Friday, May 04, 2007

Tough way to start a vacation

Tough Start to a vacation

We have arrived!
Got up at 4:45 am.
Finished packing.
Left for the airport at 6:00am.
Arrived in Florida at 11:35 pm.
Arrived at the hotel at 12:05 pm.
Of course, our room wasn't ready.
We decided to eat. So hungry!

We went to Gumbo Limbo, in keeping with the let's keep this difficult theme. Mianly because it was Hotter 'n Hell! And I was wearing long black loose-fit running pants. It's like an OVEN here. Anyway...

You had to leave the main building, go around the pool area, down the boardwalk, up the stairs and around and there you were. Sort of a "shack" on the beach. We had the combo cold shrimp cocktail appetizer. I had the grilled grouper sandwich. Joseph had a crab cake sandwich. Delicious!

I had a foo foo umbrella drink without the umbrella because this please doesn't have little drinky umbrellas. Instead, I got a big fact slice of pineapple for my spiced rum banana colada. Delicious!

After that, it was down hill. We checked in. Unpacked. I took pictures. And then Joseph went to swim and I went to work. Yes. WORK! Turns out the hotel was upgrading it's in-room internet systems so I had to go down to the lobby lounge area to use the free internet. Because in the room it's not free. Go figure. At the prices they charge! ARG!!!

Anyway... I am done with work! YES! Now that it's the technically late afternoon, I might avail myself of the sunshine outside. Maybe it won't be so sauna-like out there. Wishful thinking. It is Florida, after all...



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