Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am getting better... this left-handed mousing...

My right elbow is getting better.
I iced all day at work yesterday.
It still hurt like a muthah when I got home.
So, last night, I took 4 advils (Rx strength) and then 2 tylenol an hour later.
It's the best pain killing regimen I know and it works every time.
I also put some Salon Pas gel on it before bed.
This morning, it feels much better!
More Salon Pas, more Tylenol (before my run).

I've been testing out that area by moving each of my fingers and with my other hand, feeling my elbow to see what happens. Every finger except the thumb affects it. Hmmm.... wondering if I an do one-handed typing...

I am going to try and leave early for my Hunny Bunny's birthday.
Try, not do... it's a dilemma...

Damp and dreary...

...and wet outside...

It was pouring down this morning at 6:15.
I went and ran 4.05 miles.
I couldn't understand why I felt like I was running hard but wasn't going so fast.

Then I got home, took off my jacket and discovered…

…wet clothes weight a lot…

About 5 pounds worth of "a lot".

Tomorrow I am doing a couple miles easy.

Today... my Hunny Bunny's birthday...

35 years ago, he popped into this world, going a mile a minute and he hasn't stopped yet.

Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny.
I love you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I so TOTALLY forgot to go to the gym to clean out my locker!

Can't do it the rest of this week!!!
Too damn BUSY!!! ARG!!!!

I am going to try to leave work at 1pm tomorrow.
I was going to take the whole day off but it was all I could do to keep the whole day from getting packed.

I soooo have to leave work tomorrow by 1pm...

Only a dollar...

…was what Little Gina got from the tooth fairy…

She told us that as she waved a dollar bill in the air.
"Only a dollar."
That was after she showed us the big silver coin that said Tooth Fairy Coin on it.
Bright, shiny, hermetically sealed, big and thick, sort of looked like a fake medal...

I wonder how long it will take her to appreciate the fact that that Tooth Fairy Coin is made of solid silver.

I have a pain...

…in my right elbow…

I thought it might be due to "mousing."
This morning Joseph said he didn't think that was why.

So for now, I am "mousing" with my left hand.
Jeez… talk about having to slow down and smell the roses…

Running Note: Today is a rest day. Thank goodness. My legs are really tired-feeling. Tomorrow I am scheduled for 6 miles in the wee hours of dawn.

I also need to go to the gym and clean out my locker and discontinue that.
I guess I should do that since next month is right around the corner.
It will line up nice with stopping the automatic credit card payment for it.
That will save me $11 a month. That's an extra massage every year.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Disney packet...

...arrived in the mail today...

Both of ours arrived, complete with our assigned numbers and duplicate handbooks.
I can't believe it's only a month away! 3 more weeks of training, a 2 week taper, and then 26.2 miles. Another state will be done. Yikes! It really hasn't hit me yet. Seriously. 26.2 miles? I am just thinking about my 18 miler this coming Saturday. Then two more long runs after that.

I am taking it one week at a time.
One long run at a time.
I probably won't be running another marathon until the fall after Disney.
I'll just concentrate on getting better at the half marathon.
So I hope this is a good race for me.

I will say that the handbook did have some interesting running gear and shirts...

My sister...

...makes me laugh...

We always have a good time when we are together.

She makes me happy when I think about her.

Except for that stupid cujo dog of hers...


The bed... finally being delivered on Wednesday...

And the guy from the store called to make sure the delivery people got in touch with me.
And turns out that I will also be getting a $32 dollar refund since he added the original total wrong.
And he is sending me a $300 gift card for our troubles.

That is sufficient.
I am happy.

I hope they deliver the right bed.

Staying home...

...and doing nothing is a LOT of work!...

I've been going and going since I woke up this morning!

Went out for a quick 4 mile run. Beautiful morning. Got started around 8am and in that time, traffic happened! I mean... where did the people come from? Running in the city after 7am sucks big time!

Came back, ate, showered, made my list of things to do, started the laundry and then went to my massage.

Kate. She's really good!!! She gave me an hour and a half instead of the scheduled hour. It was the end of her shift so she said she had time! Lots of shoulder work - rhomboids and all that - and little tiny lat muscles...then the legs, back, piriformis - ouch! Then the psoas!!! I will definitely go back to her.

Now I am into the 4th load of launry, with the second one ready to fold.
But first I must go to the dry cleaners! And the Dingle Doggie needs some exercise!


And I haven't made a dent in my to do list! Unreal.

Another new reader...

...posted a comment the other day...

I checked out her blog.
I now have a link.

I call her Ave Maria...

We are home...

...from Greenville and I am at home...

I am taking the day off for a change.
A real, live, whole day off.
Without working.

I have a list of things to do.
And not a single one is work-related!

Happy happy happy!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I love Jelly...

We are in Atlanta. Went to the Georgia Aquarium. It's the largest in the world. Tried out my camera. A lot. Joseph kept Gina entertained while my brother John walked around looking bewildered.

We will drive back to Greenville today. Not a bad ride. All highway.

Oh what tangled web we weave...

...testing out the photo phunction of phBlogger...

Not too bad...

More pictures to come now that I know how to do this. Who knew it would be that easy?

Over the past two days, I went through the couple thousand pictures I took since I got my handy dandy camera and deleted, cataloged and filed them away.

This is one of my better pictures. Raw and amateurish, I know. But it's a start. Ya know? Sheesh.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gotta love USAIR Shuttle...

...and all the business travelers that commute to NY and DC...

We are at the USAIR terminal.
Arrived early because of the crowds.
Uhhh.... what crowds?
The ones that were supposed to be at the airport...
on this, the busiest travel day of the year.

Very empty.
And sooo.... we have lots of time on our hands waiting for the flight instead of waiting in line...

USAir Shuttle through DC to Greenville SC.
There are little desks with phones and plugs and bathrooms and food, which having to walk all over BFEgypt like in the main area.

And Wifi. Very awesome. 7.95 for 24 hours. Cheap but what a rip off - they must make a ton of money off of people logging in for only 15 or 20 minutes. I wonder if there is a way to save up time for next time?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happiness is...

...watching your Hunny Bunny fall asleep in the rocking chair...

My father used to do that... fall asleep in front of the TV.

I love my Hunny Bunny.
He is so cute.

On another note... I was supposed to call my brother tonight and I forgot.
Gotta do it tomorrow since it's too late to do it tonight.
Dang dang dang...

Pizza night... the Bator house...

We've been making home-made pizza for about a month now.
We are really enjoy experimenting with different combinations of ingredients.

Our first foray was the traditional pepperoni and mushroom using a mexican cheese mix on a pizza pan with holes in it to let the air circulate. I really liked how it turned out, including the way the cheese turned brown! We learned that we used too much sauce, and that you need to add a layer of cheese right on the sauce, not just on top of everything.

The second foray was spicy italian sausage with carmelized onions and mushrooms. This time we used half the sauce, mozzerella cheese, and a pizza stone we got just for the occasion. It was tricky getting the dough round enough and then getting it onto the pizza stone without it getting out of shape and sticking all over the place. We learned that you must heat the stone up to 425*, not 350.

Tonight we used chicken stir-fried in sundried tomato vinagrette, sundried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, fresh mushrooms, fresh cilantro. I worked the dough a little differently, and had the oven on the right temperature. It was delicious. Certainly our best pizza yet. I love making pizza. It's much better than the place down the road... it's more of a gourmet pizza than the
standard pizza-place-down-the-street fare. I wish I could make the pizza crust much thinner. It is thin already but I like the crisy crunchy really thin paper thin type of crust.

Next time, thinner crust.
Gotta figure out what kinda toppings to use...

On another note...I am wondering about my run tomorrow morning. Six miles. Yikes. And my thighs still hurt from the 17.5 mile headwind run from hell on Sunday...And it's supposed to be raining in the morning. Well, time to get out the foul weather gear!

One of the single best quotes on Freedom...

...that speaks to everything that I've said myself is from Ronald Reagan...
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We
didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought
for, protected, and handed on to them to do the same, or one day we will
spend our subset years telling our children and our children's children what
it was once like in the United States where men were free."

And another thing...

...I really like the new CIO...

He seems to be true to his word about the kind of work he will allow us to hire new people for and... he seems to be Intiutive - which is different from the old CIO who was more Sensing...

This CIO just seemed to "get it."
And he is very business focused.

Which is good because we are just like him.


Although, I wonder how he will feel after we go back to him multiple times for similar requests...

Time will tell.

Sometimes it's worth getting up in the morning...

…and coming to work…

For all those times I wondered why I am here,
why am I working,
why do I bother,
when it seems like I am rolling a rock uphill…

I presented to the CIO this morning.
We finished 15 minutes early.
After the first 20 minutes he was ready to start wrapping up.

In a nutshell, we got approval to hire!
9 people in all.
3 in India.
2 in Texas.
4 in New England.
The 10th person kinda got lost in the shuffle - not sure what happened there.

We will staff with 2 contractors in Texas.
Maybe 1 contractor here.
But then the rest will be full time.

It all went without a hitch.
I feel like take the rest of the day off!

Unfortunately, now the real work begins.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tomorrow morning at 10am...

...I am presenting to the new CIO of the Firm...
Trying to get the approval to hire 6-9 new people for a new project.
My boss will be there.
My boss's boss will be there.
The CIO is new and doesn't know me or my group or what we do.
And everyone has come to him for additional people.
He's sent every single group back for more information.
Sometimes three times.
If that happens to us, the project will be dead since there is no way we will get in front of him again until the new year.
The good news is that my boss loves the presentations and my boss's boss thinks it's all very compelling.

Two to three hours worth of information crammed into an hour.
Should be interesting.

I am strangely calm.

Let me just say this...

...I need to move my long runs to Saturdays...

It was a day of revelations today.

17.5 miles in probably the slowest time ever since coming back from my injury in July (September if you don't count the initial recovery running period.)

But if you take off the 20 minutes of walking I did for about 1 mile, then the mpm pace is decent. Not as fast I would like but certainly decent.

The plan was to run flat.
Disney is flat.
And flat running take special training.
You have to train using the same muscles over and over again.
These muscles will get no relief over the course of 26.2 miles.
And to make them stronger, you have to train them.
And it hurts.
Which is one reason why I hate running flats.
And never a good run.
And today was no exception.

The plan was to run a double loop of the Charles River.
The first loop is the Science Museum-Anderson Footbridge which is 8.1 miles.
The second look is the Science Museum-Western Ave Bridge which is 7.5 miles.
And the 1.9 miles to and from the river would make it 17.5.
And there would be lots of stores along the way, not to mention the Science Museum with bathrooms and free water, of which I availed myself abundantly today. They did do some renovations - looks good. Reminded me that we should probably go there for Christmas gifts for the kids. Anyway...

There is a section on the Cambridge side between the BU Bridge and the River Street Bridge, which would be a vast wasteland if the river wasn't there... There are no trees and no buildings, so the wind swoops through there - HEADWIND! The first time through, I was full of energy, so it was manageable. The second time through - fuggedaboudit....

Then when you cross the bridge to the Boston side, the wind is coming at you from the side, so you get ANOTHER HEADWIND!!! About 15-20 minutes of headwind! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, the second loop was much slower than the first loop, which is sad considering it was shorter than the first one...

There were a couple of observations from the day:
  1. Wind sucks. Headwind sucks the most. It's like running uphill. Continuously. Today my whole back half hurt. My calves, hamstrings, outer hips, glutes... they still hurt! Of course, this is the longest distance so far in training.
  2. Flat running hurts. 'Nuff said.
  3. You have to eat, hydrate, and rest the day before your long run. You must eat WELL - not just eat. Saturdays are spent running around and doing errands. Yesterday was typical. I ate a good breakfast, then spent about 3 hours doing the shopping and by the time I had lunch, it was a bowl of instant ramen noodles at 2 pm. Then I went out for a run, which was short so it was good - even after being so busy. We had a decent dinner but I don't think that it was sufficient enough to cover for the lack of food earlier in the day. And since I was running around doing errands, I was on my feet a lot instead of resting. AND, I didn't drink enough water - when you are out and about, drinking enough water means having to go to the bathroom every hour or so - very inconvenient at the grocery store and such. But on Fridays, I am at work, sitting, eating right - actually eating a lot, and generally just resting - even though I am mentally working. So Saturdays are much better for a long run instead of Sunday. I must change my running schedule. Sigh... yet one more thing for me to redo during the week - one more thing on my "To Do List."
  4. The night before the run, I am eating red meat and white rice. The night of my run, I am eating red meat and white rice. Eating chicken doesn't work for me. It is what it is.
Today was a tough run. So tough that I couldn't even enjoy the geese. But it's 17.5 miles in the bag. I hope my 18 or 20 miler is much easier as a result.

If this happened in a marathon, I know I could have at least run/walk the rest. But at that point, I'd just walk off the course. Why bother? Why kill yourself? I've learned a thing or two watching the big dogs from the BAA. It doesn't matter who you are or how fast you are... it's about quality.

On another note, thank goodness I had my iPod...

We are waiting...

...for the arrival of our new Bose system...

We are getting a considerable discount which makes it all that much better.

Joseph is busy planning where the speakers will go.
He is so cute when he gets all excited about things.
I love it when he is happy.

Random Thought: Lemons

I went to C.O. Bigelow about 4 weeks ago.
It's a high end "drug store" that has a HUGE RANGE of skin care products.

While I was there, I got some Patricia Wexler skin scrub stuff, and a
foundation by Kevin Aucoin.

First of all, he's a makeup guru.
If this guy cannot make you look good, then you are just not human.
He can make you look like just about anyone out there with a mere makeup brush.
Of course, behind that is CONSIDERABLE TALENT.
Anyway, the foundation that is perfect for me #8.
And I also found out how you pronounce his name - Oh-Cwan. French. Whatever.

Anyway... at check out they gave me a sample of lemon body cream. I loved the
cream. Hated the smell. I smelled like a lemon chiffon pie. I usually love
lemon in almost everything - edible that is... lemon meringue pie, chicken
lemon soup, lemon drops (one of my father's favorites), lemon filled Krispy
Kreme donuts (another one of my father's favorites), lemon sorbet...

But I hate lemon body cream.
Go figure.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I don't get it...

How come I can't win the lottery?!?!


1 mile....

…this morning to test out the ankle…

It's been three days since my last run.
My legs were turning, but my heart could barely keep up.
I hate skipping more than a day of running.
It always feels lousy if I take more than a day off between runs.

Anyway, my ankle didn't hurt and it didn't look any more swollen than when I started.
I iced afterwards just to be sure that nothing puffed up.

Now, hours later, it still feels good.

Tomorrow, I am going to try running 3 miles and see what happens.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Speaking of running...

…my running has been going great since Reach the Beach

That is until this past Sunday…ahem.

Anyway, I think the streak started with my 10-mile long run on October 2nd.
It was fast, and I felt so good.
I've kept that feeling with me since and I look forward to my early morning runs.
Although…running in the dark does give me a peek into a strange world of "night people."
Anyway, that's a topic for another day.
Since coming back from my 6-month layoff, my runs have gotten so much better.
So much faster and much more fulfilling.

But that day...
I remember the music in my head - running with my iPod.
I keep the volume just low enough to hear.

I want to be aware of my surroundings, after all...
And as I ran that day, the music stirred me.
I imagined myself dancing. My imagination was my choreographer.
And that dance carried my legs forward.
And as the music swirled, I danced faster - and my stride got longer and my spirit lifted higher.
Rarely have I experienced this.
And ever since, I've tried to re-capture the feeling...

I haven't perfectly honed my ability to get to that same level, but "the trying" has helped make every run something to look forward to. "Maybe today is the day…" and off I go.

For the first time, the freedom I felt when I used to dance, was captured in my run.

I don't typically remember my runs but the past couple of months have etched indelible memories...
- the rowers on the Charles River prepping for the Head of the Charles…
- the geese that took off together from the river as I was running along the Memorial Drive side of the Charles one day. They took off together, about 30 of them, and as they got airborne they started their formation. I stopped and watched. Their necks and bodies, so long and graceful. It took my breath away.

- the frost on the grass - first of the season. Little ice crystals that made the wet ground hard and crunchy - good for running!

I want my ankle to heal so I can run again.
I want to be carefree and have my legs fly - even if it's only in my mind.
But speed is relative, after all…
I want to run longer and longer, stronger and stronger.
I want to run forever, to sing out loud and dance in my mind,
and let my spirit cry from the beauty of it all…

And I have that marathon in January.
After all.

I ran from Hopkinton...

…this past Sunday…

What was supposed to be a 17-miler got cut short.

I started at the Marathon Start Line in Hopkinton.
Joseph drove me out.
I was in a very good mood.
It was a beautiful day.
And I had high hopes for this run, the longest this year...
As recovery for the marathon he ran on Saturday, my Hunny Bunny was out there to support me.
The Dingle Doggie was there to keep him company.
It was a beautiful day.

At Mile 2 in Ashland, I step on something.
I stick. A twig.
Is a twig a stick?
A rock.
Who knows?
My ankle went under.

The same ankle I sprain three times in 6 weeks at the beginning of the year.
The same ankle that caused me to sit out of running for six months.
The same pain, except not as sharp as any of the times in January.
Small blessing...

The stars in my head cleared, the big cars were whizzing by - no, standing on Rt 136 on the tiny little shoulder with cars whizzing by you isn't my idea of a stroll in the park… but I really didn't care. I hung onto the guard rail. Joseph saw me from 100 yards up, knew something was wrong and drove up to meet me.

I couldn't believe this.
What luck.
What UN-luck was this?
I have a marathon in January!


*sob sob sob*

Joseph said to keep running.
And after some whimpering, and hugging, I did just that.

I kept running.

But my mental focus was shot.
Even though I didn't seem it, I know I favored my left leg.
My legs were sore and started to stiffen up.
At Mile 14, Joseph said to get in the car.
I was done.
He said there was no way he was going to let me run down the Big Hill at Mile 15.
Come to find out that he had been circling me 2 or 3 times in between mile markers to keep an eye on how I was doing.

And I never saw him - couldn't pick my head up, much less my feet.

I've been taking some time off since Sunday. Not running - going on three days now.
It's still swollen and it's starting to bruise but I hope the worst of it is over.
And I've been icing twice daily.
I hope to get out for a couple miles tomorrow morning to test things out.
I will wear the ankle brace.

After all, I have another 17 miles scheduled for this coming Sunday.
And a marathon to run in January…after all…

I am taking a break...

…now that my two latest presentations for work are pretty much done…

I just have to put some last finishing touches on one of them.
My boss has deemed both to be "really great" and "very good".
I am content.

So, now is the time to sit back and rejuvenate.
I have caught up with a lot of the blog reading, thank goodness.

I think I have about 5 more to read.

I also made a checkup appointment with my doctor - just a general checkup.
GASP! I actually had time to make a phone call.
NO! TWO phone calls.
I also called and made dinner reservations for my Hunny Bunny's birthday at the end of the month.
AND… get this…drum roll
I did some internet shopping for his birthday gifts.

After today, more procrastination will ensue in a rush.
I just know it.
The next two tasks on my desk will be long, laborious, and dealing with too many people.
Gotta get some stuff under control and I am not looking forward to it.

We are also putting together the job descriptions for a major initiative.
We need to hire about 5 people here in New England, 2 in Dallas, and 3 in India.
One of the ones here will have to be hired ASAP.
Monday, we go in front of the new CIO… we are crossing our fingers that all things will be approved.
But I know it won't be that easy!
Never is…

The good news is that Bonus Season is coming up.
I love Bonus Season.
It allows me to bring good news to everyone on my staff.
Even though it's a ton of work writing reviews, which I haven't even started. Sigh…

I also have two and a half weeks of vacation to take.
We can't officially carry over vacation days but we all do it anyway.
The way we work, how can you take all that vacation?
And four weeks?
How? I ask you, HOW???

I am going to try and schedule some time off when the Niece and Nephew come to visit in December.
Must figure this out.

Next week we are going to SC to visit my brother and sister in law.
I will take pictures.
Of course, downloading them is a whole different topic.
And posting them?
Are you serious?

Don't hold your breath unless you’re a Polynesian pearl diver...

My pills...

…are always with me…

And it take a lot of them.
When I can remember.
A small handful if you had to measure.
About 25-30 a day if you had to count.

When I can't remember, I take zero.

Taking them at meals has been a problem.
So unless I MUST take them with meals, I have taken to spreading them out throughout the day.
And since I am sipping from a liter bottle of water, all day long, it's been working.

Until I forget to drink.

I need to set a reminder.
But if I do, I tend to ignore it after the first day.

Anyway, today has been a good day.
So far.
Only 9 more pills to go…

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


SEATTLE (Reuters) - For beverage connoisseurs tired of turkey-and-gravy or green-beans-and-casserole-flavored sodas, there's a new choice being offered this year by specialty U.S. soda manufacturer Jones Soda Co.: salmon.

Jones Soda, the Seattle company that scored a hit during the last two holiday seasons with its turkey-and-gravy-flavored sodas, said it is offering the orange-hued fish-flavored drink this year in a nod to the Pacific Northwest's salmon catch.

"When you smell it, it's got that smoked salmon aroma," said Peter van Stolk, chief executive of Jones Soda.
The artificially flavored salmon soda will be offered as part of a $13 "regional holiday pack" that also includes other unusual sodas such as turkey & gravy, corn on the cob, broccoli casserole and pecan pie.

While those bottles will be offered locally, Jones Soda is also selling its similarly-priced "holiday pack" of turkey and gravy, wild herb stuffing, brussels sprouts, cranberry and pumpkin pie sodas across the country.

Thanksgiving, a U.S. holiday that falls on the fourth Thursday of November, typically features a dinner with turkey, gravy and other condiments.

Van Stolk, who built his Seattle-based soda company by selling traditional sodas as well as exotic flavors such as green apple, bubble gum and crushed melon, said that "the most important thing (about Jones Soda) is that we can laugh at ourselves."

Asked whether he liked his new salmon soda, van Stolk said: "I cannot finish a bottle, I just can't."

I tuned into iTunes...

…and downloaded BEP…

As in Black Eyed Peas…
Which is much better than black eyed peas…
Which is what they eat on New Years Day in the South.

Three songs:
My Humps (love this one)
Shut Up
Pump It

I like a lot of their stuff
but these are the most "run-able"
and not too hip-hoppy.

Can't wait to download it on my iPod.
Of course, running will have to wait.

Did I mention that I rolled my ankle again this weekend?
Well… consider it mentioned.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I looked in the mirror...

...and I saw my mother staring back at me...

The older I get, the more I look like her.
I remember that as she aged she never got a wrinkle and her hair stayed black.

I also remember that her skin just got looser as she aged.

I get my body type from my father.
Buit the strength of my heart and the look of my face come from my mother.

In a way, I'm becoming something that I said would never be: I am becomiNg my mother.

And since she was a bit of a mental froot loop, I'm not sure what to make of that...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happiness is...

...having my Hunny Bunny's homemade special chili for dinner...

while I am at work...
makes me feel all goose-pimply like he was sort of here with me...

ARG!!! I am so behind...

…on blog reading…

I have to CATCH UP!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finally, hired a new person...

…who is an old friend…

We worked together for about 10 years.
He hired me here.
We worked together for almost forever.
I moved on to another group.
Then he followed.
I started managing.
He started managing.
I moved into yet another new group.
He followed yet again.

I started running.
He followed suit.
And he was FASTER than me! GAH!!!
And things were rockin' and a rollin' right along. And we were a GOOD TEAM!
If you asked me if I had a best friend at work, it would be him.

Then he got RIF'd about 4 years ago.
Since then, things have changed here like CRAZY! We've been reorg'd, been moved around as a group, I've taken over the department, and then got promoted... now everyone reports to me, including his old staff.

And since then, I've felt as if I were a main sail without the jib.
I eat at my desk, I don't get out.
I don't talk to anyone.
I don't take a break.
And I don't really have a best friend at work anymore.

I have terrific staff, some of whom are also terrific friends, but it's not the same...

After the RIF, he took nine months off, then went to work for an old boss who we both used to work for when he worked here about 9 years ago. That boss lasted about 2 years, abandoned us and went to work for another company a town away. And when my friend (let's call him Ken) got RIF'd due to the market crash, he hired Ken. Grabbed him up. And loves him.


I talked to him about two months ago…
Need you back…
Have we got a deal…
Please come back…
please please please

What do you mean not til MARCH!

All in all, I negotiate hard.
I nag hard, too.

Finally, after a two month process of administrivia to change the original job level, and get everyone's approval, he is starting on December 5th.

This is great.
He knows my staff.
He knows the team.

He knows the work.
He knows me.
He knows my mind, my heart, and knows what I want.
Without words.

With a mere glance.

All the little pieces are falling back into place and the planets are starting to whirl into alignment. I may have some peace at work in the new year.

In the meantime, I had another good person I was trying to transfer in from another group and my BOSS GRABBED HIM!!! ARG!!! He knows a good thing when he sees one. The good thing is that this guy - let's call him Steve - will start out matrixed to me, working on my stuff. This is good. The last thing I need is another person reporting directly to me! All the benefits without the administration! YAHOO!

Oh, and I should mention that I have another 7-10 positions in the works for the new year? One of which is ASAP - meaning as soon as I get the okay, I can hire asap...
THAT'S been in the works for THREE MONTHS!


My desk...

…looks like it exploded into a million pieces…

and then each piece burped.

I am OBSN (Organizing By Stickie Note) right now.
Thank god for 3M.

Living on Advil and Tylenol... not for the weak...

That's what I've been doing for the past month and a half.
Went in about a month ago for a routine crown replacement.
I was told that they had to get close to the nerve, yadda yadda yadda, during the drilling, blah blah blah, and we will see if it's okay.
So, a month later I go back in and tell them that I carry around gigantical size containers of Advil and Tylenol.

"Oh... that's not a good sign..."
You don't think so?
"Noooo.... you need a root canal..."
A root canal?
"I was afraid of this..."
A root canal? Another one??
"Come back in two weeks for the root canal..."

So, yesterday I went in.
It was not as wonderful an experience as the first one I had - with a different doctor.
This was a hair raising at the beginning and hit HURT. Like a mutha!
Then things settled in and toward the end, I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep.

Mouth is still a bit sore... and in three weeks I am going back for the permanent crown.

But you know what?
It felt good to drink a HOT cuppatea last night and to drink from my ice cold bottle of seltzer water this morning - all without PAIN and mouth contortions to avoid said pain.

Still on Advil and Tylenol for a few days - hopefully.

I am spending entirely too much time in the dentist's chair!

Our friend Abby...

...has a blog...

Wonders never cease.
At least until she forgets she has one and stops blogging.

I give her a week.

Any takers?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Random Thought: My Desk...

...looks like it exploded...



Thursday, November 03, 2005

My friend eebee...

…is a runner…


He won the Grand Rapids Marathon last weekend.

And I am so damn proud that I could just bust…
scream and shout…
dance on tables…
and hug myself forever…

You gotta know him.
He is one of those nice kinda guys that you can't help but like.
If he were a lesser person, you would hate the guy.
But he and his wife… well, a match made in Heaven.
With three God-given children - and if a couple were MEANT to populate this earth, it's Ali and Erik.
You kinda wish they had a dozen or so kids…

I figure, he's here as an example to everyone that you can be smart, fast, good looking, be married to an equally smart, fast, good looking woman, and STILL be the nicest person… an example to all…

Eebee is one of my most favoritest people on this planet.

Random Thought: Icing Down...

Never place a hot poptart, icing down on a napkin or paper towel.

The icing will adhere.
You will then peel off the top of the poptart when you try to peel off the paper - leaving you with only the bottom half of the poptart…OR…
You will have to eat the paper if what you really looked forward to was the crunchy, hot, brown sugar cinnamon icing.

This morning, I had a half a poptart.

Later, I will supplement breakfast with a Ham and Cheese Croissant.

Happy happy!

It's really is the Amazing Machine...

…and how it self-regulates is incredible…

I got on the scale this morning and I am UP by .4 pounds.
Some people might freak out over this, but not me.
There is a simple, rational explanation for it…

Yesterday, I didn't drink enough.
…AND I didn't EAT enough.

That's it.
Everytime my caloric intake is too low, my body rebels.
Yesterday was a prime example.
…I ran 4 miles.
…1 walked 4.69 miles.
I had only 1.5 liters of water.
And ate only 1500 calories.

Now that might not seem like a little, but if you consider the fact that I actually expended over 2500 calories… well, anyone can see that eating only 60% (or threreabouts) of the calories you need for the day can poop you out and make your body get all aggravated with you.

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile long run.
The goal today is to down 3 liters of water and eat WELL!

Like a LOT of food. Carbos. Must. Eat. Food. Today…

I have to remember that.
Ugh. I can't stand taking a break to eat.
Waste. Of. Time.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Daily fitness through Fitday...

…which should not be confused with Fit Days…

I mentioned before that Fitday is software.
And as a result, I have been having more and more Fit Days!
I have been tracking my activity and my caloric intake on this software.
I've created new foods by entering in the recipes and taking information right off the labels.
It's been pretty convenient and the more I use it, the bigger the database of foods and the easier it gets to use.

I really believe in the calories in/calories out method.
Forget food combining and atkins and eating only apples for days on end or whatever the latest fad is.
The bottom line is… calories in must be less than calories out…

It is what it is and I don't care how anyone rationalizes that 100 calories from french fries is worse than 100 calories from an apple. Yes, the basic nutrition of both food types is different but that is a totally different conversation. A calorie is a measure of energy. You intake more energy than you use and you. will. get. F-A-T.

Anyway, the software is great. It will adjust my basal metabolism based on my weight for that day that I enter.
I try to make sure that I average about 250 calories less intake than I expend daily. That's an average. Some days it will be more or less. Anyway, this all seems to be working.

Since the beginning of September, I've lost about 7 pounds from the highest "blip" point (one day when I was at an all time high and almost killed myself), and about 5 pounds from my "normal" highest weight. That's not too bad - 5 pounds in 8 weeks which supports the 250-300 calorie average decrease in caloric intake daily. So, it's actually working. I can't believe it. Anyway...

This lets me eat more on the days that I run or walk a lot.
It helps me curb what I eat on those days when I am lazy-assed slug.

AND… I am still drinking my daily glass of wine… TA-DAH…. Happiness!

I am very pleased. I would recommend that people get this software… it's the best money I think I've spent in a l-o-n-g time!

If course, you actually have to USE it for it work.
Just getting the software isn't going to make you lose weight, eat better or exercise more.