Monday, April 02, 2007

14 more days to go...

So... two more weeks.
Two. More. Weeks.


Sunday, I ran the Scotland 10k in Central Park. This is the first race I've run in NYC in a very long time. The first since marrying Joseph 3 years ago. And I didn't realize how much I missed it until yesterday.

It was a Scottish kindaday - rain, cold, cloud, mist, everything in about a 5 minute span. Yup. It was very chilly which didn't help matters.

I lined up at the back and took a potty break after crossing the starting mat. I have no idea why I do that! Ugh. All I know is that I just ran. I ran and I ran. Up the hills, down the hills; Central Park is not flat. I ran to the point of discomfort. I kept looking at my watch and with the exception of the first two miles when I was fighting all the *&^%!!! walkers that lined up in the wrong place, all the miles were 9:15-9:50 pace. The max pace was 7:57 - at the end, some big guy tried to pass me. I looked over and said to myself, "uh... I don't think so..." and sort of sprinted in.

I had taken a hit of albuterol about 15 minutes before the race and at the beginning my heart rate was jumping all over the place (lesson: take it 20-25 minutes before).

I also figured out how to wear my cw-x pants... low on the hips, below the belly so it doesn't constrict me. I had been pulling it all the way up to my waste and wondering why it was so tight.... Anyway, it worked perfectly! Now I just have to go by Marathon Sports this weekend and get the shorts version!

My handy dandy Polar distance tracker said I ran 6.54 miles (instead of 6.2). So all in all, my pace was good - the best it's been in a very long time.

This morning, I ran 30 minutes easy recovery on the treadmill. Felt pretty good.

Now, if I can just get the planets to align, the clouds to stay out, and have a tailwind on race day...



Blogger Kathy said...

Hey, girl.......maybe it was YOU who lined up in the wrong place? You do NOT belong in the back behind the *&^% walkers!!

I'm just sayin'.

3:26 PM  

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