Monday, April 02, 2007

Marathons for the year

I am on the search for a couple more marathons to run this year - preferably in the fall.
The criteria include:
    1. easy to get to but not too easy - we want to save the really easy ones for next year and beyond for reasons I won't go into here
    2. Needs to be at or before the beginning of or the first weekend in October - I have to schedule in a trip to India this fall and I would
      rather go during post-marathon recovery
    3. needs to be enough time apart that I can recovery and ramp up for the second one
    4. It must be in a state that I haven't done yet
    5. There must be adequate time between it and the Reach the
      Beach Relay
      in mid-September
Some that come to mind include the following:
October 7:
Chicago Marathon (IL) - kinda big but it will do I guess
City of Trees (ID) - not sure how Joseph will consider this since it is west of the Mississippi. To my own credit it's the only one west of the Mississippi that I put down - there are lots more that are as interesting!

October 13:
Marathon to Marathon (TX) - I think my Hunny Bunny could do this one and WIN the whole thing! Not to mention that I could go to TX for work and do a waylay over to Marathon and do the race and all. But it would not be easy getting there - over 500 miles from Dallas and over 200 from El Paso... I have to think about this one.

October 20:
Kansas City Marathon (MO) - this one is just a little too late unless I do to India right after. But that means I will miss NYCM.

December 1:
St. Jude Marathon (TN) - this is really up in the air. It's one of those, "I'll train for it in case I can get there" marathons.

December 9:
Dallas White Rock (TX) - this is another one of the ITFIICICGT marathons. The good news is that I can actually travel for work, and stay the weekend to run this.
Any other ideas? Anyone?

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Blogger Chris Hughes said...

DWRM - Yes! If you come, I'll run the Half. And of course we will have some home made beer which is the standard post race libation. AND, I'll talk Sid and Cilla into coming up from Austin.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Chris Hughes said...

Oh and Dallas is *ALSO* west of the Mississippi. I know...details, details. :-)

10:48 PM  
Blogger J said...

Yes. But I can get to Dallas EASIER than the rest! HFFF!

12:51 PM  
Blogger Chris Hughes said...

> I can get to Dallas EASIER than the rest!

Yeah - Based on your criteria I was surprised to see it on your short list! :-)

Still - Its a great race. You'd love it. Oh - I forgot to mention - the AW-Shucks Oyster Bar ya know the that we went to with your buddies from work? Its ON THE RACECOURSE! :-) Right around 6.5 miles in. Perfect timing for some Crawdads and beer! :-)

9:58 AM  

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