Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to register for Reach the Beach

So, for those who want to know how to get a team together to do Reach the Beach:

  1. Get 12 of your best running pals together and organize it. Don't forget to get 2 more people who do not wish to run who wish to drive. You don't need the 2 drivers since runners can take turns but sometimes having 1 driver will give all runners a break at some point.

  2. If you are truly adventurous and ambitious, cobble together less than 12 running pals and do it as an ultra.

  3. If you do not have 12 running pals or your running pals are fuddy duddy's and don't want to be adventurous, then go out to the forums next season. There are always teams who need to have people fill in because:

A) their friends are also fuddy duddy's and they do not have the full complement of team members

B) their friends are not fuddy duddy's but one or two of them have had to drop out because of injuries and other life changing events

There are a lot of logistics involved.

  1. You have to reserve the two vans a few months in advance. You can do it in an SUV or a minivan but it's not comfortable. Not to mention, where will you sleep? And what if it's raining outside?? The smaller the space, the worse it is. Make sure the vans are 15-person vans. Anything smaller means that you are sitting on top of each other and everyone's gear.

  2. Bring things to sleep on that do not take up too much room.

  3. Bring water, gatorade, etc., and some general goomies for after runs - twizzlers, gummy's, chips of all kinds, etc., are popular - but not too much. Most people will bring their own nutritional supplements.

  4. Be sure to bring trashbags and papertowels - in case portalets run out of TP and also to wipe down after a run

  5. Bring money - small bills - for the rest stops to donate to those who are out there with food to support us

  6. Bring changes of clothes - 3 sets of running gear, including an extra set of shoes. If it is raining - and it rains very single year - you will be glad you have it. If you are an anaerobic running (meaning really fast), then you will smell like ammonia and your van mates will not appreciate you drying your clothes on the vents at the front of the van because it causes a great stink to occur that pervades the van for the entire weekend. Especially if it is pouring out and you can't open the windows lest everything in the van gets wet. NOT that we have ever experienced this ourselves. Ahem.

  7. And for goodness sake... bring a towel. Not a bath sheet or a beach towel. They will take up too much room unless you plan on using it as a blanket, too. A decent sized bath towel or a larger than average hand towel. This is to wipe off the sweat after your run, and to sit on while you and your van are careening to the next stop because the person you handed off to is a speed demon and, no, you did not have any time to stop, rest, walk around, have a drink, rest, cool down, and generally stop sweating. You will continue to sweat for at least 15-20 minutes and your drippiness and puddles will not be appreciated by anyone who will be sitting in your seat for the next relay leg. NOT that I haven't witnessed this myself! Ahem. (This is one of the advantages of being the driver. You get your personal space and everyone knows not to invade it lest they get their head chewed off. Ahem.)
In terms of training, run hills. Hills Hills Hills. And more Hills. Uphills and downhills. New Hamphire is full of HILLS!

I guess that's about it.
Other than's a piece o' cake.



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