Friday, March 23, 2007

A surprise delivery!

Came home last night, got settled, walked into the kitchen (if you can call it that), and on a chair, what do I see but a big green box. One of those plastic ones. The kind that delivery companies, grocery stores, etc., all use. And inside, fruit and veggies. ACK! Turns out that on the tails of ordering home delivery from Hills Home Market, Joseph decided to round things out with fresh fruit and produce deliveries on a bi-weekly basis from Boston Organics. I am so happy!!! I was looking at their website the other day and the flood of indecision made me do nothing. My wonderful Hunny Bunny made the decision for me and I am sooo relieved and happy!

We ended up with apples, pears, oranges, broccoli, lettuce, sugar snap peas, bagged spinach, artichokes, bananas, and a couple of other things.

We had heard about it from our friend Jetrocket, who said it forces her to eat her veggies and try things she never would have tried before. And I agree - love veggies but we never eat fruit unless they are in season.

You can create a Never Send List, One Time Add On List for things like potatoes and onions, and even give suggestions for substitutions. There are different prices for different sizes and you can get it weekly or bi-weekly. You can specify the amount of vegetables in relation to fruit.

Joseph had first ordered the $27 2/3 veg bi-weekly box. But after checking things out we decided to try the $37 2/3 veg weekly box. We'll see how it goes. I know that if we cook a lot, it won't be a problem. But my schedule being what is it and Joseph not cooking everything for himself if I am not home, it's going to be more of a matter of whether we have time to use everything. We can always adjust it back to bi-weekly at any time.

So, what this all means is that I save even more time (about 2 hours weekly) by not having to shop for produce (on top of not having to shop for everything that Hills Home Market delivers, which saves another 2-3 hours a week). And it also means that I can concentrate on the Korean Market - where I go once a month, and the Chinese grocery store for the odd produce item that no one else delivers, such as chinese eggplant, bunches of watercress, pea pod shoots, etc., which I can do on my way home from the Korean Market.

We are still down a couple hundred on our regular shopping bill. We might even eat out less since it's usually the absence of veggies that make me want to eat out, and I save time. What's my time worth? No idea. But I do know that I don't have nearly enough of it!



Blogger deborah said...

It sounds a bit like "Fresh Direct" in NYC which was awesome! I just lived in a non-doorman building so coordinating delivery was an issue, but it certainly was a great service.

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