Monday, March 26, 2007

More Oxygen Please

This morning I ran.
It was better than the debaucle of a run yesterday.
That was mainly because my stomach was not full of chicken wings and beer like yesterday.
Regardless, my pace was up but I distinctly felt like I couldn't get 100% air into my lungs. I continue to breathe deeply to test it out but there isn't that sense of relief you get when your lungs are filled to 100% capacity and you are getting all the oxygen that you need. Today I am going to make an appt with the doctor and see if I can get back on the higher dose.

My weight is up by about 2 pounds this morning. It's to be expected since it's always up two days after my long run. Then it rapidly declines. Almost every week, my weight is lower than the previous week by about .2-.4 pounds. That's good news since the trend is a decline.

Last night, Joseph read me the quote from Scotty the Contractor. I am going to kill myself! ARG!!!! All I can say is... no more bottled water, no more but the bare minimum, always ask the question "do you really need it?" The only exemptions for me would be my hair and massages and my skincare, and even that might have to go by the way of the CVS store brand for a while. Of course that means I will look old and worn.... Might as well go ahead and kill myself. The good news is that I don't buy clothes and I don't go haunting the malls for sales on things I never knew I needed. I hate to shop. That's the good news.

Anyway...There is nothing wrong with tap water. Right?

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