Monday, March 26, 2007

Week 12 Training Recap

Last weekend was the highest mileage week for the year. I am on my way to 50 mile weeks. It will be tougher but we'll see how it goes.
Monday: Run 30 minutes
Ran for 3o minutes. Good start to the week.

Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes
Nothing. I had to go into work early.

Wednesday: Run 75 minutes with a 2x1 mile speedwork

Yup. Did this. Felt pretty good even though my MaxHR went up to 96%. Yikes. I certainly did not want to find a new MaxHR!

Thursday: Bike 45 minutes
Nothing. I had to go into work early again

Friday: Rest Day
4 miles easy.

Saturday: 6 miles
Switched it out and ran my long run instead. This was going to be the better day of the weekend and on Sunday, I wanted to support the Dead Runners do their long run. Had a terrific 18.5 mile long run. There were so many runners out there that it felt like Marathon Monday!

Sunday: 20 miles.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Right.
Actually, Joseph changed the distance to 18 miles and I did it on Saturday. He didn't want me going from long runs of 16 and 16 with a jump to 20. Next week I will do 20 miles. Instead, I ran 2 miles. It hurt really badly after the long run on Saturday and the pummeling by Arun afterwards. I am thinking that maybe it's not so good to have a massage on the same as your long run.

Total for the week: 33.63 miles

Next week's schedule:

Monday: Run 30 minutes

Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes. I am changing this to Run 20 minutes. I have to get my mileage up.

Wednesday: Run 75 minutes. 5 hill repeats.

Thursday: Bike 45 minutes. I am changing this to a rest day

Friday: Rest day. I am changing this to Run 6 miles

Saturday: Run 6 miles. I am changing this to Run 20 miles since I have a massage with Arun tomorrow.

Sunday: Run 2 miles. Then go to appointment with Arun. I will have to run early.



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