Friday, April 06, 2007

It's Good Friday...

...and there are 10 more days to go...

The company has a holiday and most of us are working.
It never ends.

This morning was an easy run. 4.11 miles on the treadmill. I felt good. This time I decided to be unafraid.

I know that sounds very strange but the truth is that on the treadmill, I run more slowly than I do outside. I asked myself why and the truth around why I am so conservative is that I supposed I am afraid. I have no idea of what. I just am. Maybe speed. Maybe falling off. Maybe it's a Pavlovian response.

This morning, I decided to spend less time on "slow" and more on "fast." Or at least, on "faster." It was a resounding success. I ramped up quickly and just toodled along at 6.2 miles an hour. That's what I do on the road these days. Why can't I do it on a treadmill? Well, I can. There ya go.

My HR went up to 88% but I averaged around 71%. When I got going at 6.2 mph, I was around 77-80% HR. According to Roy Benson, that is my half marathon pace. Shoot. Well... whatever..

I also found another fall marathon to consider, The Whistlestop Marathon. My friend Cher pointed this out to me earlier but I didn't remember it until now. We'll see what happens...

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