Monday, March 20, 2006

Michael Timothy's...

…is a restaurant in Nashua, New Hampshire…

Who knew that downtown Nashua would be so… well. "nouveau"-feeling! Wow. We looked in the windows and there were a lot of interesting-looking restaurants. We definitely want to go back there and go to some of the other places. Since Debbie lives up that way, we have more reason to go up that way.

We went to Michael Timothy's on Saturday to watch Vince and his band (Up Front Jazz) play in the lounge. We also met our friend Debbie up there. It was our first outing with Debbie since she moved to New Hampshire for her new job. We had a great time. She got there first and was nursing a glass of beer when we arrived. We immediately started eyeballing the tables and the diners at those tables to let them know not to linger. It's first come first served in the lounge and there was no way that anyone was going to cut in front of us! And it was a small lounge with only 5 tables! Anyway…

Vince came over during a break to say "hi."
This is the same trio that played for our wedding in 2004, with the addition of my then-boss who joined to make it a temporary quartet. They sounded really good. I was bummed that we had to leave early - but with a 16 and 22 mile run for me and Joseph the next morning, we should have really left earlier.

We told Debbie that she had to come to Boston and just hang out with us. Bring Lola and veg, do what she wants. We won't insist on entertaining her and she can explore Boston all she wants, with or without company - whatever floats her boat. And the Dingle and Lola would have a great time.


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