Monday, February 28, 2005

Funny Ha Ha

Watching my Hunny Bunny breathe in through his mouth while he is sitting at his keyboard...


He is SO CUTE!

It's done.
I've made an appointment with the Dr. for the ankle.
It's for Wednesday.
Tomorrow, he is in surgery and we are supposed to be getting a Nor'easter...
If they have cancellations and I am not afraid to drive, which I am not because of my handy dandy subaru with AWD... they will fit me in tomorrow. :o)

I need a brace or something to strengthen the ankle so I don't keep re-injuring it...
It makes me crazy that I have to go to the doctor for that.
But, then I also could have damaged it so bad, they need to do other things.
Gawd... I hope not...

STEP 4: Control Your Portions

I am doing better on this one.
Having so much fiber and being so full for the better part of the day, helps in this effort.
Based on the following... no wonder obesity and overweight is an problem in this country!

The Guidelines:
The size of two hands cupped together is what your stomach can comfortably hold.
- half cup or size of your fist: basic fruit, non-leafy vegetable, grain, beans
- 1 C leafy veggies
- 1 Cup fruit
- 3 ounces or a deck of playing cards: animal protein
- 1 slice: whole grain bread
- 6 ounces yogurt
- 1 C milk
- 1 ounce cheese (size of your thumb) - is this EVEN WORTH IT??
- oil (1 tablespoon) Can eat as much LEAFY vegetables

Three Times the Charm...

Bad Luck happens in Threes...

Yesterday after a race, we went to Bub's BBQ (more on this later).
And there...
I re-sprained my ankle.
The same ankle I sprained 6 weeks ago.
And the one I re-sprained 5 weeks ago.
And four weeks later, with little twinges of aches, I did it again.
It was at a bbq place in Sunderland MA called Bub's. I was out on the porch, didn't notice the uneven floor and the next thing I know, I went DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Oh, the pain, the pain!!!


F*CK! (I couldn't say that one out loud - Joseph parents were around...)
Double over since I can say F*CK!

Let. Me. Die. WAH!!!!

Someone behind me asked me if I was okay.
And I managed to squeek out, "i. can't. talk."
I didn't know it but he stood there behind me with a pan of ribs, just standing, watching, waiting...
Got me a bag of ice...

Just when I was getting ready to get on the bike for the next four weeks!

I think it's time to call the doctor...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Step Three: Dump Liquid Calories

Okay. This is pretty self explanatory - whole foods instead of juice, vegetable juice is okay because any kinda Right Veggies is an all you can eat deal!

One Right alcoholic beverage a day (or less)
- (5 ounces) glass of wine
- 1.5 ounces of spirits
- 12 ounce slow-carb/light beer
At least 8 glasses of Water a day
tea, coffeeV8 or tomato juice (NO fruit juice)
No Empty calories!!!

I didn't think that 5 ounces was a lot of wine.
Then we measured.
And it's MORE than I typically drink in a single glass serving...

Bob Greene's plan says NO ALCOHOL but I am trying this using Dr. Ann's method to see if I have to go to the more drastic Bob Greene approach...

I do so enjoy a glass of wine with dinner...

As for fruit juice - I am not a huge fan.
And for sodas, I never drink them.
I already drink over a liter of water a day.
I drink tea plain.

This one is easy... I already do it!

Ode to Fiber

Ok. I'm amazed. Simply Amazed.
At the Amazing Power of Fiber in my diet.

It makes me full and I imagine it pulling potential cancer cells from deep within my person.
But after I weighed myself, I am adding fat globules to the list.

I started the Step One and Step Two regimen (99% success rate at this point) on Monday.
I weighed myself on Wednesday.
By Friday, I was down almost a pound (.8 to be exact).
Now, I know it's only two days, and I know it could be water, etc etc etc., but it's a good sign.
In fact, it a POSITIVE SIGN because I typically don't get ANY SIGN at all...
Definitely positive reinforcement at this early stage.

I am full during the day - so much so that my regular portions of food are becoming too much for one sitting... so I am experimenting with cutting portions down. I think I almost have it right.

I wake up "empty-feeling" in the morning - which is not exactly "hunger."

I am enjoying the new flavors bursting forth in my mouth and for once I am actually looking forward to a snack or a meal... Ok, I still consider eating a pain but it's becoming less so.

And I know this is good for my health.

Little Fiber Bubbles running around in my body gobbling up bad cells and fat globules and whisking them away! What a wonderful vision!!

Happy Happy Happy...

Friday, February 25, 2005

Our Friend A

So... we watched Finding Nemo tonight.
Delivered right to our doorstep.
I love it...
Laziness down to a systematic science...

So, we are watching Finding Nemo tonight...
and in the first ten minute of the movie, what do we see???
Our friend Amanda Panda - drop dead funny, hysterical, falling down and crying kindafunny...
right in the middle of our 42 inch plasma screen
dressed in in fish...a blue fish...

And our friend Amanda just doesn't think that this blue fish embodiment is particularly funny...
I don't get it.

Well... it just goes to show...
sometimes we're the last to know....

Step Two: Eat the Right Carbs

So, this next step build on Step One, which was Avoid White Carbs.

The guidelines are:
  • ½ C raw or cooked non-starchy vegetables (5 or more servings a day) or 1 C uncooked leafy vegetables
  • fruits (non-tropical) – 1 serving the first week, 2 servings thereafter
  • whole grains (must have WHOLE in the ingredients) – rye bread produces a lower insulin response than other breads
  • beans (including peas & lentils – no fava beans)
Interesting information:
  • Beans have the second lowest GI of the four categories of the right carbs, can lower cholesterol.
  • Always rinse and drain canned beans
  • Pair grains with another food for to slow down absorption

Food Note. I am packing less food due to the fiber situation. Now I think I am not packing enough as I've been hungry the Whole. Damn. Morning. ARG!!!!!

Gotta work on this...

Ankle Note. Damn ankle still hurts.
It's been almost four weeks from the last sprain and there is a small, barely discernible lump on the bottom side of the little bone that protrudes on the outside. I manage to "tweak" it every now and then. It also hurts when a shoe rubs against it. And when I press on it. So I've taken to wearing loafers with low sides, and I only pressed on it twice. Joseph pressed on it once when I told him about it. Sort of like the sign over the little red button that says, "do not press," that compells you to "press."

I am considering the possibility of getting a medical opinion on this...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Random Thought: Ugh... Fiber!

I am supposed to eat five times a day on this plan.
With all the fiber I am eating I am so full for most of the day that I don't think I can eat that often!

Ugh... I could barely eat lunch, for crying out loud!

Hmmm... maybe I need to decrease my portion size....
...think think think...

Step One: Avoid White Carbs

The guidelines are all about the Glycemic Index and choose non-starchy carbs that are on the lower of the GI scale. Get rid of the white breads, white price, potatoes, even CORN (it's considered a starch in this case), parsnips, on and on and on...

And when you buy bread make sure it has the word "WHOLE" in front of the ingredient list - this is in another step which is yet to come...

1) Choose low glycemic foods

2) Pair high GI foods with something else that will slow digestion (Protein, Fiber, Fat, Acidic foods (lemon or vinegar)

1) Authentic sourdough breads (GI 52)

2) Uncle Bens converted rice (GI 44)

Personal note:

I've been working on this one for about three weeks now.
It's hard.
I get these white carb cravings.
But I've figured out that having a spoonful of hummus is a good substitute and keeps the White Carb Demons at bay.

I finally broke down and got a bag of brown rice.
It's sweet and nutty and so delicious!
And I can still have my Korean food (aka Kimchee) with it.

And let's talk about Fiber.

Fiber Fiber Fiber. Terrifically filling but I've been spending a lot of time in the bathroom!

Yes yes yes... I know... TMI

But I am pretty happy with the way this one is going.

Slowly but sure, I am replacing all the white carbs in my life with colored stuff or other acceptable stuff. It's almost a habit.

The HAA 10 Steps

HAA - Healthaholics Anonymous...
I think that's what I've become.

The more I read about heart heath and my "apple shape," it's not about losing a few pounds any more. It's about getting real and getting serious about how nutrition shapes heath. This is what I grew up with. When we sat down to dinner as I was growing up, my parents would tell me WHY I should eat something - it's good for my blood, it's good for my liver, it's good for this and for that... it was all they talked about - blah blah blah... - I had to eat everything because food wasn't about pleasurable sensations, it was about health. I should have listened more closely...

And here I am, full circle. Once again discovering that, in spite of the general "parental stupidity" that all kids thinks their parents have, they were right. It's all about basics.

So, I went to the book store and took a look at Bob Greene's book. I was going to buy it but thumbing through it, I discovered it's pretty much the same as Dr Ann's book but with less detail on nutrition. The one thing he has that Dr. Ann's book doesn't is the exercise portion in great detail... So instead of buying the book... I memorized it! :o)

So, now I am getting serious. I am making a table of foods and a table of fitness stuff. I hope to keep track of it all here. I have already tried doing Step 1. And it's a doozy since my life revolves around white rice... more later on Step 1.

And fitness isn't going to be about running faster, riding the fastest, not drowning in the pool... it's going to be about getting rid of the "Apple" in me, and trying to ward of colon cancer and heart disease - both of which run in my family... Joe is an apple too, I think... so this will help him out as well... but I digress.

It's going to be about prolonging my life so I don't die before Joseph.
Not that I want him to die before me... but he has longevity in his family - at least the females side does and I am hoping he has inherited much of this...
I want to make sure that we are together as long as possible.
The thought of life without him... and of the coldness of death without unbearable to me.

This is about life and living and hope for life and living...
10 steps - I do much of it already so it's should be doable.
Exercise - I love it when I get started and stick with it.
And besides, like I said before, if Cher can do it... so can I.
Inspiration is right around the corner and all around me...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I go and pick up the Blackberry and lo and behold, it works! HAH!

There is no back cover and no clip.
BUT, it works and I might be able to order just those parts.
Also, if they are allowing upgrades to the new 7520, then I will try and get myself one of those instead.

We will see.
At least I am no longer incommunicado.
Happy Happy Happy!

Now, I have to go wrap my niece's gigantical gargantuan gift that Joseph brought home tonight to send to her for her birthday. I told him HE had to mail it... it's so damn big!

I should have known better than to let him do this without supervision. Sheesh.

Finally getting it...

I am figuring out the diet dilemma.
My friend Cher has lost 8 pounds since January.
Of 2005.
In nine weeks.
That's almost a POUND A WEEK!
I am wayyy excited for her!!

But it casts a shadow on my personal situation.
If she can do it, I know I can do it.
We have similar musculature and body types.
We both love exercise.
And my diet is much better than hers was when she first started.
:oD It's true.

I am finally starting to get it.
Things are coming together.
It's a 12-week plan.
Can I do it?
12 weeks is a very long time.
But then, if I can live 12 weeks longer by doing this for 12 weeks, would I do it?

Hmmm.... let me think for a second...
think think think...



Okay. Next stupid question....

One of those days...

So I am running to catch the train this morning.
My Blackberry, which I have clipped to my pocketbook strap, flies off my pocketbook strap, and flings itself across the train tracks to land on the rail.
In slow motion, the back of the unit pops off and goes who-knows-where,
and the clip pops off and goes who-knowsp-where-else...

I just got a call from Amtrak Commuter rail.
Aaron - I see him almost every time I actually go into the station - nice guy.
He told me that they only found the main unit.
It's covered in oil.
There is no back.
There is no clip.

The trains might have smitherized it into plastic puree...
He thinks I should get a new one.

So, I filled out the form.
Had my boss sign in.
And placed it on the Admin's desk.
She is out until tomorrow.
It should get here next week.


I should have known better.
The clip has been popping off my strap for a while and more frequently lately.

Well... I'll never do that again!


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happiness is....

Watching American Idol on DVR...
...and dancing to the music with my Hunny Bunny...


Oh, and fast forwarding through the commercials ain't so shabby either...

Happy happy happy!

Reading and Learning

"Hillsdale never did -- never will -- accept government money for anything or any purpose. . .Hillsdale -- unique among all educational institutions -- was and remains unfettered."
--From Paul Harvey's Radio Show, May 16, 2000

As a result, Hillsdale College can bring in speakers who can be unfettered by political "sugar daddies" when giving talks. They have a free subscription to their speech "digest" so I went and signed up. I am looking forward to the first issue.

I am also going to subscribe again to National Geographic Magazine. I had one for a number of years but then the world wasn't changing fast enough so every issue seemed the same. Now that I've been away for... oh... about ten years, I'd say there are enough changes that the Magazine will seem like new again...

I also went and ordered a few books from Amazon the other day - a book on Apples & Pears - body types, not the fruits. I am an Apple. I am interested in how to undo the ravaging affects of this "killer" body type. And I am not talking about "curvaciously" killer but "viceral fat" killer. And I know that of the last 10-12 pounds I gained in the past couple of years have mostly been in the form of viceral fat.

I have spent the last decade reading about things that I consider "of worth." This usually translates to anything having to do with religion and theory, health and nutrition, and all things geopolitical... all wide and diverse categories. The good news is that there is an abundance of learning to be done. And the bad news is that I won't live long enough to make a dent in all the learning I want to do....

If I didn't have to work, I think I'd spend my time reading and learning, and exercising - trying to get rid of the viceral fat, so that I might live longer to read and learn...

And of course, there is also my Hunny Bunny. I'd like to be around a long time to share the fruits of all that reading and learning with him.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Dang! Another Long Blog.
I just read my entry and it's another long one.
I've been told my blogs are too long.

I have to start using longer words and shorter sentences....

It's Monday again.
President's Day and I am working.
I can't work from the office because of electrical maintenance and a building shut down.
I was going to work from the RI office but it's SNOWING and I am not driving 50 miles in SNOW.
So, I am working from home.
I don't get a lot of work done at home.
But Joseph is here because he has the day off and doesn't have to work to catch up like I do, and I am hoping that his presence will give me some discipline. I mean, I told him I had to work so I had better work, and all that...

This was a very busy weekend for having nothing to do.
Yesterday, we went to Cheshire to take a look at a couple of buildings, visit with Joe's Grandma who is in a nursing home, and have lunch with the parents. It was a good day - long and tiring but very good. Joe's Grandma is a hoot. She has her wits about her at almost 87 or 90 years old (at that point, it's all OLD so the number of years doesn't really matter). She was telling some stories and I was crying from laughing. I hope we go back and visit her soon!

Last night we got home and went to dinner at Sibling Rivalry. It's a couple of blocks up from us and the couple of times we went there (without a reservation), the wait was too long. The dinner was amazing! Everything was amazing! We sat at the Chef's Table overlooking the kitchen. We saw Chef David running around and directing thing. The Sous Chef was out front making sure everything was finished beautifully before it left the kitchen.

We had the Magic Genie Waitress. She would suddenly appear out of nowhere with exactly what you were thinking you needed! At one point, I leaned over and told Joseph that and he said, "and there she is again," and at that moment she was at my elbow putting down new silverware for the dessert course. And dessert was interesting to say the least!

The restaurant is owed by two brothers - David and Bob Kinkead. They take ingredients and fashion a dish based on that ingredient. There are about 10 ingredients and two dishes each. Chef David's creations are on the left hand side of the menu and Chef Bob's is on the right hand side. We tried to pick evenly from both sides.

Chef David served me the first course! ACK! Oysters in pancetta (ingredient was Bacon) with a balsamic kindavinegary sauce. Amazing flavors! Joseph had a perogie dish with crispy fried beef in a horseradish sauce - amazing! The beef was so thin that it resembled saffron threads! I had a Kinkaid coctail which is Tangueray 10, lime juice, a shake of cointreau, shaken in ice, served in a martini glass with a sugared rim and a lime slice garnish. Wonderfully tangy.

For the main course, I had the Seared Sushi Tuna with little neck clams in a wasabi brothy type sauce. Served on a small bed of sushi rice (appropriately vinegared) with a patty of sesame seed crusted wasabi horseradish sauce. It was AMAZING!!! The Tuna was PERFECT!

Dessert was interesting. We were looking over the menu and I was oohing and aahing over the menu because it all looked so good! I pointed to the lime moirier and Joe said he didn't like lime. I said, "you don't like lime?"
He said, "no, not in dessert."
I said, "I thought you didn't like LEMON?"
He said, "I don't like Lime OR lemon. Not in my dessert."
I said, "How can you NOT like LIME?
He said, "I just don't."
I said, "How UN-American can you be?"
At which point the waitress came over and told us that the lime moirier was excellent.
But Joseph told her that he didn't like lime and ordered the Apple Crisp.
Of course, Apple Crisp tends to be VERY VERY Sweet so I was dubious about it.
I ordered the crisp banana napoleam with coconut ice cream and some kindaphyllo dough tower thing with caramel on top, and banana cream in between one layer and pistachio creme in between another layer. It also turned out that the Apple Crisp was not One. Big. Sugar. Bowl. It was delicious with some kindaoaty stuff on top. Perfect! And the banana dessert was excellent!

Now mind you, Chef David was still floating around the front of the kitchen making sure things went well. He had actually come over during one of the courses to ask how things were. The waitress brings the desserts over and she plunks down the lime moirier in addition to the Apple Crisp and the Banana Napolean. She said, "This is something from the chef - mumble mumble mumble... blah blah blah..." At which point I recall that Chef David had gone over to the side of the pastry prep area and said something to someone... now I was putting it all together. I said, "this doesn't look like a mistake."
The Waitress smiled.
So I said, "Hmmm... did he over hear me say that he didn't like lime?"
She said, "Well... we are not supposed to tell you stuff like that... but maybe..."
Joe turned to me and said, "You talk too loud!"
I said, "No I don't!"
He said, "Yes... he OVERHEARD you!!"

Anyway, it was the fluffiest lime meringuey sort of thing over the fluffiest lightest cheescake ever and it was AMAZING! And I hate cheesecake!

This was somekindaexperience! That is for sure. The Chef overhears we don't like something so he forced us to try that something and we ended up liking it! I would order it again, in fact! And the waitress said that the same thing happened to her when she had to taste all the dishes - he made her try the oysters (she doesn't like oysters) and said she should try it because she would like it.

The waitress said she liked waiting on us. She gets alot of theatre people, she is in Grad School because her mother made her go (LOLOLOL!), and she liked that we were not pretentious and demanding. LOL! Soooo funny! I can so see that in the South End. People coming in from the suburbs to the new trendy hotspot and acting all uppity! LOL! She was glad we lived around the corner and would be coming back. On the way out the manager chatted with us and they have a room for private parties up to 25 people, as well.

I must go back and try everything on the menu.
Although it changes with the seasons.
And last night I ate so much that I am not hungry this morning.
Bad bad bad... but it was THAT GOOD.
And I never eat to bursting but I couldn't stop myself.
Thank goodness the diet starts this morning!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I am so happy today.
Nothing to do today.
Happy happy happy!!

Actually, I DO have things to do but I'm not gonna.
Happy happy happy!!


This morning, Hunny Bunny went out with the Dumb Dingle Doggie in the usual manner but this time he came home with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!!! :o) So I had coffee and donuts served in bed... He is always full of little surprises for me every single day.

He gives me more little surprises than I give him.
Although he does say that I do but since I don't know what it is that I do, I don't think it counts.
Unless of course he is counting the fact that I make him laugh... which is what he tells me but quite frankly, I can't see it... I mean... I am a VERY SERIOUS PERSON! :o
I must think of more surprises other than coming home late from work after I told him I'd be home early... Hmmm....

Happy Weekend!
I am so Happy Happy!
It's the weekend,
and I have nothing to do!!


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Flummoxed ... again

Well… talked to my sister today on the phone.
She’s a lot of fun to talk to.

She has a sweet little southern accent that is not a real drawl of any kind but just enough to really think of Spanish moss and nice southern hospitality – the kind you read about in books and see in movies.
And right on cue, my southern accent kicked in too.

But anyway… all that southern sweetness hides her deep-rooted stubbornness, and you never heard such long and complicated words come out of anyone’s mouth. Now, I am no dummy but I do keep an unabridged dictionary by my desk just in case she springs a new one on me (but I must admit, I do like to read the dictionary for fun, too.)

So, I called her up today to talk about going to Europe.
Specifically, about Paris in the springtime.
All expenses paid for her birthday, which is in June… an early gift.
Well… She said thanks but no thanks because it’s not on her three-year plan.
Huh? Three year plan?
She’s not doing anything for three years.
Not going anywhere, not doing anything, not gonna leave the house.
She’s not gonna leave the house for three years?
No amount of talking would budge her.
Her overhearing, eavedropping co-worker even sent her messages during the conversation telling her that she was NUTS!
And even that didn’t make a dent.

I am not even believing this! She said that we should just go by ourselves and have a merry ole time.

Now, most people would jump at the chance to go to Paris on an all expenses paid trip.
But not my sister.

But then, she is an art-teeest, which I like to think is the cause for her derangement and eccentricities. And she certainly has a lot of that. :oD

I threatened to tell our brother.
But she said not to because he would yell at her for not going.
And of course, having heard him go on and on about things, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! LOL!

I am absolutely positively one hundred percent flummoxed.

I’ll get back to you when I get this one figured out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So our friend A has been doing lipograms.
When I first read it I thought it was some sort of surgical procedure.
Then I figured out that it was all gibberish.
To me, anyway.
Because to Joseph, it's one big riddle and he loves riddles (and puzzles).
Of course while I spent two days figuring out what she was saying, he was figuring out the puzzle. ARG!!!!
I wasn't afraid before, but I. am. now....

Well, MonWednesday has been okay so far.
Busy busy busy as usual.
I thought I had a work function tonight but it's next week.
Thank goodness.

Tomorrow ThursHumpDay.
The week. is. so. long.

The ankle is less "twingy" and less "achy" feeling.
I am thinking "bike" for this weekend.
We'll see.

And the massage I thought I had this weekend is actually on March 4th.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Visit From Beyond

So, I keep forgetting to mention this but...

Joseph met Daddy.
It was in a dream.
But he said he met Daddy right before he woke up.
I was a bit skeptical, of course.
So I asked him what Daddy said.
So, Joseph said, "He didn't say anything."
I said, "What do you mean?"
He said, "He was standing there and I said, 'you must be Mr. Kim.'
And he stood there and just smile."

That's when I knew it.
A visit from beyond.
My father had appeared to Joseph in a dream.
I knew it was true because my father was a man of few words.
And the fact that he would just smile and not say a word is totally within character.
And since he appeared to Joseph with a smile, I am taking it as absolute approval of our being together.
It was quite cool.

Of course after the deeply contented feelings wore off, I became quite miffed that he didn't think to show up in MY DREAMS or anything. Sheesh.
I mean, he goes off to another world, leaving me to sit around wonder how the HELL HE IS DOING, and if he is happy and all sorts of unanswerable things, and WHAT DOES HE DO??
He shows up to Joseph!
And it's not like I WASN"T laying right next to him.
It's not as if it's a LONG JOURNEY from Joseph's dream to MY DREAM or anything.
It's only a SHORT HOP from one head to another, for crying out loud!!!

Well, at least Daddy is doing all right floating around.
And at least he is finding time enough to appear in people's dreams...
even if they aren't MY dreams. Sheesh.

Daddy, if you are reading this, I wouldn't mind a visit every now and again.
Just so we're clear....

The Ole Grind

Much to my chagrin, tomorrow is Wednesday.
Which isn't as bad as Mondays because Wednesdays are Hump Days.
But if you haven't been to work on Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday is Monday and not Hump Day.
Thursday becomes Hump Day.
And than Friday is TGIFriday.
Then it's the weekend again.

We will have a busy weekend.

I do have another massage scheduled.
I am hoping to try the bike this weekend, if the ankle continues to heal.
It will only be week two since the second sprain but I am hoping that two weeks will suffice instead of three - although experience tells me otherwise and in this case, it was a DOUBLE sprain. Gad!

Clean as a Whistle

I went for my screening and I am clean as a whistle.
Thank goodness.

I must say that getting a colonoscopy was not an altogether unpleasant experience.

First, the nurses and doctors at Mass General are very nice and very competant.
Next, there is the state of the art equipment.
And, the facilities always seem so clean and new.
I always feel "safe" at Mass General.

They gave me an IV,
then they wrapped an automatic blood pressure thingie to my arm,
and then the electrode thingies to my chest area,
all hooked up to some monitor thing that beeped.
After a while curiosity got the best of me and I turned around to find a monitor.
The automatic blood pressure thingie took my blood pressure very 15 minutes.
It hovered about 95/50, then down to 91/50.
My heart rate was around 55-57 bpm.
It was pretty interesting.

The most painful part was putting in the IV.
Actually, the most painful part was probably when they blew me up with air.
But they gave me Demerol right before the procedure and I was out like a light.
So, they blew me up while I was asleep and it woke me up. I remember that I complained about stomach cramping and I heard someone say, "breathe", which I remember doing. Then it happened again, and I remember touching my stomach and sort of whimpering. They told me to "breathe" and so I did and went back to sleep.
And if the pain woke me up from the deep sleep of Demerol, I am sure it was the most painful part. But I couldn't feel it because I was sleeping. Because of the Demerol. Just so it's clear. :o)

Demerol is my friend.
I slept like a baby.
I came to an hour later in recovery.
And I was all groggy so I slept some more.
They gave me cranberry juice.
And just for grins I took another look at the monitor thingie.

Turns out that at one point my heart rate when up to 95-100 bpm and the lowest was 43 bpm.
And my highest blood pressure was around 187 over something and the lowest was 71/33.
That was scary.
I know that they monitored me and gave me things depending on what my numbers were.
I did tell them that I have low blood pressure (usually 90/50 to 100/60 if I am stressed out) and that my resting HR is around 41 bpm.

Of course Joseph took me there, waited for me for 3 hours, and drove me back home.
He took the day off from work just for me. :oD
Happy happy happy.
I love my Hunny Bunny...
I am blessed.

Monday, February 14, 2005

My Hunny Bunny blogged about the weekend.
He never blogs about us. Not really. He usually just leaves that to me. :oD
Happy happy!

And tonight he brought home a most beautiful flower arrangement!
Pink flowers I don't know the name of but look like crocuses, mixed with red tulips, red roses and greenery, and some other red flower I don't know the name of. In a nice modern black ceramic vase (almost looks like pottery). And a wonderful card.
It made me cry. Again.

I am the luckiest person in the world...

Lots of Weight

Before I begin... an Ankle Note... it. still. hurts. Blech.
Joseph said last night that he wouldn't be surprised if the stupid thing took 3 weeks before the pain went away...

Today, I expect to lose Lots 'O Weight.
I am on a liquid diet.
All day.
Clear liquids only.
I can only have soups that have nothing in them.
Which means broth - as in chicken or beef.
I can't eat anything red, either. As in red jello.
But I can have green jello.
Too bad I have no jello in the house.

Tomorrow I am going in for a colonoscopy.
I have the drawn the short straw when it comes to familial diseases... colon cancer is one the biggest and I have a direct link (thanks, Dad. Do you THINK you could have find a better way to like, uh... kick the damn bucket than COLON CANCER??? GAH!!!! Well, at any rate... I miss you, Dad. Happy Valentines Day...) And that is why I am doing it now as opposed to 5 or 10 years from now. They think I should start this thing EARLY so we all have piece of mind. And that's a good thing. So I must be clean as a whistle and apparently the process of getting that clean will take 24 hours. Egads! How much stuff am I holding inside? Well... we shall see what we shall see...

I weighed myself this morning.
I will weigh myself at 5pm when I start taking the GALLON JUG OF INTESTINAL EXPELLENT STUFF... GAH!!!!
And I will weigh myself tomorrow morning.
I make a mental note that I did gain 2 pounds this weekend.

So, seeing as how hunger makes me cranky and inhuman, I have opted to work from home.
And when I told the New Boss, he agreed. :oD

I see, that I am getting a lot of work done... hmmmm.....

Sunday, February 13, 2005


The weekend has been just wonderful.
I have never before filled a weekend with Nothing.
Doing Nothing, I've discovered, can take a lot of time.
As I told Joseph at breakfast, I wish I had more time to do Nothing.
He asked me what Nothing else I would do?
I had to think about that because thinking about it brought to mind...well...Nothing.

Saturday afternoon, I had an appointment at the Alta Day Spa.
I was treated to an afternoon of spa activities, complete with a Aroma Facial by Decleor, a manicure and a pedicure. Happiness!!!

After I finished, I browsed a bit (they had some nice clothes and almost everything was on sale but I didn't want to bother trying things on), picked up a toner and an essential oil for the face, and checked out. The ladies were agog over Joseph - he had told them that I could get whatever I wanted and that I should take my time and to just put everything on the "card." They loved him. LOL! Well... with THAT, who wouldn't?? And all the time that I spent browsing, I just wanted to hurry because I had been apart from him for 3 hours already.... sheesh!

Dinner was at the Inn once more - in the upstairs dining room. We had a good discussion with the Sommelier about wine and he introduced us to a Jarvis 1993 Cabernet Sauvignon (because the 1997 was unavailable), which was just wonderful! It seemed that all the staff there had heard about the Wine Cellar Dinner and came over to say hello, or they hoped we were having a good time, or that all things were being taken care is that kindaplace.... Actually the epitome of the kindaplace this is happened when we overheard at breakfast this morning one of the guests says, "Can I..." and the waiter said, "Yes." before the guy could finish his sentence. Joseph and I just sat there and laughed. :oD

I wish I could do Nothing more often. Sigh....

Random Thoughts: The Robes

I just ordered a couple of robes - the same kind from The Pitcher Inn.
Happy happy!

I ordered a petite - because my height is a petite - but my girth is not.
I hope mine fits!

Another happy note: My Hunny Bunny unloaded the dishwasher and is now finishing up thawing the chicken - cause I don't know how to. Not the unloading but the thawing. I merely detest the unloading part. :oD

Everyday Surprises

So, we are home. Happy Happy.
A nice drive, no traffic hangups, and before we left, we even stopped over at the Alta Day Spa (which is owned by The Pitcher Inn) to pick up a couple of exfoliating cremes for the hands, feet and body. Anyway...

We get home, everything gets out away, I am downstairs playing Snood and updating my Netflix queue and I hear, bang bang bang from the cellar, and Joseph then runs up the stairs, and then I hear a zrrrr zrrrrr bang zrrrrrr from upstairs... and eventually I get curious enough and run upstairs and what do I find???

He is up in the bedroom, the queen matress cast aside, one split boxspring on top of the other and he is waving the cordless screwdriver around ...

Rewind: When I moved out of Quincy and into Boston a few years back, I ended up in a typical Boston apartment - tight turns around stairs on the third floor of a 5-floor walkup in the Back Bay (actually Midtown, but anyway....), so when I ordered the mattress and boxspring I ordered the split one so that it could get up the stairs. Anyway... since I practically lived at Joseph's place, we never really used it but the few times we did, I noticed the bed sagging. Okay. Got that? Anyway... I have a four poster bed - the kind with the wooden slats that you put the box spring on top of... and the split in the middle when you put the two boxes together was causing the sag. GAH!!!! Then two years later, I find out that split box springs need a special frame - they have a support in the MIDDLE to support the SPLIT! ARG!!!

So fast forward...
For months now I've been complaining about the mattress - how it aches my poor body and my back - how it sags in the middle - how soft it is - how we need a new one - and maybe we can get a boxspring instead (and going so far as to inquire about free ones on craigslist) - and maybe we should just get a new bed or mattress or the replace the whole blasted thing and all sorts of blah blah blah and yadda yadda yadda.... We even got one of those eggcrate foam mattress pads which only worked moderately because, well, frankly, the bed. still. sagged. Ahem.

And so, Joseph has just finished fixing up the bed frame so that the whole thing is level.
I have a feeling the old achy bones and old achy muscles are gonna have new life in the coming days and nights...

Happy Happy Happy...

Random Thought: The Perfect Robe

is from The Robe Works.
We found a website that has them for sale.
We will order a couple for ourselves.
It's microfiber on the outside and a thinner terry on the inside.
It's not thick - you can actually MOVE in these.
And soft and so comfortable!
I could live in one!

Random Thought: Disbelief

I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely incredible the weekend has been.
To be driven 3 hours to Vermont (a place that I love) so that I can have fried okra (in the middle of winter) cooked by the person who catered our wedding (and who is now the Sous Chef at a Relais & Chateaux inn).

Absolutely so amazing.
It's simplicity just belies the how complex it was to put together.
A metaphor for our lives - how simple it seems - but how complex our meeting was.
So simple and complex.
A world of yin and yang that co-exist in perfect harmony.

I am truly truly blessed.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fried Green Okra

...for Valentines Day.
Yes. That was my gift.

We are celebrating Valentines Day a little early this year, at The Pitcher Inn in Warren, VT.
We arrived yesterday - took the scenic route over the mountain through snow-driven roads (ACK! - what does that mean exactly, to be snow-driven...other than watch out for the sheer drop on the right side of the road...).

The Pitcher Inn is a Relais & Chateux "property."
We are staying in the Chester A. Arthur Room.

Last night we had dinner in the Wine Cellar.
We had the whole Wine Cellar to ourselves!
Just the two of us.

We had a special menu prepared by the chef just for us.
The first item on the menu "Fried Okra with Mohagany Clams in a Sage Nage."
Okra is out of season.
I love okra.
I looked up and told Joseph, "Fried Okra is my favorite!"
He said, "Yes I know...isn't it interesting...on the menu and all"

Joseph took a good look at the wine menu and decided to get pairings picked by the Sommolier, Ari Sadri.

I kept looking at the menu - it was so perfect!
Of course Joseph had to point out that the menu had "Bator Wine Cellar Dinner" on it!
It was so neat!

With the Fried Okra, a 2002 Sonoma Coast Vintners Chardonnary "Hawk Hill Vineyards."
This has to have been the best Fried Okra I have ever had. Cut lengthwise and lightly fried, it was light and delicate. I am not a huge clam fan but these small clams were amazing and the Nage was like a sage-infused hash with bacon and potatoes, both of which was diced into tiny symmetrical pieces.

Second Course: Braised Short Rib Risotto
Paired with: 2001 Merry Edwards, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.
I thought, Short Rib? In Risotto? I love short ribs! But in Risotto?? Who knew it would work? It was delicious!!!
I told Joseph, "I love short ribs."
He said, "I know..."

Third Course: Roast Casco Cod with Garlic Mashed Potoes, Brussels Sprouts and Lemon Caper Brown Butter
Paired with: 1998 Domaine Bonneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne
This has to have been the most delicious cod I've ever had! ACK! It was dry roasted by delicate and flaky and MOIST! On a small bed of garlic mashed potatoes that had been whipped so fine that it tasted light as air! And the Brussel Sprouts? I hate them! Until this meal. They were the best brussel sprouts I've ever had! I LOVE Brussel Sprouts, now!

I told the Sommolier about the Brussel Sprouts. He said he would tell the chef what I said.

Fourth Course: Selection of Artisanal Cheeses
Four different cheese - there was one that I really liked! I wish I could remember the name!!!

Fifth Course: Prune-Armagnac Ice Cream with a Chocolate Dipped Biscotti
Yes. Prune Ice Cream. Joe and I sort of looked at each other. PRUNE ICE CREAM? Uhhh...
olrighteeeee then....
The prune ice cream was phenomenol!!! Of course the Armagnac (a liquor) helped ALOT! :oD

Somehow amid the excitement between the fourth and fifth course, we never did get pairings for those courses.

The dinner was wonderful but the confusion was indescribable.

Joseph had gone to the rest room.
The Sommolier came in and said something like Rogan will be down in a minute.
I looked up. Rogan?
He said, "Yes, the chef."
I said, "Uh... did you say Rogan?"
He said, "Yes, Rogan."
I said, "Uh... As in Rogan Lechthaler?"
He said, "Yes, he's the sous chef..." or something like that because at that point Joseph came walking in and said, "Yeah, I heard you around the corner, I was making arrangements for Rogan to deliver the last course."
At which point the Sommolier knew he had MESSED UP BIG TIME and made lots of embarassed noises and apologies... he didn't know it was a surprise....and then made a quick exit when I burst into tears from happiness!!!

So, Rogan did come down after dessert.
I gave him a big hug.
I told him the fried okra was the best and he was so glad he could redeem himself [since I didn't get any at our wedding last April (he catered that and I made a special request for okra which was all gone when I finally got a chance to eat).]

He signed our menu "So Great to Cook for you!"
Imagine?? The Sous Chef is happy to cook for US?
WE should be so happy! Not the other way around!!!
We also got the Sommolier to sign the menu, too.

Then the whole story. Joseph has an incredible memory. It's amazing, actually. And he remembered that our friend Abby (and Rogan's big sister) had mentioned (a few many months ago) that Rogan was working in Vermont - at The Pitcher Inn. Joseph called, made reservations and made sure that Rogan was still here, requested okra for the menu (uh, did he know that it's out of season? Yes yes yes, he did know but Rogan would understand).

Rogan said he saw the request for okra and thought it was weird (and yes, it's hard to get in the wilds of Vermont when it's out of season I suppose) but then he saw who requested it and he DID understand!

So I got the best gift ever.
A year's worth of memories, of some the best times ever, in the time we've been together, all wrapped up in an artistic tower of Fried Green Okra.

And no. There is no way I will ever top this gift so I am not even going to try.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I am not even believing this one.
They are just like us.
They even have a Subaru.
And it's RED!
And he makes Chili.
And they cross-country ski!
And Drink WINE!
And watch NETFLIX!

It would be weird if we didn't know them... but we do!!!

Well... Joe has met F, but I haven't.
I've talked to F. And that counts.

BTW: I am back from NYC. Phew. In and Out. BUT I did see Debbie and Joanne! Yahoo! I saw Debbie TWICE! :o)

Oh! And Hunny Bunny had pasta with marinara sauce waiting for me when I came walking in the door. Happy happy happy! :o)

Soooo glad to be home!

Ankle Note. The damn ankle is still a little swollen and it still damn HURTS! GAH!!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What a day!
I spent the whole day working on things while emailing while talking on the phone while reviewing presentations... I think I've taken multi-tasking to a whole new level!

My New Boss is great! He totally just Gets It.
I love that.

Anyway... if I hear Patriot Nation one more time, I am gonna scream.
Hellooo.... no... it is NOT Patriot Nation. I can deal with Red Sox Nation but gimme a break. We are NOT going to nationalize all of sports - Please!

The trains were so crowded this morning. All mostly teens skipping school to go see the Patriot's Parade. I was so glad I didn't have any teenagers running around! I also discovered that they are very loud when they get together. Whatever. I am hoping that it's not the same on the way home - which should be in about 20 minutes. Yeah!

Lots to do tonight. Tomorrow I am leaving to NYC in the morning.

We are busy busy busy.

Ankle Note. Still swollen around the achilles and outer ankle bone. And this morning, something new. It ACHED while I was walking around the office. I am pretty sure that that is not a good sign. I must have done a real number on my ankle this time around. *sob*

India Note. Good news. So, I was meeting with New Boss and we were reviewing some stuff. And it seems that he and EVP had a discussion about me (I HATE it when I come up in other people's conversations...) And EVP asked New Boss, "so... she's got all this stuff going on..."
New Boss said, "yes and a few other things..."
EVP said "well, I'm not sure that letting her go to India is gonna work..."
New Boss said, "well, there isn't anyone else here who can keep this up..."
EVP said, "well, we need her here at home..."

So, I said to New Boss, "you know... when they hire that expat over there, I will be GLAD to spend as much as required going back and forth and supporting and helping out..."
New Boss interrupts, "I agree..."
I continue, "and making sure that it all gets done and built right..."
New Boss says, "I agree, I agree.."
I say... "there isn't anyone who can keep this stuff up right now..."
New Boss says, "yes, we have to talk about succession management...."
I say... "I know... I know I know... you know the personality and length in job (14 years)"
New Boss says, "yes yes.... we have to talk about that... and a few other things.... we need to work on getting you some more people..."
I say, "I know I know... I agree...."

Lots of head nodding going on...

So, there you have it.
I had enough time to turn it into something I wanted it to be -
I am NOT going over there to move for a year BUT I will be traveling whenever they find the other person and I can direct them from afar. :o))
I am also going to work with New Boss on getting some people here... outside of all the other NEW work that might also bring people into the group...

Of course it will take all year to get this part done....

I am really really like New Boss....

Eat at Blue Ginger, live forever...
Jae's has NOTHING over Blue Ginger!

We went there last night.
I was so excited since I had heard so much about it.
And it was everything I had heard raved about it and more.

On my way out of the office, I ran into my EVP...and he mentioned a fish
that you could get there that comes from Alaska. He said I had to tell him
about it and so this morning, I sat down and penned a mini-review just for

"One word: Butterfish. Alaskan, that is. They compared it to Chilean Seabass but they were wrong. It was nothing like Chilean Seabass. Butterfish is hard to describe. Light, delicate, buttery, exceedingly fresh at Blue Ginger - lightly grilled, came on a bed of seaweed salad (you might have had it at a sushi bar if you ever eat fish raw)… "Sake-Miso Marinated Alaskan Butterfish with Wasabi oil, soy syrup and Vegetarian Soba Noodle Sushi."

Other people had the Garlic-Pepper Lobster (served out of the shell) with Lemongrass Fried Rice (with bits of lobster in it) and Pea Tendril Salad (I didn't see this I suppose it was there). This was amazing as well.

And then someone else had Grilled Mandarin Marinated Hangar Steak with Broccoli Fried Rice and Hot Mustard Aioli and Chinese Celery Salad (more like a garnish than anything else). The steak was unbelievably tender!

The appetizers were just as succulent and delicious!

The portions were human-sized (as opposed to ridiculously gargantuan). You didn't feel stuffed or unhealthy afterwards. I highly recommend Blue Ginger and I will need to go back multiple times to try everything on the menu.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekends can be so exhausting!
I am sitting at my desk and I. Am. So. Tired.
I felt good when I woke up this morning but I think the drinking and eating from our little Super Bowl gathering is catching up with me.
So... no new news... the Patriots won, which is old news now.
And with 3 times in 4 years, it's really old news.
But it was a good game and the gathering was fun!

Tonight we are going to Blue Ginger for dinner.
We are meeting 2 other couples there.
Turns out that Joseph has been betting with J and K as to whose spouse will be the latest.
He thinks that I will be late.
But K thinks that her husband might not show up at all...
Sheesh. We must be really bad with the arriving on time or getting to places in general.
I am going to take the commuter rail there.
I could take the 5:05 and arrive at 5:40 but out reservations are for 6pm and that's a little early to be leaving work and arriving for a 6pm reservation.
I could take the 5:30 and arrive there at 6:08 which might be okay.
I just have to remember to leave work!

Running Note. The ankle is still swollen and after a whole week, too! I went for a massage on Saturday and Arun said that I should stay off of it more. Kinda hard to do when you live in the city and have to walk everywhere...

Swim Note. Nothing this weekend. It's been busy - had to go shopping for the party, etc.

Lifting Note. Nothing. Weights on the arms make weights on the ankle.... like I said, it's still swollen...

More later.... lots of things to blog about....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The end of the tunnel supposed to be light.
I heard on the news this morning that the days are getting longer.
Of course I wouldn't really know that since I am tethered to my desk in my office like a DAMN VEAL IN A BOX, and haven't been leaving until after 7 or 8pm, when it is DARK OUTSIDE, like some BAT in a CAVE! Who says I'm BITTER???

I am hoping to experience this light tonight as I am going home, on time, maybe a little early, feeling good about the accomplishments of the day, looking forward to cooking a nice dinner to have with my wonderful Hunny Bunny and a nice glass of wine....

And if that doesn't happen, Some. Heads. Are. Gonna. Roll.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am thinking that starting this weekend, I will get on the bike again...give the ole ankle the college try (what does that mean, exactly?) Since that is less impact than running, it's a good way to test out the sprain and see how it's mending. The ankle is still a little swollen but I am hoping that it will go down by Saturday, along with the wee bit of residual pain I feel throughout the day. It is worse along the back on the outer side of the achilles area. I think I did more damage than you can tell by looking at it.

I miss running and working out. What can I say? It helps me keep the stress at bay and since I've been on hiatus, I can't seem to keep my heart rate down and I feel the throbbing blood vessel in my throat, and all that bad stuff related to bad stress.

Anyway... it was a good night. We went to dinner with J&L at Pho Republique, one of my favorite restaurants. The service was not as good as usual but I am sure it was the waiter that we got and it was a bit busier than when we've been there before. We split 2 appetizers (crab rangoon springrolls & tuna sashimi spring rolls), 2 dinners (red beef - a tender short-ribs-like beef in a nice broth, chicken chow foon noodles with the peanut sauce) and 1 dessert (banana spring rolls with coconut and giner ice cream) between the four of us - it was a perfect size!

The other good part of this is that I had a good excuse to leave work at a human hour instead of working to the wee hours of the evening like a damn bat!

Random Thoughts: Strange Dreams

What does it mean when you dream about work?
How about when you wake up three hours after falling asleep, only to find yourself thinking about work for more than two hours before you are able to fall asleep again - of course, only wake up all-too-early because you get enough sleep.

At my 10am meeting with the New Boss and the EVP, I informed them that I've been dreaming about work and lying awake at night thinking about it.

Good thing they like me and don't think I am a sassy little upstart. :o)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The best part of the day...

I have a couple of these.
The bestest part is falling asleep with Joseph next to me.

The next best is having dinner together.
There was a time before Joseph when I ate in My Little Room.
I'd come home from work - and HWINLIML would always have eaten...
And I'd grab my big bowl of fruit and go to My Little Room, sit in front of the computer and have dinner...

I am always amazed at how the simplicity of sitting down to a meal together can symbolize words never spoken about being together, love, caring for one another...
No matter how busy I am, Joseph waits for me.
He has been doing a lot of waiting in the past couple of weeks - with work and my coming home late because I've lost track of the time...
And I am sure he will keep waiting for me...

But, I know that we will return to some level of normalcy - and it had better be soon...

But for now, Joseph keeps me grounded -
He makes me come home when I might work until I drop.
He makes me sit down to a meal... like a Family... just the two of us...
and the Dumb Dingle Doggie (the Dingle Kitty is usually somewhere else)...

And no one can know what this simple act means to me...

Work is getting better.
Instead of being miserable, cranky and tired, I am just tired.
Actually, I am OVERtired. And Resigned. Resigned and OVERtired.
It's only Tuesday but I feel like it's Thursday.
I told New Boss that I am starting to dream about work.
He laughed and said he was doing the same thing.
Not a good sign...

Anyway...speaking of crank... I have to crank out three pages for a joint presentation to the CIO. I wish Old Boss has taken this with him. BAH!!!!!

On a different note, I am going to NYC next Wednesday and staying over.
There are a couple of work-related database-related seminars I need to go to so New Boss said to go - which is different already from Old Boss because Old Boss wouldn't have wanted me to stay over probably.

I am staying at the W Hotel... it should be nice. I had my admin (she is "young and hip" so she thought this would be an awesome place to stay....) I have seen it before while walking around the area. I am hoping to meet up with H and Debbie and Jo. I will look at it as a semi-vacation because I could use the boondoggle.

Then on Friday, Joseph is whisking me away to Vermont for V-Day! Happiness!!!

Another [partial] Goal done...

I just finished by second book in my goal to read at least six books this year.
This one is a result of my trying to figure out how I eat so that I can improve - to lose some weight, to get better nutrition overall, and to see what I can do about my hgh cholesterol.

Dr.Ann's 10-Step Diet is not as bad as it sounds. Instead of giving you a long list of what shouldn't eat, backed up by a litany of psuedo-scientific jargon in the hopes of giving the latest fad some iota of legitimacy, this books tells you what you CAN eat and why. It also has simple recipes, etc. I loosely follow the prescription but I can tighten things up a bit. The hardest part will be the White Grains section - getting rid of traditional white rice, BUT she does say that converted rice is okay and the close second is basmati rice, which I like. Yeah! There is also a section on how to handle your nutrition if you have high cholesterol and colon cancer in the family - among other things - and I am finding the whole thing pretty useful. I have a feeling that it's going to be a constant companion for a while.

Joseph says that I don't read books that have a natural stopping point. Or at least, not any that want you to continue reading. I guess that means I don't read fiction with a chapter ending or a beginning but I will disagree and say that that does not make me want to stop reading. I mean, I read a whole entire book of letters that spanned about 426 pages, for crying out loud. This last book took me about a week or two because it had real applicability to my life.

I guess he shouldn't be holding his breath for the next one either - this new one is call "The Extraordinary Leader." :oD