Monday, April 30, 2007

Week 17 Training Recap

5 weeks to go until VCM. 'Nuff said.

Monday - Run 20 minutes.
Ran for 22 minutes nice and easy on the treadmill. After yesterday's 6-miler, my legs felt sluggish and Joseph said not to overdo it.
Rolling 7-day Total: 12.82 miles

Tuesday - Bike 30 (I might actually do this)
I ran today. 2.9 miles. I can't run tomorrow or Thursday. I had to make a choice. I almost feel like a runner there days! Legs felt better after another day of rest and a good round of stretching last night.
Rolling 7-day Total: 15.72 miles

Wednesday - REST
Took a rest day. I feel like I need it.
Rolling 7-day Total: 14.92 miles

Thursday - Bike 30
Had to rest. Worked from the NH office. Got home about 9pm.
Rolling 7-day Total: 21.67 miles

Friday - REST
Rainy day. Ran 2.75 miles on the treadmill. Felt good. I am also at my lowest weight this year. I haven't seen this weight since last year!
Rolling 7-day Total: 25.92 miles

Saturday - 4 miles
Ran 4.2 miles. Ran a loop recommended by Joseph. It's not hilly, he said. I should have known better.
Rolling 7-day Total: 28.43 miles

Sunday - 6 miles
Terrific run. A total of 8.37 miles. I hit 80% max at a pace of 7:54. I don't know if I like that. I do know that I wouldn't be able to maintain that pace for any distance. Although at an 80% max, you're supposed to be able to run a marathon at that rate. I don't particularly want to think about that.
Rolling 7-day Total: 22.35 miles

Weekly Total: 20.35 miles

I am still fiddling around with the shoes/insert combinations. So far, the only think I am 100% confident works is the Ecco Receptor with the Spenco Q-Factor inserts for women. Makes sense. The Receptor is a stability shoe with a carbon fiber midsole. If this works, I might have to change the Karhu's to the stability model. I worry about the arch but I've been talking to the massage therapist and the bottom line is that the calves are tight, which pull on the stirrup muscles, which pull on the muscles that wrap around the bottom of the foot and hook at the instep. No insert is going to help that.

Next week's schedule look like this:
Monday - Run 20 minutes.
Tuesday - Bike 45 minutes
Wednesday - Run 45 minutes (2x1 mile)
Thursday - Bike 45 minutes
Friday - REST (We are traveling to Florida for vacation)
Saturday - 4miles
Sunday - 12 miles



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