Monday, March 19, 2007

28 days to go...

Ran 30 minutes recovery on the treadmill.
What else is there to say? Really?

It's freezing outside. Cold cold cold. I hate winter.

Anything else?
I was going to finish up the workout room - painting the trim and touching up, etc. But Scotty the Contractor and Mike the HVAC Guy have cut holes all over the place. Now granted, there is not a spec of dust, but still... there are HOLES and smudges. I am going to have to wait until after the HVAC is installed and done.

They have started to frame out the master bath. I should show pictures and post the other ones I took about a week ago. We'll see how lazy I stay... Oh, and this is the bathtub I mentioned we are building the bathroom around. It's the Ayoura freestanding model. I cannot wait to use it!

Work was dull. No news from the I Quit Guy. We'll see. He's been acting like nothing happened. And I am not acknowledging him. We'll see who blinks first. Of course it will him because quite frankly, I. Don't. Care.

Tomorrow, I have another offsite - all day. My Dallas guy is flying in again, and I won't have time to run. Blast.

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