Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Week One is going well so far

I got up and hit the treadmill this morning.
30 minutes was all I needed.
I feel good.
I have a pile on my desk,
things are due tomorrow and Thursday,
I haven't even started,
and the world is still okay right now.

Imagine what a little 30 minute run in the morning can do.

I am being inspired by my Good Friend Cher.
I just have to think about what that inspiration looks like.
Can I lose 10 in 10?
Maybe 5 in 10?
But is it probable?
I must think about this a bit more...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I guess, you can count me in, too...

...since Joseph reminded twice that there are only 10 weeks left in the year...


Started running today - 3.67 miles on our upstairs-tenant-soon-to-be-just-a-tenant's treadmill. I love having a treadmill in easy proximity. Joseph went outside to run. The unweatherman said it would be windy, so of course, I pointed this out to him.
He said, "you should run, too."
Hmmm... could it be regular bout of bitchiness that sets in daily around 8 o'clock pee emm? I said I was thinking about it.
"No," he said, "You should REALLY RUN today..."
Hmm... okay. Sigh... I tell him I will run on the treadmill.
He says, "you should really run outside. I know how you feel about the wind but... blah blah blah..." And off he went to run outside.
I sort of lost him after he mentioned the wind but I did entertain that notion since it seems to be nice day outside. Through the window.

I had been packing all morning. Joseph's parents had come in to visit since Thursday and they left after breakfast. I was rotating my summer clothes with my cold-weather clothes - leaving my freezing-weather clothes in the boxes to be moved to the new house - and I finally decided, better now than never...

I looked out the window. Whups. There goes that tree... bending sideways. Yikes! The Wind is back. Okay...

So, I changed into my running gear - the ritual of putting on my HRM and pulling on my socks just right so that I don't feel the Nubbies when I put my shoes on, getting my water bottle ready... it's such a familiar routine... and mildly comforting, knowing that I am The Path and that I am Committed and that very little will deter me...

I am heavier than ever and I could feel every nano-ounce.
I haven't really run in months and I could feel every day that passed by me.
I sweated like a pig and sucked in big gulps of air, all the while looking outside at the sideways-bending-trees-due-to-the-Wind, listening to my iPod, feeling the the ball of my right foot hurt for a few minutes, feeling the heel of my left heel feel a little tender, feeling the weakness in my belly not-muscles, feeling the right hip tighten up, and well... I generally felt pretty good.

I got off the treadmill 3.67 miles later, went downstairs and noted the dizziness... Must be the hyperventilation from being so out of shape.

It felt good.
10 weeks to go.
I'll try to end it on a good note with less bitchiness on a nightly basis, a pound or two less, and the whole house moved to the new house.

We have a lot of stuff to move.
The poor trashman...

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Hunny Bunny

Who knew.

That a pip-squeak chatterbox who'd get under my skin in 5 short months would give me everything I ever remember ever dreaming of in only three short years.

Who knew.

I love you, Hunny Bunny.

Officially broke

We signed papers this morning on the new house.
As of 10:15am, we are the proud owners of an old Victorian house that must be completely renovated.

I am leaving work early today to go over there this afternoon.
I feel 50% less stress right now than I did two nights ago.
Amazing. I wonder if "buying a new house" is on the "Top Ten List of Things that Kill People" - and if it isn't, it should be.

So much to do...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am sitting here waiting for my train and I look down and realize that I am covered in DOG HAIR!


Stupid dog.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another trip!

It looks like I am going to have to go to Dallas in TWO WEEKS!

Nothing like short damn notice.

The Best Sushi in the Country...

...can be found at the Sushi Den in Denver...

On Saturday night, we took a cab ride down to some area of Denver I am sure I'd never see if it weren't for this restaurant. It was a neighborhoody sort of area, older homes, with artsy stuff, and kinda ethnic.

We got there around 6pm and we are GLAD we did because the wait time quoted to us was 20-25 minutes. By the time we were called for our table about 15 minutes later, the wait time being quoted had gone up to an hour! But we had heard it was worth the wait and we have to agree!

First of all, there is only one other restaurant by the same owners and they are located in Japan.
Second of all, they have albacore on the menu as a regular item - and it's not SEARED! GAH! I hate seared anything - make it raw or cook it but there is no in between and when it comes to something as delicate as albacore, cooking it is a crime. And that is how I feel about that!
Third of all... they had HOMEMADE TOFU! GAK!!! GAK GAK GAK!!! It was SO GOOD we had TWO SERVINGS!

The Ginza in Salt Lake City is the Sushi place that I had always said hat the best sushi I've ever head. And I've eaten at quite a few sushi places in my time. And for year, The Ginza was #1. But now, move over. The Sushi Den is all that and more! The waiter was awesome, made a lot fo recommendations, the bar is full and well equipped. But the variety and freshness of the fish was incredible - along with the old standbys, there were fish that other sushi places might serve on occassion as the special fish of the day. Not at the sushi den. In addition to the Albacore, they have TORO all the time - and this is hard to get because not all tuna is high grade enough and when it is, it's only a small part of the fish.

They also had kobe beef roll, which we tried.
Okay. So it tastes like my Korean kimbap - sushi roll with beef.
Been there done that.
Now that I know what Kobe beef tastes like, I'll stick to sushi.

If you're even in Denver, try Sushi Den.
It's worth the trip.
It's worth the wait.
And it's certainly worth not eating all day...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday drive in Denver

After a leisurely breakfast yesterday, we walked about 4 blocks to the local Avis and rented a car. At the hotel, the registration guy gave us a scenic drive he said would take an hour of just straight driving.

We headed out on I-25 and then took T-70, took the exit onto C-470 and took the exit into highway 74. We hit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Joseph had been there already on Friday as a part of a tour for the conference he attended so he could tell me a lot of what the guide and geologist had to say. The place was beautiful. And there were a LOT of runners walking the bleachers, running up and down the steps, etc. If you walk the bleachers back and forth, it adds up to two miles. It looked like a terrific workout. We also overheard a trainer with her two trainees. "We'll go back down and go back up one more time..." Joseph and I were laughing!

There was a pulse-rate checker at the top of the amphitheater and both of our heart rates about were about 15-20 beats higher than at sea level. Amazing. There was also a small gift shop and a restaurant. They built one of the rooms in the visitor center around a gigantic rock. I guess they didn't know how big the rock was until they go started because only a piece of the rock was built into the room, while the rest of it was outside the building!

On the way down off the mountain, we stopped at the Trading Post. There was a visitor center inside where a nice man told us to take the Lariat Loop. It turns out that the route that the hotel man gave us is a part of the Lariat Loop.

We tried to find Dinosaur Ridge which is right on the other side of Red Rock, but we never could find the entrance. So we decided to trudge forward.

We drove downI-74 through some of the smallest little towns we ever drove through - all of them along Bear Creek - which was wider than a creek in most places. We drove through Idlewide (don't blink), then Kittredge (uh, was that a town?), and finally into Evergreen. We stopped because it was bigger than the other places and it was getting near lunch. Besides, there were some neat-looking shops along the main stretch. The row of shops were in connected wooden buildings right up against the road. The only thing separating them from the street was the elevated boardwalk - sort of like those old westerns where you walk up on the porch of a row of shops to avoid the dust. Yes. Very westernish.

We stopped into a couple of stores and bought a sweater, a bar of soap, some incense and an incense holder - all these years, I've been waiting for the plant to catch on fire as the incense stick I stuck in the dirt of any ole potted plant bruns down.

For lunch, we were at a loss so we stopped in at Girlfriend Clothes and the nice lady there took out 5 menus and made some hearty recommendations. We decided on the Lakeshore Cafe which was definitely a local place. We ended up with the pork & green chile soup (unbelievable) and two large sandwiches (unbelievable). Very good and very "local."

After lunch we drove on down highway 74 and stopped in at the Hiwan Homestead Museum. This was a spur of the moment thing. We actually passed the sign, and then had to turn around to go back to it. It is a 17-room log home with four outbuildings, etc. There was an older couple there. The wife sat by the door greeting guests and the man gave the tour. You could tell that they really loved the place. They knew so much about it that you thought they actually lived there! We stopped for about an hour and we were glad that we did!

On highway 74 again, we were on our way to Lookout Mountain Road. It's supposed to be a very scenic drive. But first, Joseph saw buffaloe off to the left of the highway so we drove in search! We ended up going to Genesee Park - which covers an area about 2350 acres. The road wound us up onto the mountain and we saw some spectacular views! On the way back down, Joseph spotted a group of deer! Of course, I missed them. Joseph stopped and back up slowly, and there they were, 5 feet from me - the buck looked up and stared right at me as I click away on the camera (a disposable one because I didn't bring my digital SLR, because I am a dolt and I should KNOW BETTER that when I think that I won't need it is when I will be needing it and I should just bring it anyway! GAH!). As soon as I get the film developed, I will post some pictures. I hope they turned out okay.

Then back down to the highway and we finally reach Lookout Mountain Road. We made a stop at the Boettcher Mansion but it was being used for a wedding so we just ducked into the visitor center next door for a few minutes and then went on our merry way. I was bummed out about not being able to get into the mansion. It's a Victorian era log mansion and it's supposed to be really detailed and beautiful inside. Oh well...

The drive through Lookout Mountain was wonderful. We stopped to take some pictures and we saw a lot of bikers riding up the road - and those who were on their way back down. At one point we saw a group of about a dozen runners who were probably a local high school cross country team. We stopped to take pictures of them, as well.

After about 4 hours of driving, we ended back in Denver, returned the car and had a nice rest before dinner.

Phew! It was a good day for a drive!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Surprise surprise surprise...

Last night, Joseph surprised me by taking me to the Denver Aquarium.
Ok. So some people might not think that's much of a surprise.
But, wait!

I love aquariums!
I love the fishes and looking at them in the big tank and describing wonderful ways to cook them! Yes. I do that.
I love the jelly fish. I think they are my favorite. In this aquarium, they not only had the traditional white ethereal-looking balloony jelly fish, but they also had the nettles - which are similar with much fancier tentacles and are beige in color. You never get to see those!

This aquarium was one long path with you walking through the exhibits, which ranged from fresh water lakes, ponds and rivers, to the deserts, to the shores, to the rain forest and even a jungle with four real tigers - they were sleeping. Early in the exhibit was a simulated flash flood complete with lightning and rain noises and thunder boomers. This totally freaked me out. I have a feeling that my total distaste for water is because I drowned in a prior life. Which is totally in keeping with a past life regression thing where I was a 16 year old daughter of a sea captain going to Asia on a mission and dying, in what I believed to be a yellow fever epidemic but might have been more that I was drowned at sea (that's another long story). Anyway...

For dinner, we went to the aquarium restaurant. It was wonderful. The decor made it seem like you were underwater, and the whole wall which was the central fish tank definitely gave you an underwater feel. Dinner was delicious. We had a dozen oysters, and we split the biggest crab and shrimp rangoons you've ever seen in your life (they were gigantical), and Joseph had the blackened catfish and I had the macadamia encrusted trout. We topped it off by splitting a strawberry shortcake! When we got the bill, Joseph thought the wine was left off - but the waitress pointed out that it was all there! The dinner was SO CHEAP!

I would highly recommend this entire experience - and to go during a week night - less crowds, less kids, less of everything, which means you get more of the aquarium to yourself!

Today we are doing something. Don't know what. Maybe rent a car...
There was a dusting of snow last night.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Still in Denver...

...still working...

Of course, today is Friday, so work has stopped! Yahoo!

Last night, Joseph and I headed out on foot to go to Mattie's House of Mirrors.
It's in an area called LoDo - Lower Downtown.
It was a brothel at one point and they turned it into a restaurant.
Anyway, when we got there, we were told that they only open on weekends and for special parties.
DAG! Shoot.

So, we talked to the guy and he was standing in the doorway of another restaurant called... the LODO. Yup. Real creative, huh? Well, he did such a good job of talking it up that we decided to stay. And we were very happy we did! We ended up with a bucket of shrimp appetizer which was awesome. There were butterfied shrimp deep fried on a bet of potato wedges in the same style. It came with three dipping sauces. For dinner, Joseph had the enchilada special - all you can eat - chicken in an avocado cream sauce served with rice, pico & lettuce, and refried beans. The waitress informed us that last week some skinny guy finished off 8 of them. EIGHT! Joseph did damage to only two. I can't imagine anyone eating EIGHT! I had the chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and cole slaw. It was DELICIOUS!!! I took 3/4 of it back to the hotel for lunch today. It was good the second day!

Oh, on another note, I ran yesterday (3.03 miles) and I ran again today (3.25 miles). Yesterday I also did some upper body weights and although I didn't go overboard, my neck and back and triceps and deltoids are feeling it today!

Joseph is taking me to another place tonight - he won't tell me where.
This should be interesting...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We are in Denver...

...and have been since Wednesday...

I haven't had much time to write about it though because I've been working every single day.
I am here with my Hunny Bunny while he attends a conference.
I love being able to work remotely... I hate the thought of being away from him for even a day so this works out perfectly!

Wednesday, we landed in the morning local time... it was too early to check into the hotel.
So we had a bite to eat at the Rocky Mountain Diner around the corner from the hotel.
It was really good - especially after missing lunch due to going back in time by two hours going from the east coast to the west. GAK!

We got back to the hotel and of course, we stil couldn't check in.
So we sat around in the lobby and booted up with their free wifi.
I had a couple of work meetings to call into.

Dinner on Wednesday was at Panzano, which is at the Hotel Monoco right next door to our hotel. We didn't need reservations. We sat at the Chef's table and watched the kitchen. The executive Chef, Elise Wiggins, was there cooking away. I had visions of Chef Ramsey from Hell's kitchen but he never materialized. When we got there, things were slow. Then it got faster and faster and the chef was shouting out orders in English and Spanish - all but one of the line chef's were hispanic!

For an appetizer, we had a wonderful mushroom crepe, with some sort of light creamy sauce. That was followed by their famous grilled caesar salad. It evidently won a lot of awards and was the Chef's own creation. We thought, "How special could a salad be?" Well. LET ME TELL YOU! It was TERRIFIC! The grilled Romaine lettuce had a bit of a smokey flavor that gave the just the right oomph! It was simply prepared; the lettuce was whole (ours was split since we shared the plate), sprinkled with shavings of parmesean cheese, a couple of anchovy filets, drizzled with a delicious dressing.

Dinner for me was the Burrida - a seafood stew with calamari, shrimp, swordfish, and spiny lobster. YUM! Of course I couldn't finish it so I took it back to the hotel for lunch the next day. It's a good thing we are staying at a Residence Inn!

Joseph got the Penny Pastiche which is homemade gigantical tortellini baked with their special bolognese sauce. It was wonderful!!!

We let the very nice waiter pick out the dessert for us along with a port. He chose the trio of creme brulee - vanilla (yum), pumpkin (yum), chocolate (OMG! YUM YUM YUM!!!) accompanied by a Graham's 10-year tawny. It was truly delectable.

Then we rolled ourselves back on to the hotel...

Gawd... my belly was about to pop!
Will I NEVER learn???

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pictures of the new house...

....can be found here...

Lots of work to be done.
Joseph thinks that there was definitely a butler's pantry.
And we have to take a look at a set of stairs we suspect are the old butler's stairs.
They don't turn right - we have to look at it again.

Today I went to the hardware store down the block and picked up about 100 paint strips .
I have no idea where to start.

Now I have to see if I can learn to use the home design tool to create a plan of the new house.
Too much to do!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Measuring notes

Things are winding down at work.
Not everything but the one presentation that I was working on for the last few weeks.
The final count is 40 pages - 20 in the main body and 20 in the appendix. It's really only 37 pages if you don't count the cover sheet, the executive summary, and the sheet that say "Appendix."
I sent it out to my team for review and one person found an error in a count.
I've already assembled everything so now I have to pull it apart and add that one sheet.

Last night, we went to the New House and measured.
I don't know how architects do this. It's amazing. Every single door and door jamb, wall, window, even if it's an inch had to be measured. We have a rough plan on graph paper that looks really funny and lobsided. It took us about two hours - much faster than I thought it would be.

We also looked around at the leftover furniture and put some things aside that we want to buy from the owners. Might as well start furnishing the house since it's almost 4 times the size of our current space!

I also took a lot of pictures which I hope to get posted by the end of the weekend.

Prior to going to the house, we grabbed a bite a Anna's Taqueria. They have awesome food. They only do burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Of course they have the requisite chips, salsa and gaucamole. We could see the house across the street and down a ways - just a little snippet of it. I have a feeling that Anna's is going to be our new "Delux."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Random Thoughts

Tired tired tired. It's hard to keep your eyes open after a week of sleeping less than 6 hours a day, and no exercise. Work is encroaching on life once again. I have been working on a presentation for the new EVP for about... oh... three weeks now. That is not even mentioning the "thinking about it" part for three weeks prior to starting. Then there was the 3-day offsite I had for all my leads across the globe. Yes. The Globe. And the transformation task force I am now on. And someone just emailed me yesterday wanting to know if I had done anything about a delivery for Nov 3oth to make a January distribution. Uh... no... did I even know about this???

I did get a facial last night, which was just wonderful. The facialist, Krisztina (yes, it's Hungarian - those damn "sz" double consonants), thought I was 30. THIRTY. LOLOLOLOLOL. Okay.

Then I have a personnel issue at work. Someone that is trusted and totally exceptional at what he does has sour grapes that someone else is getting a chance to prove herself. She asked him for help. He said, no. I asked how she was doing, was she getting help. She hemmed and hawed and finally told me that he said "no" with some lame reason that he's not sure he can help since he wasn't involved from the beginning. She pointed out that this is her job, not his... We caught him on it and he said he was testing her conflict resolution style... WHAT? Who the hell is HE to test anyone?? I mean, if he didn't create the conflict, then there wouldn't be one to test her on. They were a part of the same team and suddenly things are different because she has an opportunity? We are not even going to mention that two years of opporuntities that he had which she didn't... Needless to say, I am sad, disappointed, and pretty much pissed. I told his manager that this is sort of a test for him to see if he can step up to the next level and he is failing the test... His ego and pettiness are more important than the team, the organization, the company... Not. On. My. Watch.

I have been good about dinner. My weight is still creeping up. I need to start exercising again. Which leads me to the thought that I Need a GOAL!!! ARG!!!!

Tonight we are going to measure the house. If I ever get the plans drawn, I will upload the image here.

I am collecting boxes for our impending move - barring any unforeseen higher bid lurking out there just waiting to pounce. Good thing there are people moving on and off the floor at work. I am collecting both paper boxes and moving company boxes that fold. Those are nice for clothes. The smaller paper boxes are good for books.

We are meeting with the housing finance person this afternoon.

What else...

I need to get some sleep.


Monday, October 09, 2006

An interesting phenomenon

Or you could call it an epiphany.
Or maybe an "Ah-hah moment."

Last night Joseph and I implemented our dinner plan.
That plan, discussed last week while eating serving after serving of dinner, was to serve ourselves in the kitchen, carry over to the dinner table and eat what was in front of us.
Other than veggies and other "good for you" things, this is what we did.
And it worked.
It was hard but it worked.
We each had one serving and multiple servings of stir-fried watercress.
It was especially hard because I made Korean style shortribs. It's one of my favorite comfort foods and I've made it three times in my whole cooking life - which is quite long.
Joseph made the comment that he could definitely have another plateful, but he didn't.

I was content and not stuffed. I wasn't even overly full; it felt really good to sit there and partake in veggies and know I did well with dinner.

We did eat a little later than I would have liked to (7pm) because I got wrapped up in the computer and lost my sense of time.

This plan might just work toward the next step to good health and weight loss.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A half bushel of apples...

So, uh... what does one do with a half bushel of apples??

Joseph surprised me today by taking me to Shelburne Farm for apple picking.
We got the Big Bag - a half bushel.
We also picked up some cheddar cheese and a dozen apple cider donuts, along with a bag of kettle corn and some apple crisp, and a small jar of honey right from the bees in their orchards.
Between us, we ate three apples - nothing like an apple right off the tree - cool, crisp, juicy, and tart, sweet-tart, or sweet - just like they are supposed to be without that supermarket-mealiness that always disappoints me.

So, baked apples, cinnamon apples, apple cobbler... lots of things to cook.
And an apple a day might just keep the doctor away this fall.

Oh, and I also picked up a pumpkin cookbook.
Lots of receipes - sage pumpkin rissoto, baked pumpkin, pumpkin soup.

Too bad we forgot to buy a pumpkin.

Boy, do we have a lot of work to do...

wwwToday was a very busy day.
And it's not even about to be over anytime soon.

We went to Home Depot Expo this morning.
Joseph was very very clear.
"Kitchens and bath."
Okay! Whatever! Sheesh.

We took a long time looking at bath stuff.
By the time we were through, I found a double vanity I liked, an onyx bowl for the wash basin - we will need two of these, a couple of brass fixtures that won't work for the onyx bowl that sits on top of the vanity instead of setting into the vanity (I saw these before I saw the bowls)... and it all came to a grand total of....drum roll please.... around $5000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we haven't even looked the tub and the shower and the tiling, not to mention we need someone to do the demo and put the whole thing in.

Okay. Next.

We also looked at kitchens. I saw one that I LOVE. And Joseph liked it too. Interestingly, it's not dark wood which is what I usually like. Instead, it's an ivory painted distressed finished - sort of French country-ish with purple-heart colored wood accents. I would probably get that in a honey stain instead of the purple-heart stain. We didn't price this out - not time yet.

There is so much work to do.
But first, we need a new roof.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A new home

If all goes well, on November 3rd, Joseph and I will be the proud owners of a new home. It's an aggressive closing date but with good reason.

A little history first.

This is the fourth bid we've put on a house, this is the second time we've bid on this particular one.

It's an estate sale with waiting periods, lawyers that say one thing, executors that thought another, strange legal language, research on terms, etc etc etc. Needless to say, it's been a long process of searching for the right house and we end up with a house that is tied up with an estate. Again! Just like the one we are in now.

It all started about 4 months ago when I announced to Joseph that I couldn't live anywhere else but in Boston because "I am a city girl" and "I need to be surrounded by bustling business" and "I don't want a white bread suburban neighborhood" and whine whine whine... You get the picture.

So Joseph drove me to Brookline, Coolidge Corner to be exact. We walked around. It was busy. It was bustling. There were lots of shops and restaurants. There were all sorts of enthicities and religions. Definitely religions. Brookline has a lot of Jews. And Asians. And all manner of different colors. It's the first city I've been in when half the stores are closed on Saturdays. For the Sabbath, of course. After that weekend, I declared to Joseph most emphatically that "I can live in Brookline!"

Since then, we've been back almost every weekend, looking at houses. But not just any house. It must be Victorian era - built in 1840-1910. It must have the big Victorian "feel" to it. Not any Victorian but one that is conducive to painting in multi-colors. And please. No Folk Victorians for me. But Queen Anne, Gothic Revival, Colonial Revival (as long as it's not too identifiable as Colonial - which I don't care for), Stick style, Mansard... any one of combination of these would do. My narrow definition was so hard to find. And a lot of houses in Coolidge Corner don't go on sale - someone has to quite literally die! Anyway, we almost gave up the search and expanded to Newton Center - more white bread suburban than I like, but it has an villagey center kinda feel to it.

We finally bid on one a farmhouse-gothic revival in Brookline between Brookline Village and Coolidge Corner - LOTS O' WORK! GAK! Not as ideal a location as Coolidge Corner but close enough. They countered, we countered, they countered, we refused.

Then we bid on this house. But the estate lawyer put the kibosh on things until probate was done.

Then we bid on a house in Newton Center. They refused our bid so we didn't come back. They came back to us in a few days. They countered. We refused. Lots of talking but to no avail. I wasn't in love with the kitchen and the third floor needed to be rehabbed. And the owners had bought a house RIGHT NEXT DOOR! GAK! Who wants that??

Then this one once again. Tonight, Stacey (our agent) came to the house (again) and we put our bid in. The seller's agent had called our agent about 3 times since the estate was officially handed over the executors about a week ago. They countered. We countered. They countered. We countered again. And they accepted. All in about 30 minutes! It was meant to be.

We had met one of the executors a few weeks ago. He was one of the sons of the woman who owned the house and recently died. We talked about the house. How it was once a single family when his grandfather owned it. He had turned the house into a two family to make an apartment for the daughter (his mother) - because "families are supposed to live together!" we told him it would make a great single family. I think he really liked us. He even showed us the plans from the renovation.

And I think over time we finally won over the seller's agent. I think she was even rooting for us in the end.

This house needs a TON of work. It needs to be totally renovated - not quite gut renovated. It's all set up for us to add central air, though! It needs a new kitchen and a master suite, walls have to come down and the first floor stairs must be moved back to the their original position in the middle of the house - connecting once again with the stairs on the second and third floors. Most of the work will also be detail work - wood work, windows, lights, etc. The porch has to be rehabbed and it needs a garage and ... lots to do! And we will do it. We redid the house we are in today so at least I know what to expect. This weekend we are going to look at bathrooms - the master suite will be the first to be done.

PROJECT! I love projects!!! This one ought to last me about... oh... five years....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's that time of year...

...when God's finger touches the treetops and they all turn to gold...

And red and yellow and orange...

It think it's time to take out the camera again.
I need to use it more.
I love my camera.

Now that it's getting darker earlier and earlier, I think it's time to get a big flash...
Nothing like a new accessory to get the juices flowing.


Happiness is...

...a new flat panel monitor at work...

They delivered it yesterday.
I had my admin order it a few weeks ago.
When it didn't come, I sent her an email yesterday morning and in the afternoon, Dale (the tech support guy) came by with a rolling cart and my monitor on it. Yahoo.
He also connected everything up for me, etc., and then configured the screen resolution so that I have maximun real estate! Yeah!!!

The problem is that I have to have it so far away from me that I have to now wear my distance glasses to focus. I finally figured this out this morning after spending all afternoon trying to adjust the brightness and contrast so that the screen looked sharper. Duh...

This problem solved now poses another problem. I have to keep taking my glasses on and off because I can't see up close with them on.


On another note...
yesterday, I got home and did abs and shoulder exercises.
It's a start.

If all goes well, next week, I hope to get into the gym 3 days and really do shoulder exercises!

This morning, I took a rest day.
Tomorrow, I have 4 miles scheduled.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's steam season

It's that time of year when you go for a run and when you stop for any reason, you can see the steam from your sweat rising off of you.

Went for a very nice 4.06 miler this morning.
It was around 51*, clear, and the sun was just starting to come out when I started out.

I hit my maxHR.
And this after upping it by 5 bpm after the hot summer run a few months ago.
I guess I will up it by ONE BEAT and see what happens.

My legs feel good right now.
And I won't mention that my weight increase has once again impacted my pace.
That would be too much of a downer to mention.
It might take away that good feeling I have about the run overall.

Focus on the good...

Monday, October 02, 2006

An all time low...

...or an all time high depending on how you look at it...

I am looking deeper into the dark maw.
Looking down into the great abyss.
Soon, I will realize that I've fallen in and am no longer looking down into the dark, but look up and out into the light...

I haven't reach that point yet but I feel an anxiety that is getting closer.
One might think that I am depressed but that would cause the opposite problem of where I am today... If I was as depressed as I've been happy these past two years, believe me when I say that I'd probably weigh about 20 pounds lighter than I did this morning - perhaps even 25 or 30 pounds lighter. Yes, it's happened before - depression, stress, worry, all things that make me not eat - a way to control at least something when everything around seems to be falling apart and out of control.

So, now that I have accepted the fact that I am mentally healthy and I can't lean on that as a way to lose weight...
And now that I have reached an all time high on the scale...
And now that I have accepted my slug-like behaviour since about the beginning of may...

WHEN will it all STOP and WHEN will I have that A-HAH moment when I do something drastic??