Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot dog

The other day, I saw a dog dressed up as a hot dog. Complete with buns and mustard squiggles on top. LOL.

Ohhhh... the indignities of it all...


No Appetitie

I have been slowly noticing that my appetite wanes during the afternoon, while I am ravenous in the morning.

I wonder if I can do something with this newfound knowledge...

On another note, my good friend Cher did a circuit workout at home this morning. I am totally intrigued and will be setting up a home gym this weekend. I am pretty excited since I love weight lifting. The key is to do low weight with high reps. I have a tendency to go heavy. But if I am working out at home, then my choices are limited since I don't have any heavy equipment. The question is, WHEN am I going to schedule it in. I guess this will be my foray into the double workout world. I can't do more than an hour in the mornings because I have to work for a living! As it is, I get into the office around 9:30-10:00am.

This morning, I did my scheduled 45 minute run. I did hill work on the treadmill. Anyone that tells you that a 6% grade on the treadmill is easy has never run at a 6% grade on the treadmill. I did 3x 1/3 mile with a 1/3 mile rest in between. One mile warm up and an appropriate cool down. It's amazing how easy your usually harder run is after you do hills! Amazing.

Tomorrow I have 60 minutes on the bike. Yahoo!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Red Sox Nation here...

I enjoyed a nice commute until I got into South Station this morning.

ACK! Mass Mayhem of People!
Utter chaos.
Total noise.
People everywhere!!!

Rude, Loud, Obnoxious.
What is is about Red Sox Nation?
They whine when they lose.
And they gloat when they win.
In between, they are filled with profanities about the Yankees.
And it's scary to be among the madding crowd because of the riot mentality of following whatever idiot is leading the group at the time.
And I am not saying this because I am a Yankees fan.
But Red Sox Nation can be scary.
You don't dare where a hat or a shirt that has NY on it.
You never know when one of the Nation will blow.

Red Sox won the series.
There is a parade today. They've been camping out with a good spot claimed since the wee hours of the morning to get qet a good look. So all of Red Sox Nation is now packed into the tiny winding streets of Boston.

I am not amused.

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I was supposed to bike for 45 minutes this morning and I only did 30.

I will never get this right!!!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Wellness Recaps to Date

This is the second week of Wellness.

Every week, I set one or two goals.
At the end of the week, I measure myself to see how I did.
The next week, I add one or two more goals to the set I already have.
And so on and so forth.
At some point, one would think it is unreasonable to have, oh.... 300 goals or whatever it eventually counts up to. But the hope is that it will be some will have become habits and therefore, may drop off the goals list.

Up until the first meeting with the Wellness Coach, I had been working out according to schedule for a month, with the exception of the first week in October. Now that I know what happened that week, I think I can do better.

So far I have the following goals and statuses
Week 1:
  1. Weigh once a week: Done

  2. Work out 7 times: Done

  3. Limit wine to 3 days a week: Done

  4. Write down everything I eat: Done

Week 2 goals:
  1. Weigh once a week:

  2. Work out 7 times:

  3. Limit wine to 3 days a week:

  4. Write down everything I eat.:

  5. Eat an apple and a yogurt for snacks in an effort to limit candy:

  6. Eat Bibimbap 3 times this week:


Mid-day update

The 20 minute run this morning was hard. I took it really slowly. I need to go to bed earlier. I am about to fall asleep at my desk right now.

So far so good. Today, I had my yogurt, apple, and my bibimbap for lunch. Just like I had planned to. The yogurt and apple are 50% - I didn't do it at all Fri-Sun last week (my week starts on Friday). But I had it today and my intake of candy has been drastically reduced.

I am supposed to have Bibimbap 3 times this week. Twice more through Thursday should be easy. Instead of meat, I used plain soft tofu. It was really good since it absorbed the hot spicy sauce.

Thursday is weigh in day. I think I should post this on Thursdays for the weekly wellness recap or something like that.


Week 43 Training Recap

Last week was recovery week.

Monday: Run 20 minutes. ARG! I ran 30 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes. Done.
Wednesday: Run 30 minutes. ARG!!! I ran 45 minutes!.
Thursday: Bike 45 minutes. ARG!!! I biked 30 minutes!!!.
Friday: REST DAY. Done. For crying out loud! I needed this after three mistakes this week! Unbelievable.
Saturday: Bike 20 miles. Done. 20.05 miles in 1:14:55. Not bad. I am so glad. I had a LOT for breakfast!
Sunday: Run 10 miles. Done. 10.05 miles. Had a great run.
Sunday: Bike 30 minutes easy. Done. 7.8 miles. Nice and easy. Second work out to make the 7th workout of the week. This is a recovery week so I had to go easy.

Total Biking Miles: 43.4
Total Running Miles: 15.3 (this was a step back week)
Total Walking Miles: 0
Total Swimming Laps: 0
Total Stretching Days: 2 + 1 massage (this is really bad)
Total Workout Hours: 5 hours and 42 minutes.
We are ratcheting things up next week. Now that I am done with the first 4 week rotation plus recovery, I need to get a handle on my speed work (hahaha) and/or hill work (yuk). I think I will need to do this on Wednesday and alternate weeks or something like that. Not sure. We'll see. Too much ambition creates inertia. Been there done that. So, the Coach says this week will look something like this:

Monday: Run 20 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes.
Wednesday: Run 45 minutes.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes.
Friday: Run 30 minutes
Saturday: Bike 30 miles.
Sunday: Run 12 miles.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Double Workouts

Let me just say it again.

The best part of working out is eating...

I committed to 7 work out a week.
My long run would make it 6 work outs.
I needed another one.
What to do what to do what to do.
When in doubt, the doubtful go.... SHOPPING!

Okay. Got up. Joseph when to go swim in Walden Pond. He said it was 70 degrees. Huh? Uh... okayyyyyy. Off he went. (It turned out that it was more like 50. It was 70 about 2 weeks ago. What a dinglehead...)

So, instead of running, I went to Russo's and stocked up on produce and get fresh made porcini ravioli for dinner.

Then it was off to Shaw's, the local grocery store.

Then it was back to Shaw's for stuff I had forgotten (5 bags of McCains seasoned fries because they were on sale and because the freezer downstairs was looking kinda empty.

Okay. Nothing more to do... so I went for my 10-miler around 12:15. I was dreading it all morning. And the dread with which I looked to this run was the how awesome of a run this was. I started out going up Beacon Street toward Newton. Lots of headwind but I was having a good time and I felt really strong. Then up to Newton Center, a right on Center Street, a right onto Comm ave right at the base of Heartbreak Hill. I took it strong the whole way up. Then all the way down Comm Ave through Newton, into Brighton, and past Harvard where I would take right. I am still a couple miles short. So I keep running. Ugh. I had miscalculated the total distance so I had to circle the block a few times. Amazing run.

Joseph was home. I had 5 dumplings and was ready to get on the bike when Joseph told me that a workout doesn't count as a workout unless there are HOURS inbetween. Hmmm. So, if I go ahead and jump on the bike, it's a single workout - a very long hard single workout. Drat.

So we watched a couple of DVR'd shows and then when Joseph went downstairs to cook dinner (his famouse meatballs with marinara sauce for the ravioli's I got at Russo's), I went upstairs and rode 30 minutes on the trainer.

I was in calorie deficit until dinner. And after eating dinner, I'd say I was still about 600 calories low for just basal metabolic processes, never mind to cover the running around and grocery shopping I did. So far so good.

7 workouts.

So, after dinner, I aske Joseph, "what happens if I want to do some weights?"
He said, "I said 7 workouts MINIMUM. You can do more."

I should never have asked.


100 Things About Me: #2 Inner Demons

All of us have at least one. I have many. Those nagging little monsters that pace at the door of conciousness, snapping and growling, waiting for the door to open. All the tears and heart ache of years past wait to come flooding in and drown me.

I am more concious of these when I am running long or biking long, or taking part in some very long physical activity when my mind is captive at the hands of my body's physical processes. When the barriers aren't as strong. When I have let my physical form take over so that I can survive whatever distance it is that I am doing. And as my body tries to prove it's strength, the mind is weak.

And it's always there, like wolves sniffing and digging under the door.

I reap today from the seeds of transgressions I have sewn in my past. All the cruelties and unthinking remarks and attitudes. It reminds me that I have not been "good." Regardless of how well I try to live, and how well I try to give back, with changed thoughts and views, it's a harvest that cannot be ignored. And it brings forth feelings of inadequacy and such sorrow that never leave me, that demands my constant notice on the road to redemption... as if there were a tax on happiness, taking a portion for itself... if redemption is ever possible.

And so, I continue to repent, my heart weeps at times and my eyes shed their tears. And always, I must pull myself together and look away, bar the door, check the locks, lest the dark times take over once more.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paints for the house

I thought I should write down the names of the paints I am using for all of the rooms.
Lest I forget.

Let's see.
All of these are Benjamin Moore.

First Floor:

  • Dining room: Chili pepper with Super White Trim
  • Family Room: Putnam Ivory with Super White Trim
  • Music Room: Saybrook Sage with Super White Trim
  • First Floor Foyer: Elephant Tusk with dark stained wood
  • Kitchen: Undetermined - got a couple of colors, will need to test it out.
Second Floor:

  • Guest Bathroom: Pale Smoke with Mountain Peak White Trim - may want to change this later at some point
  • Guest Room 1: To be determined
  • Guest Room 2: To be determined
  • Library: White Dove or Mayonnaise - undetermined
  • Foyer/landing: Elephant Tusk, White Dove, or Mayonnaise - undetermined
  • Master Bedroom: Jamestown Blue (I think) with Super White Trim
  • Master Bathroom: Parchment with Super White Trim
Third Floors:
  • Third Floor Landing: Thunderbird with Super White Trim
  • Third Floor guest room 1 : Old Country and Corinthian White with Atrium White trim
  • Third Floor Office: Old Country and Pale Smoke, Corinthian White Ceiling with Atrium White Trim
  • Third Floor workout room: Soft Pumpkin and Mystic Green (I think). Not trim paint yet but probably use Mountain Peak White.
  • Third Floor guest room 2: To be determined

I want to experiment with brighter colors in the third floor guest rooms. The rooms are small and I think the current paints make the rooms smallers. But this will wait until another day when all the other floors are done and painting the third floor rooms becomes a "hobby" for me.

The exterior of the house:

  • Main Body: Desert Twilight (a deep green taupe-ish color)
  • Trim: Sandy White (a nice light creamy putty-ish color)
  • Accent: Sedona Clay
This will last us a few years before the next painting for which I hope to have picked out 6 or 7 Victorian colors.

We are getting closer.

I told Joseph that the family should make plans for the holidays as if we were not hosting anything this year. Cannot do it. Four weeks until Thanksgiving and there is no way we will be ready. And I do not want a house full of people here. I will implode.

Anyway... we are getting closer. Another three years and I'd say we will be settled. And then it will be time to do the front porch, the back deck, the garage, the endless pool, the patio/barbeque/outdoor living room set up.

Then, it will be time to repaint the house.


    Estate Sale

    Went to my first estate sale today. Got an email from the people who had the estate sale for the people who sold us our house. Anyway, I didn't think I would find anything. It was my first foray and I didn't expect to find anything.

    Expectations are there to be dashed.
    I get there and I see a rocking chair, a headboard/footboard for a double bed, a dresser with mirror and a small armoir with two drawers. We roam the house and when we head back upstairs to see what we like, down come two men. One with the headboard/footboard and the rocking chair. Blast. Now I know. If you like something just GET IT!

    So we ended up with the dresser and the armoir for $250. Yah. $250.
    And we also got some pans and a roaster and a couple of powdered sugar shakers - for the cinnamon and powder sugared homemade donuts I am going make. Right. A couple of small pans for the small over. A larer pan for the large oven. A roaster that has two pans that can be used as a pan and a lid. These people had some sort of bakery business I think. Anbd a coffee urn that makes a ton a coffee that didn't come with a cord - Joseph thinks we can probably find a cord for it somehow somewhere. Total $12.

    Joseph ended up with an oil camping lantern and a buncha tools. I think the husband had some sort of hardware store or something. Total - $3 or $9. Yah.

    The main guest room is almost done. We need to find a headboard, a side table and a lamp. We now have the dresser and the armoir. The room also has a very large TV armoir in it already. We can get a bed and look for the headboard and side table and lamp at our leisure.

    I am hooked on the estate sales. It's really addictive. We want to fill the house with period pieces and estate sales are a cheap way to find decent stuff. They are not brand new but you know they are old and that kind of wqaulity is hard to find these days without paying thousands of dollars. Eventually, I want to learn to refinish furniture and I will have a houseful that I can practice on.

    So, all in all a good day. Less than $300 worth of very fine booty!

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    The best part of working out... eating.

    20.05 miles on the bike in 1:14:55. Not bad. Averaged around 16 mph. I can do better. I want to get to 20-22 mph but I know that I probably can't do that until I get out side and not on a hilly course. But I don't mind hills on the bike; it makes me stronger and faster.

    Anyway... about 808 calories expended to cover for the approximate 825 calories I had for breakfast.

    Eight Hundred Twentry Five calories.
    For Breakfast.

    The best part of working out is...


    Friday, October 26, 2007

    Meeting with Scotty the Contractor

    I met with Scotty the Contractor today to discuss the tin ceiling. By the time we were through, he has me picking out exterior paint, picking out the lights for the rest of the house and I have to do it all in a week because the electrician is coming back and he's not coming back again and yadda yadda yadda... Unbelievable.

    Regarding the tin ceiling, he loves it.
    He agrees about the color but he thinks we can do something about it. First we will put it all up as planned. Then he will paint a portion a stainless steel silver metallic color, and another portion white. He says the more you paint it the more detail shows and the more beautiful the ceiling is. Then we can choose which ceiling color we want. Sounds good to me.

    The next thing is that under the stairs I told him I want two hinged doors that open out so that the swing space behind one big door (and even two smaller doors) isn't wasted space. He is okay with that. He is going go line the inside with beadboard.

    Then the paint for the foyer and entry way. We are going to take the paint we used in the back butlers pantry and use that for the entire entry way. The paint changes color depending on the light and it's a very soft coffee or latte color, milky, creamy, and warm. The question is... do I want to use that same color in the upstairs too? We will have to see.

    The next item was the exterior paint. We have a guy who quoted a very reasonable price for taking down the asbestos shingles. We hired him and in the next few weeks, the house will be ready to be painted. I am NOT ready for this! ARG!!! So, we will use the paint colors to tie the house over until the next painting event in 5 or 6 years. So I have to be able to live with it for that long.

    The next item we talked about were these very long cubby's in the kitchen and the upstairs master closet (it used to be a part of the upstairs kitchen). He is going to put in book shelves in the front and when you pull on it, the whole thing will move out with shelfs or some sort of storage space behind it. In the closet, it will be a shoe race with a similar storage space behind it.

    He is finding out about the expensive door knobs for the cabinet in the master bath that he thinks the place that he ordered them from probably lost his order becuase he hasn't heard or seen hide nor hair about it.

    And he is checking on the door knobs. We are replacing all the door knobs in the house to match. I want the antiqued carved round knobs. Very Victorian. And the front door also will have some serious hardware.

    And the Master bath mirrors. I can't pick out lights until I know that we can get those mirrors. Those beautiful mirrors with wavy glass that is like sea glass that would be perfect for my seaside spa inspired master bathroom. I need to write him an email about all of this.

    And he needs to check on a set of really short bannisters. I want them switched out and fixed, too! Sheesh.

    And there are SCRATCHES on my kitchen floor from the tin ceiling putting-up-work. ARG!

    And all of this was from a short meeting.

    Ugh. I am definitely going to have to write him an email.


    Happiness is: My Hunny Bunny


    I cannot begin to tell you how much I missed him.

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    I am in my office. Nice and quiet. Minding my own business. When I hear "stomp stomp stomp" "shuffle shuffle stuffle" "bam bang thud" and then a grinding mechanical "whrrrrrr" that soon becomes "GRRRRRRRR-WHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR".

    Right. Outside. My. Office. Door.

    Seems that putting a few rogue bannisters is a noisier affair than I could have ever imagined. And this morning at 10:30, I need to lead a conference call for my staff meeting.

    I hope putting in a few bannisters does not take the whole day!!!



    Tin ceiling

    So yesterday, Wie (as in "we love Wie") the carpenter put in about a third of the tin ceiling. It's a brass finish. It looked great in the box and when I held it up. But when it's actually put up on the ceiling, it brought the whole ceiling down. I tried it out all night last night. I walked in and out of the kitchen a half dozen times. I cooked dinner. I ate dinner. Back and forth back and forth back and forth. And each time it was startling. Okay. Not the same each time; as the night went on it became less startling but that feeling of enclosure never went away. Also, it is a stark contrast to the stainless steel appliances.

    So, I made a phone call and told Scotty the Contractor that we must do something about the ceiling. He will be coming by today to take a look. I am thinking that we need something in the same finish as the appliances.

    I hope we can exchange what we haven't used. Wie the Carpenter said that there was a notice on the box saying we had 7 days to make a return. I hope that excludes exchanges. Otherwise, one of the third floor rooms is going to have an elegant, shiny brass, tin ceiling.

    It's always something. Isn't it?
    Anyway, Wie is now spending the morning putting in the matching bannisters we had to have special-made. Can't wait to see it all done.

    On a wonderful note, today is a rest day. Yahoo!

    And Joseph is coming home this afternoon. That is the best note of all! I missed him terribly. It was not the same. I can see how my life is tidier with him here. And he helps me get out of bed in the mornings. Literally and figuratively. I cannot imagine life away from him.


    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    De-Fat Advisor

    Seeing as how I can't be on The Biggest Loser, I went and got myself a De-Fatting Advisor (DFA). Just for grins, we can call her Diana. Or if you prefer, the DFA.

    She is no Jillian Michaels but she is very nice, very private and very free. That last bit is the best part.

    At work, we get a lot of perks. A ton of perks. A lot of the perks are around health, fitness, work-life balance, child care, elder care, etc etc etc. To help curb health care costs, the company has always been a big believe in preventative maintenance or preventative medicine. So, we get things for health care, easy access to doctors and office visites, etc. The belief being that if you have access, you will use it. And if you use it, you will catch things when they are minor, before they become a huge calamity.

    One of the latest perks is The Wellness Center in our building. Manned but nurses, PA's, a Doctor, nutritionists, we can make appointments online and walk in and have minimum payments. One of the services is a nutrition/wellness advisor. Our executive admin was telloing me about it so I made an appointment. Yes. I, the skeptic, the one who knows more about this than most people, the one who eschews any personal/social/face-to-face contact for fear of having to engage with people or catching their germs, made an appointment.

    The first session was last week. It was 60 minutes. We discussed a lot of things. What I want to do, how I want to get there, visualizing what I want to be, etc etc etc. At the end of the session, I even learned a little about myself and even found a way around my issue of not exercising when I travel (just do it and control the situation).

    The rest of the sessions are weekly for 30 minutes, where we talk about anything that happened the week before and our goals for the next week.

    The first week the goals were to:
    1. write down everything I eat
    2. exercise every day (or 7 times)
    I accomplished both goals.

    Next week my goals are to do the above AND:
    1. have fruit and yogurt as snacks with 3 meals a day
    2. korean bibimbap 3 times because it is chock full of veggies and packs a lot of bulk into a short number of calories
    So far so good. My next appointment is next Tuesday. I have lost almost a pound - a little more than half a pound in a week. Oh. I am weighing myself only once a week now.

    I guess the best place to post all my goals and report on progress is with the weekly training recaps.

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    What is HAPPENING TO ME???

    I am logging my bike workout this morning and I was supposed to bike for 45 minutes, and I biked for 30.

    Well, it makes sense if you think about it.
    It's a recovery week.
    Not a recovery week from BIKING.
    It's a recovery week from RUNNING!!!

    Tomorrow a rest day.
    I have to tell myself that so I don't forget and go out and do something stupid like like bike for an hour or run 5 miles or wrestle a damn bear!!!

    I am a dolt.


    Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    The Biggest Loser

    You have got to be kidding me. Here I am all set and ready to go and watch the DVR'd Biggest Loser from last night and IT'S NOT THERE!


    What happened?

    And do you think that I can figure what happened?
    Of course not. It's TECHNOLOGY!

    I feel like I am 80 sometimes.




    I went to log my run this morning and it turns out I had 30 minutes on the schedule.

    I ran 45 instead.

    I hate working harder than I am supposed to!


    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    100 Things About Me: #1 My Motto

    This is my motto:
    "The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude."
    --- William James
    I saw it and it is perfect.
    It describes me to a T.
    Many years ago, all I did was complain and look at the bad side of things.
    I just resisted and fought.
    I was so depressed that there were days when I couldn't get out of bed. For days.

    Then I decided to give up.
    That's it.
    Simply, just. give. up.

    I chose my more meditative side.
    I chose the Confucian teachings of give and take, balance and harmony, cause and effect - all those things that my father tried to teach me so many years ago and which I simply refused to look at.
    I chose to just let things go.
    I chose to decide for myself what is important - and discovered that other than God, the family I choose to build, my life, my death, and doing good inbetween those events, there as little else in this world that is all that important.

    They had it right.
    Don't sweat the small stuff.
    And it's really all pretty small.

    And since then, life has been grand.
    And I am humbly grateful for my life, the grand, and for Wisdom hitting me on the head and waking me up.

    Ugh. It was painful. And since I am obviously pain-averse, I listened. Because with my stubbornness, it's a miracle I did.


    Joseph's Jet

    He's leaving on one this afternoon.
    Won't be back until Friday afternoon.
    His bags were packed last night.
    A few last minute items and he is gone gone gone.

    I hate being alone.

    Well. Actually, I love being alone.
    I just hate being alone without Joseph.
    I miss him already.

    So sad.

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    Monday, October 22, 2007



    I was logging this morning's run and I saw that I was supposed to run for 20 minutes this morning and I ran for 30.


    Sunday, October 21, 2007

    Week 42 Training Recap

    So, this has been a pretty good week of training. I am back on my feet again and worked out every day.
    Monday: Run 20 minutes. Done.
    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes. Done.
    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes. Done.
    Thursday: Bike 45 minutes. Done.
    Friday: Run 30 minutes. Done.
    Saturday: Bike 20 miles. Done.
    Sunday: Run 12 miles. Done. A very tiring and hard run around the reservoir. I already reporting on this. I have to rethink my long runs.

    Total Biking Miles: 39.9
    Total Running Miles: 20.9
    Total Walking Miles: 0
    Total Swimming Laps: 0
    Total Stretching Days: 5 (Need to do better on this)
    Total Workout Hours: 6 hours and 46 minutes. That isn't too bad. I'd like to get it to 10 hours but that might mean that I don't sleep. We will see.
    This coming week is a step back or recovery week. That means my long run will be 10 miles instead of 12. I guess it's all in your definition of what "step back" and "recovery" are. I have one rest day but I still need to get in 7 workouts. I will have to pick a day this weekend when I do a double. On Saturday, I can either bike and run. Or some Sunday, I can Run and Run or bike and Run. No idea what I will do. Since it is a recovery from RUNNING, I might as well just do a run on the Bike day and just do a long run on Sunday.

    I am thinking the week will look like this:
    Monday: Run 20 minutes.
    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes.
    Wednesday: Run 30 minutes.
    Thursday: Bike 45 minutes.
    Friday: REST DAY!
    Saturday: Bike 20 miles (or Bike 20 miles and run 30 minutes).
    Sunday: Run 12 miles (or Run 12 miles and bike 30 minutes).


    Just a normal weekend

    Thank goodness. We did do some errands and such.

    I did do my scheduled 20 mile ride and decided that my 12-mile long run would be easy. I ran up to the reservoir and ran around it 5 times and then back home. It's a nice run but after the third loop things got a little dull. I think I have to find a different way to incoporate the reservoir going forward. I can't imagine doing a 6th loop.

    We are starting to look at closet systems. Joseph went ahead and put in some temporary unit into our closet but I am still living out of closets in other rooms and plastic bins. We went to The Container Store to get some ideas. Love. The. Container. Store. Of course we walked out of there with a cart full of stuff with $300 on the credit card. ARG! One of the big items was a giant round trash can that is practically hermetically sealed so the dingle doggie won't get into it. We will see if it works. And we took a look at the closet systems, all beautiful. Now that we have some ideas, we will take a look at IKEA first to see what they have.

    We also went to The Booksmith for the first time. Of course, we went out loaded with books and $197 more on the credit card. At least they gave us a nice canvas bag to carry our books in for our troubles. It must cost them $.50 to make the bag in some third world country somewhere. I ended up getting a book that was autographed. I love the Booksmith.

    Joseph is heading out to Bonita Springs FL for training this week. I will be alone. Sigh... I hate being alone. I didn't used to. Then I met Joseph. Now I hate being alone. With the Dingle Doggie. That I have to walk in the morning and at night. Sigh...

    And there will be no one around to tell me how much they appreciate me.

    Did I mention how I hate it when Joseph isn't here?
    Yah. I hate it.


    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Week 41 Training Recap

    9 more weeks until I get my Christmas Bonus. Countdown time is here! Yahoo!

    I am back on my streak after the debacle of last week. Sheesh. This was a pretty good week.
    Monday: Run 20 minutes. Done.

    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes. Done.

    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes. Done.

    Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. Done.

    Friday: Run 30 minutes. Done. Ooooh, I am starting to like this...

    Saturday: Bike 20 miles. Done.

    Sunday: Run 10 miles. I am thinking about doing a race of some kind. Not sure what yet. Done done done!! YES! And I even ran a 5k race! YAHOO!

    Total Biking Miles: 36.2
    Total Running Miles: 18.1
    Total Walking Miles: 0
    Total Swimming Laps: 0
    Total Stretching Days: 5 (Need to do better on this)
    Total Workout Hours: 5 hours and 47 minutes.
    Well, that was a very good week, wasn't it? My goals next week are to work out agaiin - 7 days. It's the last week in the 4-week cycle before hitting a recovery week.
    Monday: Run 20 minutes.

    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes.

    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes.

    Thursday: Bike 45 minutes.

    Friday: Run 30 minutes.

    Saturday: Bike 20 miles.

    Sunday: Run 12 miles.


    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Dietary Hell


    This was recently on the Runners World website:

    "Yes, even if you're a regular runner, you may not be burning
    all the calories you can--or should--burn. In fact, the recently released
    Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that we all probably need to
    get more exercise. Aiming for 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week is no longer considered enough, especially if you're trying to lose weight or stave off age-related weight gain. Now the experts recommend 60 to 90 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise most days of the week. So, for the average runner looking to drop 10 pounds, a three-miler every other day just won't cut it."

    Of course I already knew this.
    I've been saying this since before everyone jumped on the LessIsMore bandwagon.
    I've been saying this since before fat free revolution.
    So why does it bug me now?
    It's different when you see it in black and white!

    I hate being right.

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    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Days Ahead

    I am two days ahead of myself!!!
    I keep thinking it's THURSDAY!
    Yesterday, I thought it was TUESDAY!

    At this rate, I will add another whole week to this week!!!


    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Drat! 20 minutes!

    This is recovery week.
    I just checked my calendar and I was supposed to run easy for 20 minutes.
    I ran 30 minutes instead.

    Drat Drat Drat!


    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Flutie 5k and Long Run

    So... long run day. 10 miles on the books. What to do what to do what to do.
    Sometimes running the same course is demotivating.
    Sometimes the familiarity of every hill and pothole along with the type of pain you get at every mile marker is dreadful.
    Sometimes you need a goal, something to look forward to.

    When Joseph suggested running the Flutie 5k this weekend, my first reaction was, "no. Are you crazy? It's a friggin' 5k! I have 10 miles. ARG!"

    And Joseph then said I could run 5 miles at home. Then go to the race. Run the course once as a warm up. And then run the race.

    My next reaction was, "are you crazy? I can't do that! This will be too hard. I will be dead before the race! It's a new distance. My body gets tired whenever I have a new distance."

    So Joseph said that I could take it easy. Run the 5 mile pre-race easy. Then run the course slow. Then race the race hard.

    And then I said, "WHAT? HARD? How can I run it hard when I am DEAD DEAD DEAD???" Sheesh.

    And so, that is exactly what I did. I got up and ran my 5 miles. Not bad. It wasn't the fastest pace, but who cares? I am just getting in the distance.

    And then we packed up and went to the race. We registered and got our numbers. Then we went to the car, and I headed out on the warm up. It was a nice run. The weather was really nice at this point. The course was short. But then I didn't know where the start and finish were. I started at the car and ended at the car.

    After the warm up, I changed into new running gear. And we had about 20 minutes to wait for the start. The race went off about 5 minutes late but not a big deal. At least I knew the course.

    I started in the middle of the pack. At the beginning a lot of people passed me. Then I settled into a harder-than-average-but-nothing-to-kill-me kindapace. I didn't have a plan. I was just going to go out and keep steady if I could. And that is what I did. I didn't stop to take a break once. Strange since I train using walk breaks right now.

    I finally hit the final turn with the long just-under-a-mile run to the finish. And then things sort of started breaking and falling apart. My breathing was labored, my legs hurt, my back hurt, my arms hurt, and my brain couldn't think. You would have thought I was running a BQ pace. But I wasn't.

    And that's when it hit me. I had my eyes on the road in front of me. I saw nothing but asphalt. And all I could think about was the pain. And I asked myself one question. "If you were om the bike, what would you do?" And I gave myself a single answer. "I'd speed up."

    And that is what I did.
    I sped up. Kept running faster.

    And then I saw Joseph. He didn't say a word. He just came toward me, as I passed, he turned around and fell in step next to me. He led the way for a bit and then sped up and veered off. I saw the finish and that gave me hope. I sped up more and passed a bunchapeople. And then I finished.

    It was not my speediest pace. I finished in a 10:17 pace for a total of 33:01 but it as by far the best effort I've had all year. The best.

    I learned that I can work through the pain. And that pain isn't managed by just stopping but by rolling over it. I didn't die, throw up, fall, or die. Mentally, the breakthrough of pushing through the pain as I would on the bike was huge. Just Huge. And I saw a small part of my true self peaking through at the end.

    And so... I think I am going to race more. I always enjoyed it. Now that I know I can incorporate it into a long run and run it all very well, I am looking forward to finding more races to run.

    And the planet did not spin out of orbit.
    Wow. Go figure.


    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Back to Normal

    Massage with Arun this morning. 20 mile bike in the afternoon.

    There is nothing like getting things back to normal.

    However, I will note that I will be running a race tomorrow.
    A race.



    We will see how it goes.


    Gina and The Peace Corp

    So, I never mentioned that Amanda and Gina came to visit us last weekend. Yes. The time when all those runner friends of ours visited? Yup. Joseph and I were out and he got a message from Amanda that they are headed to Boston and will be staying with us. Yup yup yup. Joseph told them to just go on in and get settled.

    And when we got home, that is exactly how we found them - in and settled! LOL!
    Amanda and Gina are the kindafriends that you kindaleave alone. They may as well live with us because well... they ARE us. You know what I mean? People you don't have to worry about? They are you and you are them and all that sort of thing. So I guess that is why I didn't think to really mention them - they are us and we are them...

    Anyway... we are sitting around and chatting and such and turns out that Gina has applied to go to the Peace Corps. Yes. I know I know. She has a job. She is married. She has a home... But she also has this yearning...

    And I know all about that feeling of wanting to stay but needing to go. And all the workings around trying to figure it all out and make sense of it all.

    I once thought of joining the Peace Corps. Many years ago. When I just got out of college. But I never did. Instead I spent the next 15 years trying to find myself, figure out why I was here, why I was born, what meaning is it to the world that I exist, and what is the Truth behind this existence. I wonder if I could have found it faster if I had done something as selfless as joining the Peace Corps. But the times were different then.

    There were less places back then where you had a better than average change of getting shot dead, of being hated because you are American or a woman, etc. These are very dangerous times to go into the Peace Corps. So there is plenty to be worried about if Gina decides to move forward with this.

    And back then, I wasn't married. It's a lot harder if your are married to go into the Peace Corps. There are so many things I could wax philosophical on about this topic so I will leave it at that.

    Anyway, they spent the night on Saturday. On Sunday, when we did the road trip up the coast to drop off Cher and Milt at the airport, they did their own thing and decided to stay another night. When we got home really late, there they were. Actually, Amanda was there and Gina had gone to a birthday party at Medieval Manor. Now, why anyone would pay to eat in a place wher eyou have to ask permission to speak and go to the bathroom is totally lost on me... But some people love giving up that much control. Amanda needs time alone to read her books and stay away from people. Like I said, we are her and she is us. :o) Anyway, we visited for a bit before hitting the sack.

    The next day was a work day and they left early.

    It's always so good to see them.
    It's like no time has passed.
    And when they are with us, it's like time stands still for me.
    Amanda is good medicine for my nervous energy. I am always truly relaxed around her.
    And now that they are gone, the memory of their presence will remain with me until we see each other again.


    Friday, October 12, 2007

    The paper man

    ...paper, as opposed to the Tin Man, or Space Man.
    Tonight we went to Joseph's sister's Judi's to visit with Caroline for her Birthday celebration. The real celebration is on Sunday but we had a lot of stuff needing doing then and I for one, can't take the mayhem. The Noise. The Chaos. People running around. Too Many People to Talk To.

    So, we went tonight instead. And I am mentally much better for having done that.

    It was a very nice evening. Joseph's parents were also there. We had the kids all to ourselves. I love playing with the kids. First, Caroline and I played some webkins. Then after dinner, we went upstairs to Luke's room and built stuff with Legos. I love Legos. I wish I were as creative as is he. But I did a great job finding parts. Yes, I was Lego Part Finder.

    Then the highlight. We made Luke a paper bag outfit out of brown paper shopping bags. It started out as a head with two eyes and a mouth. Then we added the body, which was quickly followed by the legs. It was a hoot! And Luke and Caroline were so excited. We all worked together on it. Luke is hoping to wear it for Halloween. Uhhhh... I am hoping it doesn't last that long. Cannot imagine how cumbersome it would be and it's not exactly rip- and water-proof. Anyway...

    Joseph finally signaled and we were outta there. I was exhausted!!! I need sleep.


    Eventful Bliss

    Worked from home today. Workers painted. Nothing happened. No one died.

    It was bliss...

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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Covering for the boss...

    Ok. It's a slow news day when this is the best you can come up with.

    He's been gone all week. Vacation. Disney. 3 kids. What can I say? It's a given that you go to Disney for vacation if you have kids. And he has three of them!

    It's been uneventful. Of course, the week got off to a rarin' start with a phone call from the boss's boss last Saturday while at the cookout. Thank goodness I answered the phone, which I don't typically do for unidentified callers. Anyway, it was easily taken care of on Monday. Which was a holiday for most of the world unless your business is run to the tune of the New York Stock Exchange. Which doesn't consider a holiday to celebrate Columbus's discovery of America to be particularly Holy. I don't either but then that is another conversation for another day. Anyway... too bad that I was going to take Monday off and couldn't.

    I have one more day to go and hopefully it will remain uneventful. Especially considering that my adrenaline has worn off and I'll be working from home tomorrow.

    We are in the work-at-home-technology era. What can I say?

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Clean living: An Express Seat

    This afternoon, I get on the train to go home. It's crowded. And Hot. I get to a spot and before I can settle in, the guy sitting in the seat in front of me, gets up and gives me his seat.

    Then after a few stop, the announcement on the train says we are going express to Coolidget Corner. That cut about 6 stops out of the trip!

    As I get up to leave, I thank the guy who gave me my seat. He was with the young woman sitting next to me and they were going back and forth, talking the entire trip. As I got off the train, I told him he made my day.

    He laughed and said he understood.

    Must be clean livin'...


    Monday, October 08, 2007

    Week 40 Training Recap

    15 days in and I break my streak. ARG!!!!!

    I knew this past week was going to be tough. And I had resolve. But you add the crazy schedule to my hamstring woes and ...woe is me, I'm going to hell on good intentions. Sigh...

    So, here is what I planned and what actually happened:
    Monday: Run 20 minutes - but I will be biking 30 minutes instead. I biked 7.4 miles. Not too shabby. But I am still feeling the hamstrings.

    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes - but I will be running 45 minutes instead. Hamstring woes lead me to take a rest day. Uh oh...

    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes - but I will be biking 30 minutes instead. The rest day was good. I ended up biking 11.85 miles. Thank goodness I could do something!

    Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. This is where it gets tricky. I will be doing my long run on this day - that means 10 miles. This is because 10 miles will take me 2 hours and on Saturday, we will be in NH. Yes. People will be running a half marathon there but I do not want to run the race. Instead, I will be biking on Saturday. Okay. Don't laugh. 2.75 miles of RUNNING. Yes. I ran instead of biking. Whatever. Hamstring issues!

    Friday: Run 30 minutes. This should be doable.HAH! I got up and picked up Cher and Milt from the airport. I did, however, do a lot of walking and moving my body around!

    Saturday: Bike 20 miles. I will be doing this following people who are running the Applefest Half Marathon in NH. With all the going back and forth between people, I should be able to do 20 miles. It's a hilly course so it will be a hard workout.I actually biked 20 miles. Just made it. I wouldn't have if Joseph hadn't checked up on me... "you are going back out aren't you?"...after he finished his relay leg at Applefest. Go back out? Errr.... Sigh... why not....

    Sunday: Run 10 miles - but I will only be running 20 minutes. I will be doing the long run on Thursday. This should be interesting.HAHAHAHAHAH! I sat in the car, drank beer, ate lobster and sat in the car in between. All day long. It was a mental exercise.

    Total Biking Miles: 42.2
    Total Running Miles: 2.75
    Total Walking Miles: 0
    Total Swimming Laps: 0
    Total Stretching Days: 1 (Need to do better on this)
    Total Workout Hours: 4 hours and 27 minutes. This isn't too bad considering last week I did only 30 minutes more but worked out for 7 days. Strange. I still feel like a slacker.

    The coming week looks like this. I hope to do much better than last week and get back on my streak! Of course, it means I will be repeating last week.
    Monday: Run 20 minutes.

    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes.

    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes.

    Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.

    Friday: Run 30 minutes.

    Saturday: Bike 20 miles.

    Sunday: Run 10 miles. I am thinking about doing a race of some kind. Not sure what yet.


    Sunday, October 07, 2007

    The Crows Nest

    What a day. What a long long day. Well worth it.

    This morning, we had breakfast and nice leisurely start to the day. Daniel left early to go to NYC. MaryD and H took off early for the journey to the great white north. And then Cher and Milt, Joseph and I took off up the cost.

    We headed up following the coastline and hit Beverly and Salem first. This being October and it being a Witch month, Salem was bustling. Unbelievable. We tried to park but after circling for about 20 minutes, we threw in the towel. There is no need to spend $20 to park in the suburbs to look at a bunchawitch things.

    We went through in Manchester-by-the-sea and Marblehead looked at abunchahouses and ended up at some Irish pub with some of the best food I've had in a long time. It was just a snack because we wanted to save room for lobster later.

    We toured Marblehead Neck and stopped at the park at the top overlooking the harbor. I hadn't been up there since I moved to Boston about 24 years ago. Last time, it was the height of summer and you could see all the sailboats with their brightly colored sails below. Today, it was windy, cold, and gray. Nonetheless, it was still very beautiful. We walked around and read the plaques and just enjoyed the experience. There is nothing like friends to give you a chance to see things in a different light.

    We continued up the coast and ended up in Gloucester. We were looking for the Fishermans Memorial (which we passed), and sort of looking for the bar in The Perfect Storm. I didn't know where it was exactly...all I knew was that in the book it was across the street from where all the ships came in. We finally parked the car and decided to walk up the street. I was all nervous about looking like a stupid tourist, which I supposed you could say that I was. But no one like to admit it! Anyway, we ended up at a small visitor kiosk with a lady manning it. When we asked about things to do and see, she pointed around behind her and said that was where The Perfect Storm was made. And she didn't say anything about the bar. And so we looked at the booklets and the map and I could tell that NO ONE WAS GONNA ASK! We were all waiting for the other to ask about THE BAR!!! ARG!

    So, I said, "uh... what about the bar?" I mean, I didn't even remember the name of the place. And the lady perked up and said, "Oh. The Crows Nest. The replica for the movie was down behind me up if you go up the road a mile, it's on the main road on your left.

    And we piled back into the car and drove up and on the left, well... waddayaknow... The Crows Nest. The sign was old, dusty and faded. And there was single entrance to a small building. And we all stepped inside, quietly, respectfully, not wanting to draw attention (lest we look like a bunchastupid tourists), and ordered beers all around.

    We could tell there were a LOT of regulars. The kind you see in movies. Old, Salty, Crusty people, with the years of salt and hard living etched on the folds of their skin - young and old alike, all with the same deep, weathered wrinkles. And they eyed us carefully but were polite or ignored us. It must be strange to come to your local watering hole, only to find stupid tourists gazing at you as if you were the latest star attraction. The bartender came over and chatted with us for a bit. And as we were leaving, another regular walked up, nodded, and greeted us kindly before turning into the building. Well... the Crows Nest. I never thought it would really exist!

    After that we drove up the cost a bit more and ended up at Essex and at the legendary Woodmans. Of course we all ordered lobsters and wayyyy too much food. But we had plenty of time to savor every single bite. It was so good. The lobster was so fresh and so sweet!

    We finally made it to the airport and said our farewells to Cher and Milt. It was so good to see them. And have them visit. For the first time, we could actually spend time with them and visit! We do that at their house all the time but it's been a while since we've done it here. In fact, I don't recall ever relaxing when they visit here. It's always a race or rushing around or driving here and there.

    It was a great weekend.


    Saturday, October 06, 2007

    Applefest Half Marathon

    I haven't run this race in almost 10 years. Maybe 8, but 8...10... not a big difference. And I ran it under someone else's number. They weren't running due to injury, I happened to be hanging out, and so I took the opportunity.

    I haven't run the race since and I didn't run it today. I biked it. At first, I didn't know how I was going to pull it off. The road wasn't closed to the race, that meant I had to maneuver in and out of the crowd. And I knew it was going to be crowded for the first x-miles or minutes or so. And I was unofficial. I wasn't sure if the race people would get mad and make me get off the course. And I didn't want to hinder someone's race or ride up on them and run them over. That would have been a very bad day for both of us.

    The race started, and I let the crowd go by. I rode up a mile and determined it was too crowded to ride safely, so I turned around and headed back to the starting line. I did this a couple of times until I had waiting long enough for the crowd to thin out. The further the distance and the time, people get strung out in single or double file as they settle into their pace.

    I rode up and down the hills. Back and forth. Dodging oncoming traffic and runners drifting into you. At one point, I became the unofficial course screamer - WATCH OUT. CAR COMING. MOVE TO THE RIGHT. LOOKING GOOD. DOING GREAT. etc etc etc. And people listened. I loved that.

    Joseph was running a relay with Adam. Adam is a goof. He is one of the smartest people I know who is devoid of any practical common sense. Anyway, Adam had been touting that he had been running 7 minute miles for every single one of his runs. Well, turns out that after the race he had tied is running pod into a key carrier that was loosely tied to his laces. Well, we all know that this gives false readings. If you take a step, it bounces twice so it seems you are going faster than you are since the mechanism requires some sort of bouncing for measurement. Joseph was so annoyed because he had thought they would be faster but it was not to be. We were in Adamland! LOLOLOL! And another thing to note about Adam. Joseph told him to get up to the start, and hang with a few women that were fast. And just stay on their shoulder. Adam told me after the race, he did just that and then he ran by them. What he left out, Joseph told me later - he had picked a group of fat slow woman. When I told him that this was not exactly what Joseph had in mind, he told me that he couldn't set his sights too high! What a nut! LOLOLOL! He totally cracks me up!

    Anyway, I managed to get to all my running friends out there, and a few of them, I went back and forth a couple of time. Cher looked really good. MJ always looks good...grrrr.... and MaryD was relaxing out there because of the heat. She does the happy dance naked outside when there is a blizzard out in Michigan where she lives. Ahem. And then Daniel pulled up the rear.

    Toward the end of the race, I went back and found Daniel. He told me that he thought the guy in front of him was in the the same age group. And that he was going to wait to pass him. I was like, "huh? WAIT to pass him?" I told him to pass now. And after a brief moment of nagging, Daniel sped up and passed. He never looked back and managed to place in his age group. But not before he ran in front of me while I was riding beside him, to pass the person in front of him, practically knocking me off the bike and into a fire truck that was passing me on the left with only an inch to spare, going to one of the women that passed out.

    There was a climb toward the last mile and at one point, and that was the toughest hill. I went up and down about 4 times. The first time, I could barely keep up with Joseph while I was riding next to him while he was running. In fact, he sped up and I fell back.

    I also saw someone who had collapsed. And someone being picked up on a gurney by the EMT's. One of them were almost half a mile from the finish. Bummer, I thought. But it was a hot day and I am surprised that there were not more ill, dehydated, hyponatremic, weaving-all-over-the-place, disoriented people.

    After the race, we all headed back to Debbie's for a cookout as planned. It was some terrific food, lots of beer, and lots of friends. We met new people. Luminita and Paul. They were pretty cool and seemed to be a lot of fun. And not boring. I can't stand boring people.

    Tonight, MaryD, H, D, and Cher and Milt came back to our place. They are spending the night before taking off for corners unknown. Actually, MaryD and H are traveling up the cost to finally end up in Nova Scotia or some place in the distant north. D is leaving to go back to NYC. And Joseph and I are driving Cher and Milt back to Portsmouth for their flight home tomorrow night. At 9:30 PEE EMM. AT NIGHT! It's gonna be a long transport. We will start early and drive up the cost, eating our way from lobster shack to lobster shack. It is gonna be a blast! I love doing stuff with like-minded people who like the same things that I do.

    I love having a place big enough to house all of these people! I love a full house full of friends! And when the Dust Bowl Money Pit is done, they will be set up in style in their own bedrooms with lots of room to roam around. Cannot wait for that time!

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    Friday, October 05, 2007

    Life with Friends

    So, this morning, I got up bright and early to get our good friends Cher and Milt from the Pease International Tradeport or the Portsmouth International Airport. In New Hampshire. Yes. We live in Massachusetts. Yes, Logan airport is but a hard stone's throw from our house. Yes. There are flights between Columbus and Logan Airport.

    But one thing you failed to ask was, is Cher CHEAP? Yes. She is. One of her most endearing qualities! LOL! Skybus flies direct from Columbus to Portsmouth and she managed to snag $20 round trip tickets. Yah. I'd drive an hour to Portsmouth, too, for $20 roundtrip tickets. And yah. Especially if you consider that they have FREE long term parking across the street from the terminal. And I don't mean across-a-four-lane-highway-taking-your-life-in-your-hands kinda street. I mean a two lane, country road with no traffic. That's kinda street. Yah.

    Anyway, the drive was really simple until I got into the airport. Then it was down the road, round the bend, to the left, down a bit, keep going, keep going, omgwhatisthisbackroadplace, until you arrive at the terminal. About the size of my living room. Ok. Maybe about the size of my whole first floor. About 1100 square feet. Seriously.

    And there is only one commercial carrier. Skybus. In fact, it's not even called an airport. It's called a TRADEPORT. Yah. No idea what that is. But judging from the pictures on the wall, I'd say the navy, the army, the national guards all fly in and out of there. And I am not sure what they are trading. Maybe DHL and UPS fly out of there, too? But I didn't see any of those planes. Anyway, with only one commerical carrier, I bet the ontime rate is pretty high.

    And then there is the little side room. With a big picture window. It is in front of where the planes pull up. And when the plane arrives, these little stair-pusher-people push the stairs right up to the front and back doors and the people get out. And it's not like it's a jumbo jet so I was surprised at the two sets of stairs. Makes dismebarking faster than usual. And the best part is that I could see when Milt and Cher walked down the plank so I could be near the gate waiting for them.

    Yah. It was that simple.

    After I picked them up, we headed over to our good friend Debbie's in New Hampshire. Another hour's drive but in a westerly direction, as opposed to southerly, where Boston is. Anyway, we stopped for coffee because Cher kept loudly lamenting about how a cuppacoffe would be soooo nice. I got the hint.

    After visiting with Debbie, we went and did errands. Tomorrow we are having a cookout after the Applefest Half Marathon and Debbie is hosting it. So we went to the Meat House to pick up some things. The Meat House is awesome. LOTS O' MEAT. Including chicken and pork in addition to the beef. And lots of spices for your meat. Anyway, it seems that they specialize in marinated meat. And boy is it good! We had some a while back when Debbie hosted yet another cook out and the meat was incredible! Tender, flavorful, gotta-have-thirds kinda good!

    But before that, we dragged Milt to the Paint and Design Store (Goedecke) where they are an exclusive Benjamin Moore Paint and Designer showroom floor. I got about 6 or 7 paints in sample jars for the Dust Bowl Money Pit so that the contractor can quit NAGGING me about paint, and a bunchacolor swatches. Poor Milt. But as always he was uncomplaining. One of the most laid back people I know. Love. Him. To. Death.

    Afterwards, we went to lunch at this pub-turned-Mexican place. And the food was delicious!!

    I took my leave early. I'll be seeing them all day tomorrow so I am not worried about missing out on anything. I came home to be with Joseph and we grabbed a pizza from the Upper Crust. YUM!!!

    Tomorrow is the Applefast Half Marathon. I am not running it. Instead, I will be riding my bike on the course, as unofficial course support and running-friend-picker-upper (as in mood, not as in physically). Should be a LOT of fun!

    Exericse Note: Of course I didn't run. Did I mention that I had to get up EARLY to drive to Portsmouth? Yah. I did. Sheesh.

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    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Random Thought: Going to Crap

    My workouts are going to crap this week.


    The fat thing

    Okay. So as not to make everyone think that I obsess about things, I've been trying to figure out once and for all why I am hungry all the time.

    My diet is relative "clean." It's primarily a Korean diet. Lots of rice, veggies, soy, not too much meat, etc. It's really ideal. Except for the fact that I tend to OD on rice. Anyway...

    The Body of Knowledge on Fat (BOKF) says that the best way to engage our metabolism, lose weight, blah blah blah is to:

    • cut out the fat

    • eat 5 small meals a day

    • Exercise
    So, I've been doing all of that. And I can't seem to lose weight.

    In writing down what I eat daily for a period of weeks, I am finding that I consume too many calories. I eat the 5 meals a day but too much at each meal. And the bottom line is that calories in must be less than calories out. It's math. And numbers do not lie.

    In trying to control my portions, I have discovered that I get hungry way too easily. I eat about 400 to 450 calories for breakfast. That should be enough. But two hours later, I am hungry. Which leads to rummaging around and eating whatever is in sight. Which means stuff out of my candy dish next to my computer. Fortunately, I only need one piece in order to be satisfied. Unfortunately, some days I need a half dozen.

    I also discovered very long ago that when I am stressed out, I can't eat. My throat literally closes up and nothing will get past it. I guess I can find plenty of things around here to be stressed out about but I am a generally happy person and I know that stress can do other bad things.

    One of the things that I noticed recently - even though it's been happening for a long time, I only RECENTLY noticed it - if I eat Tater Tots in the morning, I am not hungry for about 5 hours. And since I am not an emotional eater (unless I am happy, and sadly I am happy most of the time), and since I only tend to scavenge for food when I am hungry, logic dictates that if I am not hungry I won't eat.

    I also noticed that if I eat a bag of small fries, I am not hungry.

    And what's in both of these things?

    Yes. Fat.
    The very thing that the BOKF tell you to avoid. Hmmmm...

    And you need fat. It's important systemically. And you need it to burn more fat.
    The key is to balance the amount of calories you ingest from fat, with overall quantity of food so you have bulk in order to feel full without taking in too many calories.

    So, I did a little experiment. The past two mornings, I had white rice with butter and soy sauce. Classic Korean breakfast item. And I wasn't hungry for four to five hours!

    Then I tried eating potatoes au gratin. Hungry one hour later.
    I then had white rice with Ma Po Tofu. Hungry one hour later.
    And rice is a very white carbo.

    I think the key here is to small portions with a small amount of carb with the right mix of fat. Mix it all up with a small amount of protein and I have a wonderfully balanced meal.

    The key is to get the portions right.
    So, it's back to the drawing board.
    I'm sticking to the buttered rice breakfasts for now.
    If I have pizza, I will just need to add a little more cheese.
    I need to cut back on the rice (which is not news to me),and add some proteins.
    I can have fresh apples or other in season fruit as a snack along with a cup of grape tomatoes (YUM).

    I also need to quit freaking out about getting hypoglycemic everytime I get hungry. 9 times out of 10, I won't have a reaction but that one time that I do, it's not pretty and I might as well be comatose.

    I gotta figure this out.
    I feel like I've found something that I can work with though.
    Back to the drawing board...

    I still think I should be able to go on The Biggest Loser...


    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    I already have 5 friends...

    So, Abby wants me to extend my Five Friends List to include a 6th person. Who? Why, her, of course. LOLOL!

    I keep telling her, that I already have Five Friends and she doesn't understand why I can't make it a Five Friends Plus One list. Because. I only have Five Fingers. Five is a nice round number in a odd-number sort of way. And because if I added Plus one, I'd have to move to a new hand and that would leave four fingers dangling and it wouldn't feel right. So then I'd have to add four more. And frankly, my attention span, schedule, sense of orderliness, feeling of control, schedule, life, etc. will not stand for it. That's why. Sheesh.

    In order for me to add someone to my five friends list, one must drop off. And right now, I am very happy with my Five Friends and I do not see any unforeseen circumstances that will bump anyone off the list. I have a lot of lists but my Friends Lists (yes, I have several) rarely change.

    So, someone was asking me once a long time ago, what it takes to be on my Five Friends List. And does that mean I can't be friends with anyone who is not on that list.

    First of all, just because you are not officially on my Five Friends List, it doesn't mean we are not friends. Or that I do not like you. Jeez. And I have a number of Friends Lists. There is the Old Friends List, the Old Soul Friends List, The Nutty Far Away Running Friends List, Close By Running Friends List, New Friends List (these are on trial and may or may not make a more permanent list). And then my regular Five Friends List. These are the friends I talk to almost daily, the ones I think about minute to minute, my current "family" away from family.

    I had to think about what it takes to be on the list since the list evolved over time, many many years of time, as I got my life on track and in order, in a way that supports me and the way I want to live my life. Namely, without pain, anguish, anxiety, worries, chaos and filled with freedom, happiness and joy.

    So the most common themes with my current Five Friends is the following:
    1. If I am alone and stranded, can I call you? Will you be concerned enough about me to pick me up or fly me home, feed me, clothe me, house me, and tell me I matter until I get on my feet again? And even if you would do it for me, will I be comfortable enough to call you? And will I do the same for you?

    2. You have to be smart. Not so much book smart but smart about life - quick on the draw as they say, have some sense of street smarts, not be all too trusting with every robber and bandit and be somewhat discerning. You need to know some things I know, know some things I don't know, be able to share and be willing to learn. You must have common sense. And be rational. And logical. And look at the world in a way that is different from what is stereotypical. This also means you have to be open minded and flexible.

    3. You cannot be high maintenace. Ugh. You can't grumble or complain and be AllAboutYou. This is tiresome and dull. You have to be FLEXIBLE and be adaptable to new situations. You must also not be snotty, elitist, segregational (is that a word?), etc. You must always know where you came from, your roots, and have compassion. I am not an enabler. So if you have issues you can look elsewhere. I will not take that Monkey off your back; nor will I carry it for you.

    4. You must respect my personal space and my privacy. My Five Friends know about me not from what I tell them or the questions they've asked, but from the information I have volunteered. I can't stand a nosy person, whether it is toward me or to anyone else. I am an extremely private person. If I want advice, I will clearly ask for it. I am uncomfortable talking about myself, so just accept it. And I don't need you to talk all about yourself either. I will surmise things by your behaviour, how you treat others, how you talk, what you talk about, your opinions on things.I am also an introvert. A highly socialized one but an introvert all the same. Just because I am friendly to the people I am with or have social skills, don't get all in my face about how I am not an introvert and how you know that it's impossible for me to be anything other than an extravert, and blah blah blah. This is probably one of the most irritating things that people do to me. And I have a larger than usual radius of personal space. And I hate germs. Makes me crazy when people are sick and are in my vicinity.

    5. You must have an active email account and you must use it. Regularly. All of my Five Friends are not local (well, except for my Hunny Bunny!). They are all scattered about the country. I detest talking on the phone usually (of course, sometimes I enjoy it if the event or timing calls for it) so email is my choice of conversation. It's also the easiest way to get in touch with me. And if I email you, I would like a response within a day, not a week later.

    6. And I must be on your Five Friends List. And if you don't have one, make believe. I do not want to be friends with people who consider me to be an afterthought. This is all I had when I was growing up. I didn't really have friends until I was in my 30's, with the exception of a single college roommate who is on my Old Friends List.

    7. You must accept me as I am, warts and all. And you must appreciate those warts, too! HAHA! I am Korean. I will say things BLUNTLY and so, my friends must be thick skinned! LOLOLOL!!!

    8. I love to cook. You must love to eat. 'Nuff said. And don't try to help me in the kitchen! I am Korean. See note above!

    9. You must be funny! All my friends are a bit of a crack pot. LOL! They make me scream with laughter. They have funny personalities and I relish each one of them!
    And finally, to all my friends, you know who you are. I love you all to pieces. I will stand up for you, fight for you, defend you. And I feel that I can rely on the same from all of you.


    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    100 Favorite Things #9: Massages

    Okay. Let me just say this for the record.
    If I ever win the lottery, I will get a massage every single day. 365 days a year.
    I thought about hiring a massage therapist full time but I like mixing it up and I would have to employ 3 or 4 people. So I will just schedule sessions as I go.

    One year, Joseph got me a massage table and promised me endless numbers of massages. It's one of my most favorite and most wonderful gifts ever!

    If I did not get massages, I would be the most miserable human being on earth. Seriously.

    Massages are so good for you. It keeps the circulation going. So much so that if you have certain types of diseases or illnesses that are exacerbated by circulation, the MT's don't take you as clients and the MD's don't recommend massage! Like cancer.

    Overall, the power of touch is so healing. We all need to be touched. Babies will languish and die without it. Each of us are balls of energy (not literally but in essence), and we can help others heal by using this seemingly endless supply of energy. If the movement of liquid in one body is slow or debilitated, the movement of liquid in another body can influence the first. And this rhythm is influenced when the two come together. Does that even make sense?

    I bet if they did a 20 year study of all the people who regularly got massages, it would show that people who get them regulary as a part of their personal health regimen are healthier, happier, heal faster, have a better overall mental outlook, get sick less often, and live longer.

    Now I just have to figure out a way to win the lottery!!



    Enforced Rest.
    Active Recovery.
    Do nothing.
    Be a slug.

    15 days into my new routine and I am sidelined.
    After a day of limping around, The Coach said to take the day off.

    But I have 2 more weeks until my rest day.
    "Take the day off."
    But, I have a streak going.
    "You can bike."
    But I have to run in the morning.
    "Don't run. Bike."
    Pout pout pout... limp limp limp...
    "On second thought, if I were you...[heavy pause]... I would take the day off."

    And that is what I am doing. Being a slug.

    This morning, the upper hamstring did feel a little better.
    Yes, it could be the half bottle of Advil I took last night but I will be optimistic and say that it's healing.

    Tomorrow I have 30 minutes on the bike scheduled.
    The question is... should I do the 45 minutes of running that I missed this morning?
    Maybe I will do both - ride in the morning and run at night.
    Or run in the morning and ride at night.
    The thing to consider is that on Thursday, I have a 10 mile run.
    What to do what to do what to do...
    Thank goodness I have a coach at home.
    I am contemplating listening to his advice...

    My next goal is to beat my 15-day record.


    Monday, October 01, 2007


    Uh oh. I think I have seriously injured my left hamstring. It's the upper hamstring which wraps around and into the upper inner thigh. It still hurts after 2 days of easy biking and running. Not sure what to do at this point.

    It was hard to work today. Everytime I got up from my desk, I'd limp. To the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the mail room... limplimplimp. Someone asked me why I was limping. I said that I started working out again. Sigh...

    Since I started running again, all the old aches and pains have come back. It's like they never left. They hung around hiding until I started running again, just waiting to jump out at me.

    I've never hurt this bad from biking.



    Week 39 Training Recap

    So far so good. Two weeks of working out every single day. As long as I alternate biking days with running days, I do not feel like I am working out every day so it's been doable. I can say without a doubt that running hurts more than biking.
    Monday: Ran 1.49 recovery miles. Legs HURT!

    Tuesday: Biked 8.2 miles. Ahhh... I love biking...

    Wednesday: Ran 2.8 miles. Legs felt better.

    Thursday: Biked 8 miles.

    Friday: Ran 15.10 miles. Had to switch long bike day because we went to the Big E on Saturday

    Saturday: Biked 3.09 miles

    Sunday: 8.10 tough tough miles - again. I ran up to the reservoir and did 2 loops, then turned back until there was a break to get down to the main road, turned around and came back home. Everything hurt. My left foot really hurt. I ended up giving myself a good stretch and my legs a good massage before bed.

    Total Biking Miles: 31.3 (short by .7 miles from last week)
    Total Running Miles: 15.48
    Total Walking Miles: 0
    Total Swimming Laps: 0
    Total Stretching Days: 5 (Need to do better on this)
    Total Workout Hours: 4 hours and 58 minutes. Dang. Had I known I needed to exercise a couple more minutes to make it to 5 hours, I would have. Dang Dang Dang.
    This coming week is the third week in a row of working out. I can't believe I haven't missed a day in 15 days. It will be challenging this weekend. I have friends coming in from Ohio and I am picking them up on Friday. The flight is due in around 8:0 or 8:59 (Cher won't answer the question so I have no idea which one it is. Sheesh). And it will take me a good hour and a half to get there. So I have to leave the house at 7:00-7:15 at the latest. Which means, I need to start getting ready to leave the house at 6:30 at the latest. I have a 30 minute run that morning so I have to be up around 5:30 am at the lastest. Not to mention that due to the weekend events my workout schedule is all turned around.

    The weeks looks like this:
    Monday: Run 20 minutes - but I will be biking 30 minutes instead.

    Tuesday: Bike 30 minutes - but I will be running 45 minutes instead.

    Wednesday: Run 45 minutes - but I will be biking 30 minutes instead.

    Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. This is where it gets tricky. I will be doing my long run on this day - that means 10 miles. This is because 10 miles will take me 2 hours and on Saturday, we will be in NH. Yes. People will be running a half marathon there but I do not want to run the race. Instead, I will be biking on Saturday.

    Friday: Run 30 minutes. This should be doable.

    Saturday: Bike 20 miles. I will be doing this following people who are running the Applefest Half Marathon in NH. With all the going back and forth between people, I should be able to do 20 miles. It's a hilly course so it will be a hard workout.

    Sunday: Run 10 miles - but I will only be running 20 minutes. I will be doing the long run on Thursday. This should be interesting.