Saturday, March 17, 2007

30 days to go

Today is Scott Pike's funeral.

That was my first thought this morning.

My second thought was the run tomorrow. Joseph had the fat idea of signing up for the New Bedford Half Marathon tomorrow. Not too sure about this. It's on the coast, and it's hilly, and there's the issue of the wind, not to mention the long drive... But where he goes, I go... I did have him look up last years results before I committed. Just in case I am the slowest person there. In which case, I will be an observer... there is no way I want to be the last runner in.

Yesterday, I ran 6.07 miles. Again... oxygen is GOOD! My average HR was 72 and my max was 85.

This morning was an easy run of about 2 miles. Don't wanna kill myself today when I can kill myself tomorrow at New Bedford.

This morning, we also did something for the future. We met with the Hills Home Market guy. They are a home food delivery service - everything except for dairy and produce. They started out as butchers and expand their line to include household goods and frozen goods. They say that if it's in the local grocery store chain, then they will have it too. Of course, the guy wasn't too sure about my Kokohu Rose korean rice, I get at the local store. He will be looking into that one for us.

We did a quick analysis and turned out that I probably spend about 4 hours a week shopping - maybe more, and we spend between $700-800 a month on everything. By the time were were done with the food order including paper products and all that, we had cut that price by almost half. ALMOST HALF! They deliver 21 weeks of food - about 5 months. They bring everything in and store it away in the freezer and shelves for you. And if you don't have a freezer, you can buy your own or you can buy theirs. While we were talking, Joseph looked up the freezer and it's a commercial grade. It's about $500 more than the usual one at Sear or wherever, BUT... it's guaranteed and warranteed for LIFE as long as you shop with Hills Home Market, and you get a 20% discount on every order for LIFE as long as you shop with them! It's a terrific deal. And we had always talked about getting a freezer anyway.

They deliver the food upfront and you pay for it monthly.

It takes away from impulse buying and we ordered our water and gatorade and all the heavy liquids that we buy every single month. And the meat is a better quality than that in the grocery store. That is a topic for another post! In fact, the guys brought us two middle of the road club steaks - sirloin, nothing special - for us to try. We had it for dinner tonight. OMG. What can I say? It was UNBELIEVABLE! And it was a cheaper cut but tender, moist and the flavor was excellent! And there wasn't all this au jus all over the plate! Turns out that the meat is individually packaged and you can leave it thawed out in your fridge for 7-10 days! Wow.

About a month before we put in the new order, the guy comes back, inventories everything and sees what we used, didn't use, have too much of, had too little of, things to add, things to take away, etc., and refines the list. I already forgot to tell him about the bleach and the napkins. Dang.

Now we have to find a place who will deliver produce.

The Hills Home Market service will start in May - as soon as our Dust Bowl turns into a home.

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

> My average HR was 72 and my max was 85.

You like to do percents right? OK never mind. Got it.

For a second there I thought you had set a world record for lowest pulse during running...


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