Thursday, September 08, 2005

More sleep...

...might be needed...

I was a little tired this morning.

I have put stretching on my daily reminders at 9pm.
I have put getting ready for bed on my daily reminders for 9:30pm.
With 15 minute reminder before the event.

If that doesn't help, nothing will...

I wore my walking shoes to work.
I hope to utilize them fully on my way home this afternoon.

We will see what we will see...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So far... good...

My training is going well since I got my New Life Schedule together.
My running is good and I am actually looking forward to it.
Even the weight lifting is on target.
I actually LIKE getting up at 5:15am and getting out the door a little after 6am.
But I think I need to get up at 5:00 and be out BEFORE 6am.
Things are going so well that I am even thinking about adding another activity to the day. But which activity?

There are three areas of concern - caloric expenditure, my abdominals (or core muscles of which I have NONE), flexibility. I want to work on all three but I know that if I go whole hog, I will be totally frazzled and eventually fall off the wagon - pdq, in fact. So, given that I am where I am, choosing ONE is better than choosing none.

Tomorrow, I am going to try and WALK home from work. I believe it is about 2 miles. I can try to do this 2-3 times a week. I am also going to try and take at least a 15-30 minutes walk in the middle of the day DAILY. That's not a whole lot to ask for - a 15-30 minute break in the middle of the work day, right?

I am also thinking that on Fridays I can make it up to the Rise and Shine Yoga class at 7am.
If I run at 6am, that should be plenty of time.
If I am scheduled to lift, that's even better.

I used to be very flexible.
I have it in the back of my mind that once I lose this weight, I will start taking ballet classes again.
And in ballet class, I will have to do an arabesque.
And to do an arabesque, I need to be flexible.
And so, I need to be sure to STRETCH my arabesque muscles every single night so that when I do lose the weight, the planets will align correctly and I can start classes at the Boston Ballet School - just two blocks down from our house.
Such a shame to waste the close proximity of the school.

Well... it looks like I am trying to tackle two of the three...
I have to rethink my priorities...

On another note, I got my hair cut today.
I am definitely pretty sure that my hair is growing back.
So happy...

Exercise Note.
Running - Rest Day
Walking - 4.79 miles
Weights - Legs and Shoulders
Stretching - midlin'
Massage - none


....Stupid spammers...

I had to add a word verification to my comments.
It was a pain going in and deleting spam.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Random Thought: Quack Quack...

I love those Afflack commercials.
I love that duck.
I wonder if it has a name....

Working from home...

…is hazardous to your health…

All day, I've been tethered to the table where I am working.
The bathroom is about 15 steps away.
The kitchen is about 5 steps behind me.

I managed to walked a whopping .3 miles today.
All day.
Now I am up to .63 miles.
Thank goodness we went to Delux around the corner for dinner.

I will say that I did have enough caloric expenditure to have a little smackeral of Haagen Dazs Bananas Foster Ice Cream. Which totally rules. It is so very awesome! I am thinking of NOT sharing it with the Dingle Doggie...

No wonder people who sit at home all day at F-A-T!

Exercise Note.
Running - 3 miles
Walking - .7 miles
Stretching - Done
Massage - Done

Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday Recap...

...of last week...

My goals were to:

  1. run per schedule
  2. lift weights
  3. walk more
  4. watch calorie intake

So, how did I do?

  1. I ran Tues, Thur, Sat, Sun - on schedule
  2. I lifted weights Mon, Wed, Fri - on schedule
  3. I walked alot - so far so good but I would like to get up to 5 miles daily
  4. I logged my calorie intake by using the Fitday software. It worked great. On the way to losing about 2-3 pounds (I am not going to count the 2 pound sudden overnight weight gain and then turnaround weight loss in this total), I managed to have a few glasses of wine and I finished up the pint of Haagen Dazs Rum Raisin Ice Cream which would be better without the raisins.

Week Two is coming up.
I hope I can keep up the momentum!

Exercise Note.
Running - Rest Day
Weights - Chest and Triceps
Walking - 8.32 miles. Yes. You read that right. EIGHT POINT THREE TWO MILES! went to the TPC in Norton and walked around a lot! And we only went back and forth from Hole 9 to Hole 12! Sheesh!
Stretching - minimal - ARG!!!
Massage - in the morning before I went to the gym

I am now running...

...Reach the Beach...

Leg 11.
I was going to drive.
With my Bose Wave Acoustic II Noise Deadening Headphones so I can get quality sleep while sitting upright in the drivers seat.
With my Buckey pillow, which I love, so that I can keep my head from flopping over and getting a crick in my neck resulting in a pinched nerve.

Now I am running.
SOMEONE who shall remain nameless was too BUSY planning a WEDDING - ahem - and hasn't RUN AT ALL, except for like FIVE MILES, and so, I'm up. My number is UP. BAH!!!!

So instead of wondering if I should pack my iPod and how to keep my bag light, I am making lists of which shoes and how many pairs and the number of shorts and shirts and socks. Egads! And what happens if it RAINS?
Think of the foul weather gear I have to pack!

It was bound to happen.
Driving 2 years in a row was just too optimistic.


The good news is that Parker Parker is now in our van.
And he is a very good mother goose - keeping his little flock all together...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Exercise Note...

...and it's a big one...

First, I am down another .2 pounds. Yahoo!
I am well on my way to the goal of losing 5 pounds by Disney in January.
I have another 3.8 pounds to go to reach that goal and I think I will be able to do this.
After all, this gives in 4 months!
It took me a year to get started and all I needed was for Joseph to start!
Imagine. He started about a month before I did, quietly, no fanfare, just started controlling portions and he has started to lose some weight too. That's all I needed to get myself started.

Went for my longest run since coming back from the injuries. 7 miles. I started out a bit faster than normal, I wanted to see what I could do. I did great until mile 5. I had to walk for a minute. But then I made it the rest of the way and managed to sprint a bit during the last .15 of the route.

I wore my Loco Mojo's and I think I need to retired them - with only about 35 miles on them. They are heavy and it seemed that they made my legs tired and slow. It could be my imagination but one must feel good about one's equipment or it could psychologically weigh you down. And the Loco Mojo's seem to be weighing me down. So I will wear them to the gym for weight lifting - they seem to have a heavy base. I pulled out another pair of Mizuno's. These are the Maverick's, I think.

Exercise Note.
Running - 7 miles
Walking - 5.17 miles
Weights - Rest Day
Stretching - minimal right after the run. We went to the TPC in Norton today to watch the golf tournament. Got home around 6pm, made dinner, had dinner around 7pm, and then we walked the doggie so that I could get my walking over 5 miles. I will massage in the morning and stretch more tomorrow.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Nothing like a pound down... get the ole motivation juices rolling...

Had a terrific 3 mile run this morning down the Comm Ave Mall.
It was dry and cool and sunny but not too bright with a slight breeze.
This is the fastest non-stop 3-mile run I've had so far since coming back from injury a couple months ago. Interestingly enough, before I ran, I had a headache - right above my right eye. During the run, the headache went away. After the run, it is back. What is it with the blasted headache??? It's one of those PIA, low-grade, constant things.

Joseph amazes me. He went into the bowels of the basement this morning after breakfast and then he submerges - covered in dirt and dust and whatever else. All I know is that I go down and he has started working on the wine cellar part of the basement. He's built shelves, put in shelves, and the wines are all lined up nice and neat... amazing. The next project is going to be an computrainer room - two bikes side by side, lined up on the cyclops trainers with a TV. Eventually, we will get a computrainer.

Not a lot going on. The usual errands to the grocery store and stuff today while Joseph worked in the basement. And of course, there is Voyeur TV - watching the pain and suffering from The Aftermath, ad nauseum. We'll eat dinner early and maybe watch a movie.

Tonight's dinner is chicken in spicy Korean sauce, braised and baked in the oven, Stove Top Stuffing (yum) and steamed broccoli. We need to eat well tonight - tomorrow is our long run.

Hurricane Note. I am devoid of comment. I don't know what to think. My perspective is a little different from all that's been already said - it's not that I disagree, I take it all in and I think about it from a religious perspective that is based on the teachings of Buddha and Confucius. And in the here and now, Jesus might have said similar things.

I don't know. Like I said, I don't know what to think. I am still processing the blame and the call to accountabilities and yet, each and every single one of have (and had) the ability to affect the fabric of what happened. That is what I've been taught, and that is what I believe. And so, I also am not without fault.

The various issues of uncaring, of things that might have been and have been, the cause and effect, the decisions we all make and others have made, converged at that the eye of this hurricane to bring us where we are today.

The only thing that I know is that I hope this is a lesson to all of us - all the people of the world - to see the cause and effect, to see how one's actions or inactions, have a rippling effect that can tie together events that seemingly have no relationship whatsoever, and to understand the universality of hope and faith, and that we are all the same - all of us.

But I have a strange feeling that not much will change. Not at all.

Exercise Note:
Running: 3 miles
Walking: 5.17 miles
Weights: rest day


.....down another pound....

Things are definitely looking up.

Going for my run...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Some losses are good...

...if it's another couple of pounds...

Yahoo. Down another 1.2 pounds.

Had a wonderful dinner tonight. Julie and Lenny, who recently got married, came over for dinner. We had wine and port, and teriyaki beef, sweet fresh corn on the cob that Joseph picked up on his way home from work, and stir-fried baby bok choy. We had such a good time talking and laughing. They are fun people!

Not a lot to report other than the thing foremost on everyone's mind, what I like to call The Aftermath. Where is the National Guard? I don't understand.

I called my insurance guy and he took all the info down on the car accident. He said I didn't have to do anything and that everything would be paid for. He also said "do not drive the car" because if I drive it the insurance people might want ME to go to THEM instead of them coming to me for the assessment of damages. He also said that I should not let the person who hit my car offer to pay since that usually means that (a) I won't get paid or (b) I won't get paid for everything. I've never been in this situation before so I don't know what I am doing. Thank goodness Anthony is there to take care of me and tell me what to do. Also, he gave me the name of the people he takes his car into.

I left a message for the guy who hit my car. I think he's an architect. I told him that I already contacted my insurance agent and to call me back. So far, I haven't heard from him. Joseph says he might be away. That's true. Or if he's still around, then he's okay with the insurance handling everything.

Well... if the bad is going to happen, at least the best of what can be can come out of the situation.

Exercise Note.
Running - Rest Day
Walking - 3.2 miles
Weights - Back and Biceps
Stretching - minimal - worked all day and then scrambled to get ready for Julie and Lenny, who didn't leave until about 11pm.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

There are good days...

…and there are bad days…

And some days have a little good and a little bad all in one.

So, let's start with the good news.
Went out for my run and I felt good.

I worked until really late - left the RI office around 7:50. It took the usual amount of time to get home but I was surprised at the number of cars out there at that time. During the summer, the volume is lower; I guess this is a telling reminder that fall is quickly upon us.

So, then, I pulled into the garage and the concierge came up and told me that someone had hit my car and they got all of the information. Apparently, the guy is a regular in the garage and is a nice guy. He said it was definitely his fault (uh, as if it could be MINE!) and he left all his license info. I didn't check the car when I got in - I will from now on. Joseph said that he checks the car regularly because he has seen this happen to other people. I felt that the car was out of alignment onthe way to work and it puzzled me. So I had made a mental note to check it after I got to work - and promptly forgot. Of course. So on the drive home, I made another mental note. And forgot again. ARG!!! Thank goodness the little garage attendants etc know us and made sure to watch out for the car! In fact, the guy had left like 40 minutes before I arrived and asked if I had said anything. Sigh... I am a dolt. An oblivious dolt. The garage attendants made sure to point out ALL of the cameras that are situated on the ceilings in case the guy gives me trouble but they did not think that he would. They were very nice. I will have to make sure to thank whomever and let whomever now how sweet and concerned they all were.

So today, I will be calling the insurance person and that owner - in case he wants to settle personally - but I think I'd rather have the insurance take care of it... I will talk to anthony and find out what he thinks is best. Of course, regardless of having this paid for, it's my LITTLE RED BEAN! WAH!!! And I will also have to take time and take the car to where to get whatever done to it. How damn inconvenient can this be? HFFFF!!! I should ask for my hourly rate and the inconvenience!

Anyway... I have to thank my lucky stars that the guy has been so honest so far. If it was gonna happen to me, at least I got a seemingly upstanding person. This might be the reward for me trying to be a good person. Who knows what the Karmic gods are conspiring about... knocking on wood and all that.

Exercise Note.
Running - 3 miles easy - very good run
Walking - 1.846 miles - again, working in the suburbs is fattening! GAK! I will have to make a point to walk the long way around to the bathroom and to the cafeteria and things like that.
Weights - Rest Day
Stretching - no time. Got home about 8:45 and then had to have some time to unwind and talk toJoseph about the car, blah blah blah...

Happiness is...

...a new pair of running shoes...

Time to crack open a new pair.
I change shoes around 250 miles.
They say you should get 300-500 but I agree with my podiatrist - change shoes often.
I've learned this by experience a while back when I thought my podiatrist didn't know what he was talking about, and well... of course, this doesn't apply to moi.

The new shoes are actually not new.
There are two pairs... DS Trainers and Loco Mojos.
They are left over from before my last injury in January.
I had just opened them and gotten a few miles in and then PFFT... 6 months of not running and generally sluggish and slothful behaviour.
One is light and one is heavy.
One is fast and one is slow.
Slow being relative, of course, seeing as I am not Speed Lightening.

So, if I run back to back days, I switch shoes.
If I skip a day, I run in the same pair as the previous run.
This is because:
a) I have orthotics. Changing them daily are a PIA.
b) I believe it's not good to run in the same pair every single time.

The old shoes will be used as gym shoes.
My old gym shoes will be sent to my sister for her to wear out by walking to and fro work.

And so, the world goes round...