Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 10 Training Recap

Demoralizing training recap for the week. With the little running I did last week, this will be easy. Thank goodness it was a step back week!
Monday: Run 30 minutes
I only ran for 25 minutes.

Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes

Nothing. I was in Dallas for work and early meetings due to my stupidity in doing the agenda.

Wednesday: Run 45 minutes

Nothing. See reason under "Tuesday."

Thursday: Bike 45 minutes

Nothing. I had to fly out and had to go to the airport, etc.

Friday: Rest Day

Of course I took this as a rest day. It was on the schedule! But I was seriously dragging from 8 days of no sleep due to coughing. It was all I could do to haul myself to the fridge to eat lunch!

Saturday: Run 2 miles

Great 4.18 mile run after a couple of hits of oxygen. The future is bright.

Sunday: Run 10 miles

I am BACK! Terrific 10.25 mile run. Oxygen is totally UNDER-rated! We need it. I love it. I want it. I am thinking of running with an oxygen tank strapped to my back and a tube stuck up my nose. Seriously though... I can't believe the differene the Advair is making! The future if more promising than ever.

Next week should be better. I am thinking of all the possibilities now that I have a steady oxygen producing catalyst. I am thinking of my VOMax of 39. Which might be low.

Next week's schedule looks like this:
Monday: Run 30 minutes
Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes
(I haven't been having much luck with this)
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes (4 HUSA's)
Thursday: Bike 45 minutes
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Run 6 miles
Sunday: Run 16 miles



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