Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Training Recap

This is the first year when I actually finished running. Actually, I finished it running, biking and swimming. And even though I didn't want to, I managed to eat a bit of breakfast and haul my butt onto the treadmill for a recovery run.

This is also the first year when I had as many running miles as I did. I've never made it to 700 miles in a year. Too many injuries, too much laziness, too much traveling for work, no inspiration, and just blahness. But this year was very different. Not only did I finish it in good health and running, I added swimming and went back to the bike, my first love.

Given that, the following are my yearly totals.
Total Running Miles: 729.7
Total Biking Miles: 1528.0
Total Swimming Yards: 14250 yards
Total Workout Hours: 250:39:11
Okay. Let me just say that had I known that I was only .3 miles away from 730 miles, I would have run that. And if I had known that I was only 2 miles away from 1530 miles on the bike, I would have biked that. And had I known that I was on only 50 miles away from 14300, I probably would not have biked it because 14250 is already a nice round number.

But the thing that blows me away is that I actually worked out for 250 HOURS. But still, if I had known that I was only 49 seconds away from 40 minutes, I probably would have worked out a little longer this morning.

I guess I could get back on the treadmill but I have showered and dressed for the day, not to mention just having finished a pretty big lunch.

I think I think to spend 2008 with a monthly and yearly totals list with me at all times.

Still not too shabby. I am not only satisfied, I am content and happy.


Week 52 Training Recap

Well, I can't believe I got the number of weeks right. I thought for sure I had buttoned the coat wrong and was off by one or two.

The goal this week was to break my all time weekly record for the year. It was tough. The run was the part that was getting to me. It's so painful! I'm not saying that swimming or biking isn't hard. Well... actually, swimming is pretty easy and biking isn't that hard either. The bike can be painful, too, but it's a different type of pain than running. With running, I have the residual pain for days and weeks, sometimes even for MONTHS! And it's not like I've just started. I've been running for close to 10 years if not more and the pain is no different. But it is the fastest way to a calorie burn you can find. And so... I continue to run.

I am happy to say that I have broken all records! I have never done this before. Amazing what having a goal can do, huh?
Monday: Run 30 minutes. (I biked for an hour instead. 17.75 miles

Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes. No swimming! It's Merry Christmas!!!Biked for an hour and a half and hit 25 miles.

Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim Ran for an hour and a half. Slow 7.5 miles. Hip pain is back. I have to start attacking the left hamstrings and glute muscles. Swam 30 laps. Love the life of leisure!

Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim. Biked another 25 miles and swam another 30 laps.

Friday: Run 45 minutes, swimTook a rest day. I had a massage in the morning, the 'rents were here in the afternoon, then an early dinner with the entire family - The. Entire. Extended. Family - and so... no... I did not swim.

Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim. Did not bike since I have reached that goal. Instead, went to for a run. 7.5 miles.

Sunday: Run 16 miles. Another run. ARG!!! I should have run more on saturday. Needed 11.50 miles to break the running record. Ran 11.60 just for good measure. That was hard.

Total Running Miles: 26.9(record was 26.85 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 67.8 (record was 62.6)
Total Swimming Yards: 3000 yards (record was 2450 yards)
Total Stretching Days: 7 times (I think this is a record of some sort)
Total Workout Hours: 11:00:40 (record was 10:20:19)
Next week starts week one of 2008. I will just continue to momentum for now. I am also working on fitting in my weight workouts. I think I can manage to make it to the gym twice a week. That is definitely realistic. That means I might have to reduce my swimming to 2-3 times a week instead of 3-4. We will see how it all pans out.
Monday: Run 30 minutes, swim option.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, weights.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swin or weights.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim or weights.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, swim.
Sunday: Run 16 miles.
I am also learning how to be flexible...


Random Thought: Running

Just so we're clear...

I so do not want to run this morning.
Just saying...

I'm a tad hungry too.
Hmmm.... I think I will eat first.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snack foods

I am watching Modern Marvels on TV.
This espisode ... Snackfood Tech.

Let just state for the record...

I am never eating fried pork rinds ever again.


Can't remember such a busy Friday!

Good gracious! What a couple of days it's been!

Friday, I went for my every-other-week massage with Arun. Two hours of complete bliss. He worked on my left leg and the hip feels much better.

Joseph picked me up and we headed home. The 'rents were there shortly thereafter - right around the time we sat down for lunch.

Then it got busy.

Joseph and his father worked on the snow blower that wasn't working. His mother and I went to Wolfers and picked up the 3 chandeliers. We came home, unloaded the lights, and off to Clear Flour Bakery for some holiday bread. Decided to try out a rye with flax seeds and also picked up a loaf of olive bread and a small baguette of french bread.

Came home, unloaded the bread, and then it was off to Copley Square to go to Louis Vuitton to see if there was a bigger bag than the one that Joseph got me for Christmas. And of course... there wasn't. As usual, he picked out the perfect bag. I should have learned by now...

Then we met up with Anthony and Jordan, Joseph's niece and nephew, and we did a bit more shopping. We went through Neiman Marcus and I picked up some Christmas Cakes and a tin of dark chocolate cocoa at 40% off. The best place to get some delicious holiday sweets is Neiman Marcus. The cakes come in single, 4-packs of assorted and 6-packs of even more assorted flavors, boasting tasty treats like Irish Whisky Cake, Lemon Champagne Cake, etc. And let me tell you, these cakes are moist and last forever since they have alcohol in them. And they are delicious!! The cocoa is new. We are out so I thought I'd take a chance.

We met up with the rest of the family at Fire 'n Ice. Joseph entire family including, two sisters, 6 nieces and nephews, his parents, and 1 friend of his sisters (who was a bit odd - my gut alarm started going off the minute she came over to say hello in a rather ebullient way and continue to go off when she parked herself next to me at dinner, and across from our 18 year old Nephew and started being what I called, very giggly and very interested in everything he had to say. Ahem.)

It was loud and exhausting. Afterwards, one sister, her friend, 1 niece and 3 nephews left for home, while the rest of us went to Finale for dessert. I should know better than to get dessert when I am full. It's just not appealing to me. If I had to pick between regular food and dessert, I will always pick regular food. I should have just ordered the port and stopped there.

Then we went home.

Can I say how tired I was??? Mass mayhem and chaos. Yah. Not my cuppatea... But it was good to see everyone, all the same.

I will say that today, I managed to get on the treadmill and knocked out 7.85 miles. I have broken all records except for the running one. I have another 11.51 miles to go. And another 2 hours of exercising for the work out time record.

I might have to go to the pool after lunch. Sheesh.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I made a list and I'm checking it twice...

Actually, I am checking multiple times a day.

I made a list of my workout records so far in a given week and I am carrying it around with me. In fact, it sits on a table right in front of me when I am sitting in the living room. And when I am finished with a workout, I mark it down, check it off, do the math and figure out how much more I need to do in order to break the record. I am thinking that I should do this every single week. Being an overachiever, I will inherently kill myself trying to break the weekly goal. But when I don't have it in front of me, well... out of sight, out of mind and all that.

My hip pain is back. My stupid left hamstring pulling everything into it's stupid black hole vortex and it ends with the front of my left hip feeling the brunt of this. And let me tell you, the hamstring is a set of mighty strong muscles.

Joseph went off to work for a few hours. Maybe half a day. I am home and will log into work later and find out what's going on. What I thought would be a quiet work week is turning a little sour. I got a phone call from someone at work, who himself is on vacation, about a security issue with someone that works in our group. Ugh. How can people be that stupid? What are people thinking?? The person will be terminated this week, if not already this morning, security being security, and once security gets into the picture, things are out of our jurisdiction. What a way to end a year. Good lordy. I hope he doesn't have family and/or children.

Anyway, the goal this morning is to ride for an hour and a half or until the mattress is delivered, depending on when I get on the bike and when the delivery gets here. I better keep the phone close by in case they call.

Later we hope to pick up the chandeliers and maybe go to the Louis Vuitton store to browse around and see if the pocketbook I got for Christmas is the right one. It's like my orange striped vinyl Nike bag but just a tad smaller. I need one just one inch bigger. Not sure if we will find it but we will go and have a looksee.

And I might as well take some new pictures of the house since it's so different from the last set I took.

Another full day in the making and it's only 8:30 am.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another full day

There is nothing like tying up loose ends. Especially when it's the end of the year and you're getting ready to start fresh.

I managed to run for an hour and half, just like I had planned. It was slow but I am not complaining. I basically did interval ladders, starting out slowly and hitting about 6.5 mph. Not bad. Overall pace was around 12:00 though. Like I said, I am not complaining. Basically, that leaves me 19.35 miles more to run this week before breaking my 2007 record for running in a week.

Then I went swimming before dinner. Joseph had all our errands scheduled in his head, which means that I just followed, knowing confidently that all was going to get done and within some semblance of human time. So after going to Home Depot for two bedroom lights using a gift certificate that a good friend gave us, then to Wolfers to take pictures of the foyer chandeliers that I still couldn't decide between, and to buy the third floor crystal light. We ended up deciding. Actually Joseph decided. And the more often I went there, the more one attracted me and the other got boring.

In the end, the chandelier for the foyer that Joseph picked out was the right one. We also bought the black and clear crystal dining room chandelier. I guess Joseph got tired of hearing my indecisive blathering on and on about this light and that light, and taking pictures and complaining, whining and holding up the pictures to the ceiling to get some idea, and he basically put his foot down, made the decision of the foyer light, agreed on the third floor ceiling light and decided not to prolong the pain and decided on the dining room light. Hmmm... they are all beautiful, if I do say so myself. And we will pick them up tomorrow, I think, after our delivery of the queen mattress, boxspring, and headboard we got at Sleepy's on our way to the pool.

Oh, and that was after we stopped at the Wild Goose Chase to order out most perfect butcher block card made of bamboo in intricate patterns. All of these are beautiful specialized items that pretty much can't be found just anywhere.

During all this, it suddenly occurred to me that our house is pretty much custom. Hmmm. Imagine that. Of course, Joseph looked at me and laughed and said he was glad I was finally realizing that. Yeah. Whatever.

Then to the pool. 30 laps. I felt great. I was practicing my stroke drills. I have to do something about my right ear. Water gets into it and it's kinda bothersome. Anyway, I have 20 more laps this week in order to break the all time weekly record for 2007. Yah. Piece 'o cake.

Then back home to dinner. I made stir-fried rice, chicken and cashews, and stir-fried watercress. Note to self: never salt food right after working out because you will oversalt it since your body can't taste it due to electrolyte depletion. Yah. The chicken was a tad salty but overly nutty but it was still good!

Now I am totally exhausted.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And to all a good night...

It was a good day. In the end, it was a full, fulfilling, rich and busy day.

I got up this morning, and after a full breakfast of freshly baked croissants (from Williams Sonoma), a mushroom-onion-cheese omelet, and crunchy crispy bacon, I got on the bike to work it off. An hour and a half and 25 miles later, I felt good. Of course, I got off the bike after 45 minutes to put the ham in the oven. And I'm not too sure that I worked off the total caloric intake of that breakfast. But it is Christmas...

Then we had Christmas dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and baked acorn squash. We invited our upstairs-used-to-be-neighbor-tenant from the old place in the South End. It was so much fun sharing Christmas together. Then we took her home with a doggie bag.

Now we are watching It's A Wonderful Life. It's so classic for Christmas Watching. All about love, angels, family, giving, storing up good things throughout the year, and angel wings. It truly is a wonderful life.

On the exercise front, my goal is to finish up the year with a record breaking week. That means I have to run more than 26.85 miles, bike more than 62.6 miles, swim more than 49 laps, and have a total work out time of more than 10 hours and 21 minutes. I think I have the biking thing down since I've already done 42.75 miles in two days. Only 19.85 miles to go. The swimming thing will be easy. I can do 30 laps easy in under an hour. The running thing, though, does have me a little worried. 26.85 miles is a very long way to run. Tomorrow I will try to run for a hour and a half and see where that leaves me.

I also have to work on some goals for 2008. My training schedules will be interesting given that I have to find a way to squeeze in weight workouts. I am going to go to the new gym on the 29th and meet with Ian The Trainer and see if I like him. I used to have a Jillian-type. I hope this guy is like Bob. I am thinking that all I am going to be doing is working, sleeping, and working out. Really. I know I've said I'm already doing this but I think 2008 is going to take that to a whole new level. Really.

So, I am thinking that on the days that I have personal training, I will be working from home. I will workout in the morning, either biking or running. Then work. Then have dinner while working, very early. Then go to training session. Then come home. and maybe go swimming. Or maybe I do the swimming on the non-personal training days. Not sure...

Egads! What if Ian The Trainer's schedule doesn't match my schedule? Hadn't thought of that. Dang.

That's that about it for now. Christmas is almost over and George Bailey is poking Clarence the Angel to make sure that he's real...

Time to stretch. That's definitely on my goals list for 2008.

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Merry Christmas to all...

My favorite song is "O Holy Night."
I guess it sums up all I can say about how I feel about Christmas.
Forget the tree, the tinsel and the gifts. Forget Santa Claus and jingle bells.
To me, those things are all about Christmas EVE.

There is a verse in the song that goes, "Fall on your kneeesssss....."
And when I think of that simple verse, I think of mighty cymbals, angels with wings, trumpets and light, as God looks down on us all.

Yes, Fall on your knees...
And thank God for the year that has been, the blessings he has bestowed upon us.
Family and friends, strength during times of weakness, character during times of trouble. I believe that He doesn't give us trials and tribulations to test us... these are the makings of Man. Instead, I believe that He gives us the strength, resolve, and character to stand against the troubles that we make for ourselves.

For 2008, I wish everyone peace, lower taxes, good will, less war, more understanding, an end to bad driving and parking lot traffic, more laughter, less strife and sadness.

Most of all, I wish for the soldiers to come home and a doing away of the IRS. Ahem.

Seriously though, I am grateful for my Hunny Bunny, without whom I would be lost and wandering. I would not have known this had I not met him. He gave me back my sense of self, helped me find my confidence, made me a better person, and filled a gigantic hole in my heart. He is prolonging my youth and giving me more love than I had ever known existed. And I hope that I remain worthy of his confidence and love for all time to come.

I am grateful for my family who loves me, quirks and all. Well... it's not like THEY don't have quirks, if you know what I mean. I am the one that is Most Normal, if I do say so myself. Ahem. Anyway... We know each other so well, and we can laugh together at each other's foibles and idiosynchracies, no matter how much we bug one another, giving each other the smirky face. Even though they are far away, I feel them close to me every single day.

I am grateful for my friends. Those on my Five Friends list. They have stuck by me through thick and thin. And I would say that this past year, we have grown closer than ever. They give me the gift of laughter, total acceptance, and truth - even when I don't want it. They laugh at my warts and keep me from taking myself too seriously.

Most of all, I am grateful for my faith and spirit. My faith and spirit allow me to expand my universe and accept the impossible, and hope for the improbable. They let me accept things I would otherwise eschew, give me expansiveness of mind and depth of heart. Without these, I would be less of a human that I am today. And I hope they allow me to be a better human tomorrow than I am today.

"Oh holy night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of our dear Saviour's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angels' voices!
Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born;
Oh night divine, Oh night, Oh night Divine. "


Monday, December 24, 2007

Week 51 Training Recap

Well, last week was a total waste. Again. Ugh. Things were going pretty well until I hit the weekend and we went to the Berkshires to visit the 'rents. It's cold, icey, hilly, nowhere to run unless you drive, and I am totally discombulated due to being out of my element. So I did the best I could and called it an easy week.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. I forgot. Yeah. Go ahead and laugh. Sheesh.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, hockey game at night. 65 minutes for 18.25 miles. Did some sprints. Felt good. Trying to make up for the lost training day on Monday. Now my stupid shins hurt.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim 6 miles on the treadmill. Very very slow run. But I don't care.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim. 20.1 miles. Not too bad. Did more because I know the weekend would be a wash. Of course I didn't swim.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, haircut in the evening. 3.5 miles of running. Had to head out to the Berkshires in the afternoon.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim. Realistically this will be a zero performance day.Rest day - went to an antique store with the 'rents and visited the two grandmothers. Had a blast.
Sunday: Run 16 miles. Again. I might bike and swim too. I mean, I do have 8 hours in the day AT LEAST. Ahem...Nothing. Traveled back home in the afternoon. Went shopping in the afternoon for last minute gifts.

Total Running Miles: 9.2(record: 26.85 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 38.4 (record: 62.6)
Total Swimming Yards: 0 yards - this is SO BAD!(record 2450 yards)
Total Stretching Days: 1nce only. Sigh...
Total Workout Hours: 4 hours 20 minutes - this is even worse than my recovery week! ARG!!! (record 10:20:19)
This coming week should be better since I will be home all week. My goal is to beat my records for running, biking and swimming. I have to write down my records and carry it with me at all times. I must finish the year with a bang. I've never done that before. I must I must I must...
Monday: Run 30 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes. No swimming! It's Merry Christmas!!!
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim.
Sunday: Run 16 miles.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 4 days of Josephmas

We have a new tradition. Joseph LOVES his birthday. LOVES. IT. His Admin and I were talking about how much he loves it. She told me that he talk about it for a week leading up to it. I am sure it's because his mother made a huge deal of it every year. Not like some of us where we got seaweed soup for good luck and that's about it. In fact, I don't even remember a single birthday present I ever got. It was not a big deal in our family. But I digress...

So, this whole "birthdays are special" thing turned my world on end. I had another day where I had to come up with gift ideas. I already had Christmas to worry about, but now I had a birthday to be creative with. And just for the record, I am NOT CREATIVE!

Anyway, I got to thinking... There are 12 days of Christmas and 8 days of Chanukah. Why not the four days of Joseph's birthday? Right? But it needed a name so I am calling it Josephmas. I have a feeling in the back of my brain there is already a Josephmas somewhere. Anyway...

I like to have THEMES to my gift giving. And Joseph's birthday is something that is highly conducive to themes. I had something in the back of my mind but I couldn't put it all together in time. I had wanted to do something once a week leading up to Christmas with the final gift on Christmas. But due to my schedule, etc., and Joseph's indecision about his goals in 2008, I had to wait and wait and wait... until it was almost too late.

Tonight I gave Joseph his final Josephmas present... the gift of strength.

To recap:
  • the first day of Josephmas was the preparation for training... a 90-minute massage
  • the second day of Josephmas was the gift of inspiration - a complete Ironman DVD set from 1991 to 2006. The 2007 DVD is on order.
  • the third day of Josephmas was the gift of endurance - a timer/lap counter for the pool that goes on your finger. Easier thank clicking of laps on your watch.
Today was the fourth day of Josephmas. I gave him the gift of strength. Actually they are hand fins that you use in the pool. I gave him three different sizes so he can go from beginner to the strongest. The great part of this gift is that when he is done with the small size, I can use it! LOL!

I can't wait to give him his Christmas present!
I can't even say what it is here because knowing him, he will GUESS IT!!!

He is going to be very very happy!
I would be happy if I got it for myself!
Happy happy happy!!!


Friday, December 21, 2007


Good Gracious! What a day, what a day, what a day!!! An appointment for skin analysis, and a hair cut, then off to the Berkshires to spend the half the weekend with the 'rents. The usual 2 hour and 45 minute drive took 45 minutes longer because of the snowy and the mayhem created by ridiculous drivers who should not be driving on the roads in winter!

Anyway... I finally bit the bullet and signed up to give Obagi a try. It's a commitment. Supposed to get rid of wrinkles and bad skin, neither of which I have. But I do have some skin discoloration from the sun, etc., and I want a perfectly even skin tone. The kind of skin where it's so perfect that you think I am wearing foundation but I'm not. Yeah, that kind.

Anyway, it's not cheap but I would spend the same amount of two bottles of my usual stuff so to get a whole kit for the same price isn't bad, in my opinion. And as for the commitment, how can you not be committed to good skin care? It's like brushing your teeth at least twice a day. This tells me that most people do not practice good skin care.

There is a ramp up period of 4-6 weeks, then another 6-8 weeks of maximum use, thena wind down period of 4-6 weeks, then rinse and repeat. There is also maintenance which is not as stringent. There will be a period of redness, dryness, and peeling during the first maximum use time but that's it.

And I have to wear sunscreen all the time. Which I do now, so no big deal there. The only issue is when I am in the sun for HOURS during the summer doing my long runs or long rides. I will have to take sun screen with me and douse myself every hour.

Well, you get what you put into it.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Totally clueless...

Meeting next week?

What is it about people who ask me for a special 1 on 1 meeting next week?
I don't care if you are in India.
You worked in the USA for 7 years.
And you still work with us even though you are now in India!

I don't set up meetings with you during YOUR holiday week!!!
And I have never lived there!!!

I am unavailable until 2008.



I need a good night's sleep

So, the new alarm system that was connected last week is working. So far, it's woken us up innumerable times in the last three nights.

The first two nights, Stupid NSTAR was working a few blocks away and every time they shut the power off, the damn thing would go off. It's a shrill sound and that makes your ear drums bleed. So it woke us up. Multiple times in the same night.

Last night, same time. Only the second time around, we were woken up by a big BOOM that literally shook the house. It was sounded and felt like an explosion! Of course, no electricity. Of course, the alarm had to be reset. Turns out it was the transformer down the street. I would not be surprised if Stupid NSTAR caused the BOOM themselves.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Berkshires to visit Joseph's parents. This is the first time I can't wait. I might actually get a good night's sleep while I am there!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Thought: Rug Cleaning

I have to remember to get the living room rug cleaned.

Especially since it looks like it's going to be here for a while.


Things to punch and special orders

I need to come up with a punch list for the house. We are that close to completion. Of course, in my mind we are far from complete. Everywhere I look, there is dirt and dust. It will be complete when I do not have to deal with dust the minute that Jonathan the Houseboy leaves!

I guess I need to go around and do a room by room accounting and put together a list of things that need to be done. I love lists and am very good at pointing out things that need to be done, so this should be easy.

Buddy the Electrician was here. I think he has completed installation of the fire alarm system, the burglar alarm system, the cameras and video monitors, the carbon dioxide monitors/alarms, and the door bells. He has to come back and finish up all of the outlets and switches, etc.

Did I mention that we are also working with a designer? Yup. Rosa the Designer from Belle Maison. She came to the house about 2 weeks ago and looked around, took measurements and called us. We went to Belle Maison to meet her and she showed us what she came up with - three layouts for the living room and a few recommendations for furniture. We ended up ordering 2 sofas in cinnabar fabric and a wing chair in a spice herringbone-ish fabric. When they get delivered, we will arrange them and then decide what else we need to get. We have recommendations for a side table, a coffee table, curtains, and how to use some of the furniture we already have. I am so excited!! It's starting to come together. I wanted to go ahead and order the round table she found us for the foyer but the Rosa the Designer refused to do so until she got a picture of the two chandeliers we are considering. Well, that told me everything I needed to know about her and I am glad we are working with someone who isn't just in it to sell everything to us "just because." Not sure when the sofas and chair will arrive since they are special order.

On Thursday, the media cabinet will be delivered. This is the first piece of furniture for our new living room, and found by Rosa the Designer!

I am thinking of taking the day off to celebrate.


Monday, December 17, 2007

And of course...

I totally forgot to work out today.

I had 30 minutes of walking on the books.
I got up and was so tired that I decided to work from home.
And of course, I would make time to walk for 30 minutes recovery in the middle of the day. Right?

Of course not.
I totally forgot.

I've been sitting in my chair in my office all day.
And I haven't moved around enough to generate enough metabolic activity much less accumulate enough walking to add up to 30 minutes.


But I will say that the freedom from having go INTO the office to work, and being able to work anywhere - especially in my nice warm house - is priceless.

Especially on a day cold enough to disintegrate my bones.


Week 50 Training Recap

I did what I could this week. The snowstorms are bad for swimming since I need to drive there and Joseph has the car most days. Even when he is home in time, snow means impassable roads and freezing at night. So, like I said, I did the best I could.
Monday: Run 30 minutes. WALKED for 30 minutes. So tired. I hate Monday morning recovery runs. So there.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, swim. Great hour ride on the bike. 16.4 miles.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes. Done. And I felt GREAT! Amazing.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim. Done. 16.85 miles. Couldn't swim because of a major snowstorm. It took people 5 hours to go 10 miles! Unreal.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim. Done. 3.65 miles. Nice and easy. Due to icy roads (Joseph had the AWD), and when he got home, I had to go to my massage appointment. Hmm... Not liking the idea of a single swim this week.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim. Had a lot to do in the morning so managed to squeeze in an hour before getting ready for dinner guests. Onlyt 16.8 miles. And of course, no swim. Blast.
Sunday: Run 16 miles.Well, we had a Nor'easter, which is not the same as a Nor'wester. Anyway, managed to run 14 on the treadmill. Then hopped on the bike for another 6.5 miles or 24 minutes. Not bad but not great.

Total Running Miles: 25.7(record: 26.85 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 56.5 (record: 62.6)
Total Swimming Yards: 1500 yards (record 2450 yards)
Total Stretching Days: 0 times, but I did have a massage
Total Workout Hours: 9 hours 29 minutes (record 10:20:19)
This coming week will be interesting. I hope to get to the pool more but not likely. Tuesday night, we are going to a hockey game so I will miss our last stroke clinic class. Then on Friday night, have a hair cut appointment and Joseph wants to leave early to go visit the 'rents. Should be interesting to see how I work this one out. And when we go to the 'rents, of course, I sit about and don't do a lot of anything because they live on a busy street that is about a 10 mile downhill with dogs and mean animals that chase, bite, and stink. Not to mention it's COLDER out there than it is here and if I don't run here because of the cold, well... you get the picture. Okay. I am mentally preparing myself.
Monday: Run 30 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, hockey game at night.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes, swim
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, haircut in the evening.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim. Realistically this will be a zero performance day.
Sunday: Run 16 miles. Again. I might bike and swim too. I mean, I do have 8 hours in the day AT LEAST. Ahem...


Friday, December 14, 2007

The Day after the Nor'wester

I turned on the news this morning and found that that it had taken people hours and hours to get 10 miles. Literally.

Someone said that it took them 7 hours to go 23 miles.
Another person said 5 hours.

I talked to that guy who offered me a ride yesterday. 3 hours. THREE! And he lives in the same town as I do, but 1 mile CLOSER to work than I do. Yah. He drove. That's a whole 'nother discussion.

My boss said it only took him about 1.5 hours. It didn't get bad until he had to drive from the commuter rail lot to the house. His usual commute is about an hour. Smart man. He took public transportation.

Thank goodness I took the T home.

Of course, I won't be able to get a swim in today either. Grrrrrr...
Joseph has the AWD and I have a massage with Arun later.


Exercise note: 45 minutes on the treadmill. Another good run.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


For the first time in a long time, the T served me well today.

Heavy snow was predicted, up to a foot in some parts. It was a Nor'wester (as opposed to the predicted Nor'ester this coming Sunday). Nor'westers do not bring the icy, sleety, freezing painful, chill-you-to-the-bone wind. Nor'westers are more gentle.

At about 1:30, I look outed the window and the snow was coming down. It was a white sheet. And it wasn't going to get bad until 4pm. The worst of the storm was predicted for between 4 til 7. Hmmm... I heard that someone, the Governor?, declared a state of emergency.

At 2:00, I walked around the office. A few people were starting to pack up, the rest of us looked like were not going much of anywhere for the moment. The snow sheet was getting whiter.

At 2:30, the guy in the office next to me offered me a ride home. I looked out the window and that snow sheet was not only whiter, it was THICKER. Hmmm... what to do... I know about traffic on snowy days. I check the MBTA website for T-alerts. What do I find? You can get alerts sent directly to your email. So I sign up for it. I immediately get notes of diversions on one of the T-lines and the commuter rail is delayed by 30 minutes on ALL lines. I also find out that there is nothing wrong with the red and green lines, the ones I'd be taking to get home... What to do...

At 3:00pm, I head out. I decide to take my chances on the subway. 5 minutes on the Red Line platform, along comes a train. Practically empty. So even though the platform was full of people, there weren't enough to make the train car become jam packed. I even got a seat. Two stops later, I change to the Green Line. Walk up the stairs and what do I see? A C-line train waiting for me. Hmmm... The train is practically empty. That's okay. We pull out of the station. Two stops later, a guy gets out of his seat and I sit. Hmmm... Not bad...

At 3:40, I end up at the Coolidge Corner stop. Still snowing. I head over to the CVS, pick up my prescription, and head home. It's slow walking home. Very slow. But if I had to, I know I could have made the walk from the office to the house, a little under 4 miles, I think. Half way home, Joseph and the Dingle Doggie meet me and we walk home together.

At 4:00pm, I arrive home. I log into work, and have a couple of meetings. Joseph makes turkey and rice soup for dinner. We have it with a glass of wine and some garlic toast made with fire roasted tomato bread. We sit in the living room, eating dinner and watching the news. First the MLB steroid report. Then the traffic.

OMG! I am so glad that I took the subway! The roads were a mess! People were abandoning cars. On the HIGHWAYS!!! Everyone decided to go home at once so the salters, sanders, and snow plows couldn't even get on the roads!!!

All I could do was sit there, shake my head, and thank the sweet Lord that I got lucky.

Needless to say, I didn't get my swim in tonight. Bugger.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mid-week run

It's getting to where my mid-week run is medium distance. I don't consider it getting into Medium Distance territory until the run is considerably over 60 minutes. As in today, when 75 minutes was on the schedule. Yes, 15 minutes is considered "considerably over" in my book.

Big worry 1: The metatarsal pads on both feet have a tendency to act up. It's due to tight "stirrup" muscles running down the side of my lower legs. Last night, I massaged both feet and a little on the ankles. This morning, I ran, not exactly without pain because I could feel the pain wanting to start, but "on the verge of pain." I was happy

Big worry 2: This morning when I got up, I felt a twinging in my left hip. The same one that has been irritating me for the last month. I tried "running from the core" instead of running from my legs and it worked. No pain. Basically, I tighten my core muscles and loosen up my waist. My mid section is more flexible. When I run from my legs, my legs move but the upper body is more rigid and my waist doesn't twist as much. Running from the core is much harder but I think my swimming has helped me a lot.

The best news is that the 75 minutes just FLEW BY. Yah. Miracles happen.

Speaking of swimming, I swam 1500 yards last night. Or 30 laps. I just sort of pumped them out. It was really easy and I was relaxing in the water earlier than usual. At one point another woman jumped into the lane with us and we ended up doing circles. She swam much faster and at one point, I reached the wall, looked back and saw that she was right behind me. YIKES! She made me swim my last 5 laps in record time!

I guess that's about it for now.
No swimming tonight. We are going to dinner with a group of friends.


Yowler Update

So Joseph picks me up yesterday and the first thing he says when I get in the car is, "you are not going to put Henry Cat in the basement."


I tell him I can't sleep.
He says that if I put Henry Cat in the basement, he won't be able to sleep either.
He says because he will up 14 times all time to check on her.
She's a CAT! SHE LIKES BASEMENTS!!! That is where they rub up against unknown dirty items to emerge all gray! And that's pretty hard for a black cat. Sheesh.

And I thought. Well. Only 14 times? Why not 15??? Just for good measure?

So, needless to say, I did not put The Yowler into the basement.
She yowled once around 10 when we got into bed.
Then she did something a little while later and Joseph called out to her.
And then that is all I remember until I woke up this morning, more rested than tired and certainly more rested than I've been in a long time.

We will see what happens tonight.
If she reverts back, Joseph sleep in the basement with her if he wants to make sure she's alright.


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The Many Days of Joseph's Birthday

I have been remiss in my 4 Days of Joseph's Birthday event. I gave him his first gift, which was a 90 minute massage in preparation for the upcoming training season.

I had some ideas of what I wanted to do and basically had no time. So a week passed and nothing.

I finally made it out to the internet and managed to put in orders for days 2 and 3.

I am stumped on Day 4.
So many choices, so little days!

What to do what to do what to do!!!

Of course, he isn't getting anything for another week or two.
That's sure to be a bummer.
And then it's CHRISTMAS!
I must get cracking!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Upper Crust

I just found out that the Upper Crust Pizzeria is going to allow franchising in 2008. It's my favorite. Did I mention that one is going to open up in the lobby of our building? My favorite pizza will be an elevator ride down. Yup yup yup...

But a franchise???

I just might have found my life's desire... not to mention it might be the next phenomenon... another license to print money.

I have to think about this a bit.

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Year End Review

Nope. Not as in "Year end TRAINING review." I am talking about our yearly bonus cycle at work.

Did I mention that I got my year end review finally?

Probably not since I am in a FOG from lack of sleep due to the damn YOWLER! Ahem.

I got my year end review yesterday.
It was excellent.
I was told that by my boss that he got his review and the discussion about my team was the only good part of his review! LOL. He cracks me up.

Anyway, supposedly, I am well liked, highly ranked, I don't have to worry about keeping my job, I am well respected, the team is great, etc etc etc.

Oh. And do I want to do something else with my career?
Uh... no... I kinda like what I do...
How about if you could do something bigger and better? I kinda like what I do...
What if they asked you to move around?
Uh... hmmm... I'd have to see what it is...
What do you like to do?
Uh... I like to do things with DATA and I like to FIX THINGS. (And yes, we all know there are lots of things to fix...)
You should think about what you want to do.
Uh... you or whomever need to tell me what you want me to do and I will do it... it's kinda like how it's been my whole career....senior management sort of moved me around, gave me a group, made me a manager, had me do this and that, fix this and that, and wah-lah ... here I am. I am open to that.
We have the same conversation every single time.
I am not holding my breath because I am good at what I do and they all know it...
I hate it when they start getting the idea that maybe I can do what I do somewhere else and fix it over there.

I also got lots of money.
Can't leave out the most important part!


The Yowler

No, it's not a Howler. A yowler. The stupid cat yowls and meows LOUDLY every single night. It starts anywhere from 1:30 or 2 in the morning and continues for an hour or two. Sometimes it doesn't stop until 4am. And I am not even sure if it stops since I fall DEAD ASLEEP from exhaustion after a while.

This morning, it happened again.
At 1:28am she started yowling.
I didn't fall asleep until about 2:15 because that is the last time I remember being awake.
Then again at 2:45am. And then she was batting something across the floor. Yeah. I can go and stop her, but we have three floors, all hardwood, it is dark and I'd have to start throwing the lights on.
I think I fell asleep about 4am and didn't get up until Joseph shook me awak at 5:45.

And I woke up cranky, grumpy, and generally PISSED OFF.
Talk about getting up on the wrong side of the bed.
It wasn't that I was tired, I was MAD.
I was still pissed off.

Joseph mentioned something about how he thought the cat was playing with a wine cork. A WINE CORK?? You did not throw out the wine cork??? WHERE DID YOU LEAVE IT? WHY DO YOU THINK I THROW OUT WINE CORKS?? And generally anything small that rolls and makes noise. BECAUSE OF THE STUPID CAT!!! And I know that Joseph likes to save wine corks or leave them around on counters. Until I throw them out.

Tonight, the cat is going into the basement. Joseph thinks I am kidding. Never doubt a Korean woman who is PISSED OFF. I have to get some sleep. I am so tired during the day from interrupted sleep that I almost fall asleep at 3pm every single day. It takes me about 2 hours to get going once I get into the office. Then I lose it around 2 or 3. I am 50-60% LESS productive because of the lack of sleep.

So, yes. Tonight she is going into the basement. Her litter is down there. I am putting her food and water on the top step, throwing down some of that stupid newspaper she loves to sit on and then... I am SHUTTING. THE. DOOR.

That's it. Until morning.
I am so tired right now, that well... I just don't give a shit.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Listening to the Universe

I spend my days making decisions.
Every single day.

I am a manager of almost 100 people in some location doing some work and living their lives with family and children.
I spend my time trying to make sure that they have dignity, a means to afford a good life, help them find meaning in their work, try to help them keep work from getting in the way of family, and be an example of how not to sweat the small stuff. I try to clear a path for people so they can find a way to have positive impact on the world around them, to set an example, to live life truthfully, deliberately, and thoughtfully. Some days it's easier than others. And most days, it's really hard.

So too in my personal life... I try to live it well.
Every single day, I try to see and hear what the Universe is telling me.
How to walk, to interact with people, talk, what images of myself to leave behind. Some decisions are easier than others. Mostly, they are hard.

One act can lead to another, one decision leads to another, all actions have consequences and the trick is to stop reacting and be as deliberate as I can be. Again, some days it's easier than others.

I guess in a way, I am trying live life in a way that God would like me to live it. Not in a conscious self-righteous and overly smug way but in the way that my Daddy taught me. With humility. Always remembering my roots. Every day a penance. Daddy was Confucian so he called it "listening to the Universe". I try to listen closely every single day. Some days it's easier than others.

And today, just when I need desperately to hear His voice clearly, He is WHISPERING!!!

I can't hear when You are WHISPERING!!!
You've gotta talk louder!
Okay. Maybe I need to listen harder.

It's gotta get better.
It will.
It will...cause I'm trying... really really trying...


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Week 49 Training Recap

Well, thank goodness it was a recovery because I didn't do a whole heck of a lot this past week. I traveled to Dallas for work but I did manage to swim a couple of mornings. I scheduled the meetings to start around 10am because the last time I talked to my Wellness Coach, we decided that I was in control and should do what I need to have a similar routine to what I do when I am home. Of course, the issue is that I have work dinners so workouts are relegated to the morning. And of course, it means that I can't do double workouts. Something must be okay because when I got home, I weighed myself and I am still down 5 pounds. Yahoo!
Monday: Run 20 minutes. And so it starts. Travel day. Nothing. Had meetings in the afternoon and a late dinner.
Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes. Swam 900 yards in the morning.
Wednesday: Run 45 minutes. Swam 900 yards in the morning. Love it.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes. Nothing. Travel day.
Friday: Total Rest Day. Do nothing. Well, this one was wayyyy easy. Done.
Saturday: Bike 20 miles, Swim. No Swim but I did ride the required 20 miles
Sunday: Run 12 miles.ran indoors - 10 miles. My feet started hurting really so I ran 10 and called it a day. I was also very tired from a party we had on Saturday - not to mentioned hungry and dehyrated!

Total Running Miles: 10.0(record: 26.85 miles)
Total Biking Miles: 20.0 (record: 62.6
Total Swimming Yards: 1800 yards (record 2450 yards)
Total Stretching Days: 0 times
Total Workout Hours: 4 hours 32 minutes (record 10:20:19)
Next week should be a better week. I am back to a regular schedule, and I don't plan on going anywhere. The only concern I have is that if I want to swim at night, I won't be able to if it's icy or snowing. Joseph usually has the 4WD car so I will have wait for him to get home. He better get home by 6:30!
Monday: Run 30 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 60 minutes, swim.
Wednesday: Run 75 minutes.
Thursday: Bike 60 minutes, swim.
Friday: Run 45 minutes, swim.
Saturday: Bike 30 miles, Swim.
Sunday: Run 16 miles.


First party in the new house

Yesterday we had a House Almost-Warming. We called it the "It's not quite done but we're getting there" party. Lots of people came - about 50, give or take a few... Seems like a lot but it was good because people brought food and so I didn't have a lot to do until the parthy started. Then I got busy putting out food, etc.

I got REALLY busy.
In fact, I really can't remember leaving the kitchen other than to go to the dining room. I would do a sweep around the rooms to pick up empty bottles, cups, and plates but that's about it.

I also didn't eat much or drink my usual 2 liters of water!
I had breakfast, then I rode the bike, and then Harriet arrived and that was it.
People started arriving at 2pm.
It was supposed to start at 3.
We figured if we had it early, it would end early.
The last people left around 11pm!

I am so tired and so hungry today, not to mention totally dehydrated!
So, I spent the day catching up. And I am still hungry and thirsty!

Now I know why always had these things catered in the past.
Well... I can do that with the next party - the "It's finally done and we've furnished the first floor" party!


Friday, December 07, 2007

If it's December, it's Bonus Time!

So, I was going to take the day off until my Boss wanted to meet with me. Special meeting. Off schedule. We don't usually meet on Fridays. Not scheduled anyway.

And it's time for bonus information to be delivered to staff. We have until next Wednesday since checks are cut and deposited next Thursday.

So, here I am in the morning, exhausted from a late arrival from Texas, and I drag myself to work because of this meeting, and do you know...



We discussed a bunchastuff.
But not my bonus.
I even brought it up and said I had done my self-evaluation.
And he said we would wait until Monday.


Is it GOOD?
WHAT IS IT!?!?!?!?!

Okay. So it's good.
In fact, it's so good he is going to shorten the meeting to 30 minutes from an hour.
I feel kinda jipped.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thank goodness it's Recovery Week

Working out while working is always tough for me. When I just ran, I hated it. I hate running in a new place. I might get lost. And for someone like me who runs as slowly as I do, a half mile detour means at least a mile to get back to the point at which I started to get lost. And that means at least 10 to 12 minutes longer. Mostly, it's longer because I slow down to look around while flummoxed and confused. And that always takes longer than if you knew the route.

Since I've taken up swimming, I am also looking for hotels with pools. And this trip, there is a pool at the hotel. It's salt water, no marked lanes, and only 15 to 20 feet in length but you can still get a good workout in. But of course, swimming does not burn as many calories as running or cycling. Oh well. Can't have everything...

Speaking of everything, I've been so damn busy traveling that I have failed in my Four Days of Joseph's Birthday over Four Weeks Celebration. I have the next thing in mind but I couldn't do any of the research I need because I HAVE BEEN TRAVELING! ARG!

Anyway, today I am taking another day off. Travel day. It's tough preparing myself all day to sit on my buttocks on a plane donchaknow...

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I need a goal

Okay. For next year, I am thinking of the following events.
Bataan Memorial Death March, March 30, New Mexico - a chance to really thank all the veterans of the world and experience what one special group went through
Hatfield and McCoy Marathon, Jun 9, West Virginia - I've heard about this one and it sounds like a lot of fun. The course is hilly but what do you expect in West Virginia?
Leading Ladies Marathon, Aug 19, South Dakota - this is a women-only race with supposedly spectacular views
Kansas City Marathon, Oct 20, Missouri - because my good friend Paul lives near there
St. Jude Memorial Marathon, Dec, Tennessee - because our good friend Paul (a different one) is on the board and his father started it with Danny Thomas
Dallas White Rock Marathon, Dec, Texas - because I will probably be there the week before for business and I can just stay the weekend
As you can see, I have nothing on this list that starts with a "T-R-I." Ahem.
However, I would like to fit in a few century rides.

Sigh... I REALLY need a goal...

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

November Training Totals

Looking back, I would say that November was a good month of training. Due to travel for work, I do not think that December will be as good. But the good news is that I now have some data points to use and try to beat for the new year. It will most certainly help me set some goals. The totals for November look like this:
Run: 85.6 miles
Bike: 249.6 miles
Swim: 7400 yards
Time: 37:09:18
I am not sure how that stacks up to other people, whether they are just runners doing a lot of cross training or whether they are triathletes. I really don't care. I just want to see if I can beat these numbers at some point in the new future.

I have also finished reading the Abs Diet book and am ready to start putting together some goals and programs. So far, I have lost 5 pounds to hit the lowest "low point" in my weight this year. That is a good sign that something is working.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Week 48 Training Recap

Last week was okay until I hit the weekend and things started piling up and time was a precious commodity. It is never a question of desire. It's always one of time. How much TIME do I have?
Monday: Run 30 minutes. Ugh. I so did not want to run! GAH!!! So I powerwalked instead. I might have to incorporate swimming for my recovery days in the future. It's looking much more interesting as time goes on.

Tuesday: Bike 45 minutes in the morning, Stroke Clinic in the evening. Done. Love the bike. 12 miles. And then swimming. We got into the big pool this time. I am learning to rotate my torso.

Wednesday: Run 60 minutes. Try to swim in the evening.Ran 60 minutes. Did not make it to the pool. We went to a play instead. Our niece and nephew were in it. It was good.

Thursday: Bike 60 minutes. Try to swim in the evening.Biked 15.6 miles. Made it to the pool and swamp 25 laps (1250 yards). Not bad.

Friday: Run 45 minutes. Not sure if I can swim since the In Laws are coming in.NOTHING! I was KINDA BUSY!!! GAH!!! I am so going NOT break my workout time record. Sheesh.

Saturday: Massage in the morning. Bike 30 miles. Not sure I can swim since the 'rents will be here.Done. Done. Of course not - what did I expect??

Sunday: Run 16 miles. Not sure if I can swim since I don't know when the 'rents are leaving.12 miles on the HELLmill... Like calisthenics in Hades... "okay... 1,247,892 jumping jacks.. ready, set..."

Total Running Miles: 18.4 - (record: 26.85 miles).
Total Biking Miles: 62.6 - (new record!)
Total Swimming Yards: 1850 yards - (record 2450 yards or 45laps
Total Stretching Days: 3 times
Total Workout Hours: 8 hours 51 minutes (record 10:20:19)
As I mentioned, next week is recovery week but I am traveling for work. So this is the plan but I know that it will change. The key is to try and do something every single day. Now that I am doing more than just running, I should be able to accomplish at least that.

Monday: Run 20 minutes.
Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes.
Wednesday: Run 45 minutes.
Thursday: Bike 30 minutes.
Friday: Total Rest Day. Do nothing.
Saturday: Bike 20 miles, Swim.
Sunday: Run 12 miles.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Long Run... from HELL!

For the record. Running long on the treadmill is HELL! It's stinks! It's for the BIRDS!!!! Big ones with big BIRD TIRDS!!! AGHHHHH!!!!

I made it 12 miles in what is one of my slowest runs. The fact that our heating system isn't balance giving me a "run in the sun" kinda heat experience certainly didn't help.

Tomorrow, nothing. Next week is a recovery week and I plan on availing myself whole-heartedly of Recovery. I hope it's tasty and fun!!!

Next time I have the wise idea of running long on the treadmill, remind me that I'd rather poke my eyes out!!!

Of course, I'm not sure what to do on a sub-zero freezing day with 30 mph winds (which will of course all be HEAD wind when I go running).

Maybe I'll just ride and go to the pool again.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cramming it all in

Of course. Nothing will deter me from what I must do. Neither sleet nor snow nor rain nor in-laws. Maybe wind. But that's about it. But we all know about my relationship with WIND...

So the in-laws came in for the weekend yesterday. They brought a snow blower. I think it needs new plugs or something. But I am NOT getting involved in all mechanical stuff!

Last night we went to The Stockyard for dinner. Elizabeth the Niece came, and Amanda and Gina had an event to go to last night so they came into town. And of course, M&D aka Mom and Dad aka B&I aka Bernie and Irene, et al. It was really nice to get together.

This morning, I went to my scheduled 2 hour massage with Arun. And this afternoon, I presented Joseph with Birthday Surprise #1 - for the First Day of Joseph's Birthday - which was a 90-minute massage with the aforementioned Guru of Tight Muscles. I hope Joseph uses it. Soon. Like for his torqued shoulder which I think is a tear but we won't go there...

Then I came home to find out that A&G had decided to go back to NH because of the impending snow storm. Too bad. They missed my dumplings.

We went to lunch at Dok Bua. Excellent as always.

I came home and rested and then got on the bike for my 35 mile ride. YESSSS! Felt good.

Of course, due to visitors and the massage, I couldn't go swimming. Next week, I am in Dallas and I heard a rumor that there is an indoor pool. Let's hope it's a LAP POOL!

Then I made dinner. 50 dumplings and some zucchini fritters to go with the burgogi aka Korean BBQ. Very tasty.

Tomorrow I have a 16 mile run. The weather will be bad. I am thinking "TREADMILL!!!!" We'll see how it goes...

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