Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Runday...

…is a Funday….

Made a rhyme…
as weak as it may be.

I wasn't sure if we were gonna make it but we ended up meeting the local deads for a run - after the wedding and all. But of course, Joseph made sure we got up bright and early... allllrighteeeeee.....

At 8:30 we gathered once again at Newton City Hall.
The fast guys took off and I ended up running alone.
It felt great. Up the hills, and then back down.
I remembered the Chiropractor telling me I should really try and run on trails - soft surfaces - more. So I followed the trail carved out in the grassy median, carved out by hundreds of runners before me. There must be something to what people say about soft surfaces because I ran faster and my legs felt good.

On the way back down the hills, Joseph met me.
He had finished his run and came back to run me in - as usual. It's funny how I look forward to that and if he doesn't show up, I am a bit disappointed.
We ran together for a little more than half a mile, in silence.
And it was wonderful.

Afterwards, we headed up to Bobby's New York Deli for brunch again. YUM!

And Joseph reminded me that next Thursday is my birthday.
I always forget.
I never feel like it's a big deal - at least not until Joseph came along.

It was a busy day. If I were not so tired, I'd write more. It's hard for me to actually publish this stuff on a timely basis, much less write more. Sometimes I disappoint myself…

Exercise Note.
Running - 60 minutes

Book Number 9: Father Joe

Father Joe by Tony Hendra is a good read and I would recommend it.

The beginning was really good, the middle dragged a bit but then it got better toward the end
The ending was a bit of a rush, I felt.... Sort of like he was in a hurry to finish.

It could be that the middle dragged because the author writes about his life in the turbulent secular world, which almost all of us live day in and day out. And I was going, "yadda yadda yadda... so you had it tough..." during the middle, which is why sort of an indication of our lives in general... we all go through the same things regardless of who we are.

The ending was okay and the fact that there was a "twist" saved the whole story and I looked at Father Joe in a different light, just like the author did.

The first part of the book was very funny.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday in the City...

...was very busy...
Errands, a massage, and a wedding of friend of Joseph's since he was three years old.

I had a long run scheduled but after last night's festivities with my staff, and the grocery store and errands, I decided to run tomorrow morning when Joseph meets up with a bunchadeads to run and then go to brunch afterwards. And of course, I had planned to run this morning and take my bike tomorrow and ride along and then join them for brunch. But of course, as with all best laid plans, this one went the way of the toilet...

Lots o' errands this morning.

Then an appointment with Arun for my massage. Wonderful! I soooo look forward to this. And I briefed him on what the Chiropractor said so he went with it and complemented the chiro treatments appropriately. Another sign of a good MT.

Then more errands. I took the T to Fenway and lo and behold right outside the door, what do I see but a Staples. And an REI! Of course, I came to get a gift certificate for the wedding gift and I ended up with a bag o' stuff. Then a stop into Staples to get two kinds of photo paper because I couldn't decide which quality to get: the Premium or the Premium Plus. I am sure I will be able to tell the different. Right.

I suddenly realized that we had a wedding to go to and I was only allowing myself only 45 minutes to get ready! ACK!

And Joseph had been at the doggie park all day with the Dingle Doggie to take more surveys and I had to get the cases of wine and the bottles of scotch we ordered at BRIX, and O. MY. GOD. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I go home, drop off all the stuff from Staples and REI. I take the car and drive it about a half mile to BRIX. Thank god the doggie park is right across the street. Joseph saw me and his shift was ending at 3:30. Only 5 minutes left. Thank goodness. So, a case of O'Reilly pinot noir, a half case of Omaggio - the other half case has to be reordered (dang), two bottles of Glenrothes 1992 and a bottle of the 1984 - more single malt for our collection.

Hurry hurry hurry.. Pay... Make nice chat with the owner. We pile into the car, and then off to the house, unload, and I have 40 minutes to get ready. FORTY. MINUTES!!!

Fastest shower in the South End. I swear.

But... I make it. Tah-dah..... And I even sat on the bed trying to eat something because Joseph was nagging me about eating and I was stressing out from not eating and... what a day...

The wedding was very nice. It was at the Chapel at Milton Academy. The reception was held at the Hoosic Club about a mile or two up the road. We sat with the Bride and Groom's college buddies and other friends from a past life, which will be even more distant as they go foward in this new phase of this life. They don't know that yet but it will happen. It was a good table to sit at. We got really friendly with a couple from St. Louis. We were sad to say goodbye and we hope to see them again! I took my beautiful handy dandy Nikon D70S and someone asked me if I was a photographer! Cool! Of course, I said no. Just practicing.

Got home late. Phew! Joseph mentioned something about having to get up by 7am if we want to meet people for the run tomorrow. And then an off-handed comment about maybe just
meeting them for brunch and forgetting about the run.

I, of course, am crossing my fingers...

Yes. Another typical Saturday in the City.

I should write down my prayers...

...just like St. Augustine did...

Of course, I'm no saint. Far from it.

But it helps cleanse the soul.
And each one of us needs a good wash and rinse every once in a while.

Friday, July 29, 2005

It's time...

…for our yearly outing…

Actually, we haven't had an outing at work for quite a number of year, what with the boom that went bust and RIF that made people disappear…

But this year, I decided it was time.
We are in good graces with management.
We got great customer satisfaction ratings for those whom we support and service.
So how could they turn me down when I asked?

I even got special department t-shirts printed up with new logo that highlights how we've grown globally.

So, we all had a 30 minutes gathering where I thanks people and handed out shirts.
Then we went off to a boat ride - a harbor cruise.
It was nice leaving work early. In the middle of the afternoon.
Then it was off to dinner in the North End.
Then a stop at Modern Bakery to pick up Ricotta Pie, sfoiggatelle, and pignoli cookies.

It was a great day for a great group.
It was nice getting out of work early.
It was nice being able to just chill out and chat with people, laugh and smile and talk and talk and eat and drink and… you get the general idea…

And it was especially nice because four people from India are here with us.
Team building at some of it's most effective.

Tomorrow I am supposed to run.
We are meeting a group of Deads at the Newton City Hall.
Not sure if we will make it.
Joe hasn't said anything much about it.
I think he's gonna see what happens in the morning, but he did say if we are going to go we need to be up by 7am.

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Restaurant Review: FAVA

…as I mentioned yesterday, we went to FAVA last night.

First of all, if you have been there, you have to go.

It's hard to find.
They say they are on Great Plain Ave.
You can drive up and down Great Plain Ave and never see it.

Of course, I didn't have a hard time finding it.
Because it's right NEXT TO the train tracks which cross Great Plain Ave, and in a parking lot next to those train tracks.

If you take the commuter rail to Needham Center, you step off the train and it's there.
Right in front of you.
If you get off the train towards the front of the train, you step off, you take a right onto the platform, and you walk down 50 - 100 ft and it's right there. Can't miss it. You almost bump into the building if you sort of drift to you left on the sidewalk.

It looks like an old converted train depot building and the outside belies the wonderful coziness inside.

The décor and ambiance made you feel like you were in a cozy little grotto-ish place… dark but colorful. The chef and owner knew one of our Dinner Club members quite well, and so he came over and chatted us up quite a bit.

The food was excellent, the wine selection was thorough and reasonably priced, not to mention that they had a full bar.

I would definitely go there again.

Oh, and they didn't really have anything on the menu with fava beans.
But they did have quite a few Chiantis…

Exercise Note:
Running - 30 minutes.

A carefree run...

…is rare for me…
Typically, I battle getting up, I battle getting ready, I battle getting out the door.
Today was a little different.

What a great day for a run.
The air was dry, the temps were in the 60's, cloudy and overcast…
It was slightly breezy but it felt so good.
I didn't wear my hat and I didn't have to put on sunglasses.

I ran my usual 30 minute out and back loop.

I saw two big dogs - gigantic dogs with longer silky hair. They were hard to place and I couldn't decide on the breed.

On the way back I ran behind a little longer-haired corgi looking dog that I had passed on the way out. It was running along with its master, kicking up it's little heels, which kicked up it's little hiney end, and the little fluffy hairs in its cute little hiney end was flouncing up and down. SO DAMN CUTE!!! An I am not a huge fan of short squat dogs or of corgi's in particular.

On one block, the sprinklers were out. The sidewalk goes right through the middle of the Comm Ave Mall, with wide lawns on either side. And the sprinklers usually just face the lawn. This morning, one of them was running amuck and was actually sweeping up and over, which meant it was watering the sidewalk. So I did what every self-respecting runner would do. I ran through it, a smile on my face, with my arms wide open. It felt so good and the coolness afterwards was welcome.

Made it back to the house in what was one of my quicker times since coming back. But not as quick as a few weeks ago. Oh well.

The only thing I wish is that an easy run would actually feel easy for me. I feel like I am muscle bound and that my muscles get in the way. Like I am slogging through my run because my legs get in the way. I know. It's weird.

I will be working from home today.
We are going to Fava for dinner tonight and I want to get in a lot of work and save on the commute time - only 40 minutes but you can do a lot in 40 minutes.

Full restaurant review later.

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes and it was quite wonderful.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday Weigh-in...

…so disappointing and today was no exception…
I keep going up and down by a pound.

So, the other day, I made and an appointment with an endocrinologist at MGH.
I am going in on August 9th.
I have been doing research on the thyroid issue and it's amazing the symptoms that I have. Some of them are mild, except for the going bald part which is excessive, while others seem like they are just starting. I have a weird feeling that this has been going on for a while though.

When I go in, I will come in with a checklist of symptoms.
By that time, I should have gotten back the results of the thyroid test.
And one of the websites I found had a list of accepted "normal" ranges.
Of course, normal is relative and one person's high is another person's low.

But it's at least a start.

I have talked to a lot of people who have had the same thyroid issues!
Amazing the low thyroid issues going around - especially in women.
My admin, my boss's wife, my friends, it's amazing.

They all said that it took a while to diagnose (great) and it took even longer to get the levels right (truly fantastic), so it looks like I might just get really bald after all.

But at least Joseph says he will still love me. *sob*.

Exercise Note.
Ran for 30 minutes today with a 15/1 run walk. It was a bit muggy but not as bad as it was later in the day. And where are those thundershowers that were supposed to come through? ARG!!!! NOTHING!

Tomorrow, I plan on running for 30 minutes without stopping. I hate repeating workout weeks. I feel like I am meeting myself all over again. Grrrrr…..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Up to my elbows... technical work...

And I haven't done this stuff in a while.
For the longest time I've done nothing but strategy and put together pretty pictures to present those strategies to senior management.
And as a result, my technical skills have gone into the dumper. Or toilet. Or whatever it's called.

And now, today, I get hit with a major migration where two groups are pissing and moaning at each other and my group in India is the scapegoat. It's strange how everyone is backing down as a result of my involvement. Amazing what VP after your name does to a situation. It's more likely and most probably because I am the master of Anal Retentive and great at not making any decisions and lobbing the ball "back your court". Well, we work for you... YOU tell us what you want... you can do A or B... far be it for ME to decide what you want... YOU decide, etc etc etc... I figure it will be a month before the pissing and moaning wanes and the light will shine on those who are making things difficult and finger-pointing. And of course my poor group will stand tall at the end. Unreal.

And then I have the BUDGET! I am a total raving lunatic when it comes to budget. And now I have a staff of five "right arms" that I am leaning on. HAH! They will get a taste of what I go through which means they will be better prepared next time, which then means that life will be easier (hopefully) in the ensuing months.

And I get copied on an email from a guy who just transferred to another group to his old manager with a TONE that was disdainful, unprofessional, condescending, and totally uncalled for to his old manager (who works for me). So of course, that got me ALL FIRED UP and his boss called me and apologized and said he would take care of things. I said it was insubordination and in all the years I've worked here I've been in some shouting matches but nowhere with the kind of disrespect as in this email! And if he worked for me I would FIRE HIM, blah blah blah. I expect an apology to sent forthwith... JEEEZ!!!!!

And starting in August I can getting involved in a big ole initiative that has been in the works for about a YEAR! ARG!!! And they finally got the hint when I did NOTHING and they brought someone in to get it started. Turns out that person will now be reporting to me in August. HAH! And more staff will be hired to staff it. Of course this assumes that all goes well in the next 2-3 weeks with buy in from about 30 people, 10 organizations, and one in particular that is just so daggum stubborn because, well, they don't want to LOSE PEOPLE! GAH!!!!! What is THAT ALL ABOUT! How can you make good business decisions in your desire to keep your empire whether you need it or not?!?!?!

As I've said before, I love my job, but dear lord, I can't stand the people.
[and how was YOUR DAY? HMMM?????]

We got up early this morning. I got up around 5:45 and it felt SO GOOD to be awake. Truly AWAKE upon waking as opposed to barely awake and wishing you could sleep all day. I think there is something to this going to bed early thing and I am looking forward to it again tonight.

I went to work by 7am. GAK! Unreal. I actually did it. I had to. 7:30 meeting. Sigh...
Tomorrow my first meeting is at 8am, so it's not as bad as today, except I have to run for 30 minutes so it will be as, if not more, hectic as this morning.

Tonight we went to Delux for dinner. We didn't order any appetizers. Joseph laid down the law on the walk over. I was appalled and dismayed at the thought. But afterwards, I told him I was glad we didn't order appetizers. I must remember this for the future.

On another note, I went to the chiropracter. He refused to set up another appointment with me. He said to do my homework (stretching and my gluteus medius exercises) and then call in two weeks. If I don't feel bad in two weeks, then wait three weeks. And if I am okay, then call for an adjustment when my head starts to lean one way or the other. I am so pleased with this guy!!! Everyone go see him! NOW!

Okay. Gotta get ready for bed.
Gotta wash the day off me.
And prepare for the morning when I get up, jump in the shower and have more hair fall out.
I am truly going bald.

Random Thought: Yankees Baseball rocks...

...especially when the Red Sox have lost another half game to the Yankees and they are only up by one game...


And another thing... what the heck is with the half game thing?
I am still trying to figure it out.
Joseph explained it to me once.
He'll have to explain it to me another few times.
And then I will disagree with whatever he tells me because, of course, it'll just be nutz.
Just like the errors and stuff...
What the heck???
A run is a run is a run...
Sort of like age graded race results.
You run 30 minutes, it's still 30 minutes.
Being 70 years old don't make it 15 minutes.

Answers and responses... comments....

Hi Chris.
I can't remember where the recital was. It was...hmmm... not sure. Dang.

Hi Paul.
Yes. I came to you through Zee. Thanks for visiting!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hair again...

Talked to Joseph's b-i-l yesterday when we got to his parent's house.
Everyone was there.
Judi and Paul and the kids.
Anne Marie and the kids.

Us and Elizabeth.

Anyway, I managed to find some time to talk to Paul, who is an MD. He is a pathologist but I thought I would pass some things by him.

It was good to talk to him.
He is going to see if he can find a name of a good endocrinologist at MGH.

He confirmed some things for me that I suspected.
He told me some things I hadn't thought of.
And I felt much better after talking to him.

Starting over...

…from last week...

I got up this morning and ran at the usual time.

Last night we went to bed early. As in 9:30pm.
It felt so good to get some sleep after waking up at 5am yesterday.

I think I could get used to going to bed early and getting up early.

Anyway, it was a cooler morning and I ran the usual loop for 30 minutes without walking breaks. I feel like I am meeting myself some times. Anyway, I run up the Comm Ave Mall. There is a new memorial to women and I run right through it. It's situated in the middle of the walkway in the mall like all the other ones except this one sits on a base that is raised just a half step up.

There are three women on it: Abigail Adams, Lucy Stone and Phyllis Wheatley. I approach going out, I see Abigail Adams gazing at me. She is standing up with her chin in her palm, the toe of her foot sticking out slightly from under her long skirt. Is see her and I think of her approval of me running. I feel that she somehow sees me. She was a modern woman for the age. I see her pushing me forward, telling me that I and the other like me, make what used to be her hopes and dreams for the future of woman, a reality. And so I always get an extra boost from her watching me. One day, I am convinced that she is going to come alive, stick her foot out a little more and trip me all for the fun of it… I wonder if she was playful?

I went to work today… and worked a little late. I got in a little late due to the blood test to check out my Thyroid. Anyway, usually get Jordan but he is on vacation (sigh...) so I asked for Julia. She is my second choice. I have small veins and it's hard to get a need in. This time, it hurt and I think she might have gone through the vein a little bit. That means I will get a nice bruise.

Hunny Bunny isn't feeling well. He has a cough that won't go away.
He went to the doctor and she said he doesn't have a fever but tonight he was very very hot. I need to get a thermometer at some point.

It will be another early night.

Exercise Note.
Run - 30 minutes.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Up, up, and away...

…in my beautiful balloon…

That is the theme of the weekend.

Yesterday we left Vermont with Elizabeth and all of her luggage (which seems to have had BABIES) and drove to Joseph's parent's house. We stayed over night before taking Elizabeth to Marymount College in Tarrytown NY.

Joseph had scheduled a hot air balloon ride for 6pm last night.
But the winds were too heavy so the balloon guy rescheduled for this morning.
Which meant we had to get up at LIGHT"S EARLY DAWN!
Which I like to call Oh-Five-Hundred at the BUTT CRACK OF DAWN!
Not that I am COMPLAINING or anything.

So, we got up this morning and went to this place about 20 minutes away.
But Joseph's father thought it would take 40 minutes so we left early.

And got there early. Figures.
And waited for the guy with the balloon who wasn't there yet.
It was a meeting at the crossroads.
Quite literally.
Where Rt 22 means Rt 17 or something like that.
Uh… so there are like… uh… four fields there…. helloooo….
Joseph guessed right that it would be at the driving range.

Guy shows up.
Crew shows up, complete with trailer.

They take out a bag with the balloon in it, then comes the basket (a big one), and then a fan with a generator or something.

The blowing-up process was even more unreal.

I took lots o' pictures.
I hope to have them linked at some point in the near future.

Joseph and his mother got into the basket with the balloon man and we and the crew chased the balloon while they floated over the tree tops.

At the end, the balloon man touched down on a baseball field in the middle of several towns from where we started. Then he got out a cooler that had champagne and hot dogs and hot dog buns. And he cooked the hot dogs on the fire-torch thing that blows up the balloon at the top of the basket and where it pokes into the balloon at the bottom where the hole is. (If you understood that, then you get a prize…) And he also took a skewer and toasted the buns the same way! What a hoot. Joseph's mother is a vegetarian so she had the bun. I wonder if she thought about the fact that the buns were skwered on the same skewer that the hot dogs were cooked on. Anyway…

This is something that Joseph's mother has been wanting to try all her life.
And Joseph has been wanting to do this again for so long.

Joseph is a good son.
He was raised by good people.
And it shows in the way he carries on with life, and how he treats those around him.

His parents talk about how lucky they are to have him for a son.
He says he is lucky to have them as parents.
They are all lucky and we are all blessed to be together.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

RE: Okay. Let's talk about the hair...

…falling out all over the place…

I get into the shower this morning and everything is wonderful.

Actually, it's not wonderful because I am worried about my hair falling out all over the place. But other than that, life is good.

The shower at the hotel and the shower at home is the same.
Except that the shower at the hotel has a drain trap that covers the hole and the shower at home has a hole with a plug thing that goes up and down that covers the hole.

At home, everything sort of goes down the drain before you even see it.
At the hotel, everything gets caught in the drain trap that covers the hole.

Guess what I found in that aforementioned drain trap?
And LOTS OF IT! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It looks like a week's worth of air collected.
Then there was MORE hair on the towel.
Then There was EVEN MORE hair on the WHITE TILE FLOOR after I got through blow drying my hair.

I AM GOING BALD!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to do something.
I am going to the doctor on Monday to get a thyroid test.

Also, my last blood test showed a terribly high testosterone level. WTF???
I get that testing in another 4-6 weeks just to see if it's gone down.

My world just turned brownish gray - that pukey icky color.
I KNEW my hair was falling out but I never realized how bad because I have no drain trap at home. I might have to find a good wig place.

And if I do wear a wig, anyone laughs? They die.
'nuff said...

Exercise Note.
Oh… and I got up this morning all dehydrated due to that extra drink I had last night.
Do you THINK that I went and ran this morning? No.
I will repeat this week next week.

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's a beautiful day...

…in Vermont….

And I am sitting in the hotel room.

Okay. I feel much better.

We are staying at the Inn at Essex.
They call themselves Vermont's Culinary Resort.
It is run by the New England Culinary Institute.
The kitchens are run by the students in the junior or senior years doing their practicums.
They also have professional hotel staff.
There is the Tavern serving informal meals in the pub-like atmosphere.
And there is Butler's, their formal dining room.

The grounds are beautiful!
There is a golf course across the street.
And outlet stores about a half mile down.
There are flowers and trees and SPA ACTIVITIES!!! HAPPY HAPPY!
Massages are in-room.

We had breakfast this morning in Butlers.
Wonderful eggs, applewood smoked bacon, delicious home-fried potatoes and freshly squeezed oranged juice.

Then for lunch, we went back to Butlers, with Elizabeth.
She looked around and commented that "everyone here is so old…"

Ahem. Alrighteeee…..

Between breakfast and lunch, I WORKED.
Joseph went out and got Elizabeth from her dorm and brought her back for lunch.
Of course she came into the room and immediately got into bed and fell asleep.
Of course she stayed up way too late in the last few days trying to say goodbye and squeezing in a lifetime of togetherness with the other students.

After all, she is sixteen and the world is wide and open and goodbye might mean forever…
She will need a few more years before realizing that this isn't necessarily the case.

Anyway, after lunch they went to the outlets to go shopping and I had my massage.

Later on, we delivered Elizabeth back to the dorms so that she could SLEEP! and we went to the outlets again because all the stuff Joseph already bought was not enough, certainly, so I had to go and buy more stuff! We had a good shopping day. Good stuff CHEAP! Can't beat that!

We had dinner at Butlers.
Egads, I think I drank too much.
Tomorrow is a 60 minute run.

It's not looking hopeful.
Can't. Wait. To. Sleep.

Exercise Note.
Rest day.
Thank goodness.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thursday Night at the Concert...

We went to the concert at UVM.

Elizabeth played last.

Anyway, the concert didn't start until 7:30 and Elizabeth wasn't due to play until 10:00.
As in TEN PEE EMM. At Night. Might I remind you that we are in bed by 10pm. Even on the weekends, pretty much. Even on vacation. Even in New York City! Anyway, I digress.

We went to dinner in Burlington at the New England Culinary Institute Commons on Church Street. It was yummy. Then we went to Ben and Jerry's for dessert. Raspberry Ice cream. Delicious!

We delivered Elizabeth to the dorm so that she could get ready and we decided to go into the concert and listen for a while.

I had brought my handy dandy brand new camera and took LOTS O' PICTURES! Of course, the camera made little camera noises and one of the people in the row behind me instructed me that I needed to take pictures before and after each set was complete, or between pieces. I thought to myself that he looked like a teacher or someone with the program. And then I thought to myself, wait til he finds out that I am the Auntie The Star Pupil. LOL! I can't wait to hear about that!

The concert was pretty good. But I understand why Elizabeth was last. She was a part of a quartet - two violins, a viola, and a cello. All women. Dressed in black dresses. They looked wonderful. They played wonderful, too. Elizabeth was first violin. One word. Magnificent. They were The Best. And of course, she was The Best-est.

She didn't move around as much as I thought she would; she's been struggling with that - moving around. Later she said that the second movement was out of tune but I couldn't hear it. And I can hear "out of tune." Someone in the middle of the program hit a wrong note and I could hear that. But I couldn't hear a thing with her playing. And they got a standing ovation.

More pictures afterwards. I also met her teacher from the NCSA where she's been studying for the past eight years.

Now, it's time for SLEEP!!!

Tomorrow we pick up Elizabeth and head down toward Westchester County - yes, another violin camp.

Not sure about this...

"working from home" business…

So, for a number of reasons, I've been working from home this week.
This is the third day.
We are leaving for VT this afternoon, but details…

My entire division at work is trying to get to 0 people in Boston.
We have 8.
Everyone else, which number in the hundreds, have been moved to NH or RI from this very building.
So, in 2006, they want to get down to 5 people and then eventually zero.
I am not in danger of being one of the first people to go but my boss commented that he is trying to convince the powers that be that we need two offices so that four main managers (of which he and I are two) will be able to "hotel" when we are in Boston and we need to be in Boston and when we are in Boston, we need to have a work space. All of which is true. Presumably, he and I will be on the same schedule because when I offered to work from home or maybe we can all four share ONE office, he said, "Good God, no. You and I will never see each other." I never realized that seeing each other was that high on his "important list" so this came as a surprise but I knew enough to quickly agree with him and say that not seeing other is highly undesirable. Phew.

So, one of the solutions is to work two days from Boston - in the Hotel space- one or two days from home and one or two days from one of the other offices. I will pick RI as my primary site, of course. So this week, I thought I would try working from home a lot and see how I like it.

I don't like it.
Actually I like it a couple of days but not more than that.
I really feel isolated and you lose the sense of community.
Yes, I get up in the morning, go for a run, then immediately (almost) sit down to work (all hot and sweaty and all).
And it saves a lot of commuting time, etc., but the socialization aspect and just seeing other people who work with you, around you, and for the same company, can't be replaced. I have two people who work for me who actually work from home 4-5 days a week. I don't know how they do it. I guess, as with all things, you need to get used to it.

This afternoon, we are going to Vermont to pick up the Niece from Violin Camp at UVM. There is a concert tonight and we want to catch that. Of course. So tomorrow, I will work from the hotel. All. Day. Long. Sigh…

Exercise Note.
Ran 30 minutes this morning without any kindarestbreaks.
I am doing better.
Long run on Saturday.
Tomorrow is a rest day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesdays are trouble...

...if it feels like it's the end of the week...


Okay. Went to get my hair cut.
I love my hair person.
Not sure what to call him - hair stylist, hair cutter?
His name is Christopher and very male.
Joseph insists he is gay but I know better.
The minute he found out I was available - kinda - he asked me out.
When I told him I was taken (by Joseph) he about had a crap fit and said, "what the hell? That didn't take long..."
And the next three appointments, he tried to convince me that I shouldn't dive into this "thing" with Joseph and why I should go out with him. And those three appointments spanned about six months.

Now that I am married (to Joseph) he asks me how the marriage is going.
Every single time.
And I tell him how wonderful it is.
Every single time.

The funny thing is that the guy is... like... 28 or 29 now... so you do the math of how old he was a couple years ago...and he always has known how old I am... which reminds me of the time when I was waitressing many moons ago at the age of 28 and some 16 year old bus boy asked me out and when is said "no, I am way too old for you" he asked if I would wait ten years for him so he could marry me....

Anyway, I digress...

So, this time, as any other time, I go in and complain about how my hair is falling out of my head. Clumps of it. In the SHOWER on the PILLOW, EVERYWHERE!!! After two years he took me seriously. He disappeared for a while and consulted with the resident hair health expert and put something down in front of me. A new product. Shampoo. I'll give it a shot. I have nothing to lose other than my hair and I'm already losing that, shampoo or no. And I have to take supplements.

I love New Product. Can't wait to use the shampoo.

Worked from home again today. Went to the chiropractor this morning. The dry cleaner. The cofdee place to get a couple pounds - Iguana blend and Kilamanjaro blend. Love the coffee at this place. Sort of like Starbucks without the burnt coffee and much much better. They have ruined Green Mountain Rainforest Nut for me forever...

Exercise Note.
Running 30 minutes - 15/1 run/walk. It was the fastest run since my comeback training. Very strange.
Walked around alot too.

Another missive from my sister...

…who's life is very hectic considering she leads a simple life…

"i screen my calls, so if I am there I will pick up if I know the person. too many telemarketers and wrong numbers. my number used to be the power company, so I get a lot of older people leaving messages that their power is off. and some lady keeps calling on sunday because she thinks I'm a shut-in she is supposed to take to church. it never ends."

I think that she needs to get herself a blog…

This just in...

...from my sister...
"current mood: frustrated.

Ya know, I just don't have time for the nervous breakdown I so richly deserve.
I'm alone at the switchboard, with multiple projects to complete, but I have 4 phone lines that keep ringing every 2.3 seconds. I am not exaggerating.

I need a ciggie and a drink. Too bad I don't smoke or drink."

She is a very funny person.
She doesn't think she is, but she is.
She is also the smartest of us three kids.
My brother thinks he's pretty smart, but I happen to know my sister is smarter.
I round out the trio rather nicely by being the least smart. Or the dumbest.
Someone's gotta be it, right?

My sister is the one who turned down the free trip to Paris.
For her birthday.

Turn it down flat.
I couldn't even talk her into it.
I was almost begging - to please let us give her this gift - let us spend tons of money on you - and for nothing in return - no effort - just show up...
This of course illustrates her smartest-ness again.
Who do you know can make people want to take you to Paris for FREE?
This also makes her the weirdest of us three kids.
My brother thinks that I am, but I happen to know that I am the most normal.
I mean, who actually turns down a FREE trip to Paris - all expenses paid?
I know. I can't think of anyone either.
In fact, I had friends and non-friends falling over themselves offering to pretend to be my sister.
Uh..... no. I don't think so.

My sister works in a psyche ward.
She likes to call it the Psychiatry Department, but whatever.
To me, it's like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
And yes, the doctors are all crazy.

As are the nurses.
And the patients?
They are worse.

I think my sister is the only normal one there.

Which is a might scary if you think about the fact that she is so damn smart, her brain fires differently. And that she is the weirdest of us three kids.

I love my sister.
She totally cracks me up!

Ever watch a cat...

…walk around the house…..

They look like they OWN the place.
And that they are somehow, doing YOU a favor.

You know the Dingle Doggie is tired...

…when you are eating a nice smelling lunch and she doesn't even bother getting up to sit by your chair begging for a morsel.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Working from home...

...makes me lose track of time....

From the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed, I think and breathe work. I find any intrusion into that surreal world to be irritating. Quite simply, after one day of working from home, I am reminded how easy it would be to just live life in a cave (your house) and never ever leave. Thank goodness I have the option of an office.

So, today I worked from Home.
Joseph did too. Except he took his work to the Doggie Park. Two hours on and two hours off. All day long. Doing surveys of the people who bring their dogs to the park, a vital place for the Dogs with People in the City. A few neighbors in the neighborhood want to shut it down. So, the People with Dogs in the City are banding together to make sure that the Park is made Official Doggie Park in the City and that it remains open.

After work (yes, I did stop working - had to), we went up to BRIX. A sort of trendy, nouvelle wine shop. When you look in the windows it doesn't seem like much - all sleek and a little empty - not crowded with shelving after shelving like some wine shops. We had received a gift certificate for our wedding and just got around to using it. BRIX is awesome! The owner is a woman who knows her wines. After looking at the wines we were getting and some discussions, we told her what we were having for dinner and she went to The Back where she brought out three bottles -and pulled some others from the floor she said we should try at some point (good value bottles). She told us all about the wines, the owners, and their backgrounds. She actually knows a bunchapeople - I guess that should not be surprise.

In the end, we got about 15 bottles of wine and one sparkling unfiltered saki. We are definitely going to use her going forward. One always needs to have a good relationship with your local wine merchant. We've been picking up bottles here and there since we got the 14 cases from Napa a few years back... and a bit like a ship without a sail - going to and fro and sort of floating along. Now that we know someone we can deal with, we can have her get us wines and make recommendations and she also deals in SCOTCH! Yahoo!

Tonight we had Omaha Steaks burgers with Cayuse Syrah from the Walla Walla Valley. Wonderful!

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Monday...

...and they all start out the same... slow.

Worked in Boston.
Addressed some issues and tried to get a better way of working and tracking all 80-something projects I have to worry about. When it rains, it pours and they are pouring it on right now.

I found out that we have one month to prep for a migration of a time entry system. Only they are going to merge with project management and a buncha other things. Well, since we handle over two hundred projects, it will take considerably longer.

So, uh, do you want me to give you crap just to make the date?
Or are you willing to work with me, extend the deadline and we will do it right. The first time?
Oh, take your time.
Think about it.
Let me know when you decide...


Joseph brought home honey hot wings from Buff's. Yum! We had some left of Chinese to fill in the empty spaces. It was all delicious!

Hot and humid.
I wish it would hurry up and rain, for crying out loud.

Tomorrow I am working from home.

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes without walking. Felt good. Surprisingly.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Amazing what you find... the big city...

Today we got up late. In fact everyone was awake and they came in an woke me up.
We went to Moonstruck for breakfast. Right up the street and around the corner from Jo and Luke's place. It was very good, I thought.

That's something about NYC that I LOVE. There are so many diner-ish and quick-eat places without having to resort to fast food and take out Chinese places. In Boston, we have mostly sit-down places - we have lots of good ones - but not enough of the other kind - the quick eating, diner-like atmosphere. I guess for the city the size of Boston, the number available is proportional to the number in a city the size of NYC. Also, there are ethnic restaurants every other door. In Boston, they are all bundled together and if it's ethnic, it's a sit-down place and it's higher end. Makes me crazy.

Afterwards, we went to Bloomberg where Jo works. OMG. Makes me wanna get my resume together. It's an amazing place. Totally different way of working. I thought MY WORK was different where all the employees sit on the outside and managers sit on the inside offices - the employees get the views and the light while managers live in offices without windows. But this place has taken the "open office" concept to a whole different level. Everyone sits at the same desk - regardless of title or level. When you start, you find an empty desk and you pull up a chair. Mark Bloomberg apparently did this at City Hall when he got elected Mayor. I guess there was a huge uproar about it (imagine the government where it's all about doling out favors and who has the biggest damn desk? I bet they FREAKED OUT!) and he said, "this is how I run my company." Or something like that. Anyway, two rows over, Jo's boss sits. At a desk that looks just like her. I guess on another floor the senior executives sit at the same types of desks. Amazing!

And titles? There aren't any. It's all about functions and roles. You don't know who is what so these types of things don't get in the way. It's interesting because at my work, the fact that I am a VP has helped open doors and I know that people respond to me faster. I won't get into the other stuff but the building itself is amazing.

This has definitely piqued my curiosity. I know what I want to do... help build out international offices for companies and do that type of consulting. I need to get a few more years of this under my belt and built the India group a bit bigger and do something with Ireland - that would look really good on my resume. Then I wouldn't mind going to something like a Bloomberg or whatever. I would move to NYC. Joseph can get a job almost anywhere - easier than I can. Of course, Jo loved that idea! She would be ecstatic if we moved to NYC. LOL!

Then we went to Home Depot. Uh.... there's a HOME DEPOT in NYC? Huh! Okay....

OMG! Amazing stuff! ACK!!!! Their home depot is like a Home Depot Expo in other places. And they have much higher end stuff. Of course it's in the Upper East Side and very fashionable. It was awesome! Luke was saying their mini classes were all about things like "how to grow a container garden on your fire escape". Huh! Who knew?

We didn't have much time afterwards so back to the apartment and then off to Penn Station and now we are back in Boston. Phew! This time I didn't car train-sick until almost the end of the trip. Of course it helped that I spent the entire train ride playing with my new camera!!!

I am sad that we didn't have time to meet up with Debbie Webbie. Time was so tight. I felt like I was running the whole time. We all agreed that we have to come back - maybe for something more than just 24 total hours - of which 9 hours is for sleeping! Next time we will go to the Cloisters. Jo has been wanting to go and although Joseph was giving me a hard time about it, he said he would go with us. I've been wanting to go to the Cloisters for about 6 years! And visiting Scotland clenched it; the originals of the 5 tapestries of the unicorn hunt we saw at Elgin Castle (I think) are actually at the Cloisters!

Dinner was Chinese from our favorite delivery place - Wisteria House.

Now I need to start gearing up for work tomorrow. Gonna whomp me some more ass. Sigh...

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Two more Goals...

...are done and in the books...

Saturday, we went back to NYC (goal is to go 4 times, this is the second time).
Went to Shea Stadium for a Mets game (goal is to go to 2 more ball parks, this is the first time this year).

We went and visited Jo and Luke, our re-located friends.
They are baseball fans, too.
It was a whirlwind trip - we took the train down in the morning and ended up in the city at 2pm. We took a cab to their place on the east side and settled in and took a look around their place. It wasn't completed the last time we were there. Anyway, it looked awesome! The boxes were gone and the kitchen was all done. The bathroom is huge and the tub is something to die for!!! And the little doorman and concierge guys are funny!

On the way down, Joseph and I talked about taking a look at cameras. Everytime I look on the internet, most of the places with the competitive prices are in NYC. So after we settled in, off we went to B&H Superstore. The place is huge, but it was CLOSED!!! Joe and Luke got there first and as we were approaching, Jo and I noticed that the metal shutters were down. An MTA man that was walking along side of us commented "of course they're closed. Jews don't work on Saturdays." Well. Who knew? And who knew it was owned by Jews? I'll be... Anyway, he recommended we go to J&R's downtown.

So off we go to J&Rs. OMG. It. Is. HUGE!!! An Entire City Block. And the store is a series of what would have been littler stores with giant numbers on the outside. Like an inside mall, only it was outside because it's a City Block. Cameras were at building number 34. Unbelievable array of choices. Upstairs had cameras for regular people. Downstairs was the cameras for the professionals and professional-wanna-be's. Like Me. Only, I am a professional-wannabee-wishtobe. Whatever.

The guy there was awesome. Turns out he has a couple of darkrooms and have quite a bit of knowledge. We ended up comparing the Canon EOS 20D and the Nikon D70S. Turns out the differences are not the things I would really notice. Luke said that had the D70S been available he would have bought that instead of the Canon Rebel. He had owned a Nikon before but had lost it on the train a while back and had to replace it and ... mumble mumble mumble... don't wanna get into it... grumble grumble grumble...long story... Alrighteeeeee then....

So I ended up with the Nikon D70S. I love it!!! We went back to their place and charged the battery before we going to the ball game.

Then it was off to the ball park. Shea Stadium. Another ball park I can mark down as completed on my goals list. Yahoo!!! Too bad that the Mets lost. It would have been good to see the home team win. The ball park seats are arranged on the outskirts a bit strange. You sorta had to sit sideways. The only time I've been to Shea has to been to run a race called The Run to Home Plate. You get to buy tickets for $5 for the following weekend's game and both times I ran the race, I ended up giving the tickets away. And running through the park isn't the same as sitting there and watching a ball game and partaking of the good ball park food they have. Their hot dogs are EXCELLENT and they have SUSHI - which Joseph said I couldn't have - not at a BALL PARK, thankyouverymuch...

It was so late - to Jo and Luke, it was early. I thought Joseph was gonna fall over sitting their where he was and I was going to follow quickly. So we went to bed early and made them to do the same. LOL! Jo used to be an early morning person and now she's a damn night owl! GAH!!!

Exercise Note.
60 minutes running before leaving for NYC.
Almost 6 miles of walking in NYC.
Note to self: Do not walk 6 miles in the Nike Frees. This will make your feet ache and swell up as if you just ran a hundred miles. Almost. Not that I know what running a hundred miles feels like but after walking 6 miles on city concrete in the Nike Frees, I do not want to try running a hundred miles.

Train Note.
I always manage to get motion sick on the damn train. Don't know what it is...

Friday, July 15, 2005


What a DAY!!! GAH!!!
I was so damn busy at work!
The proverbial excrement has hit the proverbial fan and I am standing right out there in front.
My team in India has hit a brick wall - the next layer of cultural differences.
I have major breaking in to do with this one.
I think that as the layers of the onion continues to get peeled back, each will reveal something ugly that we will be dealing with.

The first brick wall was communication in general and how to work with us as a team as opposed to as a vendor or service provider. That's been going great. They have taken real ownership and responsibility.

The next brick wall has to do with honesty in communications and general project management - not everything is going to be alright all the time and we do not expect it to be. So I laid down a few laws:
  1. their failure is our failure - my failure specially, and it is unacceptable that I have to stand in front of the customer EVP and take the bullets because we cannot do basic project management. I think this situation has actually shown them what I've been trying to drill into them about if one of us fails, then we all fail, and it all impacts every single other person in addition to the team as a whole.
  2. in a pissing match with the customer, we will lose. Every single time.
  3. do not expect every little nuance in writing - especially if YOU don't put anything in writing either
  4. do not assume anything if there is a decision point for the customer. Instead, ask THEM to make the decision, then document
  5. document all issues, with resolutions and severity - if I do not see 3-5 issues on my desk a week, we are not moving forward and more specifically, we are not LEARNING!
As a result, I've spent the whole better part of the day doing triage in between the regularly scheduled work and having things run over and into each other, and cancelling meetings because of conflicts and priory reshuffling, and then I didn't leave until 7:15 PEE EMM!!!! ARG!!!! Which meant I didn't get home until about 8:30.

I am NOT a happy person. My workload has just tripled as a result of this idiocy.
Of course, it had to come to this... a learning experience for myself as well.

On a happier note, I got home and my wonderful Hunny Bunny had dinner out on the table - basically, tapas and antipasto-type dishes. It was so good to sit down and let the dirt of the day slide off me as I sipped my [very large] glass of wine. Although it didn't really slide off easily. I had to do some venting to my Hunny Bunny, and rant and rave a bit to help things along.

Exercise Note.
Nothing. Another rest day. Had to get into work early because of the issues with one of the projects.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hatfields and McCoys...

…were friendlier than the Red Sox and the Yankees…

Went to the game tonight at Fenway Park.
We won.
Yankees, that is.
And there wasn't any Troubles in the stands.

Thank goodness.
And we didn't overeat as we typically do.
Another surprise.

It's tough being a Yankee fan while living in Red Sox Nation.
You can't even where a baseball cap without feeling like a target.
Although, I will say that I love Papi and Manny Ramirez from the Sox.

How can you not?
One is a big teddy bare with a powerful batting arm.
The other is totally wacky. So truly wacky that he thinks he's not.

That's the measure of wackiness.

I do not consider it traitorous to like them even though they play for the Red Sox.

This weekend we are going to see the Mets at Shea Stadium. Another ball park. Yahoo!

Exercise Note.
Nothing. Today is a rest day.

Back Note.
I am thinking of canceling the sports med appointment to give the new chiropractor a chance to work his magic. I do not believe that there is anything structurally wrong or impinged, etc., that might require an MD. Not yet. I'll see what the Chiropractor can fix before going.

Table Note.
They delivered the table. It fits perfectly. I went up today and bought 12 placements - the hard cork-backed ones. They are British and from Pimpernel. I love these. The last set I had lasted me about 6 years until I moved to Boston and had to throw stuff out. Anyway...

They have a french wine, french café and muted soft floral theme with the same coloring as the others. Three sets of four. So glad I did that. The table is Rosewood - can't get that any more. And the varnish is old - the kind I remember was on my mother's dresser - you put down a glass and the varnish would go white. I need to get some tung oil and rub that in to help waterproof it. And I can't use anything with LEMON in it. So no Lemon Pledge for me… I have to write a note for Jonathan the Houseboy - Do not touch the table!!! He is gonna love that... I think this is going to be a PIA. But it's the perfect table - for the size of the space, the function of the leaves pulling out, the wood grain, the color of the wood, etc etc etc… We'll see how long it takes before I throw plastic over it...sigh...

There's something to be said...

…for strong chiropractors…

Wednesday, I went to the chiropractor, Dr. Peter McManus. He was very strong and tall looking. Turns out that he is into martial arts and has done a neurology fellow type thing with doctors, and basically had very good credentials.

He spend an HOUR with me. AN HOUR. The first part of the exam was taking general history and a general exam where he did some strength tests, etc. He did the usual cracking of the spine and neck at the end. But the most important thing is that he said I could prevent the pain by working my gluteus medius and went into anatomy (which I love) and explained it all to me. He stretched out my psoas and my hips and my ITB, and my TFL and a bunchaother things and I felt really good afterwards.

He also explained that people who run and bike have a few typical ailments and injury-prone areas and why, etc.

I am so glad I finally found a chiropractor that I really really like and I can endorse and recommend to people! YAHOO! So if anyone has been looking for one, go see this guy! HURRY!!!

Exercise Note.
30 minutes this morning using 5/1 run walk.
I really must start getting out there earlier.


…is a girl's name…

When I was in high school, I knew a girl named Tuesday.
She had a brother named Dudley and an older sister named Troy.
I think there was another sister but I can't remember her name.
I am sure that it was as equally unusual as the others.

Their family owned a string of fabric stores.
I was friends with her sister Troy, who was a bigger girl, very Christian (which we tolerated because she wasn't all evangelical or holier than thou), had a great singing voice, and very nice. She lived in a large house up the road and they had a great play room with lots of video games, a pool table or two, and a very large pool in the side yard. Her father wasn't too pleased with her boyfriend of choice, Raymond, who was considered from the "other side of the tracks". Not in a delinquent way but in a lower-income way. I never really understood the attraction because he was one of the more unattractive boys at school, kinda schlepped around, didn't dress particularly well (which could be attributed to either the lack of taste or the lower-income status), had this really wiry reddish hair that sort of stuck out all over the place, and freckles. I am not a huge fan of freckles. It would have been fine had he had a personality or been friendly. But he sort of was "just there". Kinda sorta just "was". Anyway, he, like the idiot I suspected him to be, dumped Troy for a rather shorter plumpish (not that anything is wrong with short and plump) girl that he was good friends with. They had grown up together and were friends. I was long suspicious that her interest had turned from mere frienship to something bordering on the unrequited, from which long laborious love stories are made…

Anyway, I often wonder what happened to Troy and on Tuesday, this sort of popped into my head…

I worked from home. It was a rest day so I went to the gym and got in the 7am Pilates class. I think I am getting better. It's hard to tell at the beginning of class when I am still stiff from having just gotten up and all, but as the class moves on, I loosen up. It's a great way to wake up. My back was still in pain - I should really clarify that it's actually my right hip area… TFL, ITB, Quads, Hams, Medius, Maximus, and maybe a little Sciatic to boot….

I also went to the doctor and had my quarterly blood draw.

And then I worked from home the rest of the day. I got so much work done. Happiness!!!

Exercise Note.
Pilates - 1 hour

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Monday means...

…I am almost caught up…

Ran 30 minutes in the morning without walking. Hot. Humid. Same old shit, different day.
Joseph played golf and I worked.

I kindaworked. Actually, I spent about four hours going through our insurance website, and then going to the physicians review website to try and find a sportsmed doc and a chiropractor. Boy are they hard to find! Anyway, I made an appointment with a woman who worked at Childrens Hospital but also treats adults. The address wasn't clear as to the hospital because the general vicinity has about three or four hospitals. Anyway, I decided on a woman because I figured a woman would know more about female bodies. None of the male doctors have really worked out so far, except for my Podiatrist .

Then I searched and found a chiropractor about three blocks from the house! I actually called the first person in that same building and she didn't answer. So I went to the next person. I had a sneaking suspicion that they were in the same office. Anyway, I got a man this time. Peter McManus. We will see how this works out. He seemed really good on the phone and didn't flinch when I told him my tales of woe over the years.

Slow day at work today. The pain in my hip area has done a number on my sleeping habits and I basically spent the rest of the day in a daze trying to keep awake.

Exercise Note.
30 minutes of running without any walking breaks. Yahoo. Week 6 of recovery has started.

Sunday Follow up...

So, I forgot to mention that on Saturday after taking Anthony and Jordan around to view local colleges and universities, we went to the Life is Good store on Newbury Street. They just opened and we bought lots o' stuff. Can't have enough Life is Good paraphenalia.

Anyway... that is what happens when I play catch up. I forget stuff.

Anyway, on Sunday, let's see... what did we do...
Oh. Okay. I remember.

We got up and watch the rest of Save the Last Dance. Of course, Joseph couldn't believe that we watched the last bit with him. And it ended on a nice corney note. Which I like.

Judi and the kids drove up with Annie and her other two kids to pick up Anthony and Jordan. We had brunch at the house - bagels and juice. And we went up to a local neighborhood park with the younger kids and a buncha other low-key stuff. They all left a little early and we had the day to ourselves. Yippee. I was still sick so I was totally exhausted. So not that I would normally want them to leave but it was good to have some downtime and recover a bit.

At 2pm, I had my massage appointment with Arun. He went over - ACK! - and instead of an hour and a half, I ended up with an almost two hour massage. Arun is he best. Anyway, on the way, I called Joseph and we were chatting - blah blah blah - and I look up and right there, on the corner of Newbury and Dartmouth Streets, there he sat, on a bench, talking to me on the phone like he was AT HOME the whole time, smiling at me, and listening to some corner street band! GAH!!! He makes me totally crazy! Always manages to surprise me. Truthfully, when I called and asked him what he was doing, I was secretly hoping that he would come out to meet me but when I didn't mention it, I was a bit disappointed but resigned. Anyway, I loved that he was there waiting for me.

We walked about Newbury Street and went to look for a dining room table. We ended up at Dovetail and we found the perfect table. It's a Vintage table - one of a kind - Danish origin from the 1960's or 1950's and the end leaves pull out from under the main body to make a much bigger and longer table! It was perfect for our space! But we decided to go up to another place around the corner and take another look around, etc. The guy said that he would hold the table for us for a few days in case we wanted it. We walked up to the other place and decided that we would call Dovetail and let them know that we want the table. Sadly, it doesn't come with chairs. We will have to think about that a bit and do something about it.

Another good thing about Dovetail is that they also do a lot of custom work. We are thinking that we might want to use them to build out the desk area that we've been wanting. But first things first.

What a nice end to a grueling weekend!

Exercise Note.

We popped into Delux for dinner on the way home. Thank goodness. I was too tired to cook even though I had planned to grill out filets. It was so awesome. I love this restaurant.

Saturday Catchup...

What was supposed to be a quiet weekend turned into a zoo....

I had to go somewhere... where was it... think think think...Oh! I had to do errands!
So Joseph drove down to his sister J's house and picked up Anthony & Jordan, who are Joseph's other sister's kids. We were going to have them for the weekend. I did errands while he did this. I guess the traffic was a mess because he got in AFTER I did. And I take a long time to do my errands!

We had a quick bite at Blue Ribbon BBQ in Newton, on our way to giving Anthony a tour of the local colleges. We visited BC, BU, Northeastern, drove by Simmons (which A wouldn't apply to since it's a women's school) and Emanuel College, and pointed in the direction of MIT and Harvard across the Charles River in Cambridge. The problem is that there are something like 30 colleges in a 5 mile radius of Boston. Or is that, 80 colleges in a 30-mile radius of Boston? Can't remember. All I know is, there are shitload of 'em.

Afterwards, we got home and sat around and chatted, etc., until it was time to go to dinner. We went to Anthony's Pier 4 on the waterfront. We wanted to take the kids someplace nice. We all ended up with Lobster except for J. Boy! What a picky eater she is! GAH!!! But so sweet about everything. They are both good kids.

Got home and we were exhausted. Started watching Save the Last Dance but I had to go to bed, I was so tired. So we recorded it on DVR to watch on Sunday. I was afraid that it was going to end up having a bad ending. I hate watching movies with bad endings.

Exercise Note.
Still sick. Sick sick sick. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. Catching up... such a PIA...

Well, here it goes...
Let's see....

Last Friday, I worked in the RI office. I had a great excuse to leave work early: Dinner with Lindsey and her dad who was visiting from Portland. The traffic was a mess (what else is new) so I was very happy about managing to get out of the office on time... instead of piddling around and wasting time for 45 minutes or whatever...

It was raining like a monsoon, thanks to Hurricane Cindy. Hurricane Dennis was on her tail but it kinda petered out and after a day of talking about it, the weather people didn't mention it again. The roses got a good watering, thank goodness!

Zee and her dad were at the Pru so they came by the house and we sat and chatted a bit before taking off to dinner at Fire 'n Ice. I love this place. I can get whatever I want and you can get seconds (not that I ever do... I can fill a bowl of food on the first go-round like nobody else!). Afterwards, we went back to the house and sat a spell.

Zee's dad is very nice and he can talk about almost anything, which showed how multi-dimensional he is (I can't stand shallow uni-dimensional people - so. damn. boring.) We had a great conversation about this and that and a bunchaother things... He brought Joseph three of his CD's - which really surprised us. Joe was psyched! He had bought one of the CD's a while back when we first met Zee and we love it. I haven't listened to the new ones yet - Joseph is currently hogging them - but I will, as soon as I can get in some playing time.

Let had to get going so they left in the pouring rain, with our umbrella over their heads... they didn't bring one! ACK!

I am sad that we didn't get to do this more with Zee. Now that she is moving back to Portland, it makes me wish we had more time!

Exercise Note.
Rest day. I got a virus or something from Joseph. He's been dealing with a bout of Bronchitis and one morning, I woke up in the week hours and I saw him facing me, breathing in and out and in and out... all over me, and I KNEW that I was d-o-o-m-e-d to get a virus. Sure enough, scratchy throat, sinus thing all over again! ARG!!! So I've been taking it easy...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London was attacked this morning...

…during rush hour…


All things that can be said to condemn this terrible act has already been said, by those much more articulate than I, in most cases. 

All things that can't be said, or put into words, will be embraced by all innocent people of the world as a deepening ache within their spirits, as the quest for justice and freedom for all people of all nations on this blue and green planet, third from the sun, continues - as it has since eternity and as it will for an eternity more.

To pursue
To live
To love
To believe
To embrace

The essence of life
So powerful
So embattled

It moves men to fight to the death, whether they are for it or against it.
One small word among a million words.
It's significance continues to move history.

I wish for all people, a freedom without fear.

May God bless us all.