Thursday, March 15, 2007

If you wanna quit, then just QUIT!

So that idiot manager, turned around today, and did the same thing he did the other day, which I told him he shouldn't do.

Basically, if his routine is gets upset or if people can't do things according to his schedule, he gets upsets and calls people "unprofessional."

So, I had a chat with him today... Told him I never want to hear that he ever used that word again! If he is having problems dealing with his team, he needs to see things from their side and be flexible and have open discussions on differences in work style, etc. Sometimes, that's all it is if you have open-minded people (of course, that is the issue here - he is not that open-minded to begin with). And in the middle, he interrupted me and said he "didn't have time for all this" and that he felt "like quitting."

Boy, did that get my dander up. So I basically railed at him and said, "Oh, so you don't have time to learn how to be a better manager." I also told him all about what people think of him... and that people haven't bought into the illusion that he is a VP (even though his title says he is) because he didn't earn it. He got it by moving into a position with the VP title in a group that no one thought did any work or was good for anything and was staffed with incompetent people. Ahem. Yes. I told him that. And then I said, "if you wanna quit, don't tell me about it, just do it. Quit." Of course, the coward backed down. Ugh.

I gotta figure this one out. This is what happens when I don't follow my gut. I felt he would be good in the group when my boss offered him to me. But when he said he thought the guy should manage a senior group, I wasn't bought into it... but then I went against my better judgment and gave in to my boss. I will never learn!

We'll see how the drama unfolds.... as if I need any more in my life!



Blogger Chris Hughes said...

> he interrupted me and said he
>"didn't have time for all this" and
> that he felt "like quitting."

Good Grief.

And this dude is a VP? UFB.

Well actually I have seen this type before. My guess is that he will hi-tail it outta of your group as soon as he can find some other sucker (I mean manager) to take him in.

10:48 AM  

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