce, another manager that is my peer and whose office I sit next to when I am here, walks by and Scott says to Bruce, "did it get quiet all of sudden where you are?" And Bruce says, "I can hear her all the way down the hall!" Then everyone LAUGHED! GAH!!!

I am starting to get a complex. Sheesh.

Running Note. It warmed up for the day but it was SO Blustery! The Wind was whipping around. And The Wind and I are not good friends. But I did go out and run this afternoon. The company campus is chock full of running/walking paths and I think the route I took was about 2.1 miles, and I did two loops. Just for grins, I am going to call it 4.2 miles. On my way home tonight I am going to clock one section on the roads and make a guess at the other section.

So this afternoon, one of the secretaries shoots me an announcement from facilities saying that HUNTERS have been spotted near the paths around where the power lines are and we should WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHING! And she closed by saying, "I thought you would be interested. It's that time of year." And WHAT TIME OF YEAR WOULD THAT BE?? HUNTING SEASON??? GAH!!! You don't have to worry about this type of thing in the City! Thank GOD I wore bright yellow today. It might be time to break out the bright orange gear!!!

Someone told me to go across the street to Bryant College and run through the campus. I think I will do that next week. Looking like a bright neon orange, of course.

Scott (the same guy I mentioned above) comes by after my run and says, "Jeez, it looks like Hong Kong around here..." ARG!!! I did not see anything in the VP Handbook that says one cannot hang their sweaty clothing on file drawers and seat backs to dry them out after running. Of course, Lana the Admin also mentioned that she especially thought the jogbra added a bit of interesting color to the whole thing clothes drying theme of my office. But I did step out and look into my office as a simple observer and it DOES look a bit funny with the clothes all hanging about. But my boss hasn't mentioned it and since he sits right next to me, he sees into my office every time he walks by. Which can be a lot. Like it was today.

I'll wait to see how long it takes him to say something about it. :oD Pushing those boundaries! LOL!

Gym Note. Upper body weights tonight at the company gym. Yahoo.

Couch Note. The couch is big but we have now moved it against the wall at a slight slant. It's wonderful. Joseph and I laid on it together last night and watched the TV. Perfect. :o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well, I got home from work and took the doggie for a walk and now it's really really late.
I haven't had dinner - rice is cooking - but I've had time to download Firefox from the Mozilla site. I am really really liking it. My boss talked about it at his staff meeting this morning and said it's much better than IE. So now he uses IE strictly for work only and everywhere else he uses Firefox. It's fast, simple, and supposedly blocks a bunchabad things that come through the internet when you aren't looking. If all continues as well as they are now, then I highly recommend it.

Ahhh... the rice cooker just popped. In about 5 minutes, dinner time. Chicken loaf and rice to go along with the marconi almonds and the nice ripe pinot noir I just opened. Yum!!!

Couch Note. It's really really big. It takes up half the room. I have a feeling we are going to have a hard time figuring out the lay of the room given the size of this couch! Good thing I have a good sense of humor! :oD

House Note. Judy the Painter is finished and the front room looks great! And...It seems that Joseph managed to get to storage at some point and brought back a bunchamycoats and the small bookshelf for the front room. He is so sweet. He surprised me yet again! I've been obsessing about this for a couple days now, and lo and behold! I turn around and there it is! Wah-lah! Life is filled with magical surprises when Joseph is around! Happy happy happy! :oD

So, I was supposed to go to this company women's networking function at the Seaport Hotel but I am missing it because of a &^%$# PERSONNEL ISSUE!!! GAH!!!! Well... just as well. The sheer act of dealing with all my BAGS was causing a major brain cramp. I have my huge laptop case, my handbag, and my workout bag. I could go over to the hotel without it and then come back and get it but then the front doors would have been locked and I would have had to go through the back, blah blah blah... The sheer logistics made me totally unmotivated.

I just made out a check to Joanne for the Jane Monheit show that we went to while I was in NYC. On Wednesday evening, I met Jo at Rue 57 for light snacks. Then we headed over to Lincoln Center to watch Jane Monheit. They have this wing called the Frederick P. Rose Hall. In it was the Allen Room. The whole back wall was floor to ceiling glass. We listened to some of the most beautifully sung jazz with New York City twinkling below. It was awesome and so unique! If it hadn't been for this show, I probably would not have ever gone to Lincoln Center in the first place, and never heard of Jane Monheit in the second place.

Turns out that Joseph's work function was at Lincoln Center. He managed to meet us at Rue 57 for bites off of my plate and a drink, then walked over to Lincoln Center with us. When we got there, he went one way and we went the other. LOL!

Running Note. 2xHumvees. For those who don't know... this is hillwork. It's hillwork season. It was a little over a mile there and back - good enough for a slow easy warm up and cool down. Then I ran up Mt Vernon Street twice, with very slow jobs back down inbetween. The hill is about .25 miles. Anyway, I ran by Louisburg Square where the Senator Who Never Shows Up and the Cold Ketchup Woman live. The black suburban security detail that had been ever present during the election has gone home - only regular old cars, squeezed bumper to bumper (except for the area that the Hydrant That Was In the Way was moved to) and dried up old leaves blowing in the breeze. Tomorrow I am scheduled for 4 miles easy. It will be interesting given that I am in the RI office tomorrow... and the thought of running indoors on the treadmill is making my brain start to fizzle. So it means I will have to run outside in uncharted territory. At least uncharted mileage wise for me. I looked up the area in the DeLorme Street Atlas and the damn thing is so old, it didn't even have our complex on it. So I got pissed off, went online and ordered the latest and greatest Street Atlas 2005.

Gym Note. Today is a rest day from weights. The hillwork is sort of a weight workout for the legs in and of itself. Anyway... tomorrow I am scheduled for upper body weights.

House Note. The couch has been delivered. I haven't seen it yet. Joseph was home to take receipt of it today. Can't wait to sit in a real chair in our new living room! At least we have seating for Thanksgiving. The problem is... where do we put the table??? ACK!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Heard on the train this morning:
Woman 1: I like your sweater.
Woman 2: Thank you. I don't usually pull it out this early but it's so cold.
Woman 1: It's very nice.
Woman 2: I got it in Aspen.
Woman 1: Oh! I thought it looked like an Aspen-y sweater.

I think to myself: WHAT does an Aspen-y sweater look like??
I turn around and manage to glance a peek.
Oh! In Aspen, they wear those ugly Heidi-yodelish-sweaters with metal hooks and all the busy patterns! Ohhhhhhh, I seeeeee........
If I ever am in need of one, I'll know where to go.

I am back to work.
It always feels so good coming back to work.
I was thinking to myself on the way to work this morning that if I died tomorrow, I might just regret having worked so much and not having played as much. But then, I thought. I LIKE to work. So why regret it at all?
Even with all the idiocy and pain of dealing with knuckleheads, sometimes the day is redeemed by working with a like-minded colleague. Like this morning.

We interrupt this program to bring you a community service announcement.
***** The Cafeteria downstairs SUCKS*****
We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Running Note. 2 miles in my new Loco Mojo's. Felt good. I think these shoes are making me faster. I'll take any help that I can get.

I bought these shoes at the NYCM expo. I have seen them at other races and expos. They are new. Created by a couple of guys who got tired of wearing running shoes catering to the fashion-minded, non-running masses. One of the guys worked for Nike and was on the original team that invented the Nike Pegasus. Interestingly enough, they were my first pair of running shoes. At the time, they were really expensive (Nike's are STILL really expensive) and my first pair of REAL running shoes - not keds-like, tenny whompers like Tretorns or Stan Smiths. Too bad I never ran in them. They were bright blue - like a neon baby blue but brighter. They were the first cool pair of shoes I ever wore. I got lots of comments about them from cool people - not the brainacs that I hung around with (not all of the brainiacs I hung around with were nerds, athough there were a few in the group I would have rather not known - in fact, some of them were quite good at tennis - hence my penchant for the tennis courts at Hanes Park and my love of all things Tretorn.)

Anyway, today was my second run in them - without orthotics. I did put a lift in the heel of my left shoe to compensate for my leg difference but I left out the orthotics. I now have a pain in my left hip and a pain in the lower front instep of my right foot - it's actually a knot that's been there for a while now. Anyway.... I am just a tad paranoid about the non-orthotic part so tonight I'll go home and play around with them - a favorite past-time -- playing around with my running shoes. Ahem.

But other than that... all in all, I think I like these shoes. I have to try them out on longer runs and see how I like them. They DO feel good.

I am heading out to the Gym to lift upper body weights.
As much as I don't want to. GAH!!!!

I am preparing for Thanksgiving. The menu is set.
Turkey with drunken stuffing (lots o' brandy).
Root mash (lots o' roots with apples).
Green Bean casserole (how can you not have this??)
Roasted Sweet potatoes basted with molasses and maple syrup.
Copper Carrots.
Pearl Onions in cheese sauce.
Fully Fatted Mashed potatoes.
Two types of cranberry sauce.
Special cranberry chutney.
Apple Pie for dessert.
And all of this is preceded by an appetizer platter for general sitting around and talking before dinner - jumbo shrimp cocktail with horseradish sauce, olives, specialty cheese and crackers.

Now I have to get cooking! ACK!
If you intend to come for dinner, let me know soon.
There is always room for one more, but I want to make sure we have FOOD FOR ONE MORE!

Gym Note. Upper body weights tonight after work. Felt great. Glad I made myself go.

Monday, November 08, 2004

We are back from NYC.
It's good to be home.

What a great time we had.
We took the Acela Express train.
We were 30 minutes late getting there.
We were stuck in the tunnel into Penn Station for a bit.
The announcement said that there was an LIRR in front of us.
LIRR! All I could think of was Debbie and how much she hates the LIRR!
I understood! LOL!
Anyway, we were about 30 minutes EARLY getting back to Boston.
At least everything evens out in the end.

We got there Tuesday afternoon.
Joseph was there for a conference and I was just tagging along.
Then we stayed over for the marathon.
We spent a lot of time with Joanne (and Luke).
It felt like old times, going shopping, meeting for drinks or dinner and just talking about everything. It was so good to see her.

We also met up with Debbie and Ken & Ellen. I love doing things with Debbie. She's fun to hang out with. :o)

Joe left a message for Cher telling her that she should be hanging out with us in NYC (instead of being in po-dunk Omaha or something).

We ate a lot.
We drank alot.
We are glad we are home.
Even if the house is ung-mang-jin-cheng (Korean for something along the lines of chaotically confusing and irritating).

Back to relaxing.
I guess I will write more about the trip in the week to come - in irritating little dribs and drabs.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Running Note. 2 miles. Leg workout + rotator cuff exercises. Implemented the split routine.

Tomorrow is Voting Day. I. Must. Vote.
To defeat the Stupid One Who Has No Record.
Now, I ask you.
WHY should we believe he is going to be doing anything as President when he hasn't done anything as Senator in the last 20 years? Yup. TWENTY YEARS. He says he will make all these laws. HELLOOOOOO. Balance of Power. The President does not make Laws. Guess who does? The SENATE! Or the legislative branch. If you wanna make laws, go back to being a Senator and START DOING YOUR DAMN JOB!!!
He must think we're all stupid or something.

12:41pm. Well, it's that time of year again.
When I bust about a million brain cells trying to think up something cute and creative for Joseph's birthday.
And I don't have a lot of brain cells to begin with.
I lost most of them during the first half of my life when I studies my brains out for who-knows-what, then discovered scotch and beer, and then most recently wine in the second half of my life.
So what brain cells I do have tend to work overtime to compensate for early brain-cell loss.

I tend to like themes. This is because I am generally LAZY and not that creative.
Once I latch onto a theme, I can go at it for days and weeks with mindless focus.
It's amazing what I can do with a theme.
And the theme doesn't have to be tangible - like rocks, or sports, or dogs.
It can be even be something like a concept - like riddles, coupon books, or daydreams.

I have a theme.
It's not that creative but the process of instantiating that theme is actively underway.
It's amazing what one can do with a theme.

House Note. Judy the Painter came by to get a walk through. Yeah! Next week while we are in NYC, she will be finishing up the painting. The couch is being delivered on Nov 10th. Yeah!!! In time for Thanksgiving. Thank GOODNESS!!! We did more unpacking over the weekend. We have a lot more to do. But it's more giving stuff away than unpacking. Then we can get rid of at least ONE storage unit.