Wednesday, March 28, 2007

19 days to go...

Jeez. I hope I am not counting down wrong. In my state of denial on the approaching Marathon, I can totally see myself counting down 1 day for every two that passes.

Anyway, today was Hill Day. 5 Hill repeats up Summit Ave. The first time, I had to take a breather in the middle. For some reason, during the .8 mile run there, I had not been able to warm up enough to make it to the top on the first run. The next four was straight up without stopping. I was psyched!

My oxygen intake felt good since going back to the higher dose of Advair.
My AvgHR was 70 and my MaxHR was 82.
The interesting thing is that I've run at an 85-95% HR and done fine (if you can call gasping for breath "fine.") Anyway, in doing hills, the disparity between the fitness level of my cardiovascular system and the fitness of my legs are readily apparent. I could not have done those repeats faster. Not even if you lit a fire under me. Nay... not even if you took a blow torch to my butt! My calves were burning, my hamstrings got tight... this tells me that I have to do leg strengthening exercises - probably lunges - light weight, high reps. The key is to have everything be in synch. I have never experienced that.

I also wore my wonderful new CW-X jogbra and although it was soaked, it didn't weigh the usual 5 pounds. And my new CW-X long tights. My legs didn't cramp or hurt in any particular place. They felt tight at times but not pained. They even felt tired a few times but no single area felt like it was trying to keep up with the rest of the body. I will test them out on my 20 miler this Saturday. That will be the true test.

On another note... why is it that they put drawstrings in tight pants? The CW-X pants are like bandages. And it came with a drawstring around the waist. I was afraid of chafing so I pulled it out. And whaddayaknow? They didn't fall down! Wow.

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> And whaddayaknow? They didn't fall down!


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