Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doctor, please cure me...

I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon about my oxygen intake since getting the lower dose of Advair. I told her my symptoms and how I felt like I wanted to rip my chest open to give my lungs enough room to be able to fill up with oxgen. I've been feeling it 2 days after taking the lower dose. I basically said that now that I know what it feels like to live with oxygen, I want it back and I can't live with anything less than 100%. I also told her about the marathon in 3 weeks.

So, she gave me a prescription for the higher original level of Advair. AND she also gave me an inhaler (ugh, one of those gray ugly things) of albuterol to take 15 minutes before I run long. Jeez. I guess she understands my point, huh? How can you not love a doctor who totally "gets it?"

I might be able to go on the low dose after the house is done, but for now, it's the medium dose for the next 12 months at least. Yahoo!

And on the way back to the office from appointment, I passed the Chacarero stand. So I stopped and got a small bbq chicken with extra avocado spread and extra hot sauce. She also added extra green beans and roasted red peppers for good measure. Yum! I had half and wrapped up the rest. I might have it later, I might have it tomorrow... not sure yet. But I am happy knowing I still have more Chacarero left when I want it! YUM YUM YUM!



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