Saturday, May 19, 2007


We went to pick out tile today. We both thought the process would be longer than it did. We went to Terra Cotta II where we met with the owner, as recommended by Scotty the Contractor.

First, the little guest bathroom. We picked out a 2-inch octagonal white matte tile with maroon accents. Above the shower surround we picked a plain super glossy white tile. This bathroom will have 5-ft high beaded panels (aka wainscoting - this is a generic term while "beading" tells you the router cut).

Next tile up was the mud room off the back entry. We came up with a highly textured brownish-beige 12-inch tile. It will also have a 3-inch tile baseboard to match.

Next was the master bath. Ugh. Lots of arguing and back and forth. At one point I asked the owner if she had any other husband who came in here with so many opinions about tile. And she said no but she wished more would or something like that. Hmph. What a PAIN!

Anyway, in the master bath, I wanted a feel of the ocean, sand, sea glass, foam from the tide. After much to do, we settled on a highly textured 8-inch sea blue-green floor tile that went from light to medium shades. For the tile behind the tub, we got the same tile in 4-inch size. In the steam shower, we ended up with 2-inch tiles in muted bluish-green for the floor and for the walls, we ended up with the same tile in 1/2-inch; but with 3 different shades of blues and greens. They are reminiscent of sea glass. I love this tile!!

Then the kitchen. As I was standing there looking at the floor tiles, I looked over and noticed tiles with wine labels painted on them. Yup. Hand made Mexican tiles in a off-white-with-grayishness color with matching tiles that had wine labels drawn on them. There are 6 different labels in the set. This was perfect! This will be the backsplash under the cabinets and behind the stove in the kitchen. We will also do the same in the butler's hallway for the wet bar. What we thought would be the most difficult was the easiest!

That's about it.

Now we're having lunch at SATO before we go to a wedding.

Busy day.

It never ends.



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