Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Best of Everything...

...is found in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida...

And yes, they truly have the best of everything!
Went there today. Got gifts. It's a place everyone needs to visit if they happen to be in Naples/Bonita Springs area!

They have $8 watches, tons of jewelry, purses and other accessories. In an hour and a half, I scooped up some gifts and a few fun baubles for myself.

It is definitely a "destination". I had heard about this place since I arrived. When we got there, the doors hadn't opened and there were a few cars in the parking lot waiting. And while we were waiting, a few more drove up.

The place caters to both men and women. There is wonderful shopping indoors and a set of comfortable rocking chairs right outside the main entrance for the male companions who aren't interested in the Best of Everything!

We left with a lot of purchases!

If I ever come back to Naples, this will be on my list of Things to Do. Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely I'll be back.

On another note, I played tennis today. It's been thirty years since I last played tennie. Thirty. Years. And no, I wasn't FIVE the last time I played. Someone actually asked me that. Sheesh. Anyway, now my knee hurts. It's always something.

It's the last night and there was a big celebration dinner tonight. A part of this trip was for Joseph's work. At the banquet, they gave out little Tiffany boxes with a beautiful Tiffany crystal frame. I was introduced as the "team photographer."

Tomorrow, we head home. I feel the rolling tide of heavy air fast approaching. Reality is headed my way...

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