Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy May Day yesterday. I hope that all the people who danced around the may pole finally came face to face with their one true love. Anyway... happy non-meterological spring and all that.

One note: There are 26 more days to VCM. There. Glad I got that off my mind.

I've been very busy at work. It's actually be hell. One person sent me meeting minutes with a list of "things to do" which were due April 30th. That was, like, umm... 10 days later. Which would have generated more work on the single thing I had been working on for the prior two months. And it was unnecessary!

I told him, "There is no way that I am going to be spending the next two weeks updating a PRESENTATION that won't be looked at or reviewed until JULY! I am innundated and suffocating under paperwork and I have spent the last two months doing a PRESENTATION to the exclusion of more productive work. I will not be doing this for you... just to set expectations."
He came back with, "Ok. I'll change the due date."
Unbelievable. He works in a group that all they do is generate demand for filling out paperwork. Pain in the A$$!

The house is coming along well. The following things have been done:
  • Electrical work is almost finished
  • The kitchen cabinets have been ordered
  • The stairs have been ordered
  • The temporary front door is in and the real door is still being researched
  • Windows have been ordered
  • They are studding out the walls of the library on the second floor landing area - it's a very big area that is totally wasted space. We will be putting in glass french doors and glass transom and side lights.
  • The bathroom is all studded out and the special hydrotherapy tub has been ordered
  • All fixtures for the kitchen and baths have been identified and logged into an order sheet - awaiting the plumber to order it all
  • The plumbing is in place for the most part
  • The heating is in; we need to turn on the air purifier and the whole house humidifier once everything is done, and we need to balance the heat for the whole house to get rid of the hot spots
  • The mudroom in the back is in process
  • All lighting fixture placements have been spec'd out and most of the cans are installed or we are awaiting arrival of more orders
  • The outdoor lighting and water faucets are spec'd out and the lines are in place
  • The doorbell/camera system has been spec'd out
  • The alarm system has been spec'd out
  • Various interior doors are moved or in the process of being moved
  • The balisters are being recreated for to match the original
All I have to say is Phew! Once the walls get put up, it will be WOW!
But if you looked at it now, you'd think that nothing's been done!
After this is all done, we will be living on ramen noodles and rice.

Eating dinner at work is helping me lose weight. A few days ago, my weight was down the lowest it's been in abougt 6 months, I think. I also notice that within a week, my weight fluctuates on average by 4 pounds. My body fat is also incrementally getting lower. I think it's all about portion control. When I pack lunch and dinner for work, it's all I have. Once I am done eating, there are no seconds. There is no more food. I also eat when I am hungry. The other day I ate dinner at 4pm and then got home and had cheese & crackers with a glass of wine around 8:30pm. Yesterday, I had lunch at 1, then at 3, I had dinner. I was so hungry! I got home and shared a pizza with Joseph! Yesterday was a high calorie day. But I think I was craving something and think it was tomatoes. My body is requiring some nutrient in tomatoes because at 3pm yesterday I had a chef boyardee cup-a-meal (for two people but I had the WHOLE THING), and before that I had spagetti at 1pm. Last night's pizza had tomato sauce and tomatoes on it. Today, I brought spagetti again.

Running is going pretty well. I am trying to experiment with the shoes and insoles combination. So far the sure things are:
  • Nike Zoom Elites with the thin gray Super Feet insoles
  • Ecco Receptors 3020 with the Spenco Q-Factor insoles
My body doesn't have too much tightness or pain, but then, I get a weekly massage with Arun, the Muscle Killer.

This weekend, we are off to Naples, Florida. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this vacation! Of course, I will be working a couple hours a day while there. The funniest thing happened the other day. I was talking to the contractor about the bathroom. We need to decide on the steam shower and so I said, "well... I want to keep my options open on the style of tile. I have something in my mind from staying in hotels, you know..." whereupon, Joseph immediately patted my arms and said, "Uh, no... Not everyone stays in the same hotels as you do..." Hmmm... I had to think about that for a moment and I said, "Oh. I guess that's right. Not many hotels have separate tiled showers..."

That's all for now.

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