Sunday, April 22, 2007

Week 16 Training Recap

Marathon Monday followed by taper. The marathon was an overdistance training run for me in preparation for the Vermont City Marathon. At this point, I feel really good. Interesting considering after all past marathons I took a MONTH off. And sometimes, that extended into another month filled with excuses. But then, I didn't have 6 weeks til VCM either. No pressure!

So this is how it looked:
Monday - RUN 26.2 from Hopkington to Boston.
Done. You can read all about it here.
Rolling 7-day Total: 38.41 miles

Tuesday - REST
And boy, did I rest. I had no choice. WORK IS KILLING ME! GAH!
Rolling 7-day Total: 35.90 miles

Wednesday - REST
I had to do something. For the first time in my life, I ran. Okay. I walked. Whatever! I went for a .8 mile walk. And I didn't die. Imagine that.
Rolling 7-day Total: 32.70 miles

Thursday - RUN 15 minutes
I had to rest. Ugh. Drove to the NH office for a meeting. Actually, A LOT of meetings. But who's counting?
Rolling 7-day Total: 32.70 miles

Friday - REST
1.75 miles very easy on the treadmill. Legs felt okay.
Rolling 7-day Total: 32.41 miles

Saturday - RUN 2 miles
2.14 miles. I tried out the new Karhus. I am using my superfeet insoles. I think I need the arch support but I don't need a motion control shoe.
Rolling 7-day Total: 32.49 miles

Sunday - RUN 4 miles
Long run. 6.08 miles. Legs were sluggish. My lungs weren't even working. Someone tell me how to get my legs to catch up with my lungs. Please.
Rolling 7-day Total: 38.57 miles

Weekly Total: 38.74 miles
Next week is Week 2 of Post Marathon Recovery. I will be slowly coming back to my running. This is what is planned so far:
Monday - REST
Tuesday - Bike 30 (I might actually do this)
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Bike 30
Friday - REST
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 6 miles



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