Monday, March 26, 2007

Managing life and time...

My good friend Cher and I are trying to manage the balance between our workout times and our work times. Basically, just managing life.

She is switching from evening workouts to mornings and has been consistent for a little over a week. I've been working out in the mornings for a while but it's still very difficult for me. I am a "night person." That means around 9:00 PM I get what is commonly referred to as "a second wind." I don't know where this wind comes from but it's a breath of life and I suddenly get busy doing stuff I should have done early - like reading emails, blogging, paying video games ;o), cleaning the house, stretching, putting things away, etc. You name it, I'm up for it. It lasts until about 3am and then I fall into bed, pooped. Since living with Joseph, I haven't stayed up til 3am until I had my asthmatic coughing spells. Then, I welcomed sleep!

Anyway, we are trying to get our mileage up. To do so, we need more time spent running. If we are busy now, where are we going to find that time? This is primarily the reason that my lofty goals of yoga, pilates, lifting, etc., never materialize; where am I going to find the time?

She suggested that by scheduling her days and planning ahead, she can squeeze more time out of her day. So she is planning her menus and her clothes for work and all manner of things. I've tried this before and failed. I can't be that regimented. What if I don't feel like eating that particular menu item that day? What if I don't feel like RED on another day and would rather wear purple. Some people would just go ahead and follow the prescribed routine and would get over it. Not me.

I believe that our bodies know what it needs through it's cravings. If we don't let it choose the foods it need, I will be denying certain nutrition it requires. I also believe that color has a lot to do with a person's "aura" if you will. Maybe I need to wear purple because there is something in my energy wavelength that requires strength from purple.

My clothes are easy. 99% of the time, I wear pants. I have many pairs of black pants, and one in brown and one in gray. In the summer, I have black plants, and various shades of tan and brown. My shirts are colors that go with everything. I just pull whatever I "feel like" out of the closet that morning.

My food is easy too. I pack lunch and dinner and usually just reach in and pull out a number of leftover from the past 3 days. Sometimes I stop by Ruth's Kitchen to buy take out bulk deli foods that can be used as "leftovers."

The issue of the what happens during the day is something else.
You can't pack every minute with something productive.
Last night, my Hunny Bunny called me a procrastinator. I know I am that - a procrastinator.
But if I have been going all day and need to play a video game or two for 30 minutes or an hour, I call it "down time".

I once read an article by a bunchapsychology people and they agreed that the level of play tends to be the balance of how one spends their day. In other words, the more cerebral or intellectual the work, the more child-like the play tends to be. That seems to justify why techno geeks and nerds find the stoopidest things funny and engage in play that is totally childish. And the article came out in the late 70's. My father's friend, who I will call J, told me about this when I was a teenager. It was very interesting.

Anyway, the debate is where does down time end and procrastination start? To me procrastination is not "NOT doing something". It's substituting something else for the thing that you need to do. But the thing you substituted is of equal or like value. In this case, playing a video game is not of "like value" to stretching and cleaning the house. Stretching and cleaning the house need to get done, but the video game is not important. If I were to substitute cleaning because I didn't want to face paying the bills - that's procrastinating. Both need to get done and are probably around the same or similar value. Got that?

Anyway, finding wasted time is going to be important. 99% of my days look like this:

6am: up, drink coffee, get the body loosened up.
7am: up and ready to run
8am: get ready, dress, pack lunch
Around 9am to 9:30am: Leave for work
Around 10am to 10:30am: arrive at work, put lunch in fridge, load up on water for the day, etc
10:30am until 6pm: work work work. Lunch is eaten at my desk while working. Sometimes I do small personal things like paying bills because I have not focused time at any other time to do this.
6pm: eat dinner while working
7pm: go home
8pm: arrive home, unload my stuff, wash my lunch and dinner tupperware, etc
8:30pm: sit on the couch like a stoopid potato and get totally vegetative. Start playing video games while watching a show that was recorded.
9pm: sometimes I will stretch, or we will watch another show, or I will continue to watch video games.
9:50-10:10: sometime in here, I will get up, and get ready for bed.
10:15: usually in bed
10:30: fall sleep to the weather.

It sounds like a pretty full day.
Even without blogging or reading personal email.
Sometimes weeks go by before I can do these activities.

It will also help when the sunrise starts a little after 5am. I will open the blinds at night and wake with the dawn. That will give me another hour in the morning. At that time, my mileage can increase somewhat.

I will track my days for a week and see where my time is wasted. I don't see a lot of time. What can you do at 8:30pm with a full 13 hours of living behind you already? Go to the grocery store? Run errands? Go to the bank? What am I missing?

Of course, I just spend 20 minutes blogging this whole thing.
But I did eat lunch while doing it!



Blogger Cheryl said...

That run needs to be on your to-do list everyday. If you see something happening in the evening that you need to do, you may need to get up early - horrors! Maybe between 6 and 7 am you can pack your lunch and get your clothes out, so you can leave for work at an earlier time.

3:53 PM  

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