Sunday, April 01, 2007

In Memoriam...

It's amazing what you can cram into a single weekend.

Yesterday, before going to NYC for the Memorial Tribute to Shelton, we went to Wolfers to sit with an expert and talk about where all the lights in Phase I should be installed. This is the entire first floor (2 living rooms, a dining room, a bathroom, the kitchen, and an large entry, as well as the master bedroom and bath suite). I thought it would take about an hour. It took over 2 1/2 hours. Wow. And we certainly could have gone over that amount of time.

We got to Hartsdale around 2:45, unloaded, chitchatted with Harriet and our friend J'net who had come up from Maryland to spend the weekend with Harriet. Then we loaded ourselves in the car and headed into the city. Traffic traffic traffic. Of course I was driving because Harriet's driving makes me crazy. We got to the restaurant, La Finestra, on the corner of 73rd and York and found a parking spot. Shelton was watching over us for sure.

The dinner was very nice. We had a nice showing and we all laughed and joked and had a terrific time. And we told Shelton Stories. This is something that Shelton would have loved - seeing all the happy people having a happy time. That is what he was all about - laughing and smiling, cracking and playing practical jokes. He wasn't a shallow person by any means. He didn't care what people thought of him - how he looked, how he dressed... He is an MIT grad - engineering - really smart, very observant, and on the inside he was had an "old soul." He could pretty much size up a person in no time flat. But he never let on anything about how smart he was or how deep the waters ran. He just wanted people to be happy and to make them happy. Even when he was making you roll your eyes or he was irritating you, you had to smile. Or laugh. At him. And he loved that.

This morning, we ran a race in Central Park in Shelton's honor. He lived with Congenital Heart Failure and when the doctors told him couldn't, he immediately started a walking program that took him around the country to various half marathons and marathons, meeting people and making new friends, sharing his laughter all over the place.

It was a good Tribute and we will always remember Shelton. Always.



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