Saturday, May 19, 2007

There has to be a lesson in there

What a week. Where does the time go? I need to squeeze at least another 4 hours into a day.

First, the knee. Getting better but it's slow. Since the pain is below the knee cap, it's hard to get to. The key is to manipuilate the muscles and tendons that insert into or under whatever is below. And since the ankle bone is connected to the neck bone, you have to pursue a lot of muscles and tendons. Sigh... The good news is that at least I know a lot about the anatomy and how it works together to be able to do this.

So, given the knee, I've been biking and doing lunges. All goes well until I hit 20.7 mph on the bike. Then the knee makes itself known. No pain. Just a dull pulling sense telling me I'm making it work. I pulled it back just a little...

What is it with the weather? Winter is back! 47 degrees right now. Unbelievable. I guess sometimes when you think something is over, it really isn't.

And then there's work. I am losing multiple hours to a series of 30 minute unplanned meetings because people can't seem to follow a simple process. Ok. Not simple. And always changing. But, everyone is on high alert and it's no secret that the process must be followed and that it's always changing!

So the final straw came yesterday. One of the indirect reports (one level below my managers) has failed to submit 10 (yes, TEN) new work requests, some of which were back dated for January. JANUARY! The work requests aren't just agreements on what the scope, assumptions, and what we will do; it also justifies one or more positions. And a position is filled by a person. Sometimes that person is a contractor whose current engagement is ending and needs a new work request to continue working with us. At other times it's a new person we need to hire. And we desperately need to hire and there are two contractors that should have been terminated a MONTH AGO!

Now, some of the work in the work requests have been started. WITHOUT APPROVAL! They have to be approved by our management (me included) and finance and the customers' management and finance, agreeing to hire or retain people and that the customer will pay us. And if you start the work before going through the process, you do it with existing staff. And given that the existing staff is already working 50 and 60 hours a week, this isn't small change! It puts pressure on everyone!

So we had a chat. This is such a heart attack inducing, anxiety producing, paperwork chasing, overhead time wasting activity, that if I could, I would have FIRED HIM ON THE SPOT! He is one of my best workers BUT when it comes to administrative work, he is lousy. But he insists he wants to go into management. And this would WIPE OUT ALL HIS PAST SUCCESES! That's how I feel about this process.


And I am giving him one more chance. He wanted my attention. Now he has it. This is like babysitting. He has a personality where he wants to control everything, has sour grapes when he isn't in the spotlight but hides it well. He has too much on his plate so when he grabs things and controls events, if he slows down, the rest of us do too. And sometimes he has so much, doesn't deliver. And I know he works into the night. But he won't give anything up because he wants to be in the spotlight. Like a slow car in the fast lane. I don't get it. I am so mad that I have think about this more.

Then there's the house is still a mess. Yes. The money pit!!! Whatever. Scotty says the cabinets will be in by Juine 11. I am not holding my breath. The electrical has been inspected. The building contractor came and the work was inspected and signed off on. We still have to finish up the placement of the speaker wires. The windows are all replaced. The front door has been moved and recentered. The stairs were ordered. The ballisters were replicated and new ones were made. The plumbing work continues. The back upstairs balcony is being rebuilt. Lots going on considering you can't see evidence of much of it. All I know is that I leave in the morning after work gets started and I come home to a Dust Bowl.

At least the contractors bring in the mail for us.

And that is the story of my life. Injured with a marathon looming in 9 days. Working so hard that I am four weeks behind at work. At least! Coming home every night to a construction zone where the building inspector couldn't believe that people were living here! Breakfast at home. Lunch and dinner at my desk at work.

I don't see any relief for a while.

That's all the whining I can take for now.

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