Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 15 Training Recap

This is week 2 of taper. I am praying for TAILWIND!!!

Monday - RUN 30 minutes
7 more days to go.

Could not run. No way no how. Legs were just too tired!
Rolling 7-day Total: 24.06 miles

Tuesday - REST
6 more days to go.
Ran 30 minutes easy to make up for yesterday. Legs were okay. BTW, the CW-X Pro Shorts came today. I am going to try these babies out on Wednesday.
Rolling 7-day Total: 26.56 miles

Wednesday - RUN 45 minutes
5 more days to go.
Ran 45 minutes easy. Legs felt good. Tried out the CW-X Pro Shorts. Love them! I won't be able to try them out on race day given the current weather forecast. I am just praying for TAILWIND. If we get that, I don't care what else the day brings!
Rolling 7-day Total: 25.35 miles

Thursday - REST
4 more days to go.
Rest day was nice - I had so much work to wrap up!
Rolling 7-day Total: 25.35 miles

Friday - RUN 2
3 more days to go.
Yup. Right on schedule. Ran 2.04 miles.
Rolling 7-day Total: 23.28 miles

Saturday - RUN 2
2 more days to go.
I actually made it outside today for 2.06 miles. Running outdoors is so different than running on the treadmill. It's more "freeing" to run outdoors.
Rolling 7-day Total: 21.34 miles

Sunday - RUN 2
1 more day to go. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breathing deeply....
Nope. Too busy running around getting ready for the Bagel Brunch.
Rolling 7-day Total: 10.61 miles

Wow. Talk about a taper!

Tomorrow is the big day. So, next week will be an easy recovery week.
Monday - RUN 26.2 from Hopkington to Boston.
Tuesday - REST
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - RUN 15 minutes
Friday - REST
Saturday - RUN 2 miles
Sunday - RUN 4 miles



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