Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On a final note... whole body HURTS....


Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin ice cream...

...would be better without the stupid raisins...

Day 3of Clean Living.

What can I say?
I get up early, get all the healthy stuff out of the way, get to work and work a full day. And because I started the day off right, I don't goof off or procrastinate at work. When I am working, I am working. Unbelievable!

Portion control is going well. I even have room left over at the end of the day to have ice cream.

Tonight I am so tired. I need to go to bed early tonight. I've been getting about 7 hours sleep. But I think I need to get 8 every now and then. This is a new schedule after all and I think my body needs the energy until it gets used to things. Of course, working out also adds additional sleep requirements.

Exercise Note.
Running - rest day
Weights - legs and shoulders

Old news is like new news

...when it comes to natural disasters...

I keep watching the news, waiting for information about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's like a bad accident you can't take your eyes off of.

I told Joseph this morning that there should be Natural Disaster TV. The way people are riveted to news of things like this, imagine the possibilities. There are disasters all over the world - small ones, big ones - think of the advertising dollars. And when there are no disasters they can rerun the old ones... Classic Natural Disasters.

Anyway, the devastation from Hurricane Katrina is unbelievable. And those affected are some of the poorest. I know lots of people who know people in the New Orleans area. Kelly and Andrea live in the Garden District. The Garden District is totally under water. And what isn't is probably being looted, seeing as how most of the non-poor people live there. I left a message for them on Andrea's phone. I hope they are ok. The more I think of them, the more worried I am.

I remember when I was little, oh... about 8 or 10... I would read things and see things and thing, "I wonder why I was born me and not them... and I am so glad..." I remember thinking that to myself a lot. Sort of a take off on "there but for the grace of God go I", which I didn't know was a saying back then. Anyway, the nature of why we are born who we are and the specific consciousness that inhabits us has always been a fascination for me. I have always tried to wrap my mind around the specificity of consciousness. But then I get a headache. Today, I did a lot of that - thinking "I wonder why I was born me and not them... and I am SO DAMN GLAD." Today, as in many other days, I thanked G-d for whatever grand design there was. Because I believe that our destinies are so fragile you can't put words to it.

There is a lot in life to be grateful for.

A few morning notes...

...before I start the day...

Cher said: You sound happier today than you have in months.

To which I reply: I am very happy. The happiness was always there. But it was blocked by all the stress from not having a basic set schedule around which I could work. Now that I have "my life straightened out" with the help of my Hunny Bunny, the blockage is gone. And now, I am overflowing with happiness.

I just need to get the work situation battened down, which isn't likely to happen soon since the crazy-business is not going to disappear any time soon.

On another note, Kelly the Miracle Man lives in the Garden District. I should probably say that he used to live in the Garden District. 80% of New Orleans is under water and more is coming in. I need to call him to make sure he is alright but Joseph says I won't get through. I have a note to call him later this afternoon. I hope he and Andrea are okay.

On another note. Pizza for Breakfast. Liz Applegate says it's okay.

Off to work...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's day two of clean living...

…and I feel really good…

I have discovered that 32 pistachios is one serving for 170 calories and it's perfect enough to fill me up.
Suddenly, I am in love with Pistachios!

Got up at 5am this morning. Again. It's not that bad. I seem to be waking up on my own but then again, it's only day two.

Exercising in the morning is good for me. I get into work and I go full out. There is no nagging, gnawing voice in the back of my brain, telling me that I must find some time during the day to work out. It gets to a point where that's all I do.. I sit at my desk and worry and obsess about when I will get my work out in. Now that I am up at 5am and out the door by 6am, I get into work at a normal time and there is no nagging voice any more!

This morning I went for a 4 mile run. It was a bit drizzly due to Hurricane Katrina and very muggy. But it was still a good run - I surprised myself and ran it a bit faster than I had thought I would. Of course my pecs and shoulders still hurt from my workout yesterday morning. Tomorrow I have a leg and shoulder workout scheduled.

Dinner tonight was shrimp in lobster sauce accompanied by steamed eggplant in garlic sauce and brown rice… all from that same cookbook, Wok Every Day. I LOVE this cookbook. The whole thing took only about 45 minutes to make! Very cool. I think tomorrow we will do leftovers along with some scallion pancakes I bought at Mings over the weekend.

I am also tracking my daily caloric expenditure and food intake using Fitday software. So far, I am way down on calorie intake! Yeah!

I am very very content.
And very very tired.
Time to go to bed!

One day, I will free up some time to reply to comments on my blog and catch up on my blog reading. I am so behind! And I also want to add more links to the side bar - my races coming up, etc. So much to do…

Exercise Note.
Running - 4 miles
Walking - 2.5 miles
Massage using the foam roller

Monday, August 29, 2005

Eureka! moments occur more often...

…once you have your life schedule figured out…

And you can concentrate more on the fruits of following the schedule instead of worrying ABOUT the schedule. It's similar to "living in the moment" as opposed to worrying about the past. And the future is pretty much planned out and taken care of by the aforementioned schedule.

Today was a very good day.

I got up at 5am, had my coffee and then went to the gym - did chest and triceps.
I like getting up at 5am. Such a good start to the day! Anyway, I guess I had a pretty good workout since toward dinner time, my pecs where they connect to the shoulders and my tricep areas were aching. I've been trying to stretch them all day but they are still tight.

I also walked a good bit… over 4 miles.

And then my total caloric intake was also lower. The secret is LOTS O' FIBER. I really believe in the miracle nature of fiber. I didn't have wine with dinner. Instead, I decided to have a bit of Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin Ice Cream. A half cup is 270 calories. I didn't realize how much a half cup really is! I ended up eating about 1/4 cup to a 1/3 and gave the rest to the doggie. It was wonderful except for the RAISINS! I dislike raisins in anything, just like them by themselves. About twice a year. Ahem. The Dingle Doggie wouldn't even eat them! And even with this little treat, I was down about 500 calories for the day! All I have to say is I am SO GLAD that I don't have a sweet tooth. Even Elizabeth the Niece marveled at it and told me that I wasn't normal. Hmmm… well… thank you! LOL!

Tonight's dinner was from my new cookbook - I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK!!! We had chicken with bok choy and corn accompanied by brown rice. The chicken was supposed to have had lettuce in it but I love the baby bok choy so I used it instead. And I love baby corn so I added a whole can. YUM YUM YUM!!! And I watched my portions. I think it serves four people. Joseph ate two portions and I ate one portion. There is another portion left in the fridge.

All in all, today was a very good day.

Tomorrow, I have my 4 mile run. I know it's going to be raining. Stupid hurricanes!
I wonder what it bodes for my winter running when I start the first mileage driven run of the year with a rainy morning?

Regardless, I am looking forward to it…

Joseph had a good evening, too. I was in the kitchen cooking and told him and the Dingle Doggie to GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! So he disappears and comes back, sits on the bar on the OTHER SIDE of the stove. I didn't think much of it until, I see a fork in the wok, going after a baby corn. A LOOOOOOG fork. One of those forks with the extending handles. ARG!!! Joseph was on a roll. That's for sure. Unbelievable.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oh, btw...

…did I mention that I might be signing up for a half marathon on October 30th?

Half Marathon for me.
Full marathon for Joseph.

Oh. I didn't mention it?

Joseph took it upon himself to redo my training schedule.
I guess the recovery is over.
Next week I start running my miles instead of time.

Did I mention that half marathon on October 30th?

Fun fun fun...

I should have asked...

…Joseph to help me…

So. Last night, right before we fell asleep, I told Joseph that I was stressed out.
I need to get things straightened out.
To order my life.
To get life straightened out.

You know… get a routine.

I should have asked him a year ago.

There are a few things in life that I am certain of.

The Dingle Pets.
The unpredictability of work.
Everything else sort of revolves around this unpredictability.
My work outs, my eating, my traveling to the remote offices, whether I work early, whether I work late, whether I work out, whether I eat… and so, I am totally stressed out most of the time.

So, in a nutshell…
I will run on Tues, Thur, Fri, Sun (in general).
I will do weights three times week - chest & triceps on Monday, Legs and shoulders on Wednesday, Back & Biceps on Friday or Saturday - depending. This is good since a hard leg day isn't good to do the day after a long run or the day before a long run. And doing legs in the middle of the week will ensure that I leave enough time for recovery before my long run. And the workouts will be short enough since I am targeting only a couple of body parts.

I will try to get to a yogilates class once or twice a week.
I can bike on Saturdays - depending on my run - whether I run on Friday or Saturday. This is good since I can hook up with the Charles River Wheelmen for the Saturday rides.

Then if I want to get into the pool I can do that on the days that I life weights, or whatever, but given that the running and weights are sort of all ironed out, I feel much better about this one thing moving around. So much more manageable than having five things moving around and unscheduled and without a routine. I LIKE ROUTINE. Even though one could argue that my life is one big non-routine. Whatever.

And Joseph reminded me that if I want to do something after work, I can eat dinner at work at 5 pm if I need to and then come home and get on the bike, or go to the gym afterwards, etc. He said he was alright with me eating dinner at work. I hate the thought of doing this because I've been there and done that, and it's not conducive to marital bliss coupleness - of course, if we keep this in mind, then it probably won't get out of hand.

And I must stretch every night.

I feel much better about my life. Today, as we were driving around and doing errands, I kept exclaiming how good I felt since I got my life straightened out. Joseph suggested a different wording but I insisted that it's all about the things I felt were controlling me, instead of me controlling them! And that means my life was subjected to the the whims of fate and I hated that. So he sort of smiled and, like a wise man, didn't say anything more.

The other things that I need to do - no alcohol during the week.
And the key point is that I need to get up at 5am and be sure to be at the gym or out of the house running by 6am. This is important because it allows me to get to work at a normal hour - so no guilt and no work pile up (those balls piled on the table that I keep talking about). So, this is going to be key key key!!!

So, tomorrow's lunch is packed.
I am getting ready to stretch.
And tomorrow, I am going to the gym - chest and triceps day.

Hair Note. I think the falling out has slowed down. Joseph thinks my hair looks thicker. I am skeptical.

Random Thought. I love the two cook books I bought at the Mystic Aquarium. Tonight I made boiled potatoes with olive oil and salted slightly. That was my own invention - olive oil instead of butter is much better. Anyway, I made beeft with asparagus and walnuts. It was excellent.

Exercise note.
Walking - 4.81 miles (amazing - just be walking the Dingle Doggie and doing errands)
Running - I had a great run today. 60 minutes in Newton up and down the Newton Hills. I ran faster today. I'll take it.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Book Review #11: Memoirs of a Geisha

I am doing GOOD on this 2005 goal while the others all are going to pot. Anyway, I digress...

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden was superb. It's amazing that a MAN wrote this book spoken from a female point of view. I kept seeing things about it, and I would run into it on the new book table at the book stores, and finally, on my way out to California last week, I broke down and bought it.

What a terrfic read - it is the fastest I've read a book in years! A week - in while in the middle of Budget Hell at work and with all the traveling that I was doing.

The book is about a young girl who becomes a geisha. It's about her life as she grows up in Japan, moves from her home, her training, until she finally ends up in New York City. That last part is only about a chapter long. Most of it is about how she becomes a geisha and all the geisha politics she encounters, much of it made worse by the Japanese social mores - which in my opinion hasn't changed at all since then.

Anyway... this book also gives an inside look to a very little known world - one which even surpasses high class call girls or escorts here. It's the creation of the "ultimate hostess" who at times will get a "sponsor" so that she can live independently (in a way, considering she is confined by her relationship to the "sponsor.")

An American "Geisha" that comes to mind is Pamela Harriman, who married well (so didn't need a sponsor) but was the democratic ultimate hostess of Washington DC and of the rich and famous...

I highly recommend this book

What the hell...

What was I THINKING???
What is HE THINKING???


Four Months...




I just signed up for the Disney Marathon.
I can't believe it.
I have four months.

We all need goals.

Four months.

Looks like I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow, after all...

Friday, August 26, 2005

For the past three days...

...I thought it was Friday...
How is THAT for a long week.
I ran into one of the Admins on the elevator and she said she was glad it's Friday.
I told her I thought it was Friday three days ago.
The other people in the elevator started LAUGHING!

Another day from HELL, highlighted by me calling up a customer and tell him that someone we are working with in Ireland is an ASS.
He said, well... he's POMPOUS.
I said, "and ASS follows POMPOUS!"
Of course, Brenda (who was in the office at the time) started laughing...
Thank goodness he laughed too.
Anyway, everything turned out okay in the end and our reputations are clear.
I hate this guy in Ireland.

So. Other than many balls still piling on the table...
Made it home in time for my massage with Arun.
This time, we did the usual but Arun gave me a very thorough stretching.
And for the first time in about 3 months, I've been able to get off the massage table without the ach in my back! ACK! The stretching is the key!
Next time, we are doing reflexology only, and then finish is off with stretching.
I have a feeling I am going to be so sore.

Tonight was dinner at The House of Siam. I've been wanting to find a good Thai restaraunt that is local and where I could go regularly. The House of Siam is less than a mile up the road, and excellent! They won Best of Boston a couple times in a row a few years back. And they DELIVER! Elizabeth wanted Thai food for her last meal with us. Tomorrow she is leaving. It's sad and the house will be strangely empty. It will be nice to reclaim the house and life as our own but it has been strangely satisfying to have this other person running around, claiming the house and all the spaces inside it as her own. I will miss her.

Exercise Note.
Running - 40 minutes.
I was bound and determined to get out and run this morning. I got up at 5:15 and got out at 6:00. It felt so good. I wish getting up were easier. That is the whole problem with running in the morning, you see - the getting up and out of bed part. It was a wonderful run. I am hoping to be able to do this more and more - make 5am a habit. Then I could just get to work and do all the normal stuff AND get in a pilates class here and there and a weight workout here and there, without feeling guilty, without rushing around like a lunatic, AND without feelng like all the balls are piling on the table! We will see what happens next week. This weekend, I am going to do my workout schedule and do my Get My Life In Order schedule.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The daily grind... starting to get to me...

Everything just keeps coming at you and you try to catch all the balls being thrown and you do catch then but you have to throw them to the next person but you can't do it fast enough so you set some on the table and then at the end of the day, you look down at the table and you got like a hundred balls just sitting there.

And that is how I feel lately.
Too many damn balls on my table and they are in danger of falling off and rolling onto the floor.

Had the meeting with the CIO... only female in the room again... figures.
My portion lasted about 5 minutes. When we got there, he was all smiley and said "oooooh! Guess who we have here....." I had a feeling that he was kinda happy to see me. Wasn't too sure if that was a good thing.
Anyway, the EVP asked me about Blue Ginger, if I've been back, and we chatted about the Alaskan Butter Fish... then the CIO walked in the middle and said, "Blue Ginger? you've been there?"
and I said, "sure... the Alaskan Butter Fish is awesome!"
and the EVP said, "she did this terrific writeup on it and sent it to me. You should have read it."
and the CIO said, "really?"
And I just sat and nodded and hope he wouldn't ask me to send it to him because I wasn't sure if I could find it...

Then the meeting gets started.

In the end, it turns out that he understood the issue on our side. And then when he asked if we monitored the data movement from the replication process, we said, "yes" and he was surprised we went to that level of detail and sid, "oh... you do that?"
And I thought, "Uh... yeah. We're a bit anal and we don't trust anyone... what can I say?
Anyway, that saved us. I think that we caught him by surprise.

The day again progress and rapidly declined. All those ball kept coming at me faster and faster... I thought about walking out at one point. Just leaving. Not telling anyone. Unfortunately, I am way too responsible. Sigh...

And poor Joseph... He emailed me earlier and I told him I was having a very lousy day - complete with exclamation points and all caps. I told him I was coming home early to cook damn dinner!!! And he told me to relax (I hate it when people tell me to relax) which got me all adither again...

So, when I got home tonight, Joseph was cooking dinner. Unbelievable. I was going to make Red Rice, but he was on a roll - filet mignon, roasted sweet corn, asparagus, spinach salad with pecans and sundried tomatoes. He invited the upstairs tenant and the dog. Mo. Big Alaskan Malamute. Very Big. He was so excited when he got downstairs, he peed on the floor. Literally. Glad we have hard wood floors! Anyway... nothing like dinner on the stove and a peeing dog in the house to make work go away and real life set in...

Exercise Note.
Rest Day. Again.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


...wasn't that painful...

I have a new dentist.
I have been searching for a new one since the one I went to for 21 years ended up relocating about 1.5 hours away.
I thought I had found one until I discovered when my root canal bill came in that the new dentist and the oral surgeon were OUT OF NETWORK. Grrr... The oral surgeon WAS AWESOME though. I might just go back to her if I have to have anything serious done again and just pay my 60%.

So I searched around and went up to the one at Chauncey Street. I got a bad feeling when I looked into the spit bowl to see there was a bit of bloody spit that hadn't been washed out. And they only cleaned it out when I pointed it out. Needless to say, I wasn't going back there and thank goodness this was only a cleaning. That was about 6 months ago.

Now I have a new dentist. And I think I like him. Went in for a cleaning. So far so good.
He noticed the chip in my incisor and said that bonding would get rid of the sensitivity. Bonding? Really? Hmmm.... okay...
And that sensitivity under the lower crown? It's not seated well, and we should get a new one put on and see if there is any decay underneath because the lower area was exposed.
Really? Do I have to?
Well... you can wait until you get a cavity and mouthful of pain...
Ok. I guess I'll be making an appointment.
Let's see what your insurance says...

This morning, I worked from home (had an 8am meeting to discuss the Proverbial Excrement from yesterday which didn't turn out too bad). Then to the dentist. The procedure took about 30 minutes. And other than the shot, it wasn't painful. And there is no sensitivity on that tooth.

I think I like this new dentist.

Then into the office and it was the budget again - all day long. ARG!!! All of which revealed another few days of work required. I knew it was too good to be true.

I was so flat out working that I couldn't get out of work in time to go home before dinner. Elizabeth wanted to go get sushi. It's her last week with us before going back to school on Saturday and wanted to make it special. So, we are just going to where she wants for the week. Anyway, I was going to go home and then walk over to the Ginza with Joseph and Elizabeth. But I was so busy juggling all those balls and piling them on the table, that I barely got out in time to meet them for dinner. And if Joseph hadn't called me twice, I am sure I would have forgotten entirely!

Gina met us as well. It was so nice to just be out and talking about the wedding and such. I really needed the social time, not to mention the Sake! The invitations are being sent out and the plans are being done but the honeymoon isn't set yet. I can't wait to see the invitation!

Exercise Note.
Rest Day. Again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The proverbial excrement... slowly being cleaned up...

Tomorrow morning, I have an 8:30 meeting.
Busy day trying to figure out what happened with the problem, meetings and talking and statuses and updates and all that stuff that sucks up your time and your life.

Busy day wrapping up the budget in between all of that.

I was bound and determined to get home on time.
I promised Elizabeth that I would make burgogi and Kimchee Chigae for dinner.

It's been a while since I've had the urgent need to get home due to a child (in this case, a teenager). Still feels weird.

I cannot believe that I have that meeting in the morning.
Can't run -I need to be relaxed when I get into work.
If I run, I will be rushed.
If I rush, I will be stressed out.
If I am stressed out, I am screwed if the CIO decides to give me a hard time.

I will say that the EVP did come by this afternoon, out of his way.
Sort of hung around outside my office for a few minutes and then looked like he was gonna go away.
So I asked him if he was gonna yell at me about the problem.
He said, no...
And told me not to worry about the meeting with the CIO.
Cause the CIO is gonna do wht the CIO always does and I know what that is, so don't worry about it, and things happen and especially when there's nothing you could have done to prevent it from happening, etc.

I thought that was very nice and caring of him to come by like that.
I felt better about the whole thing afterwards.
And I am glad to know that the EVP wasn't mad or anything.
Thank goodness.
I felt SO much better!

Exercise Note.
Enforced Rest Day. Stupid work.

The proverbial excrement...

...hit the fan at work today…

Worked from home this morning - morning meetings with India and USA. Nothing unusual.
Since I was "free" at 10:30, I decided to work from home instead of spending two hours getting ready and schelpping into work. I would go for a short run agt 11:00 and work all day in my workout clothes. No biggie.

Then I hear about an outage.
I got called in by my boss due to a meeting with the CIO.
As I walked to the train station, a cab pulls up and asks if I need a ride.
I get in to find out that someone was already in it! He was dropping her off around the corner.
No problem.
So we head out. And the driver is a damn TALKER!
Blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda.
I want to go to South Station.
He asks me all these questions so I start making shit up.
Whatever. It's none of his business anyway...
Then he heads on the ramp to Logan.
I said, "
this is the wrong way."
He said, "
this is the right way."
I said, "it is?"
He said, "it's the super secret back way."
I said,
"This gets us to South Station?"
He screeches to a halt and since we are already halfway down the ramp and into the Ted Williams Tunnel, he can't simply back up.

So now, he is apologizing, blah blah blah … yadda yadda yadda - all the way back to South Station, by way of LOGAN DAMN AIRPORT!

So, then I come in and find out that the meeting at 1pm with the CIO got CANCELED and rescheduled for THURSDAY AT 8:30AM! And I have to attend a meeting at 8:30 tomorrow morning for the same reason why I had to rush in today - so that I can get yelled out and talked to and make excuses for the issues that happened which were out of our control!! GAH!!!!

Needless to say, I did not run.
I am not gonna run today.
I have to go home and cook damn dinner.
And even if I didn't, I am too damn pissed off to do anything but sit at work.
And not only that, I have to be here anyway because I have a stack of shit piled high in my email and my desk and my voicemail. I can't catch up. And I can't catch a break.

And the budget should be done but the one person who is just about the most incompetently LATE PERSON IN ALL THE TIME I'VE KNOWN HER IS CHANGING THE NUMBERS ON ME!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with those stupid meetings tomorrow and Thursday, I probably won't get a chance to run at all this week. So there goes the damn week of running. I AM SO DAMN PISSED OFF!!!

I hate my damn job sometimes.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The weekend continues...

...into Monday...

I can't believe I took the day off today.
I don't typically take days off like this.
I usually work for at least a part of it.
Today I took the WHOLE day off and I feel strangely "naked."

Anyway, drove home today. It was a short drive. Less than an hour.

Tonight we met up with the Dinner Club at The Summer Shack.
This time, we decided to bring the kids.
And since we had Elizabeth, we brought our own kid!
It ended up being a riotous good time!

So tired.
Weekends are so tiring some time.
I can't believe that it's almost September!
And tomorrow it's back to work work work...
I can't wait to see what surprises the week holds...

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It seems so far...

...but it's so close...

Amazing how we are only about an hour and a half from Boston, and it feels like we are a world away.

Had a terrific run this morning. 30 minutes. Ran from the hotel down to Fenwick around the golf course there and then down the private road to the tip and then back. Got a late start but it still wasn't too hot.

We went to the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration.
Let it be known that I love aquariums, which is interesting since I dislike the water. One of the goals I have before I die is to visit as many aquariums as I can. I love going to them that much! I find the life in the water to be fascinating. There is so much going on - and that's probably why I don't really care to be IN the water - you never know what lurks underneath...

Hard to say which was my favorite exhibit. Maybe the little penguin tank - they are SO CUTE! I got some terrific pictures of the white Beluga whales. Surprisingly they were not that big - big enough but not gargantuan!

Then there were the sea lions. They are really big! And so cute! We went to a show that featured three of them and they were so cute. I got lots of pictures of those too!

The grounds are really pretty - I liked how they set it all up. Much of it was outdoors, along with the requisite snakes and frogs, and lizards and toads, and the big fish tank. All of which were good.

We even road a simulated roller coaster into space. SPACE? In the aquarium? I do not like roller coasters. Neither does Joseph. I think we got about the same amount of pleasure out of it because every time I turn my head coming into a scary part, there was Joseph, with HIS head turned toward me. I would guess that between the two of us, it would be optimistic to think that we might have actually looked forward through half the ride. Anyway...

But my FAVORITE is the Jelly Fish. Always. They are so serene, hiding the zap! underneath all that floating bubble and tentacles. I got LOTS of good pictures of the Jelly Fish. I was very pleased.

After the aquarium we went to Mohegan Sun - in Uncasville. Uncasville? Who ever heard of UNCASVILLE? Well.. the Mohegans have a unreal casino there. It's like a mini Caesar's Palace, seemingly in the middle of nowhere - you drive along and have no idea. Then you take an exit and drive and drive, and take a left and around the corner, and there is it - two gleaming towers surrounded by parking garages, overlooking the valley that has a river flowing through it - just beautiful! The inside is a self-contained city - shopping and restaurants and the gambling floor. We visited the shops and ended up in the Golf Store, where I purchased a Burberry putter cover. Happiness! Joseph saw it and said I definitely needed to get it just because. I love my Hunny Bunny! Afterwards, we had dinner at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. The portions were huge but it was so good! We took home a doggie bag! Thank goodness the hotel had a refrigerator in the room! After dinner, we made out way through the casino floor toward the parking garage and stopped to play some slots. Joseph played roulette. Yup. We lost. We won some but we lost that too. Anyway, didn't lose much - it was fun. We agreed we need to go back and maybe stay there. It seemed like it would be fun. They have a spa and parking is free!

Tomorrow, we are heading back home.
I hope the Dingle Doggie is doing okay.
I wonder if Elizabeth ever got home on time?

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes

Saturday, August 20, 2005

There is no rest...

…for the weary…

The weary just get wearier.

I got home last night from California.
What a relief. So glad to be home!
Of course I did not run before I left because I have almost acclimated to West Coast time and I had to get check out of the hotel at 6:15 am.

The ride was uneventful except for a moment of turbulence where I thought that I should start praying to G-d to look favorably on me when I get to the pearly gates… because we all know with all my good intentions, I am almost at the gates of hell… Anyway…

When I got to Logan Airport, I went to grab my bag from baggage claim. I was so busy looking at my Blackberry that I didn't see Joseph standing there, waiting for me! What a wonderful surprise! I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM!!!! And when I got to the car, the Dingle Doggie was in the back seat waiting for me! And when I got into the car, she almost climbed over into my lap! LOL! I just love the Dingle!

Then back home to quiet. Elizabeth had gone to NYC yesterday to visit friends. She is suppose to be coming back today to take care of the Dingle Doggie. Hmmm…. I am wondering if she will remember or if she will sort of just wait to come back on Sunday. I hope the Dingle will be okay.

Today we are in CT.
Yup. After I unpacked from my trip to CA, I had to turnaround and pack up to come to CT for the weekend! We left this morning and drove down. It's not that far - only a couple of hours. We are here for the wedding Dave and Michele. They are Dead Runners and also our team mates for RTB Relay! Anyway, we are staying at the Old Saybrook Point Inn in, one guess… Old Saybrook, CT. It's right up the street from Fenwick where Katherine Hepburn used to live.

The wedding was wonderful. Parker Parker, Mike, and Andy were also invited. The church ceremony was so beautiful. The church was wonderfuly simple and tranquil. It was the kind of sweet New England Church that you imagine and see on post cards. The interior was so simple, it was beautiful. The priest was really good. Turns out that he is a runner. Anyway, he put together a nice sermon that really resonated with me - about what weddings are about and who they are for… and having to set aside politics and definitions and such of what a marriage is and what people think it should be and who should be allowed to get married, etc. Anyway, it was terrific. I even cried. And I never cry at weddings.

The Reception was held in a room off to the side. And they had a banana wedding cake! It was DELICIOUS!!! The food was catered locally and all of it was GOOD! The room opened up on the grounds which had trees and flowers and a jungle-gym for the kids.

The David was handsome and dapper in his suit. Michele looked beautiful in her dress. They just make such a wonderful couple.

Afterwards, we went to Aleia's for dinner with Dave and Michele and their families. It was up the road and around the corner. Nice time. We met a couple sitting across from us - the woman worked with Michele and was the matron of honor. Anyway, had a great time chatting with them.

It's a late night. I am so tired.
That is all I can say right now….
More later, with lots of pictures.
Of course I brought my handy dandy Nikon D70S with me.

Exercise Note.
Rest Day. Yeah. I get a lot of these...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I can't believe this...

…I worked so late last night…

Needless to say, I did not run this morning.
I got up and had to work on that stupid spreadsheet. And then I had to work on it all during the sessions over at Oracle. Which was just as well because I thought it was never gonna end and it was a HALF DAY!

David and Greg took off for their respective homes this afternoon so Jack and I went to The Fish Market in San Mateo. I had the BIGGEST OYSTERS in the world. OMG! I could only eat three and the third one just BARELY!

Tomorrow I am flying home. Yeah!!
Checking out early and then heading to the airport.

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


…WHAT A WEEK…………..

And it's only WEDNESDAY!!!

So, I managed to run yesterday morning.
I was still on East Coast time, so got up about 4:30 local time and squeezed in a 30 minute run. Yeah…
Thank goodness.

This morning, I managed to get up and run for 15 minutes, which was fine since that was my tomorrow's schedule. But I figured since I need to run three days in a row, I will run 15 today and 30 tomorrow, instead of 30 yesterday, 30 today, and 15 tomorrow. Of course that means I take a chance on whether I start getting used to West Coast time or something interrupts my schedule.

Anyway, yesterday's sessions at Oracle was good. Very interesting and relevant stuff.
Today's sessions were a bit less interesting and I have a feeling that tomorrow's sessions are going to be dull dull dull.

This isn't a bad thing since today I spent a lot of time during the session half listening and half working on that spreadsheet for the billing system conversion. I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be more of the same,

Then we got taken to Kingfish in San Mateo for dinner. Very good.

Tonight, we could have gone with a bunchapeople for dinner but we (Jack, Greg, and David) decided we'd had enough of people and decided to go out on our own. I mean, we see and talk to these people at work all the time. Yes, we have about 20 people from our company who go out and visit Oracle every year and it's usually the same people - give or take 4 or 5. Anyway, David felt like Thai food so we asked the Concierge guy - who is Thai and who has a friend, it turns out, that owns a very good Thai place called Thai Time. Of course The concierge guy called ahead and let them know we were coming, which meant that they rolled out the red carpet and we got very good service!

So. Busy.
Busy busy busy…

I did get to talk to my Hunny Bunny.
Happy happy!!

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes

Running - 15 minutes

Monday, August 15, 2005


…here I come…

Actually, I am there already.
Left this morning for the 8 hour tour…

Got here, checked into the Sofitel, and had a snack with Jack (who works in my group), and then some working in the hotel, and then dinner with Jack, Greg (who also works for me in Dallas) and David (who used to work for me in Salt Lake City and would like to work for me again and is raising all sorts of ruckus with his management to do so…)

We are here visiting Oracle Corporation.
It is one of the database systems that we use and that is one of the things that my group does - database work.

Every day will be filled with meetings this week.
Nothing too exciting.

In between time, I will be working on a spreadsheet that I had to stop working on do to the stupid budget and they are waiting on me to get this to them. Again, 200 projects - right? Right. Gotta verify the category of the projects that WE own - about 50 of them. Sigh… it never ends. Anyway, in September the billing system is being converted to a new system and now we have to clean up the data. Right. So prone to error.

There will be some long nights ahead.
And I already miss my Hunny Bunny.

Exercise Note.
Nothing - took the plane to California...

Book Review #10: Lance Armstrong's War

…by Daniel Coyle…

This was a great book.
It has intensity, humor, and a big of a superficial inside look at Le Tour and one of the teams that are most prominent.

The little stories, asides and anecdotes about each major figure was great. The author really lets us see a glimpse of the personality and how their character may have been shaped. I loved the juxtaposition of the team - who are famous in their own way - and their response to Sheryl Crow - who is also famous in her own way.

Lance seems to be an interesting character. And although we scratch the surface of the depth of his humaness it's only a surface scratch - the kind you might get when you gently rub your hand up and down a #100 sandpaper once or twice. You get the feeling that there is immeasurable depth there - and I don't mean in a philosophical or worldly way - but in a more chaotic, brilliant, hurried, whirlwind sort of way.

I am not sure that I would want to be friends with Lance. He is as hard on his friends as he is on himself. And I am not sure that he really has any friends - other than maybe Sheryl Crow and his mother. I love his definition of trolls and I am starting to use that term myself. LOL!

The one thing I do know is that the only thing in the world that really truly exists for him - in the here and now - is his mother. Not his kids - I think they take a close second- and not especially Sheryl Crow. It's all about Lance, his mother, and the bike.

And in the world where there is so little to grab hold of, that can be enough.
And I think it's enough for Lance.

I highly recommend this book. Not only was it interesting in a humanistic and technical sense. It's also inspiring. I probably went through this book faster the The Secret Life Of Bees - it took a few days longer to read but it's also twice as long!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another busy weekend...

…of going to and fro…

Phew. What a weekend.
Today, I told Joseph, "Sheesh. Being a parent is HARD!"

We went and retrieved Elizabeth from the Summit Music Festival in Tarrytown NY, where she has been for the past three weeks. It took 3 hours to get there and another three to get back. She was all packed and ready to leave when we got there. Wonderful! The glitch? John, who was in NYC doing interviews, was to have met us at the train station, ready to leave. But he didn't get to Penn Station in time, just missed the train, and had to wait another hour! Which set us back an hour.

The excuse?
Elizabeth told him that the train ran every 20 minutes.
The problem is that she went to NYC and back during the WEEK, not the weekend.
The weekend schedule is different, as all people who take the train knows.

Evidently, John doesn’t take the train too often.

Of course this was a good lesson for John.
He should double check what people say.
And meanings change depending on perspective and context.
So all of that should be investigated.

Of course, I am not worried about Elizabeth in this regard.
Although John is more "serious" about the future and life, Elizabeth is more "worldly", more suspicious and skeptical than John is - to some extend, although John would probably argue long and hard with me on that one.

And of course, I did point that BOTH of them had a lot of communication skills to be desired.
I never realized how much information teens leave out!
I have to ask 21 questions to get the big picture.
Of course, this leads to more lectures! LOL!

And one day, they will be in my shoes.
How do I know this?
Because I was
JUST LIKE ELIZABETH AND JOHN when I was their age.
I feel bad for what I put my parents through…

Anyway, made it home just fine. Left a little too late to miss the traffic but we left early enough to miss the worst of it!

Oh, yes… The hour and a half massage yesterday was great, too!
I must change the time from noon on Saturdays to some other time.
Joseph says noon on Saturday cuts the day in half and it's a real impingement on time if we want to do something. He has a point. Next appointment is on at Friday at 4:30. We'll see if that time is any better.

Exercise Note.
No Running
Walking 4.1 miles

No Running - boy am I slacking off…
Walking - 1.36 miles

Friday, August 12, 2005

Do or Do Not...

...when it comes to tri-ing...

Do or Do not... as Yoda once said... otherwise, you can die trying on the swim portion.

Joseph did his first tri today.
After the Two days of Hell at work, I worked from home so that I could go with Joseph on his first foray into triathlons. We were leaving at 3pm. Yes. It's a work day. I had to make sure that I could leave work and the only way to do that is to NOT BE AT WORK! No idea why this particular event is on a Friday instead of a Saturday.

It was a small one, thank goodness. And the weather held out.
We met up with Doug from the RTB Relay team and who works with Joseph. Doug is a bit of a madman, and he looks like our governer - Mitt Romney. Anyway, his wife and son came along for support. And his little boy is just the cutest little thing! And so sweet! Anyway...

You can read all about the even here...

I took lots of pictures with my handy dandy Nikon D70S. I love this camera. I think I took about 100 pictures. I missed a great shot of Joseph on his bike and managed to get his back instead! Unfortunately, my reaction time isn't as fast as the camera's. One of these days, I will find some time to put them out on the dot-photo site to share. One of these days.... I could be DEAD before then, but one never knows... I might be able to find some time... one of these days... Man... I am so going to hell in a well-intentioned handbasket...

I was so proud of Joseph. He swam! Happy happy!!! And he didn't DROWN! Or even begin to drown.
We did learn a few things.
We must bring a pail of water to wash the sand off his feet and legs.
And an extra towel to wipe off the water before transitioning into running or biking gear.
We must bring LOTS O' TOWELS.
And something to save his neck from friction from the wetsuit.
What else...
I am sure I am missing something.

Afterwards we went to Woodmans for lobster.

Did I mention how PROUD I AM of my Hunny Bunny??
I am so proud.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Too numb to think...

…of anything but the budget…

Two 16 hour days.
I miss my Hunny Bunny,
I miss my Dingle Doggie.
I miss my Dingle Kitty.
I miss my house.

And I haven't had chance to ready anyone's blog in almost three weeks!

But I still wouldn't take a paycut to get those 16 hours of overtime hours back.
Especially since I don't typically work 8 hour days.

On another note…
I think my hair loss is slowing down. It could be wishful thinking.
Either that or the hairs are the new baby hairs so I can't see them as well when they fall out. Hopefully the tests I took on Tuesday will bring good news.

I am going home.

Exercise Note.

Nothing again this morning.
Came in early because of an 8am meeting which turned out to be at 9am.
Not that I would have run this mornig.
Just too tired.
Oh, well. It's hot out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One of those days...

...from HELL...




It's late and I am going home.

Exercise Note.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hair again...

...gone tomorrow...

At least, that's how it's been going.
I've been losing my hair at a good clip lately, as I mentioned before, and today I went to see the endocrinologist at MGH.

There were lots of questions asked and lots of answers given and chat chat chat, back and forth, etc etc etc...
Bottom line?
They think it's the testosterone.
It's off the charts.
The pattern in which my hair is falling out - around the crown and to the sides - is male-pattern baldness. And since there is no baldness on my mother's side, etc., it's not genetic. And since my thyroid is so normal it makes you wanna cry, it's not that. So, based on all this, they think it's the testosterone.

The good news is that if the testosterone is stabilized, the hair will stop falling out.
Since I have no alopecia in the family, the chances are good that the hair will grow back.
And because I am female, it could be reversible... the degree to which it is reversible is up in the air, however.

The bad news is that it might take the two years to undo what two years took to get to this point. Got that?

At this point, I'd be happy if my falling out just stopped right where it is, even if nothing grew back.

So, they took a bunchavials of blood just to make sure that it's not the thyroid (lower level more granular tests just to make sure) or the adrenals or the pituitary and that it's in fact the testosterone.

So I have hope. If a rat is put into a bucket of water, and you take it out after 10 minutes, and put it back in, it will swim and tread water for three days. If a rat is put into a bucket of water and is NOT taken out, it will drown in approximately 17 minutes. Yup. Seventeen minutes. It's all about hope. And I have hope. Just a bigger rat in a bigger bucket and I figure I can swim and tread water for that much longer.

Gawd... I hope my hair grows back.

Exercise Note.
Rest Day.

Monday, August 08, 2005

It's a lull...

…before the storm…

It's going to be a very busy week.
The budget time is at the height this week and there are going to be some long nights ahead.
I have to enter in numbers for about 200 projects for 17 months each.
It's a real pain and takes a long time, mainly because if you rush the task, you will make a mistake, and trying to find that mistake will take even longer than if you had taken the time to do it right in the first place.

Tonight we went to The Village Smokehouse with Abby and Brian. This is the first time that Brian has gone out with us. I wasn’t sure if I would really like him, but he is very funny. Turns out that he is about as anti-social as I am but he is also very very funny.

The Village Smokehouse is very good but not as good as Redbones. We had thought about moving the pre-RTB-Relay dinner to The Village Smokehouse but parking is an issue and it's not as convenient as Redbones. It is quieter and is probably less difficult to get seating but accessibility is key. And I thought that Redbones had better sides than The Village Smokehouse. So, it looks like we will stick with Redbones unless someone else has a better idea.

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes

Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's a beautiful day...

…in the neighborhood…

Actually, the whole weekend was very nice.
Nice and shiny out.

Yesterday, we went to Fresh Eggs around the corner from our house and got a nice tablecloth for the new table, some shower gel and lotion, and a bunchaother nice things. They had a 20% off of everything sale. It's a cute little store and has lots of neat gadgets. Some of it is pricey but others are quite reasonable - especially for those things you didn't know you needed until you saw it there!

John came in from NY to stay the night last night. We went to New Shanghai in Chinatown for dinner. It's supposed to have been done over and I've been told that the food is much better. Now, I thought that the food was really good. But it's where a good restaurant should be at - I hate to think how it was before the whole place got redone! Anyway, lots of food to take home for leftover lunches! And the price was reasonable, too!

This morning, we took John to the Fung Wa bus. He went down to NYC to interviews with various law firms. Beforehand, we went to Dim Sum for brunch at Chow Chau City in Chinatown. It was very yummy!

I am so behind in blogging!
Like a WEEK!!!!

Exercise Note.
Saturday: rest Day
Sunday: Running - 60 minutes.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Number Three... a magic number...
At least, it's Joseph's lucky number.

And I should have known.
Third day of my birthday.

Tonight we went to No. 9 Park for dinner.
It's at, well, #9 Park Street.
Thus, the name.
Clever, no?

I had heard so much about it.
And now were were going there!!
Joseph didn't tell me ahead of time so it was a complete surprise!

The menu was awesome!
We couldn't decide on the left side or the right side.
ARG!!! Everything looked so GOOD!!!!
What to do What to do What to do...

We chose the left side. The tasting menu.
We also found out that it changes daily.
Every Single Day.
Dang. That means that we can't say, "oh... we'll go with the tasting menu this time because the other stuff will be here." Nope. Next time, the tasting menu will be DIFFERENT and it might be ENDLESS! We might have to eat there EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! ARG!!!

We chose the 9 course tasting menu.
Nine. Courses.
Three more and it would have rivaled a formal Chinese dinner.

The place is very quaint in a laid-back, contemporary, sorta-kinda-trendy-ish sort of way.
Right across from the Boston Common.
We got a great table, right in the middle of the room.
In L.A., we would have been the toast of the town - or least have to be to get such a visible table!
And of course the ensuing envy from the competition (whoever they might be) and the wonder from the masses wondering who we might be. We had a good laugh over all this...

The portions were smaller than other tasting menus we've had.
Each serving was a bit bigger than a single bite but not enough for two.
And each bite left you wish you had another one left to savor.
The wine pairings were excellent.
Two to three ounces per course.
Egads. Toward the end of the meal, I realized that I should hold back a bit.
This was AFTER I started feeling a little tipsy.
And then I had to stand up - egads!
We must definitely go back and order from the right side of the menu... everything looked so good on that side, too!

What a wonderful day and an awesome way to welcome the first day of the start of my 'nother whole year of life....and with my Hunny Bunny showing me the way... and sharing every step.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

One Hundred... least, I think it's a hundred...
I lost track at 66.

I got into work a little late this morning.
"Late" is relative.
I got in after my run, about 10:00.
I guess for the mornings that I run, that's about normal, give or take a half hour or so.

I found a voice amil from the loading dock telling me that I had a delivery...but they had to send it back unless I was in the office to take receipt. Ok. That was like, uh... an hour ago...

Anyway, to make a long story short, I called too late.
They had sent the flowers back.
The flower place called me.
Will I be there when they redelivered?
I called the loading dock.
I called the front desk security.
Let them through!!!
You have to be there to take receipt.
But I AM HERE!!! ARG!!!
Yes. But you have to PICK UP THE PHONE!

Round and round the carousel...
And they are delivered.

Pink and red, all different types - I count 3 or 4 - all tightly packed into a vase.
It almost looks like a topiary.
It's beautiful.
And it weighs a TON! GAK!

I start counting.
I get to 40 and lose track.
I start over.
Hmm.... 66 and I think I have another one third of the bouquet to go.
Hmm... I'll call it an even hundred and call it a day.

I got ONE HUNDRED RED ROSES from my Hunny Bunny today.
For my birthday.
Today is the day. Yes it is...
And I feel so damn special!

My Hunny Bunny always makes me feel that way but my birthdays are different.
Almost like he's trying to help make up for all those years when my birthday was just another day and it was never that special...

One hundred of the most special blossoms in the world.

Question is... how do I get them home?
I am working from home tomorrow and I don't want to carry a vase of flowers that weigh a ton.
No fear... Joe is here...

He picked me up from work in the Little Red Bean and drove me home.

It's a great way to start a new year of life.
My Hunny Bunny.
My one hundred red roses.
And Love that could fill a hundred liftetimes.

I am blessed.

Today is my birthday...

...and I am one whole year older...

Some days when I think about it, I get scared.
I am more than half way through my life - god willing and the crick don't rise, I hope it's only half way but more than likely I won't live that long - genes being what they are.
Other days, I can't believe the number of years I've been alive, when I think that I feel like I am about 15 years younger. I certainly act like it - whatever that means. And I am really active still. I am probably MORE active than I was 15 years ago, when I looked out on the horizon and felt like I had Forever. And thanks to my genes, I have always looked much younger than I am. I think the difference in my age and how I look is getting smaller but I think I still look good for my age.

Pretty soon, I will be almost as old as my mother was when she died.
That's something I think about. Often.

Being at my heaviest in a very long time (since I gained those godawful almost-40 pounds in a semester during my freshman year), I feel older. I think I also look older - like some sort of matron. I think that's one of the reasons I've been a bit depressed lately - not to mention that my hair is falling out. I did mention that, didn't I?? ARG!!!

Time to take stock.
Of everything.
If I had the time, that is... right now work is sucking up too much of what little time I have!
Time to take stock - of work, of life, of leisure and mental.
At least I know that my spiritual is intact. That's always carried me through the worst and hardest events of my life. And it took a long time for me to even get a "spiritual." And I am fiercely protective of it.

It's the beginning of a new year... and I am carrying some baggage into it.
I hope to shed some of that in the coming year and be a fraction of my current self.
Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sometimes there's a little extra

…in the ordinary…

You never know when an ordinary day turns into something a little more than ordinary.
And it's especially good when it's the day before your birthday.

Got up this morning and ran my scheduled 30 minutes, which was no more than ordinary,
Then got into work in the ordinary way.
And sat at my desk, freaking out over the budget - which is nothing out of the ordinary - happens every single year - only this year, we got LESS time to get it all done because my boss isn't as anal as my prior boss, and isn't as schedule driven, and tends to kinda let things go until almost the last minute. Almost. Well, actually, I guess it's under-ordinary this year.

So, I was thinking that I would sit at work a little later but then decided to go home a little earlier - that's like at a normal ordinary hour of day. I mean, I was so T-I-R-E-D. And that's pretty ordinary too. I'm always tired.

So I get home and I find a little something extra than I usually find when I go home in the ordinary way.
It came in a green folder pack that trifolds, with a gold seal on the front
And on it, the letters spelled out "Scotch Malt Whiskey Society."

Huh? It's not my birthday.
That's tomorrow.
I am getting something a little early!

It's wonderful!!!
A year's membership, with my very one membership card!
And should we happen to find our selves in the UK again, there are three "clubs" that are maintained, complete with an array of scotches and a place to rest one's weary body - sort of the like the Algonquin Club in Boston!

And I get a bottle of single malt whiskey in about four to six weeks!
You can get special bottles, that are bottled just for the Society!
They go to the different distilleries and find a cask they like and they bottle it just for the membership! Limited bottlings all with numbers on them.
So happy!!!

A little something to make an ordinary day extra-ordinary!

Now, I just have to find some time to sit down and go through the material - to relish every single printed word and study the maps, and the list of what's available. The collection is going to grow. I just know it! And I am so happy happy happy!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

In a nutshell...

…I worked late…

More baby hairs in the shower.

Too busy at work, even for lunch.

I need to walk more - my pedometer is showing low activity.
I'd like to walk to and from work.
Wishful thinking or hope?
Time will tell.

And I have a bad feeling that I am going to fall way behind with the blogging.


Exercise Note.
Rest Day

Monday, August 01, 2005

Rainy days and Mondays...

…don't really get me down…

And it's been rainy lately - and not just on Mondays!

Had a very busy day. I already know that it's gonna be a very busy month.
Budget, project administration conversion to a new system, trip to Redwood City for business, blah blah blah…
I am going to have some late nights.
Joseph has told me to be home early on Friday… and I would like to go home at least on time on Thursday since it's my birthday! Imagine that.

Got up this morning and ran for my scheduled 30 minutes.
Then to the dentist… a new one. I like him better than the last one I went to. But not as much as my old dentist - who I found out didn't take my insurance - after months and years of thinking that they did…grrrr….

I have a sensitive tooth and have to go back for some bonding. No idea what this is.
And then one of my crowns is not covering the whole tooth and I might need a new one, yadda yadda yadda….
Sigh. It's always SOMETHING! ARG!!!

I need to get my life straightened out, lose weight, exercise more, be better, be faster, be perfect…
blah blah blah…

Okay. I am getting depressed.
But I don't have time, really.
Too damn busy to even get depressed.
It's hard to wallow when you have no wallow-time.

Mantra of the day: I am a fat cow.
and my hair continues to fall out.

Exercise Note.
Running - 30 minutes