Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekly 20 Training Recap

I was doing really well before my knee pain and that stupid tennis game! ARG!!!
And I was really getting into working out. I was looking forward to my runs!
The knee pain is being managed. I am basically just walking and biking.
My morning regimen was to massage with Topricin and then ice for about 20 minutes.
The week looked like this:
MONDAY - RUN 20 minutes
Knee was still hurting so I didn't do much. I just massaged and iced in the morning and took it easy going up and down the stairs. I couldn't do a lot anyway. Today was a travel day from Ithaca.
Rolling 7-day total: 5.44 miles (uh oh. NOT GOOD!!)

TUESDAY - BIKE 30 minutes
I walked for about 10 minutes, then I biked for 10 minutes. Then I decided to do some lunges. Morning knee massage and icing followed.
Rolling 7-day total: 6.50 miles

WEDNESDAY - RUN 30 minutes
I biked for 30 minutes. 8.25 miles. My whole upper leg area aches from the biking and the lunges. Different muscles, different pain. Sigh... it never ends.
Rolling 7-day total: 6.5 miles

THURSDAY - RUN 30 minutes
Rest day. Rest rest rest. The knee did not hurt this morning as I was running around getting ready. I stretched - did a whole floor routine - before leaving for work. I was so tight that I had to go extra slowly and extra long!
Rolling 7-day total: 5.86 miles

Biked for 11.3 miles instead of resting or running. I also did lunges, after which I massaged and iced my knee. Feels better.
Rolling 7-day total: 1.76 miles. Oy Vey!

SATURDAY - RUN 2 miles
Nothing. Rested. I was so busy I didn't have time for anything.
Let's see. What did I do:

  • had to go to the tile store and pick out tile for the Dust Bowl Money Pit
  • then we went from the tile store to lunch and grabbed a quick bite
  • then from lunch we went directly to a wedding 40 minutes away
  • then back home in time to do some rest - I worked a little
  • then we picked up pizza - took 2 hours (don't ask)
  • then we ate dinner (the aforementioned pizza)
  • then I had to move the clothes from my niece's closet into my own (long story due to construction - thinkg s get moved around a lot)
  • then I stretched
  • then time for bed.
  • Phew.
Rolling 7-day total: 1.07 miles. Sigh. Not looking good...

SUNDAY - RUN 10 miles
Joe told me to rest. Last night after all was said and done, my knee starting hurting pretty badly. So I did what I was told and rested today.
Rolling 7-day total: 1.06 miles
Next week is the last week of taper. I'd say I'm doing pretty well with it so far.
The schedule:
Monday - Run 20 minutes
Tuesday - Bike 30 minutes
Wednesday - Run 30 minutes
Thursday - Bike 30 minutes
Friday - Run 45 minutes
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Run 26.2 at



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