Wednesday, March 14, 2007

33 days to go... or two straight up...

Okay. I am still freaking out but not as much.
Today was a 75 minute run with 4 HUSA's (Hills Up Summit Ave). When I get good enough, I will call the JUSH's (Jogging Up Summit Hill) and if I get REALLY good, I will call them RUSH's (Running Up Summit Hill).
Today I did HUSA's.
And the last two... I did straight up without stopping.
Do you know what an ACHIEVEMENT THAT IS?
Well, it is.

And I was so damn proud of myself! YES!!!

33 days to go and I just need a few days of feeling good like this.
Not to mention more oxygen!

Work Note: I am having an issue with a idiot manager who works for me - he is a new guy and has not be indoctrinated into the J-school of management theory and is too much of a "sensing" (as in Myers-Brigg), and is obstuse. Ugh. I might have to get rid of him... not sure. My gut says the sooner the better. Or at least shove him aside until he gets it. Which he won't. Because he is obtuse. I think it's time for another reorg...

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