Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's all about the food...

Busy busy day.

Most of it was spent shopping for food - beverages mostly for the house, and a pile of stuff for tomorrow's Bagel Brunch. Every year there is a gathering of Deads. Tonight is the annual Big City Encounter. Tomorrow morning is the Bagel Brunch. Since we have a Dust Bowl instead of a house this year, our friends Joan and Conrad are letting use host it at there house.

Joseph and I went to the expo to pick up our bib numbers. We walked away with a few things. Among them, a pair of Karhu running shoes for each of us, and I also bought a pair of Ecco stability running shoes in Carolina Blue. I bought neutral Karhu's instead of the stability, although I liked the stability color better. I am gonna try out the neutrals with the superfeet insoles for arch support. If I can get my shoes right, my running would be much better. I went ahead and splurged on a nice full zip running top.

I guess I should mention that I already have a couple sets of running clothes laid out for Monday. I have a cold weather set and a monsoon weather set. Time will tell which one I'll need. But I've given up complaining about the weather. T'aint nuttin' ya can do 'bout it. Anyway... I feel strangely calm.

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Blogger Paul said...

I've been watching your blog for a week and this evening (Sat.) is the first time I've seen this post. What the...???

10:42 PM  

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