Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Recent revelations in training for VCM

Let me start by saying: "There are 26 mores days until VCM!"

I've been looking over my training schedule for VCM and I've noticed some things that I feel I need to write down. Not because they are profound in anyway but because I need to be able to see the words in black and white and ponder upon the implications.

First, this weekend while we are in Florida, I have a 12-mile long run. In Hot. Sunny. Florida. In fact, I will need to run every day while I am in Hot Sunny Florida. If VCM is hot, as in prior years, then I will be training right.

Second, while we are away in upstate New York the following weekend, I have a 16-mile long run on unfamiliar terrain. On Hilly. Narrow. Unfamiliar. Terrain. We have a graduation in the afternoon, so I will have to get up EARLY to get this run in.

Third, the longest run I will have between the Boston-Marathon-Which-I-Will-Never-Run-Again and VCM is the 16 miles I mention above. I am pondering on the implications of this - 6 weeks with only 16 miles as the longest run in preparation for a 26.2 mile run? No. Wait. Based on Boston, I'd say it is a 27.5 mile marathon. Marathons are never the advertised and certified 26.2 miles. Do they think we are stupid??? That is questionable since we run marathons in the first place.

So... this is something to ponder on.
The thoughts will rattle around in my head and they won't have any real bearing on my actions. They are sort of an appendage like my arm or my head, stuck to my brain... and as we get closer to race day, I will start to practice repeating the phrase, "I am a dolt" in preparation for use during the marathon.

I wonder what the Coach thinks of all this...



Blogger Joe B said...

I think you have a 27.5 mile overdistance run 5 weeks out from VCM followed by a 16 mile mid-distance run then a taper.

10:05 PM  

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